Chapter 6

The Make Up

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Jason walked closer to Christy. Her arms were flailed up against the wall.

What are you gonna do to me?” She asked.

Jason swung his hand and clamped it over Christy’s mouth.

I don’t want you to talk.” He whispered to her.

Christy slowly nodded her head up and down, she was awestruck with fear.

You know what I’m gonna do now?” Jason asked.

Wh-wh-what are you gonna do to me?” She asked again.

I’m going to attempt to stick my fingers into your tiny little kitty hole and stroke in and out in a repeated motion, my success is going to be based on how you depict your facial expressions and the way you moan, okay?” Jason said.

Christy nodded her head up and down again, a tiny bead of sweat trickled down her forehead.

Okay daddy, is it going to hurt?”

Jason thought for a minute. “Well yeah, it might a tad bit honey, but you gotta toughen up and be a big girl okay?”

I-I-I- don’t want you to hurt me?” She said.

Jason raised his left index finger up and put it against Christy’s lips.

Shhhh... I’m not gonna hurt you.” He said.

I’m gonna hurt you.”

I’m not gonna hurt you.”

Jason then spread out and stretched all his finger on his right hand and shoved his ring finger deep into Christy’s crevice. She screamed and moaned out. Her leg spasmed and jutted outwards, Jason caught and held it down before it could kick him in the groin. Then he covered her mouth completely with his hands to stop her from making too much noise.

I’m not gonna hurt you.” Jason said again as he continued to stroke his ring finger in her crevice. He went faster and faster. Then he inserted next his middle finger inside her crevice. Extreme pain mixed with bliss and merriment shot through Christy’s thighs. She wanted to bite Jason’s palms as it was clamped over her mouth, but she ended up licking it.

Does it hurt baby?” Jason asked while pouting his bottom lips.

Christy was unable to give a response back, she was too indulged in the sensation. Jason then stuck his index finger deep in her crevice. Now two fingers were in there. Tears began to run down Christy’s cheeks, she wanted to scream out but wasn’t able to.

Jason could feel the wetness in her crevice as he stroked with his fingers, he could tell that she liked it and didn’t want him to stop. Jason then pulled his fingers out and began licking and sucking them. Christy stared at him as he did this. Jason stopped licking his fingers, he removed the hand which was covered over her mouth.

I want you.” He whispered to her and said.

Christy took her hands and rubbed Jason’s face.

Take me Papi.” She said.

Jason then grabbed the bottom of Christy’s waist and lifted her up as her back was against the wall. Billy was already erected and ready. He pulled his underwear down and quickly shoved Billy inside.

JAASSOONNN!!” She yelled out.

Jason took his hand and clamped it over her mouth again.

Didn’t I tell you not to talk!” He said to her as he continued to stroke.

Christy immediately stopped screaming, now her mouth was just opened, but no sound was coming out. Jason slipped both of his hands into her underwear and gripped her naked backside as he continued to pound. Christy’s chest heaved up and down.

Do you love me?” He asked Christy as he looked her in her eyes.

She was unable to respond, her mouth was still opened as she looked at him in the eyes. Jason stopped stroking and pushed all of his weight in her as she was against the wall. Then he asked her again.

Do you love me?”

Christy nodded her head up and down. Jason cocked his waist back and gave one hard stroke, Christy felt it deep in her stomach. She screamed out.

Tell me you love me!” He said to her.

I-I-I- I love you.” She quietly said as tears trickled down her cheeks.

Jason then took his hands and wrapped it around her throat.

DIDN’T I TELL YOU NOT TO TALK?” He said as he continued slamming Billy inside her.

Christy bit her bottom lip as she tried to suppress herself from screaming out loud.

SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT!” Water began oozing out of Christy’s crevice as Jason continued to stroke. He tightened his hand around her throat and stared deep into her eyes. Christy wrapped her arms around Jason’s neck.

SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT!” More water oozed out. Jason then stopped stroking and put all of his weight in her and began grinding. Christy couldn’t take it anymore, she pulled Jason’s hand down and gave a loud yelp.

AAAAHHHH!” She screamed out. Jason fell down with Christy on the carpeted floor. He lifted her leg up and held Billy with his other hand.

This is going to hurt me more than it’s gonna hurt you.” He said to her and slammed Billy in her crevice.

He held her leg up and lifted it higher and continued stroking. Christy started moaning Jason’s name out repeatedly as tears fell down her eyes. Jason drew his face close to hers and kissed the tears that were falling from her eyes.

Why are you crying baby?” He asked her.

Christy started breathing heavily as she tried to open her mouth and talk.

I’m-I’m-I’m not. I’m a bi-bi-big girl for daddy.” She whispered.

Jason looked at her deep in the eyes, then he cocked back and gave one heavy stroke. Christy covered her mouth with her hand and bit her fingers.

PLEASE!!” She cried out.

Jason stopped stroking and kissed the tears falling from her eyes again.

What’s wrong boo, aren’t you a big girl for daddy?” Jason asked.

He cocked back and gave another stroke. Christy yelled out, she could feel it in her chest. She couldn’t take it anymore, she reached down with her hand and pulled Billy out of her crevice. Then she turned around and tried crawling away. Jason grabbed her leg with his hand and drew her back in.

Where r u going baby? Come back!” Jason said as he drew on her legs and pulled her in. Christy continued breathing heavily.

Please no. No more, no more!” She said as she panted heavily.

Alright baby I’m not gonna put it in anymore okay?” Jason said to her.

You promise baby?” She said.

I promise.” Jason said as he grasped Billy with his hand and slammed it back into Christy’s crevice.

Christy screamed out in pain and pleasure. She started to lose all feeling in her legs. Jason slowly pulled Billy out of her crevice. It came out with a “PLOP” sound. Then he stuck it back in, and then pulled it out again. Jason then dropped Christy’s legs and crept below her, he was now staring at the crevice face to face.

I hate you!” He snarled and said to it.

The crevice didn’t respond back. After a few seconds Jason got angry and cocked his head back and spat in it.

You disgust me!” He said to it.

The crevice didn’t reply back. Jason then took his fingers and put it in the crevice to spread it open. Jason stared at it in awe as he could see the red meat inside of it.

He then reached in with his head and started sucking and slurping the lips of the crevice. Christy placed her hands on Jason’s head and started to caress his scalp as he ate. Jason licked her crevice faster and started to massage it with his tongue. Christy’s head flew back as her long black hair spread on the carpeted floor. She could feel it getting ready to come.

JASON!!” She silently moaned out.

Jason ignored her moans and continued to eat, he knew that she was getting ready to come. He delved his tongue deeper in her and began swirling it around.

JASON JASON JASON!” Christy moaned out.

Jason took his finger and began finger popping her as he continued to suck and slurp the lips. Christy screamed out in enjoyment.

THIS IS WHAT I’VE BECOME!” Jason lifted his head up and said to her. His face was covered with Christy’s water and his tongue was out.

YOU’RE A MONSTER!” Christy yelled out.

Jason then dove his head back in and continued eating again. His tongue licked all around the skin of her crevice, and then she came. Jason covered her entire crevice with his lips to ensure that all of her liquid shot in his mouth. He swallowed all the water and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. Christy was still panting and breathing heavily.

My turn!” Jason said.

Where would you like for me to ejaculate at?” He asked his wife.

She was unable to respond. She laid feeble on the floor with her arms curled up on her chest and her legs opened wide. A little bit of water was still dripping from out of her crevice.

Do you want me to do it in your mouth, or your tiny little kitty hole? Which do you prefer?” Jason asked as he pressed both lips in the crevice together with his fingers.

Christy screamed out again. “IT HURTS DADDY!”

Why does it hurt bae?” Jason asked as he continued to rub both lips together.

Mhmm... It’s sensitive.” She quietly said while still breathing hard.

Why’s it sensitive?”

You made it sensitive baee.”

I’m sorry boo. I’m gonna stick it in one more time okay, but it’s only gonna hurt for a little bit okay?” Jason whispered and said to his wife.

You promise?”

I promise baby. Have I ever lied to you?” Said Jason as he grabbed Billy again with the palm of his hand and shoved it deep in her crevice. Instantly, Christy shrieked out in pain. Jason covered her mouth again with the same hand that he grabbed Billy with. He moved his head up and whispered in her ear as he continued stroking.

I don’t want you to talk. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!”

Christy looked at her husband in the eyes. As he looked back, she saw that it wasn’t Jason anymore. It was someone else, someone different, someone devoid of all empathy and emotions.

YOU’RE A MONSTER!” She pulled down his hands and said out loud.

This is what I’ve become!” He replied back to her.

Jason continued to stroke as he laid on top of his wife. She was moaning out Jason’s name, her legs began shaking and her chest continued to heave up and down. Then Jason gave one final stroke and pushed all his weight in her. Everything spilled inside of her. Jason laid his head on top of her naked chest. He was about to fall asleep, but then the Adhan for Asr came in.

ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR!” The Muezzin on his phone said out loud.

Immediately, Jason shot up like a spring chicken. He rushed to the bathroom upstairs, took a shower, made Wudu and went back downstairs. His wife was still laying down on the floor in the same position that he left her in. He quickly walked up to her, lifted her naked body off the floor and gently laid her on top of the white couch in the middle of the living room.

He then walked in the kitchen. He quickly made a peanut butter jelly sandwich on a plate, and poured a cup of fruit punch. Then he walked back to the living room and laid the plate with the cup on the table next to Christy.

I made this for you. Eat it and don’t bother me.” Jason said to Christy.

Then he grabbed his phone and turned it on to locate the Qibla. After he found it he pointed his chest towards it. He stood up straight, lifted both of his hands up to his ears and said out loud “Allahu Akbar!” Then he began praying.

While Jason was praying, Christy could see... She thought maybe she was dreaming and hallucinating. But she saw... A figure next to Jason. A huge figure, a light figure, all she could see was light. The figure was mimicking the same exact movements as Jason was doing in his prayer. But maybe she was dreaming. Maybe she was...

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