Chapter 6

The Make Up

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Christy woke up about two hours later. She was laying down on the white couch in the middle of the living room. Jason was sitting right next to her, his feet was up on the table with his arms folded across his chest, his eyes were closed. Christy figured that he was sleeping. She saw the plate on top of the table with the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and glass of fruit punch. She looked at it and smiled, then subtly shook her head from side to side. She then reached over to the table and moved the plate to the side and picked up the glass cup.

You not gon eat it?” Jason asked.

He startled her, she jumped up and almost dropped the cup. Then she looked over at Jason, his eyes were still closed.

Boy you scared me!” She said.

Forgive me.” He said. His eyes were still closed.

Christy sighed and laid down on Jason’s chest. Jason caressed her hair with his hands.

I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said as he stroked her hair.

Christy yawned while her head was on Jason’s chest.

Then why did you?” She asked.

Jason ignored her question. “Why don’t you want to eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” He asked.

Christy smiled and laughed. “Boy I don’t want to eat no damn peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” She said while snickering.

Jason opened his eyes and stopped stroking her hair. He bent his head down to face her.

I put my blood sweat and tears into making that ‘damn sandwich’ for you.” He said as he stared into his wife’s eyes.

Christy stared back. “Awwww baby I’m sorry, here I’ll eat it.” She said and grabbed the bread off the plate. She took a bite. The sandwich wasn’t that good. The ratio of the peanut butter and jelly should’ve matched but it didn’t. There was too much jelly, a lot actually. But Christy still managed to swallow it down and put on a fake smile.

I love it bae, it’s delicious.” She said and gave a thumbs up.

Jason’s face lit up like a little boy at a toys store.

Weaally?” He asked enthusiastically.

Really bae, it’s so good.” Christy said while still putting on a fake smile.

But why is there sarcasm in your tone?” Jason asked.

Umm... Cuz it’s soo good that I’m not able to speak properly.” She said.

Jason dimmed his eyes and looked at his wife carefully.

Are you, LYINNG?” He asked.

Of course not bae, I would never lie to you.” She said.

In fact, it’s so good that I can’t finish it now, I gotta save it for later.” She said as she carefully laid the sandwich back on the plate and downed the entire cup of Fruit Punch.

Jason gave a smile and reclined back on the couch and closed his eyes, now he was convinced.

You’re a smart girl.” He said while smiling.

Which is primarily why I married you.” Jason added, and continued stroking her hair.

Christy smiled. “I thought you married me cuz I’m beautiful.” She said.

You are beautiful, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. But that’s only going to be for the time being.” Jason said.

Why’s that?”

Because when our daughter gets born you will only be the second most beautiful girl in the world.” Jason said and reached over with his head to give Christy a peck on the cheek.

I thought you said that it was gonna be a boy though, now you want a girl?” She asked.

Allah knows best what that little creature is going to be.” Jason said and leaned his head back on the couch and closed his eyes.

But I know one thing for sure, it’s going to be a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal. It’s duty will be in the Masjid.” He said.

Yeah right, I don’t want my son or daughter working in no damn Masjid all it’s life.” She said.

That’s only if it’s a boy, but if it’s a girl then she will be with her mother. You can take care of her.”

Idc Jason! My son won’t be working in no Masjid all his life. He’s gonna go to school, he’s gonna have friends!”

You don’t have a say in this. It’s already been decreed by Allah Azzawajal.”

Christy then got off his legs and stood up. “Like hell I do Jason!”

We’re not gonna argue about this okay, it’s final.”

We’re not arguing, I’m just telling you how it’s gonna be with MY SON!” Christy said.

Well technically, in the Shareeah ruling you only get responsibility of him if me and you are not married, but considering we are... He’s mines.” Said Jason.

Christy began fuming. “You sound so stupid! This is not ‘Shayriah’, or however you call it.”

Jason spread his arms on the couch. “Whatever, I’m hungry. Go make me a beef ravioli.” Jason said.

Christy clenched her fists to the side, she then picked up one of the pillows on the couch and threw it at Jason, it smacked him in the face.

Make your own damn beef ravioli!” She said and turned around and stormed up the stairs.

WHERE YOU GOING?” Jason screamed out to her.

The only response that he got was the sound of Christy’s door opening and slamming shut. Jason sat there on the couch, alone.

That’s why you’re fat.” He quietly said to himself.

And you gotta big forehead, that jawn look like a glass building.” Jason added and began laughing to himself.

Once he looked around and saw that nobody was there he got up off the couch and turned around and treaded up the stairs. While he was going up Arnold appeared hovering on the steps next to him.

Just leave her alone bro.” Arnold said.

She’s my wife!” Jason said and continued to go up.

He walked down the corridor and arrived in front of Christy’s door. He knocked lightly.

Go away Jason!” She said.

Jason opened the door quietly, Christy was laying down on the bed, hugging her pillow.

What’s wrong honey boo boo pie butt?” He quietly said as he laid next to her on the bed.

Get away from me, please Jason!” She said.

Jason looked at her for a minute.

Fine, BE LIKE THAT!” He said and got off the bed and walked out of her door.

Jason walked back down the corridor and down the stairs. He pulled a cigarette from his right ear. He lit it and walked out the front door.

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