Chapter 7

1st Month

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DuLi kept his head down as Shay held his hand and led him in.

Idk why you acting so scared.”Shay said.

I’m not!” Abdul replied back.

Whatever boy. Just sit here, I’m gonna go upstairs and change my clothes right quick.” She said as she sat DuLi down on one of the couches in the living room. Then she turned around and treaded up the stairs.

Abdul kept his hands tucked in between his laps and pressed his knees together in a vertical manner, his head was still down. About five minutes later he stood up off the couch to call Shay down.


DuLi could finally see the entirety of the living room when he stood up. It was very modernized, with a pure white interior and three frame pictures hanging by the wall next to a 28 inch flat screen TV, which was sitting on top a brown table. Also on top of the table on both sides and in front were a bouquet of flowers, one a tall shrump of purple tulips and right beside it inside a vase contained Cala Lilly flowers with green stems, the other were white roses inside a see through glass case.

A few minutes later Shay slowly descended down the staircase. She had on a black and red High Neck Floral Lace Cutout Front Garter Lingerie Set bikini top and underwear. Abdul stared at her in awe. His jaws completely dropped.

May Allah protect me.” He said while staring.

Shay giggled as she came and sat down on the brown couch next to Abdul.

Why Allah gotta protect you?” She asked as she sat down and hauled her legs up on the couch and folded them. She rested her chin on the palms of her hand and looked at Abdul and smiled. He was still staring at her in complete awe. Then fear struck him and he quickly turned his head and swallowed a gulp of spit.

We’re just gonna talk Abdul, Allah doesn’t need to protect you for that.” She said.

Ye-yes. Uhh... Wh-wh-what would you li-like to talk ab-about?” Abdul asked, his head was still turned to the other side. He couldn’t dare face her.

Shay laid her head down on the brown couch and mounted her legs on top of Abdul. He swallowed another gulp of spit.

Mhmm... I don’t know...” Shay said as she stretched out on the couch and gave a silent moan.

Tell me about... You. What do you like to do?” She asked.

Worship my Lord on a constant basis. Because that is the sole purpose for my existence.” Said Abdul.

Yeah... But do you like to go out and stuff? You got any friends?”

Allah is my only Friend. And my brothers at the Masjid” Abdul said.

Umm... okay...”

Have you ever been with a girl before?” Asked Shay.

How so do you mean?” Abdul asked Shay. He turned his head to look at her, then he quickly turned it back around.

Like... Have you ever been in an intimate relationship with a female?” Asked Shay.

Abdul thought deep about the question that she was asking.

Well... Not really. I am a virgin.” He said.

Shay quickly shot her head up from the couch and covered her mouth with her hands.

NO WAY!” She said while smiling.


Alas... I am.” Replied Abdul.

But don’t you be getting like... Urges?” She asked.

Yes, but I suppress my urges by turning to Allah Azzawajal and asking Him for help. He’s my only Waliyy.” Abdul said.

Shay laughed out loud as she looked at Abdul.

Wow, you cannot be serious. So do you even like know how to have sex?” She asked.

Abdul swallowed another gulp of spit and tucked his hands deeper in between his legs.

Uh... Umm... I have an idea.”

Shay moved in closer to Abdul and rested her hands on his lap.

Pull it out let me see.” Shay said.

Abdul’s heart skipped a few beats again.

Pull... What out?” He said.

Shay smiled and playfully slapped Abdul on the side of his legs.

Don’t play dumb boy, you know what I mean.” She said while smiling.

I just wanna help you and show you.” She said.

What... Will... You be showing me?”Abdul asked.

Pull it out and I’ll show you.” Shay replied.

Yes, but in the Quran, Ayat number...”

Shay then reached over with her hands and began to unzip Abdul’s pants.

May Allah protect me.” He said.

Allah is al-Muhaymin.”

Allah is al-Manii.”

Allah is al-Mumin.”

Shay unzipped his pants fully and pulled “it” out. “It” came out like an iron rod. It was erected and fully grown.

OH... MY... GOD!” Shay opened her mouth and said as she stared at it in awe.

Allah is the Gurantor. “ Abdul said.

There is no god but...”

Shay then reached her head in and wrapped her lips around “it”. She wasn’t able to engulf it all, only the head. The part that she wasn’t able to cover she reached in with her other hand and began stroking “it” up and down.

Abdul cocked his head back on the couch as Shay continued to suck “it”, she slurped and stroked at the same time.

Allah... Allah... Allah.” Abdul slowly said.

Shay then grabbed his hands and placed it on top of her head. Abdul rubbed her head as she continued to suck. Shay then pulled “it” out of her mouth. She spat on it and stroked it with her hand up and down a few times. Veins were all over “it” and “it” was dripping with saliva.

Shay then pushed her hands on the couch and held DuLi’s legs, she stood up halfway and grabbed the head of “it”. Her hands were wrapped around his neck. She crouched down on “it” and gave a loud moan.

Ooohhhhh yeeessss!” She screamed out.

She tightened her arms around his neck and continued to bounce up and down.

Abdul had his hands placed on her backside, steadying her as she bounced up and down.

I love you Shay! I wanna marry you.” He said.

I want you to be the mother of my..”

Shay then pushed her weight down on “it” as she sat down and began to grind.

THIS IS IT!” Abdul said as he stood up.

She had her arms wrapped around his neck as he held her up and stroked while standing up.


Abdul then laid her on the couch and opened her legs wide. He stared into her crevice and gazed upon the two lips. He pushed his fingers in and then back out, he did this a few times. Then he quickly delved his head in between her legs and started eating.

Please don’t stop!” Shay said out loud as she rubbed his head.

DuLi used his tongue and licked up and down in a repeated motion. Then he used her legs as a crutch and opened them wide. He then shoved his hard shaft inside of her.

AAHHHHHH!” She yelled out in pain.

I’m finna fill you up like a canteen, Wallahi I am! I put that on everything.” Abdul said as he continued to stroke.

He pressed his hands down on her chest and looked at her in the eyes.

I love you.” He said to her. He kept his shaft deep inside her, it was stagnant.

I love you too Abdul.” Shay said back.

You love me?” Abdul asked as he cocked his waist back.

Yes, I love you Abdul.” Shay said,

How much do you love me?” Abdul asked Shay.

I love you so much.” Said Shay.

Abdul rammed his hard shaft inside her.

That’s not enough.” He said as he began stroking in and out.

THAT’S! NOT! ENNOOUUGHH!” He said as he buried his head in her breast and stroked in and out.

I’ma fill you up like a canteen Wallahi!” Said Abdul.

FILL ME UP!” Shay yelled out.

I’m finna give it to you, I’ma give it to you.”

I’ma give it...” Abdul began to say, then he exploded in her.

He fell his head on top of her chest, then everything became still and quiet.

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