Chapter 7

1st Month

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How I’ma marry you and I don’t even know you?” Shay asked.

You do know me. You just sucked my...”

Shay laughed out loud. “THAT DON’T MEAN I KNOW YOU BOY!” She said while smiling.

They were both lying on the couch. Abdul’s leg was extended outwards, and Shay’s head was laid on top of DuLi’s chest, he was stroking her long golden blonde hair with his hands.

Look... All I’m saying is that I wanna be with you, you’re the girl of my dreams.” DuLi said.

Then how come you never said nothing to me before Abdul?” Said Shay.

Abdul continued to play with her hair. “Cuz I was shy, keep it a bean. I’m shy when it comes to girls.”

Shut up, that’s a lie. You wasn’t acting shy just now.” She said.

DuLi chuckled. “That’s because you awakened a side of me that I’ve never exhibited, I never knew it existed.”

I like that side of you.” Said Shay.

Why do you like it?” DuLi asked.

Because... It’s a turn on.” She said, then she lifted her head off DuLi’s chest and looked at him.

I better be the only one you showing that side to Abdul!”

Wallahi... Look...” He said then he stroked her hair and laid her head back down on his chest.

I wanna marry you. I want you in my life for the rest of my life!” He said.

Why you wanna marry me?” She asked.

Cuz I wanna make this jawn legit, right now it’s a sin in the eyes of Allah Azzawajal.” Abdul said.

But Abdul... We gotta get to know each other first. We gotta date and...” She began to say.

Absolutely not! Completely Harram!” Abdul cut her off and said.

It’s either we’re married or I cannot have anything to do with you.” Said Abdul.


Because... You’re Fitnah!” Abdul said.

What’s ‘Fitnah’?” Shay asked.

Trials... Temptations. You’re the accursed Shaytaan!” Abdul said.

Shay burst out in laughter. “NO I’M NOT!” She said while laughing.

I’m not gonna make it hard for you Abdul I promise. You can worship Ahlla and still be married to me.” She said.

You promise you won’t make it hard?” Abdul asked.

Shay lifted her head off his chest and laid her elbow down.

I’ma only make it hard if you want me to.” She said as she stared at DuLi in his eyes.

Abdul stared back. She had mild sensuous blue eyes, which greatly complimented her red lipstick.

Abdul shook his head from side to side. “Please don’t make it hard.” He said.

Shay reaches down with her hands and slipped it inside DuLi’s pants. She felt his shaft and began to rub on it gently. It thickened and began to coagulate as Shay held onto it.

I won’t make it hard...” She said.

But you’re making it hard right now.” DuLi said.

How I’m making it hard?” She smiled and asked.

DuLi then grabbed the top of her dome and pushed her head down.


He was more belligerent and aggressive with her. Shay didn’t get a chance to respond, she was too busy gulping the shaft in her mouth. She could only nod her head up and down as she was sucking it. This was going to be their seventh round. The first six times had been only phallus and vaginal, this time it would be strictly oral. This was Shay’s expertise, she excelled in this area. “It” being so long and meaty, there was a lot that she was able to do with it. She put the head in her mouth and slowly started chewing it. Abdul squeezed her dome tighter as his hands was placed on it, and he cocked his head back in enjoyment. She pulled it out of her mouth and spat on it. Then she began stroking it up and down with her two hands, faster and faster she went.

Why are you so good to me?” DuLi asked Shay as he rubbed her head.

Shay continued to stroke it with her hands, then she put her mouth over it and sucked the head as she stroked. Shay lifted her head and looked at Abdul right in the eyes as “it” was in her mouth. DuLi brushed his hands over her face and moves her hair to the back of her ears.

Your eyes are so pretty. I want my daughter to have eyes like that.” He said. Shay then pulled the shaft out of her mouth and put it in between her breasts. She stroked and squeezed it as it was in there. Abdul cocked his head back on the couch and tightened his eyes shut.


I’m gonna marry you and make you my wife. You’re the girl of my dreams!” Abdul said.

Shay pulled the shaft from in between her chest and into her mouth.

I love you too Abdul.” She said.

I’m gonna make you...” DuLi began to say.

Then he felt it starting to build up. He quickly grabbed her dome with two his two hands and squeezed. He held onto her head for balance as he lifted up his waist and stroked “it” in and out her mouth.

MMMM MMMM MMMMM!!” Were the only sound that Shay was able to make, her mouth was full.

DuLi gripped her head tighter then he... he... RELEASED!

AAHH YOU SLUT!!” He yelled out to Shay as it came out.

Just then the Adhan for Dhuhr came in on Abdul’s phone. He had the same Muslim app as Jason.

ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR!” The muezzin yelled out.

Abdul quickly shot up from the couch.

Allah’s calling me! I must go.” He said as he stood up and started to turn his head around, looking for the bathroom.

Where are you going?” Shay asked. She was still laying on the couch. A little bit of white stuff was on the side of her lips.

Your bathroom! Where is it?” DuLi asked.

Shay pointed. “Upstairs, on the right.”

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