Chapter 7

1st Month

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Abdul walked along the sidewalk on Ward St. until he approached a stop sign, then he made a right. He was still in Colwyn heading towards Jason’s house in Darby.

He then reached a small bridge with a train track above it, the bridge stood at the intersection of Darby and Colwyn. When he got underneath it he went inside his book bag, pulled out a vanilla blunt wrap along with a dime bag then he quickly rolled up and continued walking.

As he walked he would take quick drags from the blunt and held it down on his right side. Then he became nostalgic and began thinking.

How could I let her get to me like that?” He thought to himself.

I’m so STUPID!”

He then gave a deep sigh, took a slow drag of the blunt, looked down and continued walking. A boy his age dressed in a gray hoodie walked by him. He had his hood up, even though it wasn’t raining, nor was it cold. He stopped by Abdul, faced him and gave him dap.

DuL!!” He said.

Wassup bro. How you?” He said.

I’m chilling bruh. How you?” Abdul retorted.

The hooded boy’s name was Jamaal. He used to go to Penn Wood High School with Abdul, but then he dropped out in the tenth grade when he turned sixteen.

I’m good bro. Yo you need some gas?” He asked Abdul.

He was asking Abdul if he wanted to purchase some marijuana from him. Abdul declined his offer.

Nah I’m good bro. You wanna blow this jawn with me right quick?” Abdul said and gestured the blunt that he was smoking towards him. Jamaal smiled and refused.

Nah bro, I’m good. I’m bouta go see my PO. I’ma catch up with you later though.” Jamaal gave Abdul another dap and continued walking.

Ard bro, be safe.” Abdul said.

He continued walking as he passed the bridge and got near the main road. He was on Chester Pike, which wasn’t the main road but a long lane which traveled through all the nearby suburban areas in the Delaware County region. On both sides of the street were a bunch of Papi stores. DuLi would often go to some of them to buy cheese steak platters or blunt wraps. But that wasn’t on his agenda today, right now he had to hurry up and go to Jason’s house. He picked up his pace and soon got on Main St. Jason’s address was “852 Main St. Darby, PA”.

Abdul arrived on Jason’s block a couple minutes later. He walked up the street and made a right turn at the intersection, then he walked up.

Ms. Elizabeth, an old white widow lady was sitting on a white chair in her lawn. She saw Abdul and smiled and waved.

SALLAMU ALAYKUM!” She smiled and yelled out.

Abdul waved back. “WALAYKUM SALLAM!” He said.

Abdul still was holding the blunt in his right hand, he didn’t hide it as he waved to Ms. Elizabeth. She was an avid smoker. He remembered he even smoked and got high with her a couple times in the past when he used to live in Darby. But then he moved to Lansdowne and he started to see her less frequent.

He then approached the front steps of Jason’s house. He took a quick drag of the blunt, it was now finished, he then threw it to the side. He tightened the belt around his waist, fixed his shirt, stood up tall and gave three subtle knocks.

After a few seconds Lisa came to the door and opened up. She had on a white shirt with tan pants, and she was wearing a striped red and blue apron with the Liberian flag on it. Her face lit up when she saw Abdul.

ABDUL! How are you!?” She said and reached over and gave him a hug.

MS. LISA! Sallamu Alaykum. I’m fine, how are you doing today?” He asked while smiling.

Alhamdulillah!” Ms. Lisa said.

Come inside son!” She said and gestured DuLi inside. Abdul ducked his head slightly down and stepped inside.

I do not wish to stay long. I only would like to see Jason. Is he around.” He said as he looked at Lisa in the eyes carefully.

I think he went over to his wife’s house after school, but let me...” She began to say.

Abdul was looking at her with a wide smile spread across his face.

What is it son?” She asked.

DuLi then reached over and wrapped his arms around her.

How far along are you?” He asked as he hugged her

She smiled and hugged back. “This is my first month.” She said.

Are you excited?” Abdul asked as he let go and smiled.

So very much! At first I was edgy because I didn’t know how to tell it to Jason and Cecilia. But they both took it well and are so happy. I’m happy too and I just can’t wait!” She said.

I just don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or girl, but I hope that it’s a...”

That knowledge only belongs to Allah Azzawajal! He is the Knower of all.” Abdul cut her off and said with a straight face.

Lisa looked at him quizzically. “Riiiggghtt...” She said.

Mohammed then came out of the kitchen and walked in the living room. “ABDUL MY SON!” He said while smiling and wrapped his arm around DuLi’s shoulders.

Sallamu Alaykum! How are you my boy?”

Abdul smiled back. “Walaykum Sallam. I’m doing fine sir. How are you doing today?”

I am good. I thank Allah for the countless blessings. Are you here to see Jason?”

Yes. Is he around?”

I think he is over at his wife’s house. Would you like for me to give you a ride there?” Said Mohammed.

Yes, please sir. If you are not too busy.”

No, I am not. Just let me get my keys.”

Mohammed then grabbed his keys off the kitchen counter, and then a few seconds later they both went inside his Black Sedan and was on their way.

Abdul walked up to the front door of Christy’s house and knocked three times. She lived in Yeadon, a neighboring county of where Jason lived at Darby.

Who is it?” A voice came from inside the house. It was Crystal Angela’s voice.

It is me, Abdul. I would like to see Jason please.”

COME IN!” She replied.

The door was unlocked. Abdul turned the knob and waltzed in.

Jason, Christy, and Crystal Angela were all seated in the living room on the white couch watching TV.

Sup Jason, Sallamu Alaykum. Can I please speak to you for a second?” Abdul said.

Jason then rose from off the couch and walked towards DuLi.

Yeah DuL, wassup bro?” He said as he opened the door and stepped out with Abdul.

Jason. I-I-I messed up bro!” Abdul said to his friend.

Jason folded his arms across his chest and looked at Abdul.

How? What happened bro?” He asked.

Jason... I... I... I... For-for-for-forni-“ Abdul began to stammer.

Calm down DuL. Tell me what happened.” Jason said.

Abdul gave a deep sigh. “I fornicated bro.”

Jason gave Abdul a quizzical look.

You what?”


Jason looked at him with a straight face. Then he erupted in laughter.

Calm down broski! It’s not that serious.” Jason said.

Yes it is bro! I’ve committed the Haraam!”

Jason continued laughing. “Duudee! Did you put it in her butt?” He asked.

Abdul gave a straight face to Jason. “This is not funny bro, Allah is going to destroy me. He will...” Abdul began to say.

Forgive you. Just relax bro. Did you sought forgiveness?” Jason asked.

Yes! Many times.” Abdul replied.

Then you have nothing to worry about. Allah is the Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving.”

Yes. But...”

Jason began laughing again. “DuL I swear. You’s a funny bul! I’m gonna write a book about you one day Wallahi.” Jason said.

Jason... Please don’t take this matter lightly.”

I’m not bro. Just don’t kill yourself over this. It’s not that serious.”

But Allah said in Ayat...”

Jason held his hands up. “DuL... Enough! We all know that Allah’s Anger is real. But His Mercy prevails. You have to know the Lord you worship. If anything it’s my fault, cause I pushed you to it.” Jason said.

Abdul gave another sigh. “So what must I do.” Abdul asked.

You already asked forgiveness, that’s all you gotta do bro. Just don’t do it again. Or marry her, simple!” Said Jason.

Abdul turned his face and breathed in and out.

I am so disappointed in myself Jason. I swear...”

Jason clapped his friend’s shoulders.

You good bro. You’re the best Muslim I know. Allah will surely forgive you.” Jason said.

Abdul gave a slight pause. Then he sighed again.

Thanks bro.” He said.

Jason looked at him and blinked. “You’re welcome bro. Don’t worry yourself too much DuL.”

Okay. Thanks bro. I needed that reminder.”

Hey, you would do it for me!” Jason said as he opened his arms and smiled at Abdul.

He then gave his brother dap. “Just go home DuL, and make Salah. And don’t do it again, I’m sorry for pushing you towards it.” Jason said.

Abdul gave him dap back. “May Allah bless you bro. Thank you.” Abdul said.

Sallamu Alaykum.” Abdul said and turned around to walk home.

Remember what I said DuL... DON’T DO IT AGAIN!” Jason hollered and waved to his friend.

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