Chapter 7

1st Month

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Jason then turned around and walked in the house. He sat down on the white couch in the living room and started laughing. Crystal Angela and Christy were still seated.

Everything okay?” Christy asked.

Jason didn’t respond, he just shook his head from side to side and looked forward.

Nothing.” He said while smiling.

Christy gave him a long stare. “Tell me boy!” She demanded.

Bae I can’t tell you cuz idk you like that. You might be a jake!” Jason said.

Christy looked at him and twisted her lips.

Jason... Really?” She said while staring at him.

Sike naw.” Jason laughed and said.

I’ma tell you later though.”

Christy subtly shook her head and rested her hand underneath her chin.

Whatever boy.” She said and turned her head.

Crystal Angela was seated in between Jason and Christy. All three were on the couch watching TV from the middle of Asr time, all the way until Maghrib/Sunset. The Adhan on Jason’s Samsung Galaxy Note III went off when Maghrib prayer came in.

ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR!” The Muezzin yelled out. Jason immediately stood up, then he sat back down and stared at the open space.

Wait. Am I still in Wudu?” Jason turned his head towards Christy and asked.

Her hand was still underneath her chin.

What?” She said.

Did I fart or pee?” Said Jason.

Eeww boy, I don’t know.” Replied Christy.

Crystal Angela then stood up from the couch.

Alright, I’m going to sleep.” She said.

Christy withdrew her hand from underneath her chin and looked up at Crystal Angela.

Mom, you sure? I was getting ready to order...” She began to say.

Crystal Angela waved her hand at Christy and turned around to go up the stairs.

I already ate honey. Order it for you and Jason.” She said as she headed up the stairs.

Jason looked at Christy again. “Christy, did I fart?” He asked again.

Jason! I DON’T KNOW!” She turned and bellowed at him.

Jason held his arms up in defense, he thought that she was going to hit him.

Geez! Who pooped in your Corn Flakes?” He said.

I guess it must be that time of the month again.” He added.

Actually no. I didn’t get it this month.” She said.

Jason stood up and stretched. “How come?” He asked.

Christy gave him a blank stare then pointed to her stomach.

Oh yeah, that’s right. I hope you not one of them girls that get all fat when you pregnant. If you get fat I’ma leave you. Just warning you now.” Jason said and walked to the other side of the living room.

He faced his chest towards the Qibla, lifted his arms up and said “Allahu...”

Aren’t you gonna make Wudu first?” Christy asked.

I don’t have to. I cannot recall if I farted. Allah knows best if I flatulated or not.” He said.

Christy shook her head. “Whatever...”

Jason then said takbeer and began praying.

When he was done he said the closing tasleem and went and sat down on the couch. Christy turned to face him.

So tell me Jason. Why did Abdul come?”

I’ll tell you right after you order some Chinese food. I want spicy Shrimp Fried Rice with a homemade lemonade. And please tell them to CUT A HOLE AT THE TOP!” He said.

Okay Jason... Idk why you yelling.”

Cuz you always be forgetting. It’s not that difficult, just tell them to cut a damn hole at the top of the lemonade. Is that too much to ask for?” Jason said.

Christy picked up her pink iPhone off the couch and called the Chinese store and made the order. Afterwards she turned towards Jason.

Okay... Now tell me.” She said.

What you want me to tell you? Why you so damn nosy woman?” Jason said.

Christy scoffed and flailed her arm down on the couch.

Boy you said that you was gonna tell me!” Christy said.

I’m bout to.” Jason said and laid his head back on the couch.

Tell me then. What were you and Abdul talking about?”

Jason gazed up as his head was reclined on the couch. He then smiled and began to snicker.

YO, ABDUL’S A FUNNY CHARACTER!!” Jason said while laughing.

Why? What happened? Tell me.” Christy said.

I got him hooked up with Shay, they had sex, and he came up to me like ‘BRO... I FORNICATED! ALLAH’S GONNA DESTROY ME AND SEND ME TO HELLFIRE!’” He said, mimicking Abdul’s facial expressions and voice. Then Jason started laughing out loud and hugged his stomach.

YOU SHOULD’VE SEEN HIS FACE! HE WAS SOO SCARED!! ‘ALLAH’S ANGRY AT ME!’” Jason continued laughing and said.

Christy held her hand up to her face and covered her mouth.

OMG!” She said.

Are you talking about my Shay? The one with the golden hair?” She asked.

No dip, Sherlock!” Jason said.

OH...MY...!!” She said.

Then she slapped Jason on his arms.

Jason why would you do that?”

What you mean?” He said.

Shay’s obsessed with Abdul. She’s no good for him. Abdul’s all about his Religion, Shay’s all about fashion and dressing up. She’s gonna mess his religious commitment up! Why would you do that? Omg!” She said and slapped him on his arms again.

Idk why you trippin. Shay’s happy. So why can’t you just be happy for her?” Jason said.

Jason. How can I be happy for her if this is going to end up bad! For both of them?”

How’s it gonna end up bad? I told him that all he gotta do is marry her and...”

SHE DOESN’T WANT TO GET MARRIED!” Christy yelled out.

What you mean?”

She just wants the relationship, and the title. She doesn’t want to get settled down though Jason. She’s not that type of girl.”

How you know?”

We talk about this ALL THE TIME!”

You need to talk to your friend and tell him to stay away from Shay. I’m gonna call her right now.” Christy said and picked up her phone from the couch to call Shay.

Jason then reached over and quickly snatched the phone away from her hand.

Stop tripping girl!” He said.

Why you always trying to get in between everything and fix things? Just leave it the way they are damn!” Jason said.

Christy snatched the phone back from Jason’s hands.

Cuz he’s my FRIEND. And she’s my sister!” She said.

Then she got up from the couch and walked up the stairs then down the corridor into her room. She opened her door and went and sat on her bed. She unlocked her pink iPhone to call Shay.

The phone rang once, twice, on the third ring she picked up.

Hey.” Shay answered.

Hey. Wassup wyd?” Asked Christy.

Nothing just watching TV. Why wassup?”

What you do today girl?” Asked Christy.

Shay paused. She didn’t know whether or not she should tell her about Abdul being over.

Nothing really... I just did some homework.” Shay said.

Oh... Abdul was over today?” She asked.

Yeah. How you know?”

He told Jason, and Jason Just told me.” Christy said.

Oh...” Replied Shay.

There were a few seconds of silence. Then Christy spoke.

Shay. You gotta leave him be, you can’t...”

But he makes me happy!” Shay gave an outburst and said.

But ‘he’s not happy!’ Don’t you want him to be happy?” She asked.

He sure seemed happy today.”

Then why did he come talk to Jason saying that he committed a sin and that Allah is going to punish him? Come on Shay, you know what you’re doing ain’t right.” Christy said.

Look, all I know is that he makes me happy and we’re happy together. That’s all I know. I have to go now, I’m finna go to sleep.” Shay said then hung up.

Christy slowly released the phone from her ears to her knees and stared at the blank screen of the phone.

Omg.” She silently said to herself.

She sighed and got up off the bed and walked out the room and went back downstairs.

Jason was standing up by the doorway, the Chinese food had come and he was paying the man. Afterwards, he collected the white plastic bag from the man and waved goodbye to him.

THANK YOU MR. JACKIE CHAN! MAY ALLAH’S PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU!” He shouted out then closed the door. He then laid the bag down on the carpeted floor and opened it up to pull out the Homemade Lemonade. He closely observed it.

YEESSS!” He said out loud.

What happened?” Christy asked.

Jason then showed her the lemonade.

They poked a hole at the top!” He said while grinning.

Jason then picked up the bag and went and sat down on the couch in the living room. He took out his Shrimp Fried Rice and emptied it into a plate, he then dumped soy sauce on top of it and began eating. Christy went and sat next to him.

She don’t wanna leave him alone.” Christy said.

Who?” Jason asked with his mouth full.

Shay... She doesn’t wanna leave Abdul alone. I just spoke to her.” She said glumly.

Jason shrugged. “Just leave it...”

Christy sighed again. “I can’t Jason! You’re gonna have to talk to Abdul and tell him...”

PFFFTTT!!” A sound came from where Jason was seated.

It was silent but audible. It was silent but deadly.

Eewwww!!” Christy said and covered her nose.

Jason laughed out loud and continued eating.

So what I gotta tell DuL?” He asked.

You gotta tell him to stay completely away from Shay and not associate with her in any way. You gotta tell him that okay?” Christy said.

Jason nodded his head up and down.

I gotchu!”

I still think that...” Jason began to say.

ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR!” The Adhan for Isha then came in on Jason’s phone.

He moved the plate over to Christy.

You can have it bae.” He said as he got up to go pray.

He faced his chest towards the Qibla and lifted his hands up.

Boy, don’t you have to go make Wudu? You just far...”

I don’t remember! ALLAH IS THE MOST MERCIFUL!” He said.

Allahu Akbar!” He said and began praying.

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