Chapter 7

1st Month

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After Jason said the closing tasleem, he got up from his praying position and went and sat down next to Christy on the white couch in the middle of the living room.

Christy was in deep thought, her hand was still rested underneath her chin as she blankly gazed at the television. Jason turned his head to look at her, she didn’t even notice that he was looking until after a few minutes. She slowly spun her head around and realized that he was staring right at her.

What?” She said.

Jason hesitated for a moment. “I’m just... Amazed by your extraordinary beauty.”

Christy blinked and slowly shook her head from side to side. Then she moved the plate of food that was on the table over to him.

Jason quickly grabbed the fork off the table and began to eat.

I love you.” He said as he dug his fork in the plate and put a morsel of rice in his mouth.

Whatever.” Said Christy, she turned her head back to the TV.

Jason continued to eat, he was stuffing his face. He ate like a dog.

You hungry?” Christy asked.

Jason ignored her question. “Bae can I ask you a question?” He said instead.

Yes Jason...” Christy said under her breath.

Can you please do my homework for me please?” He asked.

Christy quickly turned her head to face him.

No boy!” She said.

WHYY? Jason cried out and asked.

Cuz you won’t learn nothing if I do it for you. You gotta do it yourself.” Christy said.

But... Idk how.” Jason said.

What you mean you don’t know how? Just do it Jason!”

Bae but... I’m sooo lost! I need help.”

Yes... You do.” She said as she shuffled her legs on the couch and faced Jason.

What’s your homework boy?” Asked Christy.

I gotta write this stupid paper for Mr. Moretta about ‘A life changing moment’ in my life’. Then I gotta talk about why it was life changing.” Jason said, then he took another spoonful bite.

Okay well... Did you start?” She asked.

No. I don’t know how to.”

Christy sighed. “Jason, it’s not that hard. Just think about an event that occurred in your life that was life changing.” She said.

I...I...Idk!” Jason took another bite and said.

Can you do it for me?” He asked as he was chewing.

How do you expect me to do it for you Jason? Idk the damn details of your life!”

Just make up something.” He said.

Omg...” Christy said.

Then she got up from the couch and went up the stairs to her room. A few seconds later she came back down with her white HP Laptop. She opened it up and went to the Microsoft Word Processor program. Then she lifted up the laptop and sat it on Jason’s lap.

Jason started at it with perplexity as it was on top of his lap.

What the hell am I supposed to do with this?” He asked.

Boy... start writing!” Christy said.

Bae I told you... Idk how.” Jason said.

You gotta think about it Jason, what was big that happened in your life?” She said.

Jason lifted his hand up and started to rub the little bit of chin hair that he had.

Ah! I know! When I was like 12 I fell off my bike while riding it.” He said.

Ok, and how did that change your life?” Christy asked.

Jason put his finger under his chin and began to think again.

Because it allowed me to know that training wheels do not work, and they cannot be relied upon.”

Christy started laughing.

Bae... Why you laughing? I’m trying be serious!” He said.

Christy was still laughing. She stopped then looked at Jason while smiling.

Omg Jason, you had training wheels when you was ‘12!’” She said to him while trying to hold back from laughing.

That’s besides the point!” Jason said and took another spoonful bite. He finished eating all the remnants of rice and shrimp that were on the plate. He moved the plate over on the table next to Christy.

Please wash it bae, I love you.” He said.

Then he reclined back on the couch. He burped out loud, then reached over and grabbed a glass cup on the table filled with Orange Juice. Jason despised drinking soda, and he tried his best to refrain from doing it. Because of the negative effects that it has on your body, and he had a strong fear of getting acne on his face.

He downed the entire cup of Orange Juice in one gulp, then he laid the cup back on the table and reclined back on the couch. He burped out loud again.

I just...” He said as he stared up at the ceiling.

You just... What?” Christy asked.

I just...”

What Jason?”

Jason quickly jumped up from the couch and stood up straight, he delved his hands in his pocket and pulled out a fresh pack of Newports.

I wanna smoke a cigarette!” He said.

Jason opened up the Newport pack and pulled out a single cigarette, then he put it in his mouth.

Christy quickly reached over and grabbed the Newport pack that was on his hand.


Jason tried to reach with his hand and grab the pack from Christy, but she jerked her hand back.

A friend bought it for me. Can you please give it back?” He asked.

No.” She said.

Fine, keep it!” Jason said.

He then started to head to the back door, where he could go out and smoke. He stuck his hands in his pocket and started to forage around. He couldn’t find it. So he turned back around and walked towards Christy. He held his hand towards her.

Let me get a lighter.” He said.

I don’t have a lighter... JASON!” She said.

Jason kept his hand extended and stared at his wife in the face. After about a minute he turned halfway and began walking to the kitchen.

Where you going?” She asked as he was walking.

Finna go spark this cigarette up on the stove.”

Christy quickly rose up from the couch.

Jason, you can’t do that!”

Why can’t I?” He turned around and asked.

Because it’s an electric stove boy! It’s not gonna...”

CRACK!! CRACK!!” A loud noise thundered outside from the sky.

Christy jumped up from the spot that she was standing and quickly sat back down on the couch. Jason erupted in laughter.

YOU GOOD?” He asked while laughing.

Omg... Why was it so loud?” She said.

Jason was still laughing. “It wasn’t even that loud, you’re just a punk!” Jason said.

Rain then started to fall down on the rooftop. Jason stopped laughing and quickly rushed to the window by the couch to look outside. Just like he suspected... It was coming down heavily.

Jason took the cigarette from out of his mouth and stuck it on the windowsill, then he sunk his head down in disappointment.

A thin smile went across Christy’s face. “Well I guess you can’t go out and smoke now Jason.” She said.

Jason continued to stare out the window. “I can always go out and smoke! I’m just mad about the fact that I can’t go out now and ask somebody for a lighter.” Jason said.

Oh well... Guess you’re out of luck Jason.” Said Christy.

Jason continued to gaze out the window. Then he shook his head from side to side.

No, my Lord is with me!” He said.

Then he quickly rushed to the front door, he opened it up. Heavy rain and wind was all over. Jason took his shirt off and ran outside.

Christy got up from the couch and ran to the front door as well.

JASON!!” She called out to him.


Before she could finish her sentence, Jason ran back inside and quickly shut the door. He was dripping wet with water and was panting heavily while smiling. He lifted up his hands and showed Christy two small brown stones.

Jason... You ran out in the rain to get two rocks?” She asked.

Jason didn’t respond, he knelt down and dried off the stones with the shirt that he took off. Then he walked by the windowsill to get the cigarette. Jason then turned around to walk to the kitchen. He grabbed a piece of loose leaf paper from the kitchen counter and sat down on the ceramic tile floor. Then he laid the stones and cigarette down. He picked up the two stones and clamped them together, then he started rubbing them against one another, the loose leaf paper was between the two stones.

Christy quickly rushed into the kitchen. “Jason! What r u doing?” She asked.

Jason continued to rub the two stones together, his tongue was sticking out the side of his mouth.

Trying to start a fire bae!” He said.

Christy looked at him for a few seconds then bursted out in laughter. She dropped on the floor and started laughing while hugging her stomach.

Jason stopped rubbing the stones together and looked at his wife as she was on the floor rolling.

Bae it’s not funny. This is how The Prophet PBUH used to make fire.” He said.

Christy was still on the floor rolling and laughing.

Whatever.” Jason said. He then stood up and began walking to the front door.

I’m finna go to the gas station and borrow a lighter.” He said.

Christy then stood up, she was still laughing.

Wait, Jason!” She said amidst her laughter.

She walked back in the living room and delved her hand in the side pocket of her Louis Vuitton handbag, she pulled out a black Bic lighter and walked over to Jason and handed it to him.

I thought you said...”

I know what I said JASON! Just go in the basement and smoke.” She said.

Jason looked at her and smiled.

I can go to the library too?” He asked.

Christy stared at him and thought for a moment. Then she sighed.

Whatever Jason. Just keep in mind that my mom upstairs sleeping and...”

Jason quickly gave her a peck on the cheek then started walking towards the kitchen to the door of her basement. He opened the door and descended down the stairs.

About 25 minutes later he came back up. His eyes were dim and bloodshot red. Christy was seated on the white couch, her legs were folded on top of each other. She turned her head around to look at Jason. She noticed the way he was staring at her. Like a bloodthirsty tiger who just laid its eyes upon a wandering deer. Christy fidgeted on the couch where she was seated.

Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked.

Jason didn’t say nothing. He slowly strided towards her. He stopped in front of her and folded his arms across his chest.

Go to your room.” He simply said.

Wh-what?” She asked.

I said... Go to your room, it’s time to go to bed.” He said.

Christy looked at him. Then she turned around and flicked her long black hair and turned her head around to face the TV.

No. I’m not tired.” She said

I’m not going to repeat myself.” Jason said and laid his hands on the head of the couch.

I don’t give a damn what you do boy. I’m not going to my room!” Christy said.

Jason slowly lifted his hands off the couch, then he strolled to the kitchen and came back out holding a kitchen knife.

Go to your room Betsy or I’ll chop you up into a million pieces and put you on a slave ship back to Africa. Wallahi I will!” Jason said out loud.

Omg Jason... Put.the.knife.down.” She held her hands up and tried to calm him down.

Jason could hear her, but he wasn’t listening. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he wasn’t in his right frame of mind. He walked towards her and licked the sharp end of the blade.

Christy got off the couch and started to back away.

Omg, you’re crazy!” She said.

Jason continued to walk towards her.

If you don’t go upstairs. God so help me, I will cut you up and fornicate with your lifeless corpse!” He said.

Jason! Please keep it down, my mom’s...”

Jason took a pretend swing of the knife at her. Christy yelped out and started running up the stairs.

Get away from me you freak!” She said while running.

Jason gently laid the knife down on the table in the living room, then he followed her up the stairs and walked down the corridor to her room. He opened the door and stepped inside, then he silently closed it.

The room was pitch black, the light was off. But Jason was able to see perfectly. He could see his wife laying on top of the bed underneath the covers. He quietly climbed on top and went underneath the covers. Christy was hugging her pillow, fear was in her eyes.

Wh-what are you going to do to me?” She asked.

Jason rubbed her head and moved her hair away from her eyes.

Nothing honey. I just want you to lay down and go to sleep.” He said.

You’re not... gonna hurt me?” Christy asked.

Of course not baby. Why would I do such a thing? Just go to sleep okay?” Jason said.

Okay daddy...” Christy said. Then she moved the pillow and slowly laid her head on top of it.

Jason gently laid down next to her and hugged her waist. They were both facing each other.

I’m gonna protect you okay? Daddy’s not gonna hurt you okay boo?” Jason quietly said to her underneath the covers, he reached down with his hand and began to pull down his pants and boxer briefs.

Christy nodded her head gently. For a few minutes they were both still, just staring at each other in the silent darkness.

Then a thunder clapped.

CRACK!!” Even louder than the first one.

The thunder in Jason’s heart also clapped. Christy jumped up and was about to scream. Then Jason clamped his left hand over her mouth then with his right hand he reached down and lifted Christy’s legs up and held it high. He quickly pulled her pants down and moved her panties to the side. Then he grabbed a hold of Billy and shoved it deep in her! Christy wanted to scream but was not able to. Jason dropped her legs down and laid on top of her. Christy’s legs were wide open. Jason was on top of her slowly grinding and stroking.

SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT!” The sounds of Jason penetrating Christy’s waterfall and raindrops hitting the tin roof was all that could be heard in the room.

Jason began sucking and kissing Christy’s neck as he was on top of her grinding.

I want you to go to sleep!” Jason quietly said in her ears.

SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT!” This continued to go on for about 15 minutes.

Tears began trickling out of Christy’s eyes.

SLEEP!!” Jason whispered loudly in her ears as he exploded inside of her.

Then he rolled off her, breathing heavily. As he looked to his wife he saw that her eyes were closed and was breathing in and out rhythmically in a slow pattern.

Jason rolled over towards her on the bed, he brushed his hand against her hair and watched her as she slept. Soon after, he also drifted.

Jason woke up at 12:59am. He knew what he had to do. He sluggishly got off the bed and went in the bathroom in Christy’s room. He removed all his clothing and turned on the hot water and got in. Afterwards, he stepped out the shower back in Christy’s room. He put back on his clothes, applied deodorant and body lotion. He also applied a little bit of perfume that Christy had on top of her drawer. He faced the Qibla with his chest, lifted his hands up and said out loud “Allahu Akbar!”

After he was finished praying, he quietly crept down the stairs to get Christy’s laptop, then went back upstairs to her room. He opened up the laptop and turned it on. Then he began typing: “My life changing moment was when I met my wife Christy...”

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