Last King, last supper or last summer
Don't ask for me I have orgies with fat monkeys
Don't have money I have nothing that's so funny

This thing we got is crazy, only thing ik is you're my baby
Smoke weed and watch porn
Mr nose bleed I'm not boring(born)
Like no insemination

Take a drag of the weed, like bruh what happened to me
I was just rapping for free, but now I rap for a fee

I'm the blackest silver lining

Allah knows best, when he speaks, everybody else goes deaf

They call me DuLi I'm super goofy my btches bougie

Practice what you preach, preach love, careful what you eat-Bas

Keep it a bean I don't even really fxc with nxas
I just hit the club and bust it with a couple nxas

They speak highly of me when I raise my voice
I gotta shoot a fxn free throw to make my point-Ab-Soul

Dirty whore, 34

I'm just rolling weed up don't mind me.

Pop her cherry heart, she not that very smart

Citadel, give em hell

I'm sipping dirty sprite, it's gon be a dirty night
I'll take that bxc and fuck her raw because I heard she nice
I never seen her tho, gotta low demeanor so

I smoke a lot of dope, you nggas gotta go, I'm way too out of control

I let it go and just go easier with less clothes on, got less lows on, Pac and Big passed away but they left some flows
Fxc them nxas tho, they my nxas tho
Even though they way much older it's like I'm bigger bro

I'm sipping dirty sprite
I'm sipping dirty sprite

Damn she's so pretty, and she so sediddy
Shawdy from the city, she be rolling with me

I'm working hard to get my grades up, I can always stay up
DuLi got the touch you in a rush but I can't blame ya

Festivities, injecting in me

NBK on the big screen-Niykee Heaton
I gotta white btch in Arkansas, I never seen her tho

I been smoking, I been drinking
My mind is closing, I'm not thinking
I'm so sorry

Liar liar pants on fire, go ahead and just retire

Would you believe me if I said I was high. Baby...

Abdul, born on April Fools
I got a lot of dirt on me but I play it cool

I snatched the sound, now ain't no backing down

Pray first all I do is pray first
She a nympho fuk her everyday, she be like IT HURTS!!

She asked me what's my race I told that hoe I cannot run fast

Heard that DuLi dissing me he hate in every line
I was gon do it but I'm like nah I'm very calm