Genie in a bottle, skinny as a model
I don't believe in luck but I stay winning the lotto

Got bars like the state prison, I hate living, I wanna dieeee

I smoke weed at the nose bleed
I'm high af if you don't see

Just like a microwave, I'm in a psycho stage, I smoke that shyt to miss the past cuz I ain't like those days

Most exalted, but never exhausted

You gotta approach the game differently, use your brain vividly

Off her head, cross her legs

Killed the game, my condolences
I'm high off that potent shit
I'm, trying to focus in
I, don't even notice him

And still, I show em work
Because I know it works
I been fxcing these bxs man my style is so berserk

I get high and wanna do shyt nxa
You get high and wanna prove shyt to nxas

They tell me kill the game but it's already done
They say the race is on I already won
I fxcd that btch at noon and it's already 1
And I already came and she's already gone

I don't want no label gimme no advance
Who's the hottest in the game show of hands
I should see no hands raised except for mines
You nxas hating on me you get left behind

School is, cool for the cool kids
The weirdoes think it's a waste of time
Pay some mind and might just make it fine in the world, get a girl, turn to wife
Have some kids, ride some bikes
Like the letter 6
6 is not a letter, this shyt is not

D-u-L-i see you next time

I got that shyt that leave these guys dead
I got that shyt that make your eyes red
The only bad is the side effects
That shyt weaken your immune system, it's DuLi I'm soon spitting

Damn, they high, Idk why they try

I never stopped believing me, fuk what u see in me
My Lord is the diety, THE ONLY DIETY!

Instantaneous, all you nxas hating it

I'm solid, ik I'm solid, shit, my flow is solid
I been rapping all my life, still I go to college
I just don't acknowledge, these rappers broke and novice

No water bottle
I slaughter models and slaughter rappers
No one can stop me, I'm shitting on them like porter potty

I was taking a sabbatical, flow is magical
Feel the gravitational pull
Whatever happened to you
Heard you be snapping

Can't bathe in holy water, no not holy water
Life is such a btch, I fxcd her only daughter Virgin Mary

Rappers bsin, bet he start ducking when I put the full clip in
And start fukkin shit up, I had it all but it just wasn't enough

I'm heating up just like a rice cooker
Ima night walker
Shawdy bad I went right at her soon as I saw her

I'm high as shyt, these blessings you should try and get

I'm a legendary ngga doing legendary shyt
Smoking on a blunt with your temporary btch

Idk how to love you when I'm sober

My soul is scarred, ik it's hard

Eating your verses
Chasing money just defeating the purpose, and the purpose is God
Put in work like I be working a job

Ik I'm solid, shyt, my flow is solid
I gave lil btch like $40 said I'm going to college

I fxc that btch long like a movie till to be continued

I'm puffing heavy, you not fukkin ready
I am the anomaly
I am the one who you never wanted to turn out to be

I give my city hope. Smoking pretty dope

That and so much more, you want the spot no what for?

Academic coaching, ima get the lotion

Ass shaking, glass breaking

Hit back that DuLi, then flyyyyy

I lean, I swag
I'm clean, I pass
I'm mean, I'm mad
I mean, I'm glad
That you came into the room and put that pux on MY MUSTACHE

When the high hits you it's beautiful

She my case manager, I you face damager

Nggas want beef I'm in the stew wid it

Pux squirt, like Lil Uzi Vert

I been getting high since 7th grade, this new btch im with she be getting paid

I'm high, my eyes, don't lie

Heard you got the scope
Nxa I been smoking dope
All my nxas from the east
Coast is bringing home that heat
Smoke is

Damn ur neck not tired
I hit my plug and I got wired

I'm no longer smoking weed I'm smoking dope
But they both the same I hold the game by the throat

They call me DuLi she wanna do me
Just pass it to me
I'm smoking, no longer choking, that shyt be potent

It's unfortunate you fornicate

Drop my gaze when she walk by me I'm dying
Not the day for you to come try me I'm grinding
Tryna get away from all this lying I'm trying
My new bae pux made of diamonds I'm diving

She ask me why I'm so tatted,
I say it don't matter
Ima eat these rappers like a cheesesteak platter
These days matter
It really don't, I told that btch im really grown btch im rlly stoned
I'm Philly grown, a millie throne
Freetown, SL that's my city home

Spend my bread on weed and tokens

My eyes wanders aimlessly, mind wanders aimlessly
Sometimes I wonder if they're the same as me
I don't see no love, dey gon see the blood

Ima go retarded on a btch the flow is hard as bricks

All I smoke is loud, I can't smoke it now
Why? Cuz I need a job
And they be doing tests, and weed is still illegal
I think I need a needle, cuz I'm sick

I just smoked recently, I have no decency

It's unfortunate you fornicate
And you think it's cool, I don't think I'm DuL
I know I'm him
Dark skin like Soulja slim I don't notice em
Like I cant see Marshall Mathers yeah my heart is scattered
Across the globe I lost some hope ain't nobody badder

Cuz I'm not just a skinny boy

Sleep is the cousin of death
Idk my brothers but I love em to death
You had a nice run but it just wasn't the best
You win some you lose some you gotta learn to accept

I was fucking nggas bxs... Before I found Islam

If I gotta go ima go out swinging
If you gotta know then just know I outdid em
I can't find a girl in this whole wide world
They always wanna go and it's all my fault

I don't wanna go to hellfire
I'm smoking strong you can smell on my atrire

Every ngga gotta past
But not every bxc gotta ax

I upgraded, nxa fxc waiting
Nxa fxc being jaded I'm too

My bars be explicit, I spit dope like I be going hard in the kitchen bruh you already btchin I ain't even really start yet

The Prophet, peace and blessings I don't need a weapon, I just need to teach a lesson

Yo pux stink
That shx smell like fish
That shx smell like, dirty dishes in the sink
I done fxcd a lot of dirty bxs I'm on the brink of destruction

My best friend in childhood was Nuri Bracey
My best friend now is Patrick Swazey
I go so hard bruh you can't replace me

I'm still a friendly boy
..... to fill that empty void