It's never about the set back, always about the get back, I never will forget that
My ngga Tommy told me that when I was out the spital
Told my girl to have a little faith in me, give or take and see, Fuk them other nxas what they talking is just make believe

The comas over, but I still think I'm dead
These nxas bunch of flames always rocking pink and red they some Tinker Bells

I don't drink, so I don't get drunk, but I get high
High as shyt but I do that shyt just to get by

These nggas super sweet and I can't even taste sugar
Death to anyone who tells me that they hate hookers
How you gon hate somebody that's just making cash
Burner out then look you in the eye now take it back

I'll do a live operation and be blind operating
She focus when she give me brain, mind concentration
If you don't like the way I drive then homie drive out the way thief
I only go to world star for the vine compilations

I sweat a lot and really don't get a lot of chips
I forget a lot of names, especially chicks
I get a lot of brains, I done met a lot of dames

I was up at moss flexin
These nggas acting like some cross dressers
Lessors I learned turned me straight into a boss pregnant
Women got the best pux
Bust a nut right inside of her when she not looking

Mercy stole my heart, then she broke my heart
Member when your step pop kicked you out and I fxd you in the dark
Then my mom came in the room and started tripping
I still love you only difference is my heart is missing

Everything changed with this muthafxn bleed in my brain,
my baby brother n sister Allah will I ever see them again

Up close and personal, Fuk those that's hurting you

Wet them boys, wd and noise

It's a cold world but I'm the dream villain
All my team chilling with nxas who done seen killings
With a s at the end, write these verses with my neck on the pen
It ain't shyt to put my life on the line
Just don't kill me with a knife or the nine
Put an arrow through my heart to make the pain stop
The world in my hands and I control it like it's game stop

Ima tuck you into bed
After I fuk you and give you some head

All I did was eat sleep and pray all day
And write raps please lemme get up out this mice trap
I gotta find a way please don't let me die this way
And indeed I found a way cuz here I am si Spitting
Man listen this gon be a lonely transition
I can't talk to you right now I'm in the can shitting

She give me head long like a movie till to be continued
Put my dck in her now baby let me see what's in you

She don't love nxas
She love drug dealers and riches
I like my riches just as much as the next guy
But I don't love my riches not at all, can you guess why
Because a diamond's nothing more, then a shiny rock
Like a btch that I been tryna hit, I done finally popped

Deeper then parapeligix deeper then getting a scratch on a brand new pair of adidas, I am not scared of polices

These nggas thinking that they artist but they drawn