This btch want no, problem
Boy I'm from the 610, I got us

Ima master mind always running after mines
I finger fuk my girl so you can go and have the nine
That's a dime, and that's a fukkin strap
I'm the hottest nxa spitting nxa thats a fuxn fact

Heard this beat and fell in love shyt don't even gotta hook
You introduced me to your girl, that's a really good look
Hit her with this D now she can't get up like a really good hook
If she gotta donk then most likely yeah I would look

I don't wanna win, I wanna sin and go to heaven

Population 7 billion but nobody's alive
I can tell how low you feeling but don't worry I'm high

Asking me shyt but I don't answer to nobody but god

Notice you, know the truth

No liquor in my cup, naw just oreos and apple juice
I love horny hoes, I'll be coming back to you

I smoke bud a lot and my pop smoke cigarettes
Burn a ngga down now, which one of you nggas next
I'm trying stop the doctor told me to try nicorette

I remember hitting biz up like, bro I need that water
What you need I got it for you bro, know I got that slaughter
And never failed to disappoint, nxa came and I enjoyed it
I gotta kill the game I feel like I have been appointed

The crack game ain't that much different from the rap
If your work mean then all the fiends keep on coming back
The fiends being the consumers, tired of being a winner, don't wanna be a loser close my eyes and see the future and what I see

I can see a great demise close my eyes and taste the sky I pray that all these haters die

I ain't even write this shyt, had to light this shyt
She gave me dirty head all night n shyt, that's just lice n shyt

Only shots I take is when I'm playing call of duty
Girl, I want all the booty

I'm just a young ngga trying make a living
Look at all the fukkin blessings i was given
I don't deserve it but I can't make that decision
Young black ngga never been to prison
Naw I ain't never been booked but I read books
Bust a nut right in her eyes that's a good look
I don't really give a fuk bout how I should look
It's hard to put the blunt down like a good book

I wanna fuk Selena Gomez
Ima have that pux on Hurricane Katrina, so wet

I don't care about the fame or the money
I just want the fat bxs

Money over all except for family and god
These nxas want me dead cuz they can't handle me alive

No such thing as happiness-this song do not exist just a figment of your mind

I went from Darby to the township
I bet a Ferrari will make her bounce it
Bet a lambo gon make her suck it
And a gatti gon make her bust it

This ain't a diss song, this just a hit song
Bad bxc, I give her mad dxc, thats like this long <---------------------------------------------------->

New kids on the block or just some new children
Want me to stop it's gon cost bout 1.2 billion

I'm tired of M's listen
MIRRAH, Mercy, im tired of them bxs
I want a btch thats name start with a B
Like Britney, Brianna
Name start with a K, like Kristine, Keyanna

Sam and Dean, can of beans

I fuk with Maserati not the car, the porn star
Fuk so many bxs i could be the greatest porn star
But I should be your favorite rap star
I'm trying show how dope my raps are
I'm from the county we don't fight fair but I don't like it here I'm trying speed off like NASCAR

I know you wanna be a part of my life, but you can't
You know I'm shining like a star in the sky, or a lamp
Nowadays it's getting hard to survive, in the camp

Cuz even if the sky was gray
I'm still gonna find a way
For me and you to hideaway
We can both go miles away

Rip quan, I ain't really know you cuz
But when you lost your life everybody showed you love
Rip Mohammad aka blazer ham
Know you had a rough life but now you in a place of calm

U can't go to sleep when you got an empty stomach
You know that ima beast and you know that ima run it
When I go to sleep suck that shyt and ima love it
Feel like Wayne and Drake why, cuz I'm right above it
Right above what, well the bullshxt they be talking

I feel every stare as soon as a ngga walk-in
Is it cuz we not the same complexion
I got some head same day Obama got reelected
I guess we both ain't want that feeling to stop
Feeling of being on top of the world
I bust a nut when I'm on top of your girl
You was on top but now you dropping to third

I gotta long story to tell
The type of shyt I'm bout to tell you you'll hear only in hell
Know it's possible if I say it they gon throw me in jail
Only ngga at the top I'm getting lonely as hell
But hell ain't lonely there's a lot of people there shyt I might as well meet Tony
How you doing bruh, I liked that movie bruh
You went out an og how you do it bruh

You shaking ass butt making cash girl I ain't hating
You say you a freak well, give me a demonstration
Ima rule the world on only the second day
She trying move in with me and it's only the second date