I wanna be a fire fighter using fire just for fright
Michael Meyers bought a lighter to the fight
This prison got some barbel wires and it's high
Duli got bars well I'm higher then the sky
Like a flighter jet that's flying through the sky

I don't love no thotty, I don't love nobody
Except my family they can't handle me cuz I'm too sloppy

In school i was always baked
Roaming through the hallways late
For class, girl you know you bad, so shake, your ass
I don't wanna hear shyt except your cheeks jumping
Just shake it and I'll let you know if I see something
That I like, and I might, have a bite, for tonight
I should buy, that's alright
I don't like, petty bxs
Blowing up dynomite!

North or the east, south or the west
I'm coming in her mouth and I'm cumming at your neck
Nothing but respect i got love for ya
So much love I'll even go and sell these drugs for ya
Just to make you smile, this might take a while
But I'm gon do it cuz ik that that's your favorite style

I'm not a trapper ima rapper
I don't wanna sell drugs all I do is write raps all day
Night cap always fight back always i light that my thoughts fade

The next one is gon be better then you and me
It's kinda hard to believe huh
We put our hearts on our sleeve huh

I was gone for the summer
Now I'm on like a hummer bouta run over the game
All I wanted was some change
I don't half no nicks or dimes
All I buy is weight, grab that shyt like ima sell it
But I don't, all I do is roll it up and then inhale it you can smell it from a few blocks away
Heard some nggas trying diss me oh no not today

My ngga jiggany man that ngga fly
But that ngga don't get high for some reason
I offered him the Dutch one evening
He hit a whole L and he wasn't even buzzed hardly
I'm super fly like Buzz Lightyear meets ed hardy

Not really you nggas is just silly
Got me, dying laughing I'm hoping you'll just kill me

Life's a crazy btch but I may have misjudged her
Money do the talking sdfup Chris Tucker
I'm rushing to find my wallet ima need about a hour
Ima be the greatest you can bet your bottom dollar
I'll be there like d pryde, I like my seat high
Please don't talk to DuLi cuz you know that he's fried

I ain't rich at all you can suk my dck and balls

All I blew was Reggie when I was fukkin with rozay
Now my shyt be spicy like it's fukkin chipotle's
Spend a couple dollars id be fuxn the whole day
It's really not a problem give af what a ho say

I'm on my grown man you know I'm stunting the old way
Getting faded while I'm bumping kush and some oj
That Wiz jawn, you cross then it is on
I got the longest list of haters cuz my dck long
What this btch want I'll put that ax to sleep proper
I told em not to knock my hustle but they keep knocking
Just keep on knocking but my mind is empty
She might be friendly or my money she just like to spend it

I went through rehabilitation
But my knees won't still stop shaking

I ain't from the streets
But the place that I was born it ain't sweet
You don't put your heart on your sleeve,you put your heart on your feet
Meaning you always tend to run when it's beef

Whoever is in control is no longer in control
Bxc I run the game I'm even stronger then before
25 minutes is the longest i can go
Ima bust a nut right on her thong and on her clothes

Don't want no Reggie for me, no Reggie me, no Reggie for me, no Reggie
I'm already to eat, already to eat, already to eat, so ready

I ain't in my right mind, or train of thought
I became a boss to fight crime
Don't say I lost, just because I'm on a life line
It won't be hard for me to blow ya fukkin mind off the wall
You grind on and off, that's the difference between you and me
I'm trying be the greatest so don't come and start confusing me
I want that private lesson girl come tutor me

I was smoking Reggie for the longest
All my nxas at the top cuz we the strongest
I don't give a fuk bout who you get along with
I don't wanna do a song with you cuz thats just wrong

I got haters, and they talk shit
But it's all good, I got real shit
Bouta deal with it, like Will Smith
But on my shoulders is a lot more then just seven pounds
More like a couple tons
I'm tired of living life like a fukkin bum
What a nxa got to do just to be number one

I don't fuk with bottles so no liquor in my cup
Just a blunt, put me exactly where I want
Where I need to be, leave with me
Girl I can turn your life into a really nice scenery

I ain't out of Philly, bruh I'm out the country
Put this dck up in your mouth your mouth is just a fountain
And my dck is thirsty, that bullshit didn't hurt me
What kind person will i be when I hit like thirty
Will i be the same, Prolly not
See the rain prolly stopped but I can hear it still drizzling
Money on my mind I can hear the streets whispering

I love to hit it and eat it straight from the back
She want that Gucci and Louis straight from the rack

Too soon
I don't drink no liquor not even once in a blue moon