The fans show me love, my mans sold me drugs
Just some wd, that's not really a drug
You just in it you not really involved

(Marvins room) I just can't stop smoking all this dope
If I die I know that it will take me home

I sweat a lot, I really don't get a lot of money
You funny, thinking that I get a lot of money

I can't roll backwoods, I can't roll that good
But I still roll, and I still be getting high
I be getting high to get by

All I had to do, was say that I'm sorry.

It's a slow exit
You rappers might exist, but you ain't really real

Mfs be so quick to forget

My shit is the truth I get in the booth and start spitting like I'm missing a tooth (😄DZAAAMN) -i think Nas said that
Got barz let the prisoners loose
You not hard we don't listen to you
You a fake, your whole style is fictional too
Bxc I'm great, and you know that I be spitting the proof
I feel like Drake, in 09

I won't wither, these bxs so bitter
I won't give her, the benefit of the doubt
Sending shit in ya mouth
My nxa got so many bricks he can prolly build a house

When I'm opened you're closed, I'm hoping you're close

Pull up in a big body, bad btch beside me

I be blowing loud, that shit y'all nxas blow is not allowed. Wow

My room is a traphouse, a tomb when I black out
Abdul yeah I'm back now
Make room for them raps now

Slaughterhouse I prolly take your daughter out on a date. Tell her to show up at my door real late

I need me a Muslim wife in my life. Yeah that hoe gon have me right.

I take a drag of the blunt like I'm drag racing
I apply pressure on these nxas like a fat Asian
The thongs on a sumo wrestler kill em I don't use no effort you can't do no better

It's not about the distance, it's all about commitment. You should listen.

Too too sober x8
I'm smoking a lot and thinking not up enough

Too too sober too sober
Rappers need to move over

I don't even have to set alarms I wake up supernatural- Lil Dicky

Tired of looking mfs where the couch at
Pop that pux for a nxa that's gon bounce back

Make me cry, take me by surprise
Took her by her thighs
Told her close her eyes

Lemme relish in the moment, you're embellishing the movements that you're doing

These btchass nxas got softt booty shots
They ain't got no weapon like an off duty cop

When I was just a little child my father used to tell me these crazy things
He used to tell me my mama was an evil girl he used to tell me she hated me
But then I got a little bit older then I realized he was the crazy one
And there was nothing I could do or say about it cuz that's just the way she was

Rehabilitation, all the seats are taken

I need some time to recuperate, rejuvenate my social. I'm like a fish when I swim away

Problems big as Troy vanity
I enjoy insanity, I employ humanity
I'm making noise with Cannabis
..... That's that loud, higher then the clouds all that Reggie not allowed

I'm the black Slim Shady, that shit crazy

Make up sex is cool wake up next to you

I started smoking weed heavy
Now my knees steady shaking and I breathe heavy

I don't need the chopper all I need's Allah
I was getting high in school smoking wd a lot
I smk a lot of wd,
You just cannot compete with me bro btch I got the lead

That's cool, I perfer the silence, I've rehearsed the violence

Would have a king size bed and I'll still sleep on the couch
Have a full time chef and I'll still eat out the house

Everything is blue, it's pale
It's dark it's gray

Penske truck, I gotta empty cup
Full of apple juice

My heart is a dark abyss
From past relationships

Word to Bassy my ngga I got the loud and it's lit
Spent some time with ya btch
I put my dck in her shit

Different girls same mannerisms
I ain't been the same since my fukkin brain aneurysm

I smk a fat pound of grass then fall on my ass faster then a fat btch who sat down too fast-Em

Ceremony, scared and lonely

When I was 21 my dad died
Now I'm 20 something ngga I got sad eyes
That hoe said he loved me that's a sad lie
My numbers going up like Ceddy pants size

Nina Simone gets me in my zone, everytime, I'm so throwed Barry Bonds

I used to think that dope is crack, hope is back

I hid my hoe in Idaho now I just can't find that hoe

I started smoking dope when I was 12
Your nxas they some hoes they work for 12s
My nxas got them clothes like they Pharrel
Talking dope boy you suppose to be fr

Ima smoke my wd and, you can have a drink and
I can have you for the weekend(and), I don't need to pretend

Extra wet, internet, enter yet
I get it extra wet bshe asked you if you entered yet
I'm like the internet cuz all I do is intersect
You're an insect, I'm like some iron bars, that can't be bench pressed

All I do is rap, I write crazy hooks and crazy books
Fuk that shit they talking it ain't even make me look
This shit takes me back
I be spitting dope, I aint talking wd I'm talking 80s crack

If you don't like the way I drive far df out the sidewalk
I be in the cut, Fetty wap like a cyclops

I'm high as shyt but I'm never fried tho, never try tho
Heard you got some new ones girl I never tried those
I'm tryna get my groove on but you never high tho

Fiction, friction

I cant wear no gold, Allah said so
And what that ngga say has to go

I used to give a fuck, now I don't
Kill the game, how I won't
Numbers lie, Allah (Swt) don't

It's a late post I see it
I make toast and eat it, I'm weeded

I don't ever fold, my circle smaller than the letter 0
I should let her go bruh she ain't the one for me
Plenty fishes in the sea I need some company
These bxs worried about karats like Bugs Bunny
Argu-men-ta-tive, still I love you baby
Are you down for me, cuz I love you baby
(Kehlani distraction)

Betterment, veteran

I don't wear no jewels x3
That just means I'm cool

Dark skin match my entity

If happy ever afters did exist
I would still be fuxn you like this
And all those fairy tales are full of shit
One more fuxn love song I'll be sick

That pux talking to me what that shit saying
Aye papi beat it up that's my nickname

They don't know me on the block
As the bul that'll leave him bleeding slowly on the block
Naw, they know me on the block as DuL, I act a fukkin fool on the block

DuLi GotBarz, that's all i got for you
Baby girl just play it cool I'll make it hot for you

I used to think that dope was crack

When I was just a little boy my daddy used to tell me these crazy things
He used to tell me my mama was an evil girl he used to tell me she hated me, but then I got a little bit older and I realized he was the crazy one
And there was nothing I could do to change him cuz that's just the way he was
They didn't say I can't rap about wd or drugs
Didn't say she can't rap about heels and love
Cunt, think you won't see no blood I was the first to show her what a penis was

Diamonds on me dancing
More like diamond Jackson
There's a lot going on, I just can't put it into words
I never claimed to be a perfect man so you critiques all need to swerve