Bruh I can go on and on
Life's short I can do this shx all day long
Make a right at the light cuz you're always wrong
It's a hike when you walking cuz the hallways long

I really fuk with spearmint
Me against them thats a clear win, for me
I went and fukked that bxc, for free
She paid me tho,took me shopping bought some kicks for me
Then took me home and made me food then sukked this dck for me

Briefcase full of bud, cheapsteak to the blood
Each state full of drugs, can't be safe ain't no love

My soul's a dark abyss, skin tone is dark as shyt
This flow is hard to get
you know it's hard to give
You know my heart is missing making you ms is part of the gift
The gift of gab, so kiss my ass
You give me the coordinates baby I'll give you the path
Just to make it right, know I don't take advice
From no one, it's snowing in the summer
I'm going undercover
Shes on her menstrual cycle, so right now I can't love her
I'd like to know you better, what kinda books you like
Hope you took what you like
I fuxd yo cousin and yo sister they ya lookalikes

I'm just trying set the mood
Smoking all this purple to forget about my blues

Girl yo body is legit, mama made you thick
You spending time just smoking dimes even tho they gave you nicks

I stopped smoking Reggie
My eyes open barely
I'll start shooting if one of these cockroaches dare me

I told Allah if I'm wrong about you, then don't answer my prayers
Put my hands to the ceiling, I'm not a fan of you haters

I only roll blunts fr
She feeling me I can tell i gotta hunch fr

Nxas think they hot as me that's always not the case
I'm trying find the baddest bxc who really got some cakes

Philosophical rap, maniacal laugh
Bionacal man, what df does that mean,
Half man half robot
Nope i just go nuts ima dysfunctional being
I'm the only living proof my ngga fuk what you seeing

We dem boys, weed and noise
Put so much work in i can prolly be employed

I want cheese eggs and bread
Please spread your legs

I choose to embrace my destiny
Ik how much you wanna taste my recipe
I make music but you hate my melody
Why in the hell would you wanna take my friend from me

In the darkest hours the soul is replenished
I'm so independent
I made a couple dollars i just don't know how to spend it

Eating cookies watching smallville
But is it all real, or is it just a facade
I'm at the top don't give a fuk what you thought

I used to choke when I tote, but now I don't
With my back against the ropes, ima blow

You thought I wasn't dope, but now you know
You saw when I was gone, there wasn't hope
Just a lot of broken promise, nggas lie
Numbers don't, nggas die, but I won't
Triggers fly, somersaults
Do you dirty, can't find soap
God can't find hope in us

Fine line don't cross it
Fine wine don't drink it
Spend time with coffins
Grind time I think it's
I know it, I blow bits

I bust the most wonderful nuts
Have sex with the most wonderful sluts
She got the most wonderful butt
I'm the hottest in the planet bruh don't wonder too much

Truth matters, but truth scatters
Shitting on these nxas ima need a new bladder

Dead is god, god is not dead
You just gotta dig, I do it big
And I call dibs, on that

The blanket theory the blank theory

My philosophy of overcoming the high

Blanket theory- mankind goes on without you, just because a part of the blanket isn't functional doesn't mean the blanket can't do it's job

Blank theory-without you the cover will ultimately have no purpose for existence, thus leaving it blank

I got the digital dash
I fxc that bxc in the ax

I lose track of time when I'm high
I move back in time when I fly

I ain't scared of no one blunt full of serotonin

They should've never let me in the game left me in the rain tears streaming down my cheeks

This flow is infallible, bxc I been calling you

I do it for the bxs, I'm ruining ya vision

Let's get high in the middle of the night
Suck my dck until it has a little bit of life, left in it, I do my thang and I'm the best in it
I knew the streets was mines soon as I stepped in it
Or on it, I'm on it

Ima notorious villain, gotta glorious vision, I told you but you ain't listen
Can't follow my own religion

I feel new and reformed
At my dad crib I had visual porn
Beautiful storm

Life's short I can do this shx all day long
Ngga i be spitting fire but I'm not Jake long
That shouldn't take long to seep in

She likes long walks on the beach
This long cock in her mouth
Sxc this dxc while you sleep
And dont you dare make a sound

My flow is supernatural magic
I go in my zone and use a masterful tactic

I'm sorry if I come too strong
Dark skinded like I stayed in the sun too long

Money ain't worth shyt then what it's printed on... Paper
Spinning on top of the sky the time if real long... Scrapers
Gotta bad bxc she look like nia long.. Take her
Down on top and put that shyt together.. Stapler

You nxas is hilarious talking bout you do it for the money
I do it for my family so they won't look bummy

I'm in the stu like beef and broccoli
Sheisty bxs always tryna eat my pockets
Before I gotta beat the game I beat the body
Put my dck in then I make a big deposit

My bxc don't turn heads, she break a few necks
Before I make some cash I rather make some new friends
DuLi getting older I needa make some new ends
Don't even walk a mile in my shoes, just take a few steps

I feel like Lupe, smk a L let my mood change
Y'all rappers too gay if I do say so myself
Don't need your help I can kill this shx all by myself
Don't need a stepping stone
Left all them checks alone
I took cover then I fxcd her it ain't take that long
Could she be a hoe no
I'm just good with my words
Pux nxa got exactly what you deserve, I'm too superb nxa I be in the moon with birds
Light a L now that's a lunar eclipse

We can do a few practices
Lay down on the bed ima show you a new magic trick

I used to choke when I toke
Now I can really hold a note
As much as I wanna

I been smoking on this jawn for too long feel like I'm holding on
Know you nxas showing some, symptoms of hate
They think I'm gay because I listen to Drake
I wild out then I tell that ho to start fixing her face
I gotta bad bxc now the only thing that's missing's a date

Don't give a fxc bout what going on
Y'all nxas mowing lawns my nxas in an island blowing bongs

West side ngga, coming to the east side, east side
Slang dxc throw peace signs peace signs
Won't get left behind, behind
I think by so every week I'm changing up I'm on my deep grind
Fall back watch haters decline
That ax I cannot deny
Whole class toking we high
Man I get high and I be getting pux on my free time
These hs can't read signs at all
Go hard and each time I ball

Got it all I don't really what matters anymore
Memories of you still scattered on the floor

Fresher then some laundry From a different country

Walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Allah all I wanna do is simply follow your steps

Deep voice get the pux moist, ask Murs
Nice guys finish last, last word
That's absurd heart is light like maklemor
My bxc she a Capricorn
Everytime I give her dxc she always Ask for more

Mike Stud is like drug

You nggas lack lyrical content
I'm tryna make a mfn miracle on set

Scott decker, this is not checkers
I fukked that bxc she ran into me and I got measured
It was ten inches, fatty when spitting

Scott decker, this is not checkers
It's a game of chess, and there's a lot of pressure

All I need is Allah I don't really need love
Open up my mind and shine that's just what the wd(BLEEP) does
I can't say that word, little brother might be watching
If I'm not the topic of discussion guess I'm just the topic

These bxs is grotesque, man I don't want no sex
I just want my dxc sucked in the back of a corvette

One more hit and I'm dead
One more bxc gimme head
Shoot that shx and it's bread
Move that shx like it's led

Got some dirty laundry
I'm from a different country

I'm finna blow up, like Sam Adams
Bad bxs, I can't stand em

I fux with brother ali
For my childhood I ain't have no mother by me, till I was 18
Searching for tomorrow cuz today stinks