I blow a lot and you know i love getting hgh nxa
Just keep it real and then that shxt'll get me by nxa

I ain't never stayed in the shade
You ain't never played in the rain
Blow a lot of flame to the brain
Know a lot of dames give a lot of brains to a lot of lames in a train

This shyt I'm smking make me feel like I don't even wanna be alive no more
Eyes red like my eyes so sore
This shx I'm blowing I don't think ima buy no more
You know I'm hgh for sure

I'm so fly I'm bout to leave the ground
I blow the best wd around

I used to blow a L a day
Now I blow like four or five
Just to get me thru the day
And I can just feel more alive

I'm all around like Kobe
Ball like ginobli
Tryna keep it real but you a fraud like ya homie

I ain't felt this way since I was 18
Why you holding shyt on me i thought we wiped that slate clean
Or clean slate, can I be great
Do what you want my nigg but you can't cheat faith

I'm not normal, I'm not formal
I don't have a lot of friends but I got porn tho

I told you I would blow up before 22
Now I'm 21 with an attitude
Fuk that shyt they talking they don't even know the magnitude

She throw that duce up boy,don't use excuses boy
The way I whip you would've thought that I bought kunta boy

All I blow is loud
That bullshit that they talking that's that shyt I won't allow
Pux nxa throw the towel, and just call it a day
Put this dxc all in her gut then bust a nut all in her face

Ima Vietnam vet
In a white corvette
No cover, fuk it I like raw sex

Fresh up out the spital
Laughing hard like Malcolm in the middle
My only goal is giving power to the people

Living my life, one day at a time
Giving my wife, 1 k just to shine
If it's not an advice, than I dont pay it no mind

I gotta cup full of nothing but some apple juice
Don't be mad at me cuz that is what I had to do
Don't be mad at me cuz frankly I'm just mad at you

I fuck that bxc and hit my Scott decker
I'm not reckless when it come to getting cream there's not a lot of pressure

I killed that bxc on Sunday now she's in a blood of Monday pool
I used to fxc that bxc before she went to Sunday school

Nobody wanna see you rising
When you do they don't even like it
They just wanna see you deep in crisis
Go ahead move ya feet just like this

It used to be sex now it's pro-gress
If my nxas make a mess then it's, my-mess

All the fire and the time that it takes

To be hiiiiigghhhh like a mutha
Long as I got you don't need no other

I hate being lonely when I'm sobey
I hate being lonely when I'm Tony

I ain't trying dis-rupt her, I'm trying just fuk her
Chopper steady spitting talking just like Chris Tucker

I still blow heavy, I just don't blow reggie
I get cold feet only cuz I'm hot headed
This dck is so heavy but she trying go steady
She told me I'm the greatest, like idk already

Kelly Clarkson, smelly carcus

Smk that shx and just fade(I'm floating)
Light it up and just say(I'm smoking)

I stopped drinking, I stopped not thinking
But I'm not thinking when I tell yo ass I drive Lincolns
I really ride a skate board
Breaking through your gates like I hate doors
I'm so high idk why they made floors

I got so high I forgot what day it is
I got so high I forgot what time it was
I got so high I forgot my favorite mix
I got so high I forgot how high I was

Love sosa- I hate being sobey, btches wanna blow me, say I got that long d, eating your whole pantry

Spontaneous, DuLi GotBarz that's my alias
She say that she loyal but, she ain't really who she say she is
That bxc is the craziest
I feel like the greatest and, i ain't even make it yet

None shall pass, one shall pass If he cross the line then that gun shall blast
Slavery's abolished
But we still live as slaves what you gave to me I'll honor, for the rest of my life
Know them pux nxas hating hope the rest of em die

The art of war, you don't wanna start a war
I'm blunt blowing like that song offa the Carter 4

I get blunt When I'm blunted, this is what y'all wanted
I try to do my best but all these memories just haunt me

Juliet save me, I been feeling so alone
See I love you and that's all I really know
I'll be Romeo, you'd be Juliet
It's a love story baby just say yes

Be yourself don't, worry bout these other dudes
Cuz I got you, and that's all I really need

I feel like the man of steel
I came to this planet just to kill,and I will

I start thinking when I'm high, idk why , is it the bud, but my mind is stronger

Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman
Jumping out the window idgaf man
Slice a track like kimbo

I spit liquid nitrogen

Ima county nxa, no not jail
But similar to hell
I inhale all of this flame deficit
You say that you the hottest but that shx ain't definite

I get bread, I pull bxs and be high

I feel like pusha t, ngga look at me
I should be on the dollar bill like Booker t, Washington
These bxs watching him I used to write rhymes when they found me blaring
Now all I do is hard crime you a country sheriff

Heat I'm ice, T I'm nice
Rolling up the wd I'm nice

Heem I'm nice, T I'm nice
Rolling up the wd I'm nice

And I got bars, and I got heart
And I go hard pux boy you not smart
Er then me, cer.tainly
Burning all you nggas and I'm third degree
I start enticing her, I start inviting her
I will enlighten her I'm vicious like these lions are

Sawdy a lil bit
Shawdy a lil btch

I'm embarking on this perilous flight
Dark skinned but my venom is white
Killing ya white blood cells send you nggas to thug hell thug passion if you love blasting i love shells

I'm just trying live the American dream
Got some weight because I carry the team

I ball nxa, like chemotherapy
Rappers, be so scared of me

All I'm trying do is wreak havoc
Lotta bad bxs all of em speak Spanish

I splurge in and out
Watch the words in your mouth
You got birds in ya house
And your wife don't really love you
She just say that shyt so she can stay up out of trouble

Ima star like Patrick
Every bars a hat trick
I go so mfn hard like dads dck

These nxas can't see me when eye ball

I'm impervious to your puny attacks, why would you wanna do me like that
So hideous and slimy, like some random hoe on the street
Funny now because she's noticing me
Crazy how I be approaching the beat

I only smoke loud fr
That hating shyt is not allowed fr

I feel high when I'm sober, sober when I'm high
Got no fukkin motive so I keep going when I'm high
I'm already the hottest, so ain't no knowing when I try
Ain't no knowing when you try btch what you just flowing just for likes
Fuk no but I be floating in the sky

I'm not the man that I once was
She need a tan like Spongebob need a bxc in his crib
When I was with my parents felt like I was living with kids