Ya Allah, Shaykh Ahmad is my teacher. Please Ya Rabb, he's my teacher, he gives me so much knowledge every week and I don't pay him Ya Rabb. The reason why he does it is not because of me, or because of himself. He does it because he wants to earn Your rewards and he wants for You to accept him. Shaykh Ahmad is a pious Muslim. His piety is extreme Ya Rabb. He believes in You whole heartedly and he will never associate a speck of partnership with You. Please Ya Rabb, Shaykh Ahmad said that he's feeling congested and he's under the weather. He was coughing and sneezing all yesterday. He was not even able to teach properly and give the lesson and convey what You have ordered him to convey, because of the heavy coughing and sneezing he was doing. Please Ya Rabb, heal him and make him feel better. All he wants to do is get better so that he can give the class without coughing. Please heal him Ya Rabb, YOU ARE ABLE!