I'm finna go fishing in fb


Not Stacey and Mandy with mfn cartoon pictures


I'm trying see some ass and titties in my news feed. Df this shyt showing pictures of dudes n shyt that's. Not. What. I'm. Trying. To. See

Ass and bootycheeks

All day

Hold up, "Leslie" is a guy name

That btch think I'm gay

Just because you're on a diet don't mean you can't look at the menu- Tim

Respect my "no" like you respect my "yes"- Delano

Freedom of religion is one of the most important things that we have to protect on this planet



That song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

I worship Allah alone with no partners


No partner in Godhood

Allah is One

All of His attributes are one

I fear God a lot

Girls don't like it when you ignore them

They don't like it when you make them feel unappreciated or not wanted

They fiend for attention

-fohh u fukkin fiend. Here you want attention? Here ima give you all this dck in your mouth and that's all the damn attention you getting

Women also don't like to be put on the spotlight

Well some do, they are what we call nowadays "whores"

These btches, all they do is fill they face with makeup, wear tight clothes and go out, so that nggas can drool over them

And then she finally gets a ngga she wants, she wants for him to keep her private and

She wants to only belong to that one ngga and nobody else

But yet, she was just outside the house dressed like a prostitute

How you gonna "want a ngga that will treat you nice and keep you private, but yet you came outside the house dressed as a prostitute"?

Explain yourself

Some women want others to know about the relationships, they wanna take pictures so that everybody else can see

-btch you ugly. I don't want nggas to know that we're dating. I just wanna be fucking you on the low so nobody can know. You trying take pictures and put them on instagram n shyt, you gon ruin this whole shit for me

"I gotta bring in some girls from Miami to heat up the city and that's word to Stunna! "

Today is Friday. I have been smoking and getting high all week, before and after school. I've just been high af!

But TODAY! I'm sober

Three things that I like: God, Prayer, Women

But "God" is not a thing, nor do I "like" Him

This is blasphemy

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah

Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

May Allah bless Mansa Musa


Nobody knew of his Islam except him

It's not a condition for anyone else to know about you being Muslim. You can just be Muslim on the low

But if someone asks you if you're a Muslim you must tell them yes

If you do not then you blaspheme and exit out of Islam

But lemme tell you about this ngga Michael Jackson. He would stand up during the late hours of the night and call out to his Lord

This ngga would STAND FOR HOURS...

And then when he was done he would take his little puppy with him and...

Oh shit. That ngga Muslim, I cannot make jokes about him or offend him in any way

May Allah forgive me


Did I pray Fajr already? 😕

I think I did but I'm not sure

This is how this ngga Ibliss attack you

He be making you dubious. About whether or not you prayed, or how many rak'ahs you did. Or how many times you washed your hand during Wudu

This is how this mf works

Btchass ngga

Bitch ima go make Wudu and pray, because I am a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal btch






I just prayed Fajr

This faggot ass ngga be trying sit next to me on the bus

Yesterday I moved to the back of the bus and this mf followed me

He be having some pink earphones and got this big ass black mole on the back of his neck

That jawn ugly as shit

Eew why that shit look like that?



Big ass mole looking like a black ant

Looking like that shyt contains your life line in it

That shyt prolly has vital organs in it in which can be detrimental to your health if I pop it n shyt

If I pop that big ass mole at the back of your head you gon die btch

Nutass nappy ass braids that ngga got

Th jawns nappy and dirty as shit. They don't even look like braids, they look like some random worms just went in the back of your head and took a shit!

That's what the back of ur head looks like

Worm shit!

Faggot ass ngga

All these btches that's out here and you nggas still choose to be gay smhh

Everything in Islam is for the betterment of the human being

"One time, one time for my bad btches

"Picture me rolling!"

"Exposed you to real 🕪🎶

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

She smell good as shyt

The girl sitting next to me

I wanna marry her


I can't wait to go to Jummuah today and have my sins forgiven

All the damn weed I been smoking this week

And all the girls ass I looked at smhh

I gotta buy new headphones

The one I got now is dysfunctional

No longer working

Well it does still work, only one ear works

So this means that it's not working

I an a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

My sins are very little



She cute as shit


This girl on the bus. I love her. Her ass fat, I wanna marry her


Omw to Jummah I CAN'T WAIT!! 😆

In Islam, a person may fall into sin for three main reasons:

1. They're poor
2. They're weak
3. They're a student

I have satisfied all those categories

Good deeds causes some of your small sins to disipate away

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his slave and Messenger

I'm at Jummuah, all my sins have been forgiven, I love it here, I love praying, I LOVE BEING MUSLIM

All the weed I smoked and all the porn u watched. CTRL+ALT+DELETE

It's all gone!

Allah's Mercy

Envy and enmity are both sins of the heart

Envy is among the pettiest attribute

The first sin was envy

The Shaytan envied our master Adam

Cane envied his brother Abel. As a result a murder was carried out

The evil eye is true

The devil will notice and know that the person is looking and starring

Also another sin of the heart is to throw the charity that you gave away to somebody

Among the sins of the heart is to make assumptions about somebody without valid proof

He got happy for the sin that he did, he is sinning

It is a sin of the heart to hate the pious people, i.e. the Muslims

Being extra stingy is sinful

It is a sin of the heart to belittle those things that Allah praised

If they belittle the torture of hell

"Hellfire is easy, it's just a walk through the park"

This is blasphemy to say, becauseit contradicts the Religion

Allah has clearly stated in His Qur’an that the torture of hellfire is HARD!

It's not easy

Gtfo my face,

Trying distract me from the remembrance of Allah

You gotta try hard af!

Because Allah is always on my mind. So if you got something to distract me from His remembrance then 👏

Leaving Jummuah right now. Today was complete. All my sins have been forgiven, if I die right now I would be like a new born baby, sinless!

So now that my sins have been forgiven and I'm sinless I'm finna go right back at it!




Bruh, I am never going to return back to those sins again. NEVER NEVER NEVER



but even if I do return back to those sins and I repent just know that Allah will forgive me and take me back




Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

May Allah raise the rank of my master Muhammad

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

I just farted

I have to renew my Wudu for Maghrib prayer when I go home

You know when you do a silent fart and you know that jawn stink! So you try to adjust the way that you're seated so other people won't smell it



If Allah Wills for other people to smell it than that's what's going to happen!

You can't fight His Will

So it's a sin to make assumptions about a Muslim without valid proof

So all you fuckers who accused Michael Jackson of touching them damn kids. ALL YOU FUCKERS IS GOING TO HELLFIRE!

These nggas talk like btches

All yall do is spread rumors, without evidence or proof

Not only is that a sin, but it is also a bad characteristic

Nobody likes somebody who's quick to judge. Or be judgmental

Michael Jackson was a damn Muslim

Not only that, he was a descent human being. He was a family man

You fuckers stripped him of his dignity


I ain't gon lie that ngga did have some... awkward behaviors, the way he acted was not normal, and I mean that in the best possible way. Being normal sucks, it's good to be weird

The smell of some good marijuana lingers in the air

But I won't follow it because I am a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

What you focus on grows, there are some people that are problem focused

People who are problem focused often tend to have high levels of anxiety

Any problem that you think about, talk about, post about, guess what happens to that problem? It starts to become bigger and bigger

When you are a person who's always thinking about problems then those problems will begin to surround you and it can become very dibilitating

-"I'm funny af and be chilling when I'm high"

Df 😕

Do u hear urself


So you like being high? You think it's cool??

-uhh... yeah


I'm glad you think it's awesome to openly indulge in sin like that

I once saw this little girl on the playground smoking weed and getting high

I walked up to her like "you know that's not cute"

She looked at me like 😞

She said "ngga I'm not trying look cute I'm trying get high!"

I shook my head in disappointment, then I turned around and left

SIKE!! I WAS LIKE "scoot over!"

I sat with her and we smoked up, I was high as shit

She was like 9, I was like 16. Her older sister had a fat ass!

She knew I liked her older sister but she didn't want to give me the hoop, i.e. she did not want to facilitate for me an easy way to have intercourse with her older sister

Some girls just be "good to look at", and it don't have to involve any lust

Like umm... old ladies

Old ladies is good to look at, well some... some of them btches be ugly as shit keep it a bean

I do not be trying to look

And plus ur vagina all old n crusty 👵

Eeww grandma. I.dont.want.no.parts

Keep it a bean tho old ladies suck the best dick

They don't be having no teeth. They gotta take off they dentures to give head n shyt

"That's right bae take off that fuckin denture and come suck this dck

She be all old n crusty like "you want me to suck ur dick sonny?"

I'm thinking like: "who df is sonny, this btch tripping, got me mixed up with somebody else n shyt

fuck you

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Keep it a bean, I fuck a lot of btches

My dick little tho

I gotta small dick

I get money and fuck btches with my little dick

It's not a condition to have a big dck in order to get btches

Look at Stevie J

Look at Flava Flav

Them nggas UGLY AS SHIT!!

they fuck btches tho

Cuz they got money

I use my mind more efficiently and I'm able to do more when I'm sober


Because it can tamper with your health and cause you more problems

OOOOHHHHH!! I.Never.Knew

God smart af!

He be thinking of everything. It's like... He knows everything!

How you do that God??

How You know so much??

Keep it a bean tho,

I like when btches suck my bottom lip, that shyt feels good

Mercy used to be sucking my bottom lip 😊

And I used to be sucking hers as well, her lips, but not the one on her mouth

Mercy was a freak, she turned me out

No I turned her out first, I been a freak. Me and her was fuckin like crazy!

My sex drive high as shit

Mercy Umah was my first love 😚


She cute as shit. I want her. But she has a boyfriend 🙁


"I can't talk to her or be with her because she's not permissible for me"







"Mhmm... I suppose you do have a point"

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

The only girls that I love in this Dunya is my mother, and my two sisters


Why do we label Allah as "He" when he is not man or female?

Well, The Prophets and the angels are the best of the creation yes? And all of the Prophets, 124,000 of them, they were all men

And angels do not have genders. But, when they do appear in human form then they will be men, they will not be females

And also God has male attributes, Power, Might, Strength

So that's the reason why. It would not be permissible to call God a girl. That would be blasphemy. Because it would be likening Allah to the creation and saying He's weak

Likewise, labeling Allah as a "man" would also be blasphemy because it is likening Him to the creation

Ayat 11 of Surah Al-Shura

Keep it a bean, my dick stink

Naw keep it a bean, it don't stink

Allah is GOD okay

No one deserves to be worshipped but Him

Yess!! I just finished my Isha prayer. Today is Friday, I woke up this morning, I did Fajr, I went to class, I WENT TO JUMMUAH, I came back home, I'm sober, and I just fulfilled my final prayer for today 😆

I'm proud of myself. I'm happy that I am a practicing Muslim and I keep up with my prayers

R/s, Astaghfirullah if something happens to me tonight and I die in my sleep I will go to Jannah, Insha'llah

Because I am still in a state of Wudu, and the angels would stay with you until you wake up if you go to sleep in a state of Wudu

I just farted. My Wudu has been broken


Allah answering your prayer or supplication is not based on the level of piety or righteousness that a person has

Its based on if whether or not Allah chooses to answer it, with His Eternal Knowledge

Prophet Muhammad SAWS, he is the most righteous and the most loved by God. When his wife Khadijah fell sick you don't think that he prayed to Allah to make her better?


"Ya Allah please make my wife get healthy, make her better Ya Rabb"

He made supplications like that and he pleaded to Allah

But... she still died

He was married to her for 25 years


I can't even keep a girl for 25 minutes

And all of his children died in his lifetime, except one, Fatima, she passed away six months later

You don't think he prayed to Allah for his children to not die?

Do you know the pain of losing one child? Just ONE!

This ngga lost six


Poof GONE!

I was bouta say "them btches dead" but it would not be permissible to curse or mock any of the relatives of the Prophet PBUH

I was once fuckin this btch she had a fat ass!

-WHO? 👀

I don't wanna backbite, I don't wanna eat dead meat flesh bro

-what's her name??


-tell me and ima tell u how you can easily fuck any btch that you want


Last week when I was smoking weed. I was smoking really strong marijuana and I was high af. Right after when I finished and stood up to leave the Adhan went off in my phone 😟

I was scared as shit

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad

All them ISIS mfs who blow up planes and trains with mothers and babies in it, all them nggas is going to hell!

-wait, but I thought that every Muslim will go to Paradise?

Yes, that's true, Allah did say in the Qur’an that anyone who dies on Islam will inevitably enter into Paradise sooner or later. Depending on whether or not they "die on Islam"

If you die on Islam then everything is all fine and dandy you will enter Paradise

But them ISIS nggas, they are not Muslims. They may be Arabs, they may speak the Arabic language, they may dress as Muslims and claim that is what they are, but keep it a bean, them nggas ain't Muslims

He blasphemed waay before he blew up that plane and killed that mother and baby

Why? Because he deemed it in his mind that "it is permissible for me to kill that mother and baby"

And what's even worse is he claims that he's doing it in the name of God

This is blasphemy of belief. He is no longer Muslim

And that ngga got the nerve to blow up the plane talking bout some "Allahu AKBAR!"


And that ngga die thinking "I have fulfilled the work of my Lord, Paradise awaits me, I'm finna get all these virgins"

😑 What??

Do you hear yourself???

You sound fuckin stupid

Btch the only thing that awaits you is this ngga Iblees putting a pitchfork in your ass and melting your eyeballs

And this ngga Maalik gon give you hot water to drink until your intestines burn btch

Maalik is the gatekeeper of hell. He don't be smiling

Idk why 😕

He didn't even smile for the Prophet SAWS when he saw him

When the Prophet SAWS asked Jibreel "Why didn't Maalik smile when he saw me?"

-"that's just the way Maalik is, he hadn't smiled since Allah created him. If he would've smiled for anybody surely he would've smiled for you"

Because who wouldn't smile at the Messenger of Allah SAWS?

Keep it a bean tho if I was Maalik I wouldn't smile too

I can empathize with that ngga. He is the gatekeeper of HELL!

So everyday he's responsible for torturing all the billions of people in hellfire, and he has to do that forever!

That's a fucked up life

But yeah, them ISIS mfs dumb as shit

They gon blow up the plane talking bout some "ALLAHU AKBAR!!"



These nggas is stupid

OK now let's analyze this and put it into perspective

Let's break it down

So... obviously these ISIS nggas are not Muslims due to their blaspheme belief of thinking that it's okay to kill a mother and her baby

So now what happened? They are no longer Muslims, they have fallen astray

Since they are not Muslims and they die on that then they will enter hellfire for all eternity

Now, Allah is The Most-Merciful yes?

Allah has the power to forgive all them ISIS mfs and grant them entry into gardens with rivers flowing underneath, i.e. Paradise

But how can they enter Paradise if they do not die on Islam?

Bruh, the only way to enter into Islam and be a Muslim is to say the Shahada

Which is: Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

This means: "I testify that Allah is the only God and I testify that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger "

It's not "ALLAHU AKBAR!"

That means: "Allah is the greatest"

I mean yeah that's true, He is the greatest

But how df can you declare His greatness and ur not even fukkin Muslim?? 😕

These ISIS mfs smhh

Declaring the greatness of Allah without being Muslim is a type of hypocrisy

I.e. them nggas that be like "GOD IS GOOD!" -and they not even Muslim


Do you hear yourself? 😕

You sound fuckin stupid

I have to watch porn and masterbate before the Fajr time comes in

"Only send friend requests to people that you know"


Bae ima eat your pussy for the sake of Allah

Why? Because you're my wife and I wanna make you feel good

My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos





You a shoplifter btch. There's security cameras all over this place

Suck my dck and u can go!

I'm watching porn and there's all these content and videos about incest n shyt

"Step-mom fuck son"

"Father fucks hooker daughter"

"Stepfather disciplines little girl and cums in her"



This shyt killing my boner

Now I have to reset and get that shyt hard again 😴

Keep it a bean, I gotta little dick

This ngga Lexington Steel ugly as shit


fuck her dude, FUCK HER!

I feel better now that I have ejaculated


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

This ngga Roszay ugly as shit

And his babymom fat as shit

This ngga love fat btches!


DF 😂

This ngga Roszay left his fat babymom for his other fat babymom. That btch be cheating on her, and this ngga Roszay know, but he don't give a fuk


And then he starts laughing and shakes my hand

And i got the nerve to shake back, like that shyt cool

May Allah bless Mansa Musa


This ngga was a devout Muslim

Fukkin gay ass ngga. This mf gon wave at me in fb n shyt. Blocked that gay ass ngga

Give me your daughter! Ima love her and treat her good Wallahi

-who would wanna give they daughter to you you're a piece of shit

Our capital is Makkah, our constitution is Quran. Because every nation has to have its own capital

There are 8 doors of Paradise

In Al Bukhari in the chapter of fasting it names four particular doors

1. The door of prayer
2. The door of Jihad
3. The door of Rayyan
4. The door of charity

From other sources
5. The door of Imann
6. The door of those who restrain their anger and pardon people
7. The door for those who are satisfied with Allah and what He has given them, and they do not worry about this world and what it contains
8. The door of repentance

Archangel Ridwan is the gatekeeper of Jannah

I go to different nggas pages on fb and ig, and I view all they friends and if they got a lot of pretty btches I ADD ALL OF THEM

Bro "Teamwork make the Dreamwork"

We gotta work together to fuck these btches

Nggas be stingy as shyt. They put they page on private so nggas can't see they btches

I want a lot of btches. I wanna bust a lot of nuts!

I once busted a nut so hard I gotta cramp in my leg!

That shitt hurtt!!

I was like AAAHHH BTTCHH! 😣

Jk. I endured the cramp with patience in order to get rewards from my Lord Allah Azzawajal

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I gotta take a shit. But when I'm done ima only wipe like twice. Because today's only Saturday it's not Friday so idgaf

Ima only wipe that shyt twice



Btch I care about my hygiene. Why? Because btches love nggas that smell good

Jk. The angels be always around me so I gotta smell good for them nggas

I'm finna go to the library and do some hw and studying

Eagle pussy mode ACTIVATED

I'm eagle twated

I been eagle twated since mfn fourth grade

I lost my virginity at the tender age of seven

my life is awesome

I gotta dirty dick


Lemme delete that shyt cuz that is really some mfn hight shyt to say df 😕

I keep my shyt clean always!

I scrub thrice in the shower n shyt

Religion is like a spiritual systematic athletic program

Monday- workout
Tuesday- rest
Wednesday- workout
Thursday- rest
Friday- workout
Saturday- rest
Sunday- rest

Ima switch it up. I'm gonna alter it a tad bit. On Sunday mornings now ima also workout

"I believe in God but I don't believe in Religion"


Do you hear yourself?? 😕

You sound fuckin stupid

That's like saying "I'ma vegetarian but I like to eat fried chicken"

There are three doors that lead people to hellfire:

1. A suspicion that causes one to doubt the Religion of Allah
2. A desire that causes one to chase the pleasures of this world more than obeying and pleasing Allah
3. Anger, which causes aggression against Allah's creatures

There are three causes to sin:

1. Pride, this caused Shaytan to fall
2. Avarice, which is extreme desire for gain. This drove Adam AS out of Paradise
3. Envy, this encouraged the son of Adam to kill his brother

Disbelief stems from pride, sins stem from avarice, and injustice grows out of envy







55- all the Prophets including Abraham and Muhammad, PBUT
33- Solely Prophet Eesa
22- All of the Angels, including Jibreel and those carrying the Throne
25- the Awliya of humankind

It is not permissible to recite Qur’aan in a state of major impurity

But it is allowed for a person to recite the last three surahs of the Quran for protection while they are in the state of major impurity?

And keep in mind that fearing punishment does not apply to the Prophets

What is the full meaning for a Muslim to fear Allah? I know another part is refraining from committing the sins and doing the obligations

Theres a fear of punishment and a fear of reverence

Wtf is this shit!!??

I'm trying to watch Islamic lectures on YouTube n shyt and there's all these mfn subscriptions of kids shows n shyt. Cartoon network, teen titans n shyt

I don't even like them nggas!

When somebody really really cares about you then they are honest with you. That's a sign that they really care

Allah loves us more than our mothers do, and so, He's honest with us

Just prayed Isha, finna go to sleep now. And I am still in a state of Wudu, so the Angels will stay with me while I sleep. YESSS!

Goodnight 😊


Fuck you I gotta nut in you btch!!


This btch want it

She want the dick


I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Allah is the only One worthy of praise

The accountable person who is obliged to enter Islam and follow its teachings is the one who is an adult of sound mind, whom the call of Islam reached and proof was established against him.

So tomorrow morning first thing ima do is workout and make Wudu and pray Fajr for the sake of Allah Azzawajal

Keep it a bean, that's not what ima do

This is what ima do, in chronological order:

-35 minutes before the Adhan for Fajr goes off. Watch porn and masterbate and ejaculate
-Do morning workout
-Brush my teeth
-hop in the shower for Ghusl and Wudu
-pray Fajr
-make eggs and eat breakfast
-pray the Sunnah Salah for Dhuhr(Insha'llah I won't fart and break my Wudu, but even if I do, ima just go back in the bathroom and renew my Wudu, that shyt easy df)
-umm... go to the library for... homework and studying
-😕But tomorrow's Sunday tho, ain't the library closed?
"Fuck so many btches every month I need a check up"

-that's disgusting

It's a SONG!

-well that song is haraam, it promotes illicit behavior

During late nights all I wanna do is memorize Qur’an and increase my Islamic knowledge, because I am a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

Keke, do you love me?

Keke gotta fat ass!

"Keke" sound like the name of a girl that gotta fat ass but her butt stink

-Keke could be Muslim



Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

May Allah raise the rank of our Prophet Muhammad SAWS

You only have to say your Shahada Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

You only have to say that when you commit blasphemy and exit out of Islam and you wish to come back in

I just say it whenever I say something sinful, because even tho it may not be blasphemy or Kufr, it's just better to be on the safe side

Better safe then sorry!

On the 13th, 14th and 15th of every Islamic month

Wtf was that??? 😨

There's a Jinn mf in my room. Trying to posess me n shyt

Fuk u btch I am a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

ibn Abbas is the most knowledgeable of the Qur’an

My Facebook do not do the pussy. That shyt corney

Instagram corney too 😕

I'm scrolling down my tl I see all these pictures of girls selfies n shyt, pics of they face n shyt

Turn around lemme see your buttcheeks btch!!

Women or Sūrat an-Nisāʼ (Arabic: سورة النساء‎)[1] is the fourth chapter of the Quran, with 176 verses. The title of the sura derives from the numerous references to women throughout the chapter, including verses 34 and 127-130.

I just scratched my buttcheek

Scratching your buttcheek is not an invalidator of Wudu

What invalidates is touching the private part with the palm or the inside of your hand ✋

So I am still in a state of Wudu because I only scratched my buttcheek

Oh shit, I forgot I watched porn and masterbated earlier, so my Wudu has been nullified

I be forgetting


Whenever people attack Islam, in the long run it benefits Islam

Cum put this dick in your mouth and suck it bae

Oohhh I love you I hate you btch!

Btch you know this shyt finna nut

You want this fukkin nut btch?



I feel better now that I have ejaculated

This cheerleader btch finna suck this dck right now

This btch Tia Cherry is a freaking cum box!!

How about you stfup and take this dck btch how about that??


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up df

I did everything, I did ghusl and prayed Fajr

I didn't get a chance to workout in the morning due to the fact of my watching porn and masterbating, but I still prayed Fajr 😆

Idgaf about doing push-ups or working out, I only care about Fajr fr. As long as my Lord is pleased with me then idgaf

"Idgaf about anything, that you're telling me, right now it's so, irrelevant, cuz I'm so high, I won't remember it"

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

Like all living things plants reproduce to ensure future generations

But since plants can't move from place to place they need a way to transfer pollen from one plant to another

Pollen is basically sperms for the plants

It is a fine powdery substance, typically yellow

Consisting of microscopic grains discharged from the male part of a flower or from the male cone

Each grain contains a male gamete that can fertilize the female ovule, to which the pollen is being transported

In some of the plants the reproduction process is done by wind

It means the wind carries grains of pollen from one plant to another

And some of them transfer their pollen to other plants through insects

They recognize what the insects love

After knowing which type of nectar and fragrance are pleasing to the insect, they try to produce that

They try to provide all the wishes of the insect

If they can't attract the insect through one method, they instantly choose another method

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I worship Allah alone with no partners!

Ik for a fact that my Lord exists

He is REAL!

Look at your hands, LOOK AT YOUR DAMN HANDS!!

Do you see it? Is it real?

It's right there in front of you and you see it right?

You know it's there! YOU CLEARLY SEE IT

So what would happen if someone was to walk up to you and tell you that your hand is not real and you are not holding it in front of you?

What would happen? How would you react???

You would look at them like 😞😑

"do you hear yourself??"

"you sound fuckin stupid "

And if they persist and keep telling you "broo, I'm trying to tell you, your hand is not real!"

You would then look at them like 😐

Then smack them upside they head!

"Did you feel that smack?"

That was just an analogy, the example of Allah is much greater

Sometimes you have to use what God has given you to prove His Existence

So who gave you that hand? Allah/God gave it to you right

He endowed it to you

So you used it to smack that dumbass ngga upside his head because he was talking nonsense

So now you have just done Jihad, you strove in the path of Allah. You have used what he has given you to prove to others that He Exists

Similarly, Allah was the One Who gave that dumbass ngga his head. But he clearly was not using it correctly

God gave you a head and brain to use it! He wants you to be smart!!

So why are you not using it?

The biggest evidence that the Creator Exists is the existence of the creation

Me and you exist


I know you're there. So how did you get there? 😕

Who put you there??

Similarly, I am not able to see God or interact with Him but ik He's there

This ngga Muhammad SAWS told me so and this ngga truthful af

He don't be lying

Finna eat these eggs and go to the library to do some hw and studying

-today Sunday tho? Ain't they closed

Naww, they opened today, it's a... leap year

Roszay babymom look like a fatass chicken nugget

How df is your own babymom taller than you??

This ngga Roszay short as shit

He look like a dark skin oompa loompa

I'm not gonna use no deodorant so I'll use body spray to compensate for the armpit stench

I only be using deodorant on weekdays when I go to school n shyt and be around people, especially girls

You know btches be talking, so if I stink or my body produces a bad odor they gon talk and tell everybody!

They gon be like "eeww that's that stinky Muslim ngga over there

And that will disuade them from joining the Religion

This btch named Savannah used to say I stink, in the first grade

She was right, I never took a shower and I sweat a lot, so when I woke up in the morning I would just get dressed and go to school like that

I didn't put on no deodorant or take a shower or anything

My father didn't buy for me any deodorant, this was back in like 2002

We were straight outta Africa, the village. We didn't know shit about the American lifestyle. We didn't understand this concept of "personal hygiene"

So what happened next? One day I was at school and I guess I was smelling really bad that day. So the principal from my elementary scho, her name was Mrs. Mickens, she was really pretty and had nice hair, I had a crush on her for the longest

So Ms. Mickens calls my father and tells him "your son has a bad odor and some students are complaining"

She tells my father this and he gets very upset. So when I came home that day my father starts yelling at me. Cursing at me n shyt

Because the principal called him and told him that I have a bad odor coming from me

He gets angry and starts yelling at me when I come home

😞 Whose fault is that though?? I'm seven years old! I don't know shit. Ik that you don't know much either but still, you're supposed to be the one to teach me

"Girl I'm out here, getting to the money"

Finna go to the library now and do some hw

eagle pussy mode ACTIVATED! 😎



This shyt sad 😔

I'm a fucking pothead smhh...

And what I'm bouta do after this? "Go home and stand in front of my Lord like 'Ya Rabb forgive me' "


This is what i have become!!

When I was younger like 7-10, I used to be getting in trouble at school and when they called my pops and told him he would yell at me like "YOU ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING! YOU'RE GOING TO GROW TO BE A FAILURE AND SMOKE JAMBA!"


Well half of your Dua came true, I am a pothead. But I am no failure

Don't you know that Allah never rejects the Dua of a father for his son?

Yup yup! I am an avid smoker

May Allah forgive me

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

May Allah raise the rank of our Prophet Muhammad SAWS

I'm always thinking about getting more btches

I'm high Btch I'm dookie baked cookies McStuffins

Not fried though. Cuz...I forget

I forget a lot

Soap, deodorant and toothpaste

It's not good to make accusations at all, because none of us is Omniscient like Allah

None of you are considered true believers until the Prophet Muhammad SAWS becomes more beloved to you than your own mother, your children

The first condition is to love Allah and His Messenger more than anything else

That's the first condition

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

The weakest of faith is the Shahada

Or to remove a tree branch from the road

Or to hate something that's sinful in your heart, if you can't do nothing to stop it or speak against it you have to hate it

Allah SWT is always between a person’s actions and their hearts

Tomorrow's Monday, I gotta go hard in the morning:

3:25am- Watch porn and masterbate and ejaculate

3:55am- workout. High knees-50, squats-90, sit-ups-60, push-ups-235

Afterwards hop in the shower, make Wudu

Come out the shower, pray tahajjud

Go make eggs for breakfast

Eat the eggs

Lay back down, watch Islamic lectures on YouTube

Fajr comes at 5:50am tomorrow, so around 5:25am I'll start getting dressed

After Fajr I will lay back down until I have to leave at 6:30 to catch the bus

Jk, ima leave as soon as I'm done praying Fajr, I gotta get high

I'm not gonna rush tho. Like rush to finish my prayer so that I can go smoke weed df 😕

That would be a form of shirk

Ima take my time

Naw actually, I'm not going to do squats no more, cuz that shyt gay

Instead ima do lunges

1258 & 1259!-!-!-!-!

The first thing that was ever created was the Pen

The first command that was given to the final Messenger was to "read"

The Pen did not know how to write, similarly the Messenger of Allah SAWS did not know how to read

Allah Willed for the Pen to write, and He Willed for an illiterate to be able to read

All Praise be to Allaah

The Lord of the Worlds

The Creator of the Throne

The nourisher and Sustainer of all that is in existence

Human beings have this tendency to be impulsive

They just want to jump right into things that's right in front of them

When you ask a sinful person why is it that they sin they often say "I don't want to be a sinful person, I just don't want to think about it"

So much of it is due to alcohol, so much of it is due to overconsumption

Why? Because those people don't want to think. Alcohol has destroyed so many lives before you

But I don't wanna think about that happening to me. I just wanna have fun right now, I just wanna get a buzz right now

All of these emotions are natural but he uses it against us. He will use your anger to mess you up, he will use your sadness to mess you up, he will use your happiness to mess you up

The only urgency that you have are for your desires

I'm such an idiot!

I'm so fuckin stupid!

fuck fuck FUCKKKK!!!!

-😕you good?

Fuck no I ain't good btch I hate my life! I wanna diiieeee!

-why what happened?

I just remember I missed Maghrib and Isha cuz I was sleeping and I'm too lazy to get up and make them up



-but tell me about that girl you was fuckin with the fat ass

She had a fat ass bro. I was killing that shyt from the back all crazy like 👅

Then I put my finger in her mouth

-who was she?

I can't say her name cuz that hoe might be Muslim and I don't want to backbite

-she was bad tho??

Hell yeah ngga! And her ass was fat. She had long black hair and she was lightskin

-do I know her?

Naw you don't know her

-just tell me who she is I just wanna know??

Btch... YOUR MOM!

she gotta fat ass!

One day I came to your crib and nobody was there except your mom

So I knocked and she opened and I was like "Hey Ms. Johnson, is Jason here?"

And she said "no honey he's not here, he just left for football practice, but you're welcome to come in, I just baked some chocolate chip cookies

So you know me, I love chocolate chip cookies. So I go in, and lo and behold, your mom had some booty shorts on

I saw and I was like 😮 👀

Then she took me to the kitchen and gave me some cookies, and she even prepared a pleasant cake for me, I tore that shit up!

Meaning: I had sexual intercourse with your mother

Your mom's a whore!


-take it back

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Allah is the only God

A true believer should be an example

Prophet Muhammad SAWS is a perfect example in every single good characteristic

He was jealous over his women folk, in fact he was so jealous that he would prohibit certain men from visiting his wives

"I love you"

"I luh you"

"Allah you"

Allah loves you btch

"Hijab tutorials are being watched by the males" 😂

them nggas gay Shaykh

This ngga Iblees is persistent af

Late at night he be whispering in my ears like 👂 "broo... go to redtube, get on xvideos, Catalina Taylor got some big ass titties, August Taylor is a freaking cum box bro"


Get df outta my ears you fukkin devil!

I hate you and I want you to die btch

I want you to know one thing you fucker. You can whisper in my ears all you like, make me sin all you want, but just know that "I will never stop repenting and coming back to my Lord"

Fuck you and fuck everything that you stand for

Do something btchh!!

You's a bitch

Pussy ass ngga

If I ever see you I'm beating you df up

You can't even fight!

Look at you, "all powerful Satan, me"

At one stage you were even higher in rank than the angels

Now look at you...

You're a worthless pathetic piece of shit

Df u gon do?? Come in my room and try to possess me??


Get df out my face

Allah has reduced you to only a whisper!

Btch you ran in the Battle of Badr. It was the first Islamic War, the Mushrikoon of Makkah vs the Muslims

The Mushrikeen outnumbered the Muslims greatly, but the Prophet PBUH did not despair, he knew that Allah was with him

So what happens next is God sent angels to aid the Muslims against the Mushrikoon

So as soon as this ngga Ibliss sees the angels he starts 🏃

Nobody else on his side could see the angels, so they was like "what's wrong, why r u running?"

And this ngga Iblees like: "I SEE WHAT YOU DO NOT!"

he then gets on a plane ✈ and leaves the country

This is the devil

He's a BTCH

And all those that are like him are btches as well

The heart and the mind are the most powerful organs of the body

Do not let anyone control those two, because it can hurt you very badly

This btch poked me on fb, I can tell she want the D. I'm finna poke her back "poke poke"

May Allah bless Lindsay Lohan. May Allah forgive her for her sins. May Allah keep her on this straight path AAMEN

Ohh shiitt! LOOK AT HER ASS


That's right btch you finna get all this nut

I'ma give you all this dck btch


Lemme suck ur fuckin nippes btch!


I feel better now that I have ejaculated


Every Monday night between Maghrib and Isha

I just peed

This means that now my Wudu has been invalidated

But keep it a bean my Wudu was invalidated when I watched porn earlier

Soon as I started to wank off my Wudu became nullified

Why? Because I touched my private part with the inside of my palms

As soon as I nutted I entered into major ritual impurity

So what I'm bouta do now?

Umm... do my Monday morning workout and hop in the shower for the sake of Allah Azzawajal that's wtf I'm bouta do

That old lady btch thought that I was gay

Umm... why df would I add u you ain't got no fine btches on ur friend list

Fukkin these btches is a team sport

We gotta work together broo

Here you can have my btches, give me some of ur btches, sharing is caring!

I worship Allah alone with no partners

I'm always in dhikr mode


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

eagle pussy mode ACTIVATED

Keep it a bean, I'm ugly as shit

I look like Semi off coming to America

I look like Kunta

I only go out smoking in the morning after my Fajr salah and before sunrise 🌅

Cuz I'm black as shit so nobody can see me cuz I blend in with the darkness

This way I can conceal my sin

This ngga Roszay ugly as shit

His babymom fat as shit

His babymom is taller than him!!

She look like a fatass building

He really be fuckin her

He gotta kid with her and everything


He be telling me like "Yeah DuLi I be tearing her ass up!"


Btch how?? 😕


"🎧catching feelings, these girls only want you when you're winning"

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

"Cuz I ain't got no business catching feelings anyway🎧"

I be quick to catch feelings, jealous n shyt

I be jealous over a girl that's not mines, if she like talks to other nggas

😕"you'rree not my girlfriend"

I mean WIFE!

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad SAWS ⚠ Monday

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

May Allah raise the rank of our Prophet Muhammad SAWS

I'm finna go smoke. I prayed Dhuhr at school so I'm still in a state of Wudu

But I brushed this girl's hand with mines while getting off the bus

So this means... my Wudu has been nullified, therefore I will have to pick up something when I'm done smoking

Touching the opposite gender with bare skin is an invalidator of Wudu

No, the inside of your palms

The part that you can't see when you clasp 🖑🖐 your hands together

I don't know!

Allah Hu Ahnam

"girrrll I'm just trying to be, by your side, and be the one, that you saw first, whenever you woke up!"

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

eagle pussy mode ACTIVATED

I stopped cursing

Those who result to foul language are immature and ignorant

Because, they are not able to express themselves except with words which contains obscenity in them

grow df up!

"I need a nice thick btch that licks her lips, she can be the office type or likes to strip"

Jk, she gotta be Muslim

She gotta be a nice Muslim girl that's pious and has good head on her shoulders, that's what I need

-🙁but... I want a puerto Rican girl that can cook with long hair and a fat ass!

-that's what you "WANT", but what do u need?

-a practicing Muslim girl why? Because The Prophet PBUH said: "a woman may be married for four reasons, beauty,deen,status,wealth, go for the one with Deen. i.e. go for the Muslim girl because you don't know shit and Allah and His Messenger knows best

Turn around btch, lemme see your buttcheeks

This ngga Iblees attacking me bruh, this ugly mf is persistent af, he knows my schedule

Damn bae u looking good, I can't wait to put my dck in you and stroke vigorously

I wanna make u feel good baby, I love you and I never want to sadden you

You're my everything baby, I love you so much

I love, respect, and cherish you baby


I lovee when your eyes glitter when my dck in ur mouth bae!

My headphones died while I was in the midst of watching porn

So I have to wait for like 10 minutes while that mf charges up


In the meantime ima get on ig and watch more girls shake their ass

You have to learn to elaborate in life

Btch I wanna see u shake ur ass that's wtf I wanna see! Not selfies n shyt

I wanna see ur ass!

ur bootycheeks shaking in a rapid motion btch

That's wtf I want!

Shake your ass for daddy btch

I love you


btch I love and hate you!

Shake your ass for daddy bae

Btch do u know u finna get this dckk?

Do you know that???

Damn that ass fat baby come here lemme help you put them jeans on ik u struggling n shyt, cuz of your big ass buttcheeks

Ima help you put them pants on u just wait

look me in the eyes while I stick this dck deep down inside you bae

"shhhh, it's okay baby" -rubs her hair "you gon get this nut real quick bae don't worry"


look me in the eyes while you sucking this dck bae

Btch I want your undivided attention!

get on the wall and bend df over you finna get this dckk right now u dirty slut!

I'm finna fuck a baby in you btch!

This btch Mya G is a freaking cum box!

I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I just peed, so this means that my Wudu has been nullified

Keep it a bean tho, that jawn been nullified a long time ago cdfupp

So this what happened:

1. I prayed Isha (state of Wudu)

2. Went to bed (state of Wudu)

3. Woke up (Wudu nullified)

4. Had morning wood when I woke up so I watched porn, masterbated, and ejaculated (Wudu nullified & major impurity)

I am now in a state of janaabah (major ritual impurity)

Why? Cuz I nutted

So this means tomorrow when I wake up I have to brush my teeth, take a shower, make Wudu, then I am allowed to pray Fajr

-umm... why do you have to make Wudu if you already did Ghusl? I.e. take a full body shower

Well because, if you do Ghusl, which is a full body shower

A condition for Ghusl is for the person to wash everywhere that contains hair on the body

So where do you have hair on your body: your head, your armpits, your chest

Me, I have hair on my dck

I have a lot of hair on my dck actually

And on my nutsack 😕

So, I obviously have to wash and clean my dck and nutsack since it has hair on it

And if you touch the private part of ur body that invalidates your Wudu

Now, I suppose it is possible for you to wash the hair on ur dck without touching ur dck, it's very possible

But... your dck won't be clean to the full extent

Me I gotta lot of hair on my dck so I have to use a lot of soap and get in there!

I scrub thrice in a triangular motion

Naw I don't be scrubbing, I use my hands and put soap on that shyt and clean my dck df

Then afterwards I make Wudu df, that shyt easy

I have to make sure that my dck and ballsack is clean because ur mom don't be liking thar shyt When it's dirty

So I gotta keep my dck clean for ur mom

If you believe in Allah you are definitely going to be from the victorious ones

It's this hardship that propels things forward

"True leadership is only achieved through sacrifice and patience"

They needed to go through hardship to achieve that

He will give us the strength to overcome the trials

He would give us the strength to overcome the challenges

I'm trying to memorize this Surah, so I have to say it in my head cuz I nutted earlier and am now in a state of major impurity

Imam Ali ibn Abi Taalib said: knowledge is better than money because knowledge protects you, whereas you protect money

We as believers, nothing disturbs us

You gotta have a fat butt and big titties, that's a condition

Or if you was Muslim, than that could compensate for your flat butt or small chest

But you're not Muslim, and you GOTTA FLAT BUTT. You gotta go!

Fair minded people, righteous people, their mind will be opened towards Islam

You gotta suck this dck right df now btch!

fuck her fuck her fuck her!!!


don't you ever give daddy's pussy away

don't be sorry child be careful!

Violet Starr is a freaking cum box!

sdfup and put my dck in ur mouth!!

Don't fuckin talk btch just take this dckk!

Btch I want you to moan while you taking this dick don't be fukkin quiet!

Btch didn't I tell u to sdfup



I feel better now that I have ejaculated

I need to cut my nails

When a person dies. His whole body and all of his organs stop working and functioning, but his hair and nails continues to grow

May Allah bless Mansa Musa


I worship my Lord Allah Azzawajal alone with no partners


They are doing this at the moment they want to attract the insect to themselves

They also know which flavor is pleasant to the insect

And they try to provide all the wishes of the insect

This is just because they want to attract the insect so that they can transfer their pollen

These girls are like plants, us good Muslim men are the insects

So these girls know what I like, I like ass boobs and bootycheeks, that's what I like btch

You know me oh too well

And if they couldn't attract the insect by one method they instantly choose the other methods

Moreover, the plants also calculate how much pollen in which distance and duration can be transfered by an insect

I just farted

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

-farting is not a sin! 😞

This btch gotta fat ass

But she ugly in the face tho

Nggas be stingy as shyt, putting they page on private so that nggas can't see they btches

"Only send friend requests to people that you know"


I still have money to buy Oreos yess! My life is complete


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

I start with the name of Allah

4 times I seen him now!

May Allah bless him, may Allah give him long life. May Allah make all of his dreams come true. May Allah protect him from every evil in this world. May Allah forgive him for all his sins

May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

May Allah help me get married soon 😟

Keep it a bean, I'm ugly as shit

I used to be cute... when I was a baby

But then I grew up

Now I look like this 😣

May Allah forgive me

I don't like when girls act like men

Similarly I do not like when these nggas act like btches, like why r u a faggot!!?

If you see 2 girls kissing and making out, that's haraam, but that shyt be sexy af!

But when you see two grown ass men kissing and making out




I made Wudu and prayed Dhuhr at school, finna go..... to the library and do some hw and studying

Insha'llah I won't fart and break my Wudu

May Allah protect me, as I embark on this perilous journey... to the library

I'm eagle twated

I been eagle twated since mfn fourth grade

I lost my virginity at the tender age of seven

i love my life

i watch porn and masterbate

i love my life

i lie and cheat

i love my life

i get angry really quick and I like to hit stuff

i love my life

I am Muslim!


This life boring fr

The only thing I be looking forward to are the prayer times

Keep it a bean everything else 😕

It's chilling tho

It's chilling

*lays back and scratches balls*

I gotta small dick

I fuk btches tho

The people who remove God from their lives they become afflicted with a deep boredom

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

May Allah raise the rank of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

I want to fast on Thursday, Insha'llah

At least once a week, Monday or Thursday

So for sure if its good to ask by the virtue of a deed which is a creation, then for sure its good to ask by the virtue of a waliyy and certainly a Prophet because Prophets are the best of all creations and then the awliyaa

And the people of the cave they asked *Allāh* by the status of a _deed_ that is not even attributed with life or death in the first place

People who have God in their lives are always in a state of wonder, because God is so extraordinary, God is so amazing

It's very important to learn how to be alone with yourself

You've been given a great gift, which is leisure time

Dunya is stressful by nature

Historically, 15% of every scholar of notable generations were women

So we did have many female scholars

They tended not to write because of modesty and humility, and writing was considered to be very dangerous

Getting knowledge really takes a lot of time

Arrogant people can have information but they will never have wisdom

Think the best of people before you think the worst

Freedom of speech is predicated on freedom of thought and freedom of thought is predicted on being able to think freely

You're not thinking freely if you make hasty generalizations

Shakespeare is a master of many many subjects

He is also a master of many sports, he loved bowling

Really work on your character, on your Akhlaaq, your moral well being

Don't always have to give your opinion

Don't act on thoughts that you haven't really fully diliberated

Really think deeply about something before you do something, because most of the mistakes that we make in life are from doing things without thinking

One of the signs of the last day is that people will use obscenity without reason

Because it used to be that people swore when they got angry, now people just swear, just for the sake of it

Every culture has obscene words, that'd very importsnt, don't become vulgar

Everything belongs to Allah because He is the Creator, you are the creation

"Every deed has energy and strength, if the deed is not in accordance with my Sunnah, then he will be doomed"
-sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

You can't always be the superhero for the Deen

Finna make up my Maghrib and Isha prayer, I missed them because I fell asleep, I'm just waiting till 1:15am to make them up

I was going to just be like -"I was sleeping, I forgot"

No sin will be on me in that case. But I remember, and Allah damn sure remembers and knows, and I can't lie to Him, He knows me 😓

There are 114 chapters in the Quran

Ima horny little fucker

Take off ur pants btch I gotta nut in you

I have to!!

This btch finna get this dck while she sleeping

Act like u sleeping and put my dck in your mouth btch!!

Btch ima fuck you okay??!!

Close your fukkin mouth while this dck inside you btch


Btch moan while this dck in you

Stop being so quiet damn

Get this dck and moan btch moan for daddy btch

get this dck and moan btch

Get this dck.get this dck. Get this dck. Get this dck

Btch this shyt finna nut!!


I nutted

I feel better now that I have ejaculated


It's 5am, doing my morning workout, then ima brush my teeth, hop in the shower, make ghusl and do Wudu

Then ima do my favorite part of the day... FAJR SALAH 😄

Then after I'm done praying, ima put my shoes on and go to the library

-😐 library?? It's 5 in the morning. Them nggas ain't even opened!

Yeah they is, they opened, it's a leap year

That girl at the papi store CUTE AS SHYT

She's black, but she be working at the papi store which consists of all Spanish nggas

She's not Spanish but she know how to speak that shyt fluently af

And she's cute as shit in the face

I love her and I want to marry her and impregnate her


Don't try to tell me how df I'm feeling

Don't try to explain my emotions n shyt

Ik how df I feel about this girl

I love her and I want to marry her and start a family

Ik how im feeling

This is true love!

Hide your daughter, if I find her ima fuck her


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

Finna go to the library

I got munchies

My Wudu been nullified, I farted soon as u finished praying Dhuhr

I'm finna go to the library again

I got a lot of homework

She cute as shit


This girl on the bus, she gotta fat ass, and she got jeans on

-so how you know that her ass fat?

You can tell that a girl gotta fat,ass btw she's seated or bte she got her jeans on dh

I gotta remember to pick up something and put it in the trash when I'm done smoking

I mean... I gotta put the library book back

Roszay babymom fat as shit

She look like a fatass soft shell taco

I'm going to fast tomorrow!

I'm so excited!!😊

"Nggas think it's sweet, it's on sight

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

May Allah raise the rank of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

These btches is nothing but some plants, trying to steal a ngga pollen n shyt 😟

"take the pollen btch"

"It's yourrs!"

I can't wait to go to Jummuah on Friday and have all my sins forgiven by Allah Azzawajal

All the weed I been consuming and all the damn poor I been watching

But Allah is Affuww

That btch funny, she cute and funny

This morning at school at the breakfast line she gon fukkin buy a bagel and stand in front of me so I can see it


real funny btch!

I don't like bagels!!

shit I gotta nut in you btch!!

you finna get all this nut


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

I'm fasting today

So I can't go to the library

I don't even have any hw

Good manners, remain quiet for long periods of time

The less you talk, the less problems you will have

Nothing beautifies a person more than good manners and long periods of silence

Mental illness is not a choice

People just don't wake up in the morning and decide to have a mental

It us not jinns

Go seek help

I have to constantly open my eyes and check cuz I don't want no FAGGOT to sit next to me

"All these btches wanna have sex cuz they know a ngga got money"

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

⚠ Thursday

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Damn her ass was fat!

This girl, she had on some tights and a yellow shirt she was looking good!

I could've went right at her but I remembered I'm a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

Her ass was fat tho! I was starring hard 👀

Today's not Friday so I can stare at girls' asses if I want to, no sin will be on me



-do you hear yourself?

-you sound fuckin stupid


-is she your wife? Are you married to her?

No... but...

I have a firm intention in my heart to marry her


-go to sleep

The moon is 400x closer to the Earth than the sun

And the sun is 400x larger than the moon

In our solar system there are 166 moons

When the universe was created we had hydrogen and helium, but we need carbon in order for life to exist

You need three heliums to come together to form carbon

Everything is made up of atoms, but there are two forces that are holding the atoms together

The electromagnetic force, the nuclear strong force

So far fasting has been going good 😊

I'm not even feeling hungry frfr

My Suhoor was on point

I'm finna pray Asr now

I wanna watch this Islamic lecture video on YouTube but the guy has a low voice and the TV on, I can't hear 😞

Ima just save it and come back to it later

Mohamed Hoblos on the other hand 😂

Him, the TV can have the volume all the way up, music can be on, and I can watch his videos on YouTube and have no problem hearing


May Allah bless Mohamed Hoblos, may Allah give him long life

I can't wait to get married, she gon have a FAT ASS

"Fat ass" is not a compound word

Since I am referring to the girl, and I am saying that she has a "fat ass"

In that case then fat and ass are two separate words

Now "fat ass" can be a compound word, that is possible, but only if I am referring to something directly

Like if I was to say "Roszay babymom look like a fatass grilled cheese sandwich"

It's Sunnah to fast on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of every month

But idk if I'm going to be able to do three consecutive days in a row

But I'm still going to try

The 13th of Safar will be on Monday October 22nd

Are there any Sunnah fast for Safar?

Prolly not...

I'm too lazy to find out

I just farted

My Wudu has been nullified

I can't get on fb or instagram cuz I'm fasting and if I get on ima just see posts of girls taking pictures off they buttcheeks n shyt

And I be getting turned on easily, so it's just better to stay away from it altogether

I need a girlfriend


She gotta have a fat butt

That's the Shaytaan talking

Ugly ass mf

Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam means: "May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and may He protect Prophet Muhammad's nation from that which he fears"

That's the meaning of sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Bae I need you to stay put while I go around and fuck these other girls okay?

What I would to kill for a girl that would say: "okay bae ima just stay at home and wait for you and keep my legs closed k "

-Ok cool baby can u make me a sandwich?

"What kind?"

-Chicken patty bae! Can you put lettuce and mayo?

"Ok yeah baby do you want me to make it now?"

-yes please honey. And then afterwards we can go in the bedroom and make babies 😊

-actually no, I prolly gotta wait like 30 mins. The doctor said I have to wait to go swimming 🏊 30-45 minutes after I finish eating

Do you know who I love?

I love ALLAH

I love God!!

Just broke my fast

I couldn't even finish the whole food

Not even hungry frfr 😞

Fasting conditions you

"I like your face bae, it's really nice... and stuff"

I'm gonna be an AWESOME HUSBAND

I can't wait, marriage is soo easy😊



Here u finna suck this dck btch

Btch you finna get this nut right.df.now

Ik that's what you want


I feel better now that I have ejaculated

It's Friday morning, doing these morning workouts as a kind of expiation for my watching porn and masterbating

I worship Allah alone with no partners



⚠ Friday



I can't wait to go to Jummuah today and have my sins forgiven

All the damn weed and getting high, and porn and calling girls whores n shyt

Smhh... may Allah forgive me

*I'm fucking every bad btch twice, and if she doesn't wear panties then I fuck her on sight*

Clearly this song is haraam

I think maybe all this ngga songs is haraam

They all promote illicit behavior

I can't tell you who he is or say his name, cuz that ngga might have secretly said the Shahada and be Muslim, and not tell nobody

He could be like Michael Jackson, a secret Muslim n shyt

That's cool, I mean it's permissible for you to not tell no one

But that's... stingy af 😕

Islam is the truth! This shyt feels good

Wouldn't you want others to also know the truth?


May Allah bless him and give him long life

I ain't even got it in me...

Who df is sitting next to m???

It's probably a faggot

Smh, I'm done with these gay nggas

I told these faggot mfs specifically "i.am.not.gay"

They don't wanna listen

They don't wanna hearken

"girl let's get married let's get married let's get married"

This song hot, but it's haraam

Why? Because he only wants to marry the girl because of her physical looks

That's not the way to go

Thus, it promotes illicit behavior

May Allah protect that kid from every evil

May Allah grant that kid every type of goodness




You're about to go to the House of Allah

Every woman goes through physiological changes in their lives

In her natural state she is like that

If she wasn't than she would not be able to surpass the man

In being affectionate to the children

"O you believing men, take examples from the believing women"

She does not understand why she is getting angry

I'm HERE!! 😄

My sins have been forgiven by the Almighty

I love coming here, I love worshipping Allah, I love my Religion, I LOVE MY LIFE!!😃

When you lie to somebody trust is taken out

Going home now, leaving Jummuah. YESS!! I DIDN'T DIE!

All praise be to Allaah

"Me and babygirl been chilling all week"

"All we do is fuck drink and sleep"

Clearly this song is haraam

This ngga talking about chilling with and having intercourse with her and drinking alcohol n shyt

All that shyt Is haraam

"You telling me it's only been a couple other people that you've been with I'ma trust you I'ma give you the benefit of the doubt, and I'ma love you You can even call me daddy, I'll give you somebody to look up to"

Cdffuppp. #haraam

Let's analyze carefully, this ngga said "You telling me it's only been a couple other people that you've been with I'ma trust you I'ma give you the benefit of the doubt"

😑 btches be lying. She gon tell you that she only gotta couple bodies but that hoe lying!

Well idk, she could be chaste

Slandering chaste women is among the major sins in Islam

That's what they did to Mary, the mother of Jesus

She came into town with a new born baby Jesus, and nggas knew that she wasn't married, and back then fornication was something really big, it's not like it is now today

So when they saw her with new born baby Jesus they immediately jumped to conclusion


"How could you Mary?"

"Your mom wasn't whoring, why you gotta be creeping all the time?"

Smhh... they didn't know that the woman that they was making accusations against is really the greatest and most pure woman to ever live

Angel Jibreel was the one who blew into Mary, and that's how she became pregnant

And then this ngga said "and I'ma love you You can even call me daddy, I'll give you somebody to look up to"


So now you gon lie? I be telling the same shit to btches in order to get some

Sometimes you gotta lie to get what you want

It's not like I be trying to lie 😕

It's not my intention, so it's permissible

No sin is on me


-do you hear yourself??

-you sound fuckin stupid

-Lying is only permissible in three cases: a man speaking to his wife to make her happy, lying in order to reconcile between two people, and lying in times of war

I farted right after Asr prayer

Idgaf 😞

Ima just renew my Wudu and pray Maghrib when I go home, that shyt easy df

Don't promise people things you can't give them

I'm home, I'm sober, I'm safe, I went to Jummuah today, all my sins have been forgiven 😊

Roszay babymom look like a fatass grilled cheese sandwich

"O you who believe, fear Allah and always speak the truth"






There's a lot more, I forgot them though. I saved them on my old phone but that shyt broke


All praise be to Allah

The Lord of the Throne

May Allah bless my father and give him long life

This ngga Iblees gon haul ass at the Battle of Badr 😂

He saw the angels and he 🏃

The nggas on his side was like "Why are you running what's wrong"

This ngga Iblees like "BTCH I SEE WHAT YOU DO NOT!"

He then gets on a plane ✈ and leaves the country

The Battle of Badr was the first battle of Islam

The best kind of sleep is that in which it's really need

I just ate, it's mustahabb to eat after Maghrib

Insha'llah I won't fart

Isha finna come soon

Can't wait to pray Isha then ima go straight to sleep

*yawns* I'm tired af

As soon as I pray Isha ima sleep like a baby, and I will not get on ig and watch girls shake their backsides


I can't wait to get married

Ima be the best husband

"Good Morning baby. How did you sleep you want me to make u some breakfast honey boo boo?"

"You're so beautiful baby I love you so much and I never want to lose you"

shake ur ass right df now btch

That's it baby ur ass soo fat I love you

fuck her fuck her fuck her!!!

Sdfup and get this dck btchh

Btch I can't understand a damn word that's coming out your mouth but that shyt sound sexy af

Btch sdfup while you taking this dck

Sdfup and get this dck btch. -chokes her


Btch don't be so damn quiet while you taking this dick

Put my dck in your mouth and suck it bae

This shyt finna nut right inside you btch

fuck you btch I fukkin love you

Suck my dck btch this shyt finna nut in your mouth

Naw it's gon nut in your pussy

Naw your mouth

Naw your pussy


That shit nutted

It was a spontaneous combustion

I couldn't make up my mind as to where I should direct the semen

So I just nutted in your left 👂 earlobe

"can you make me a sandwich"

-smacks her ass

I can't wait to get married Ima be the best husband☺

If I find your daughter ima fuck her, simple as that

Can't get any more simpler

Btch ima insert my penis in her vagina and stroke vigorously

Find someone and help them, relieve their stress, trust me you'll feel much better

Peer pressure can be positive and it can be negative

Pornography and masterbation, who led them to this? Peer pressure

Who taught this nice innocent young girl how to lie?

"Oh we have a school project mother, we have to stay late"

Men will be on the religion of his close friend

The first thing that the Prophet PBUH did when he came to Medina was make a brotherhood between the Ansar and the Muhajireen

All of them accepted Islam because of positive peer pressure

It is not permissible for you to harm a dog, it is not permissible for you to harm a pig, how dare you harm a Muslim brother of yours?

Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān, also known by the Latinization Geber was a polymath: a chemist and alchemist, astronomer and astrologer, engineer, geographer, philosopher, physicist, and pharmacist and physician.

He was also the founder of modern chemistry


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

I start with the name of Allah

Sometimes in the morning I be too lazy to get up and get in the shower and make Wudu to pray, but I still do it, why? Because I love Allah and I want the rewards that He promises me

8:33 is "!-!-!-!-!" because 25+8=33

You ever seen dragon ball z you know the pink demon, Majin Buu, the fat pink blubbery dude, you know who I'm talking about??

That's what Roszay babymom look like


Immediately when they commit sin they remember Allah and they repent

They're not perfect but they don't procrastinate in repentance

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same result

Don't talk about women or food in our gathering. This was the discussion of the Sahaabah

They are people who place their trust solely on Allah

The 70,000

I never understood why nggas like Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne and all them famous rappers be smoking so much weed. Them nggas rich af, they got so much money, they can literally do whatever they want. I mean I smoke weed too but I only be doing that shit cuz my life is fucked up and I don't wanna think about it. But them nggas got great lives. So why waste it by smoking weed and killing your brain cells and health? 😕

630 is "!-!-!-!-!" Because 6x5=30

Roszay babymom look like a fatass baloney sandwich

Abu Jahal's first cousin is Umar's mother

And so Abu Jahal and Umar have a blood relationship

Umar ibn al-Khattab was one of the very few people who learned how to read and write in the times of Jahilliyah

When Islam came only 15-20 people knew how to read or write in Makkah

Umar ibn al-Khattab was one of those who knew how to read and write when Islam came

Umar ibn al-Khattab was into education, he was into sciences

Like most young men at the time he grew up as a shepherd

"al-Khattab was a very hard and brutal man, he would rebuke me even if I worked hard"- Umar

Shaytan comes and does waswas to all of us

Being a shepherd is a very humbling thing, it's not something that you boast or brag about

"That was my salary, to get a handful of dates"

He was known for being strict and harsh, and Islam needed that at the time

But underneath was softness and mercy

That was the only education at that time

To attend those gatherings and listen to the poetry

Umar ibn al-Khattab would attend the gatherings frequently and participate

Allah is preparing him for political leadership

He was going to preserve the rights of the Quraysh

He was a very sincere and a very loyal person

During the day I'm hella quiet and good af because other people can see me and I don't wanna give a bad name to my Religion

But as soon as Maghrib comes...

His opposition to Islam was not theological, it was cultural

Umar ibn al-Khattab was not one who was passionate about the gods

The reason why Umar was persecuting the Muslims was because he felt that the Muslims were breaking away from his society

I just farted

My Wudu has been nullified

From the Quraysh and from the ways of his ancestors, that is why Umar ibn al-Khattab was acting the way that he did

He married at least seven women in the course of his life

From his first wife he had his two most famous children. Hafsar and Abd-Allaah ibn Umar

He proposed to the daughter of Abu Bakr, and she refused

She said his lifestyle was below his standards

"He lives a too frugal lifestyle"

Frugal- sparing or economical with regard to money or food. "he led a remarkably frugal existence" synonyms:thrifty, economical, careful, cautious, prudent, provident, unwasteful, sparing, scrimping;

So she turned him down because she claimed that he was too cheap, cdfupp


It's human nature, it's nothing wrong. A woman wants to live a comfortable lifestyle

"I don't have any desire for women, were it not for children"

"The only reason for me is that u want to have lots of kids"

His brother and sister embraced Islam before him

The actual conversion of Umar ibn al-Khattab took place in the sixth year of the Dawah

315 is definitely "!-!-!-!-!" because 3 x 5= 15 and the number of the Messengers is 315

His anger never went to the point of killing another convert

He was harsh in his demeanor

Every person has a protective jealousy. Especially over their wives or daughters

Metallurgy- the branch of science and technology concerned with the properties of metals and their production and purification.

Metallurgist- a person who studies and knows about metals

Use that word in a sentence: Jason's mom is a metallurgist because she's a whore and she likes to study my metallic penis.

-screw u btch

Umar ibn al-Khattab was stabbed to death

Whatever happens, once you take care of the situation the Salah has to be completed

The very first question that he asked when he woke up from his coma was "have the people finished their Salah?"

Blood that flows from a wound that cannot be healed is forgiven

"Alhamdulillah the person who killed me was not a Muslim"

"I wouldn't want a Muslim to commit a major sin"

He passed away begging for Allah's forgiveness

He died at the age of 63

He ruled for 10 years and six months

He passed away on a Wednesday

All three of them died at the age of 63

The Prophet PBUH, Abu Bakr, Umar ibn al-Khattab

Roszay babymom look like a fatass Uber driver

I can't believe I said that!!

Wtf do I be thinking??

-clearly you don't

I be thinking about your mom... a lot

-btch say one more derogatory statement about my mom!

I need to learn how to speak Arabic

I need to go to Makkah

I need to stop being weird

I need to get married

Just prayed Maghrib

Waiting for Isha to come in so I can pray it and call it a night, I'm sleepy af "yawns"

Anyone who doesn't fear Allah/God is capable of doing anything

For Halloween this year I'm going to be Captain America

Or I'm going to be Roszay babymom. So this means that I will be dressed as a minivan

You so precious to me baby, you're all that I need, you're all that I want

You my rock baby I never wanna lose you

I want you in my life forever

Come here baby, gimme kiss 😘

shake ur ass btch

Lemme see ur buttcheeks swirling in a rapid motion btch

open ur mouth and suck my dck bae

Look me in the eyes while this dck in ur mouth bae

listen, you're a slut okay

Just take this dckk and sdfup



I nutted.

It wasn't a spontaneous combustion though, I knew where I was going to ejaculate from the rip, from day one

Immediately as that btch started shaking her ass I knew

I nutted in that btch armpits

It's cold as shit!!

Many false prophets have come and gone

Only Allah knows when the Hour will take place

Ima nut again soon as the Adhan for Fajr comes in

My life revolves around prayer times

I have to fulfill the Fajr Salah before sunrise

Today, the time length between Fajr and sunrise is 1 hr 14 minutes

But I only need like two minutes

Do you know a day will come when they'll have a homosexual Imam, and there'll be homosexuals praying behind him, and they will think it's normal

5:08 is "!-!-!-!" why? Because 25+8=33 so 5:08 + 25 minutes = 5:33, and 5:33 is among the best


The weakest form of faith is the Shahada

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Women are inscrutable

Especially lightskin btches with big ass foreheads, them btches inscrutable af

The definition for the word "inscrutable" is: impossible to understand or interpret.

Now, Allah is impossible to understand, even the best of us and the most knowledgeable about Allah, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even he doesn't understand Allah fully

Lightskin girls with big foreheads are inscrutable because they are impossible to understand

Allah is impossible to understand, so us He also inscrutable? 😕

No, because the word "inscrutable is an adjective, and an adjective is that which describes a noun, i.e. a person, place or thing

Allah is not a noun because He is not a person, place, or thing

So it would not be permissible to label Allah as "inscrutable" , that would be blasphemy

Because it's likening Him to the creation

There are three categories of blasphemy/Kufr

1. To liken Allah to the creation

2. To bely the Religion of Allah i.e. to contradict something that is explicitly expressed in the Qur'an or the Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH. Like for one to say "homosexuality is okay in Islam and there's nothing wrong with it" that would be blasphemy because the Prophet PBUH and the Qur’an has specifically stated that homosexuality is a major sin and we should refrain from it

3. To deny the existence of the Creator - this is the worse. i.e. to be an atheist

I'm trying to memorize this Surah but I ejaculated earlier so I am in a state of janaabah i.e. major ritual impurity

it is not permissible for the one who is junub to read Qur’aan or touch the Mushaf


I gotta brush my teeth and hop in the shower before I pray cuz I nutted

It's cold as shit tho, I'm definitely not trying to get in the shower

But I have to pray Fajr

And I can only pray Fajr if I take a full body shower, so what that means?

Btch it means I gotta hop in the shower and pray df

It's easy af!

Ima brush my teeth, take a bath🛀 , make Wudu, and pray Fajr, all FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH

watch how He rewards me, you just watch!

I'm finna go in the bathroom and take a bath right now!

Right after I nut

Take off ur clothes btch

fuck her fuck her fuck her!!!

Do you wanna go to jail btch?

You've stolen some stuff, the cameras saw u btch

Ur a shoplifter

I should call the cops on you

You gon go to jail forever btch!

-oh you don't want to go to jail?

Put my dck in ur mouth and gimme that pussy and i won't call the cops

I don't want you to go to jail but I have no choice

Unless you're willing to help out and we can work something out

Just relax -rubs her titties

Oh you can't do this? 😕

Oh I'm sorry

Just let me notify the police officers and tell them

Ur either going to go to jail or ur gonna suck my cock

Those are ur only two options

You made the right choice btch

-rubs her hair

You're very wise indeed


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

I prayed Fajr before sunrise 😊

Now I'm just going to sit here in my place of prayer and remember my Lord Allah Azzawajal until the sun rises

A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

He was wearing all white

No sign of travel was on him

Ihsan is to worship Allah SWT like you can see Him, and if you can't see Him just know that He sees you

I'm not able to taste sugar but I can taste the absence of sugar

So what does this mean?

Coffee has sugar in it right? I've tasted coffee before and I know for a fact that it contains sugar in it, I've drank coffee prior to my brain aneurysm and I know that it has sugar in it

So now that I'm not able to taste sugar, once I drink coffee or tea, or any of them btches

Even though I can't taste the sugar in it I'm still able to taste the "absence of sugar"

The only reason I'm finna drink this tea is cuz it's cold as shyt 😞

I only take word from Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or any other pious Muslim male

That's it, I don't listen to nobody else, I don't take advice from anybody else

Damn sure don't listen to no woman

Maybe when I get married I'll listen to my wife, or my daughters

But I will only listen and take advice from them because I know that they will love me and they will want the best for me


Just my wives, and my daughters

And my mother

I cant listen or take advice from no other female because if I do then it's like walking into a pothole

Btches be lying!

Btches be ignorant!

"Btches" not Muslim females, I'm talking bout these hoes that be out here wearing skin tight clothes and displaying their ass and titties

All them btches dirty af and they stink!

Every Muslim female is beautiful and they are all blessed

May Allah bless all the Muslimahs and keep them all on this straight path of Islam

May Allah help me find a beautiful Muslim girl with a large backside and a good head on her shoulders

-😕But I want Keke with the fat ass

-yeah that's what you WANT but what do you NEED?

-a nice Muslim girl that can help you cultivate your seed and increase the Muslim population

-bruh you ain't heard that song by The Weeknd where he be like "He's what you want, he's what you want, I'm what you need"

-listen to that ngga bro, he get more btches than you

-listen to those who know more than you

Stop saying that you are a homosexual, you're not a homosexual. You are a FAGGOT!

A homosexual male is defined as: A person/male who is aware of their homosexuality and they do not like the fact that they are gay and they are putting efforts towards not having these feelings.

A "faggot" is defined as: A person/male who is aware of their homosexuality and completely love it, they publicly declare their homosexuality to the entire world and they put no efforts towards not being the way that they are, they see nothing wrong with the fact that they are gay

Someone who's gay is in between

It is not your actions that will attain your ultimate salvation but your actions will qualify for the mercy of Allah subhannahu wa ta'ala

Therefore you should act within that spirit

He knows when the time is right, He knows what is better for you

Music and drugs is really not the reason why I be watching so much porn

I'm just a horny little fucker 😕

You can't run away from the Qadr of Allah

Where df is u gon run to? Everywhere belongs to Him, Azzawajal

I lost my virginity at the tender age of seven

I inserted my naked penis into a girl's vagina

I wasn't married to her or anything. So did I sin? 😕

Umm... no because I was only seven, I had not reached pubescence yet

Pubescence is when you turn 15 lunar years of age. I was only 7

I once nutted so hard I gotta mfn cramp in my toe


Jk. I endured the pain seeking the pleasure of my Lord Allah Azzawajal

Believers in Islam have beautiful hearts

There is good inside you, find that good and let it come forth

*she think im still peeping everytime i tie my lace n look behind im tryna find my place in this world dats why i took my time* -DuLi

The greatest ingratitude is to turn away from submitting to Allah

To not be a Muslim is kufr

The greatest ingratitude is to not accept the Religion of Islam

Shukr and Kufr are antonyms

Shukr is one of the highest levels of Iman

I wanna have a daughter

She gon be cute as shit

That's why I gotta get a pretty wife cuz I ain't trying have no ugly ass daughter

And she will not be like these girls/hoes out here

She's going to be highly sophisticated, intelligent, good manners


I just gotta get a nice Muslim girl and marry her and fuck a baby in her

That's all

-I thought you wanted a son tho?? 😕

Btch idcc, boy or girl idgaf. I just gotta fuck a damn baby in some girl damn!

Ima have tea parties with my daughter and I'ma be taking her to the zoo and everything, ima be the best dad!


Because I certainly know "how not to be a good father"

One of my worst fears is to have a child, and that child grows up and becomes somebody and then when somebody asks them "wow you are really successful, I bet you must've had a great father to teach u the ropes"

And then they say: "what father?"

A dirty mind thinks very dirty

Have good assumptions about people

We need to be those who think good of others

Everything about him was moderation

He had a full hair, and his hair was wavy

His eyes were very dark

He had a high beautiful cheek

He had a mouth that was full, so that when he spoke his pronunciation was perfect

His teeth were beautiful, there was a slight space in the teeth

He had a strong build and it was all perfectly formed

He had a large forehead which in physiognomy traditionally was an indication of high quality

He never made people feel depressed

His presence of his Lord was so intense that his face would have a sense of being completely absorbed in thought

He smiled, he always looked at people and he smiled

He laughed at things

Aisha said "he was always joking with us in the house"

He joked but he would never tell a lie in his jokes

Bread and butter be popping!

Btches be ugly as shyt getting all jealous n shyt 😕

I don't even know you like that fr idk why you getting all jelly

Umm... you're not my girlfriend

I mean WIFE!!!

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I just farted

My Wudu has been nullified

Naw keep it a bean I been farted

I be farting and forgetting that I farted

But it's cool tho, as long as I don't remember that I farted then it's all good, I do not have to renew my Wudu

Allah knows best how He created me😅

He knows I be farting and forgetting


you ever farted or think that you farted so when the prayer time come in u start thinking like "hmmmm... did I fart? 🤔 *scratches head*

You're not going to remember if you farted but you damn sure will remember if you pee or take a shit

I wanted to fast tomorrow on Monday but I'm not, I'm just going to do it on Thursday

Take it one step at a time feel me?

That's how life is, whatever you do you gotta take it bits by bits, that's the only way you're going to get there

The problem nowadays is: most people just want to go from 'A' to 'Z' in a flash 🏃, without going through the rest of the letters

They just want to go to 'Z' immediately without having to go through 'B' 'C' 'D'...

They don't want to go through that process, they just wanna get there!

But what they don't realize is... that process is what it's all about... it's so sweet

A Prophet of Allah, idk his name, Allah knows best

But he was swallowed and eaten by a whale! 🐳

While he was in the whale's stomach he called out to Allah praying and begging for Him to get him out of the whale's stomach, he prayed and prayed and prayed

Until Allaah finally took him out

If you ask him(the Prophet) what were the best days of his life? He will tell you "my best days was when I was in that whale's stomach"

When I was living with that btch Salamatu at her house she was starving me, she didn't want me to eat, she wanted me to die!

So what did I do??


What else is there to do?

I woke up in the morning, did my push-ups, brushed my teeth, took a bath and made Wudu and I stood before my Lord and I asked Him to help me and save me. I told my Lord that I didn't want to die and I supplicatied to Him and begged Him. "Ya Allah please save me, don't let this lady kill me, please Ya Rabb, You're all I have"

And my Lord heard me, and He took me out of that house


This is all to teach you how to be human beings

The first creation of Allah SWT was The Pen

The first command that was given to the final Messenger SAWS was "to read"

Every single individual is a potential Muslim and a potential good person

Keep relations with those who cut you off

Do good to people even if they harm you

Speak the truth, even if it is against yourself

Allah does not like those who have oppression over the weak ones when they have power over them

That'd Ihsan, and it's hard. Don't think that this is an easy Religion

Yes, there are three degrees of Islam, which are: Islam, eemaan and ihsaan. Each of them has a meaning and certain pillars or essential parts.

If a person bears this in mind and acts accordingly, then he will be sincere towards Allaah because this awareness will prevent him from paying attention to anyone other than Allaah or doing anything for the sake of anyone else

Roszay babymom look like a fatass laffy taffy

She look like a fatass chicken breast, drenched in onion sauce

Why df was that btch following me??

Fukkin weirdo

That btch name Ciara

Roszay ugly as shit And fucked up

His babymom ugly as shit And fucked up

The only one that's actually normal out of all of them is their daughter

Df, that btch thought that I didn't see her?

Fuckin weirdo ass btch

Lemme delete her number from my phone

How df is your own babymom taller than you???

Her neck fat as shit

She ain't even got no neck, her neck look like a mfn baked potato n shyt

fuk outta here!

Roszay babymom look like a fatass wooden chair

A fat ass air conditioner n shyt

I wish I had a wife, I can be like "bae I just farted, remind me that I have to renew my Wudu for Maghrib"

She gon be like "okay bae"

Roszay babymom look like a fatass penske truck

Finna pray Maghrib in a little bit

I gotta remember to renew my Wudu cuz I farted earlier

I think🤔


Since idk then I can pray without making Wudu

Cuz ik for sure that I made Wudu for the obligatory Asr prayer

Things are judged to remain as they are until there is certainty that a change has occurred, and having doubts does not alter the fact.

So certainty over doubt

"If my Lord does not guide me then surely I will be astray"- Ibrahim AS

Tomorrow's Monday! 😆 I can't wait to do my morning workout

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born on a Monday

He also fasted on Mondays and Thursdays

Just prayed Maghrib

Isha needs to hurry up and come so I can pray it and go df to sleep

Knowledge is judged on how much of it you put into practice

I was once fuckin this btch she had a fat ass

-WHO??? 👀

I can't say her name cuz she might be Muslim and I don't wanna backbite

Just prayed Isha, going to sleep now, goodnight! 👋

take off ur pants btch

Bend df over and touch ur toes btch

Btch u finna catch all this nut

Don't start crying now btch, you only getting a lillttle bit of this dck

Shhh don't cry don't cry shhhh

Spread your buttcheeks btch


shhhh don't cry baby, don't cry ok

-rubs her hair

spread ur cheeks u whoorree!!!

Btch look me in the eyes while you sucking this dck

I want your undivided attention btch

Close ur eyes btch don't look at me

don't fukkin look at me!!!


I nutted

It's 4:06am, I'm finna do my morning workout, hop in the shower, make Wudu and pray Tahajjud

Lemme see ur titties btch

I wanna suck ur fukkin nipples!!

I gotta nut in you btch!

I have to!!!


Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

There is no god but Allah

Once Allah or His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ordains something, you are not in a position to say "no I don't like that, I rather do it this way"

NOPE! You are the slave



all of you fuckers who made accusations against him is all going to hell

Making accusations against a Muslim without valid proof is a major sin

A sin is a sin, we all sin

Just cuz ur sin is different than mines doesn't put you in a position to criticize or judge me

"you sin too much, and the sin you do is dirty, u should be ashamed of urself"

I got one reply for you: eat.a.dick. ☺

Though there are different degrees of sin... the worse is Kufr, and then murder

Rasulullah SAWS is telling his companions, this is in a saheeh hadeeth

Narrated by Al Bukhari, in the chapter of repentance, look there and you will find it

So Rasullullah SAWS is telling his companions about a man that murdered and killed 99 people

This man literally killed 99 PEOPLE!

And Allah had mercy on him and forgave him for all his sins


And killing unjustly is the worst sin after Kufr

This man did it

99 TIMES!!


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up

I already prayed Fajr so it's cool if I fart


That shyt went "ppffffffff!"

It was silent

But those are the worst

Among the flatulent gases

Don't let nobody despair you from the mercy of the Most-Merciful

He forgives, on and on again

But that is not a free pass to sin


If you sin ONCE, Allah will send you to hellfire

Nggas be like: Oh it's fine, Allah is the Most-Merciful, He will forgive

*takes a drink of beer*

*two seconds later he has heart attack and dies*

-arrives in Hellfire

"but-but-but, I was a Muslim, what am I doing here?"


Allah didn't forgive you btch, that's wtf u doing here

Df u thought u was going to get a noble entrance into Paradise with a house and 72 virgins?? 😂😂

Sawdy as shit dhh

Roszay babymom look like a fatass duck!

Roszay babymom look like a fatass saltine cracker!

⚠ Monday

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I'm hungry as shit

*bad btch girl I think I might get used to you*

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

I have forgiven Salamatu Tunkara completely. Why? Because I love my little sister Assanatu and ik that she wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her mom. May Allah forgive her. May Allah guide her towards the straight path of Islam

I already prayed Asr and Maghrib won't come for like another two hours, so it's cool if I fart


That shyt went "ppffffffff"

The worst thing that Dajjaal will have is the psychological deception

He doesn't take over by using weapons of mass destruction, he takes over with the psychological war

The Dajjaal will not come until there are prerequisites

He will come out at a time when the world is ready to accept his deception

He is a man from the children of Adam

He will be young in his age, probably in the mid-30's

He's not tall, he's short, relatively short

He's very stocky, he's huge

His forehead is wide

Every Muslim will be able to read the letters on his forehead

He is impotent, he cannot have children

Yess... Yasmin has a new video! 😄

I missed her. Don't be leaving me alone like that bae

If you hold on to your Salah, no matter how you're feeling

When you're feeling depressed do you stop breathing?

Regardless of how high or low I feel, I have to keep breathing to stay alive

Salah is like oxygen, if you give up Salah it's like immediate death

The quality of the air in Cyro is really bad, so I'm just gonna breathe next month when it's better

His objective is just to make you go into despair

My advice to you is stay alive, stay alive spiritually

The Dajjaal can suck a dck

He a cold pussy

When he come btch ima go to Makkah ✈

There are no airports in Makkah

Makkah is located exactly at the center of the earth

The Dajjaal can't enter Makkah or Medina because there are Angels guarding there

Those places have been blessed by the presence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Angels do not age, they do not procreate

They are as they are

Creations from Allah Subhannahu wa ta'ala

Made from light

They are very fast and quick

Even quicker than air. Because when air moves you can feel it, i.e. wind

When the wind blows you can feel it yes?

"that's a cold breeze!"

But when the Angels move you cannot feel it

And they surround you more than the wind

I get notifications from fb like "today is so and so's birthday, wish her a happy birthday"

Btch idcc!

I don't give a damn btch, fuck u and the day you was born

The evidence in the Qur’aan and Sunnah indicates that celebrating birthdays is a kind of bid’ah or innovation in religion, which has no basis in the pure sharee’ah. It is not permitted to accept invitations to birthday celebrations, because this involves supporting and encouraging bid’ah

I just prayed Maghrib, Insha'llah I won't fart

Isha finna come soon

2. She is not going to wash properly after finishing her period, or tell him not to have intercourse with her when she is menstruating; she is going to make him do something that is wrong according to sharee’ah and cause him physical harm.

⬆⬆⬆eeewwww wtff!! 😣

Go clean ur vagina btch... all that blood n shyt wtff

These btches of the book be dirty as shit!

Btch if you on your period we ain't fuckin, simple as that!

You can gimme some head but that's about it!

3. He is going to be put in an embarrassing situation because of her careless attitude concerning dress and her mixing with men and speaking to them.

-umm... no df she ain't! Ima be telling that btch wtf to wear and she will not have NO MALE FRIENDS

4. The states and governments of these women of the Book will be on their side and will give them custody of the children if differences arise and divorce takes place. This will cause these children to be lost and to fall into kufr. Such cases are too well known to need mentioning here and too many to count.

-take the kids btch! Idgaf 😞. They not even mines, they don't look like me. Btch I'm lightskin! Them mfs black as shit, explain urself btch!!

-u black as shit tho 😐

-u not even black btch u purple

-u not even black btch you "bla-clack"

It is not permissible for you to force your Christian wife – if you do marry her – to become Muslim

-I ain't gon force her! While we fuckin ima just gently choke her and be like: say Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah


I just fulfilled my Isha prayer, it's cold as shyt and I was not trying to get up from the comfort of my bed

But I still forsook the comfort of my bed for the sake of Allah Azzawajal

watch how He rewards me, you just watch!!!

A woman was given to man as a gift, after great prayer

A woman was a gift to man

Let me remind the sister "live your life as if it's a gift, not a burden"

Wtf... this ngga snoring n shyt wtf 😴

That's disgusting af

Keep it a bean, ima light sleeper

Women were created from men

They were created from the rib of men

A rib is bent, and if you try to straighten it you will crack it, so be very careful with how you treat your women

I think a lot of the women don't understand that hadeeth, and they take it personally, or they take it wrongly

Be very careful with how you treat your women, be tolerant, be kind to them

Because if you try to straighten them you might crack them

You can't have your wife exactly as you want, no

No two human being are the same, there is a give and take

Cdfupp I used to skateboard

When I was younger, like 13-14

I stopped tho cuz I kept falling too much, and that shyt was hurting, I would always fall and fuck my knees up

I was like "fuk this shyt I'm done!"

One of my friends that I used to live close with put me on, "Abdul Green"

Cdfupp, he put me on n shyt

His cousin, Alex, he used to skate too

He was really nice, way better than me or Abdul

This ngga was like a pro street skater

He would do heelflips and kickflip variables over trash cans n shyt

But this ngga... he had a anger problem

Let's say me, him, and Abdul was skating somewhere

And falling was regular for me or Abdul, we was always falling and busting our ass, no biggie, everybody falls

But this ngga Alex, he did not like falling bruh 😕

If he fell once, he would take his skateboard and throw it against the wall like FUUUCCKK!!😠


This ngga would really be getting mad af!

I wanted to tell him like "hey calm down, it's not that deep bro 😕"

But I was scared for my life, I didn't want that ngga to take his skateboard and throw it at me

Sometimes when people are mad or angry you just have to stay back and let them have their moment

That was a way in which Allah taught me that, He is Hakeem

It is a part of our Religion to think about what has passed, and what will come to past

Think about what you have done, plan for the future

ac·crue əˈkro͞o/Submit verb past tense: accrued; past participle: accrued (of sums of money or benefits) be received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time.

So a bank investment will be a form of accrue yes?

Because if you make a deposit as an investment then that money will grow over time

So long as it doesn't involve interest

Because that shyt Is haraam, so it would not be an investment, it would be the opposite of that

What's the opposite of investment? 🤔

Allah knows best!

I'm too lazy to find out

I just farted

That shyt went "Ppffffffff!"

Promise Allah you will quit your drugs tonight

Promise Allah, no matter what it is

Even if it is something considered light by your friends

It is heavy in the eyes of Allah

It is serious, it is unnecessary

We need you as a member of this Ummah to serve this Ummah

Mercy Umah had a fat ass

Naw keep it a bean that jawn wasn't really fat like that like that

It gradually grew larger and incremented as time passed and we engaged in intercourse more and more

You have so many great qualities, don't spoil yourself by not throwing out this bad habit

May Allah SWT protect us all

She was my first love 😯

Cdffuppp SIKE!!

I've never loved a girl in my life

I mean I told them btches that I love them, but I didn't really

I only said it to get some ass

Sometimes you have to lie to get what you want

It's not my intention to lie so it's permissible


-go to sleep


I'ma light sleeper

When the Dajjaal come Insha'llah he will come during the night

So than he won't be able to see me and I can move around and he won't notice

Then ima pick up a stick and poke him in the eyeball

Then I'm 🏃

I'ma fuck his other eye up with that stick

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Allah is the only God!

He is ONE!

The fundamental message of Islam is Tawheed

The most important knowledge is the knowledge of Tawheed


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

Today is taco Tuesday

Roszay babymom look like a fatass soft shell taco

It's not permissible to forsake your Muslim brother for more than three days

Exchanging words with a Muslim in argument is sinful and fighting him is Kufr

Saheeh Bukhari is considered the most authentic book in creation after the Qur'an


My grade for my class was 78% C. But I put in the work and did everything that I had to now it's 100% 😊😆

All praise be to Him

I can't wait to fast on Thursday! 😃

Last week I did it and that shyt was easy af!

If I did it last week I can damn sure do it on Thursday again

I really can't wait until daylight savings time on November 4th

I'ma be fasting on Mondays and Thursdays every week!

I got a lot of make up fast to do

Roszay babymom look like a fatass cheese cake

Sometimes a little bit of deprivation is good

It has its own unique form of blessing, but that does not absolve you of engaging and encountering those that are needy

You cannot claim that your heart is pure and clean and you do not pray

You cannot be successful if you are disconnected from your five daily prayers, and evidence for that is manifest in the Adhan

Allah will question us about our Salah first on the day of judgement, if the Salah is in order everything else will be easy

The call is bearing witness for us or against us

A blind man once asked Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He asked him: O Messenger of Allah, I am a blind man and I find it difficult to come to the Masjid, am I given an excuse?

At the end of the hadeeth the Prophet SAWS asked the man: "Do you hear the Adhan?"

The man said yes

Well in that case you need to answer it

At 6 years old Aminah died, Barakah then brings him back to Abdul Mutallib

And the elderly man takes charge of him, the grandfather

He used to come and sit on that place next to his grand-dad

He's not a baby baby, he's six or seven, moving towards eight years old

When the uncles used to give him the stare like "move Muhammad"

The grand-dad would say no leave him, great things are in store for this son of mines

The only two sons that shared the same mother was Abdullah and Abu Mutallib

Abdul Mutallib passed away so The Prophet goes to the house of Abu Tallib

At this stage he's eight years old

Abu Tallib was a loving uncle

The Prophet says "he used to feed me in preference to his own children"

There was limited food he'd make sure that I get to eat first before his children

The whole of Arabia turned against him. Abu Tallib stood behind him like a mountain

Only Allah knows how bad I really want this, because Allah is the Knower of all things

If somebody asks you for help

I just farted

If somebody asks you for help and you don't want to help them don't just tell them "no"

Say it in a way that they won't feel like a dickhead for asking you

It takes a lot of guts for somebody to ask you, because when they do it's like they're placing their trust in you as if you are the only one who can help. Don't just say "no"

When I asked him for help he's just gonna say "no" wtff

That made me feel like a dh for asking you


Treat others the way you would like to be treated

Or the way that you would want your own child to be treated

It's called "E-M-P-A-T-H-Y"

I mean I'm not mad or anything, I'm just... confused... and sad

In his teens he started shepherding, looking after sheep

The greatest learning happens on reflection

The shepherd has time to think

Working with different animals changes your character a little bit

There's a difference between the criterion required for hadeeth and the criterion required for seerah

Gon lie to me, and then when I ask you for help you just tell me no!

Df?? 😕

What typa shyt is that?

Your children can tell a lie to you, not everything that they tell you will be the truth

I nutted earlier so I have to say this Surah in my head since I am in a state of janaabah/major ritual impurity

The weakest person is he who believes everything that he hears

Don't believe tales

A person may commit a sin and that sin will take him to Paradise. A person may commit a good deed and that good deed will take him to the fire

Okay, so the stages of learning knowledge

The first one was silence: You have to be silent to actually process and learn the knowledge

Number two is listening: listening is very very important, meaning that you listen attentively

A person can be silent but his mind is wandering off somewhere else

The proper process of learning won't take place if your mind is somewhere else

So you have to be silent, and you have to listen attentively

Number three: memorising or understanding

We are listening, but you have to also understand as well

You have to understand what is being taught and the content as well

So you have to understand it while you're listening and while you're silent as well

Practicing is one of the most beneficial ways

You learn something, you put it into practice, that thing you learned will fully be embedded into your brain

There's always ways to practice it

In Islamic knowledge there are hundreds and thousands of ways to practice what has been taught

And last one, preaching

90% of what you learn stays with you if you preach it and tell other people about it

You tell other people about it, your preaching will benefit you the most

When you're teachers when you preach to other people, the knowledge will stick to you more

That's the best and most beneficial way, you teaching it to other people

And then there in the dry deserts of Arabia lived the Arab race, a semi-nomadic people, scattered across an endless desert, their land was harsh their climate difficult, their land barren, their people scattered, uneducated, undisciplined

You can be the lowest of low, the most unimportant insignificant, undisciplined disunited nation on the face of this earth

But if you were to cling to this rope of Allah, you will reach the pinnacles of human achievement

There is not a second truth beyond this

At the time the Prophet came, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Makkah. Historians record that there were eighteen people who could read and write in Makkah

By the time The Prophet left, Arabia had become teachers of the world

"I want to struggle until the Deen of Muhammad reaches every corner of the globe"

The secret formula for change and success is Islam

Df, it's 1:59am. I could've sworn it was just like 12:30 two minutes ago wtff

I'm still thinking about that shyt, smh...

Why would you lie??

The first time I asked him for help he was like "yeah I got you, just wait here I'll brb"

And then he left and never came back, and I was stuck there looking like 😐

And the second time, he gon lie to me about a A RELIGIOUS MATTER, he made me question the forgiveness of Allaah and almost pushed me to despair, and then later on when I asked him for help he just blatantly told me "no"


So two times!!

It won't be a third


May Allah make you have a son and somebody breaks his heart and make him feel like a dckhead

"Don't lie, don't jump to conclusions and think that you are all knowing like Allah, and DON'T.BE.AN.ASSHOLE!"


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

I feel like shit

Six times now I seen that kid. May Allah bless him and give him long life

May Allah grant that kid all forms of goodness

May Allah bless his mother and father

May Allah forgive him for all his sins

May Allah enable him to die as a perfect Muslim

Canada has legalized marijuana for recreational use!!🤗

-soo what that mean?

Btch it means I'm moving 💼 🛬 to Canada indefinitely that's wtf it means!

*my seexxx drivee is soooo higghh*

*gurl you know what time you know what time*

*need, yourr, lovee right now*


This song is definitely haraam

This ngga talking about his sex drive n shyt wtf 😕

What typa illicit behavior is this??

You know who gotta fat ass?


Bea Miller

-no she DON'T! 😕

-she just hella pretty and she cute in the face

I ate her butt

May Allah bless that kid and make all of his dreams and wishes come true

May Allah grant him success in school

I don't like to waste... anything. I'm very conservative

I miss Mirrah... I'm finna text her, I still remember her number

This btch not replying wtff

I need to vent to her

She always was a good listener

How df ima get a hold of this btch???

Fuck Mirrah... Allah is enough!


But... I loved her

she was bae

-sdfup! you sound like a BITCH!!

-you only "think" you loved her

This dumbass btch live all the way in Minnesota!!

How df ima get a hold of her??

This btch...

I really loved her

She used to be sending me money

I used to be telling her like "bae I'm sober as shit, I can't eat, I can't sleep"

And she would be sending me money through Money Gram n shyt

And I would take that money and buy ALL THIS WEED!!

Fuck I miss her

I'm so alone 😳

I cheated on her couple times but just cuz I cheated doesn't mean that I don't love you

I tried to go to sleep to forget about her, I woke up and she still hadn't reply

Fuk it, Mirrah long gone, she not coming back

So what did I do when I woke up and realized she hadn't replied?

Btch I did my obligatory Maghrib and Isha prayer that's wtf I did

Mirrah goes, Allah STAYS!

Df is this ngga talking about??


Retarded af!!


Ummmm to plunge shit so the toilet can flush that's why

This dumbass ngga talking about "no no it doesn't need a plunger, just use this stick and it will flush" 😑


-this ngga is retarded af!!

That's that African mentality

"Using a stick as a plumger"


Stupid and retarded af

What is your intention? Why do you do what you do?

The Sharee’ah overlooks this Alhamdulillah

Small amounts of impurities are overlooked by the Sharee’ah

May Allah bless my father, may Allah give him long life

I intend to fast tomorrow!

Ya Allah I intend, it's a firm intention no bs

Insha'llah I will!

The intention has to be made between Maghrib time and Fajr time

Waking up to eat Suhoor/predawn meal is considered an intention

It's not a condition for the intention to be a phrase you visualize seeing in your mind

You just have to know... WHAT R U DOING??

The intention is the first step in EVERY act of worship

Hajj, Umrah, prayer, fast etc...

Prolonged isolation is very harmful and detrimental to your situation

The day that he got married was one of the most beautiful experiences for him, because that's what he was striving for

His wife becomes pregnant and they are joyous together now

He gets to the hospital, both his wife and his child has passed away

Pain and suffering only becomes negative if it creates a barrier between you and Allah SWT

But it becomes positive when it brings you back to Allah SWT

The punishment of Allah is not out of anger or wrath, the punishment of Allah is a means of cleansing you of your sins

The punishment of Allah is a preparation



You will never know what ease is all about until you have gone through difficulty

May Allah make us from among those who eat carrot rather than smoking cigarettes

The eyes and the ears are avenues that influence the heart that you have control over

So you have control over what leads to the way you feel at heart

Don't try to absolve yourself and say "I can't do any better"

The key is to start owning

The very first prohibition of the Qur’an was about female infanticide

"Don't kill female girls"

This is a social change. Islam did not just come with just theology

And even within the Quraysh there was a clear hierarchy

All human beings are equal in the eyes of Allah. It doesn't matter what your skin color is, it doesn't matter who your mother or father is

Abdullah ibn Masood was a non-Qurayshi, from a lowly tribe of Yemen

This is how the world worked, you're born into a class and you get treated like that class

I can't wait for tomorrow to come so I can fast and gain that reward from Allah Azzawajal and have my sins forgiven

Keep it a bean, it's already tomorrow, it's been tomorrow for like six hours now

It's currently 12:08am, Maghrib/Sunset was at 6:18pm

In Islam the day belongs to the night it precedes

So immediately as the sun go down its the next day

In America the next day starts at midnight

But God says the next day actually starts when the sun go down

Also it's not permissible to delay the Isha Salah past midnight

The Prophet PBUH said that

During the summer time the time difference between Isha and midnight is only like 2-3 hours, so it's best to just do it soon as you hear the Adhan, just get it over with. But DON'T RUSH. If you rush you're gay!

During the winter time, after the Adhan for Isha comes you be getting like 7 hours in between Isha and midnight

So you can go to sleep, do some work, fondle with your wife or whatever it is that you want to do, and you can have plenty of time to spare for your Salah

But the best Salah is that which is done immediately after hearing the call of the Adhan

The best muezzin that ever lived was Bilal, he was the Muezzin for the Prophet PBUH

Bilal was a slave, a black slave

The biggest mercy of all by Allah is al-Islam

Allah doesn't want to send us to the hellfire, he wants good for us at all times

"Allah is more compassionate with His slaves than this woman with her child"

But we as individuals need to seek that good as well

Allah will forgive all sins as long as you seek repentance from him

I'm watching porn this dumbass btch says "hey baby what's up? Are you seriously watching porn by yourself? Why don't you come webcam with me"

-😕uhh... yeah I'm watching porn by myself. Uhh... no I don't want to webcam with you

Btch idk a goddamn word you saying all ik is dis shyt finna nut!


"Things change people change feelings change too, never thought these circumstances would've changed you"

Allah does not change

He is not attributed with that!

He does not wake up in the morning and has new feelings

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Pause: Allah is not attributed with "waking up"

He doesn't sleep so He doesn't awake

That's fukked up smhh


How he told me "no" after I asked him twice... SINCERELY!!

First time he gon lie to me about a Religious matter. He gon tell me like: "It's a sin to keep on doing a sin while hoping on the mercy of Allah. Who says that he will forgive you?"


Umm His Messenger PBUH, His Book, every scholar of the Religion that's who df told me

It's Kufr to lie about Religion

The general principle is "Allah forgives every sin so long as u properly repent and you do not die upon that"

I do not like being lied to

If you wanna tell me no then TELL ME NO

But don't lie to me

Especially about something so dire


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning


Who df died and made you fukkin king??


Allah is still alive... so you are no king

What df was I bouta do??

😕 I be forgetting

That btch Tricky from Subway Surfers swear she gotta fat butt

That jawn not fat!

And she's flat chested

Nutass tanktop she be wearing

⚠ Thursday

I start with the name of Allah

The only God

The only One Who deserves worship

The Ruler of the Throne

The Creator of all

The king of the Day of Judgment

The ... "Ppfftttt"

I farted

Why is it that I always have to pee before I make Wudu

Yess! I did my assignment without the help of my instructor 😆

I always knew I could do it

It's all about "application"

Asr is in 45 minutes. Insha'llah I won't fart

Or did u already...? Mhmm

I don't recall 🤔

Meteorologists have proved that winds have an important role in forming the clouds as it carries water vapor from seas and oceans to the air's upper layers

But the water atoms have to be collected and condensed to form clouds

She withdrew from her family to a place towards the east

If you are not a slave to Allah you will be a slave to something else

The most repeated story in the Qur’an is Pharaoh and Moses

It's a core function so I can't change it

Islam is not a bad Religion. It is the most perfect Religion, it's just those who are in it that makes the Religion look bad. i.e. ISIS, these bad Religious leaders

ISIS has a really good pyramid scheme, that's it

A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services.

The best way to attract and recruit new people is by fear

"Go blow up this plane and you will die as a martyr and go to heaven, and if you don't then Allah will be angry with you"

Nggas be like: 😨😰well... well... well... I certainly don't want God to be angry at me"

-blows up plane and kills himself and kills mother and baby

-arrives in hellfire

-"wha--what happened? Where are my 72 virgins??"

You made me nut btch

Your job is complete

*baby you can leave you can leave you can leave 🎤🎧*

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

I'm so excited and happy... about everything! 😆

1. I'm finna go to the Mosque today and have all my sins forgiven by Allah Azzawajal, the Most-Merciful Oft-Forgiving

2. My class is going great! I currently have an A+ 100%, I went to school yesterday and did my assignment without the help of anybody


The only thing I'm not happy about is the fact that ngga lied to me and blatantly told me no and made me feel stupid n shyt

But hey... I AM MUSLIM! 😄

I'm going to Jannah today

Because going to Jummah is not going to the Mosque, that's Jannah right there

The easiest way to go to Jannah is through your parents

Their happiness is the happiness of God

Their displeasure is the displeasure of God

Make your parents happy!

Muslim or non-Muslim

But especially Muslim parents

Why? Because they know the name of "Allah"

They can tell Allah on you

May Allah bless my mother and father

My mother is not in this country with me so what can I do to please her and make her happy?

Make constant Dua for her and pray for her

My father is here with me so what do I do?

Treat him kindly and pray for him

Your mother first

Your mother next

Your mother next

And THEN your father

If two people, a man and woman who are not married both engage in intercourse and the woman gets pregnant and the child is born

The child belongs to the mother, the father gets no share!

The Sharee’ah does not give no share to the adulterer

The father only gets a share of the child if they are married

So the illegitimate child belongs to... the mother!

the correct view is that this attribution is not valid, so it is not permissible to attribute the illegitimate child to the zaani, rather he should be attributed to his mother,


There.. see

I won't lie to you like that, I mean I do be lying

But I would never lie about Religion

I can't remember if I farted before or after I took a shower 🚿 and made Wudu 🤔

Idk... but ik I farted tho

And ik I definitely made Wudu

Imam Ali ibn Abi Taalib said that knowledge is better than money

Now I remember!!


His name did not become Ibliss until he disobeyed Allah SWT


⚠ Friday



Today is the BEST DAY!!

I just have to make it to Jummah today and have all my sins forgiven

Insha'llah I won't die

3 – Whoever dies during the day or night of Friday, Allaah will protect him from the trial of the grave.

It was narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “There is no Muslim who dies during the day of Friday or the night of Friday but Allaah will protect him from the trial of the grave.”

I have to be on my best behavior today because the Angels are very vigilant today

I can't look at no girl's ass

May Allah bless my mother and father

7 times now that kid greeted me. Bless him Ya Rabb

This shyt is HARAAM!

I didn't knoww!!!!

I'm sorry Ya Rabb!

This silk shit I'm wearing!


Fukkin faggot 😒

I hope you die

Fucking gayberg!!

I'm going to Jannah

Or Jummuah!! 😆

-damn her ass fat


that uglyaas ngga Iblees made me look

I'm at Jummuah, my sins have been forgiven by Allah Azzawajal, the Almighty!

I love coming here, I love being Muslim, I LOVE MY LIFE

I love my teacher Shaykh Sayf, may Allah bless his children and may Allah give him long life

The death and the illness of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS started on the 29th of Safar

He could not get out of bed and he could barely walk

From the 29th of Safar up until his death he remained in the house of Aisha

I want you to contemplate all of these pieces of advice for they are the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

"Do not do to me as the Christians did to Jesus"

"Do not take my grave as a place of worship"

This was the first piece of advice that he gave to his companions

Leaving Jummuah now 😃

Insha'llah I won't fart



I just prayed Maghrib

I had to renew my Wudu of course

I have until November 4th to submit my next assignment, which gives me a little more than two weeks, I gotta stay on top of it, I don't wanna slack off, not even a little bit

I'ma just make Dua to Allah and ask Him to do it for me while I just lay back and listen to music...

Cdfupp 😂

Finna delete my fb and instagram, this shyt corney!


Cuz ain't no btches posting semi-naked photos and videos of them shaking their ass


They posting selfies n shyt df

That's right btch, you're dressed innapropriately, get changed and you can go out

Bend df over, you finna get this dckk hoee

take off ur top

let's just play by my rules

you're a shoplifter btch!

The cameras saw you!!!

You guys leave me no choice, you put me in a difficult situation

You got your whole lives ahead of you

I can't spell it out for you. If you just cooperate with me and do what I tell you

These items are $5,000 worth in value, these are multiple felonies

You see where I'm going with this right

Btch just swallow your pride and do it

Be the bigger person

Do you wanna do 15 years in prison?

The choice is all yours

Don't think about it

Here what do you say if we move on to some more fun


Bend over, you finna get this shaft btch!!

I'll give you $40 to spread your buttcheeks

Come on!

don't decline my offer

I feel better now that I have ejaculated

There's nothing more powerful than faith

Even to someone that's an unbeliever

People say there's a thin line between love and hate

There's actually a thin line between boasting and gratitude

Because the boater is magnifying the blessing

Whatever it is they have they're magnifying that

But they never attribute that blessing to the one that gave it to them

The one who is grateful is magnifying the blessing and he's magnifying the one that gave it to him

God gave this to you, so appreciate what God has given

You have to show your gratitude by doing what He told you to do

To show that gratitude, to show that appreciation is to do what God told you to do

The Shaytan wants you to have false hope

Umm ‘Atiyah reported that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “No woman should mourn for a dead person for more than three days, except for a husband, (in which case the period of mourning is) four months and ten days.

I'm going to fast on Monday

By Allah!

If you don't know how to do it, if you are not qualified then don't do it

o·pi·um /ˈōpēəm/Submit noun a reddish-brown heavy-scented addictive drug prepared from the juice of the opium poppy, used as a narcotic and in medicine as an analgesic.

1 in 20 children within the U.K. has experienced sexual abuse

The creation of evil is not evil, choosing the evil is evil

The only way to rise, the main condition of progress is to struggle

You cannot rise and show your potential without struggle, it's not possible

Value is not about the quantity, it's about the quality


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

"The shahid has a special procedure. If one dies as a martyr he does not get his clothes changed. He does not have his body washed. We do not pray for the shahid. For Allah has already purified his body through martrydom. Allah has already forgiven him of all his sins."

For the martyr of the battlefield

I been trying to memorize this Surah for some time now

I just can't get it 😕

I was about to say "FXCK THIS SHXT I'M DONE!"

But that will not be permissible considering the fact that this is Qur’an

So no matter how angry I get I can't curse at this Surah, if I do then I blaspheme and exit out of Islam

"How many people can I visit? I'm one man, Wallahi I am"

Victory in this world is only through the Deen of Allah

We have so many trials, so many confusion, in the media, social networks

The Shaytan has taken his toll upon many of the young men and young women, in order to decorate their bad actions to seem like they are good

Only Allah knows your intention

Never praise yourselves in piety, He is the One Who truly knows who is pious

An incident in the Battle of Badr

One of the Sahabas, he was fighting in the battlefield, and one of the enemies fell to the ground, lost his weapon

And he said Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

He said "I believe in what you believe in, I bear witness"

But the Muslim still killed him

When the Prophet SAWS found out he got upset

He said "Ya Rasullullah he only said it out of fear"

Rasullullah SAWS replied to him by saying "did you open up his heart to look inside?"

This is a person for any normal person you would think he only said it out of fear

But what was the response of Rasullullah SAWS?

You will be questioned about this? What if he really meant it

I will increment my workout on Monday, Insha'llah

So far it's this:

High-knees: 50

Lunges: 20

Sit-ups: 60

Push-ups: 235

I will increment by five for each, Insha'llah. Except for lunges and push-ups


High-knees: 55

Lunges: 20

Sit-ups: 65

Push-ups: 235


May Allah bless my brother in Africa, may Allah make it easier for him. His mother has passed away and he has nobody in that country, he's struggling and suffering. May Allah alleviate his hardships for him

You all know the story of Thalaba

He was a young man, Rasullullah SAW sent him on an errand, a mission

When he finished his work, he passed by, the Shaytaan got the better of him for a little while, and he looked at something haraam

He looked for a little while, and then he turned away

He felt so bad for what he did, that he refused to go back to the Prophet SAWS

Fearing that Allah would've sent down a verse from the Qur’an about him, saying that he is among the hypocrites

He stayed there, Rasullullah SAW looked for him and he couldn't find him

So he sent out Abu Bakr and Umar

They kept searching for him for days, even weeks

They found a shepherd, and they asked him about a young boy with his features

He said: "are you asking about the crying boy?"

"We hear him crying up there in the hills every night"

They waited for him, the shepherd says he comes down and drinks milk from my goat, just to survive

When he came down, he was withered and pale and sick

When he saw Abu Bakr and Umar He tried to run away but they caught him. They said: The Messenger wants you, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

He was so afraid he said: "Why why? Has Allah mentioned me among the hypocrites?"

They said: we don't know

But they bought him. Rasulullah SAWS came to him and asked: What is wrong Ya Thalaba?

He said: Has Allah mentioned me from among the hypocrites

Rasullullah SAWS said to him: what do you hope for?

He said: I hope for Allah's Mercy

He(SAWS) asked: What do you fear?

He said: I fear Allah's anger and wrath

He (SAWS) said: why don't you turn to Allah's Mercy and forgiveness? More than His fear

He repented to Allah and asked Him for His forgiveness

"I feel like my body has a million ants crawling upon it

The Messenger of Allaah said: This is death, you are dying Ya Thalaba

Turn now to Allah, with your heart, and with your mind

I thought that shyt said "porno" it said "promo" cdffuupp 😂

May Allah make us mindful of our duty

The first verses that were revealed trained people's hearts, and they later on became some of the best human beings to ever walk the face of this earth

He trained their hearts first before he came and told them the rules

It's a very dangerous thing to teach our children about Allah in that way

I can't wait till Monday so I can fast and gain rewards from Allah Azzawajal 😊

Allah’s Mercy prevails over His wrath

We use Religion to control our children

That's not the way the Prophet taught

He didn't come with the rules first

What was the methodology of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

Indeed in the body there's a lump of flesh, if it's set right than the entire body is set right

It goes back to the heart, because the heart is the master of the body

My father has his flaws, he has his share of sins, like we all do


He loves ALL OF US

He would die for any of us

I will stand by him until death and I will kill anybody who tries to go against my father in any way or disrespect him

You don't know what he did for us

I love my father and I would die for him, because he's my father, and Allah knows best

Fuck you!!!!

Allah created both, the physical world and the spiritual world

May Allah bless Yasmin's aunt. May Allah have mercy on her. May He grant her Jannah Tul Firdos

You don't drown by falling into the ocean, you drown by staying in there

-that's very deep

How deep?

-deep as THE OCEAN!! 😂

"smacks knee"

The first part to take care of your heart is the Salah

When you don't breathe are you hurting the doctor or yourself?

When you don't take the medicine are you hurting the doctor or yourself?

Is there anyone in this entire world who loves you more than your mother

But your own mother, if you push the right buttons she will disown you

He tells you of many things that are going to come in order for you to understand why you are here

Life after death shall be eternal

It may be that those who you relate this information to they understand it better than you do

Allah SWT commands the Muslims in Surah Al-Noor, Surah #24 Ayat 30 to 31 "tell the believing men to lower their gaze and to protect their private parts"

Prevention is better than cure. If that thing is going to lead you to haraam than it itself is haraam

Once the Shaytaan becomes your friend he will lead you from the next station to the next station to the next station

ed·i·fice /ˈedəfəs/Submit nounFORMAL
1. a building, especially a large, imposing one. synonyms:building, structure, construction, erection, pile, complex; More

We should avoid naming edifices after people because they may have a reputation of being a good person

Use it in a sentence: Jason's mom likes to compare my manhood to a edifice because of the great size that it has.

- 🌵

The true judgement of that person only comes from Allah

Who am I loyal to? Who do I love the most?

My father, because he has done more for me

He loves me the most in this world and he cares about me the most

Now you expect me to just forget about him and forsake him just because I'm older? 😕


A parent's love for their child never dwindles, it never goes away!

Siblings are many, you can have millions of siblings, it's possible

But you can NEVER have more than one mother or father, it's not possible!

I love my father more than I love myself. I pray for him everytime I get on my knees

Anybody that goes against my father I go against that person

And God will go against you!

Which is more important in the sight of Allah?

Upholding ties of kinship or honoring one's parents

Worship Allah, and honor your parents!

“And We have enjoined on man to be good and dutiful to his parents” [al-‘Ankaboot 29:8]

“And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour. And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: ‘My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was young’” [al-Israa’ 17:23]

In al-Saheehayn it is reported that Ibn ‘Abbaas said: “The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was asked which deed is the best? He said, ‘Faith in Allaah and His Messenger, then honouring one’s parents…’” And there are many other Aayat and Mutawaatir Ahaadeeth which say similar things.

If the father has one right, then the mother has three times as much.

I can't wait to pray Maghrib! 😃😄

I farted, but it's cool ima just make Wudu again cuz I loooveee Maghrib soo muchh!

Just prayed Maghrib

Insha'llah I won't fart

Isha finna come soon

I gotta eat tho 😕

I always be farting after I eat

Don't know don't care, all ik is my father is my father and he means well and I love him

Idk why I be farting 😕

And I don't be eating gassy food

I don't drink soda or eat none of that high sodium or high fat stuff

But yet I just be..... farting 😕

May Allah help me

Ur a shoplifter btch

The cameras saw you


As soon as I nut in you u can go free btch


you're free to go now

Take ur clothes and leave

Just GOO!!

I don't wanna see you

You disgust me

Jk... just go in the other room, I might need you again later on tonight k?

"Having doubts is okay" 😞

Uhh... no it isn't !!

You cannot doubt at all!

You have to be sure!

There is a God

His name is Allah

He wants you to be Muslim

There's no room for incertitude

To doubt is Kufr

It takes you out of the Religion

You have to be sure!


Make us role models for the believers

The Prophet Ibrahim AS is making Dua to Allah, "O Allah make my legacy a positive one"

No human being is universally admired more in all faiths than the Prophet Ibraaheem

The way you maximize your good deeds is you expand your influence

And the way you expand your influence you have the maximum impact in the most number of people, both quality and quantity

Imam Bukhari only lived 60 odd years, but the legacy that he left behind is truly phenomenal

If you want to leave a legacy then your intention has to be not for the people

Let the righteous people look at me as a role model

The Prophet SAWS would pray a total of 50 rak'ahs on a daily basis

For his Ummah 5, but for him it was 50

That would take an average of three, four, five hours a day

Islam to eemaan it's the quantity

But eemaan to ihsaan it is the quality

Imam Maalik ibn Abbas, the famous scholar of Medina

He was the first person ever in the history of Islam to compile a book of hadeeth meant for other people

The first person whoever does something immediately there's copy cats

That's the nature of human society

Sometimes those who follow on do a better job than the first person, usually that's what happens in technology and writing

Don't even thank us

We are doing it for the sake of Allah SWT

I feed you for the sake of Allah

Sometimes the smallest of deeds become the most magnificent of deeds

The story of the prostitute who gave a dog water is a pre-Islamic story

Nobody even knew, nobody heard

Nobody saw this lady do it, but Allah Azzawajal saw

True leaders are humble people

Whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allaah will raise his rank up

Every great leader is a servant to the people

You don't want it, you don't desire it, but it is a blessing that Allah SWT gives


Because 527 is 725 backwards


Because 336 is 633 backwards


Because it's the same backwards


Because it's the same backwards

Satan sits his throne on water

Idc about the Shaytaan, or his throne

Idc about Dajjaal

They both exist, because God says that they do

But they have no power. I only care about the One Who has Power

You only believe it because the early Christian church told you so

So by default we can believe anything to be the inspired word of God

We have to rely on what the text says

It doesn't make sense, because we're only following what doctrine teaches, not what text teaches


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

I can't wait to fast tomorrow! 😄

The bible is the inspired word of God. Who says so?

A corrupt fallible person. Not a divine being

"The word of God says"

Who says so? Because you say so?

We know that the Bible has a number of books that make it up

These are the 66 books of the Bible

Circular reasoning is a logical fallacy in which the reasoner begins with what they are trying to end with. The components of a circular argument are often logically valid because if the premises are true, the conclusion must be true.

If this verse were true then we wouldn't find so many errors in the Bible

The Bible is not the infallible word of God because there are errors in it

Infallibility means: NO ERROR

So the gates of hell have prevailed over your local church and pastor

The way we know this is because your local church and pastor are teaching you errors

Christians believe that the old testament and the new testament are divinely inspired, or sent by God

Perhaps it's the Gospel of Thomas that we should believe in, and not the other ones. But how do we know which ones should be in the Bible or not?

It is very strange that in the new testament most of what we accept are actually traditions, and none of them are actually from the Bible

Islam is a logical Religion

It's so logical that the greatest skeptic looks at Islam and says "But that makes sense"

There is no logic in it. It's just "you have to believe it" but why should I believe it?

Most of the new testament are not books, they are private letters

1 in 20 children within the U.K have experienced sexual abuse

No part in the Religion did Allah allow the Prophet to compromise

He delivered the message exactly the way that it was given to him

The Sunnah is the living embodiment of the Qur’an

"Every one in my Ummah will go to Jannah except those who refuse"

The Sunnah is not just eating with your right hand

That's not the entirety of the Sunnah

The Sunnah of The Prophet SAWS was to worship Allah and share that with mankind

Our Prophet SAWS was the best humanitarian to ever walk the face of the earth, he truly cared about people

When we see these people in the street we need to care about whether they go to Jannah Or Jahanaam

We care about the poverty of the world

You have no choice in the matter, you don't have an option

If Allaah gave you a command then you have to fulfill it, and ignorance in the matter is not an excuse

That which is obligatory the knowledge of it is also obligatory

Is the world lost yes or no? What can fix a lost world? The truth

As soon as I pray Dhuhr ima eat some bread 🍞 and butter

Bread and butter be popping!

We should recognize that Allah is the Most-Merciful, when we commit sin we should not be shy or embarrassed to turn to him

Just prayed Dhuhr

Insha'llah I won't fart, Asr finna come in a little bit

Never ever give up hope in the mercy of Allah

That shyt was popping!

The bread and butter

It was toast, and toast is dry food

Dry foods don't be making you fart like that so I should be good

I can't say for sure tho, cuz this mf Iblees be sneaking up on me and making me fart

Allah knows best... If I am going to fart before Asr

Allah is Hakeem

He knows that Iblees be sneaky af and he's the one that be making me fart and forget

That's why He said that if you fart and forget then your Wudu is still valid

All praise be to Him

May Allah curse that ngga Iblees, for always sneaking up on me and making me fart

May Allah curse him

If we were not sinful than Allah would've created people that were sinful and would turn to Him so that He can forgive them

This is how much He loves to forgive

Nabi SAWS he makes mention of a man

He has committed so many sins. So many disobedience, so many sins he has committed towards Allaah SWT

When he was on his death bed he tells his son, he says "oh my son, when I die, I want you to burn my body"

"And when you burn my body, crush my ashes, and separate me, put some in the ocean and put some on land"

Allah SWT will resurrect this man and He will ask him "oh my slave, why did you do such a hideous crime?"

He says "Ya Allah, because of my fear for You. Because of the fear that I had of what You would've done to me because of my sins. This is why I burnt myself thinking that You were not going to find me"

But Allah is Most-Powerful. He Sees and He Hears everything

So Allah will resurrect this man finding every part of his body

And when he tells Allah: "Ya Allah because of my fear for You Allah will say: "My slave you are forgiven"

The first action is recognition of Allah SWT, and then we can move forward

I be smelling hella good in the morning

I be clean as shit

My boxers stink

I have to remember to increment tomorrow, my high knees and sit-ups

High-knees: 55

Sit-ups: 65


So the four sacred months in Islam are as follow: Dhū al-Qa'dah (11), Dhu al-Ḥijjah (12) and Muḥarram (1). Those three are all consecutive months. The fourth is Rajab

Yessss! Asr finna come and I didn't fart yet

Alhamdulillah! 😄

Allah speaks to Jibreel directly then Jibreel goes out and delivers the message to the rest of the angels

So he is Kalimu llah from the Angels

Idriss is Enoch, the son of Sheeth AS, the grandson of Adam AS

Jibreel is the only one who can ascend a Prophet through the heavens

Biblically Enoch dies in the fourth heaven

I can't wait to fast tomorrow!

And gain rewards from my Lord

Wait... tomorrow's Monday

On Mondays is when I be doing my workouts in the morning

And I be having hunger pangs throughout the whole day

So fasting is going to be really hard and difficult for me 😕

So... I don't think I'm going to do it


I had a firm intention, no bs, it's just now that I remembered that I have to do my Monday workouts in the morning

Dammit, now I can't fast and gain the reward from my Lord

Dammit 🙁



Al-Bukhaari (6491) and Muslim (131) narrated from Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said, relating from his Lord, may He be glorified and exalted: “Allah decreed good deeds and bad deeds, then He explained that. Whoever thinks of doing a good deed then does not do it, Allah will write it down as one complete good deed. If he thinks of doing a good deed and then does it, Allah [may He be glorified and exalted] will write it down between ten and seven hundred fold, or many more. If he thinks of doing a bad deed then he does not do it, Allah will write it down as one complete good deed, and if he thinks of it then does it, Allah will write it down as one bad deed.”

So I still get the full reward, so long as I has the full intention, and I did! I've had the intention for like two days now

So since I'm not going to be able to do it I still get the full reward!

All praise be to Him!!

I really gotta remember to change my boxers tomorrow morning these jawns STINKK!

It's prolly all the nut stains that's on it n shyt

The tiny remnants of seminal fluid on my boxers is causing it to produce a foul odor 😐


-why don't you just change them now

Uhh.. maybe cuz there's nobody around to smell my stinky boxers and I have to watch porn and masterbate and ejaculate tonight

I mean... I have to go to sleep tonight after my Isha Salah

-why don't you just stop watching porn?

😂 lmmaaaooo

Good one!

Ariana Grande gotta fat ass!!!

-no she don't

I ate her butt

Just prayed Maghrib, my favorite! 😊

Can't wait to pray Isha so I can go to sleep!

Insha'llah I won't fart, I'm finna eat again

I try to eat three times everyday, once after Fajr, once after Asr, and once after Maghrib

The Messenger of Allaah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he only needed to eat once in the day, just a few dates

And he never once in his life ever ate until he was full

NEVER! he only needed a few bites just to keep him going

This is why he is the best

Me, I be stuffing my face!

I be eating enough to feed a whole village

I gotta high metabolism 🙁

I'm fat as shit 😟

All I do is EAT!!

These jawns REALLY STINKK !

My boxers

All this nut stain that's on it

I really need to start changing these jawns more frequently

-or maybe you should just stop watching so much porn

Cddffuupp 😂

You should do stand up, you'd make a lot of money

But I really be nuttin a lot

I got a lot of nut

Why is that?

Why do I emit so much semen?🤔

*Google search*

In medicine, hyperspermia is a condition in which a male has an abnormally large ejaculate (or semen) volume.[1] Males with hyperspermia usually have higher sex drives than males that do not. It is the opposite of hypospermia, and is generally defined in humans when the ejaculate is over 5.5 ml.


That's what I have, I got hyperspermia

Finna pray Isha now and go straight to sleep

Gotta wake up early in the morning to do my workouts and pray Tahajjud for the sake of Allah Azzawajal

Just prayed Isha, good night now!

take off ur clothes btch!


all you finna get is nut

fuck her fuck her fuck her!!!!!!!

I nutted

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

What they're rejecting is not Islam, but a distorted image of Islam

I don't care what the world tells you about you, you are special to Allah

Allah loves you

In 1642 Galileo dies after seven years of house arrest

Why was he under house arrest? "Sorry, science says the earth is actually not the center of the universe, the sun is"

The church didn't like this, they believed that the earth is actually the center of the universe

Islam deactivated this dilemma from day one

There was never any crossroads in Islamic thought

Because Islam promoted knowledge, Islam promoted research

Islam promoted intellectuality, Islam promoted critical thinking, Islam promoted the sciences

Our Deen began with "recite"

Medicine is not a game, go and study it, become known for it, become skilled in it, then practice it

If you want to cry, cry, but not for pessimism

The first Islamic hospital in the world was in Damascus Syria

900 years before there was the first hospital in Paris

Islam can and always, builds industries and individuals

Has been able to maintain economy and ethics

In reality it wasn't the Religion that holds you back

It's the false, fabricated man made religion that shackled them into the dark ages

And even them, they begin realizing it now that it was an overreaction

They're addicted to movies of the unseen: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings

What is that? That's the internal conflict, that's the crossroads that happened within them

Because they couldn't balance between both

Islam is the solution to every problem that may arise

No time and no place can ever thrive properly without this Islam

This delusion of the crossroads, these challenges we face, a majority of them come from not realizing what our Islam is about

"How can you possibly persevere and hold on to something that you are not acquainted with?"

We live in a age where being socially Muslim, "I'm Muslim because my parents are Muslim" won't cut it anymore

But only when you know what your Islam is, and what it can do for you, and do for the world around you, will you love it more than life itself

My father had four children, from the same woman, he had four

Me, my older brother, my older sister, and my younger brother Ibrahim, he died when he was only three

Do you know how hard it is to lose a child??

I still remember the cries that my father bellowed in the hospital when Ibrahim died

He loved him soo much! Still, Allah took him away from him

So he was left with only three children, me, my older brother, and my older sister

All of us were living in Africa, Sierra Leone, which is a fourth world country, the poorest of the poor

We had nothing! Our whole family had nothing, we was poor and had absolutely nothing

I remember having to use "a bar of soap" as toothpaste because our family could not afford to buy actual toothpaste

While we were in Africa, my father worked tirelessly to take care of us

He only had one job which was not paying him enough but he used that one job to take care of us and provide for us

Then my father played some lottery and he managed to come to America

When he came here, he worked and worked hard just so that he could bring his children to America so that they can have a better life, that was his main objective

He had to get a job at a laundromat, and he didn't even have a place to live when he got here, it was only him and God

Still, he managed to work hard and he bought me and my older brother to this country first and he took care of us

He would go to work, from 7am to 7am (24 hour shift)

And then when he came home he would sit down at the stove so that he could cook for me and my older brother

A few years ago, he managed to bring my older sister Fatmata Mansaray to this country also

When she first came, the first couple months or years she was good and obedient to my father

But immediately as she started getting new friends and a little bit of money in her pocket she completely changed!

Now she has the FUCKING NERVE to curse at my father and belittle him after all that he did for her

When she came to this country she was the one who enticed my older brother to move away from the state and completely forget about my father, SHE WAS THE ONE

Why?? Because my father has anger isaues? Because he's hard to live with? Because he curses at us?

We are his kids! He suffered for us! He did everything for us!!

Let him curse at us!! Let him be hard to live with

He can have a million bad habits but as long as he's our father and he suffered for us then it don't mean a damn thing!

My father don't like my sister? FUCK MY SISTER FATMATA MANSARAY!

My father don't like my older brither? FUCK MY OLDER BROTHER!

I don't give a damn! My father is the one who brought us up, he took care of us and was there when we had nothing!

Whoever my father don't like then I don't like that person

It's all clear to me now, my father is the one that I owe my life to, he is the one that I should obey and honor, him him him!

Fuck everybody else!

Everything you read fills your head with new bits of information

And you never know when these bits might come in handy

The more knowledge you have the better equipped you are to tackle any challenge that you have to face

The more you read the more words you gain exposure to

And they will inevitably make their way into your everyday vocabulary

Forming a daily reading habit will expand your knowledge and help you on your journey to success Insha'llah

-August Taylor

They also take into account the probable constraints and barriers

Which can occur in transferring of pollens from one plant to another

And they try to reduce those barriers as much as they can

So that the exact amount of pollen can be transferred in the exact duration and the exact distance

This is what can take us to Jannah

During the time of Umar ibn al-Khattab

There were two men who brought in a young boy dragging into the courthouse

So Umar ibn al-Khattab he asked him "what is this? What's going on? Why are you dragging him into the courthouse?"

They say this boy he killed our father

Umar ibn al-Khattab he asked him "did you really kill their father?"

The boy says "yes I did kill their father but it was by accident"

My camel it used to tread on their property

So one day their father took a rock and hit the camel in the eye

And I saw the camel suffering

And it made me infurious and aggravated

So I took a rock and threw it at the father, and it hit him in the head and he fell and died

So Umar ibn al-Khattab he asks the two brothers "will you forgive this young boy for this accident?"

They say no, we want retribution

So Umar ibn al-Khattab he asks the young boy do you have any last words, any last wishes, any last requests?

And the young boy he says "yes, my father passed away and I have a younger brother

And my father left some money behind for my younger brother

I would like three days to go and retrieve this wealth from a hidden place

So that I can make sure my brother gets it when I die and pass away

So Umar ibn al-Khattab he thinks this boy is making up this story

He's like "Boy what are you talking about? What wealth what father what young brother?"

The young boy he says trust me

Umar ibn al-Khattab he says okay I will trust you

But find a gurantor for you

Someone who will gurantee that you will come back

The young boy he looks around, there's a packed courthouse, "will someone not help me today?"

And everyone as the young boy is looking around they turn their face away they turn their faces down, no one wants to help this boy

Then from the back of the courthouse a hand raises up, who's hand is it? Abu Dharr Al-Ghaffar (ra)

The noble and illustrious companion who gave Da'wah to so many of the tribes, he says "I will be the gurantor of this boy. "

Now understand what it means to be the gurantor. Meaning that if this boy does not come back

It is the head of Abu Dharr Al-Ghaffar (ra) that will be chopped off, he will be killed

Abu Dharr Al-Ghaffar (ra) says "I will be the gurantor" so the boy goes away

The first day goes by the boy is nowhere to be seen

The second day goes by the boy is still nowhere to be seen

Asr time comes on the third day

The two brothers go to Abu Dharr Al-Ghaffar (ra) and they say come with us to the court house it is time

Abu Dharr Al-Ghaffar (ra) says "I will come to the court house but the day does not end until Maghrib"

So Abu Dharr Al-Ghaffar (ra) is walking through Madina with these two brothers, they're going to the court house

And the people of Madina are following behind them

All getting to the court house to see what is going to happen. It is now the talk of the town you can imagine

Many minutes are going by, the courthouse is filling up the anxieties building up

Will Abu Dharr Al-Ghaffar (ra) have his life sacrificed for the mistake of a boy?

And literally minutes before the Adhan of Salatul Maghrib the boy rushes in

People are now shouting, they're happy

They're now wondering what's going to happen? Will everyone be forgiven? Will everyone be happy? What's going to happen?

So the boy comes in, the Adhan for Maghrib hasn't gone

Umar ibn al-Khattab he asks the boy "oh boy why did you come back?"

"I did not send a spy behind you, I did not send anyone to follow you what made you come back?"

He said "that I did not want anyone to say that a Muslim gave his word and did not fulfill it" so I came back

Umar ibn al-Khattab he turns to Abu Dharr he says "oh Abu Dharr, what made you want to be the gurantor of this boy?"

He says "I saw a Muslim in need and I did not want anyone to ever say that a Muslim was in need and no one was there to help him"


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

I been nutted

My nut game crazy

Everytime that I ejaculate the semen comes out in spurts

I got hyperspermia

I nutted once after the Isha prayer, and I nutted again late at night before I prayed Tahajjud

August Taylor gotta fat ass

-u ate her butt??


I would never put my mouth or lips in anywhere of a porn star's body

Do you know how many nggas done touched all on her n shyt?

A shit load of nggas that's how many?

Plus her pussy prolly stink

I just farted

I already prayed Fajr, so it's cool

My life revolves around prayer

⚠ Monday

I start with the name of Allah

You fuckin faggots can't seem to understand English. I'm not gay, bi, none of that shit. I'm straight. I. Love. Vagina. You fuckin fags are everywhere!

Put your trust in Allah, the One Who never dies

Unto Allah belongs everything that is in the heavens and everything that is on this earth

Therefore Allah alone is in charge of our affairs

He does as He pleases

Allah's plan is better than our plan

The concept of Tawakkul is mentioned in 42 different places in Quran

Yeesssss! Just finished my Isha Salah. Now if anything happens to me and I die I will go to Jannah 😄

That faggot ass fat ngga on the bus be plotting on me

Yesterday after school when I got on the bus that mf was praying that I would sit in the front of the bus with him but I saw him and sat in the back of the bus, fuckin faggot

He fat as shit

To be fat and be a faggot is the worst combination

Scary ass ngga, he ugly as shit

His head big as shyt. That jawn look like a oversized bowling ball

I have no problem beating a faggot ngga df up!

Ima beat da shit out of one of these faggot nggas!

Btch... you're a ngga just like me!

Df, you think I'm going to be hesitant?


Btch ima kill u before u kill me!

Or before you do some gay shit around me, FUCK U!

These Ritz crackers good as shyt

Fuckin these jawns up

Cdfupp 😂

This reminds me of this porn video I was watching couple days ago

Btch how df is you gonna break into MY house, try to steal MY stuff, and I catch u n shyt

And when I tell you that I won't call the cops on u or do anything if you suck my dck

Then that btch gon be reluctant to do it n shyt

Talking about some "oohh yeah you gotta little dick CRACKER"


Df. Btch ik I gotta little dick, but that mf still in your mouth tho right?

OK then!

The one who remembers Allah constantly is alive

Dhikr brings about peace in the grave

The reason why we pray is to establish dhikr of Allah

No matter what his sins are, this is a person who is always turning to Allah

Indeed Jannah is barren, but that's why we are doing our good deeds

The Prophet SAWS has rights over us

What is love?

Love is an old English word that goes back to a Saxon word, and it relates to being pleased with

Our word "believe" is related to love

Because you believe in what you're pleases with

Things that your heart accepts are things that you believe

Love is a seed that's nurtured, and it's nurtured with knowledge of the beloved

The more you know about the Beloved, the more you love the Beloved

One of the descriptions of love they say it's friendship on fire

"I'm crying tears of blood for you"

Tears of blood are real

They (gays and lesbians) both go against the natural disposition (fitrah) which Allaah has created in mankind – and also in animals – whereby the male is inclined towards the female, and vice versa. Whoever goes against that goes against the natural disposition of mankind, the fitrah.

-You faggots go against the natural disposition of mankind. God created "Adam and Eve" not "Adam and Steve"

Nobody likes a faggot 😞

People write the worst poems when they're in love but it doesn't matter

One of the reasons why we were given Sharee’ah is to protect property

Because "things" are important

It's an amazing thing to know what something means. It's a great gift

That God gave to human beings

His disbelief is his disobedience

Allah is greater. Which means I am not

I'm thinking about that girl from the barbershop a couple weeks ago

She was washing my head

Her hands were soft as shit

Me and her share something special

I can tell by how soft her hands were that she is the girl for me

I love her and I want to marry her

Don't fuckin try to tell me how I'm feeling

This girl is something special!

Don't try to dissuade me from marrying her, you're standing in the way of true love, I'LL KILL YOU BTCH!!

Wanna know how ik that she is the girl for me?

Because her name was "Love"



⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

I gotta start my assignment today

I'ma go to school and begin working on it

I'ma save it both on my flash drive and I also have a cloud ☁ storage in which ima save it on

Better to be safe then sorry that's what I always say!

-😑no u don't

I like the dark better then the light

Black is my favorite color

-That's why you black as shit

-u look like a black ant 🐜

I fuck more btches than you

-noo you don't

Btch yess I do you ugly as shit

You look like me n shyt


Btch I'm going home

I'm hungry as shit

I gotta little dick

Yess! Asr finna come soon and I didn't fart yet!! 😄


All praise be to Allah!

The Lord of the Throne

The ultimate inheritor

The king of the Day of Judgment

The One Who does not need

The Creator of all

The... "Ppfffffffftt" 💨

Darn it!

Why does that always happen 😞

THINK of the future, but LIVE in the present

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The martyrs are five: those who are stabbed, those who die of a stomach disease, those who drown, those who are crushed by falling walls, and those who die in battle for the sake of Allaah.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari,

Look at those who die by drowning, or by fire, or who are crushed by falling walls. Are these not frightening things? But that does not indicate that they are bad, rather the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called them martyrs (shuhada’), which is the utmost honour. The way in which a person dies does not indicate that he is bad, but Allaah in His wisdom decrees that some people should die in this manner. Perhaps that is in order to raise them in status in Paradise, or to expiate for some of their sins, or for some other reason that we do not know.

We ask Allaah to guide you to good deeds and positive thinking.

Roszay babymom look like a fatass walrus!

Roszay babymom look like a fatass male human being

When you die people will remember you for the good words you used to utter

They will remember you because you made them feel good

It is a sign that we need reformation ourselves

A "Companion" is someone who met the Prophet SAWS, believed in him, and died as a Muslim

Seeing him in a dream is not enough

The Tabireen is the generation that came after the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

Oh naw I'm trippin, they not really boxers

I was proclaiming that my "boxers" produced a foul odor due to the many residue of semen stains that's on it, but naaww

They not boxers!

They're "brief boxers"

I'm trippin!

It's my "brief boxers" that has residues of semen stains on it

Them jawns STINKK!



Allah doesn't repeat a point in the Qur’an except to affirm the importance of it

Ok so knowing this... How many times does Allah repeat Himself as being a Merciful and Forgiving Lord?

🤔... a lot

That's how many... a lot!

We have to follow the Sahaba

We need to understand things in the way that the Sahaba understood them

They were the ones who helped the Prophet SAWS

They were the first to support the Religion

They saw the Qur’an being revealed

They were there when the Ayat was being revealed

Who is your Shaykh? Who is your teacher?

Their teacher was not Abu Hanifa, or Imam Maalik. They learned from the Prophet SAWS himself

They have a really deep understanding of the Qur’an

I farted again

I been farted

My Wudu been nullified, keep it a bean

The scholars differed as to when the time for doing ghusl on Friday begins. The majority (including the Shaafa’is, Hanbalis and Zaahiris) were of the view that it begins from dawn on Friday. This was narrated from Ibn ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him).

To sum up, this hadeeth (“There is no prayer after Fajr prayer and there is no prayer after ‘Asr prayer”) is specific; if a person offers a prayer for which there is a reason, then it is not prohibited.

Okkk..... 💡

Like the "prayer of repentance"

It's permissible to pray it at times when the prayer is forbidden


I once fukked the shit out this one girl, dark skin jawn, her name was...

Actually I can't say her name cuz she might have said her Shahada and secretly converted to Islam n shyt 😕

Trying keep it a secret

She could be like Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a damn Muslim!!

But anyways...

This btch

I mean "girl"

I fucked the shit out her

At the back of a school bus

I had to take my shirt off and put it over that btch mouth cuz she wanted to be all loud moaning n shyt

I fucked the shit out her!

And afterwards I came to my senses like "oh shitt! I just committed Zina! I need to go home and pray to my Lord Allah Azzawajal and beg Him for forgiveness"

But it was after Asr time, and I had already done the Asr prayer 🙁

Also I remember once, a couple times actually

I smoked weed and got high af, and afterwards I realized...

"Oh shit, I just smoked weed I'm high af, I need to go pray to my Lord Allah Azzawajal and Beseech Him for forgiveness"

Imam Ali ibn Abi Taalib said that knowledge is better than money

Cardi B gotta fat ass!

-Who you think gotta fatter butt. Cardi B or Nicki?

"shrugs" don't know, don't care! Both them btches dirty

Alyssa Milano gotta fat ass

You know that btch off "Charmed" she gotta fat ass

-who else?

You know that btch off that movie..


That one movie!

What's that shyt called

It's like hunger games


The btch off there, she gotta fat ass!

-noo she don't!

I ate her butt 😐

-you love eating butt don't you?

naw I love to eat pussy. I ate ur mom pussy couple times. Her shit taste like coconut juice


-btch you look like coconut juice

-you ugly as shit in the face

-you look like Tarzan's gorilla dad n shyt

-what's that ngga name?


-btch you look like Kerchak!

Loving the Sahaba is a sign of eemaan

Hating the Sahaabah is a sign of hypocrisy

Because Allah loves those who are just

Finna pray Isha in a little bit

Can't wait!

Gonna pray Isha and go straight to sleep, gotta wake up early tomorrow morning

Tomorrow's Wednesday, so I gotta wake up early to do my morning workout and pray Tahajjud Insha'llah

And I have class tomorrow! I gotta make sure that I get a good night sleep 😴

Just prayed Isha. Good night!

I'll give you $40 to spread your buttcheeks

don't decline my offer!!

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I come to my senses after I ejaculate

I be like "eeewwww wtff is wrong with me?? I can't believe I just watched that shit"

Then a few hours later I watch the same thing all over again smhh

I got hyperspermia

It's a rare medical condition

It causes the emission of my seminal fluid to come out in large quantities

Aproximately 5.5 ml

My morning woods don't be morning woods, they be like "morning oak trees"

Morning "king size bed"

You're not going to enter Jannah through your actions and deeds

Through His Mercy Allah will grant you happiness in this Dunya

Honesty begins with honesty towards your Maker, by worshipping Him alone

And The Prophet doesn't have to say Wallahi. He doesn't have to, but he says Wallahi. "The value of Dunya in the Sight of Allah is less, is lower than that dead disgusting goat"

What Dunya? What Dunya causes a person to wish suicide? Why because someone was proposing to me and someone rejected them, it just didn't work out


but... I wanna cultivate my seeds 🌱


The number one priority in our life, the number one that we should fulfill their rights, our parents, according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

The whole world stops when your mom says "give me a cup of water"

"Would you please forgive me if I was a millisecond late getting you that cup of water?"

Seek forgiveness from your parents

Had our parents not forgive us, Wallahi we will be doomed in this life and the Hereafter

No matter how Religious we may seem to be

Younger kids who are going through puberty are stubborn and angry


Forgive, and your reward is with Allah SWT

We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the evil of our bad deeds

And the worst thing is the computer. All this Facebook, get off Facebook, I'm giving you good advice. Get off Facebook, get a life!

You decide what you want to do with your life

This incredible technology which took millenias to develop. This is what we use it for?

The worst of all bully is when you are bullied by your own people

Suddenly all this love which was invested transforms into the worst and bitterness of hatred

In the tenth year of his Prophethood his uncle Abu Tallib died

Two months later his wife died

I remembered to change my boxers briefs! Alhamdulillah!! 😄

This ngga Iblees wanted me to forget to change them

He wants me to have a stinky dick


My shyt gotta be clean! It gotta smell good always, why? For your mom. She don't like stinky dicks

-Who?? You talking about my mom?

No wtf noo

I'm talking about this ngga Ibliss, his mom

-oh ok, cuz you always talking about my mom!

Bruh, wtf, no I don't! I would never talk bad about your mom. I love her ☺



⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

I already nutted last night so I didn't nut this morning

South Africa's economy is struggling

Republicans control 2/3 of state legislatures in the US

I may forget to change my boxers briefs, I may forget to do my homework, I may forget the name of that girl, but I will NEVER forget to put on deodorant!

Because if I stink or smell bad, then people is gon look at me like 😞 "eeww that's that stinky Muslim boy"

Thus they will be dissuaded from joining the Religion of Islam, because of my foul odor, they gon think that Islam is a Religion filled with stinky nggas

Islam is not a stinky Religion. We all smell good Wallahi!

Two things that I will never forget:

1. To put on deodorant

2. That I'm fasting. So I accidentally drink water or eat something forgetting I'm fasting

😂cdffuupp! Who df is going to forget??

You gotta be like a beginner or something!

I mean, it's cool if you forget, there's no sin on you, but I mean like... COME ON!

I farted

But it's cool tho cuz I already did my Fajr

My life revolves around Salah

Allah is the only God

Only a novice will forget they're fasting

Only a noob!!

That ngga Michael sound gay af

From my class

He sound like a bitch

Islam is based on bashfulness

What they're doing is actually tarnishing the reputation of Islam

What's wrong is when you come and do it in public

I just took a crazy dookie!

Now I'm finna watch some porn

Now I am going to proceed to watch some pornographic content and masterbate 😐


I'm only gonna watch some porn after Salatul Isha

My life revolves around Salah

Why? Because they want fame, and fame seekers usually end up in hell

This is totally against Islam and it is not befitting for a Muslim

Part of yourself is your beastial nature

Those that don't listen to their intellect are like animals

The idea of human beings resorting to the beastial element in itself is a capitulation

the action of surrendering or ceasing to resist an opponent or demand.
"the victor sees it as a sign of capitulation"
an agreement or set of conditions.

Hunger and craving which is the essence of desire overwhelms the intellect

So they begin to want things that are harmful for them

This is why they're worse than animals, because an animal will only take what it needs

That ngga Michael from class is a fruitcake bruh

Fuckin fagg smhh

It is part of human nature to defend yourself

When you fall, your reaction is to put your arm out

You don't fall on your face

That ngga Michael from class sound like an eleven year old white girl

Michael "from class"

Not Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson sounded like an average male human being, nothing was wrong with the way he sounded

But this ngga "Michael from class" sounds GAY AF!!

The essence of mercy is in the womb

The womb is derived from an attribute of God, and this is what women have that men don't have

Did I do my prayers already??


Yes I did, because I always do them and I put prayer first always

And I intend to fast tomorrow

That ngga Michael from class sound like a bitch 😕

He ugly as shit all short and stubby

His head big as shyt

His head look like a fatass Roszay babymom

His head look like a watermelon 🍉

He ugly as shit sounding like a 12 year old white girl 👧

Change that ngga name from Michael to Michelle

I'ma refer to him now as "Michele from class" so as to avoid any confusion, cuz I don't want nggas to think I'm talking bout Michael Jackson

Cuz Michael Jackson was a pious Muslim. He used to pray Tahajjud!!

This ngga Michelle from class gotta big ass head looking like a fatass skittle

His head big and small at the same time

He short as shit with that bigass head!

Looking like a bobblehead

When you remember Allah your heart comes to life


The human mind is very inquisitive

If you abstain from insulting others than Insha'llah it will have a greater impact

Don't be a person who will not accept correction or some form of rectification

You like someone you love someone, you see someone on the street, of course it's haraam, but just to make you understand

This ngga Michelle from class is a fag

You don't believe in God that's your problem. You'll probably commit suicide in five years, because you don't have any purpose in your life

The higher you go the pettier things can get, because you lose a sense of perspective from way up there

648 is "!-!-!-!"

The Qur’an is teaching me that success has nothing to do with wealth

Pluralism is the existence of two or more identities

Tolerance is nothing more than allowing the existence

Fear of Islam has become more and more prevalent in everyday discourse

The United States is a nation that will never tolerate antisemitism

40% of Muslims support terrorism worldwide

Tolerance is the acceptance of the multiplicity of voices

When we start to define ourselves against irrationality we diminish what it means to be a Muslim American and we problematize the notion of having a Izza as an American Muslim

There is absolutely nothing that I worry about, everything is great, God is going to take care of everything

Freedom is a package deal

Any imaginable action, the reward of it in the end depends on your intention

Religion is the essence of worldly solace

If you want happiness in this world you need to bear patience

Two grown ass men can't stay in the same room together 😑

Df, I need "P-R-I-V-A-C-Y"

That ngga Michelle from class gotta big ass small head looking like a baby bottle pop

Roszay babymom look like a fatass geiser roll!

Roszay babymom look like a fatass adopted son

This ngga Michelle from class strong as shit in the face, his face look like the arms of a heavyweight UFC fighter

This ngga, he's short and stubby, strong in the face, gotta big ass small head, sound like a 12 year old white girl, and he's gay, this ngga a total FRUITCAKE!

those are like the worst combinations

Have a strong ass face, have a big small head, sound like a 10 year old white girl


That ngga sound like a white girl 👧 who's on the verge of pubescence n shyt

We try to see Jannah through our worldly lens, and that's a big problem. Don't worry about the details of Jannah, just know that you're going to be happy

You're so beautiful, just let your light shine

These scarves to me are beautiful

You are the most beautiful woman in the world, to me

You dress like that because Allah commanded you to dress like that

We have to get rid of the internal contradictions and that will help spread our message

Allah cursed them and made their hearts hard

Allah's curse is linked to having a hard heart

There is nothing more dangerous of a punishment than Allah's curse

In the modern vernacular the hardness of the heart is like the Aids virus

The covenant of Allah is the Sharee’ah

If the Qur’an does not move us then we have a hard heart


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

I be forgetting

This shyt not silk, I thought it was

My friend from the Mosque told me that it wasn't, i trust him

Because he's Muslim

*Damn, no baby
I'm kinda looking for her for you
For you to be my bride, and the mother of my child*

Insha'llah I will find a wife 👰 and get married soon!

I have to get married to a lightskin girl, a girl that has a much lighter skin complexion then I do

Why? Because I'm black as shit, so if my wife is darkskin like me then if I get her pregnant and she delivers nggas ain't gon be able to see the damn baby

The doctor gon be like: "PUSHH! PUSH OUT YOU CAN DO IT!"

Then when she pushes the baby out nobody gon be able to see it

I'ma be like: "Where the baby at?? Where he go? ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAH IS GREAT!"


Then one of the nurses gon flick the light on and I'ma be like "oh there he go!"

⚠ Thursday

I start with the name of Allah

This shyt stupid 😞

I'm not able to log in

That Septa lady bad as shyt, she hella pretty, I bet she gotta fat butt

I wanna marry her


I'll kill you btch. Don't stand in the way of true love

Fasting is going great!

I'm not even that hungry frfr

Fasting conditions you

I'm still trying to memorize this Surah, I've been on it for like three weeks now, but I don't care how long it takes, I'M GOING TO MEMORIZE IT!

When I say that I'm going to do something I put my heart in it and I DO IT

Cdfupp I can't belive I said that shit!

Wtf is wrong with me??

Never make fun of or mock a Muslim individual, male or female

Them nggas is protected by Angels n shyt

And Angels love the Muslims n shyt

I remember once I tried to make fun of Michael Jackson lol, I said a joke that goes along the lines of .....______

I can't say it, but a couple friends were around me so I said the joke and everybody was laughing, I was feeling proud of myself, for making fun of this ngga Michael Jackson

Btch I went home and went to sleep I had a mfn nightmare n shyt 😱

Somebody was choking me and I was underwater and I couldn't breathe!

Btch I woke up, I thought that the nightmare was over btch lo and behold I was still in it!

I had woken up and everything was dark, the whole room was dark I couldn't see shit

Then some mf appeared in front of my face and said "BOO!! 👹"

I was like "OHH SHITT!" 😨

I woke up and fell down from my bed, btch I peed on myself

I'm never making fun of Michael Jackson again, or any other Muslim

Finna break my fast, fasting was light today

I can't wait to go to the House of my Lord tomorrow

Insha'llah I won't die

Any woman who gets married without the consent of her guardian her Nikkah is not valid

Allah knows that it is easy for men to manipulate women

So he put a guardian in place to protect her honor, her dignity

In marriage this is good, outside of marriage this is evil

Children if your parents take your phones away from you it is only to protect you, and they have every right, no one else loves you more than them

They don't want you to fall into the humiliation that we see today in everyday society

Allah is testing us

This is part and parcel of life

I am a Muslim, I love Allah and His Messenger

When we speak to the opposite gender it must be formal

I'm thinking about that girl from SEPTA

She hella pretty, and she got great hair

I love her

May Allah bless the entire SEPTA

May Allah sustain them!


I woke up with a morning oak tree

Every Muslim should be certain about Islam but they should also have a sense of fallibilism about their understanding of Islam

"My understanding is the only understanding, it is the only correct understanding"

That is the height of arrogance

I believe in what I'm doing and I believe in the four Madhabs

Because they were made up of sound methodological principles

So that made sense to me

I like Denzel Washington, and I really wanted to watch that video

But soon as I saw the cross I clicked right out that shyt

I'ma horny little fucker

I gotta cum in you btch!!!!

I don't care about the repercussions!!!!!!

I don't care about the consequences of my actions btch I just know i gotta nut in you


I nutted

bye ✈

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I be making the ugliest faces when I nut

I'm ugly as shit

Today's Friday, finna do these workouts as a form of expiation for my sin of watching porn and masterbating

And then I will take a shower, make Wudu and pray Fajr

The workouts be hard af 😕

I be tired as shit

But Fajr be soooo easy 😊

I lovee FAJR!!

Allah is the only God and He is the only One Who is deserving of worship


⚠ Friday




I loooveee Fridaayss!!

Going to the Mosque today to worship my Lord Allah Azzawajal 😊

I can't look at no girl's ass today

Today has to be perfect!

The Angels are vigilant today 👀

They're vigilant on all days but TODAY!

They on they job today

May Allah bless me today

May Allaah grant me every goodness

May Allah protect me, may He give me long life

May Allah bless my mother, may He forgive her for all her sins and give her long life

May Allah bless my father, may He forgive him for all his sins and grant him long life

I love my parents

May Allah bless that kid. May Allah give him long life

May Allah make him successful in whatever does he does

I just took a dookie, I had to wipe thrice because today's Friday and it's the best day of the week, the Angels are watching

Allah is the only God

Not gonna look at her ass not gonna look at her ass not gonna look at her ass 🙈

-look at her ass bro!

WHERE?? 🙉👀


That uglyass ngga Iblees made me look

This is me ⤵⤵⬇⬇


I'm at Jummuah, I love it here! I love my life! I LOVE BEING MUSLIM!!

May Allah bless Adam, he helped me find my shoe, he is a pious Muslim

I feel accomplished ☺

I feel so good that I think I'm going to fast on Monday just like my master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

I'm going to fast to gain the reward from my Lord

I'm making the intention now!

But... the intention has to be made to fast the next day between Fajr and Maghrib, so making the intention now would be rather pointless

Mhmm 🤔

I KNOW!! 😃

I'm going to make an intention, to make the intention, on Thursday sunset!

Df, "Thursday" sunset, I'm dumb as shit

I mean Sunday sunset

I'm clearly not using the brain that Allah has given me

Finna pray Asr now

I already made Wudu, I didn't fart!!

Wallahi I didn't

Leaving Jummuah now

Insha'llah I won't fart again



I wouldn't lie to you!

It's haraam to lie

I'm home! 😄

I been farted 😞

I farted omw over here

Multiple times actually

With every step I took I farted

Like "pppfft" "ppffttt" "ppffffffff"

It was a rhythm

Or a hip hop beat

A trap type beat

She bad as shyt, I nutted in her mouf

-whoo ??

Lol.. mom dukes


You ugly as shit

You look like Morpheus off the matrix


That's her name! Oh shit!!

I was thinking about her, I was wondering like "Wtf is that btch name?" 😕

That's the girl off the porn video where the dude was like "I'll give you $40 to spread your buttcheeks" 😂

She was like "that wasn't our arrangement"

Cdffuupp. I gotta watch that video again


I woke up with a morning oak tree again 🌲🌴

I need to plant these seeds of oak trees

I need to find that Karlee Grey video

That btch been on my mind all day

Show your tits Karlee

I love you

I nutted.

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Next Friday I'm not going to Jummuah at that Masjid or any Masjid, until me and my father move out this one bedroom apartment

Nor am I going to upload anything

I'm tired of helping people and they refuse to help me. "I-DO-NOT-WANT-TO-STAY-IN-A-ONE-BEDROOM"

Since we're all playing dumb, I can play dumb just like yall

I hate those who are ungrateful

Help out the one who is helping you

I'm gonna delete everything about Religion on my website, I've already done enough!

I'm tired of giving a helping hand to those who won't even stretch out their fingers to help me

Two grown ass men can't stay in the same room. It can't happen!


I love my father, and I wouldn't want to live with anyone but him. But my father is a "MAN". I am a "MAN"

I can't even stretch out my legs

A single room tho??

It's not possible!

Since when have you heard two grown ass men sharing the same room??

And this ngga be snoring!

I'm going to the library today and deleting everything about Religion

Since we all wanna play dumb I can play dumb just like you


⚠ Saturday

When my father first bought me to this country I was 6 years old, and my older brother was ten, at that time all three of us was sleeping in the SAME ROOM

And that happened for years on end, but it wasn't really that bad cuz at that time I was only a small kid and I wasn't really that grown

Now... I'ma grown ass man, 23 years of age, and I'm TALL AS SHIT!

You want me and my father to share the same room again, IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!

Allah is the Knower of all things, and He is Just!

He knows exactly what to do and He will do it

I repeat:


Because I'm tired of helping people out and they refuse to help me

Two grown ass men cannot stay in the same room, the same bed together!

In 1998 they beat and killed a homosexual to death, just for the fact that he was gay

-cdffuupp 😂

-serves that gay ngga right, fuckin faggot


I was just playing

Why df would you kill somebody just because they're gay?? 😕

That gay ngga can repent, he can change

He can get married and have children and his children can grow to be really pious Muslims

Don't just kill him cuz he's gay wtff

Have hope! Yes, homosexuality is wrong, it's disgusting, it's vile

But you don't know the type of person that gay ngga can be, he can be a devout Muslim, a pious worshipper of Allah SWT

He can be like Michael Jackson

Not saying that Michael Jackson was gay, cuz he wasn't!

Michael Jackson was a honorable descent human being, nothing was wrong with him!

10am need to hurry up, so I can go to the library and delete all this shit

The Hidden Keyboard Shortcut for Images in Your Browser: S+Right-Click. Take a second to hold down the "S" key and right-click on any image on the web.

Are you talking about saving pictures from internet explorer? In IE 6 (and maybe earlier versions) in internet options - advanced tab, under multimedia, you could check "enable image toolbar". This would show a little box in the corner of pictures, with options to save, email, and print.

It's only me and my dad, this shyt is sad

Yo bro I got some bud, you trying spark up?

This ngga gon talk about some "now?"

-😑naaww tomorrow btch.

I asked this otha ngga like "there's this girl that I like can you please go tell her for me that I want to marry her

He gon talk about some "now?"


Naww... next week

I asked this otha ngga, I said "yo bro you know where I can get some bud?"

He gon talk about some "oh I don't smoke bro"

😑 df???

Btch I didn't ask you if you smoked or not, I asked you "do you know where I can get some"

And the only reason I asked you us cuz you sold some to me last year so wtf is u talking about??

Nggas be on some funny shit

I don't even give a fuk

Valerie Kay

It's hard to make up my mind as to which porn video I am going to ejaculate to

Hmmm... *choices choices* 🤔



I nutted 😐

Time to take a shower and make Wudu

My life revolves around prayer times

You do not have to go to Jummuah in order to be considered Muslim

Are you sinning? Yes

Is it a major sin? Yes

But nonetheless, you are still Muslim!

I'm not going to Jummuah at that Masjid or any other Masjid again because I don't like the way that they treat me

The Religion of Islam is good and perfect, but it's just the members of the Religion who are not

They make being a Muslim look bad, they make the entire Religion seem like you shouldn't follow it

They have dissuaded me completely!

I'll just pray Zhuhr at home

I hate my life! I'm not happy about my living condition at all. I hate this shit!!!!

The first opportunity I get I'm buying all this weed and get high af!!

Ima get high till I die!

I wanna die!

Fuck the world and everything in it

Insha'llah I will die soon



⚠ Sunday

There are 200 billion stars in the milky way galaxy

Modern cities are a testament to some of the greatest accomplishments of human civilization

Think of the galaxy as a city of stars

Our sun is just one of the 200 billion stars

Each galaxy is different, but it turns out there is a pattern

There are two types of galaxies

The first type: Eliptical galaxies. They appear as large balls of stars, and no matter what angle they're viewed from they always appear as rounded

The other type is spiral galaxies

From a distance a spiral galaxy looks like a frisbee

The Milky way is a spiral galaxy. When we look up in the stars at night we're really seeing our place in the universe

You will need to get out of the Milky way to really see what it looks like, we don't have a way to do that

But we can look at other galaxies and see what they look like

Islamic knowledge is not the only knowledge out there. Is it the most important? Yes. Will it benefit you the most? Yes. But there are others

After this I'm going to watch a video about the female mind and how it works

Because btches be confusing

I be like 🤔

It takes light 100,000 years to cross our galaxy

Wtf, how df is learning about the galaxy going to benefit me in any way??

I'm finna just watch videos about the female mind and how it works

Because I def want to get married in the future and learning about the female species as a whole will make me into a better husband and u can be able to choose my spouse easier

God willing

If it's not the looks or the money then it's the feeling. "How is this guy making her feel?"

-Ok well I definitely don't have any money, and I'm definitely ugly as shit

-so I have to make them btches feel good

-but..... how???

Women they need certain feelings when they're with a man, and that's how they actually make up their mind as to whether or not they're attracted to a guy

She needs to feel right about someone

She's hanging out with a guy, having a great time, they're enjoying each other's company, she's laughing, she feels good when she's with him, that's enough of her to feel attracted

You definitely need to take care of the basics

Looks are nowhere near as important as you think

Money is nowhere near as important as you think

This is great news guys!

-why is it great news?

Well it's great news because it means so long as we can work out how to create the right emotions with a woman when we're with her she's gonna want to keep seeing us, she's gonna want to keep spending time with us

It's all about the emotions it's all about the feelings, making sure she feels great when she's with you


-How do I get that btch to suck my dick and bust it open for a real ngga??

-That's really all that i care about

-Quite honestly

What is it that women actually respond to?

Here's the golden question to ask yourself. Are you offering women genuine value from their perspective?

-uhh... no!

-ima offer her this dckk genuinely!

-take it or leave it hoe!

Or are you trying to get something from them?

-yes, I want what's between her legs, underneath her naval

1. Physical attractiveness

However women don't view physical attractiveness the same way as men at all

For women the way she evaluates you when she first sees you includes all sorts of factors that your mind will never think of or would value a lot less than she does

Your body language including your tone of voice and eye contact

Your health and fitness level

Your perceived social status, how many other women already wants you

-I do not have a social status. I'm an ugly duckling btch would you want an ugly duckling for a pet?? OK thenn!

Your genetics as displayed by your face and body

-wtff does that mean??

Initial attraction is the beginning

A woman just has to find you somewhat appealing for some reason when she first meets you for you to have a chance with her

-btch how do I get her to suck my dickk????

*The four things that make her fall deeply in love with you*

1. High internal value

It means that you have high self worth and you show it in all of your actions

Real genuine self worth is "I'm not better or worse then anyone else, I'm just awesome

In your own reality you are amazing, you're not better or worse than anyone else

Your value is independent of their value

She will think about you what you think about you as demonstrated by the way you behave, not by what you say

Your real internal value automatically increases when you actually believe in it and you act upon it

Stop trying to convince women to actually like you and start encouraging them to convince you to like them

Why? Because if you truly value yourself then you will have specific things that you need in a woman and you want to see if she has them

-she just gotta know how to suck dick and she gotta be a freak in bed

-that's all!

You're just trying to see if she's a good fit for you, and it's attractive because most guys the one she rejects has no standards at all, they're not really looking for anything specific, and she feels special if she meets your specific standards that don't have anything to do with the way she looks

-😕She ain't gotta be a model or summin like that. I can easily put a brown paper bag over her face. It's not difficult. You know when you go to the Chinese store and you order your food and they put it inside a brown paper bag. Just take the food out and put the brown paper bag over her face

-that's all!

So anytime you catch yourself doing something or saying something just to get a woman’s approval, notice it and stop doing it immediately

Take every insult you get from a woman as a huge compliment

The next time a woman gives you a hard time just give her a genuine smile

-that btch Savannah with the glasses in the first grade used to say I stink

-she used to be like "EEWWWW STINKY!"

-And she told the whole class. Nobody wanted to be my friend

-how df am I suppose to take that as a compliment?

Get her talking

Your job is to keep the conversation going and get her to talk as much as possible

-I'm horny


-that one porn star? What was her name? The one that was in the pawn shop and the guy was like "I'll give you $40 to spread your buttcheeks"


that's wassup

Xvideos now has an app, that's very convenient

I swear all you finna get is nut btch!!

I put that on my life!!

fuck you btch fuck you


I nutted

Eeewwww wtff is wrong with me?? I can't believe I watched that shyt

Is that what I really like??


-I should've bookmarked that video, I'm gonna watch it again after my Isha Salah tonight

-my life revolves around prayer times

She can only be attracted to men that let her convince them to like her and don't feel the need to convince her to like them, and that's you now



Ask her open ended questions that allow her to talk more

-well btches do like to talk 😕

Instead of those interview yes no questions

-Ok soo..... instead of asking her have you ever suck dck before I can ask her like: "would you rather suck dck or eat pussy?"

-instead of asking her do you like a certain sex position I can ask her like: "would you let me put my finger in your butt?"

-that will get her to talk more

-cuz that's all she wants!

Find out what makes her unique

"What's your favorite thing about yourself?"

-have you ever swallowed semen? And if so then what's the largest quantity?

-I'm only asking you because I got hyperspermia, which is a rare medical condition

-the quantity of my seminal fluid exceeds 5.5 ml

"What's something special about you that I wouldn't know just by looking at you?"

-can you do a split on the dck? 😐

Give her approval that makes her feel good

So when she shares something personal you never wanna put her down, even if you don't like what she shared or you disagree with it don't be rude

-I was on the phone with this btch once she started telling me about how her mother was a prostitute and a stripper, and that's how she would pay the bills and keep the lights on

-"Did you learn any tricks from your mother?"

Always just say "that's interesting" and move the conversation to a different topic

-damn bae your moms used to be on the corner, that's crazy, that's interesting

-my favorite position is doggystyle what's yours?"

If you disagree with her about something simple or silly you can definitely disagree without being disagreeable, but what I'm saying is when she's sharing something about her life with you u definitely don't wanna react negatively to that, because it can really hurt her feelings

- "aww baby I'm sorry that your mom was a prostitute and a stripper" -hugs her lightly

-rubs her butt

This is not the time to disagree with her when she's sharing deep personal stuff with you

2. Internal Strength

Your ability to say no to her when necessary, stand up to her when necessary, disagree with her when necessary, and leave her when necessary

As unromantic as it sounds if she knows at a deep subconscious level without you telling her, that you have the ability to walk away from her and be just fine, she will like you much more

If you disagree with a woman let her know, especially if you really like her

I just farted

-look bae I disagree with you, I believe that if we add a third party in our relationship it will only solidify our bond and what we share

-it will consolidate our relationship. I really like you baby and I want this to work between us, let's just get another girl and include her in our relationship

-Think of our future

-think of our life together


Respect her view and opinions also

If you see her flirting with other guys don't react. From now on all other men in the world are like her brother to you

-😞df... no btch. If I catch that hoe flirting I'm grabbing her by her hair and dragging her on the floor and taking her to the next room DF!!!

These comments are not an accident

She wants to see how you're going to react

You demonstrate your internal strength by not reacting

So you're not jealous of other men ever, or at least you don't let her know you are

Remember that you are the cause of your emotions, not external events or the environment

That is the rare internal strength that women crave, you are the cause of your emotions, the external world doesn't affect you as much

-I disagree. If I am with a girl, and me and her we are married together and she's my wife, then everything she does is going to have an effect on me someway somehow, therefore I disagree 👎

If you're not asking me questions then you're not really paying attention

It's not about what you say but how you say it

It's not about getting her to have sex with you, it's about creating an environment and an opportunity where she wants to have sex with you

There are five prerequisites

1. She needs to be attracted to you

She needs to feel desire towards you

2. She needs to feel safe

She can't think you're a serial killer who's gonna murder her

-ima murder that pussy

3. You need to physically escalate

you need to touch her at some point if you want to sleep with her

Touching releases oxytocin

Which is a hormone that's also released during orgasm

4. You need to be in a place where sex can happen

Like a bedroom, or an airplane bathroom

-or the back of a school bus

Or a broom closet, or a porter potty idkk

-😂This ngga said a "porter potty"

"idkk I don't judge" cddffuupp 😂😂

Even if a woman really likes you she may not sleep with you because she's afraid of being judged

She might be afraid of her friends judging her, she might be afraid of you judging her

She might even be afraid of judging herself

Never judge a woman for being sexual, that's just incredibly lame

Women are sexual creatures, and even more sexual then men

While conditioning a woman might take some time, it would be vital to condition her right from the start if you want to manipulate her mind in the end

To do this make sure you give her little rewards whenever she does something that you like

Then punish her by ignoring her or paying more attention to other women whenever she does something that you do not like

Manipulation technique #2 Jealousy

As far as mind manipulation goes jealousy is a necessary evil

This means that you have to make the woman you like a little jealous and wait for her to compete with the rest of the women that you are showering your attention on before making your next move

Manipulation technique #3 fractionation

This is the grand-daddy of all mind control and covert seduction techniques and is reputed to make women fall in love in as little as fifteen minutes

Using this technique you make a woman go through an emotional roller coaster by making her associate you with positive feelings

At the same time you make her emotionally addicted to you

Just like how women are addicted to soap operas

Tory Lanez The New Toronto 1 & 2

1. Makaveli

2. New Toronto

3. Woods

"I know you're selling but you need to cut the pricee, I get that pack and run that btch like Jerry Ricee!

4. Other Side

6. Round Here

8. Lord Knows Pt. 2

10. Them Days

13. Wraith Talk

14. DopeMan Go

"i dropped outta school couldn't pass the SAT's, now I got two bad btches passing me the weed"

16. LICK x Drive You Crazy

17. Dancin

"she wanna fuck me but she know I'm too expensive"

19. Bartenders and Spenders

22. Anyway

23. Talk To Me Nice Fargo Season

"Don't you know that we got plenty choppers? Any bitch inside my kitchen cook like Betty Crocker"

I trust my father with my life, he knows what's best for me, whatever he says or tells me I agree with it because that's my father, my father is me, and I'm my father

He knows me the best because he has already gone through what I am going through, he knows exactly how I'm feeling, my father is me and I'm my father

I'm slow to catch things at times, I'm slow af, but when I catch it, that shyt be hitting me!

Like that btch on the bus who thought I was gay!

She gon get up and go to the front of the bus because I wouldn't talk to her

Damnn btchh! You must have a really itchy throat, or you must be congested like a mf!

That btch kept coughing n shyt trying get my attention n shyt df 😕

And when I didn't budge she automatically jumped to conclusion like 😵 "this ngga gay!"

Cdffuupp 😂

She was cute tho

Her ass was fat

Actually I don't really know for sure but I just assume that it was, because she was a whore

And you know whores be having fat booties

I gotta remember to go to the library on Wednesday, they gon have some trick or treat candies!


May Allah increase the knowledge of Mufti Menk and may He give him long life

How does he know so much??

The knowledge that this guy has is freakin incredible!


One day I'll be a better Muslim then him, one day


This new xvideo app really makes life more easier

I love Nina Rotti

I wanna be the best! 😄

That can't happen. I can never be the best. But ima definitely be ☝ there!

Not going to do workouts this morning, next morning or the morning after that

I'm just gonna pray Fajr, cuz that's what really matters


⚠ Monday

Can't wait to go to school today

Mfs think I'm joking or kidding or sum shyt

Life insurance, if you don't die in 20 years you get half back

Blanket theory: don't think of the high as a freezing cold, but as a warm blanket spread over you in the cold

Blank theory: without you the blanket will have no purpose, thus leaving it blank


Delaware county university


My devoutness is based on subjective logic

Blood is thicker then water, but water is a necessity, we come to this world not choosing to have blood, but we choose to drink water because without it we'll die

You only fear death if you don't know what's on the other side

What did God see in us

Only a perfect being can create an imperfect person like me

Normal people work hard just to work for capitalists

When you praise money you only weaken yourself

Philosophy is simply answering why's until you reach a point of ignorance

The first step in having religious faith is realizing that we are not possible

What you call deep, I call on the surface

Single website posting your daily thoughts, later make it public
Call it daddy.com
Awesome points as likes

Let's be glad we have a benevolent God

The best deeds are the ones that nobody knows of

God favors good virtues over religious faith

We are not tandem with God

You don't blow bud bruh

The difference between me and them is that they're logical thinkers, they believe everything in life is answered through mere logic, I know my logics but i also know where it shouldn't be applied

Subjectivsm is a form of logic

What makes God so powerful is his ability to change what is, as well as many other things

Faith is a form of logic

What's consider beauty in today's world is simple symmetticality of facial features

African parents are the kings and queens of hyperbolizing situations

The side chick is the main chick because she gets treated better then the main chick

A thing to help people coming from Sierra Leone or Liberia to America

Teenagers set the trend

By making yourself inferior you then become acclaimed

If Ida just kept blowing Reggie I wouldn't be like this now... Good going Jimmy (Ronnie)

I Lah you

The thing about God is realizing that everything is premeditated with him, all of this has already happened for him, he knows how it will all turn out. The goal is realizing it before it's too late

Every country has to make it mandatory to take a class about God

Make songs about Allah

What happened is what was meant to happen in the way the almighty purposefully designed it

10% of being a Muslim is the conversion and saying you are, the other 90% is actually being Islamic

There is no religion, there is only Allah Us humans are the ones who create religion to distinguish ourselves

There's truth and theres happiness, like candy and green beans What's true doesn't always make us happy so we alter it in a way that's pleasing to us and makes us happy

Theres always ying and yang but ying always end up winning at the end because everything J's being controlled by another ying force higher up in the hierachy chain

There are no "ifs" or "maybes" in true optimism.

Never think it's Allah. Tis something you should know.

I reested my phone and lost a random thoughts

ISIS has a really good pyramid scheme

Ignorance is a sin. DON'T BE STUPID!

Idk who you pray to but I pray and obey the only Almighty

❌Allah's wisdom is attributed with his eternal knowledge.

I hate my brother more then I love him, but I will die for him.

Allah follows me everywhere I go.

If you pray to God and you don't believe in him then your prayer is pointless.

The world will come to an end on one day because we all eventually die.

I don't want it all in this life, I want it all of next life. Because you can have it all in this life and it still will not be enough.

Smoking weed all the time makes me cynical.

❌Allah is so fair.

16 IS SOO BAD!! 😱

I'm at Conway blowing. I get a nice thought I think about writing it down but I don't because idk the Islamic judgment. I'll just ask Brother Anwar later.

The charger piece is at the back of the jawn, next to the TV

Finna get my test back, ima hope for the best.

Allah is not synonymous to ANYTHING AT ALL.

Yo osrs, I wouldn't lie to you. I'm Muslim and its Haram to lie. I'm bout to get evicted rs. 😐

Let us rectify our intentions and be sure that everything good we do is solely for the sake of Allah.

16 is the worst omg.

Allah is so merciless to the non-believers because he himself revealed Islam and there are those who still choose to ignore it.

33 is better than 35

God is not a prophet.

❌You're all I have, Allah.

7 is Allah too.

Allah can only take so much disrespect

I changed for the better. You changed for the worst.

I can't even put in words most of the crazy shyt that happens to me.

Prayer is so important bruh omg

❌Allah is only attributed with Godliness.

❌Allah has countless attributes.

❌make truth table of Allah exists P

❌I'm a pious Muslim I wouldn't lie to you.

❌You cannot say "Allah is like" anything because Allah is not similar to the creation in any way.

❌we need in order to sustain our existence, Allah does not need to do that because his existence is permanent always.

Anything that's bad that occurs the Shaytan causes it.

Because how can you say that you truly believe if you do not pray.

What's wrong with not wanting to be wrong?

33 is pure good.

❌Allah has life and he exists.

❌He may not exist to you but he definitely exists to me

Germs exist and we cannot see them.

The third eye exists but we cannot see it.

Your God does not have the same attributes as my one and only true God, Allah.

For one he does not have existence.

My Allah is attributed with an eternal existence.

He existed yesterday and he will exist tomorrow.

The God I serve does not make mistakes.

Everything the Prophet said has come to past.

Caroline wanted me to get out as quick as possible. She was thinking like "this ngga gon cost me my job." 😂

Allah will school you If you don't wanna learn he gon make you learn

Our linguistics is not that difficult to retent.

I don't smoke weed I blow loud.

Just because there are errors in the Christian religion does not mean there are errors in Islam

Nggas from the hood is the best actors

The air that we breathe we cannot see but we know it's there.

Nggas don't know how to act in a drought

Allah assigned himself

This Dunya is the closest thing to hell. But it's not hell tho, not even close bruh.

❌Allah just simply became Allah. No one created him.

❌The creator is neither created nor a creation.

❌Whatever Allah wills shall be!

❌Allah, please spare me

Sometimes the belief or first pillar is not strong enough, you're gonna have to pray.

The lack of every number is 0. The combination of all numbers is infinity. Similar to black and white.

Allah does not have to do anything for us, but he does.

Hope for the best, and prepare for the worse.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah brother. I thank you again for helping bring me to Islam. I come to you to ask a question I've been thinking about.

In the Quran Allah says that this Dunya is for the non-believers and the believers. And the hereafter is ONLY for the believers. Does this mean that in this Dunya the non-believers will have more luck then the believers? That is my question brother. Please help me understand this more. Allah knows best

Black Youngsta look like Tezzy Ock bruh.

People grow things change like the season

On their birthday

Why do you take it Allah?

❌it is not Allah that blesses you to come to this country, it is the shaytan

Something that kids can go to after high school. Ages 18-25 Another one ages 27-35

K no
N no
0 yes
W no
H no
E yes
N no
S no
S no
L yes

You don't need life to exist.
E no
E no
P no

12-12-16 Today is one of the days it happened

If one has knowledge of it, then it exists.

A criminal's best assets is his liabilities

I'm the blackest silver lining

If I'm gonna sin than I'm gonna pray first.

Stress and drama is like gravity

You can always talk things into existence

The only way to talk things out of existence is through prayer.

Anything liberal is the shaytan

❌Brothers, sisters. Do not allow these Kufars to kill me.

❌A martyr who dies on the battlefield his soul automatically enters paradise with no objection.

But is "battlefield" used figurative?

It's not about loving your job, it's about keeping the lights on.

Fuck you, and your dumbass job.

❌Allah knows all there is to know plus soo much more.

❌To deny Allah is to deny your existence.

❌Allah does not like silly blunders

All the bad that I do is solely for my own selfish desire.

❌All the good that I do is solely for Allah.

It exists in your mind, so it exists.

You gotta let go and let God take care of it.

God remembers everything.

His remembrance is attributed with his perfect knowledge.

Allah is always right, even when he's wrong. But God is never wrong. Allah is not capable of being wrong. He is not capable of making mistakes.

He is completely infallible.

I am so happy that I have a perfect God.

He is just God He is just Allah.

I am so happy that I have such a powerful God.

His presence is attributed with his eternal existence.

Look for me I ain't hard to find

If water is liquid, then Allah is God.

Df, 81.16%

Unit 5.5 skipped on Canvas

I put the money in my wallet and threw it in on the bed then I went to take a shower. I came back and still saw the wallet on the bed but $20 was gone from it. Df and I knew it was Apa who took it. But it's cool I'm not stressing I'll put it all in God's hands smh

Practice what you preach, preach love careful what you eat

❌Allah is for all.


The devil is a creation, thus he cannot create.

That's not gonna make btches wanna have sex with you

Allah follows me wherever I go, even if it is to a sinful place.

Being a chauvinistic atheist is like being a proud racist. There is no way to justify it. It is wrong and taboo.

I really like English, but that instructor was really not into it. I forgot her name. Judy I think.

Allah's blessings are forever.

Everything else is encompassed by the 13 attributes.

You cannot be a chauvinistic atheist, you just can't.

He is just God He is just Allah.

❌the shaytan has some knowledge but not all, only Allah has all.

❌Islam is one religion, but it is for all.

❌Islam is the correct religion.

❌God does not have sons or daughters, he merely has creations. The devil is one of them

You can go ahead and forsake him if you want, but he will never forget you, he simply refuses to.

It's the little things that Allah takes into consideration.

If you listen to me you are a fool because I am the dumbest person in the world.

Allah loves us 99.9%

❌Maybe if it's not eternal it should not be considered a real attribute. Just a thought, just something lingering on my mind randomly.

Nobody has ever gathered infinite money in this Dunya, not even close.

Anything bad that happens in this Dunya is only the shaytan. If it's good it could be the shaytan or Allah.

❌Everything I tell you is a lie, Allah's the only God.

❌There is no trinity, there is only one, Allah is attributed with oneness.

❌He understands more than ye who has the problem.

❌The creator is aware of how inferior we are to him.

Struggling and suffering are two very different things.

Allah cannot be stimulated.

To be a true Muslim means to pray for something really hard and it don't come true, and you still have faith.

Pushes her on bed. Stares at her yearningly and lasciviously. "You finna get all this dck cuz you're a good for nothing dirty whore". "Yes daddy". She replies back. "I wanna get all that dck cuz ima dirty whore". Jumps on bed and smacks her, "BTCH I SAID GOOD FOR NOTHING DAMMIT, YOU'RE A FILTHY DIRTY WHORE"!

If somebody ever told you that they know God, that person is a liar.

How dare you say that you have proper faith and Allah not test you.

I went to the Mosque on the 16th of December

You should never get too comfortable.

❌His eternal power cannot be emulated nor simulated.

❌If I fall then Allah exists. If I don't fall then Allah exists.

❌Allah is most certainly going to will for it to happen.

❌Nobody knows what Allah's will is going to be.

❌If I fall then Allah exists, if I don't fall then Allah exists.


Islam is the correct religion but us Muslims are the worst people.

Fall into sin

Allahu Alim

❌Ye should not believe in "a" god. One should believe in Allah only, because there is only Allah.

❌One prayer is so rewardable bruh.

Today was a day.

❌God is not a girl, but he do favor them more, just as he favors the believers over the non-believers.

❌I will lie to myself before I lie to Allah.

Every racist person is not bias.

❌We are able to understand ourselves better by looking at the Dunya around us.

❌He wills for us to have free will and he creates for us what we choose out of our free will.

This Dunya is paradise for your body and a prison for your mind.

Christianity is a perverted annexation of Islam.

I'm going to dedicate my life to earning rewards and blessings only from Allah.

I never compete to be #1, I am #1.

The devil has no attributes because he is not eternal.

❌Allah never works hard on anything.

Allah does not want to disappoint you. Especially if you have faith.

Faith comes first

33 and 25 are even, and they always will be.

Allah is the only God. There is no other but him.

There is no such thing as "Islamic terrorism".

Wash today 12-21-16

The laws revealed to Prophet Muhammad are the easiest to learn.

❌Islam is the only religion that was revealed by Allah, the one and only true God.

❌One has to adhere to their Islamic Iman.

❌Allah has set specific laws for every individual to follow, and whether or not you may agree with them the laws still remain, and if you choose to go against them then you choose to go against Allah and never prosper.

If it's not in accordance with the Islamic laws then it's wrong.

We have more in common with the devil then we do with God. We have no similarlity with God. None whatsoever.

Wash today 12-22-16

Allah can never be coerced.

If you are homeless and you become Muslim and start praying guess what's going to happen the next day, YOU WILL STILL BE HOMELESS.

I completely believe in Allah and his messenger.

If somebody say that they're gonna do something then THEY WILL DO IT.

I want Allah to answer everything I pray for, every little thing.

I didn't have a traumatic brain injury.

❌I am a pious slave of Allah. I am an impious creation of Allah.

❌Everything ultimately falls in the hands of Allah.

Wash today 12-23-16

Allah's mercy will be upon me first.

The problem with the Republican party is that it wants to offer too much government assistance.

God has showed me miracles, why in the hell should I fear you.

Today I woke up at 333am

❌We use the Hindu Arabic number system

❌I don't believe in chance at all I believe in Allah only.

❌Allah acts accordingly, whatever we want to do he creates for us, and he wills, oh he can will.

❌Log in worked right after I put random thoughts down.

Caught 333pm at the library

Got home at exactly 435

Everybody has their own unique habit, but the habit does not take away or add on to their self value

Caught 633pm

I'm afraid of what Allah might think of me more than anything else.

Fuck 16

You have to do what's right TODAY so your TOMORROW can be better.

Caught 625am

Whatever Allah says is best for me is in fact best for me because he is completely infallible and he always knows the right choice and he wants the best for you.

You have to put yourself first because what good will it be if you lose? Maybe if you win you can help those you didn't put first from the other side.

Only things that exist can be real or not.

39 is good, very slim tho

Caught 935am

Only a Muslim martyr that dies for an Islamic purpose.

I don't desire adulation or acceptance from no one. I only seek the acceptance of Allah.

Buy white earphones for Aunty

Caught 1133am and 1135am

Allah is the supreme form of life.

Caught 1225

Caught 1255

I want Allah to be the only one.

p. 25 while reading book

❌Imitating the Kufars is Haram.

❌Caught 225 55% on battery

❌Caught 235pm ❌Caught 255

Just because you fail to understand something does not tamper with its' validity.

❌The blessings will come whether you catch them or not. .

❌, 334pm

Caught 933

Caught 1055pm

Caught 1135pm


Whatever Allah wills is right because he is completely infallible and he always knows what's best.

Oh Allah please have eternal mercy on me, please. I have no faith whatsoever.

Wash today 12-25-16

Jesus lives in the second heaven.

Lady Mary was the greatest woman to ever live and will continue to be the greatest.

It is a historical fact that Jesus never claimed his religion to be Christianity.

Jesus followed the genuine laws of Prophet Moses, who was also a messenger.

Characters like Paul perverted Jesus' teachings and this is how Christianity came about.

It is nowhere mentioned in the Bible that Jesus said "I am a Christian and you need to follow Christianity". The Ingel was in Arabic.

The new testament is perverted.

Jesus taught his followers in the Syriac language.

Whenever you translate a text things will not be 100% clear or accurate.

The standard doctrine of Christianity is the belief in the trinity.

The trinity belief was made formal at the time of Constantine. He was a Roman ruler in the year 325 of the common era.

The trinity says that God is a father, a son, and a holy spirit. This belief is contrary to the judgment of reason.

Christmas origins is of Pagan.

Saternalia is the birth of the sun.

It is mentioned in the Bible not to cut down trees and bring them into your home. This is the practice of the Pagans.

Halloween is also a Pagan holiday.

Just because he made us flawed does not mean that he is flawed.

Prophet Muhammad asked Allah to lessen the daily prayer. At first it was 50. Moosa kept asking The Prophet to go back to Allah and reduce the prayer. He became shy after going back multiple times.

❌2:25pm 77%




1135 1155

The world is changing, but God does not change.

If you don t obey his orders are you denying his existence? NO!

633am 655am



Christians don't pray to the same God as us. They pray to a God that does not exist.

1025 1033 1055

If you are a Christian you are most likely going to burn in hell forever. Unless Allah has mercy on your pathetic soul.


This lady at the terminal tried to say I can't speak English and I won't survive in New York. WHO DF IS SHE?

One can easily postulate that Allah exists. 55%

No resemblance Non neediness

Flexicution Sonic Boom Get you good Travis Scott wonderful That's on you Robin hood Dj Khaled Bad habits Growing pains Cam meekins perfrct Somebody Blocka Trust you Quintana Slaughter ya daughter Nick Bean you 2face

35% 33%



It's impossible for Allah to have a son.


334pm 335

Asr at 225pm

425pm 433

Pagans are people that worship inanimate objects


Today was THE WORST DAY EVER! 12-26-16

I'm tired of losing.

I just want it all to be over.

No matter how hard I pray i just keep losing on and on. Why? What did I do Allah?

Please I don't wanna lose any more.

I love you so much You're all I have. I don't want to lose no more Allah.

Woke up at 633am Finished praying at 655am 12-27-16

733 735

Everything is caused by Allah because everything is willed by him.

133 135


Today was another loss smh 12-27-16


If one is praying and they are asking Allah for something, is it permissible to say "oh Allah I know in fact you will do this for me" or instead should it be "oh Allah please do this for me"


1225pm 1233pm

Revived- like Becky Revitalizeds- zombies

Today I was going to cross the line. ❌There is no line to be crossed, there is only Allah.

❌Likening the creator to the creation is of high blasphemy.

633 is just as good as 555 555 is better tho

I'll humble myself for the sake of Allah.

Idk Allah, nobody does. But ik what he accepts and does not accept.

1208 113


❌Everything should be expected for the best and prepare for the worst. Except for the existence of Allah.

I'm high as Gilmore's fin

We all have that one friend that laughs at everything


❌Allah knows all his capabilities and knows no disability.


Prophet Muhammad said he is the best, I am the worst.

It is Haram to be a boy or a girl

One has to desentisize their heart in order to survive in this cold world.

❌Allah does not exist in a place, he creates places.

Ms. Bah or some shyt

❌Allah created all of his attributes

❌Prophet Muhammad is the best of the Prophets.


To regress is when the zom heads turn back to zombies.

Reviveds are mindless zombies



Kufars is the plural version of Kafir

Happy, angry hungry, horny

The best thing you can do is help somebody come into Islam, the worst thing is to help them come out of Islam.

Everybody in the world is nepotistic

Any position of power is transferred nepotistically.

Do we control Allah's will or does he control ours? HE ABSOLUTELY CONTROL OURS!

The worst thing you can do is to dissuade somebody not to join Islam.



❌How dare you say that you have faith and he not tests you.

What happened today?

All I know is that it was a win.

Danger is very real, but fear is a choice.


There's no such thing as a "hard question" in Islam.

I desire copulation from a big booty stripper hoe.

Anybody that has a disbelief in God is not civilized.

12:25pm 12:35pm




Whatever Allah wants he gets.


❌They used to call The Prophet "The truthful and trustworthy". Just call me the "liar and dishonest one" You can def trust me tho, believe that. -But how can I trust you if you lie all the time? YOU JUST CAN BTCH!

❌If Allah ceases to exist, which is impossible. Then this universe will cease to exist, which is impossible, since we are in it right now.



This universe is always in constant need of its creator.

The Quran is the Kalam of Allah's speech because it is eternal, it will never end.


Abdul got shot in the head coz he was a witness to a murder. He was 33 with 6 kids.

Allah's word is FINAL. The Quran is final.

Just because you die does not mean that your life is over.


Hell does not exist for the true Muslims.

O believer, eternity awaits for you on the other side.

❌In my mind I'm like "I hate this shyt, Allah condemns it, it's just my body that creates a physical connection with it.




I am loyal solely to Allah

❌In this Dunya we can all win.



❌This Dunya is this time, this world.


❌Allah is capable of doing anything.





❌I do so little and I get so much in return.




535am 555am



You gotta fake it till you make it.

834 835am

Allah is the only one that hears your prayers when you're Muslim. If you are any other religion Allah and the shaytan hears.


❌You are your father and mother but you are not bound by their sins or blessings.

❌Whatever happens Allah eternally willed for it to happen , and whatever does not Allah did not will for it to happen.

Over 677 minutes

Revitalizeds- can think

Reviveds- mindless zombies






❌ 633pm 77%

❌Islam is an easy religion to follow, don't let the shaytan fool you.

❌Allah is not like us in any way.


If you cannot realize that Allah exists eternally without a beginning or an end than you are not fit to be alive.

Allah exists eternally without a beginning or an end.

Allah's existence is unequivocal, it leaves no doubt.

Allah exists indefinitely






Allah never cease to amaze.

633am 655

The incredulous and skeptical will never succeed in life.

This dress accentuates your eyes and outer semblance.

The definition of "prominent" is important or famous. But I don't quite understand it because one can be famous but not necessarily important.

725am 733



I am a very intelligent man and I am 110% sapiosexual.

525 555



We'll start with the name of Allah.



535 555am


The proper way to fear him is by doing what he says and avoiding the sins.

I will never be bad to someone who is bad to me, NEVER! Allah please don't let me be bad at all, please. I want to go to paradise please.


The first creation was the original water, and then the throne, and then the pen, and then the guarded tablet. The pen wrote for 50,000 years. Prophet Adam was the final creation.

Allah is just is.


Your belief is not going to change the factually that remains. He exists and will forever exist.






For there is nothing that Allah cannot do.

633am 635 Allah please please forgive me, it is so cold. Please Allah, you are the most merciful, and I am an humble slave. You exist eternally and nothing will ever change that. Please let me know forgive me. I love you and I love Prophet Muhammad.


Winter coats that disperse heat


Cab # 1235



The incredulous and skeptical ones are always the easiest to fool.

You have to acknowledge his eternal existence.


Allah has knowledge of all because he created everything.

Allah is so beautiful.

I love Allah so much.

Allah's knowledge is indefinite.

And he is not like us in ANY WAY.






433 435

Why does 6 keep following me?



Prophet Muhammad, idk how u did it, but you did it bruh.





The Muslims and the non-Muslims fear death

Shit don't ever work out for me man, FUCK






I don't love anything that Allah condemns.

Never get too comfortable.


The 115 follows me as well.

❌Allah is the best fighter.

❌I move at God's impetus.

❌There is not a words to describe Allah.


❌Allah is incoercable

❌Everything is the Kalam of Allah

❌Allah controls this Dunya and everything in it you see

1033 1035

All praise to Allah who has resurrected life after having taken it from me.

I'm a person who likes to get his hopes up, Allah teaches me not to do that.




733am 735am 755

1025am 1055


I'm glad we are on the same page

❌I go to paradise on a daily bruh

❌Allah is very discrete when he acts.


❌1255 55th St

Salala Walaikum Wasalaam Alaykum Salato Wasalaam

I may question, but I never will deny.

325pm 333 335


Pandora again told me no on Friday the 13 @5:00pm, at the Mosque finna do the Maghrib prayer now though. FACKK IT!


Allah wills freely and he creates willingly


6:33pm 76%

725pm 77% 733

In 6 days he created the heavens and Earth.

Allah created everything from water.

Throne Pen Guarded tablet

1033 1035pm

525am 555


I am a companion of the Prophet 655

I reject that thought and I do not accept it.

733am 755


❌Curiosity did not kill the cat, thus it only made it stronger.



633 635pm

825pm 25%

The best gift that you can ever give somebody is the gift of Islam.

You are an extremist for saying that you don't believe in God.

It is impossible for me to be the best, but Ima def be up there.

825am 835


Islam is the true religion, if somebody ever argues you out of it than you were never truly Muslim in the first place.


❌I finally see it now, Allah exists forever and we don't.

❌You don't need to have life in order to exist, but if you have life, than you exist




733 734 735

The Prophet was indeed sinless.



1235 1255


333pm 335 355





❌You have to look at it from a nothing standpoint.

❌ Prayer is first no matter what

❌ We gotta work for Allah's acceptance not his creations'




425am 435 555

725am 755

This liberal western civilization that we live in today is predominantly controlled by the shaytan.

What happens is Allah shows you in an extreme way that he exists. Then the shaytan attempts to make you deny his existence by small things.


In the beginning there was nothing. All that existed was Allah.


Man Mario I don't think you remember this... .




625am 634 635 655

Islam and belief go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other


If you are a monotheist than you are a Muslim because Islam is the only monotheist religion.

Oh Allah. Oh Allah. I know Allah. You cannot trick me for I know you exist eternally, and I will tell the whole world MWAWHAHA

Tax and interest is Haram.

Allah is my best friend

99.99%love -.1% hate- ALLAH 99% love - 1% hate- Us 100% hate - the shaytan

833am 855

3410 ESS 4163 DPR



325 335

You just want me for my money. -NGGA YOU AIN'T GOT NO MONEY, BYE!


505 533 555

They just wanna live I just wanna die

725pm 735


1025 1035

We do not coincide with God.

Allah has autonomy more than all of us.



All I want to do is get high and pray. Just because you can see something does not mean that they are in the same place as you. When an American family Skypes dad in Iraq. Dad is not in America with them. But they can still see him though.

725am 733 735 755

Above all I have humility, I am ashamed of the sinful person that I have become, I am supposed to be better than this, Allah wants me to be better. I pray that his eternal mercy will be bestowed on me.




1235 1255

There is always nothing.




How df can I ask Allah to help me sin smh. Please forgive me Allah.

The non-believers are the non Muslims

Being a Christian is a gateway to becoming an atheist.

My pussy wet

May Allah protect us

Deny Prophet Muhammad's existence before you deny Allah's eternal existence.

Allah exists more than ALL of us COMBINED.

Prayer is the greatest act of worship.

Allah never ceases to exist.

Whatever has a size has a limit

Whatever changes has a beginning and end.

Every Prophet is a prime example of perfection.

Every Prophet was truthful and never told a lie.

The one who lies there is doubt in their credibility.

Allah is the true owner of everything, he owns everything.

Mentioning a lie about somebody in their absence. This is a big sin.

The torture of Allah is great.

Blasphemy happens mostly by the tongue.

A person needs to be careful of what they say.

Avoid gossip

Do that which Allah accepts.

The perfect believer is the one who does not harm the Muslims.

Most of the time when someone is angry or joking words come out of their mouth that they later regret.

Allah should be thanked in every mood.

Islam teaches me.

'm lightskin and I'm tatted

❌if you change then something has to manually create the change.

❌Allah Allah ALLAH!

I think it's even worse than doing the deed, but I could be wrong.

First we need to establish that Allah exists.

There is a justifiable reason for each one of Allah's actions. We may not understand it, but it's out there.

If he exists than everything else has to be true.

Jesus, the son of Mary was sent as a messenger of God 600 years before Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad is the son of Abdullah. Born in Mecca and died in El Medina.

SCOTTY - whenever someone get played

God is protecting us by not revealing himself

Sit down professor be like "so what's your interpretations of Einstein's theory of the nuclear bomb."
Raise my hand and be like what is life?
Professor be like Uhh... What?

The system is controlled by the devil

The devil is powerful undoubtedly
But what makes us more powerful is our ability to reject the devil's urges and turn back to God

None of us really believe in God
we only believe in our perception of him, I know I certainly do.

We all fail to realize how powerful Allah is

You can be the master of all academic subjects but if you don't know about Allah then you know nothing

Allah is a thought that's real

Allah is merely testing himself by creating us

We only get dismayed in the face of trouble because we don't fully understand Allah

Just like how I'm human and my name is Abdulai
Allah is God, but his name is Allah, and he is unequivocal

Some of the things I've said or will say can be false, I'm telling y'all because I hate when comedians be coming up and talking bout some this shyt true. Like this ngga Kevin Hart, that mf said he saw a mfn deerbra in the middle of the street. The first thought that came to my head was "this ngga lying, dedrbras are like endangered species, one can't just see one. That's like seeing a mfn dragon in Madison Square Garden. Everybody knows dragons are extinct bro. Yeah them mfs was alive like umm during Jesus, but they dead now.

Allah be high af

The devil don't know what happens when we die, his goal is just to kill us. Because he knows it hurts God when we die.

That may be the only logical explanation, but it's not the only explanation

The main difference between us and Allah is that we go out our way to impress him, while he intends to impress no one

I refuse to exert any more energy on you nggas

One who does not believe in God is capable of anything

I do not believe we're prawns in this chess game of life. In order to be pawns the director of the game has to be willing to sacrifice the pawns in for a bigger purpose. I believe the director values us too much to sacrifice us.

This dark tunnel I'm approaching is as dark as my soul, hopefully I can find the light.

Our free will is premeditated

The subconscious mind is dangerous

Everything has to be ratified and go through Allah before it can take effect.

God is a subjective belief

God works in mysterious ways indeed, but everything mysteriously makes sense with him

There's lots of art in simplicity
We look at kids cartoon shows such as Spongebob Squarepants. Though the plot of the episodes are fairly facile, one fails to realize all the work that goes behind each individual episode, and that's where the art lies.

Capitalists make it possible for other capitalists to appear, that's wsssup

God don't make exceptions... For anybody

One who does not have any form of belief in God or the almighty is the only proper way to define stupidity.

Whenwe ask God to change our current situation we're actually saying that we know more then him We are not the first.

The reason we get a weird feeling when somebody starres directly at us is because we feel as if that person is looking directly at us and can see all of our insecurities and flaws, and we know that they're disgusting so we feel as if another person would feel the same way and may find us disgusting.

Allah created logic because he knew humans were capable of comprehending it

He is God, but his name is Allah

You have logic by having proof, you have proof by having evidence

Allah did not create permanent stupidity.

Islam is not a bad religion, only some people make it look bad

Any one who claims that God answers all their prayers is lying

One of the many things that makes Allah so powerful is his ability for him and and everybody he wishes to keep going when everything else stops

White girls talking about what they're gonna wear.

Fooling somebody and making them think that they stand a chance is the first step

There's a common misconception about God that we all seemed to be riddled by. We think that God will do whatever we pray for. Naw ngga😅😭that's not how that mf work,he only do what's BEST 👌 for us, and if we pray on that shyt then he grants that shyt like a mf. But if he don't, then we get mad n shyt like bruh wasn't there for us. For example like lets say you a car thief and you pray you get some nice cars to steal the next day when everybody come to the Superbowl game n shyt so you can get $580 to pay your rent, and you been praying on that shyt for the longest n shyt. But instead you end up getting fatally sick n shyt, like you come down with a crazy cold😵. You might start thinking, "oh this ngga God ain't look out for me n shyt. But instead, this ngga😎🙏👊👌 GOD saved you from getting booked, got you a janitor job that helped you make that rent, and we don't even remember that shyt, but GOD👀 does, "All-seeing n shyt dh".

Why they have to take my mans, lord he was too young to go FXCIN WIT THEM BOYS KILL A

Watching Mickey Mouse with Lil brother tweet tweet, Mickey Mouse n shyt

Is that on the premise of the same argument? If so then I have a counter argument.

864, we are 865

God is a funny God

If sleep is the cousin of death, then what's a coma?

Tis not bigotry because my belief is the eternal Kalam of Allah, it is God's own speech, and it will never change, because God never changes.

I will not be able to handle the torture of Allah.

He is God but this God has a preference

Energy makes things happen

Heat is energy

Power is energy divided by time

Allah is not energy because energy is a creation and Allah is not similar to the creation in any way.

Potential energy- stored energy

Kinetic energy- energy in motion

Heat energy- the movements of different atoms and molecules

Lightning is a common occurrence during thunderstorms

The heat causes the air to expand, producing the sound of thunder


Can't heat energy potentially be kinetic or potential energy? Yes

Everything is set in stone for us, but not for Allah tho for he was the one to create the guarded tablet and pen.

You are a fool to think you are the only one and to not be cynical.

Allah is more good than the shaytan is bad.

25 degree Celsius is 77 degree FH

33 is better than 25

25 is = 77

Nice guys finish last, only in this life.

Forcing tax on somebody is haram.

Allah treats everybody differently

Born in the 6th century about 1400 years ago.

His father died while his mother was still pregnant with him.

His mother Aminah died when he was 6 years old.

He was raised by his grandfather His grandfather died when he was 8 years old

His uncle than raised him after

Received revelation when he was 40 years old in Makkah and stayed there for an additional 13 years.

Than God ordered him to immigrate to El Madina and he stayed there for 10 years.

He died at the age of 63

Prophet Muhammad taught that Jesus will come back down to Earth to rule according to the Islamic teachings before the day of judgment.

Believe in Islam is not valid if one does not believe in Prophet Muhammad

Believe in Islam is also not valid if one says "I believe in Muhammad but not Jesus"

Muslims are the only people that believe in all the prophets.

All Muslims now apply the teachings of Prophet Muhammed because he is the Prophet of this time, but we love and respect all the Prophets.

Before Prophet Muhammad died Muslims were about 100,000. Today they are over 1 billion

I take refuge from the shaytan and I only follow Allah.

Patience taste bitter but the after taste is so sweet.

Allah created the Earth and heavens in 6 days

6 days= 6,000 years

Allah created the Earth before the heavens.

7 heavens and 7 Earths in 6 days only.

Prophet Adam was created on a Friday.

The day of judgement will be on a Friday

Allah created angels and Jins before Adam

The first Jin was Ibliss

When he was first created he was Muslim, and used to worship Allah

His original name was Azazi

Angel Jabri is the best of the angels Also the leader

Angels have heads, shoulder, wings etc... But they do not have internal organs

The angels are not males or females

The Jins age more than humans. 300-500 years

Angels will only die on the day of judgment.

The water was the first creation And than the Arsh The water is located beneath the Arsh.

Allah created the throne(Arsh) to show his power and not to take it for a place for himself.

After the throne he created the pen, which is made from light

And than a huge sacred tablet.

In the Quran Allah mentioned 25 prophets, but there are more than that.

124,000 prophets. 313 messengers.

Allah ordered one of the angels to grab a handful of different type of dirt, and lifted it up to Jana(paradise) it than turned to clay.

Than the body of Adam got formed by the will of Allah Than the soul of the body was blown into the body and it became alive.

As soon as the soul entered the body Prophet Adam sneezed and he said Alhamdulilah

He was 60 cubits in height. 1 cubit is about half a meter, which is from your fingertip to your elbow. He was tall like a tall building 7 cubits in width 60x7

The angels told Prophet Adam the names of everything.

Prophet Adam could speak all the languages He used to make coins and bread out of wheat

Between your finger tips and your elbows X 4

Prophet Adam met some angels and said As Salam Alaikum

Say As Salam Alaikum upon meeting and departure.

Eve was created from the left rib of Adam's chest

Adam and Eve lived in paradise for 130 years

Prophet Adam was the one to eat from the tree, but it was a small sin. This was before he received Prophethood

Because of this they exited paradise and lived on Earth 870 years on Earth

Cain killed Abel This was the first murder to take place Cain was jealous of Abel

He did not repent after

Cain fell from a high cliff after a vicious animal attacked him and died instantly

Every unjustful murder that takes place, part of the sin is going to return back to Cain

Allah's existence is discernible

Christianity is a perverted annexation of Islam

Allah will never bless you with something that will bring harm upon you, for he is 100% good.

Love is an abstraction.

Prophet Jesus will come back as a man

Allah does not have to do anything for us. Oh but he does, so he always deserves to be thanked. Allah Allah ALLAH!

I love Allah soo much. Nobody loves Allah more than me.

I can't wait to get up in the morning and pray Fajr. Damn time needs to move faster.

Allah is so merciful. He forgave me for all the bad deeds I did today.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Today is the lunar new year


Fajr- 555am (didn't do it)

Asr- 255pm (didn't do it)

Isha- 633pm (did it)

They shot my ngga Boobie, for no goddamn reason.

Islamic knowledge is held in high regard in our religion.

This ngga Alusine so gay, shaking his butt n shyt

The path of the people of truth is always the path of knowledge and implementation of Religious law and manners; weighing everything by what the Prophet brought. Whatever era you're in, it's the same. - Brother Anwar

Allah always provides

Everybody tells me that I look like a young Drake.

I will dedicate my whole life to asking Allah for forgiveness for not doing my prayers on the lunar new year of 2017. Oh Allah, I don't know your will, it is impossible to know. All I know is you are the most merciful. Please forgive me Allah, please.

It don't even take 5 minutes to pray

Ha! That's funnier than Donald Trump banning 7 Islamic countries from entering the United States and saying it's not a Muslim ban

Allah is most deserving

Knowledge is better than money.

uncanny movie

Life is not a right, life is a privilege given to you by Allah Nat Cole Scott- to the left of the enrollment office Put the money from OVR for the Fall semester towards book credit

In the end I ask Allah to grant us the sincere intention.

Nothing ever happens without Allah willing it.

He did not will it but he has knowledge of how it would've been like if he had willed it.

Yes, He's all knowing.

To doubt about whether Allāh knows something or not is blasphemy

It's been so long summer since I was high I nearly forgot what it felt like(8 days) I'm tripping while walking home, tripping on the sidewalk n shyt, this loud some crazy shyt.

Park and go vortex

The concept of love is not physical, but it can be.

Why act brand new towards Allah, for he made you into who you are.

There is a clear difference between causation and correlation.

This ngga Tim don't play about his money.

Seeing tomorrow is not promised, but tomorrow certainly is promised. If you get tired, learn to rest, not to give up.

Islam teaches me never to give up.

33 is just as good as 55, 55 is much better tho.

Yesterday I went to the Mosque 02-03-17. I was at a class with one of the Shaykh, and Brother Anwar was translating for us. I raised my hand to ask a question, while I was asking the question Brother Anwar twisted his face and made a look towards me as if to say "this is a ridiculous stupid question to ask". And that is not right, because everybody has a different amount of Islamic knowledge, what matters is if the person is trying to learn as much as they can, which I am trying to do. Even though I was born Muslim my father never taught me or had someone else teach me about the basic obligatory knowledge. There is no such thing as a "stupid or ridiculous" question in Islam. Islam is an easy religion, Allah says it is. So if one is trying to learn then you should make it easy for them to learn. And also on the same day while I was in the class Judah texted me and asked me how often do I review my notes because some of the questions I ask in the Whatsapp group I am liable to fall to Kufur. Wow. Why would he tell me that. That is the worst thing anyone can tell me. I admit, I do ask a series of questions that may seem basic or easy for a regular Muslim but everybody is different, Allah makes everybody different. Anyways it's cool, I know my brothers only want the best for me. Hassan did give me his number after the class, I will text him tomorrow Insha'Allah. In the end I ask Allah to raise the rank of our beloved Prophet Muhammad and protect his nation from that which he fears.

Also while I was at the group yesterday the Shaykh had a cold, he was sneezing a lot and he had the sniffles. One of the younger students around my age got up and grabbed some tissues and handed it to the Shaykh. Wow, Alhamdulilah! That is soo thoughtful. I did not think that people like that student was still alive in today's world. Chivalry is most certainly dead, but it lives on in Islam. Allah Allah ALLAH!

Allah creates all but he certainly is not all.

The word "Allah" means the one who has the power to create things, to bring things from nonexistence into existence.

It is forbidden for anybody other than the creator to be called Allah.

God cannot be divided into pieces.

Allah has no equal.

Allah existed eternally and there was nothing else.

God does not need his creations, he did not need them before he made them and he never will.

Although you are not able to imagine God, it is a true matter that he exists, because this universe did not create itself.

He created the universe but he is not part of it.

We are not creations that can be creators.

His attributes are not shared with anyone else.

The parents are not the creators of the children. They are the reason for their birth, but they do not create their children.

The universe came into existence according with Allah's will and his knowledge.

The children may not come out the way that the parent desires, this shows that the parents are not the ones who create the children but tis someone else.

According with his will, not the will of the parents.


60 bad bruh Opposite of 33

66 is in a bad league of its own.

Take care of yourself bruh.

❌We have to remember that Allah never forgets about a prayer that was done in response to his order.

333 is good, the best.

This information cannot be assimilated.

The reason why Allah wants us to hold Wudu before we pray is because Allah wants you to take care of yourself. Very much. Among other things.

34 is better than 33 & 35, it's very quiet though.

Islam was here before I was even born

These are all attempts to get me to not pray, but I will never stop praying. Prayer is very important.

If you become Muslim life would be so much harder for you, Allah will test you beyond your wildest imagination, Insha'Allah. If he tested the Prophets why should he not test you?

Who df are you to the Prophets??

Every Prophet, all 124,000 one of them loved Allah more than me, but nobody else.

When Allah tests you you better take it politely and pass it, humble yourself bruh, for the sake of Allah.

Miracles are only for Prophets and are always in agreement with what they say.

Miracles are not acts of sorcery because acts of sorcery can be taught.

An act of sorcery can be outdone or imitated.

Practicing sorcery is an enormous sin.

I did not do it on my own.


All the angels and Prophets love Allah more than me.

You never see a ghost manifesting in a Muslim household.

The power of Christ compells you demon!

I refuse to let Ibliss win.

There are 3 things that you can do to ensure a place in Allah's heart. I am not saying that he has a heart because that is a creation

and he is not like the creation in any way. Be a Muslim, don't talk too much, and don't get mad.

3 days without water

3 weeks without food

Your mind will kill your body trying to protect itself.

Never stop praying bruh

Rushing home not because it is too cold, but because I have to hurry up and pray before something happens and I die.

The pleasures of this world certainly do not last, and most of them is sinful. So it is best to just stay away from them.

All I ever wanna do is pray, get high, and fornicate

People don't question what Prophet Muhammad or Prophet Jesus did.

Allah's existence is prominent.

I am not going to know what Prophet Muhammad look like until I'm 40, Insha'Allah.

Judah and Brother Anwar did no wrong to me on 02-03-17 when I went to the Mosque.

When I'm good, I'm really good, but when I'm bad, I'm really bad.

There are stupid questions in Islam, only to and from a Muslim.

There are no stupid questions to and from a non-Muslim

Allah told Prophet Muhammad to smack himself on the face he did that shit with no questions. He told me and I did that shit but as I'm doing it I'm like "why why".

Sometimes you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and laugh at how ugly you are.

When the judgment of God comes you have no lawyer. - Pastor Shola

Pastor Shola is so wise bruh.

You don't but the shaytan does and the shaytan controls you.

All of you fuckers is trying to get me to stop praying, but it will never happen bruh, NEVER!

Wallahi if I do this prayer my soul will go straight to paradise.

Adam and Eve was created then the Big Bang happened

Allah does not forgive you then why should I?

Slaves built the entire infrastructure in the US

I am a Muslim and I pray.

The first creation did not come from anything

From this creation, the original water, God created everything else.

Other creations were created from that original water

With the existence of this first creation, time was created and started.

Time started to exist as soon as the first creation came into existence.

The second creation is the throne

The throne exists now.

It exists above us beyond outer space

It is the biggest creation in size

The Arsh is not a place for anyone to sit.

It is much bigger than paradise It is the feeling of paradise but it is much larger Only part of it serves as the feeling of paradise

Only God knows how big this creation is. This creation indicates that God has perfect power Because if it exists above our head above paradise and it does not fall on us, it shows that someone is keeping it up there, and that is Allah.

The Arsh has 4 pillars, and an angel holds each one

It will take a fast flying bird 700 years for it to fly from the ear lobe of one of the Angel to it's shoulder

El Arsh is the ceiling of paradise

Sitting is not attributed with God.

"if God willed to he would sit on the back of a fly" blasphemy God is not a body to be sitting on something big or small. Contradictory to the sound mind

The third creation is the pen

The pen is in the form of light

After the pen Allah created the Guarded Tablet Above us, above the heavens

The tablet is very large One giant pearl surrounded with rubies

The height is equivalent to the Earth and the first heaven

Allah ordered the pen to write all that will happen until the day of judgement for 50,000 years

After all these creations he created light and darkness These are two separate creations

Light and darkness are separate creations

Paradise is a place of residence above the 7 heavens 35:35

TOW, time was created and started el Arsh The pen Tablet - Earth and 1st heaven Light and darkness

Surely, Allah is the only One with knowledge of EVERYTHING. No one knows all of the seen and unseen except Allah. Allah knows His own reality, and we only know His names as Attributes. As for the weatherman, sometimes he misses his mark. - Brother Anwar


Just keep dancing, even if no one is watching and cheering you on, Allah is always watching, and he is the best audience member.

Tell Allah what's going on, and he'll be there for you. He already knows what's going on though.

Marriage is buying a house for someone you hate.

There's beauty in everything really

You can't look at 34 either till it's done


Angels reside all over the hereafter. Certainly there's beauty in everything

Curse be to the one who tries to distinct you away from Islam, because Islam is the truth.

Allah is the best!

You just want me to stop being a Muslim.

All praise be to Allah, the one who took life from my body and put it back so graciously.

If you drive somebody away from Islam without even being aware of it tis still a big sin.

Embrace the flaws of being human - Alessia Cara

Varieties and having choices kills us.

Whether you are a Muslim or not time effects you the same as everybody else, you still will get old and die.

When you sleep you burn all this energy bruh.

High rh= early morning What are clouds made of- tiny water or ice particles that settle on the atmosphere How do they form - when invisible water vapor condenses into visible water droplets What drives the movement of wind- difference in atmospheric pressure Dew point temperature is the temperature at which the air has to cool to reach saturation Which letter in the diagram represents the temp

1133 & 1155 are the only time that 33 & 55 are the same And 133 & 155

Have the sincere intention in every good matter.

Islam is a very beautiful religion

I am not a Prophet, or even close, but I will convey the truth.

May Allah make us among the ones who fly over the bridge.

Only the Muslims receive the intercession.

Adam Walaiku Salato Salaam

Fear Allah Do the obligations Avoid the sins

Money is a blessing to the pious Muslim

The Prophet was the most giving

I be forgetting shit a lot, Idk if it's the weed or the brain injury, it's probably the weed lmao

Judge only according to the apparent

Allah created the female to have a habit and something natural occur to them. Menus is a natural occurrence.

The belief in darwinism is Kufar and could not be more wrong.

There are no laws that God has to abide by, he is not obligated to do anything. He can just be.

❌Some people committ blasphemy without even knowing it but they are still held accountable.

I'm norm as shyt.

❌Islam will seem easy to learn to the sound mind.

In paradise everybody would be the same age, 33 years old.

The one who refuses to pray is similar to the one who refuses to stay hydrated on their a hot summer day. You won't be able to die or physically harm yourself if you don't pray but oh the pain will be gruesome.

533=555 333=555

The one who does not pray is like the one who does not drink water.

Islam teaches me that if others see you doing good they would want to follow you.

I can't do shit on my own, I need Allah always, but Allah never needs me. Allah does not need anything, that is one of his attributes. Allah does not need, ever! Before there was no creation, and Allah existed. Now there are creations, like Angels, Jins, Humans etc... And Allah still exists without needing any of his creations, his creations are the ones that need him. The angels are absolutely perfect, they don't commit any sins, they have free will but they always choose to do what is right, they always follow Allah and they do what he orders. The angels they need Allah though, because they will not be able to commit any sins if it was not for the eternal will of Allah. Us humans are not perfect, we sin on and on again, and we stray from the path that Allah orders us to follow. Allah forgives us every time though because he is the most merciful. Sometimes we do good, like the pious Muslims who pray and give in the name of Allah, they will get the most rewards. Prophet Muhammad was the best creation. He had free will always, and he could have chosen to do bad but he didn't follow the shaytan, and he was tempted, oh man was he tempted, time and time again, the shaytan followed The Prophet like a dog trailing a meaty steak, but he never succeeded, why? Because ALLAH! also followed him, and if Allah follows you it is like no one else is following you. Allah is the best of followers. He will follow you EVERYWHERE! this ngga lol, he knows everywhere you're going to be and he wills for you to be there, so he follows you. But just because he follows you does not mean that he is in the same place as you. We must remember that Allah does not exist in any place, for it is he who creates places. Allah is the best, amen. I'm tired, my fingers hurt. I love Allah. But lemme tell you how this ngga Allah is so powerful. Hope df is it possible to create all these creations like trees, the sun, angels, jinns n shyt, and not have ANY SIMILARITY TO THEM. WOW, only Allah. Only Allah 🙏

Allah Allah ALLAH!

I do not know enough about the jinns to comment on them.

The laws of Prophet Muhammad are the easiest to learn. Islam is an easy religion bruh, it really is. There are many parts to it.

I just do a prayer and forget about it, oh but Allah does not forget.


Every day is a new day to pray.

The devil knows how to talk. He has speech but it is not similar to God's eternal speech in any way.

The one who does not pray is like the one who refuses to eat.

Allah is not abstract.

Embrace Islam and prosper


25% 6:33pm


Allah is unlike anybody or any creation and he exists... ETERNALLY.

Associating selves with Allah is among the biggest sins.

540 is very good indeed

Everything Allah does is according with his eternal knowledge.

Pandora be lying cdffupp. When you thumbs down a track.

I will get the punishment of Allah, but Allah knows that I will not be able to handle his punishment so his mercy will be on me first.

May Allah's mercy be upon me.

Allah created mankind so that they can know the creator through the creations.

Man cannot change the destiny that Allah has predetermined for them.

YOGTO- you only get tested once

he oneness of Allah is the one most important theological principal in Islam

267-765-1515 PPL

34 is the opposite of 40, 40 is so practical.

Sometimes I wish Allah could not see all the sins I do *sighs*

6 wins but 5 is in 6 the clearest

6:33am 55%

Allah is not attributed with love because love is weak

725 is so bright and sweet

One cannot say "God is right, even when he is wrong" because Allah is never wrong, he is completely infallible.

1:25 is... Allah knows best.

2:33pm 100%

325 is a fukkin G

❌ohhhhh ok, Allah is nowhere.

45 < 35 63%

You cannot thank God without thanking the people.

My signature is going to be only an A

420 is a fat mf. He cool tho

I couldn't catch the 5:35pm prayer but I caught 536 smhh

When you wake up the first thing on your mind should be Fajr.

8:55pm 55%

636 is bad

Allah is in control always, not just sometimes. Rectify your intentions bruh

Luck is the belief that something happened by mere chance and not by the eternal will of Allah.

Being a true Muslim involves submitting and not worrying about anything as Allah does all the work and not acting amazed or surprised. But that is impossible because Allah is so amazing and surprising, so really nowadays there are no true human Muslims.

The difference between luck and good fortune is that good fortune is being endowed with abundance by Allāh. And luck is non-existent because nothing exists unless Allāh creates it

8 is good, it is in the middle.

Than- comparison Then-time

Prayed, took a nap, woke up at 235pm.

Frfr Christianity is a protuberance of Islam.

❌735pm blowing

❌the shaytan exists, but he is not nearly as powerful as the Almighty Allah.


❌Allah loves us all and he creates each one of us differently.

❌It is a very big sin to have a heart like a stone.

❌933 is disgusting af

We feel we create our children because we have many similarities with them, Allah actually creates us and we share no similarities.

One cannot see Allah in this life because he has no form, we are only able to see forms.

Friday is the best day.

933 is absolutely vile eeew

❌Friday is when Allah is most generous to you because Friday is the best of the Seven Days.

44 is =33

1225 1233 1255 Friday going to the Mosque

It is an obligation to believe in Allah and his messenger.

There is nothing in Islam that contradicts the sound mind.

Allah makes things change, but he does not change.

326 is just bad

336 is bad

819 & 933 are opposites

819 933

Surely Allah is not an automaton. Because an automaton would be a creation and Allah shares no similarities with the creations.

The Quran is clear cut proof, it always has been and it always will be. It is the eternal Kalam of Allah. Islam is the religion of all the Prophets.

Yesterday was 02-17-17. It was a Friday, a lot of crazy shyt happened to me that day, for Friday is the best of the Seven Days, it is the day that the signs of Allah are clearest to you.

I stopped jotting down most of the crazy things that happen to me, it is so many I just figure what's the point? You know?

The good deeds of a Non-Muslim will only benefit them in this Dunya. Embracing Islam is an obligation.

I cannot pray for you if you are a Non-Muslim, I much rather pray for the sinful Muslim.

If it happens then Allah eternally willed for it to happen that way and he has eternal knowledge of it.

Allah knows me better than I even know myself.

It does not make you dirty, you are just unable to pray.

Allah's knowledge does not have a beginning nor an ending.

His eternal will makes him pragmatic.

Allah said in the Holy Quran that a child is not held accountable for their sins until they have become pubescent. Their good deeds are recorded.

❌I'm a hypocrite bruh, look what I sent this ngga Alhaji " Yo bro anything you need I'm here for you, remember man, always pray and avoid the sins. "

Allah's oneness is maybe the single handedly most important theological concept in Islam.

Allah is not abstract, his attributes and names are.

616 is soo bad

933 is worse than 616 They are brothers

622 is just a little bit good



Staining oneself with urine is the biggest reason why people get tortured in the grave.

840=555 555 better though

1111 cannot equal 555 1111 is Angel Jabril

The Prophet's wife name when he received revelation was Khadija

Angel Gabriel is the angel of revelation.

❌ I did everything before I blew, peed, put blistex on, that hoe still said 4:25pm

❌Allah is a magician No he is not! That's blasphemy

❌We think it's Allah's flaws but Allah makes no flaws, he is absolutely perfect.

❌Bruh, 533! 534 Now 536😧

The only solution is that we don't exist. We have no attributes, Allah is the one to give us attributes.

Allah is 100% good, and he creates all, but that does not mean that all is good, in fact there is more bad than good in the world.

If you don't know it mitigates the weight of the sin a little bit but you will still most likely get punished.

❌I ain't trying hold wudu again for the next prayer so I gotta fast for a little bit lol.

❌True contrivance is only owned by Allah.

Angel Jibril also came to Sister Mary.

742 55%


I can't wait to get up in the morning and do Fajr.

Having varieties and choices kills us.

336 is pure evil.

❌The little break between Asr and Maghrib really helped out today 2:56pm

This ngga ain't stop smoking smhh. 1033am 55%

Have you ever been penetrated

Got home at 533pm

725pm 77%

All 124,000 Prophets had the same creed, Islam.

I will never talk bad behind somebody's back.

0 neutralizes and turns everything into 5

Prophet Jesus will come down when the whole world knows that Allah exists and Islam is the true religion.

"puts hands on head" CHIINAAKE!

I hate happy endings and I hate sad endings.

Allah is not an "is" because everything that "is" is a creation, and Allah shares no similarities with the creation.

Only Allah has knowledge of all.

Certainly he is the most perfect.

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa Salaam said "ALLAH!" even the assailant caught him off guard and tried to kill him.

Spring is the best season. He will be born in the spring.

Got on the 21 bus at 12:25pm 02-24-17 Friday

Paradise is a place that exists now

There are creatures in paradise that don't exist now in this Dunya

The best enjoyment in paradise is seeing Allah.

The Muslims will see Allah without having a shape, being in a place.

The believers will see Allah in paradise, but Allah is not in paradise.

This is obligatory to believe Seeing Allah in the hereafter means to see him without resembling the creation. This is something we cannot imagine

Paradise is everlasting Hellfire is everlasting

The blasphemers will not see Allah because they will not go to paradise.

Paradise and hellfire have beginnings but no end.

His knowledge encompasses everything.

To him belongs the dominion.

Allah is not attributed with injustice. He is not questioned for what he does, rather the creation is questioned.

We seek refuge with Allah

Whoever Allah has guided there is no one who can misguide him.

Your family, your money, your deeds Your family and money will return, only your deeds will remain

Pray in a low voice

The one who's last words are "laila ah illaha etc..." will enter paradise

The Quran is my Iman.

Nut is called "meni" in Islam

Half of the religion is purification

02-25-17 Fajr fell at 525am, woke up exactly at 633am. Did it as soon as I woke.

33 is so much better than 25

Which is a bigger lie, someone saying that they know when they're going to die, or somebody saying that they know Allah.


3:36pm 77%

33 is the second best.

Bro, 663 will kill you

633 is better than 533

The devil is with the isolated one

When a wolf goes to attack a sheep he goes for the isolated one

If you are with a Muslim you are less likely to sin

Among the Muslims there will be disagreements, but there will only be 1 saved group, among 73 sects.

There are people who disguise themselves as Muslims, but they are not and will ultimately go to hell. The Prophet said this.

Our creed never changes.

Since we share the same creed than you are my brother.

If somebody does not have the same creed as me they are not my brother. Even if that person is biologically related to me.

We remain strong by teaching people the correct knowledge

Our agenda is to only defend the creed of the Prophet.


Teach people. Everything else is extra.

The greatest humanitarian deed is to save somebody from going to hell.

Because when I close my eyes I can see beautiful paradise, and when I open them I have to see all your ugly faces.

Allah hu ahnam

Keep it a bean I just wanna eat

How many people here believe in God? Raise your hand How many people believe in Allah?

Islam will be victorious with or without us

This ship does not need you for it to sail.

Wasup bae, I can't wait to eat your butt when I come home. I want you to fart in my mouth.

*just starts screaming*

Don't be scared of 33, he a ugly mf indeed but he means well.

The prayer times are blessed, pay attention to them.

Nggas want me to stop praying. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

Sometimes I just stop what I'm doing and think about how Allah is so great.

We have to remember that Allah knows best always. Not just sometimes, ALWAYS.

408 is another one. I just don't know what it is though. Allah knows best.

625? Allah knows best

Your opinion is wrong. If your belief is different from mines than I don't want anything to do with you. You are the shaytan

The best month is April. The worst month is February.

He did not say it in English or any language in the world but I was able to understand perfectly.

Thermal coats

Avoiding one small sin is more rewardable than praying 1000 optional cycles

Used the bathroom exactly at Dhuhr time

The worst of the 5 prayers is Dhuhr It's not bad, it's just disgusting af.

33 is NOT DHUHR. 33 is better. 33 is the best. After 55

33 is all the Prophets

Nina gon grow up and have a fat ass

All the Prophets had beautiful voices

It is he who creates the change but he does not change

There's a reason why God did not create Adam and Alan

The Prophet's first two sons died.

The value of education? Education has no value.

633 bus reached

We cannot forget that 90 is so good.

36 is among the worst

The angels don't even know what's written on the guarded tablet

Just because you have an abundant amount does not mean that you should waste.

69 & 96 is bad

635 is among the best

5:33pm 32%

❌Understanding Allah is understanding he DOES NOT CARE BRUH! DO YOU!

Please Allah let tomorrow's MAGHRIBbe at 555pm

Today was so good. Alhamdulilah 03-1-17 Allah's signs are getting stronger

❌With Allah is my final destination.

Allah does not act or do actions because you see that will be similar to the creations and he shares no similarities with us. He simply wills for things to happen. No creation can will, only Allah is capable of doing that.

1140 is something, very great. I just don't know. Allah knows best.

Everything in 11!

The main reason why Allah gave us eyes is so that we can close them and refrain from doing any sin. THIS IS THE MAIN REASON.

11:55am 77%

Bus reached at 1140 Friday 03-3-17

Angels are creations We cannot grasp them with our hands

He did not create them because he needed helpers He created them to show his power

They are more in numbers than the jinns and the humans


The Prophet said that this nation will be divided into 73 groups, 72 will be in hell.

All that the slave does is acquire the deeds, but Allah creates it eternally.

Prophet Muhammad was from the the tribe of Quraysh

Any numbers that match is the best This is why 33 is so good 66 is among the worst of the best

A church is not the house of God, it is the house of the shaytan, the devil lives there.

Face, hand, hair, feet

Allah can never be ingratiated.

This ngga C was testing me, he dropped me off on the bridge and was like "ard bro"

This is among the easiest of questions to answer. ALLAH HU ANAM!

5 is all the Prophets, 6 is solely the shaytan.

Bruh right now it's 16 degrees, it's cold as shyt. I am under Tayamum right now. Wallahi if I take a full body shower and pray my soul will enter paradise with no objection. And I will also enter paradise in this world. NO QUESTION. Allah will never lie to me, Allah loves me 100%

The devil feels fear, but not Allah. Allah is not attributed with feeling anything, certainly not fear.

Blessings are much stronger than sins.

Just because something is unlikely does not mean that it's impossible.

He will have lots of dandruff on his head.

How can you commit blasphemy so openly and freely?

Lol Damn bruh, your shyt got strong af outta nowhere. I put that shit in my room my pops was like "what's that smell, I can smell it from outside." lol

You don't need life to exist, but if you have life than you have the latter

11:00 is the best hour

I would not use the word "capable" when referring to Allah. It is better to say everything happens according to Allah's wills. For sure we do not know what Allah willed for us so we should say In shaa' Allah.

Allah is free to will whatever Allah desires

Allah exists for all the creations.

We are always in a state of incertitude.



People that are always happy is living a lie.

Now that I know that Allah exists, everything will change.

Your certitude is unsubstantiated

Allah's promise will certainly come true.

94 is so good.

Any number with 4 is good

The creations has beginnings and endings, but Allah doesn't.

77% 6:40

Become a Muslim first, and then pray.

Allah is the most grandiose.

I wish to get back on the impetus that Allah has set for me.

Christianity is like a blue whale in the ocean, Islam is like all the 7 seas x5

11 is the best number, it can do the most

We don't like change, except when it comes to our technology.

Cursed be the one that says Allah does not exist

Allah is the only one that is peerless

He exists whether or not you believe it or not. You get rewarded for acknowledging his existence and punishment for denying it.

No angel came to me, I didn't receive no revelation, Allah did not appear in my dreams or anything. What Allah does for me he promises to do it for all of mankind. 5:33pm 55% Im bouta blow, on the bus now going to the train station

❌Because if I am not doing it for the sake of Allah than why am I doing it? Yanee like...

Something about 721

Allah is the only living that does not have or need a partner.

Nobody knows how Allah will test us, we just know that he will. Nobody knows how Allah exists, but we know that he does.

If it's a know sin and one denies it, he blasphemes

Blasphemy is not forgiven by Allah.

Praying puts order into my life.

The creator does not have a beginning or end, the creations does.

You cannot say "all the creators" because there is only one creator, Allah.

Allah is 100% immutable.

Cab #11 8:11

Stop relating Allah to the creations. Use the creations to liken to themselves.

Everything else you can do worse except for blasphemy, that is the absolute worst.

The existence of Allah is evident

The existence of Allah is not abstract, his names and attributes are sure

We'll start with the name of Allah. Now Allah means the one who has the power to create, to bring from nonexistence into existence. Only Allah has that kind of power

If you don't have nothing better to do than PRAY

It is blasphemy to think that Allah cannot do something. Even when this something is not mentally possible then it's best to say this thing is not mentally possible. As opposed to Attributing weakness to Allaah.

If one resembles the creation he'd be weak to whatever the creation is weak to.

Aameen wa feek. So make sure you say the Shahadah and stay away from things you don't understand and also avoid debates.

He does not exist in a place but he exists.

It is obligatory to believe that the greatest joy in paradise is seeing Allah without him being in a place or direction. This is impossible to imagine.

We don't believe in mother nature, rather we say Allah is God of all and he controls all, including the weather.

For the sake of Allah I would do anything.

Islam is the religion of all the Prophets

You must utter the two testifications of faith with your tongue

Prophets are the best of the people.

Prophets are intelligent, trustworthy, and beautiful

Prophets may commit small sins that do not show low character.

Prophet Adam eating from the tree was a small sin.

Moses and Jesus both received scriptures, these scriptures though have been tampered with over time.

Allah favors all the Prophets above all Humans, Angels and Jinns.

It is obligatory to believe that all the Prophets were truthful, trustworthy, intelligent, beautiful.

It is blasphemy to mock any of the Prophets.

This ngga at the Mosque annoying af bruh, always sitting next to me talking about some "SALA LA" And he keeps saying that over and over again.

One is not considered a pious if he eats while he knows his neighbor is hungry.

Each receives his own sustenance

If a calamity hits you, be patient and thank Allah.

Praise, thank, humbly ask.

Sleep did not break the Prophets' Wudu.

The 22nd of March Fajr is going to be at 555am 10-13-17

5 is all the Prophets, including Prophet Muhammad.

7:33pm 77%

3:55pm 65%

Allah is attributed with Patience, it is he who is the most Patient.

Oh shyt, 240pm

Allah does not laugh because he shares no similarity to the creation, but this shyt funny af

My pop is #66. My stepmom is #69



Caught the 8:19pm Isha prayer 03-12-17 Sunday This shyt came outta nowhere. All the days before Isha was at like 7pm

Your mom is a celebrated prostitute

This supernatural show got blasphemy written all over it. All these mfs is going to hell, writers, directors, actors... Etc

How can one ask for forgiveness if the sin has not been committed yet? Ask forgiveness for the intention.

Everybody gets their own sustenance.

Refrain from using the word feels when referring to the creator. And yes Allaah everyone will get the amount of sustenance Allaah willed for them to get before they die.

You don't have to do it but if you do it once then you have to keep on doing it

Baarakallahu Feek. May Allah reward you

Allah does not "feel". It is he who causes others to feel, because He is the Creator of everything.

Came to the tracks to blow and the college is closed

The meaning of Allah is the one who has the ability to create, to bring from non-existence into existence, Only Allah is capable of doing that.

Giving up is the worst of the Haram deeds

You don't have to do it, but if you do it once than you have to always do it, and if you don't it is blasphemy.

God is omniscient and he oversees all.

No parent truly loves their children equally

❌The one who is always in a state of Wudu is safe. But they have to be Muslim, and they have to pray, in order for their safety to be guaranteed.

❌10:00am 77%

633 is so good bruh

12:33pm 77%

Your good deeds and sins are separate. Just like how light and darkness is separate

Is it sinful to say "I am the best Muslim living today."? - I never heard that

❌Allah makes everything work work in This Dunya

No Prophet ever told a lie a day in their life.

Every Prophet was trustworthy.

Every Prophet was extremely sharp mentally.

The sun comes in the east and sets in the west

At no time was a Prophet ever a nonbeliever


03-17-16 Friday Asr @ 4:33pm Leaving right after this prayer

8:52am!! 33 minutes after 8:19 I was blowing and I pulled out my phone, I ain't know shit.

5:40 77%

4:33pm 90%

Once Allah has guided a person no one can misguided him, and once Allah has misguided a person no one can guide him

It makes sense to Allah and that's all that matters.

✖Allah is very introspective(this is blasphemy)

There are no discrepancies between all the schools of Islam.

Java programming is for giving commands

Does pain purge sins? If a muslim stubs his toe for example and he is patient with that, some of his sins would get erased

It is not permissible to use the terms love or hate when talking about Allāh because love and hate are emotions.

3:33pm 65%

Allah does not endeavor to do anything, everything just comes to him naturally.

There's always going to be a rational explanation.

Nectar can be tonic



Don't ever get too attached to something

Just because it is what it is does not mean that is how it has to be.

❌He does not get questioned rather he is the one who does the questioning. And if you Tell Allah that he was the one who willed it he would just send you to hellfire forever.

❌The creator cannot coexist with the creation.

Eternity is not something that us humans can understand face to face, tis something that has to be assimilated transcendentally.

Allah knows all.

It is blasphemy to mock any of the Prophets.

Allah is not in a place, and places are not within Allah.

the shaytan is 100% bad.

Prophet Muhammad is my master and I learn from him.

Last time was on Sunday 03-19-17

Allah does everything for me and I still disobey him, pitiful.

Arabic is a perfect language

Islam is a perfect religion.

7:35pm 55 degrees

The Prophet said the congregation prayer is 27 times more rewardable than praying alone

433! You can look at it.

Insincerity is doing the good deed to gain praise from the people.

I am not insincere. WALLAHI I'm not, Allah knows best.


Nat Cole Scott

There is nothing that I won't do for the sake of Allah.

Enforcing tax is Haram

Sometimes the Prophet would make a treaty with the non-believers and part of the treaty included that the non-muslims would pay a certain amount of money to the Muslim government

Allah cannot be delineated.

Allah is the world, the world is Allah. - blasphemy

Praise, thank, ask

Whoever is killed unjustly is a Martyr.

Revenge, vengeful killing is an enormous sin.

Rappers be so derivative

Hate becomes a reason for living when you've lost everything that you've loved.

May Allah bless Shaykh Gilles and allow him to continue giving me Islamic knowledge.

The mental proof of Allah's existence- every writing has a writer, every building has a builder etc...

To disrespect the Qur'an is blasphemy

55% 63 degrees

If you say that you are the best than Allah will test you more than anybody else.

Us Muslims are different from everybody else

Why do the birds need a plane if they can fly- Quavo



It's only me and 49 others.


If a person says they are the best than no one can object, except Allah.

❌This is all of Allah's work, Allah put all of this shyt together.

❌I know very little but what I do know is what matters. I know that there is a God with a name of Allah. And this God is the creator of all, and he is all Mighty and all Ruling.

❌You don't even have to say it and Allah still hears crystal clear

Idk what I want to be doing with my life, but I know I don't want to be working

Allah is the most merciful among his slaves, even the Kufars.

2 things are certain in life, death and Allah's promise.

8:42am 42%

If you die without doing your due obligated prayer you will go to hellfire forever!

The creator loves but his love is not like ours, for example we can love Shawn Mendes one day then overtime hate him. This is not like Allah's love, Allah will ALWAYS love Shawn Mendes.

My favorite porn star is Catalina Taylor, though I do like various others.

I will always love the creator more than the creations.

Weird dude in elevator

The goal is not to be successful in life, the goal is to ultimately go to heaven. If you do what you have to do to go to heaven you will ultimately be successful in life.

True religious faith is putting all your trust in God, not just some.

I never changed, you're just not used to me anymore

We only question God because we don't fully understand him

Rapping is just trapping if you really think about it

Allah tests us all, not expecting us to pass it but to see if we will come back to him after failing.

There's many levels to heaven and many levels to hell as well

The point is not to win, the point is to learn a lesson. Did you learn a lesson or not dh?

What you call deep I call just barely scratching the surface bruh 😞

The answer is not even an option

When Allah tests you he does it without you even being aware.

We're all sharing unintentionally. Sharing knowledge, sharing power, sharing currency.

Trap beats have heavy kicks and consists of a lot of instruments

The whole point is to lose and be okay with it.

In the end we lose, you and I. But the point is not to be victorious.

I was wrong. Allah is not bias. Forgive me.

Allah is so great that even if you follow the wrong religion he still blesses you.

We should fear Allah greatly, but only for our benefit. But his goal is for us to not fear him but understand him. By understanding him we see the necessity behind fearing him.

Wait: while on hold music plays

You nggas promote violence like it's cool

Allah oversees things that even the third eye can't perceive

One must willfully submit themselves to Allah

SWAGG: so what ah got gear

Allah is truly great.

Allah does impressive things that we aren't even aware of

With the occurment of it happening, it thus makes it possible

Nothing is a mistake for Allah

What's done unintentionally can only be fixed through prayer

The winner decides who the real winner is
And the real winner selects who the actual winner is

Allah takes a selected few out of the pack in a turn in order to please a greater purpose.

The substitute effect - involving high

Time is nothing more then being able to observe everything as it unfolds.
You ever wake up and be like "omg what time is it"?

I certainly believe there are clear and concise rules of how one should live on earth, and us human beings are not following these rules so far. If that makes me and existentialist then so be it.

Rationality is based off logic.

The devil is not the ruler of hell, Allah is.

Jamba is reggie, Ganja is loud.

Allah willfully alters the way we think about certain things so we can only pray for what's crucial in our lives.

Pool of different arts

Marijuana gives you false confidence

Relying on objectivity will be the death of humankind

Lady talking bout missing the bus


Logic is proven wrong when it conflicts with religious matters

Allah loves it when you attempt to be impervious to his trials.

Maybe I only perceive it as funny.

Allah can't make it too easy for us

When you get high the tiny voices in your head become louder and more aggressive.

How can one tell if he is in the same plane of existence as others?

The most vexatious thing is when you speak to someone and you feel as if they're not even listening.

Logic is an annexation of faith.

Allah should never be synonymized.

The world ends when you die.

Ozzy is my worst enemy.

Allah's love for us is transcendental.

I am certainly a transcendentalist

I'm nowhere near perfect, but I try to be, and I believe that's all that really matters.

Allah is not on anybody's side, he is more of a mediator then anything else.

Now I finally know what it means to win. Make losing okay, but still possible to win at the end.
-sneakers getting wet while walking at Conway. But it was still a struggle for the sneakers to get wet, and they barely got wet. I'm high as shyt.

Fried and being high as shyt is different. Being fried means you're just high as shyt and unaware of all your actions. Being high means you feel the high but you're able to control your actions.

Fried: at this point you're capable of doing anything.

In order to win: the purpose will be diminished at the end.

So it's not really if he wins, but how he wins.

The truth can only be revealed to us after death.

High: being fried is the bad part of being high.

Nggas be like I'm fried but I'm high.

Ahh and the plot thickens.

To win is to expect the worst and make the best out of it.

The way to distinguish from being fried and high as shit is by realizing what's going on inside your head.

One of the many good things about Allah is that he never gets weary, his energy is everlasting.

Every creation is just a state of Allah.

High is normal for me..

It's mfs that do crazy shyt while fried that makes weed look bad. Like the mfs who get fried and rob a bank. Like bruh, who gets high and rob a bank? You on some crazy high shyt.

When you get high entirety is revealed to you.

Allah can only amuse and have fun with himself.

Alpha: the person everybody fuk with.
Abdul: the funny dude always make jokes.

I smoke to try to get as high as Allah, and try to get close to his level.

Sometimes I be wrong. "kanye shrug "

We must remember. Allah is not just one step ahead of us...

I was never fried.

Well who cares what you think you're black. Who cares what I think I'm black? Wow, talk about racial tension.

Micky dying convo with Rocky

There are many sides to Allah.

We are the answer. The question being, "is Allah the most powerful? "

*Me On Mic*
Hanging with my ngga Tyler here

hied-high and fried

We can't put logic over faith.

I'm very practical.

I never changed, you did. Now you're frustrated because I don't conform to your new ideology.

Allah speaks to us subjectively.

Self tying towel

Pastor Shola was telling me his mother is a Muslim and his father is a Chèristian. They was all happy and had no religious problems. When he became a pastor his mother danced for him with excitement. His father paid for his mother to go to Mecca.

Allah is selfless. He allows us to worship prophets without feeling no way about it.

Allah has anger problems.


You shouldn't have children to help you complete your wishes, they should follow their own path.

Allah lies to us at times. But he only lies for our benefit.

Allah is you, but you are not Allah.

Just because religion is a touchy subject does not mean we shouldn't touch on it.

The way Allah makes up to us with all the tests he gives us is with heaven.

Would we age if everybody was sleep?
Yes because Mother Nature will still be able to see us.

That ain't no mfn deerbra, that's a grown ass man in a deerbra suit. I know eeeem, his name Josh. He performed once at my son's birthday party.

At DCCC bus stop bul talking on the phone about fukkin old head up.

Pandora told me no on my 21st birthday

After constant heartbreaks, one becomes numb to any future loss or love disappointments.

God didn't tell Jesus or any Prophet the correct religion to follow.

Allah is far too kind and lenient with us.

Fried: the sieries. Make Jason the main character, he gets locked up at end

Allah has many creations.

Any book given to a prophet from Allah applies to every generation.

Trust your instincts, they're never wrong. Allah is your instinct, he's never wrong.

Why would you test me like this Allah?

Us humans always seek out for love because we fear to be alone. What we don't realize is that we are never alone, Allah is always with us.
The one who is most patient wins at the end.

When I get high i get a little taste of heaven, and that shyt great.

I hope I'm able to worship Allah in heaven.

Anything can be copied, but Allah. Because Allah is the unequivocal and he deserves all praise.

It's all a match within an already victorious tournament.

Allah has no picks.

Logic is an annexation of faith. Meaning that even if logic is a big part, faith plays a more significant role in the grand scheme of things

Because a silicon soul and a polyester heart
Makes the light inside kinda dark

Time exists only to the conscious mind.

Because Allah is the only Allah.

Truly he is unequivocal.

May his mercy be upon us.

Praise him!

You smell like straight Amsterdam.

He puts us in a state of incertitude which primarily follows the same trajectory as weakness one might say.

Those who reject Allah and his ways will be severely punished.

Allah is the exalted.

I do not partake in the consumption of alcohol.

It you don't know me, how can you tell if I'm high?

The funniest people are newcomers to a religion.

God is Karim, he is the only one that has true power.

Be a Muslim and prosper.

Allah's tests just seem inscrutable to us, but they're perfectly solvent.

His mercy is beyond us.

I believe everything in the Quran, even if I don't understand it.

There is no religion, there is only Islam. In which all the prophets followed.

Nothing is equal to the unequivocal.
Allah is never wrong.

Prove Allah's existence

Same story different teller

I am the high

Questioning Allah will only result in you questioning yourself.

Don't mistake trials for punishment.

I'm high as shit

You call it the devil's lettuce I call it a plant from God's garden.

Allah is a trickster.

Everything that's sigmicant in life is transcendental.

There's always a new chapter ahead.

Obliviousity is never an excuse.

I want to be a winner, the only way I can win is if I side with Allah.

Allah is not weak, we are weak.

It wouldn't be befitting to attribute Allah with anything other then entirety.

25 or 55?

Allah is the best of arguers. You can never win.

There is nothing in the world except for Allah and Islam. Everything else is an annexation.

Allah existed before us and Allah will exist after us.

Us humans tend to do too much as a group.

Your high level of animosity leads me to question your true intentions for me.

Allah works the hardest on the ones that don't matter to us.

Allah's power never dwindles. He's not like us, he does not get tired after running a race, or more validictory he is the race.

I don't get high or fried, I just get normal. I smk a lot of wd and lose touch of reality. My high is the normality for society.

Everything makes sense with Allah, and everything is connected.

I be thinking I'm better when I'm high, I'm really worse.

It's clear to see why smoking marijuana is Haram. When smoked it leads one to want to commit the sin of Zinaa or Fornication. Also it leads one to eat excessively, sleep excessively, and makes one indulge in many wishful thinking. Which are all sin and can corrupt a person's heart.

July 31 @ 12:30pm

The apostates are the worse of the people

Insha'Allah one day I will be a better Muslim than Shaykh Gilles

for the one who is ruled by his desires is weak, and whoever walks for a few steps with the Shaytaan will walk with him to the end

Islamic terrorists apostatize long before they commit to killing themselves and others So it's clear to see why they should not be labeled as "Islamic terrorists"

72 & 65
Apa- 72
Auntie- 65

Allaah does not work magic because if He did that than He will be similar to the creation. He simply Wills for things to be and they Be

Make Du'a for me brother

❌Never commit a sin in a state of Wudu

78 degrees

Well first let's acknowledge His Eternal Attributes

78 degrees

Alaah's reality is not subject to time It exists out of it. And it's not subject to change either

Anything that makes you sleep, eat, or speak too much is not good for you and haram, because it corrupts your heart Like smoking weed

Your profit is not earned from interest, your profit is earned from greed

It's safe to say that Allaah is the Only One attributed with Will

It is Allah who chooses because He is the only one who has Will

So it would be Kufr for one to think or say "can this event happen?" or "can this really go down?" Yes, because Allah can do anything and that notion will be questioning His Eternal attribute of Will.

Islam is spread through proliferation

No Prophet had worse luck than Prophet Abraham (PBUH)

The Shaytan is inscrutable. Allah is not inscrutable because that word is an adjective, and Allah is not a noun.

73 degrees

❌If you die inside a Holy Masjid you might get the reward of a martyr that died for their religion(Islam). Idk tho, prolly not. Allah knows best.

Peep it does not say that "Muslims are better than Christians". It only says "those who do not relate Allah to the creation."

Allah is the best of those who plan

73 degreee

Angie said the last time she saw me I didn't have that much facial hair. I told her it was a blessing from God

❌Allaah absolutely has no similarity to the creation

❌Rasulullah is not a diety. But there is only one diety tho df

What we think is a little is really a lot, and when we think is a lot is really a little

That line of reasoning falls down in certain cases

Mercy Ummah Umma= the whole community of Muslims bound together by ties of religion.

66 degrees

77 degrees

58 is a really strong one

The goal is saturation

Everytime I go to Jummah on Friday my beliefs about Allah gets confirmed

If it is not Allah than who else could it be?

What we did is simply shape it into the way we want, but we certainly did not create it, only Allaah can create.

66 degrees

Whoever stays at the Masjid at Jummah from the beginning of the first sermon till Asr time is safe. But they have to be Muslim and they have to pray.

He has Knowledge of how it should be, He creates it, and then He Wills for it to be.

Mixing too much with people
Wishful thinking
Being attached to anything other than Allah
Eating too much

63 degrees

The Prophet PBUH used to pray so much that this legs would get tired. When he was asked why he gave so much worship he replied "shall I not be a thankful slave of Allah?"

You're 34. BTCH YOU WAS BORN IN 1987

There are going to be 15 scholars. 78-15=63

Yes, He had His attributes before He created them. Common sense brings me to that conclusion.

I've come to the conclusion that whatever Allah Wills to be shall be because He has Power and Speech

The Hereafter is only better for the Muslims. If you ain't Muslim and you die YOU'RE FUCKED!

72 degrees

Reciting dhikr bought my speech back, nothing else

75 degrees

75 degrees

A transgression is an act.

The prayer times are already set, already in place. Allah will not change for us, we have to change for Him.

72 degrees

❌People are taken out of Islam everyday more than people are murdered

72 degrees

73 degrees

Lightskin girls with big foreheads was put only on this Earth to test us good men

72 degrees

If I can just make it to Jummah I'll be good

Allaah is the best disposer of affairs

Headphones stopped working on Thursday 08-03-17
Paid dccc tuition

Tomorrow is Friday 😊🙌🙏

73 degrees

I woke up from my coma and realized how fucked up everybody is

73 degrees

72 degrees

73 degrees

78 degrees

78 degrees

66 degrees

66 degrees

Allah has no partners

66 degrees



According to Shaykh Ahmad Allaah does not get pleased because "pleased" is an emotion, and an emotion is a creation. Allaah has no similarity to the creation.

Little boy is my new name

My real name is Kunta Kinte.
Abdulai is my slave name

73 degrees

Live only to worship your God

Knowledge is knowledge, no matter who it is coming from. As long as it's religious unerring knowledge.

77 degrees

77& 78 degrees

77 degrees
Rather, He has Life and He Exists

And that's why the Yemenis, the Arabs before Ismail, they call them "The Original Arabs" The Arabs that came after Ismail... they call them "imitation Arab"

66 degrees

You look like photosynthesis

At the end of the day I just want to go to Jannah bro

Fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown

When you lose you don't always fail, but when you fail you always lose

Eew your butt not fat

Mistakes happen, but when those mistakes become repetitive they are no longer mistakes, they are choices.

Oh my Lord! If I have done a sin in which you cannot forgive than please kill me now. PLEASE!



66 degrees


❌My Lord is the best of those who watch

❌None else but Allah

"we gotta motor mouth over here!"

69 degrees

Witchcraft is not a lesser degree than shirk, it is shirk

I love making Wudu

Allah is not similar to Prophet Muhammad at all.

I did it for the sake of my God, His name is Allah

I just trying to emulate your greatness

OK so this book is third person omniscient

I don't really need much, just weed and Wi-Fi

Some libraries allow it and some don't

I had 7 bodies before I got to Mercy (cee mugga)

78 degrees

Allah does not plan for the future, rather, He creates it. He has knowledge of how it should be, and He creates it.

Prophet Muhammad is the perfect archetype for his Ummah


66 degrees

Allaah constantly sends me signs about my deeds being accepted

If you can't commit before you hit it than you soul is destined to go to Hellfire.

77 degrees

The signs are for everybody in the Ummah, but there is only one who will catch it, may Allaah bless him.


63 degrees


63 degrees

I'm not an addict ima fanatic

Ik what you're trying to say but just don't say it

Absolutely nothing gets written down on Friday, it is a sin

Never trust anyone who works for the government

❌The Islamic religion is very general

❌Allah will smite you!

Long Dick Leonard
Kill Box Patrickx

How you gon lie, get caught in the lie. Keep lying, admit to lying, then get mad cuz nobody trust you

Allah knows best how humans work. He created us for Heavens sake

using namespace std;
Int main()
{cout << "hello world"<< endl;
Return 0;

Saying that Allaah is a girl would be blasphemy because it is implying that He is weak

To conclude: What is required of the believer, if Allaah and His Messenger have enjoined something, is to say: We hear and obey,

Once I stop smoking weed and watching porn and masterbating then I will be a pious Muslim

I don't want a girl, I want a woman that I can marry and have sex with over and over again. That's what I want

Prophet Ibrahim(AS) knew 8 of Allah's 13 attributes by the age of seven

OK so it's till sunrise

Once Allaah comes to me and tells me that He has forgiven me for all my sins, than I will stop doing so much worship

This body that you're bragging so much about, IT'S NOT YOURS! Did you create it?

If you don't feel no type of way about it than you like it. Because if you're not sure if you can trust somebody what will you do?

Verily deeds are done by the intention

Allah knows everything about everything

Allah is the only law giver, He gives the law and we obey.

We get endowments in this life, but we get rewards only in the Hereafter

No similarity
Non neediness

Everything connects in Islam and there are no contradictions

Capitalism is selfish

Work on your lower body and talk slower

If nobody is there that means that Allaah is there watching

Allaah is so great, He has given me sustenance

My castle in Jannah awaits!

The best temperature is 77 degrees

Call taxi
Delete Fb
Call Abigail

55 degrees
💥If you catch the Fajr prayer before sunrise

❌It's safe to say that all the Prophets are not infallible.

Push-ups - 170
Squats- 55

48 degrees

The One who creates the creation is not in need of what the creation needs

He has Knowledge of how it should be and then He creates it


Allah is not unjust because no one has power over Allah. To be unjust is "to be undutiful to the one who has power over you"



I thank Allah for my condition


Two things to remember, you are blessed, it could be worse

Asalaamu Alaikum wa rahmahtullahi.
La ilaha illallah

❌I'm not going to do a bad deed for the sake of Allah, for the sake of Allah.

God never disappoints, we are the ones to disappoint one another and then we blame it on Allah smhh

I made strong Du'a to Allah yesterday. I blew in the crib and when I was done I did an optional prayer and made strong Du'a to my Lord. Like 15 minutes later the bul came home lol. Allaah is great.

78 degrees

My religion tells me that Allah is All-Seeing and nothing is hidden from Him

I am a Wali. A close friend of Allaah.

Lmaoo this ngga brother Anwar funny as shit. He said "unless a trustworthy Muslim tells you" I was like "do you have to know him to trust him?" He was like "Allah knows best how well you have to know the person."

You're finally starting to see the glory in this lifestyle

You are Awliya, Allaah chooses you and accepts you.

Allaah is my Wali

I guess I'm a Suffi

Every creation exists, but you don't have to be a creation in order to exist... I think

I hate death, because if I'm dead than I cannot worship Allaah in this world, and in this Dunya is where I get the most rewards.

Allaah chose you to be Awliya because you are the best of the Ummah

Allah chooses you after the Prophets

I am 78, he is 72

Your mind can be a place
Because other creations can dwell in it

We are not able to conceive eternity


The Shaytan does not know your thoughts

Allaah chooses you after Abu Bakr

66 degrees

You are not obligated to do anything that the Messenger has not already enjoined upon you

They speak Austrian in Australia

The thing about Islam is that everything makes sense in it, which is why I submit. Gladly.

This ngga said "who came up with the idea of religion anyway?" Umm... God btch

Everything in Islam connects and correlates

❌All the Prophets were male and if an Angel was to appear in human form it would be male. He chooses the Prophets and Angels over the rest of the creations, that's the only reason why we label Allah as "He". But we certainly do not say that Allah is male or female, that would be blasphemy.

If Allah can do anything than that must mean that anything is possible

When Allah guides a person He makes it so that person has no choice but to follow Him and His Messenger

Allaah does what He pleases because no one has power over Him. May He be exalted

55, 52, 25, 11

We will not return what you have destroyed, even if you are a Muslim

For the whole world to cease existing would be less severe than killing one Muslim

Your eyes accentuates the semblance of your beauty

Makrooh is the opposite of mustahab

The only act of freedom is to kill yourself

The intransigent ones will never prosper

Keep this closed and keep this closed, and you will go to Jannah. And when I say your mouth I don't mean don't talk, i mean STOP SUCKING DCK! But don't keep this closed though, your heart. Your heart is so beautiful. Open it up so the world can see.
- No, I'm Muslim, we don't do that. Rather we say ALLAH!

I know that the only God, Allaah has something special planned for me, and it's not you

It is permissible to do that but it would be makrooh

May Allah preserve you

And I'm gonna tell him about the attributes of Allah

555, 525, 755, 725, all have 555 in them

55 degrees

The righteous believer is always blaming himself

Why do I feel like that? The Muslim is always blaming himself

How do you want to die as a Muslim if you are not prepared to live like one

Everything bores me. I WANT MORE! I WANT MY LORD!

It's clear to see that if the first condition applies than the second one does as well

Allaah is the Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving, and He is One.

If no one is watching just know that Allaah is always watching. He is the only One who is al-Basir

There are people and things that I enjoy doing, but I only love and enjoy Allah, and the Prophet(PBUH), and the religion of Islam.

It's only Allaah. It's only Allaah? It's only Allaah? FEAR ALLAAH!

You are not responsible for what people wear, you are responsible for what your eyes perceive and look at.

Your rizq will come before your death.

Allaah is my Wali

As Sami- The Hearer of all
Al-Basir- The Seer of all

I'm used to the dark

ask for help from Allah to give thanks to Him

Btches be fertile as shit, I put my dck in that btch once she gon be 6 months pregnant the next day n shyt

I don't want no parts, you got more bodies than Charles Manson

It's physically impossible to count your heartbeats, it's impossible to enumerate the amount of blessings that Allaah gives you

Ultimate ownership necessitates creation. None of us are truly owners of anything, we simply transfer ownership. Allah doesn't owe a favor to anything or anyone

40 degrees



Allaah is the best of those who watch, He is Al-Basir

I'm not gay, I'm just hella chaste

Get spoon


Once we get what we really want Allaah makes us forget how bad we had once wanted it

Ima learn how to roll a backwood soon inshaAllah

The best gifts are those that are kept a secret. You never know what you're going to get. I suppose that could also be the worst gift, "shrugs" oh well, Allaah knows best.

I know how to be by myself better

I saw the Prophet (PBUH) in my dreams

It's with humility you find your true self

What personal reasons could you have for not going to the Mosque and worshipping Allah?

I mean yeah I suppose I could smile, but then I begin to think about all the sins that I have done in the past and my heart sinks, because I know that I am sure to receive the punishment of Allah, that is unless my Lord forgives me. And my Lord is Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving.


Idk what's happening to me but what I do know is that it's Allaah, and I like it.

Allaah has chose me. Insha'Allah I will not let Him down.

I take long giant steps and I gotta long giant dck

We are able to "be in the moment" but we do not have existence, only Allaah has that attribute

We are able to perceive sound, but we do not have hearing, only Allaah is As-Sami

Once we establish that He in fact exists than it is easy to see that He cannot be like us

Call me Daddy Dearest

Eeman is belief in Allaah, His Messengers, His Angels, His books, al-Qadr, the final day

I'm not doing it for adulation, the Angels already like me and are cheering me on, that is enough.

My Lord is the Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving

Bear witness

Everyday I have to do new good deeds to make sure that I am accepted by the Almighty

Christianity is a unsubstantiated religion

Two 1's equal 5

The two Rakkah solution

Maybe if I always remind my little brother Alusine of Allaah than perhaps he will grow to have more faith than me cuz my eeman is weak lol

I am never gonna lie to Allaah again. NEVER!

The Lord that I worship has no partners. He does not beget and He is not begotten.

This is something that i knew my Lord was going to Will. I had no doubt.

I like the way that your facial structure is formed.

Apa, FA, school, be my friend, ily

505,511,515,520,527,533,535,545 these all equal 725



I have to give Zakath

Yes smoking weed makes your mind run a mile a minute but where is it running to and from where?

319 is so bad that it's good

I'm finna permeate my semen all over the inside of your vaginal wall

Change is good if it's in accordance with the Islamic religion

Oldhead please don't fuck him up

Al-Aleem- the All Knowing

The five essentials are:
Belongings (Property)
Creed (Religion)

Damascus is Sham

Please don't send me naked pictures I don't like to be teased

I will never despair of the mercy of my Lord. Allah (SWT) is the most Merciful, oft-Forgiving. It's not Allah's forgiveness that I have a problem with, it's just the fact like, why do I keep doing these sins?



I exist only to worship the Most Merciful Oft-Forgiving Lord

All six

My Religion forbids me to look you in the face because it makes me happy

Only Allah can import the scanner class

Only Allah can declare the main function

Do they even still harvest Reggie?

Remember the story that Amir told you about the guy in a well

May Allah protect us

Then you need to discard your kufr belief that will soon end to your destruction

You can fornicate and not be pubescent

If the best of us is weak then what does that mean for the rest of us?

Yo is my pants on?

1. Call Allah by His beautiful names
2. Prophet Muhammad
3. Tawbah and ask
4. Dua
5. Allah

Sometimes it's good to be around good people

Mention the five pillars and six pillars to Shaykh Sayf "DON'T YOU KNOW THAT ALLAH IS AL BASIR??"

I am a Wali, I am a guaranteed winner

He who has no one has Allah
He who has Allah has everything
Allahu Akbar! Allah has made this baby vanish into thin air

Yall scared of marriage

It only applies to me

May Allah bless J Cole for freeing the slaves

Then you need to denounce your atheistic belief that will soon result in your own destruction

Every sin is done out of ignorance

If He's real then that must mean that His names and attributes are real as well

In school they tell us that if you have something to say then let it out and don't hold it in, Allah tells us to speak good or remain silent

I am very proud of myself, because I am religiously committed, righteous and pious

May Allah protect us Ameen Ya Rabbil Alameen

"O Allah, allow me to marry person x if it is good for me in my relationship with you. If it is good for me in my Dunya and in my Akhira

So your Lord has a first and last name?

An idol is something you worship, something your hopes are associated with, something you think about all the time, something that replaces Allah in your heart

Allah has made hellfire haram for me

The shaytan, he comes and goes. But Allah, He always stays.

How can we create ourselves if we weren't even created in the first place? Df like... You got 47 chromosomes bruh?

I will never drive to go to the Mosque

Laugh, someone laugh

There is a light emanating from your face that resembles the light of the full moon

Why did the seat belts become friends? They just clicked

Say subhanallah 33 times, Alhamdulillah 33 times, Allahu Akbar 34 times

Allah, He tests us.

I'm still learning

Idk her parents

There are no hows when it comes to Religion

Just don't use foul language and sin

There is no such thing as coincidence

Anger can sometimes be a result of pride

Resorting to violence because of anger is the most irrational thing that a Muslim can do

Never wish death on anybody, no matter how much they have wronged you. Because if they die then they can't repent to Allah anymore and ask for forgiveness.

He can still ask Allah for forgiveness and Allah will accept him because Allah is oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful

Jason dies

Jerry dies

They all die

Only Allah lives

The ones who deserve death and hell fire are the ones who does not fear Allah, this can be both the Muslim and the non-Muslim .

The ones who deserve hellfire are only the non-believers

Piety is from the mercy of Allah

Regret is a form of punishment

This society offers lots of evil friends

Follow the way of Ibrahim

The more you feed that animal, the more you turn into that animal

Everything created by Allah, it's purpose is Ibidaah

Allah is the best of those who plan

If you want the mercy of Allah you must be merciful yourself

The currency on the Day of Judgment are deeds

Wtf is a conjunction?

Conjunction- a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause (e.g., and, if you,).

Idk wtf I want

I want her, I want she, I want ALL THEM!

Df is this ngga talking about??

Nothing matters to me but going to Jannah. I'M FOCUSED

His Mercy supersedes His anger

Df is she talking about?

I love my little sister Assanatu too much

And I love Alusine

Iman is also manifested in the limbs

Regret is a seed of guidance

Your face brings radiance to everything in the heavens and the Earth

All languages go back to the language of Adam

Look this might be a point of contention between us and you

Only Allah can declare the main function

You only benefit from the wealth when you spend it

None of the good things of this life are worth anything compared to that one gift

I worship Allah alone with no partners

Allah loves those who rely on Him

How can I sleep when there's so much beneficial knowledge out there for me to learn

Allah is my light in this dark world


9 weeks until pregnancy the fetus is there

The fetus is the part of the human being that gives it all the senses and it's identity

At 21 weeks it's a fully grown embryo With the heart pumping, the lungs breathing, the eyes fully formed

I will never forget

May Allah bless my brother Amir Muhammed

May Allah bless my brother Shakur

May Allah bless my mother

May Allah bless me

Please Allah forgive me, please. I am sooo sorry. I will never do this sin again, this is the last time, I promise.

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation for what he fears for them, Aamen!

I ain't scared of shyt bruh, only fear Allah fr and He is not in this world soooooooooo?

Allah is Al Mani

The stronger you put your mind to the belief the greater the result will be

The act in and of itself is not evil, what's evil is the reason and intention

Virtue is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is the highest thing in Islam

By doing virtuous deeds you make the world more beautiful

The better behavior that you have the more likely you'll get invited back

If you behave in the world like you see Him you will behave beautifully

The whole social order is based on the authority of the family. The thing about families is that families are not just.

Ethicists say: Justice is only necessary in the absence of love

Only ask what is absolutely necessary to ask

Thank you for asking me about my Religion. I cannot lie.

There are people that are not Muslims, but they have eeman inside them, we can't judge them

We judge books by covers too quickly

Own up to your own errors

When one group becomes rigid they like to distinguish themselves from the other groups, and the other group becomes more rigid, because every action has an opposite reaction

Ya Allah I come to you. Who is God but you? Ya Allah I swear by your name that You are One. Ya Allah I am weak. Look what I'm doing ya Allah. A weak creation I am ya Allah. Only You are Strong. Only You have Power.

Forgive me ya Allah.

In the midst of affluence there is no joy

We were told to be caretakers

We are becoming mindless and spineless jellyfish

The main cause of all of this is the economy of usury

Think about the entrance more than the exiting

Its the positive that you should focus on more

My commitment to the truth is everything

The most important thing to me is my commitment to the truth

Falsehood was always meant to disappear

A person is considered truly dead when they're brain stem stop working

The irreversible loss of consciousness is defined as death

I exist only to serve my Creator. His name is Allah

Anything that I have said wrong is because I am a weak human being

There is something known as jealousy, that can overtake anyone even the best from among you

Information is what you know, but knowledge can help but show

Sometimes when we discover the truth we try to run away from it because we don't want to believe in it

Don't let the media tell you stuff. They might say that ISIS represents Islam, they might also say that KKK represents Christianity

That's not what I want. What I want is to go to Jannah

May Allah grant that to me

I see differently

Abu Bakr.Umar ibn al-Khattab.Uthman ibn Affan.Ali ibn Abi Talib.

I think about my mother a lot, I really love that woman

Last time I saw her I was like five

The only time I'm not thinking about her is when I'm thinking about Allah

Don't give it much attention

Just because knowledge increases does not mean that guidance increases

When somebody does a lot of things for you than you're ashamed to do something against them

Think of every single step as your final destination towards guidance

This man is not my father, who is my dauber? Ibrahim AS

That ngga not my brother. Who are my brothers? Hasan, Adam, Judah.

The link of Shahada is stronger than blood

Taking care of my little brother and sister makes me more responsible, I just peeped

It rains a lot in the morning while I'm praying Fajr

And it's been kinda not hot lately, it really hasn't been feeling like summer. Oh well, it's still kinda early

Just respect the boundaries set by Allah and do you bruh

May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, Angels protect you, and Jannah accept you, Aamen!

Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande bad as shyt.

They butt not that big but we can MAKE IT WORK BABYGIRL! 👅😊

I wanna get married but I'M UGLY!

My baby sister be telling me I'm ugly for so long now I believe her

Jealousy is just love and hate a the same time- Drake

Old ladies dont like me Idk why I be super nice to them

I can't marry a dark skin chick. When it's gon be time for her to deliver the baby the doctor gon be like "push, you can do it" then when she push and it comes out we not go be able to see it, ima be like "ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAH HAS MADE THIS BABY VANISH INTO THIN AIR!! ALLAHU AKBAR!THE QADR OF ALLAH IS POWERFUL! Then one of the nurses gon get a flashlight and then ima be like "oh there you are"

I happily curve btches for the sake of Allah

Lying to make others laugh is an enormous sin

I'm a savage to these nggas but to her I'm gentle

Owe Mike $1

This ngga love his legos

Today I'm going to stay up for Laylatul Qadr. I AM NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO MAKE ME JUNUB!

The only thing we got in common is that we got nothing in common

Nggas be like "only God can judge me" meanwhile the Quran has been out for over 1400 years like... 😮. He's judging you right now dh. Talking bout ain't nothing wrong with fukkin a lot of btches. Bruuh df! God said "it's not okay" and you keep doing it soooooo....😳

I used to be starring at every girl butt when they walk by. I don't no more though ever since I found Islam. God doesn't want me to be thinking about you when i watch porn and masterbate at night. Allah knows best.

I don't believe in ghosts

If you are not a Muslim and you don't believe in Allah and His Messenger PBUH, then of course you won't believe in the reality of the jinns, so where's that gonna leave you? You're just going to think like it's ghosts or some shyt and then you'll drift far away from the truth and fall down a cliff and fall flat on your face and die. DO YOU WANNA DIE??

Allah is able to foresee the future. For it is He Who creates it.

Donald Trump is a descendant of Firawn (Pharaoh) and Namrud

My brother is a chauvinistic atheist, and he's a chauvinistic secularist. He wants me to be the same, he was like "MY JOB IS GOING TO SEE YOUR WEBSITE AND THINK THAT I'M RELATED TO A ISLAMIC TERRORIST, DELETE IT AND BE A SECULARIST" Another reason he told me to not be Muslim is "our president doesn't like you people" But hey I'll tell you one thing for sure, my brother has a great smile and he's really good at math

And my brother also told me "stop attracting attention to yourself just be a Muslim in private" I'm thinking like... "how do you go about doing that?" You can't. You cannot be a Muslim in private, you just can't.

My brother has xenophobia. But I'll tell you one thing, he has a heck of a good smile

Capital punishment for the act of treason is nothing new

Tyranical governments try to play the role of God

The term "love" cannot be used when referring to the creator.

Dont use them at all when referring to Allāh

Eating when one does not need to is not sinful

I keep count with my fingers with every Rakkath that I complete

Allah has not created anything sweeter than Islam.


Just because you have done more prayers than the next person it don't necessarily mean that you are better or more pious, it just means that you are in a position to earn more blessings and rewards.

Prophet Muhammad was truthful in everything he conveyed.

Truthfulness lead to doing good things, and that leads to paradise.

Lying is defined as saying something that is opposite of the truth, intentionally.

The mountains are made up of small rocks.
Small sins will eventually lead to big sins, and that may lead to blasphemy. Just like how a sickness can lead to death.

If a matter is lawful and one deems it unlawful than that is blasphemy.

We seek refuge from Allah from such blasphemy.

Lying is not permissible, whether one is joking or not, even if it does not lead to any harm upon the person.

To be truthful is a good thing

Rick Ross be having the same flow in every song

Who df is Larry Kim? This ngga just followed me on twitter




Change the order of the random thoughts

To him the dominion belongs. He owns all, not just some, but ALL!

Older Africans like to give a whole background story before they get to their thesis

It's Haram to pray without being in a state of Wudu

Do song of the month

No that is not sinful as long as the person doesnt do injustice to the other while chastising

Mario cab # is 887

Moses birthday is on the 14th of April

The one who drinks alcohol is similar to the one who smokes cigarette

the shaytan don't know shit!

What day is it I'm high as shyt

❌if somebody tells you that God exists in a place than they done told you a bold face lie

Add so

ng of the month and explanation for random Maybe a Javascript music player

Or just the YouTube video

Test will be on Chap 12 climate change

Add a search bar in HTML

Put SOTM on index page

Position image with css

Do a page about Catalina

Call the page crushes

The fact of the matter is, Allah knows all, he is completely omniscient, there is nothing that he does not know.

Add blasphemy page to Allah

Put dates in SOTM with hr

Shrink font titles

Make font dates big


now I am so hungry"

Yo for some reason 144 bruh

Dear Lindsay,
I cannot harbor these feelings for you any longer.
Because I don't want to. Because I really want...
Thursday when you told me you was leaving I didn't really think much of it. But then I went home that same day and I began to think about you, Idk why but I just did. Then it was night time and I had to go to sleep. When I finally drifted off to sleep I had the most wonderful dream, about you
I mean like, who are you?
what gave you the right to come into my life and do what you did? Everything was all good until you came along. I was chilling. I mean... I wasn't at my best due to my vision problems and balance issues caused by my brain injury, but other then that I was good! Then yo ass came outta nowhere. As you strutted across the room and you came to sit down next to me the first thing I noticed about you was your eyes. Such amazing and beautiful eyes they are. Immediately I knew that you was trouble. Often I think about you. Frequent. More than most of the time. A lot. I think about you a lot okay, and it sucks because, I know that you probably have somebody in your life and I can never have you. I'm writing this right now on the bus going to school and my neck and fingers is getting tired but I just want you to know this... Please don't leave, because I fear that I will never find another.
Well you can leave, just leave your number.

Lindsay Lindsay oh how you spin me.
you make my head go round like it was on a merry-go
if you was to leave than my heart will grow very cold. Lol Your eyes accentuate the semblance of your beauty. P.S. I don't want this to be awkward in any way. So when you're finished reading this just do nothing. Blink twice if... Never mind, don't blink, don't do nothing at all lol. One of my biggest fears is rejection. Don't tell me nothing. Just look at me one more time so I can see your eyes one final time. INGB "I'm not gay bruh"

White people music(WPM)

Bangerz (Hip-Hop/Rap/Trap)


Tayamum- dry purification

The high status of the slaves is gained by worshiping Allah.

Khadija died 9 years after Muhammad received his first call.

Make color for pages constant

When you are doing a prayer you are actually stretching

I only seek refuge from Allah because the shaytan don't have any power.

Let's say that one was in the process of fornicating, will it be sinful to utter Allah's name while in the process of doing the sin? Or should they just wait until after?

-I never heard that

Us Muslims are among the most arcane type of people. Those of us that are really bad we are really bad, those of us that are really good we are really good. There's more bad than good tho.


The high hits you when you exhale. I promise you bruh.

I'm high as shyt

❌He is a singularity that is always omniscient.

❌Allah is not an "is" though because it is only He who has no similarity to the creations. That is blasphemy say your Shahada!

Where df did that soap come from?

I promise you I'm not gay bruh, I just really like this song.

Homosexuality is a big sin in the eyes of Allah which he does not have.

Because Allah has no similarity to the creation.

I don't try to understand Allah, nobody can understand him. I just try to do all the obligations and avoid all sins

don't leave shout your mouth

❌The worst is atheism, to deny the eternal existence of Allah, the Creator.

Still, your path seems to be a bit more strenuous.

❌Just did Isha at 8:52pm

These are the worst kind of sins. Allah indeed said in the Holy Quran that He is the most merciful. And indeed he is, no one gives more mercy then the Creator. But Allah DOES NOT FORGIVE BLASPHEMY. We seek refuge from Allah for any blasphemous thoughts or sayings. If one was to die with blasphemy and they did not repent properly, than they will surely go to hell fire forever. That is unless Allah has mercy on your pathetic soul. Blasphemy falls under three specific categories, which will all be explained shortly Insha'Allah. To bely the religion of Allah, to liken the Creator to the creation, and to deny the eternal existence of Allah. Among these to deny is the worst. Blasphemy is still BAD. It is said that every other sin compared to blasphemy its like nothing. So if you was to shoot a guy on the street and then you die without repentance, than Allah might forgive you. But if you liken the Creator to the creation in any way, like if you was to say that God is high up in the sky. And you die without repentance, then you will SURELY GO TO HELL. Allah knows best.

If a Muslim individual blasphemes than that takes them out of the religion and they are immediately ordered to come back to Islam, and they do this by saying the two testification of faith, which are, "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His slave and Messenger". This is known as the Shahada. Which is how a person enters the religion of Islam.

There is no blind faith in Islam because we are all ordered to use our sound mind.

Put titles of all music with links. It's going to be an ordered list

The intention always comes first

Make ordered list for all the hoes I dated

Look for mfn jeans at home

I do not get intoxicated. Marijuana does not intoxicate me.

All she want is good dck and advice - Wale

Make music page similar to BARZ

It is clear that the creator does not exist in a place

We don't attribute how, where or what to the Creator

Prophet Muhammad said which means "Allah existed eternally and nothing else existed"

Remove" this man" from Allah and put it in random

What is the definition of a good deed in Islam?

We only have to do 50 perfect prayers in our lifetime.

I'm not even going to get a chance to see Lindsay today smh

Put a tab for Lindsay on random

Finish attributes

Intoxication is a large sin

We pray that Allah will keep us on the right path, Islam.

Allah has not revealed all the laws of Islam to us.

Video for pillow talking

It's 78 of us in total, among them I am the best.

25 of them are in Islamic countries.

I am among the 53.

Isha at 8:57pm. 57 degrees

God cannot be ingratiatle

Truly Allah is peerless

Just sit back and watch Allah do everything.

The Prophet does not prove that Allah exists, Allah proves that The Prophet existed.

The scrolling date for Feb 17 is wrong

Add more songs to wpm

I had the HTML class right before my brain injury and then I had it again right after my injury

I dropped the blunt under the stairs at the train station and then the train came lol smh.

❌The Prophet of Islam is the best of the creations.

Remove other menu options on music page

If you pray to any Prophet or any other than Allah than you are committing blasphemy because you are associating partners with The Creator.

Just because He forgives you does not mean the fact that you committed the sin goes away.

Allah did not find me, I found Allah. He was always here, I wasn't.

Change caption for superdreams

Add more music to music page

❌One of them is Shaykh Gilles

Asr time remained the same for 3 days straight

Asr is the most stubborn

make the menus on the music page link somewhere else, one of them is covers

It's most likely a health fact that it is hard for one to urinate after smoking marijuana

Btches be ugly as shyt talking bout some "and when I'm gone don't come chasing me." 😑 btch you ugly as shit. I ain't even trying chase yo ass now.

A nonbeliever may acquiesce the belief of Allah.

You're living in a chimercial world.

change the one I believe in to "The Belief"

change the pic on index also add a short bio

There is nothing that is more certain than Allah's word.

The Creator cannot be arcane because he is not understood by none at all.

work on the belief.

I have to learn how not to get too attached to people, Insha'Allah Allah will teach me.

⚠edit Barz! on index page Make it big

find a way to link short words onto other pages. The belief and 1 poem

put barz on index folder gotbarz.com/Barz

Add some hr to blasphemy page

make "Lindsay don't love me"

Put pic of Yvette crying

-I always tend to desire those I cannot have. Smhh, it's a shame really.

✔Do TBH on IG. For both pages

Good to know my heart still works fine lol

⚠Add more DuLi music to page

Make songs the rest of 8 tracks

Except for lcd

find a way to put tweets on index page

BARZ is all fucked up, from index to BARZ.

take the one with Bebe and add it to the list, also add the titles to the list.

also change caption for random

add INGB and WPM to random

⚠The Creations of Allah

Add songs to INGB and list

✔do #18 for Midterm

I be trying get other cab drivers instead of Mario because all that ngga wanna do is talk the whole ride and I be just trying chill and listen to music

add hr to attributes with br in between

add random to theperfectshot poems

make blasphemy blue and underlined

Islam consists of many small technicalities in which performed right can be huge on the scale.

555am 55 degrees. Praying

Change ex wives to crushes

entire blasphemy text is a link

the K in knowledge is a link

Lindsay left at 04/20

❌The same God that made you run into your future husband is the same one that killed your daughter.

Two will be born, both males. The age difference will be about 3 years. One will grow to be an atheist and far from the truth, the other will grow to be a pious slave of Allah.

Aries is from March 21-April 19. The next day is 04/20 lol

you moved Barz to main directory Change location of INGB WPM

Change list titles to " lists"

We are weak because we come from a state of nonexistent to existence.

It is not permissible to attribute closeness or directions with Allah.

The Jews would stay away from the women whenever she goes into her menus cdfup.

Piouty is only achieved once one performs all the obligations and avoids all the sins.

Because Allah is the only True Giver, and we are all beneficiaries. Those who receive the benefits.

Add april282019 file

Change index text color to white

I have a perennial attraction to girls that may not necessarily be the best for me.

June 6 2019

peep list for Barz. Not ordered correctly

I'm frankly surprised that alcohol is not considered heavy nedges.

She's #65 or #63

delete Barz from random

Allah does not have a sense of humor. Some of his will may appear funny to people, but certainly not to him.

You are obligated to believe. A true believer accepts that, but they still attempt to understand so they can get a better grasp as to what the belief is and what it means.

You can't believe without learning.

You are obligated to learn.

❌I desperately wish to get back on the impetus that Allah had originally set for me

❌Whatever Allah does is right. He makes no mistakes. The creations are the ones to make mistakes.

Muslim brothers always trying order you to do shit. Like, "I ORDER YOU TO SAY YOUR SHAHADA." Like ngga, ima grown ass man I'll say my Shahada if I want to.

Allah is truly omnipotent.

The state of nonexistence is impossible for Allah.

Allah is the only giver and preserver of life.

Allah is the most Beneficent

change stories to reads

She's #63 for sure

If it's 35 min or less to the prayer than wait

I take Allah with me everywhere that I go, as I should.

Add songs to INGB

Allah is not ideal because He is not a person or thing, but he is perfect though.

My ideal is simple, Allah. Because Allah is the only One that I see as perfect.

A good deed is something that one does that is beneficial to him or the people, seeking the rewards from Allah. But this deed has to be accepted by the religion.

I'm looking at the names of Allah and one of them is al-'Afūw, which means "The Pardoner", Allah is capable of forgiving any sin so as if the person never did it. Lol I'm thinking like this means that I can keep blowing and all I have to do is ask for forgiveness. But nooo bruh.

Add Prayer(picture sent to gmail)

Change next to Page 2... Add previous page as well

Cab #66 came for me late as shyt, that hoe was supposed to come at 8am, that btch came at 830. Caught 833

finish date, turning text to red

❌I nutted so hard bruh tears came out my eyes, please Allah, forgive me.

The realization is really what matters, because if you know and realize, then you will perform all the obligations and avoid all the sins.

Allah's existence is clear, obvious.

Allah follows me wherever I go. But He is not in this Dunya with me, no no no, for He does not exist in a place. He exists.

May the curse of the Angels, jinns and Prophets be upon the one who prays whenever they want.

❌These are nothing more than mere Karamas

1:08pm 55 degrees

❌Time heals all wounds definitely. Allah created time as a collateral for us not for Him! We must not forget that Allah does not need the creator for anything.

Add Allah home page to attributes...

Doing something good for the sake of Allaah is a good deed.
It's a good deed bro. Doesn't matter who it benefits

put menu from random to Allah

finish breaking and turning text to red on date

create main directory for Barz

the Hereafter

change pic of Niykee

Add The Prophet

Trying to understand Allah will ultimately lead one to blaspheme.

move songs from INGB to second page

capitalize creator


Check financial aid tab

I am going to continuously pray and ask for forgiveness because Allah is the Most Merciful

change menu for Allah

This ngga Donald Trump has xenophobia


I'm dumb high

I'm high as shyt

You are a fool for two reasons. 1. To not be cynical. 2. To think you are alone

Idk why but I woke up at 1233am. Did Maghrib and Isha.

One thing about making supplication(Duaa) you have to keep doing it, you can't just do it once and call it a day and expect the prayer to be answered lmao

❌Yo,4 is a good ass number.

❌Reward- anything that makes thar Muslim happy in the Hereafter.

Back at the hut

Anybody that names their child Allah that child will die before they turn 5, and the one who gave the child that name will be in hellfire forever

I am not afraid of anything in this Dunya. The only one that I'm afraid of is Allah, and Allah is not in this world so...

look at list


dom - wpm- barz Add "sins"

My ass be lying for no reason bruh, I be like "yo you look like my cousin Timothy", I don't even gotta cousin named Timothy n shyt lol

Call Michelle

I'm not sure I think it's Tawheed, His Oneness.


I'm the shit but you know damn well I ain't no #2

Ignorance is not an excuse in Islam. Add to sins and change color text to red

"Islam is the only religion that believes in all the prophets

Add 5 pillars

put flash drive in box

If you are a Muslim, and you fulfill the obligations that Allah orders then he will begin to take every fear from your heart

Add hr in attributes.

Add to sight We may need a telescope to see stars or other things in space, and we may need a microscope to see very small things like different cells or organisms etc... This is not like The Creator's vision at all. He sees all without any tool or instrument.

❌One just simply has to submit to the will of Allah and realize that He is the only God and will forever be the One attributed with Eternal Power.

May 9th 10am ESS

Making supplication is a type of worship, even if Allah does not will it the person will still get reward for it.

The one that changes is either changing for the better or the worse.

The knowledge of the religion is a weapon

Pray 2 Sunnah cycles before Fajr then pray

Leaving out the obligatory prayers is an enormous sin

The one who leaves out the prayer it is torture for him on the day of the judgment

Dhusr is a major ritual impurity

Islam and belief cannot be separated

Belief means certitude

It only takes 3 minutes to pray bruh



Allah does not resemble the creation in any way, and he exists. Oh boy does he exist.


❌Allah protects His deserving slaves.

You are supposed to have done a total of 20 prayers by Friday. And 22 by Jummah.

Allah's existence is discernible

It was narrated in a hadeeth by Imaam Al Bukhaariy that a man once came to The Prophet seeking advice

I am a student, and I am weak.

Barz not working

What i have heard is that the knowledge of Tawheed is the most important and best knowledge

see my nggas in the herse

❌Prophet Muhammad said

different styles of hr creations of Allah

songs in flash drive to box


Add this man to random

can't log in on sc mobile

❌For the sake of Allah I did not look

I did all my obligatory prayers, I'm chilling.

55% 5:36

Allah does not have a soul because He does not need one.. He does have life though

You do not need a soul to have life

But if you have a soul than you have life

look at ol for crushes

10:10 55%

All I do is pray, code, write, read and smoke weed

There is two that I will never understand, God, and vegetarians

Add YouTube links to WPM

Add this man to random

My castle in paradise is waiting for me

Dont fukkin tell me "do you know your bag opened?" tell me to close that shyt df

❌Talk to Mario on Tuesday about being Muslim



The day before 15th of Shabban I got high as shyt

Oh she gotta boyfriend? I won't let that stop me

Print out books

Add links to pics on Crushes

I don't even know why df I'm doing this. It's raining hard af and I walked all the way to the tracks to blow smh.

Ohh ok. 725& 733 are brothers Cdffuupp

it would be blasphemy to say that Allah is introspective because the definition of introspection is "observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state". And Allah does not possess any emotions.

This ngga dumb as shyt, I just told him that I was bouta make him cereal, and he gon ask Apa df.

call PPL

Islam is on my mind always. Bruh, Allah did not find me. NO! He did not find me at all. He was always here, and he always will be. Me on the other hand, I wasn't always here, and one day I'll be gone. So The Creator did not find me, He indeed created me. But it was I who had to find God and Islam. And oh, what a most beautiful thing that I have found. See for yourself.

A Prophet is "any male figure before Prophet Muhammad(may Allah raise his rank) claiming to have received Prophethood and had miracles to prove it."


I told Judah about the website he was like "delete it man, ASAP" Lmao

Judah is #25


Disclaimer notice

I feel so alone, my Muslim brothers aren't even with me. Lately I've just been feeling like nobody understands me you know? I have so much to give and I have a lot of visions. All I want to do is be a good Muslim, prosper in this life, then go to paradise. I'm just so alone tho man, I mean I have Allah, I always will. But I just need something... More? No, NO! Who is more than Allah? Allah is enough. But the thing is... I know he's here but it's just like, he be quiet, I need somebody I can talk to and share my ideas with you know?

555 525 755 725 633

Caught 725am, 735, 755

If you deny the existence of Allah than of course you will deny the existence of the jinn. Then that's when you become vulnerable to them.

Allah is all too aware of all that goes on in the Heavens and earths, and all that is above or below them.

Add sc to rest of songs with final one playlist at bottom

Verily, Allah protects those of His slaves that are most deserving.

Allah is the best disposer of any affair

When the high hits you it's beautiful

There are many people in the world today who are nonbelievers

send grades to Gillian

Add Prophet Ibrahim (AS)


I'm only seeing in mono vision

Wednesday @ 930

put radio in room. 101.1

Bruh! Omg 1258pm. 35 minutes to pray

Add back to Prophet Ibrahim

The real Muslim is the one who is safe from his tongue

Allah Subahana Wataalah

Indeed we are a nation that does not rely on calculations and equations for determining the starting of fast

Everything The Prophet came with we are ordered to submit to

The the time of The Prophet his people were very skilled and knowledgeable in astrology and such. Perhaps even more knowledgeable than most nations today

You do not fear Allah, and you do not fear the fact that you have associated partners with him, and now you expect me to fear those partners that you associate with him? How?

She was an enormous sinner and she took off her shoe and scooped up water and gave it to a thirsty dog

Verily, those who do not associate a speck of partnership with Allah are more rightly guided than those who do

thereby claiming that jinn have infinite power. Such a belief is tantamount to shirk (the attribution of partners to Allah

Satan has power to incite man with tempting thoughts, to call him toward evil, and to make evil seem beautiful to him. He has no power to force anyone to do anything.

Satan first corrupts one’s perception of reality, then his ability to comprehend reality, and finally his actions.

imperceptible beings are more in number than perceptible ones

Allah indeed gave himself his own attributes

The one who takes life lessons from the other people he will be happy

Shabbhan is the month before Ramadan

He will sweat a lot His hair will grow really fast He will have a speech impediment He will be tall He will be from Africa On his 22nd birthday Maghrib will be at 725pm He will not dream He will be really good at the game of checkers He will speak very formal and be very polite He will close his eyes a lot He will be a disbeliever first, then he will grow to believe He will be fearless, only fear Allah He will never have to make the intention because Allah will always be on his mind His birth date will be April 1st 1995

3:33pm 33%

Moreover, as you regularly engage in push ups, your body will naturally lean toward proper posture. This is one of the most influential passive benefits of push ups.

Shirk is the sin of associating partners with Allah

You can't know the exact number of stars out there, but Allah knows, he knows all

6:33am 55 degrees

Nggas hide behind an IP Address

Life is hard, it's harder if you're stupid

My nipples get hard often

The Prophets was praying before anybody else was

Smoking marijuana is not Satan because marijuana is not a creature

next on Ibrahim10

The smell still lingers in the air.

Aha! 908!BRUH!!

Does doing push-ups make your reflexes faster?

My best years were 11, 15, 17, 22

Sometimes you get left in the right lane

A lot of shyt we think is cool nowadays is not cool, so stop doing it.

835 😕

5:05am 55%

As soon as I finished praying Fajr and making Du'a it stopped raining

The Muslims who reside in hellfire are of two groups. The ones who are in hellfire but get out because of the intercession, and the one who are there for some time but then Allah puts them in paradise because they died on Islam.

8:36am 55 degrees

The fake Muslims are worse than the non-Muslims bruh. Wallahi

Non-Muslims don't blow up planes and kill innocent people

June 6th is the best day

The way I came in is the way I'll go out, born in the pux I'll die in the cunt

You're not ever going to see God because He does not have a shape, nor a form, and He is not similar to us in any way

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

At the time of The Prophet the Arabs that studied Arabic knew that the Quran was not written by any human because of its' level of grammar

Allah is all I have, Allah is all I need. Verily, Allah is enough for me

There is no translation of the verses

What can be translated is the meaning

The only way to understand a verse is by

Our religion is protected from being perverted

The order the Quran verses are is not in chronological order

The Quran was revealed in a period of 23 years

They asked The Prophet to describe God, he answered them "Say Muhammad. Allah is the one that has no similarity to the creation, and he does not need"

Nothing is a part of Allah and He is not a part of anything

Any attribute to the creation is negated

Nothing is a part of Allah

Allah does not resemble anything at all

The term is the same

Our existence is made up of parts

Today is the 29th of Shabbhan (May)

If you go and learn one chapter of obligatory knowledge it is more rewardable than doing 1,000 optional

If someone is fasting do not curse

The best of you is the one who treats his family the best

For the sake of Allah alone

The best of the slaves is the one who

I would never post pics because I thought I was ugly, but after a while I just figured screw it you know

This btch gon tell me to make sure I drink plenty water coz I'm sweating so much. How df can I drink water when I'm fasting for the sake of Allah?

add video link to all pages

I sell cocaine bruh

The way I see the definition of supplicate is to humbly ask for something, out of respect and fear

❌I respect Allah, and I fear Him, period.

Allah created all directions, and it is He who directs whoever He pleases

925!-!-!-!-! If you catch this than you can catch 933 Same with 725

I think the strongest of His attributes is His will

Expect the worse, because the worse can and will happen.

Females are not built to have as much physical strength as boys might, they may exceed in other areas, but certainly not physical strength.

Our mistakes are not Allah's mistakes, He does not make mistakes, He is completely infallible

The month of Ramadan is the best Omg 05-29-2017


7:50pm 55%

The Prophet intercedes for pious Muslims

❌Our judgments may be erroneous at times

❌Only rookies forget they're fasting and break it, that's just my personal opinion

625=535 =520




My flow crazy Mr. Dowling is the clown

Zachary is the dude with the potbelly

change next page to next

❌Allah does not get mad, He is not like the creation in any way, He simply accepts and rejects, reward and punishment, simple

❌Allah exists in all times

mysymphony to perfp

4:25pm 33%

Ibrahim had his first child when he was 86 years old

618, 622,624,625

633, 635, 655,725


enable autoplay on index page

Merely the term is the same

735 bad

736 good

Use your love

Are push-ups a full body workout

732 is the best

Every Messenger is a Prophet, but not every Prophet is a Messenger. When we say the Shahada we testify that we believe in all the Prophets, from Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon them all. Verily, Islam is the only religion that believes in all the Prophets.


55 degrees

Add "this man" to random Change attribute to this man link it

Df is a philanthropologist

That which is nonexistent cannot create

It is not permissible to attribute Allah as being a whole, because that is also a creation

Learning the attributes of Allah

If he does not forget praying or fasting than he does not lose his mind

Add different links to other pages

The 5 daily prayers are a sacrosanct

ISIS are NOT Muslims

❌Verily Allah has a better sight than us for it is He who sees all and our vision has a tiny perspective


To him belongs the Heavens, the Earths, and all that is above or below it

Fajr 3:58am 55 degrees

Everybody has a chance to be a Muslim, Islam is liked by everybody. We all can win


No one deserves my humbleness and submission except Allah, the exalted, the one who does not need anything, the one that does not resemble anything, the one who exists before and after creating the place, the one who is the most high by degree, the one who has no partner in Godhood

Wherever Allah sends me I will go, because I am His slave forever

3:33am 66%

in knowledge - it is even BLASPHEMY(link) TO THINK THAT THERE IS SOMETHING HE DOES NOT KNOW. Yes, it is a sin worse than murder to belittle His knowledge -I asked Shaykh Ahmad


Knowledge is better than money whereas knowledge protects you and you protect money, you lose money as you spend it, you gain more rewards as you spend knowledge, money is ruled over, knowledge rules over things

Line me up a beanski

What does cavort mean

delete google voice search

❌Things don't happen in the way that we plan them to because we don't have will, only Allah has Will.

His truthfulness is not similar to our truthfulness in no way whatsoever. No similarity to the creation.

Dont tell me do the best I can btch you do the best you can df

The greatest joy in paradise is being able to see Allah with your own two eyes without him being in a place or direction, this is impossible to imagine

Now that we have established that Allah exists eternally let us begin. Praise be to the one who glorifies Allah's name, without Allah being obligated to do (anything) for us, Allah can just be. He can just exists independently without all these creations that He creates and brings into existence. So it's only right that we thank Him a (always), because He is so much deserving. Almighty Allah. The One who does not need, the One who is not like His creations in any way, the only One who is attributed with eternal power. Allah is God, God is Allah, there are no discrepancies. Allah orders all of mankind to be Muslim, all men and Jinn.



The five daily prayers are a sacrosanct.

❌We simply cannot put Allah on that list because He has no similarity to the creation whatsoever.

❌Prophet Muhammad taught us Islam, Islam taught us how to be a Muslim

2:00pm 55%

That's yo daddy fault

72% 5:55pm

Watch the video



I am both, 733 & 725

There is none stronger than my maker

3:25am 55 degrees

3:33am 55 degrees

Ramadan Mubarak

make titles of attributes the same as BARZ

This ngga Salah number has 66 in it 😨

33 is so good it makes 66 good. Or any multiple of 33. (99 names of Allah) it is 63 that's really bad.


Life is contingent, Allah is the only One who knows.

99 is better than 33 or 66 Omg both are so good

❌733=725 73-72=1

Watch the video

2:55pm 55%

Fake Muslims are worse than the non-Muslims

The only thing certain in life is it's uncertainty

the ascension

You become a Muslim by submitting to the will of Allah(Swt). This is why I say His will is His most prominent attribute

1. Praying 2. Coding and other halal pastimes I enjoy doing 2. Smoking weed

Anyone is permissible to sit next to me... Except a female... OR A DAMN JEW!!

The one who consumes alcohol is similar to the one who eats toenails

attributes. Shaykh Gilles video

I leave everything in the hands of Allah in which He does not have, but He does have Will

🙏5:35pm 35% 66 degrees


The Truth Is

Becky's dad is just like Donald Trump

He's 63

change song to cornerd

Be wary of 63, 69, 72


❌He has life, He is existent, and He is One.

But please please please, praying "in your heart" (i.e. not moving the lips at all when you say "Allahu akbar" , or recite the Quran, etc.) will render your salah invalid so don't do it!

Pray and ask Allah by the status of Prophet Muhammad, or one's own good deeds.

95% 9:55

1155 is not among the best. It is the best

❌Yo I been said that shyt,"if you're not doing it for Allah than why are you doing it"?

I exist solely to worship my Creator

I am a docile slave of Allah

Women were created to have habits and natural things occur to them

He is #72 and she is #63

I am very docile, none is more docile than me

Except all the Prophets and Angels

72 is so bad bruh omg

❌smh broke my fast intentionally Ramadan 2017

10:10am 50%

I was on ig watching twerk videos This girl had some booty shorts that said "stop picturing me naked" I'm thinking like ok btch stop shaking your ass df

Df, I'm not gonna go early to a 4 hour class

Fajr is the most clingy

❌7:25am 32% 75 degrees

6:25pm 72%

7:23pm 25%

I be having too much time on my hands

❌All of that will be forgiven if I catch 633 Insha'Allah


❌ 725

❌AHA 735

Saturday the 17th 9am

7:25pm 77%

Ibliss worshipped Allah only because he wanted power. Allah knew

9:33pm 66%

Stepmom be saying like "don't argue me Abdulai, you like to argue too much" Df😒😞why shouldn't I argue with you? Aren't you wrong sometimes? Are you completely omniscient? I think not. I'm gonna argue with you and argue with you because you BE WRONG!

Dat shh crazy

1:33pm 77 degrees

Among the 78 the females will be more than the males

Oh my fukkin virgin mary

6:33pm 72%

45 females 33 males

The one who stays in the Mosque on Fridays for Jummah from Dhuhr to Asr time during the month of Ramadan will have a reward similar to a perfect Muslim believer who dies on Islam

9:08pm 77%

When I don't smoke for a day I feel so good 😁

The incredulous will never prosper

Everything that you do in life excel in it, do the very best you can

I exist only to worship my Creator

I am His slave, the Abd

All of your knowledge comes from your sensory perception

The world now is created for diversion, it's always been a diversion. The difference between modern people and ancient people is that all of the ancients knew that the diversion was a diversion, there was no purpose in it, all of them knew this. The moderns are unique in their belief that this is the primary reason for us to be here, simply to entertain ourselves.

It's inevitable. There are things that will happen to you in life that indicates the unseen realm

The consciousness that Allah has given you it's embodied in this sensory experience

Western philosophy is based on "there can never be an absolute truth"

The bodies of the Awliya are incorruptible, they do not decay

Even with good intentions bad things happen 55-all the Prophets, including Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Abraham, not including Prophet Jesus
33- ONLY Prophet Jesus(PBUH)
22- every angel of Allah, including Jibreel and the angels carrying the throne
25- every pious Muslim of humankind

I have to be on my best behavior because Allah is always watching

I forgive you bruh, just don't do that shit again

I decided to just take one class since I won't be getting financial aid. I mean I guess I could apply for that shyt myself and get it but I much rather just pay out of pocket so I won't have excess money to spend on Marijuana and end up earning the wrath of Allah

Just because you have an excess amount does not mean that you have to waste

My own sister sin wanna help me smhh... It's cool, Allah is enough

Take a different path home from Eid

Come on don't you think sometimes u just want to say screw it man I don't even feel like praying Isha I'll just do it when I wake up in the morning. But then I remember death... What if I die while sleeping bro?? 🤤

I know exactly who I am. Trust me... I know. And you are a fool for believing I'm as ignorant as you think.

Just because religion is a touchy subject does not mean that we should not touch upon it

I don't get mad, I just get paaaperr!

I know from Allah that which you do not know

I'm hungry as shyt

I call upon Ar-Razaq to provide me with sustenance

My Lord is able to do that

Allah is Al-Qaadir

You know what I want, I want Janah Tul Firdos. Can you help me get that? If not than bye!

I'm not cutting off ties of kinship because that is defined as "by not helping him while knowing that he is in need and you refuse to help him." Yes, I do not keep connection with my older brother and sister
1. They are not Muslims. My brother told me proudly that he is an atheist 2. I tried multiple times to go to my brother and sister house and be cool with them. My brother saw me doing the obligatory Asr prayer and he told my sister that I am going to be a terrorist and join Isis and he said that he doesn't want anything to do with me
3. My brother has a degree and he has a job and makes a lot of money, I'm over here broke! I can't even pay my phone bill. My brother has two iPhones. He's the one refusing to help me when I REALLY NEED IT AND HE KNOWS I NEED IT
4. Both my brother and sister are both Non-Muslims who strongly hate the Religion of Islam, especially my brother. If I keep in touch with them they are only going to bring me to hellfire, they don't want me to be Muslim. So it's a choice that I have to make, either my Religion or my Non-Muslim relatives? Thus that will be a rhetorical question.

When Nuh(Noah)(link) PBUH was building the Ark and he finished, Allah ordered him to put all the believers in the Ark with him so they can be saved, his non-Muslim son decided to climb up a mountain, and he ended up dying. And then Nuh was like this to Allah "oh Allah you promised me that You was going to save all my family members" Allah then replied and told him "Oh Nuh. Your son was not your family member, for he was an unbeliever. I strongly admonish you." So from this it's clear to see that the Shahada is stronger than blood. My little brother and sister are only five, I'm teaching them the attributes of Allah, and then I teach them their ABC's. Thus, I am upholding my ties of kinship so GET OUT MY EARS SHAYTAN!

The Shaytan can only fool those who do not have knowledge

And also there are five cases in which one can regard haram as permissible. They are Belongings Ancestry Safety Intellect Creed. Not talking to my brother and sister is haram, a major sin. But it is permissible because I fear losing my Religion if I keep in contact with them since they both hate the religion of Islam. So it's permissible because I want to protect my creed/Religion.

My brother Juda really looked out today for me, may Allah bless him

I don't be thinking straight when I'm hungry. I b thinking everybody against me when they really don't be

This ngga Judah really helped me out today tho. I'm going to keep praying for him and keep him in my duas so my Lord can bless him greatly, that is something I know my Lord can do. I have complete faith in Him

Kyle- GirlsGirlsGirls

Umm... Why would i want you if your butt not even fat? What can I do with you?

Jk bae idc about the size of your waist, it's your brains that really matters. GIMME SOME HEAD!

In order to move faster you have to slow down

The individuals who suffer from adversity are the ones who Allah truly values

Adversity is a blessing in disguise from Allah because in those moments where everywhere we look around us we don't see anything that remotely looks like hope, happiness or success our intelligence increases. Our minds become purer and we learn what life is truly about

Positive change comes through individuals who have faced adversities

Having a frivolous life is a disease

The next time your souls in defeat ask the soles of your feet what it feels like to be stepped on your whole life?

Df was that ngga talking bout? Car wash n shyt

High knees- 40
Squats- 83
Push-ups- 225
I was in the Masjid on the day of Eid and Jummuah, and this man that I didn't even know came up to me and shook my hands and he asked how I was doing. And he smiled at me. HE SMILED AT ME! Wow, he is a pious Muslim. He gave me charity. He gave me a reward that is similar to $632,000. May Allah bless him and make all his dreams come true. Aamen!

My brother hates me because I am a Muslim and told me that I need to be a secularist

My sister says that she loves me but she's always chastising me and telling me I'm stupid and never listen and she never checks in on me or helps me out even though I really NEED IT. I can't even pay my phone bill n shyt

this ngga Allah... He loves me bruh. Osrs like He really loves me. I be lying to him like "I promise you I'm never going to smoke again after this, I promise you I'm never going to watch porn again after this... Then the next day turn right back around and do the same shyt again, and then I repent again, and He loves me again. Not only that but He completely erases the sin that I did and makes it like I never did it, He completely erases it, and He even raises my status for repenting. WOW! This ngga really loves me. But it's like... I keep falling into the same sin over and over again, and I know if I ask for forgiveness I will be forgiven because He is the Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving. I just feel bad because my Lord is so very merciful to me, and He is so nice, He gives me all these provisions and he always comes through for me, and all He asks of me is not to do these small petty sins, and I can't even do that. Smh I'm fucked up, ima piece of shit. May Allah forgive me.

Damn she gotta fat ass

She gotta nice body damn she thick as shyt

I used to be laying down in bed before I found Islam thinking about the girl I saw the other day with the fat ass and cute face, but now since I found Islam I only think about Allah while I'm laying down, because Allah and His Messenger (PBUH) has told me to drop my gaze, so that's what I do. I'm so glad that I had this brain aneurysm because now my vision is messed up so even if I accidentally look I still won't be able to see it clear because of my vision deficit. Alhamdulillah. Allah has made it easier for me

Last time I spent time with my sister was like two weeks ago. I asked her to give me some money so I can pay my phone bill and she agreed. She came and picked me up in some car I didn't even know. And when I went in the car there was some girl in the back laying down df, I don't even know who df she was. That hoe was laying down like 👩🛌🙇‍♀️🛀. DF!! Allah knows best who she was and what she was trying to accomplish. And the whole rug while we was going to the Wells Fargo Bank so she can give me some bread my sister was talking to me like "Abdulai you need to leave that house, I've been telling you for so long that lady is not your mother and she don't care about you, those kids are not your brothers and sisters, Apa and me we are your family, you need to leave but you are so stupid and you never listen, that lady do not care about you she's only taking care of you because of the job she's doing to take care of you, and she uses the money she gets to buy clothes, look at all the shoes she has in her room, you need to own Abdula." I didn't respond to her or say one word because 1. I rememberer the Messenger of Allah's advice(PBUH), either speak nicely or remain silent. And 2. I ain't know who df that btch was in the backseat laying down looking like Victoria Secret n shyt.

There were many things wrong with what my sister was saying. They are: 1. Even though I may not have the greatest relationship with my stepmom she's helping me a lot, the job she's doing by taking care of me she uses the money to cook, do my laundry, and if I need something she gets it for me. Last week when I asked her for money to go buy eye drops because my eyes was hurting me she gave it to me and I went and bought eye drops with the money she gave me and now my eyes are all better. And 2. Right now I'm broke and I have nothing, I'm concerned about school, right now I school is going GREAT! I'm getting A's n shyt in classes where nggas is getting like C's and D's. Alhamdulillah. I only have four more classes to do and I'm straight! I'm a get my degree and start working, Alhamdulillah. And when I start working I would be able to be independent and take care of myself. My sister doing even have a car or a place of her own, she's living with my chauvinistic atheist brother. I would be a fool to live with then two. And 3. HOW DF WOULD SHE EVEN KNOW THAT MY STEPMOM HAS ALL THEM SHOES IN HER ROOM? 😞

I be transgressing against myself when I sin and I be like this to Allah... "OMG forgive me, I'm sorry, I messed up, damn, I'm sorry, please don't hold it against me. And He be like "bro, it's cool, I forgive you, just don't do it again k?" And I be like "I gootchuu bro I won't do it again I promise." Then the next day I turn around and do that shit all over again then I make Wudu and come back to Him and be like "I'm sorrrry!" He be like "it's cool bro, don't beat yourself up over it, just don't do it again." I be like "I gooottchhuu, You have my word." then the next day I turn around and do that shyt all over again and then I make Wudu and come back to Him and be like "I'm sorryyy, I'm soo sorryyy 😢, I love you, please forgive me I'm really sorry." And do you know what He says? He be like "Abdul, my slave, you are forgiven, it's nothing forget about it bro it's cool." It's gotten to the point like, why is this ngga so nice? Surely He must know that I'm gonna transgress against myself again and sin. I mean, doesn't He know?? Surely He must know because this guy named Muhammad told me that He is absolutely omniscient. And from what I heard, Muhammad is absolutely truthful, they told me that he doesn't lie, about anything. So knowing that then obviously He must know that I'm gonna fuk up again and do the same sin again, yet He still forgives me, WHY?? If I was Him or if anybody else was Him they'd be like "this ngga lying, he gon do that shyt all over again like he did a thousand times before, I ain't gon forgive his ass, he's not worthy, he be lying." That's the mentality that I or anybody else like me will have. But this guy named Muhammad also told me that He is not like me or anyone else like me. He told me that He is different than me or anything else, and that ngga truthful af, he don't be lying, so if he says something then that must mean that it's the truth. I trust that ngga, rs. With my life... So... Since I now know that He keeps forgiving then I can just keep on sinning and come to Him and be like "I'm sorry" and He'll forgive me right? YES. THAT'S TRUE! But now it's like... Why df do I keep doing this same thing, I mean, this ngga Allah creates everything and He has all this power and He can do whatever He wants with me, but He says that He will forgive me and admit me into gardens where rivers flow underneath as long as I keep him on my mind and I keep asking for forgiveness. Wow, that's all I have to do, fr? If it's really that easy then I am ashamed fr, I don't wanna sin no more, because when I sin Ima have to stand in front of this ngga and ask for forgiveness again. And He will forgive me. That's what I'm ashamed of. This ngga really gon forgive me and make it like I never did it, that's what I'm ashamed of. Standing in front of this ngga after I told him I won't do that shyt again, and I willingly do it. I'm shy as shit fr. How df am I going to sin on purpose and stand in front of that ngga and ask for forgiveness. That's not right bro, it don't even feel right fr. When I'm doing the sin I can feel and I know this ngga watching me and He knows that I am going to keep doing the sin and ask for forgiveness over and over again. I can keep doing this man, this ngga Allah so merciful to me bruh. He forgives me EVERY TIME!! No bruh, I can't keep doing that sin, just once I would want to stand in front of Him and not have to ask for forgiveness. Just once...

I wanna get married, I really do. You think I like waking up every morning and have to do ghusl? But it's just like, I'm broke as shit. Being married is a really big commitment and decision. Plus it's not cheap. It's a very expensive decision. And I want to be able to spend on my wife and give her the world. But how df Ima be able to do that if I'm broke? My wig gon be like "can you give me some money so I can go do my hair?" Ima be like "yeah Bae just wait for 18 days till the first of the month I got you bae" lmaoo. That's sad as shit.

Yawning is from the Satan, sneezing is from Allah. You gotta cover your mouth every time you yawn cuz u be looking ugly as shit and the Satan be laughing at you n shyt. This ngga be laughing smhh, u think that shit funny? I'm over here tired as shyt and you laughing tho 😒. Bruh, you're the one who's ugly. YOU UGLY AS SHIT! I LOOK WAAAY BETTER THAN YOU. AND I FUCK MORE BTCHES THAN YOU. YOU'RE A VIRGIN FR! How df you been living since the beginning of time and you still a virgin? LMAOO🤣. Damn bro you must be hella ugly. Don't nobody wanna come near you cuz YOU STINK! And your face is hideous. This ngga... lmaoo, this ngga just wanna be loved. This what happened. This ngga Iblees was sawdy as shit. Allah told him and the angels that he was going to send a leader on the earth to be a leader and be in control. So this ngga Iblees thought that it was going to be him because at that time he was worshipping Allah so much and Allah loved him so much. And then when Allah revealed that it wasn't going to be him or the angels, it was going to be a new creation, Prophet Adam (PBUH). So now this ngga feeling sawdy as shyt. He's like "who df is this ngga Adam? And what makes him so special?" So when Allah ordered the angels and him to prostrate in front of Adam and give him the respect that he deserves. ALL THE ANGELS PROSTRATED. They all bowed down to Prophet Adam, the angels can't disobey Allah, they are all highly righteous Muslims (awliya). But this ngga Iblees didn't prostrate, he's like "why should I prostrate in front of him? He's made out of clay and me from fire, I'm better than him." Then Allah kicked him out of paradise because he didn't obey the command of his Lord. Now this ngga feeling sawdy as shyt, he's like ok bruh Ima leave, just please let me live until Judgement Day so I can mislead these nggas" HAHA! So it's clear to see, this ngga just a lonely boy, he just wants someone to love him, but nobody will cuz he ugly as shit!

Even his own peoples, his army of Jins don't love him. When he be gone they be back biting that ngga like "keep it a bean bro, but that ngga Iblees ugly as shit. He look like some typa monkey in the face" Then errybody start laughing then when he come back they be like 🤐.

*sighs* I miss Mercy. I dated her for like 5-6 months. Mercy Umah is the most beautiful girl in the world. She has the prettiest eyes and cutest laugh. I loved her so much. She was my everything, she was my joy, and I was her MAN. She broke up with me because, she wanted consistency and I could not give her that. A couple years ago my sister hooked me up with a job at Cousin's Market, I was so grateful, at the time I was making minimum wage there $7.25, but Alhamdulillah it was better than staying at home all day and being broke lol. So I was working there and it was there that I met this ngga Roszay. After work everyday me, Roszay, and some other dude would grab some bud and we would spark up and be high as shit! And this was like a everyday thing. And afterwards me and Roszay would go to his house and we would roll up again and hit the studio, I would bring my laptop and my mic and put it in my bag and after work me and him would hit the stu together and record all these songs. In the midst of all this I was still dating Mercy Umah, but I wasn't calling her or anything. Instead I was busy getting high with Roszay and working and recording, and I wasn't calling her or doing anything. So one day she called me and told me that she can't be with me no more cuz I don't be calling her. She broke up with me 💔😔 I deserved it though, I wasn't giving her the time she needed, she DESERVED. Because frfr why would you be with a girl if you're not going to give her the love and time she deserved? That's a dummy mission. Why? Just to get some ass? Come on bro, don't you want more? And I was cheating on her also when we was dating with like 3-4 girls, and she never cheated ONCE. I didn't deserve her, she was too good for me frfr.

Mercy Umah had the softest lip. I remember the first time she came to my crib and we was watching the movie Insideous. And I kissed her on the couch, I was cheesing like 😊. I was lost in her lips bruh, and she was suckling on my bottom lip all crazy. I was so lost in her bro. I loved her so much, I wanted to be with her forever, she was my everything. And then I discovered Marijuana and me and this ngga Roszay started recording and getting high together. Marijuana and music replaced the love I had for Mercy Umah.

I PUT HER ON OREOS! When she first came to my crib I made for her Oreos and vanilla ice cream and I crushed up the Oreos and put it in the ice cream and gave it to her, she LOVED IT. I PUT HER ON!

This ngga Roszay is the reason why Mercy left me, whenever I was at work I would make the intention in my heart that after work I'm going to go visit my baby Mercy. And then after work this ngga Roszay would be like "Yo bruh you blowing?" And I ain't know what to say. How df can i turn down some bud? So I would be like "okay Ima just have one L and then Ima hop on the bus and go see her" then one L turned to like three L's and I forgot about Mercy and me and Roszay was walking to his house to record 8 Tracks. This ngga Roszay was a bad influence to me. This is why the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) warned against having bad companions, this ngga was right. Having bad friends is not good bruh. That's why now I dont have no friends, I just stay to myself cuz all you mfs is bad fr. All you nggas wanna do is get high and drunk and fuck btches. That's not wassup. That's not what life is about. I wanna go to paradise btch. You nggas gon prevent me. If you not helping me get to paradise then wtf are you doing? You in the way fr.

8 Tracks was only supposed to be 8 songs in total, we ended up recording over 100 songs, on some high shyt. We was heavily intoxicated while we recorded all them songs. So I just picked like the best ones we made and made it into 8 tracks. There's a lot more that we have, it's on my laptop. But my pops took it and I think he went and sold it somewhere, oh well idc. It's cool, I forgive you bro. Just don't do it again.

I composed 8 Tracks after my brain aneurysm and I came out the hospital, then when I was at the crib I couldn't walk or do anything so I just had my laptop and I was bumping all the songs that me and Roszay made prior to my injury. Then I just composed all of them into 8 tracks, the best out of the hundred songs we made. Keep it a bean tho, this ngga Roszay nice as shit with the vocals.

But this ngga Roszay a Christian tho, when his girl broke up with him I went with him to his pastor's church. This ngga was so heartbroken. He really loved his girl/babymom. He still does, I think. Even though she broke up with him lol I can't fuk with this ngga Roszay because 1: He's a heavy Christian. This ngga used to be reciting biblical verses to me n shyt when we used to hang out. And 2. This ngga is a heavy smoker. I mean like he smokes, a.lot.of.weed. This ngga is the reason I'm like this now. I mean if you smoke weed that's a sin no doubt, but you can work on that shit and it can get better. But if you're a Non-Muslim that's the worse sin, that's blasphemy, that's worse than smoking, drinking, adultery, witchcraft, watching porn, all that shyt! Shaykh Sayf told me that other sins compared to blasphemy are like NOTHING. Smoking, drinking, murder, all those can be forgiven by God, but if you die as a Non-Muslim than he definitely won't forgive you, oh yeah. Muhammad told us that 1400 years ago and that ngga don't lie, about anything. That's my worse fear, not dying in a state of submission to Him. I mean like... He forgives all these sins but He does not forgive Non-Muslims. Smhh. So you trying tell me I can have sex with 400 different girls and I can die of aids(God-Forbid) and still have a chance to go to Heaven forever. But if I die as a Non-Muslim I definitely won't go there and Ima go to hell forever 😐. Say less bro, I'm going to be a Muslim until the day I die Insha'Allah, because frfr, I just wanna go to heaven bro. This life is hard man, I've suffered so much in the short time that I've been here, I definitely don't want to suffer for all eternity in the hereafter. I just wanna go to paradise bruh...


I want a big white palace with 55 rooms and a thousand naked beautiful women walking around with long hair that go down to they buttcheeks serving me, talking some "what week can I do for you daddy?" and Ima reply "I WANT SOME HEAD!" And they gon give it to me, that shyt will be great.

Allah, that's what I want, please give it to be, please ya Allah. I worship you alone with NO PARTNERS. I love you so much, you're my everything, you're my heart ya Allah. Keep it a bean like... I really love you, I'm always thinking about you. You're my heart, my everything. Keep it a bean, how's that gay?😕 First of all, God is not a dude, nor is he a girl, He's not a boy nor a girl. In order for me to be gay He would have to be a dude, but He is not. You're gay for thinking I'm gay, faggot.

You ever been so high that you went to sleep and had a high ass dream?? And you woke up thinking like "wtff did I just have??" Clowns jumping on kangaroo backs n shyt

But you belong to somebody else! 🎙️

Nggas be thinking just cuz u dating a girl that means that yall in some typa committed relationship, and she's yours. That hoe ain't yours bruh. She belongs to the world. She got more bodies than Charles Manson. She can only be considered yours if you marry her, if yall not married and yall just dating or whatever then wtf is yall doing? Wasting time n shyt. This is how the Satan be getting yall dumb mfs. He be like "come on if you marry her you gon have to spend all your life with her, and you not ready for all that, come on you just trying hit it and 🏃‍♂️" And you dumb mfs be like "scratches head" well... You do have a point, I'm definitely not trying to spend the rest of my life with her" cdffuupp! 😂You're all a bunch of friggin idiots. YOU'RE DUMB!! How you gon let a ngga like Iblees fool you, come on... He's ugly! And he's a lonely boy. He's sad fr 😔, keep it a bean. Don't let this sad mf fool you bruh.

Watching porn and masterbating is one thing, a sin no doubt. But to actually be brave enough to do that shyt. Get a girl who you're not married to and put your penis in that hoe, that's a whoollee different thing. Shaykh Ahmad said that they are both sins but the first one does not reach the severity of the second one, not even close. Never will I ever have sex with a girl who I'm not married to. Mercy Ummah was the last one. When I say this shyt I actually mean it, it's not like how I be smoking weed and asking Allah to forgive me and then the next day turn back around and do the same shyt, no, I'm saying this shyt and I actually mean it. I won't wither bro. FUCK THAT!!

Allah is the Only God, and He is one. He is one okay, He has no partners.

Jesus is not a partner with God, what r u fukkin stupid? Jesus was a Prophet okay? A mere creation by the Almighty. You dumb mfs really got the nerve to raise your hands up to the sky and pray to Jesus and supplicate to him. Like he's really going to cure you from your cancer. Df?? JESUS IS WEAK. MUHAMMAD IS WEAK. MOSES IS WEAK. They all said that "I have no power on Allah has Power and all praise belong to him."

Who was Jesus. Jesus was a refugee, a Palestinian refugee. He received revelation at the age of 30 and he was raised up to the skies at the age of 33, Prophet Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist are both in the second heaven. He will come back down and he will lead with Prophet Muhammad's law, not his. Because his time has passed, his rulings no longer applies to us, only Prophet Muhammad's rulings apply to us. Because this is his time. Jesus never died on the cross, it was one of his followers. He asked the members of the 12 companions who would like to sacrifice their life for me and they will share the same place with me in Jannah. Nobody wanted to do it, except for the youngest one, he volunteered to do it. And it was him who was placed on the cross and died, not Jesus. Jesus is alive right now, in the second heaven. The heavens are physical bodies and a Prophet of Allah inhabits every single one of them. In the first heaven is Prophet Adam PBUH. The second heaven is Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist Ibn Zachariah, peace be upon them both. The third Heaven is occupied by Prophet Yusuf, Joseph. Upon whom be peace. The fourth is Prophet Idriss PBUH. The fifth is the brother of Moses, Haroon. Upon whom be peace. The sixth is Musa(Moses) upon whom be peace. The 7th is my father Ibrahim (PBUH) He is the second best after Muhammad. The rest of the Prophets are in their graves praying to Allah SWT. Christmas is not even the day Jesus was born so wtf r u talking about?? It's a Roman Pagan holiday known as Satarnalia, it's a celebration that the Roman Pagans used to celebrate to commemorate the birth of the "sun" not the son of God. So wtf r u talking about? You sound stupid 😕. Bruh, Christians are misled, they follow the wrong religion no doubt but the Quran praises them in many ways. It says that those who say that "we are Christians" have the most piety and righteous. This ngga Roszay is maybe the most righteous non-Muslim that I have ever met, me and this ngga used to be high as shyt in his basement recording n shyt, this ngga was drunk and high as shyt. And his daughter Sephora will come down and be like "I'm hungry can you make me some pancakes?" And this ngga would get df up out his seat, mind you this ngga high and drunk as shit! And he would go upstairs and make them pancakes for his daughter. And he would make them good as hell too, not burnt or spill nothing nowhere or anything. And if she said that she wanted more he would go back upstairs and make them pancakes again for his daughter, he would. And this ngga a Christian, a devout Christian.

The holy Quran praises the Christians in many ways, it says that overall they are good people, but they are just misguided 😕. Yall just misguided that's all. Just because yall is misguided don't necessarily mean that you're bad, no. Sometimes this ngga Roszay would yell at his daughter Sephora if she made a mistake like spill some juice or something, but just because he yelled at her does not mean that he hates her or she's a bad person, he only yelled at her for her own betterment so she won't do it again. The example of Allah is far greater than that.

When I first came in this country with my brother in 2001 and we was living with our father we was BROKE. WE HAD NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It was Mrs. Robinson, an elderly Christian woman who lived in New Jersey, it was her and her husband Mr. Robinson who used to be helping us out. She would help my dad financially, she would give him money for him to help pay the bills, she would bring food to the house, Mr. Robinson would drive all the way from Somerdale New Jersey, to our little apartment in Darby, PA. Which was like an hour and a half ride, just so he can drop off some food to us. And every Christmas she would even buy us toys and drop it off to our house and give it to me and my brother. WOW! This is a CHRISTIAN woman, and her husband was a pastor at the church, he would preach there. My father used to take me and my brother over there on occasions and we would go to her church. But anyways this what I'm trying to say, you guys are not bad. Yall just misled. Stop worshipping Jesus and worship Allah only, and if you die believing in the one true God, Allah, then I promise you bruh, you're gonna go to paradise when you die. Idc how many people you killed or how many pregnant women you raped, if you die believing in Allah and His Messenger PBUH. You're good bro.

Look at all the good that Martin Luther King did, this ngga was a humans right activists and he fought for all our rights. But I promise you, if that ngga died believing that Jesus was good or any blasphemy like that than he will go to hell forever! You think God cares about all the good that he did in this world? This world means nothing to Him.

Bruh, if you're gay than what that mean?

It's a sin, homosexuality is a MAJOR SIN!

Just don't act on that shyt bruh, and don't say nothing gay. Ngga be saying gay shit fr.

Nobody has to know that you're gay, don't make that shyt obvious. Nggas be chauvinistic homosexuals n shyt. Wearing a shirt talking about some "I'm gay and I'm proud"😕 Okkkkk

I fell in love with these streets at a young age bruh

Mfs be thinking I'm gay cuz I like to listen to nggas that sing n shyt. Bruh, you fail to realize. These. Nggas. Get. Btches.

Do you know how many btches this ngga Chris Brown gets? A shit load

You know how many btches this ngga PartynextDoor gets? A shit load

Bruh, do you know how many btches this ngga Justin Bieber gets? 😱

How do them nggas do it?? Like what's the secret? What's the secret formula n shyt? I wanna get btches too.

I just want the pretty btches bruh, that's all I want frfr

Allah is the only God, Allah is one, Allah has no partners. I just have to keep this in mind until the day that I die than i will go to Jannah. MY CASTLE IN JANNAH AWAITS! That jawn gon look like a hotel, I'ma have like 55 rooms and every room gon have a swimming pool. And I'ma have all these different pretty angel looking btches with fat asses and long hair that stretch down to they buttcheeks. Them btches gon be looking like angels but they ain't gon be angels tho, naaww bruhh. They not gon be humans nor angels, rather they just gon be creations by Allah SWT and their purpose is just going to be to serve me and give me head. It's gon be like 25,000 of them and I'ma pop every single one of them. All praise be to Allah.

In Jannah you can have sex but there's no reproduction, so I can be raw dogging all them hoes and they ain't gon be getting pregnant. And when I say "hoes", that's a hypothetical term, they not really gon be hoes, they gon be straight virgins. And every time I fuck one of them hoes and rip through they vaginal walls all crazy Allah is going to create new walls in they vagina to make it seem like I never had sex with them. Oh yes, Allah has power over all. I can't wait bruh, I'ma bust so many nuts. That shit gon be great! I'm getting aroused just thinking about it. And then btches not gon be like the btches on the earth, cuz you know how you gotta take a girl out, buy her flowers and gifts and do all this shyt to get the panties? In Jannah it ain't gon be like that. I won't have to do shit and they still gon be giving it up. I'ma just walk in the crib and then btches gon be laying in bed with they legs open like 🤗"cum in me daddy" Ima be like "say less" and Ima go right in. And I won't have to worry about contraceptives or nun of that shyt cuz I can cum in them btches all I want and they ain't gon be getting pregnant. Unlike the btches in this world n shyt, btches be fertile as shyt fr. I look at that hoe in the eye once next day she telling me she six months pregnant n shyt. Btch... How?? EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

Similarly in Jannnah you can eat all you want but there's no excretion. So you ain't gon be shitting! You can have a full course meal and you ain't gon shit it out. Allah knows best where all that food goes, but one things for sure, that shit ain't coming out like fecal matter. BELIEVE THAT!"

I can't wait to go to Jannnah bro, keep it a bean. Don't get it fukked up though, I ain't trying die. I don't wanna die too young *Post Malone voice* there's still so much that I haven't done. I still need to impregnate Selena Gomez. And I need to propose to Catalina Taylor. There's still soo much bruh. You wanna know what I really wanna do tho. I wanna purposely get into an argument with my future wife over.. Ummmm... Idk... Something petty. Something small, like her cooking or something, she overcooked the steak, then I wanna get into a heated argument with her and be like "IDK WHY THE HELL YOU ALWAYS BURNING THE DAMN STEAK, YOU KNOW THAT SHYT DON'T SIT RIGHT WITH MY STOMACH!" Then she'll be like "OK well damn idk why you always tripping" Then you know what Ima do? Ima punch that btch left titty and we gon fuck right there on the kitchen floor, then Ima bust a nut right in her eyes, and Ima be like "NOW DO YOU SEE WHERE I'M COMING FROM?!!" 🤣😂-slaps knee

I'm sober as shyt

You ever been so sober you felt high?

You ever been so high that you felt sober??

It's after Ramadan, the Satan is attacking me from all angles, this is mf like "damn bro you sober as shit, you don't feel like doing anything, you can't even eat bruh" I'm like "SDFUP BTCH!! DON'T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT?!" But how does this mf know that tho?? It's like he's inside of me, in my veins n shyt

This ngga Lil Dicky nice as shyt! Mfs don't be peeping, this ngga nice, my favorite song by him is "professional rapper" and "pillow talking" . But he's an atheist 😑 I'm thinking like... "how df is you gon be an atheist and you look like Jesus Christ? " that doesn't add up bruh, there's something wrong with that picture, that depiction n shyt

I went to the Mosque one time when I was high, I went to Jummuah fried! Like a year and a half ago. I'm never doing that shyt again, never! I felt like I was bouta die. We was doing the Jummuah prayer and it was HARD AF FOR ME TO STAND UP. My legs was feeling weak as shit, I felt like I was bouta fall down and die bruh! And my head was turning, and I had to take a shit! That shyt was crazy. Allah was like this to me "naaw bruh, you can't come in my house high. You tripping" I'm like "ard say less bro, I'm sorry" He was like "it's cool bro, just don't do it again ard?" I was like "ard bro, I gotchu"

Keep it a bean tho that shyt makes sense tho if you think about it, I'm a fukkin pothead, no doubt about it. Allah KNOWS THIS. He knows. I be getting high every single day of the week and I can't stay sober for one Friday tho? For the sake of Allah? Nah man that ain't right, my entire Friday have to be dedicated towards Allah. I can't smoke or do anything sinful. I gotta stay pure and clean. At least until after Asr prayer. Because as we all know JUMMUAH STARTS AT DHUHR. But the one who stays in the Mosque on Friday from before the Zhuhr prayer until after Asr prayer gets a crazy ass reward. Idk what that reward is but ik its hella good.

This btch crazy. She taking bout some "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" Umm... No btch, no it ain't. Today's June 17th wtf r u talking about?? I just checked my calendar, that hoe said JUNE 17TH" so wtf r u talking about? Sit yo crazy ass down and go somewhere

I have to be on my best behavior because Allah is always watching

I wanna get high and bust a nut in Selena Gomez's mouth, that shyt gon be great!

I know things from my Lord that you don't even think I know.

I just want the big booty btches keep it a bean, that's all that I want

I say a lot of shyt but I won't ever do it. Df, why would I stick my dck in a girl I'm not even married to? THAT HOE AIN'T MINES! Yall mfs be brave as shyt tho, talking bout how you gon fuk a girl then you actually walk all the way to her house and have sex with her. DF!! You got heart bruh. And then you walk back home ugly as shit with a big ass smile on your face looking like 😊. U ugly as shit. Btch you just committed one of the three major sins, btch you better not get hit by a car and die on your way back cuz if you do than you're GOING TO HELL BTCH! That is, unless Allah has mercy on your pathetic soul and He decides to forgive you, and He is the Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving

If you're brave enough to fuck that btch that ain't yours then be brave enough to repent and ask for forgiveness dh.

Yeah that shyt feels good, when you fukkin a btch that shyt feels good as hell. Especially when you hitting that shyt from the back and you stick your tongue out like Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals n shyt like 👅AAAHHH! But it's only for a minute tho, eventually you gon bust a nut and it's a wrap, it's over. You ever heard the term "temporary forever?" Well that's what it is. Why would you risk a temporary forever for an eternity of hellfire?" Df. Fukkin DUNCE!

-Don't lift your gaze whilst praying

I don't take word from nobody on the face of this planet, the only ones I listen to are Allah and His Messenger. Because Allah and His Messenger knows best, so you would be a fool to not listen to them.


May Allah bless J. Cole and forgive him for all his sins, open and secret. My granddad Andre Edgefield was a slave. Yup, he was sold right there in Charleston. Sho was bruh!

I can't lie to you, I am a pious Muslim 😐. God has made it forbidden for us to lie, about anything!

You wanna know one of the many differences between me and Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

If you was to ask the holy Prophet what he had for breakfast and if he had scrambled eggs, he would look you in the eyes and tell you straight up, "I had scrambled eggs." Bruh, if you ask me "hey Abdul what did you have this morning for breakfast?" if I had scrambled eggs I would look you in the eyes and be like "I had a roasted calf!😐"🤥

Allah knows best if scrambled eggs were around in the Prophet's time, it was just an example

His veracity cannot be questioned

Prophet Muhammad can be emulated, but Allah CAN'T. Allah is different from us, HE. IS. DIFFERENT! God is not like us.

The Holy Prophet lived about 1400 years ago in Makkah in the Saudi Arabia peninsula. This was before slavery, Christopher Columbus, and all that shyt. Times were different back then. The Prophet did not experience the difficulties that we face today, not at all. HE FACED MORE DIFFICULTIES. His time was more strenuous bruh. The Prophet would go days without eating. He would starve. And Allah only asks me to not eat from sunrise to sunset, and I'm like "😲BRUHH!! HOW??" Smh, I should be ashamed of myself. The Prophet had it tough, we got it easy, smhh.

The average human can go two weeks without eating and two days without water. Allah He knows this. So when He tells us to fast from sunrise to sunset He knows that we are capable of handling that, He doesn't burden us with anything that's beyond our scope bruh. You just gotta remember, He knows best. Keep it a bean like... This ngga knows ALL!

I remember once I was in my room laying down on my stomach and I started thinking like... "Well, if Allah created His own attributes, than was it him Who created Himself?" 😞. I started thinking like... Mhmmm?? KUFR KUFR!! That's blasphemy, I quickly discarded that thought, Allah was not created and its Kufr to believe that. You see how the Shaytan comes to you?

The Shaytan doesn't care about what sin that you do, He just wants you to disobey Allah. Whether that be by doing a sin or omitting something obligatory. He dont care bruh, he just wants you to sin, again and again. Until you die in a sinful state, than he will stop. And he gon move on to your children. Lmaoo.

The Shaytan is persistent, but Allah was the one to create persistency

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from what he fears

Listen, I. Am. A. Muslim bruh. Why would I sin and risk going to hellfire forever?


The people who enter HELLFIRE are of two categories. 1: the sinful Muslims. These are Muslims, but they are very sinful, they will enter hellfire and stay there for a set number of time and eventually they will be taken out by the Prophet's intercession and because they died on Islam. And like the Almighty said in the Holy Quran, "no Muslim will enter hellfire forever. 2: the blasphemers, the people of the book, Jews, Christians, Atheists etc... They will enter hellfire. They will fall a distance of 70 years into hellfire, which is only reserved for the blasphemers, and they will remain therein forever, for all eternity. FOREVER! Allah don't care about what you did in this life, He don't care if you freed the damn slaves. But if you pass away believing that Jesus is God, or similar to Him in any way. Btch your final destination is HELLFIRE! You will be there FOREVER BTCH! you gon diieeee btch

Naw you not even gon die, you gon wish that you was dead. The lightest torture in hell is that the person is forced to stand on top of like hot coals or summin, and they mfn BRAIN BOIL BRUH!!! Nggas gon wish they was dead, they gon ask this ngga Malik, the king of Hell n shyt, they gon be like "yo bruh, pleeaaasee ask Allah to just kill us and take our lives!" And then this ngga Malik gon be like "NAAWW BRUUH! Allah said that you gon stay here forever btch!" 😂 Nggas gon be sawdy as shyt!

And the mfs in hellfire gon be asking the people in paradise like "hey bruh, gimme some water nggas thirsty as shit" And the nggas in Paradise gon be like "NAAWW BRUH! Allah has made it forbidden for you!" 😂

Some angels came to see my father Ibrahim AS. They knocked on the door and they was like "sup bruh, Assalamu 'Alaikum" Ibrahim said Assalamu 'Alaikum back and he invited them in. He ain't know who df these nggas was. They just came and said Assalamu 'Alaikum, so now my dad like "I gotta treat these nggas well, they fear Allah, they told me Assalamu 'Alaikum" so what happened now is Ibrahim went to his wife Sarah and he like "do you know them?" And she like "naww, never seen them a day in my life" then my pops asks her "well, do we have an food?" She like "well we gotta little bit of meat here but that's about it 😞 my pops like"naw, that ain't enough, these nggas came in and told me Assalamu 'Alaikum, they are pious Muslims" so what did he do? He ordered his servants to cook up a MFN ROASTED CALF! just for these angel looking human mfs. Simply cuz they came in and said Assalamu 'Alaikum. So what happened next is he bought out the calf to his guests in the living room. And they just looking at it like 😐"wtf this ngga want us to do with this?" so when my pops saw that these angel mfs is not eating he starts eating a little bit to try to get these nggas to eat. But he still see that these nggas not eating so he start getting scared a little bit, he like "HOLD UP PAUSE. I'M NOT FEELING THIS. WHO ARE YALL AND WHY YOU NOT EATING?" P.S. Angels don't eat, but my old man ain't know this, he ain't know that they were angels. They just came in looking like humans n shyt. So the angels like "fear not bruh! We are not humans, we are angels. And we came to accomplish two tasks" and then they said that we came to give you news of a new son, and another son, and we came to destroy the people of Lut. Cuz at that time these nggas that Prophet Lut(PBUH) went to, they was gay bruh! These nggas was straight faggots. So what happened was that God sent the angels there to kill all them gay mfs. Cuz they wanted to oppress this ngga Lut, and all this ngga Lut was trying do was convey the message of Islam. Allah never destroys a place because they disbelieved, if you don't want to accept the message that came to you then ok well... That's on you bruh. But Allah chose to destroy them when they decide to cause harm to the believers of that place. Lut was a believer, and these gay mfs wanted to harm him. And Allah chose to deal with them in a mighty way. So this what happened. The same angels that went to see my pops came to Lut in the city full of gay mfs. And you now Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty, so when angels come in human form they're always gonna be males, they not gon be a btch bro. ANGELS CANNOT BE FEMALES. So when the angels came to Lut they like "we are guests" this ngga Lut like "say less" in Islam it is forbidden to turn down guests, and Lut is a Muslim, so he can turn these nggas down, they said they are guests so Lut like ard come in, now these gay mfs saw that Lut got some male guests and they're handsome af, when angels appear in human form they will be very handsome. So these gay mfs get all excited n shyt and they come to Lut's crib and start knocking like "OPEN UP BRUH. WE WANT YOUR GUESTS" This ngga Lut trying to be hospitable, he not trying give his guests to these gay mfs. So he like "come on just take my daughters you can hang em if that's what you want" these gay mfs like "naww bruh we don't want them, we want your guests bootyholes" 🙃. So what happened was this ngga Lut made Dua to Allah Almighty so that He can save him. Allah responded. The Angels told Lut to go ahead and take his family and dip, they gon take care of them gay mfs. So Lut did just that, he took all his family and dipped, except for his wife, she was a nonbeliever. So what happened next funny as shit. THESE GAY MFS WERE ALL DESTROYED! CDFFUUPP. The Angel Gabriel destroyed the whole city with the tip of his wings. He transformed into his original Angelic form and this ngga was big af! He covered up the entire horizon. He lifted up the entire city with the tip of his wing, he lifted the whole city up and turned them upside down. Completely destroyed them gay mfs. This is how Allah SWT deals with faggots.

All praise be to Allah!

I am the slave of Allah


I can't wait to go to Jannah, ima be fukkin all them big booty angel btches

Oh naw I'm tripping, them btches ain't gon be angels, nor humans. They just gon be creations by Allah SWT and they all gon hang BIG BOOTIES! Ima be fuckin every.single.one.of.them

After I marry them of course. I can't insert my large genital inside a hoe that ain't married to, that's a major sin bro.

Keep it a bean, I'm scared as shit. This ngga Allah scares me bruh 🤤. This ngga really knows everything I be thinking. And He wills for me to do everything, good and bad. Whatever I do this ngga has knowledge of it and He willed for me to do it. It's like this ngga some typa God, or Creator or some shyt. Oh wait...

This ngga Allah gon kill me bruh 😲. SHIIIITTT!!!!


I wanna have a threesome with some old ladies. Old ladies got the best pussy.

Eeesw your pussy stank!

Keep it a bean tho old ladies suck the best dick. They don't be having no teeth, just straight GUMS. That shyt be feeling good!

Lying to make others laugh is a major sin in Shariah

This ngga Iblees ugly as shyt! He look like a..

What he look like? This ngga look like a mfn red phone case. He look like a red crayon n shyt, he look like a crayola box full of red crayons n shyt.

Keep it a bean tho I don't even know what this ngga look like, it's not mentioned in the Quran and the Messenger of Allah SAWS didn't convey anything about the definite look of the accursed Shaytan. Allah knows best what he looks like

I just know he ugly as shyt. HE HAS TO BE. Bruh, if you go against the orders of Allah than you ugly as shit! And you stink btch. Yo pussy stank.

Every Muslim is beautiful. Every. One. Of. Us.

This ngga Julaybeeb is beautiful as shyt. He was a sahaba. A companion of the Prophet SAWS. Nobody wanted to marry him because his looks wasn't really, the best. He was deformed physically. So the Holy Prophet SAWS went to a girl and asked for her hand in marriage to Julaybeeb. She accepted of course! Because bruh, how can you decline the Messenger of Allah SAWS. And in one of the battles Julaybeeb was killed. He was laying down and there were seven of the enemies around him, this ngga killed seven of the enemies. He went out with a fight! Muhammad SAWS saw Julaybeeb's dead body laying on the floor and he picked him up and said "Ya Allah, he was of me, and I was of him" he made strong Dua for him.

May Allah grant Julaybeeb Jannah. Aamen!

It's not permissible for us Muslims to say "RIP" after somebody passes away. Because that is imitating the Kuffars and tis a kind of Dua, and it's not permissible to pray or make Dua for a Non-Muslim.

Anyways back to the story of my pops Ibrahim. So the angels told him that they had come to give him news and destroy the gay nggas of Lut. They told him that he was going to be expecting a few sons. He couldn't have a child with his wife Sarah because she was barren, she wasn't able to reproduce or have babies. So Sarah she's shocked she's like "wow 😰 I couldn't get pregnant when I was younger, now me an old woman, 90 years of age and my husband 120 years old and now we're going to get a child, this is amazing!" And the angels like "nothing is impossible for Allah" and the angels also told her not only are you going to give birth to two sons but you will live long enough to see them have their children. Now this is some news, but my pops Ibrahim he not really worried about that. He's pleading for the gay mfs of Lut, he's like, "look, you're going to Lut to destroy that city, don't you know that Lut is amongst them? Come on, take it light on them" and the angels like "oh Ibrahim just ignore that talk, it's an order from Allah, it must be implemented" Angels do not disobey an order from Allah. Then they left in the same way they came. This story is also mentioned in the Quran, read it for a better and more vivid explanation. I may have added some extra things in there to make it seem more interesting or vivid. But that's about the jist of it.

Keep it a bean I gotta pee

I be telling my little sister like "Allah don't poop, Allah don't pee

"pistol whip you while your btch naked"

All I do is get drunk, come home and beat my wife

I don't wanna get married and get a divorce like.... That shyt boring. If I get married to you Ima be with you forever" that's why I'm like really picky. Cuz I want that shyt to be right the first time. I want the first woman that I marry to be the best. Just like Muhammad SAWS. His first wife was Khadija, and even though she passed away and he got remarried again he always remembered her. She was the most beloved to him.

Ima have more than one wife and ima have a shit load of kids. I won't even know who those kids mamas gon be. Ima be like "who your mom?" 😂

Ima have more than one wife and ima be lying to allll them btches. Cdffuupp. It's going to be permissible for me to do too, God is going to allow it. Ima be fucking that btch and ima be like "damn bae keep it a bean I love you the most out off all the girls I'm married to" she gon be like "awww really?" ima look her dead in the face 😐 and be like "dead ass!" then right after I ejaculate inside that btch mouth ima go to the next btch house and beat her shit and be like "keep it a bean bae but I love you the most out of all my wives" she gon be like"awww really?" ima look her dead in the face 😐 and be like "dead ass!"

I used to think that you only perform ghusl when you commit zina. Then I furthered my knowledge and I knew better. Now I be clean as shyt, I be taking a shower like twice a day n shyt

Snoop Dogg freed the slaves!

Gossiping in Islam is defined as: Saying a true matter about your Muslim brother or sister in his or her absence in a way that he or she will not like. So here's an example. Actually I can't think of an example right now. And anything I think of is gonna involve actually gossiping and I don't want to fall into sin and go to hellfire, I don't wanna risk it btch

This ngga Prophet Yusuf(AS) was handsome as shit! I be looking in the mirror and thinking I'm sexy but this ngga Yusuf looked waayy better than me. And he got waay more btches than me. The only ngga that looked better than him was Rasulullah SAWS

The reason why the Christian, Jews, and atheists will stay in hellfire forever is because if Allah would have willed for them to stay alive in this Dunya forever they would have remained on their Kufr forever for all eternity. And the reason why mfs like me would stay in paradise forever Insha'Allah is because if Allah would have willed for me to stay alive forever I would've stayed a Muslim forever until the end of times. Allah knows best. He isn't just Aleem. He is also Hakeem, He's Wise af!

I know for a fact that Islam is the correct Religion, there's no doubt in my mind at all. And this shyt feels good. There's no better feeling than knowing that you are on the right path and GOD is protecting you at all times. God is with me bruh 😋, I can't be touched. Fuk all you hoes.

I don't think Allah created something better than Islam, this is a perfect Religion

This Religion is not ours, and it's not for us, it was only REVEALED to us.

The Angels are all highly righteous Muslims (Awliya) and they are not ordered to fast in the month of Ramadan or give charity or none of that. Yet they are still Muslims

This ngga Allah always watching me like 👀! Soon as I fuck up he gon come at me all crazy like 🤜🤜❗❗

Ima be like I'M SORRY! 😲AAHHH!!! DON'T KILL ME BRUH!! He gon be like "it's cool bruh"

Knowing this, I have to be on my best behavior and can't say nothing outta pocket 🤐

Cardi B gotta fat ass. I wanna eat her pucci straight from the back. Ima be like 😜👅AHHHH!

I wanna eat ya mom pussi too. But I can't. I'm allergic to seafood 🤣🤣😂

I bust a nut on her left buttcheek and than I'm ghost like 👻

I bust a nut inside that btch pussy and then I move to a different country like 🏃‍♂️BYEE!!!

if she gets pregnant then I'm going to the moon btch 👨‍🚀 FUCK THAT!!!!

That hoe ain't gon put me under child support

The baby ain't even mines!

That mf lightskin! Df, I'm black as shit!


My father's a nice guy and all and I forgive him and love him for everything that he did for me, but me and him never really had that type of close relationship. I never really knew how to act towards your father or how to treat him, I just knew that you have to treat him good and respect him, but that's all I knew frfr. Me and him never really had that "close" type of relationship, u know what I mean like... The type of relationship where you see your father as just not an "older person" but like a close friend in which you could confide to. I was getting high and fuckin btches and this ngga ain't know shit! And I couldn't really talk to him about all these stuff because he was always too busy at work or whatever or handling other things and he just didn't have time.

So as a result bruh. There's a wisdom behind why God wants us to treat our parents so well, so that we can know how to act towards Him. But I ain't know how df to act towards my dad so as a result I made Dua to Allah to have a dream about charlie and the chocolate factory. Bruh, I made STRONG ASS DUA! I was like "ya Allah, I call upon you my Lord. Plz my Lord let me have a dream about Charlie and the chocolate factory" this was like last year. Everything that I was asking for was coming true, I was asking Allah please let me pass this class, I gotta A in it. Ya Allah please help me find a way to buy tokens so I can go to Jummuah on Friday and increase my knowledge, BOOM! I found a $50 bill while walking to the library. Ya Allah, please let me get a composition book to take notes for my Earth Science class. BOOM! I woke up the next day and a brand new composition book was laying there on my praying mat. So it's like, I knew it was Allah, Who else but Him? So I wanted to further confirm my suspicions. So I made Dua to Allah I was like "Ya Allah, please my Lord, allow me to have a dream about Charlie and the chocolate factory, PLEASE!" smhh. I'm surprised I even woke up the next morning.

Don't ever make Dua to Allah about nonsense. Your heart has to be in it when you make Dua.

I can't wait to be a dad bruh, that shyt gon be the best! Ima be the coolest dad. Me and my son gon smoke a L together when he turn 16. Ima be high as shit passing him the blunt like "son, I order you not to smoke this L and get high as shit"

Before I go to sleep every night I cleanse my heart of any hatred or animosity that I might have toward someone


Btches be dumb as shyt. They be talking to other girls and be like "I fucked the shit outta him sis" 😒really?? BTCH! Who is you fucking?? You. Have. A. Vagina. Df, you ain't fucking shit! BTCH you gon get this dck and shut yo dumbass up

There is a God, and his name is Allah -very important

By making Allah love you, he will make his creations love you.

As one becomes closer to Allah. They begin to realize the truth.

When we die Allah gives us abilities based on who we were as humans and his personal obligations.

I'm so fukkin high.

Just because we are flawed does not mean Allah is flawed.

Chastise that ngga if he blow bro

When I get high I tend to hyperbolize on being normal.

I'm just high as shit.

Cdfupp this ngga said "I don't know nothing 😐"

Allah please let my dream come true.

It came late but I caught that hoe.

We have to relate Allah to being blindfolded and allowing a trustful friend to point a gun at you.
Oh but Allah (swb) is great. Not only does he not pull the trigger, he blesses you beyond your wildest dreams for simply having trust in him.

What's expected most of you will be bought out.
What I mean by that is Allah (swb) doesn't ever give us trials that he knows we can't complete.

We have to remember, we ask Allah (swb) for plenty things. He's not necessarily obliged to answer all of our prayers in the way we wish, but he is obligated to answer all.

I don't get high, I get leveled.

Bless him for allowing him to drive me to the Mosque.

Everybody's fake.

I don't get high, high gets me. He be DuLi as shit like, you DuLi bro? I'm hella DuLi, and I got bars too.

You have to become the high in order to beat the high.

The best artist is not able to draw a proper picture of Allah.

Foreign Lady in appointment crying about her child being mistreated at day care.

Everything in life is perception.

I'm high as shyt

Allah truly is great.

Logic is an adjunction of faith. It's one of faiths many extensions.

Who says that in print that I have to blow this afternoon?... I'm patiently waiting bruh. Like 50 cent "I've been patiently waiting for a track to explode on, you can front if you want but your ass will get strolled on". That used to be my shit. "sighs". Times surely change. I'm high. Idk why

Being on his side means submiting to his every will.

Allah always finds a loophole.

DuLi playlist- a playlist with recorded algorithm

Allah treasures Prophet Muhammad so much because he was the last prophet and messenger. Thus conveying what every previous prophet and messenger before him stated.

When you truly get stoned you lose touch of reality and you make everyone who comes into contact with you enabled to conform to your new perception of reality. At least I think... Idk, I'm stoned 💀

You already know

Getting high truly weakens your immune cells

Life is all about who the popular kids are in high school.

Prepare for the worse. Because the worse can and will happen.

Allah exists in a plane where existence is not possible.

Allah is the only true God and Prophet Muhammad is his messenger.

The first step in gaining victory over your opponent in a match is making him or her believe that the fight is a fair fight and they actually stand a chance.

I think I'm sober, Idk I'm high

All is governed by one. Allah.

Numbers lie, Allah don't.

Ashley and Lindsay fighting over toy.

There are many sides to Allah, just like how he has 99 names there are plenty sides to him, maybe even more then 99. Think about it though, 99 bricks can perimitize this whole place.

Idk why I be getting high like this, I just do bro.

We are all gullible.

Existence is only fathomized by the eye.

I can't be fake like you, I'm sorry.

High as shit going to sleep, I can't even sleep.

My entire ideology is based off Allah, because Allah is everything.

Maybe I only think I'm right.

You stirr fried rice

I need a nice thick btch by my side

We only think we have freedom, even though we really do.

I'm Calipha DuLi

The greater is also the greatest, the creator cannot be created

Allah will enable you to see the error in your ways.

Allah's goal is not to win, he already won. His main priority is to make us see the possibility of winning through losing.

Everybody can't be real like you.

The laws of logic only applies to this physical realm, and as long as we stay on this planet we are bounded by this world's limits. That's why it's good to get high. Because when u truly get stoned you discover new worlds that you could only dream of being a ppossibility.

Admiration is a type of affection, a type of love.

I'm so fukkin high, I'm scared.

Hold me.

I wasn't expecting that, or was I? Idk I'm high. Do you have any more chocolate milk?
Cuz you know chocolate milk be popping.

The Earth not high, but other planets is, that's why they all fukked up


Am I tripping or is that car backing up by itself?

Nothing is ever hard for Allah (swb) to accomplish.

You already know bruh.

What's that jawn called?

Allah lowers his powers to make himself seem like a formidable opponent to Shatan and his attributes and allies.


Whatever Allah (swb) decreeds must go.

We all high as shit.

Our obliviousity makes us weak.

Allah (Swb) is not attributed with any kind of weakness.

You smoke cuz u want to, I smoke cuz I have to.

Once you get what you really want, you often forget that at one point you desperately wanted it.

Allah please don't test me so harshly, because I fear of failing.

Allah is all.

I'm sober fr


The end of time is not the end.

The bus driver left the bus to go to McDonald's smh.

I don't fear no other human being.

How can a blunt a day keep the doctor away when that shit weakens your immune cells?

Pessimism should not be confused with truth and what is.

Oh Allah (swb) is truly great. All of this has already happened for him, everything is just a re-run.

Robbing Wiz Khalifa's house

The Biggest Coward

Lonely Coward

This shyt ain't easy as it look, it's easier.

This ngga Ceddy had a heart attack and died.

They shot my ngga Boobie at a barbeque cuz he was taking too many burgers.

You're only scared of death for two reasons. Either you're oblivious to what's on the other side, or you're scared of facing what's on the other side.

The devil is just a high level prisoner in hell.

It takes longer for me to process and react to information, both physically and mentally.

Or so I think. Idk I be high.

I'm at the crib high as shit.

You try to be high when you sober, and sober when you high.

I just need to work on my energy and stamina.

I act so morally because Allah promises me many rewards, and I demand them all.

One act of kindness can change a person's life, God willingly.

Allah's mercy is distributed equally towards all of us.

Begets- (typically of a man, sometimes of a man and a woman) bring (a child) into existence by the process of reproduction.

Logic contradicts itself without faith.

Being real is an attribution of existing.

I just wanna smoke weed and do what's right.

When you take off your blindfold you see him standing there. His arms are open and tears is in his eyes.

Logic lies, Allah (swb) don't

By you existing, Allah (Swb) has proven that he knows you better then you know yourself.

They ask me where I've been, I say I was never here.

As long as we reside in this realm that Allah (Swb) has created, we are thus governed by the rules of logic.

Allah (Swb) is not relentless in anger. But he is relentless in mercy.

We humans tend to desire things at an excessive amount, and Allah (Swb) is willing to provide it, in his own way.

Allah (Swb) can do anything.

I am soo high.

I'm scared 😨

Is it bad that I only think of pious shit when I be high?

He is not "a" god, he is "the" God.

The God of all, Allah (Swb).

Us humans fail to even digest logic properly.

I'm only cool to foreign btches

I won't say no more devout shyt when I'm high.

Part of the trial is patience, in all.

I'm high as shyt.

It's not the text that needs to be altered but the way we process the information given.

Damn, this ngga Allah truly great bruh.

The answer startes us right in the face, we are the ones that tend to deny it.

I hate not being practical with nggas.

Us humans are so behind.

I have an optimized ideology on life.

I want you to make me as great as Prophet Muhammad not to gain your love and acceptance but for my own self beneficial reasons.

It's the consumers that tend to change, not the producers.

Allah (Swb) is the only crowd you need.

We are told not to be artists in school and such, but then we praise and acclaim artists.

My ideology is at the peak of malevolency.

I rather be wrong instead of Allah.

This high ass mf said "beep to the bop bop to the bang". Smh

Allah (Swb) is difficult to understand. Similar to lightskin girls with a big forehead, or females.


It's not a gift, it's a bestowment to me from the creator.

My art cannot be artified

Rachel crazy af

Remember bul you always see at Papi store that be like "YO DuLi! "

My brother is too objective.

There are many sides to Allah (Swb). The side in which is more apparent is his merciful woman side.

I aint afraid to die, I'm just afraid of God.

I never sat down in the first place

Don't punish her

I'm high a lot.

You can't truly know you're fried until you do some fried shit

Her mom comes in and takes her to toys r us.

I need you to exist in my life.

Everybody wins

There are two people in this world. People that smoke wd, and the mfs that let the wd smoke them.

We're only seeing a mitigated version of his power.

Two things that will kill you in this world. Atomic bombs and what ifs.

All I do is smk wd and laugh about life.

I'm high as shit

"I'm not sorry, I been smking, I aint drinking. I'm not sorry"
Y'all heard that song? It's by Mike Stud n shit

When there's no road to get to your heart, let's start over again.

These hoes like the rest of them

Mean is how the average person acts.

If ignorance is bliss it's cuz she never heard of this

I will never say Insha'Allah for something easy.

Nggas be weak on the bud.

Open n shit.
Like these bxs

I'm high as shyt

I can try to figure it out but I never will.

I think I'm constipated n shit

I get constipated when I'm high bruh that shit not even funny.

We idolize the extremely normal and chastise the gifted simply because of their looks and personality.

Art is not what I create, what I create is chaos.

By studying the emotions of young toddlers between the age of 3-7 we can begin to understand the reasons behind the actions of the predominancy of adults and all other mature human beings.

Logic doesn't always make sense.

Life is really not short, we just don't live it fully.

In order to be an "it" one cannot have a conscious mind.

I(eye) might not see it but my eyes prolly red as shit.

The glasses don't help me see things more clear, the bud does.

There's a reason behind every reason, and that reason is Allah (Swb)

I don't have a smoking problem, you have a problem with me smoking.

The Dunya is not scary, Allah is.

It's a trick upon a truck.

Btches always lose they voice when they be arguing and yelling.

I'm over here worried about paying my phone bill and buying tokens and there's some nggas my age who are in jail for the rest of they life or dead, THEY DEAD! smhh... May Allah forgive me

I am a horny, weed smoking, porn watching, fornicating, joke making, African looking, piece of fecal matter. And Allah He chose me, ME!

Sometimes we become devils ourselves

Music makes you lose your sense of morality

It is audio pornography

this ngga Meek hot, he said... WELCOME TO MY HOUSE PARTY!!


You ain't the one for me btch, you ain't got shit I need. Want me to take my time with you maybe I'm not your steeze 🎶🎵

Music is from the Shaytan, it's not good at all


May Allah SWT protect us

"Ya Allah, right now You have made things okay for me, I have my life and You have given me sustenance, Alhamdulillah. Ya Allah, I humbly ask You to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammed and to protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears. Ya Allah, please forgive me for my sins, indeed You are the most merciful. Ya Allah, I love You. I'm always thinking about you and I know the reason why I exist. I exist simply to give You worship, because You are deserving. Ya Allah, have mercy on me "


Allah ain't got no picks, we all get the same treatment

My Muslim brothers want the best for me, them nggas don't want me to sin bruh 😞. They want me to be a pious Muslim, so they enjoin good and forbid evil. Them nggas follow the orders of Allah bruh. It breaks they heart when they see me sinning 😯

What I'm trying to accomplish is to prove to you dumb mfs that Allah is the only God and He deserves to be worshipped only. Whether or not you decide to believe me and take my word well... That's on you bro. Irdgaf. I mean I do, I want yall nggas to be Muslims. But I can't force yall

May Allah bless Mufti Menk

May Allah bless Nouman Ali

May Allah bless Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

May Allah bless my mother

May Allah bless me

That ngga ain't gon do shit. You just shut up and take this 🍆

My phone cost $350
My headphones- $55
My phone bill- $55
School id- poo550214
Library card #- 25918-0174-37330

Lol, my stepmom is not honest. She be lying smhh

Keep it a bean, I'm sexy as shit

My stepmom is bad keep it a bean, she really don't care about me lol. I can tell that she didn't want to give me her card so I can pay my phone bill. I hate asking people for things. Especially when I know they don't want to do it.

Oh well, idc. I made Dua to Allah SWT to help me find a way to pay my phone bill and He did it, all praise be to Him. Even though my stepmom didn't want to help me pay it, tis still done, my phone is on until 07/20/2018. Alhamdulillah! 😃


them nggas is protected by GOD! And God loves His Muslims

I'm not gonna ask my stepmom for anything ever again. She don't be willing to help and I don't like asking 😕

May Allah punish this lady, I call upon Ad-Daar. I call upon Aleem. She's not even allowed to be listening and recording private conversations that I have with others, that is a sin, Allah does not allow it. Verily, Allah is All-Seeing. May He punish this lady. I call upon Mudhill. Verily, Allah He sees all that is going on, I call upon Allah. Please, protect me from this lady, make her suffer ya Allah, she is bad. I don't even know this lady, she's not my mom, relative or anything, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HER PARENTS! Please Ya Allah, PLEASE!

It's my father's fault for marrying such a bad woman like this, this lady is a witch

May Allah punish her

"Ya Allah, look at how I treat her children" And she has the nerve to treat me like this

And this lady once accused me of mollesting my little sister Assanatu. ME! Molesting Assanatu. I will never forgive her. May Allah curse her.

She's not even my father's wife so according to Shariah, this lady is nothing to me

She drove my father out of his house

This lady is a witch. But she has no power, only Allah has all Power

And this lady when my father used to be living with us she would come to my room, steal my clothes and send it to Africa

And my father wasn't the only one to refuse me food too, she would as well. She will cook and then take a little bowl and put some in there for me smhh. And she still does this. And the money that she's using to cook is the same money that she's getting from the job she's doing by taking care of me. Smhh, may Allah punish her.

I had a nice Jean jacket and all these polo shirts in my room. She took all them btches from my room and sent it to Africa. May Allah punish her

I can't wait to pray Dhuhr so I can ask my Lord to punish this evil lady

May Allah bless my future children, I ain't got them yet but I know they gon be something special

I paid for my online hosting package 😊, only gotta pay it once a year. Alhamdulillah

I was watching this Islamic lecture and the guy speaking used the word "double standard", this guy was giving a really good lecture but I didn't know what that word meant, so I looked it up, and the definition for it is "a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups" So knowing that would it be a double standard to say that "all light-skin girls with big foreheads talk a lot and are very stubborn?"

A civilization is not simply based on how it treats it's members but how it treats others

The sort of logic that is employed there is no different than praising a serial killer for being a good family man

"everything requires evidence, everything requires a rational standard of belief"

90% of the things that make us human are not proven scientifically

"Do you believe in love?"
"well can you give me a scientific paper/proof that love exists""
"then why do you believe in it?
Yet when it comes to my Religion I have to validate

Fitrah- The predisposition to belief. Not just in God but everything in general The fitrah tells us that there is a purpose, we see things with purpose, we see things with design, we see things with order, we see things as having a certain goal

This fitrah does not prove the existence of God. What it does is it sets up a rational standard within the mind of a human being to infer that there is a God

We live in a world where God is a natural tendency

Why don't you attribute to Allah His due grandeur

I will have many wives

They will all be Muslims

They will all be beautiful

Like two days ago I was looking under my bed for my eye drops, and I ended up finding a full bag of MARIJUANA. Where did it come from? ALLAH put it there. He is Able.

How df is you gon be reluctant to pay my phone bill when the money is mines? She's doing a job in which I'm her employer and she's supposed to be using the money to attend to my needs. OK well btch attend to my needs and pay my fukkin phone bill df! Just thinking about that shyt makes my blood boil. May Allah punish her. And every month when I get paid from() I usually save some money to pay my phone bill, I'm not gon do that no more! SHE'S GONNA PAY IT DF!!

This woman has made me leave that house, I hate her. May Allah take her life

SALAMATU IS A WITCH! I call upon Allah, Ad-Daar please punish this lady, look at how she treated me today. For what? Look at how I treat her kids ya Allah. Please curse her. Let something bad fall on her head ya Rabb

May Allah kill her

This btch at the house smh...

This lady done driven me out the crib, I'm staying now with my pops at his little one bedroom apartment smhh... Alhamdulillah

First she made my sister leave, than she made my father leave, and NOW she has made me leave

I didn't do nothing to this lady. Wallahi. I was in my room chilling and she just came in and started to assault me, physically push me and slap me. I know what she was trying to do though, make me lose my cool so that I can retalliate and the blame would be on me. But this lady don't know that I am a pious slave of Allah, the Messenger of Allah PBUH never lost his cool, he always maintained his composure like 😐

Now that everybody have left the house, I want to see how she's going to manage. She's going to suffer and her kids will suffer, Insha'Allah!

I pray that Allah makes something bad happen to this woman. Allah is Al-Faatah

And He is Ad-Daar

I hate this lady, may Allah kill her

I can wait to go to Jummuah tomorrow so I can ask Allah to punish this lady. Allah is my Best Weapon.

He is Enough, and He is the best Disposer of affairs

You damn right I smoke weed, I be getting high as shit every chance that I can bruh. Lol, smhh. Bruh, smoking weed is haram, it is a major sin cdffuupp. It is a s.i.n. bro, Allah forgive me. But there is a way to go about it if you are trying to get somebody to stop smoking it. You have to do it with wisdom bro. You can just say "smoking weed is haram you need to stop" 😞

Bruh, where's the incentive? I need a strong enough purpose to make me stop doing it. Tell me some shyt like "do you really want to risk your chances of going to Jannah Tul Firdos?" then ima be like 🤤

Or tell me some shyt like "God is watching you" 🤤

You feel me? Like bring up the name of Allah. Because that's the only thing that's going to make me stop

This woman she funny as shit! When I went with the guy to get the rest of my clothes, she gon tell the guy "I hope that's all of it because I don't want to see him here anymore"

😂DF? It's funny when you think about it bruh

THIS LADY. She don't even know how to read and write. She's straight from the most primitive village in Africa. SHE KNOWS NOTHING!! And this lady just came in this country and kicked my sister, father, and me out of the house. SHE DROVE US ALL OUT OF THE HOUSE. THIS WOMAN 😂. How?? Aw okay, that's right, we live in America. Where the word of a woman is more valued than that of a man. In Islam we are taught that women have a tendency of lying! Allah knows best.

Ya Allah please take her life Ya Allah, her name is Salamatu. She has driven me and my father out the house. Ya Allah she's an oppressor. Ya Allah she physically assaulted me for no reason. Ya Allah she accused me of molesting Assanatu. Ya Allah, I call upon you O Al-Mudhill, I call upon you O Al-Muqtadir

You gotta fake it till you make it bro

Df was that police officer on?? I asked that ngga just escort me to the house so I can get the rest of my stuff. He talking bout some "no you had a chance this morning and all you took were two books and a toothbrush" BTCH! THAT'S ALL I NEEDED THIS MORNING DF. One of them books was the Quran and I took the toothbrush to brush my teeth dh. That ngga ugly as shyt looking like cyborg off teen titans n shyt.

He ugly as shyt looking like a husky weight trainer. That ngga ugly as shyt looking like a football player, he tried out for the Dallas Cowboys n shyt when he was in college. But he didn't make the team so he resorted to selling drugs. Then he got booked a couple times and then he became a devout Christian.

He found Christ in his life n shyt

That ngga ugly as shyt looking like that ngga Bolo off Van Damn n shyt.

He secretly wanna be a firefighter n shyt, that's his dream n shyt

He ugly as shit

He ugly as shyt with that nutass mustache looking like he drank black milk n shyt

He wanna be a fire fighter but he's scared of heights so he can't be going down the pole n shyt

He ugly as shit looking like cubix with a mustache n shyt

He used to sell marijuana when he was younger his nick hasn't was Big Tony

That ngga ugly as shyt looking like a husky version of Martin Luther King n shyt


Ya Allah, I am your Slave. You are One. Ya Allah, raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears

Ya Allah, forgive me

That ngga ugly as shyt looking like a husky fire hydrant

That ngga ugly as shyt looking like...


Ya Allah. PLEASE

How can I use my beauty in such fashion?

If she goes to sleep she won't wake back up, SHE WILL DIE!

It's 3:00 in the morning, I am being oppressed by that lady. My Dua has to be answered

I really don't wanna stay over at my dad's, this ngga cool and all but I'm not comfortable here in this little one bedroom ☹️. May Allah help me

I remember Allah in my times of ease, now I'm going through hardship I know that my Lord will surely remember me and help me. I don't have a speck of doubt in my mind. Allah is going to come through, surely!

I call upon Him, al Wahabb. To bestow me and provide me with a place of comfort and ease and PRIVACY in which I can permanently stay at

That lady named Salamatu has driven me from my home, I was in my room chilling. Allah is the best of those who judge, He is Al Faatah

I call upon Al Mu'min to grant me security and stabilization, I'm scared for the future, I don't want to suffer

May Allah be my Friend, my Wali right now when I don't have anybody, just my Religion, that is ENOUGH!

May Allah be my Waliy. May He be my Helper, may he help me get a place to live.

Allah has already helped me. He has willed for me to be helped right now. This something that my Lord has already willed. His Will cannot be questioned, the Qadr of Allah is powerful.

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad. And may he raise the rank of my father Ibrahim.

I have to remember to call comm transit to change my pickup address and go to the school on Tuesday to make them apply the money that they're going to send me to my winter semester classes, and they can change the delivery address to my dad's address. Because if they send it to my old crib and that lady sees it, she's going to rip it up into pieces and put it in the trash lol


Even though the Angels love me they can't help me right now, even though some of the people love me they can't help me right now, only Allah can help me. Only Allah, only Allah, only Allah, only Allah, only Allah

May Allah make my sister give me a little bit of money tomorrow so I can buy food, I'm hungry as shit. I been straight hungry for like three days now. Well I guess that's what I get for not fasting on Ramadan lol. I be calling upon Allah and praying to him every single day, and He gives me a task to fast for 30 days and I couldn't even do it smhh. I'm never doing that shyt again. If Allah commands me to do something I'm going to do it goddammit! IDC IF I DIE. I WILL DO WHAT HE COMMANDS. I am His slave.

Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

This ngga Mufti Menk told me that it is not permissible to make jokes about Allah or anything pertaining to Him, I hear and I obey. I will never do it again, ya Allah forgive me.

It's done, Allah has already forgiven me 😑😏

There's a difference between not knowing about something and doing it, and knowing about it and STILL DOING IT!

If you persist upon doing it after knowing about it then... You're fucked.

My mother watched her child Ibrahim die from an illness when he was only three. Nuff said!

I hope, I pray that all of you can take my story and learn from it bruh, keep it a bean I'm just trying to prove to you all that Allah truly exists, He is real!

This ngga Nouman Ali Khan is smart af!! Wow. This ngga so wise bruh. He has taught me so much in that one video

Ya Allah. Verily Allah, Your existence is clear. You wanna know how I know that You exist? Because You have just provided me with bread and butter, and I bit into that shyt and it was SOOO GOOD! Ya Allah, that bread was popping! Who else could have provided me that bread if it wasn't for You? Ya Allah, You gave me that bread. I loved it Ya Allah. Time and time again You provide me with sustenance. Thank you. Alhamdulillah. All praise be to You O Rabb. Allah, right now Allah I am staying at my father's one bedroom apartment. That woman has drove me away from my home.

Ya Allah, You are One. You have no partners. Ya Allah this is what I'm trying say, it is You who has the power to do anything. You are not defeated in any way, you Know all and you Hear all. Ya Allah, please my Lord, raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears. PLEASE!

Ya Allah, forgive me. I have sinned. This morning I watched porn and I masturbated, this are sins Ya Allah. This are sins that I, ME, MYSELF, not the Shaytan or anybody else. But I have done those sins, because I am weak Ya Allah. SO VERY WEAK. I am a weak creation, I am not able to fid my naffs. And it's not like it's impossible to do, no, Prophet Muhammad PBUH did it, he fought his nafs. Prophet Muhammad has never masturbated a day in his life. And he was a man just like me, he had urges, the Shaytan came to him on multiple occasions, but he never succumbed. Not even once. And here I am doing this shit every night. Smhh. Ya Allah, I'm sorry 😢. I'm sorry for being so weak and defenseless.

Ya Allah, this sin that I have done Ya Allah. I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. Astaghfirullah. It will never even cross my mind. But if it does happen I will fight it, for the sake of You. AND. I. WILL. WIN!

Forgive me Ya Allah.

I am not addicted to smoking weed

The first step to rehabilittation is admitting

Admit what? I'm not addicted to anything so what's there to admit?

Inner self: Bro you dumb as shit, you're a pothead and you know it. You ever heard that song "Hold on we're going home" by Drake? Well change the lyrics from "cuz you're a good girl and you know it, to, you're a pothead and you know it" 🤣

You don't wanna admit now but I bet you'll admit when you high as shyt finna cross the highway and you get hit by a big ass truck and yo ass gets ADMITTED to the hospital

All your bones gon be broken and you gon be laying down in the hospital bed talking bout some "I ADMIT YA ALLAH"

You gon be ugly as shit

Astaghfirullah get df out my head I ain't scared of shit! I'm fearless, I am a Wali

Btch you gon die and go to hell. Btch Munkar and Nakir gon smash your head with a hammer

They gon be like "who is your Lord?"

You gon be stuttering n shyt like m-m-my Lo-lor-lor 😂

They gon be like "HUH? SAY WHAT?"



I gotta take a shit

On Fridays when I take a shit and I finish I gotta wipe my ass three times, on any other day I just wipe that hoe once or twice and call it a day. But on Fridays I gotta do that shyt three times, make sure I'm clean bro, I'M BOUTA GO TO JUMMUAH!

A couple weeks ago I helped this Christian lady named Caroline put some supplies inside a church for her. And they wasn't light, nope not at all. They was pretty heavy. Especially the first one. Ya Allah I did that for the sake of You

She wanted to pay me I was like "no, I can't take it. Just please pray to God for me"

How can I accept money from her if I was doing it for the sake of Allah?

I should be paying her!!

Because after all, there is only one God

That was a time of ease for me and I remembered Allah. Now I have been driven out of my own home and I have nowhere to go. Watch how Allah is going to come through and help me, you just watch!

Because when you are present with God you are present with the creation of God, you start noticing the wind in the trees

You start noticing the subtleties, everything around us. It becomes real

I love being here, especially on Fridays

She will be my 7th wife

Or 3rd Idk, Allah knows best

But what I do know is that she will be my favorite. She will be my Khadija, my Sarah 😗

Every time that I go to Jummuah my belief in Allah gets reaffirmed. He is in control. He is one. He is the only God. I KNEW IT!!

Allah is great, wow! Yesterday I was staying at my father's one bedroom apartment in which I was not comfortable, the day before that that lady called the police on me and kicked me out of my house and I thought life was over for me. Today I am staying with my sister in..... and I am SO COMFORTABLE! Finally I can stay in my own room and stretch my legs bruh, cuz I was not able to do that at my father's crib. I'm 6'3 that bed was maybe 5'11 in height, when I would try to sleep my feet would go overboard n shyt 😂. That was not fun. But now I'm here and I'm comfortable. I. am. happy.

This is how Allah rewards those who do good and have patience. And He is not finished with me yet, more rewards are coming, I CAN'T WAIT!

I wonder what the rewards are gonna be, whatever it is I'm sure it's going to be splendid 😊

May Allah keep me happy

Also that chair that I pushed in on school at 04-19-2017 was for the sake of Allah

And I helped a church lady named Caroline a couple weeks ago put some stuff from her car in the church for her. I did that for the sake of Allah

And I just prayed Isha for the sake of Allah

And I went to Jummuah today for the sake of Allah

And I stayed at the Musallah from before Dhuhr until 7pm for the sake of Allah

And... Umm... While I was going to Jummuah I saw a trash can on the side walk and I moved it out of the way so a Muslim won't get hurt. Who is the Muslim? ME! I'M THE MUSLIM!

And uhh... I just drank a bottle of water. I did not drink it because I was thirsty. I drank it to have energy to do my obligatory Isha prayer. I did that for the sake of YOU YA ALLAH


You see... I do all these good deeds so tell your kids to be like me, #BeLikeMe

Be like me bruh, I am a good archetype



All I do is smoke weed and watch porn all day cdffuupp

Don't be like me df

I'm not somebody to look up to, I'm somebody to look at and be sad for, frown upon me bruh, cuz I ain't shit

Do you know who you should look up to?

This ngga Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This ngga was the best. He never did any sins. How did he do it?? Because he was a Prophet chosen by God?

When I went to Shaykh Sayf's class today at Jummuah he told me that you can't use "he was a Prophet" as an excuse

Yes he was a Prophet. But he went through more pain then me and you put together

If you cut him with a knife he's going to bleed, just like me and you.

He even fell unconscious and lost his tooth at one of the battles, I think it was the battle of Badr

All of his children died except for one

His wife and uncle died in the same year

He was mocked and made fun of for preaching Islam, and he was pelted with rocks until his feet bled

And it's not like he was cyborg or something and he was impervious to the pain. NO. He felt pain just like me and you, the only difference is how he handled the hardships that he went through

I'm over here btching about not having a place to stay and the bed being too short and I'm over here making Dua to Allah to kill that lady. I should be making Dua to Allah and thanking Him, saying Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive right? I still have my Religion right? The most important thing to me is my Religion. It is my life, and my life is my Religion.

I exist solely to worship my Creator. And if anybody get in the way of me doing that I will kill you.

Ya Allah. I beg of you my lord. Please bless Shaykh Sayf, please bless Brother Anwar, please bless Shaykh Muhammad, please bless his father, please bless Ahmad, please bless the guy last week who smiled at me, please bless the guy from two weeks ago who saw me and told me As Sallamu Alaikum. Please bless all of them and their families, make them all have long life and let nothing bad happen to them. The are all pious Muslims, they have all attained taqwa Ya Allah. Please Ya Allah. You are my Lord. Who else can I ask but you. I love you Ya Allah, and I need you. I need you for everything. Please Ya Allah, bless all of them.

I come to you Ya Allah, I complain to you about my weakness, I am very weak Ya Allah. I'm sorry. And I come to you to complain to You about how that lady treated me, she had no right to physically assault me like that and kick me out of my own home, she had no right to slap my father and made him leave his house.

I call upon you Ad-Daar, I call upon You Al-Mudhill, I call upon you Al-Muqtadir, I call upon you Al-Qawiyy, I call upon You O Al Khaafid. Fight that woman, make her suffer Ya Allah, I wash her children and I teach them about You.

This woman is bad Ya Allah, destroy her and make her suffer Ya Allah. I hate her.

If it is wrong for me to supplicate to You for this then please forgive me because I don't know any better. That woman physically assaulted me and drove me out of my home, for no reason. Ya Allah, DESTROY HER, MAKE HER SUFFER. But please Allah, don't take her life, PLEASE. This woman she might be a terrible person but she can still repent and turn towards You and you will accept her back because You are Raheem and You are At-Tawaab. Don't take her life, please. BUT, if You decide to take her life than that's fine, You can do whatever you like because You are the only one with Will and Speech. I can only ask You sincerely, but I cannot force you to do anything.

You are Lord, You are one. I am nothing. I have no power, I don't have anything. It is You Who is all powerful. This what I'm trying say Ya Allah, YOU ARE ONE. AL WAAHID!

I ain't gon lie Ya Allah, keep it a bean like... I be thinking about You A LOT! You are in my mind always, You are the last I think about before I go to sleep and the first I think about when I wake up. I love you Ya Allah, You are my everything.

How's that gay??😕 Homosexuality is a major sin in Islam. Allah is not a boy or a girl, you sound stupid. You're gay for thinking that I'm gay!

Ya Allah, in a saheeh hadeeth a man came before Your Prophet and prostrated before him, and Rasulullah SAWS told him calmly that You have made that forbidden, but if You did make it permissible it will be for the wife to prostrate in front of the husband.

Ya Allah, that is a very sound hadeeth.

Don't take this woman's life Ya Allah. Have mercy on her, guide her, because You are al Hadee.


Bless Shaykh Sayf Ya Allah. Shaykh Sayf loves me and he wants the best for me. Bless that man Allah. Bless his children. Grant him long life and contentment in this world.

Bless Hajj Anwar Ya Allah

And bless that man from yesterday who corrected me in how to properly say your name. Bless him Ya Allah. He is a very pious Muslim. He has surely attained Taqwa, his piety is undeniable. Forgive him for all his sins and grant him long life and goodness in this world

Ya Allah, I will never disrespect You or Your Messenger ever again, forgive me if I ever did in the past

Ya Allah, I was eating and this dude came to me and shook my hand and told me As Sallamu Alaikum. And he made Dua for me. He said "may Allah make reward you greatly"

Ya Allah, he is a pious Muslim. He has attained taqwa. He fears You Ya Allah. BLESS HIM O LORD! PLEASE! I beg of you, make something good happen to go, make him happy. Ya Allah, He wasn't even dressed Islamically, he had on basketball shorts and a t-shirt. He was playing ball all the way on the other side of the state, he had to take a train, and two busses just to come meet me at the Musallah and shake my hand and tell me As Sallamu Alaikum. Ya Allah, he did not do that for me, or for himself, he did it because he knows that you are Al-Basir and that is a deed that you accept. Bless him O my Lord! Make that kid happy. PLEASE!

Bless Adam Ya Allah. He is a pious Muslim. He has attained taqwa, I can tell

Bless Shaykh Muhammad's father Ya Allah, he is very pious. And he has attained taqwa. He lives in Alaska Ya Allah. Every Friday he takes a plane and two busses just so he can come see me. He does it for the sake of You Ya Allah. BLESS HIM!

May Allah bless Muiz Bukhary. Please Ya Rabb. He has given my so much knowledge. He did it for the sake of You. He is very pious and he has attained Taqwa. BLESS THIS MAN YA RABB! PLEASE!

I was going to go to therapy tomorrow but fuk that I gotta go to school and tell them I ain't living in that house no more so they can send the check to my sitster crib and they can apply some of the money to my class for the Fall semester, and I can use some of that money to buy a laptop, everything's going to be okay for me, Insha'Allah

May Allah help my sister find a place for us to stay

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

May Allah bless Muiz Bukhary

May Allah bless my mother

May Allah bless me

I'm tripping. I'm thinking today is Sunday when it's Saturday. Df, I woke up from my nap thinking that it's the morning, I did my Fajr and sunnah prayer and took a shower n everything, now I have to redo my prayer because my intention was wrong

I gotta stop cursing, the Messenger of Allah PBUH never used obscene language, that shit not cool

Shit, that's a curse word



I am a pious slave of Allah SWT

Allah is my Waliy

May Allah bless Mohamed Hoblos

I rarely ever dream, but when I do dream they are always true

True dreams are part of Prophethood

May Allah bless my father and forgive him. Forgive that man Ya Allah

You are the most forgiving, you love to forgive, so forgive him Ya Rabb. PLEASE!

May Allah bless Shaykh Muhammad's father. Ya Allah, this man lives all the way in Canada. Every Friday he takes an airplane and two buses just to come see me, he does it for the sake of You Ya Rabb. BLESS HIM!

Good weed, white wine, I come alive at the night time

Keep it a bean, I'm ugly as shit

I look like Kunta Kinte's third cousin n shyt

I look like a mandingo warrior n shyt

I'm black as shit, I look like 2:30am in the morning n shyt

I look like a Jinn n shyt

My head long as shyt that jawn look like a boner, an erection n shyt

I look like my dad n shyt

I gotta wake up for Fajr on Sunday tomorrow

If I miss that hoe my soul gon go straight to hellfire

I could, but I'm not

Df. Them nggas at the Masjid was telling me that every non-Muslim was going to hellfire forever, they was giving me saheeh hadeeths n shyt from the Prophet PBUH. I believed that shyt I was like 😐 they're speaking the truth! Now I'm watching these YouTube videos and they're telling me otherwise. Df!

Oh well idc, all I know for sure is that Allah is the only God and Muhammad is His slave and Messenger

I call upon AR-Rasheed. May He guide me to the straight path and protect me from falling astray

"Thank you for placing your order" THANK YOU FOR SUCKING MY DCK BTCH!

"Here's a receipt of your summary" HERE'S A RECEIPT OF MY NUT STAIN ON UR MOM BOTTOM LIP BTCH!

Oh shyt, what if them nggas Muslim? 🤤


The first battle of Islam was the Battle of Badr

This ngga Mr. Spica used to be like "GET ER DONE!"

Ok so there are three types of dreans: dreams from Allah, dreams from your nafs, and dreams from the Shaytan

I never dream. My "Random Thoughts" are from my nafs, Always are from Allah. And the Shaytqn is not in any one of these

You might think that the "Random Thoughts" or "BARZ" are from the Shaytan but naaw. They straight from my nafs bruh, that's all me 🤓

I'm ugly as shit tho keep it a bean

I look likem..

What I look like?

I looked like some overcooked bacon!

Turkey bacon

I need to find a good Muslim woman to marry and complete half of my deen


I'm ugly ☹️

Nobody wants me. Ima have some ugly ass babies

You know the story of the ugly duckling? That's what I look like. I look like a ugly duck


Watching lesbian porn is cool and all, but it doesn't really arouse me like that. That shyt do not make me wanna nut bro. I rather a ngga fucking that btch so I can see some ass clapping n shyt and the ngga bust a nut on her face or her left buttcheek, either one is preferable

These are the six:
1258 & 1259 740

These are the four: 555- these are all the Prophets, excluding Eesa ibn Maryam PBUH
525- solely Eesa
755- all the Angels, including Gabriel
725- the pious Muslims of humans and Jinn



I need to get a laptop, for the sake of Allah. So I can umm... Use it to increase my Islamic knowledge and spread the message of Islam

May Allah allow that check to come from school so that I can use it to buy a laptop

Swearing and cursing is not from our Deen, no. I will never swear again

I don't want to look in the mirror BECAUSE I'M UGLY!

Islam is a very broad Religion, but you can narrow it down to a simple sentence. "Allah is the only God and Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.

Knowing Allah, is knowing that He commands us to do all good deeds, and the best good deed that you can do is say your Shahada and become Muslim and prosper

I'm mad hungry but I'm not going to get up and eat something until 8:19am. Because 819 is among the best and prayer has put order into my life

Ya Allah, I call upon You O Al Mujeeb. My father is my father. Yes he has wronged me, he has oppressed me and made life difficult for me in many ways. But he is my father Ya Allah, I don't wish bad on him, I don't want anything bad to happen to him, I love him Ya Allah, please bless that man and guide him, make this Dunya easy for him and give him a long life of enjoyment and peace.

But this woman Ya Allah, this Salamatu woman. I don't even know her. Idk her parents Ya Allah. She just came in this country and drove my father, sister and me out the house. What did we do to this woman? My father worked tirelessly to bring her to this country, my sister paid for her plane ticket, on my 22nd birthday I walked all the way to Wal-Mart and I sweated so hard and even vomited because of the arduous journey. Just to buy her children some clothes and toys.

Ya Allah I hate her, I hate her for the way she treated my sister, my father, and me. I hate her completely and I do not forgive her. Please DESTROY THIS WOMAN! Ya Allah in a hadeeth Qudsi You said that You will wage war against anybody who oppresses a close friend of yours, Ya Allah, I am your very close friend. I don't have no friend but You. Ya Allah, wage war against this woman! But please Ya Allah, don't take her life, don't take this woman's life Ya Allah. She can still turn to You in repentance and You will accept her because You are At-Tawaab. I pray only to You O Allah

Please raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears

There are three:
1: 1155-this is Prophet Ibrahim(AS)
2: 1050: this is Abu Bakr As Saddiq
3: 525: the Awliya of Allah from humankind

I'm so glad I'm finally out that house and away from that lady. That ho was calling me every 15 minutes talking about some "I just cooked when are you coming home?"

She trying use the fact that she just cooked as an incentive to try to get me to come home and watch her kids, and as soon as I would come in the crib she would say "can you call SEPTA for me a and check what time the bus coming" 😒

She really thought she was smart, I peep shyt I just don't speak on it

Fuck that hoe and her nutass cooking!

Oh shyt, I'm not supposed to be swearing


I call upon Al-Mughnee to help my pockets, them jawns empty af

Ya Allah. Please help my financial difficulties

Sometimes you don't know what you have until you have it no longer

If you gotta good girl and she's loyal and give good head and cook nice food then MARRY HER, DON'T WAIT. Make her the mother of your children, say Insha'Allah you will wife her. Cuz if she ain't your wife then, what r you doing?

Part of the wisdom why Jesus's Prophethood was so short lived and he died at such an early age is because he will come back and rule, and his life would be veerrry lonngg

Well he never died, he just left this Earth at an early age

Jesus is in the second heaven with his cousin John the Baptist/Yahya ibn Zacharia

The only thing I pray for now is so that my Lord can help my sister find a permanent address where we can stay and for the check from school to be sent to me so I can pay for my fall semester class and buy a new laptop, for the sake of Allah

It's done. My Lord has already willed for it to be done because 1. It does not involve any sin and 2. I'm doing it for the sake of Allah

Tis done.



Mercy Umah had the softest lips

And she smelled good as hell

I loved her

Lov(ED). I don't love her no more tho, I love Allah now. My heart belongs to Him. I love my Lord, and my Lord loves me 😊

How's that gay??


Allah doesn't have a gender dh

You're gay for thinking I'm gay😕... Faggot

Some gay nggas be coming up to me at school and try to initiate a conversation. This one gay bul came to me talking about some "hey can you help me print this paper out?"

I wanted to be like: BTCH!! FUCK OFF!

but then I remembered how the Messenger of Allah would react. And then I calmed down

Because that gay ngga could be a potential Muslim

He could be a faggot Muslim

Well... No he can't, homosexuality is a major sin in Islam

It's only a sin if he acts upon it or speak on it

Don't let nggas know you gay bruh df

If you tell me that you're gay and you're Muslim ima distance myself away from you.

You gon come in the Mosques trying to give nggas hugs n shyt talking about some "As Sallamu Alaikum" 🤗

I'm a stretch my hand out and be like Wa ‘alaykum al-salaam 😐

Allah made it an obligation to return your greeting but He didn't make it an obligation to return your hug

I took Mercy Umah to some place to get ice cream I was like "bae you wanna get some ice cream?" She said yeah

So we went and the dude that was serving the ice cream was hitting on her. This ngga was literally HITTING ON MY GIRL, I WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE

I was bouta fuk eem up!

I'm very protective over what's mines

Btch don't be looking at my girl. Yeah I know she hella pretty and gotta fat butt but that don't give you the right

Btch get your own df

I think it's called "gheerah" in Islam

Protective jealousy= gheerah

The Messenger of Allah PBUH said: Are you impressed by the gheerah of him? Well I have more gheerah then him and Allah has more gheerah then me

That is a saheeh hadeeth

So it's safe to say that being jealous over what's yours is part of the Islamic Religion

So was it right or okay for me to be jealous over Mercy Umah at the ice cream place when the dude was trying hit on her?

No. Because SHE WASN'T MY WIFE. We were only dating

Allah forbids that and He will not fight for me, I could get jealous all I want. Mercy Umah was not mines

She's only yours if you are married to her

If you ain't married to her then she ain't yours you might think she's yours, but that girl ain't yours

She belongs to the world bro

Just let her go 😯

Mercy Umah was a freak ☺️

She was "my freak"

My question is: in the Islamic Religion. If you are not pubescent and you commit adultery is that considered a sin?

I lost my virginity at the tender age of seven. There was this white btch who used to babysit me and my older brother. One day my older brother was out somewhere and I was alone with the white btch in my bedroom. That hoe got on top of me and started riding me like crazy. I'm like: what r u doing? This is haram, the Angels are watching!

Well I ain't really say that but in my mind I'm thinking like what is she doing??

And then that hoe takes off her pants and my pants and starts riding my shyt faster

She was doing that shyt, it started feeling good, and my shyt started getting hard

This was a new experience for me, I didn't know what was going on, all ik was that shyt was feeling good

And then she started pounding my chest like a gorilla talking about some "CUM INSIDE ME"

I'm like "what?" I've never heard of the term "cum" before, I didn't know what that btch was talking about

I'm thinking like "this btch crazy"

So she keeps hitting my chest harder and riding faster and keeps telling me to cum in her

So I choked, I panicked

I peed in that btch

I fornicated with her, but I didn't sin

Because I wasn't pubescent

The signs of pubescence are three for girls and two for men

Girls: if she reaches the age of 15 lunar years, if she gets her period, if she ejaculates

Men: if he reaches the age of 15 lunar years, if he ejaculate

Allah is one, Al-Waahid

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad

May Allah bless my sister and give her good health and long life

Shaykh Muhammad's father be coming all the way from Zimbabwe just to see me every Friday Ya Allah. BLESS THAT MAN!

I'm not addicted to watching porn

-the first step to rehabilitation is to admi

Admit what btch get df out my face

-btch you gon be in the midst of watching porn then you gon have a heart attack and die btch and be resurrected with your dck in your hand

-Munkar and Nakir gon come to you they gon be like "Who is your Lord?"

-you gon be stuttering n shy talking bout some "M-m-My L-l-l-lo-lo-lor



Before I watch this video I'm going to try to answer it

The video is called "Where is Allah?"

Now let's think about this? Mhmm

We're talking about God, where can God possibly be?

The only possibility is that He is in a place

But He creates places correct?

And if He is in a place then that means that He is in need of that place. God cannot be in need. Because if He is in need then that must mean that He is weak. And God cannot be weak.

So God exists, but He does not exist in a place

There, I just reached that conclusion by using simple deductive reasoning strategies

May Allah make the Dunya come to me

May Allah bless my father and guide him

May Allah bless my brother and guide him

May Allah punish that lady and guide her

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

May Allah bless me

I wish it would hurry up and be 8:33pm so that I can do Maghrib and talk to my Lord

I gotta Tell him something

And He is the best of those who listen, He doesn't interrupt you when you're talking or anything, He just listens...

Unlike these lightskin girls with big foreheads, them btches always got something to say, always wanna interrupt you when you're talking n shyt



I mean, your vagina has a foul odor

Similar to a school of fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟

I can't wait to do Maghrib! My favorite!! 😃

Ima be like: Ya Allah. I am weak. You are All-Powerful. You are my Lord. I am Your slave Ya Allah. I call upon you Al-Mujeeb, I call upon You As-Sami. Raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad Ya Allah. I call upon You Ar-Raheem, forgive me for my sins.

I call upon you You Al-Muhaymin. Please, protect my mother. That woman gave me birth, she watched over my as a child, she took care of me Ya Allah. You only gave me one mother Ya Allah. Please bless that woman, I love her.

Please bless my father Ya Allah. Forgive that man and bless him Ya Allah. I call upon you O Hadee. Help him O Allah. Forgive him, give him another chance Ya Allah.

Please bless Shaykh Sayf Ya Allah. Bless him and his children. Please bless Shaykh Muhammad's father Ya Allah. That man lives all the way in Ethiopia. He has to take two planes and a bus every Friday Ya Allah.

Bless Hajj Aminn Ya Allah. He shook my hand and told me As Sallamu Alaikum. He is a very pious Muslim Ya Allah. He has attained taqwa. Forgive him for all his sins and grant him entry into Jannah

Bless my brother Shakur Ya Allah. Shakur saw me and said As Sallamu Alaikum, then when I left he ran to me and stood up the hill and came towards me, and he gave me the bottle of oil. I declined and said "no no brother I don't have money to buy it." He said: "no take it, for you, it's free" and what did he say before he left, he said: "for the sake of Allah" and then he left

Punish that lady Ya Allah. For driving me my father and my sister out of our home. PUNISH HER MY LORD. I CALL UPON YOU AD-DAAR.

then guide her, please don't take her life

Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Bruh, I have so much knowledge bruh, Idk what to do with this shyt, it's only right that I spread it and share it to the people, for the sake of Allah

Bruh, I have so much semen, it's only right that I spread it to every beautiful Muslim woman I come across, after I marry her of course. So I can cultivate my seed and increase the Muslim population, it's for the sake of Allah. My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos

I just wanna go to Jannah, that's all I think about. May Allah give me long life so that I can gain as much rewards as I can and secure my place in Jannah

Nggas be jumping off a cliff talking about some: MY LORD BUILD ME A HOUSE IN JANNAH!!

Then they end up in hellfire where they see that ngga Malik talking about some: "what happened? I died as a Muslim 😮

Actually no you didnt btch. You died as a dh.

Committing suicide is a sin in Islam. And you regarded it as permissible so that took you beyond the pale of Islam. So you died as a blasphemer, not as a Muslim.


You dumb as shyt but you ain't gon stay in hellfire forever though, as long as you said lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh in this life you gon eventually come out of hellfire. Yup, the Prophet PBUH said so, and he's truthful

I be thinking I have a lot of knowledge but this man Mufti Menk has soooo much knowledge. He knows so much. Ya Allah, increase my knowledge. I want MORE! MORE! MORE!

When I arrive in paradise that's when ima be like: "OK I've had enough knowledge"

I love Allah, I wanna see His beautiful face, in Jannah Insha'Allah

How's that gay? 😕

Allah is not a "His" nor is he a "Him"

If an Angel was to appear in human form they would not be females, they would be males, and they will not have private parts

Every Prophet from our master Adam to Muhammad. Peace be upon them all, they were all males

This is part of the reason why we label Allah as a man

Plus He has male attributes. He's Mighty. Powerful. Strong

To label Allah as a female would be Kufr because it would be saying that He is weak. Females are not as strong as men.

To label Allah as a man would also be Kufr. Because men are also weak

This is why Allah said in Ayat 11 of Surat Al Shura: He does not resemble the creations in any way

"We don't go around telling people you're going to hell, Islam is a Religion of hope"

-word? The knowledge I was getting they was telling me like "every non-Muslim is going to hellfire for all eternity" I was scared as shit like 😓

I don't wanna burn btch. This ngga Malik don't show no mercy bruh, I instantly jumped on the boat🚣‍♀️, said my Shahada and started praying

I don't wanna burn btch. I'm already black enough

That ain't right man, cuz I was telling other people who were Non-Muslims like "if you don't become Muslim and you die you're going to go to hell forever!"

Scaring nggas n shyt 😂

Oh well... All I know is that Islam is the correct Religion to follow. I may have gotten some wrong information but Allah is Hadee. Long as I'm making an effort to learn everyday ima be good, Allah will not let me fall astray

I remember when I first converted to Islam, Salah gave me the Quran and told me to read it. So I took it home and started reading. I opened it up and started reading and when I did tears started coming out my eyes

And I wasn't laying down or anything, cuz you know when you laying down in a funny position tears start coming out your eyes from the position that you're laying in. I was sitting straight up on my bed reading it. That was the same year I started dating Mercy Umah. And a few months later I had my brain aneurysm and was in a coma n shyt.

I wonder what it all means😕

Ya Allah, bless Shaykh Muhammad's father. He's from the moon! He has to take a spaceship just to get in Earth's orbit and come to the Musallah at 4431 Walnut St. Just to shake my hand Ya Allah. Bless his soul Ya Allah. PLEASE!

May Allah calm my nerves and help me get through all my difficulties and worries

May Allah help me get married. Insha'Allah there's a good Muslim woman out there who will love to look at my hideous face. And she won't run away and call the police on me. She's out there

Prophet Muhammad PBUH found Khadija, she married him and loved him

My father Ibrahim PBUH found Sarah, she loved him

Who am I gonna find? Who gon love me?

-nobody btch cuz you ugly


My father Ibrahim and his wife went to Egypt after there was a drought in Asham

They had heard how corrupt Egypt was was at that time but when they got there they found it to be way worse

In Egypt there was this king, he was so low and disgusting, and he was a womanizer

He would take any beautiful woman that he wanted, whether she was married or not, with her permission or not, he would take her and do whatever he wanted with them

And he used to have spies who would go out looking for every beautiful woman they come across and bring them to the king

So when Ibrahim AS showed up with Sarah, who was at the time the second most beautiful woman in the Dunya, the spies saw her and immediately went and told the king

"there's an outsider who came and he has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with him

The king said: bring her to me! And ask her whats her relationship with the outsider. If he is her brother, father, etc... Then leave him be. But if he is her husband or anything like that then KILL HIM!

So what happened next?

Allah sent the Angel Jibrill to inform my father

The Angel told him of the king's plot

My father is very intelligent, very wise. He is a Prophet and a Messenger. He cannot lie

So he told Sarah: when they come for you tell them that I am your brother and you are my sister

"Me and you we both say lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh so you are my sister in faith and I am your brother in faith, so he did not lie. HE DID NOT LIE!

So the spies came, and they took her

They took his wife Sarah away from him. How did my father react? He resorted to Allah, he made constant Dua

"Ya Allah, bring my wife back to me, Ya Allah please, please bring her back"

They took Sarah to a room where the king would see her, when he saw her he would see the most beautiful woman that he had ever laid eyes on

She was so beautiful, he couldn't even touch her, he just starred

He's adorning her with gold, jewelry, silver etc...

But she doesn't want any of it because she is sooo sad. So how did she react? She resorted to Allah

"Ya Allah please bring me back to my husband. Ya Allah please. I have stayed chaste Ya Allah. I've stayed pure only for my husband Ya Allah, please get me out of this

In the midst of this the king falls asleep, and in his sleep he has a dream

In this dream he sees that, he was to leave this girl Sarah alone and if he touches her then he would see his end

The king wakes up, he tells Sarah "you're free to go" and he gives her a gift, a slave girl named Hajaar, a black slave girl

He says: take her and go

So Sarah runs back to his husband they hug and kiss and thus live happily ever after

So the moral of the story is: Never mess with a Prophet or a friend of Allah.

May Allah give me many beautiful wives so I can cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population

My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdo

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

If you're shy or ashamed of your Religion then I guess you'll be too ashamed to go to Jannah then

I never joke because there is nobody here reading these. It's only Allah. And He certainly doesn't "laugh". Allah is not attributed with laughing

It's really bad if you're short and ugly. Cuz when people make fun of you they can see your facial expression and see that toy bouta cry. At least I am tall and ugly so nobody can see me crying when they make fun of me

When you joke never make fun of other ethnicities or race or religion, don't make fun of people in general. You gon fuk around and make fun of a pious Muslim and as a result you gon lose your job and get hit by a car n shyt

We all love to laugh "haha!" It's all fun and games until you say something that will end up you falling a depth of 70 years into hellfire

I love to make jokes. Come on bruh, I was born on April Fools and my name is Abdul(ai), there's so many jokes I can say about Allah, the Prophets, Angels etc... But I don't. Why? Because I restrain myself for the sake of Allah. I wanna go to Jannah bro

1258 is one of the six
633 is among the best
625 is among the best

I can't wait till Friday😊

I can't wait to do Fajr tomorrow morning 😊

I can't wait to go to Jannah

My castle awaits me!

In Jannah there's no sadness or calamities. Nothing bad will happen there

Bad things happen in this Dunya. Because it's a stepping stone to get over there. You want a life with no calamity and hardship? Fine, you can have that, but you have to earn it? And how do you earn it? By dealing with the hardships and calamities in this life in the appropriate manner?

Don't rip your hair out and start wailing when your mom dies. Don't do it! Why? Because that shows impatience. Allah is Saboor and He loves those who are patient

My father Ibrahim AS was very patient. He had his first child at the age of 86. He could not have a child with his wife Sarah because she was barren. So what happened?

Sarah could see that Ibrahim wanted to have a child so desperately and she felt bad that she couldn't give it to him, and Ibrahim had done so much for her

So Sarah gave Ibrahim her slave Hajaar

"Here you go Ibrahim. Take Hajaar, marry her, have children with her, and may God bless you, and may God bless us!

So Ibrahim accepted Hajaar, he got married with her and had his first child at the age of 86, Ismail AS. He was also a Prophet

Ibrahim had to marry Hajaar in order to have a child with her because no Prophet ever fornicated. Because that is a major sin. And as we all know the Proohets do not commit blasphemy, major sins, or the small sins that show a low character. Like stealing one grape or lustful looking

So Ibrahim had his son Ismail AS and he LOVED HIM SO MUCH

but then Allah ordered him to take his wife Hajaar and his new son Ismail to the Valley of Makkah, leave them there and come back to Sarah. Ibrahim agreed

And a few years later when Ismail grows to be a fit teenager he grows beautifully, he has wisdom and he worships Allah day and night, how beautiful is this for the father to see?

And then the next order comes from Allah SWT. SLAUGHTER YOUR SON!

Ibrahim sees in a dream him killing his own son Ismail. Every dream that a Prophet gets is Wahi. So he knew it was true.

Allah ordered Ibrahim to kill his own son Ismail. What was the response of Ibrahim?


I worship Allah alone with no partners

Allah has no partners

The reason why I wasn't able to fast in that house was because I was taking care of that woman's kids and every two minutes them nggas would be asking for food

I'm so glad I'm out of there now and I will never go back! I hate her and I do not forgive her. I'm going to pray against her until I die. Because that woman did me wrong, she treated me so bad. May Allah destroy her permanently

then may He guide her

I hate her because she got in the way of my Religion. She made me lose my cool and tranquility. I was at peace, I was composed. Ya Allah, KILL THIS LADY!! KILL HER COMPLETELY!

O Allah, your mercy supersedes your anger my Lord

I am A MUSLIM GODDAMMIT! it's about time I start dressing like one

This is how I make Dua to my Lord for every obligatory Fajr and Asr prayer

1. Allah: I start with the name of Allah, I praise Him because He is Hameed. I call Him by all His beautiful names and attributes that I know and I confess my weakness to Him
2. Prophet Muhammad PBUH- I send my blessings and salutations upon the holy Prophet of Islam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. On Fridays I send peace and blessings upon all the Prophets and the Angels
3. Tawbah & Ask- I ask my Lord to show me mercy and forgive me for my sins. I confess the sin to Him, I tell Him that I regret having done it and I make the intention to never do it again. Then I ask my Lord for whatever I need. Whether that be to pass an exam, grant me long life, bless my mother and father etc...
4. Dua- I make Dua for all my Muslim friends and brothers, Shaykh Muhammad, Shaykh Sayf, Brother Anwar etc...
5. Allah- I finish off with the name of Allah. I praise Him more and I ask Him to bless me
Now that I'm out that house I am finally free! That woman and those kids were holding me back from spreading my wings and flying! You know what ima do? I need to get married cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population.

But I'm broke tho, how ima pay the mahr bro?

And I'm ugly 😣. Who gon want me? I need love too goddammit!

I call upon Allah to make me get married to a beautiful Muslim woman so I can cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population

My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos

Btches be ugly as shit acting like they on they phone when they want a ngga to talk to them 🤣

Keep it a bean, the urge not really strong for me to smoke weed anymore, i was sober for almost all of Ramadan, that shyt really dried me out.

I mean... The urge is still there, I'm still going to do it. But, it's not the main thing on my mind. I remember I used to be sober for like two days and I used to be thinking about that shyt all day biting my nails n shyt. Now it's just like, irdc 😕. Now all I'm thinking about is pleasing Allah, doing good in school, getting a new laptop, getting a new place to stay with my sister, getting some new clothes, all of these will be accomplished Insha'Allah.

I have complete faith and trust in my Lord. As long as all of these are Hala and I want to do it for the sake of Him than I'm ok. Allah is Al-Wahaab, He is the bestower of all, I love my Lord and my Lord loves me 😊

How's that gay?? 😕

Islam has changed my priorities in life, before I was working for the Dunya, trying to to get high, trying to stick my thing in every attractive girl I come across, eating and sleeping and not caring about a thing in the world. Now, I have to please Allah SWT. When I wake up I'm thinking like, "what can I do today to make my Lord happy" as long as my Lord is pleased with me then I'm okay. I can die, idc, because it is to Him I will return. Soo.....??

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf and may He bless his children

May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad and give him long life

May Allah bless Amir Muhammad and give him long life

May Allah bless that lady I saw walking down the street the other day

May Allah bless my fourth grade teacher Mr. Cohen

May Allah bless my brother and guide him, I call upon you Hadee, Ar-Rasheed

May Allah bless my mother

May Allah bless me

The reason why I watch porn is because there's an empty void inside, I need help 😢

Allah is enough of a help

The empty void that I feel inside can only be filled if I get married to a beautiful Muslim woman

Then me and her can watch porn together and the void can be filled!

May Allah destroy this lady and make her go to jail for a long time because she is bad. I hate her Ya Allah. She drove me and my father from my home

Allah is Muhaymin and He is Mujeeb

Please Ya Allah, destroy this lady. She drove me out of my home

This lady, she's not even my father's wife Ya Allah, I don't know her. Idk her parents Ya Allah. DESTROY HER

The reason why this lady thinks that she can act like this and get away with it is because she is in America. This is an illiterate, she don't know her ABC's, and she is a foreign lady. She came to this country, she saw how it was, and from her perspective she seen that America is stupid, and that she can act any way she wants to and not get reprimanded for it. The judicial system here is heavily flawed. We live in a country where the word of an illiterate female is taken over a man's word simply because she is a woman and she has children.

I agree, protect the woman and children. They are very important. But sin go over to stupid la la land while doing it

This is what I'm trying to say, America is flawed, the U.S. Government is flawed, the judicial system is flawed. But, ALLAH IS PERFECT! ALLAH HAS NO FLAWS.

May Allah bless my sister and not let anything bad happen to her, Ya Allah, please bless her and forgive her for all her sins

May Allah allow me to have wonderful children and a wonderful life in which people can learn from so I can leave a positive legacy like my father Ibrahim AS. Aamen!

I have to go home and pray Dhuhr before she fuk around and get in a car crash and I die 🤤


Please Ya Allah, I just want to go home and do Dhuhr. I DON'T WANNA DIE!!

I am not going to eat a single thing until Asr prayer because I am a pious slave of Allah and Salah has put order into my life 😐

I will never be sad because I know my purpose in life, my purpose is to please Allah SWT

Four times the Shaytan is closest to you. 1: When one is really angry 2: When one is really happy 3: When one is really horny/sexually stimulated 4: When one is really hungry

What happens in the month of Ramadan? We abstain from eating, so we get really hungry, so the Shaytan is really close to us correct? NO because in the month of Ramadan the Shaytans are all tied up and locked up. Allah knows best

This is not Mujahara because I'm not publicizing it, no one knows except Allah

She was like "I'm getting messed up and nobody even cares"

😂Umm... Df is she talking about? You messed up your own self up df 😕. Nggas warned you about it and you still chose to do it, so who's fault is it??

May Allah protect and bless all those who are suffering in Syria. Aamen!

Ya Allah, You are one. You have no partners. I worship You and I praise You because I know for a fact that You have no partners and you are absolutely Omnipotent.

I come to you Ya Allah, please raise the rank of our beloved Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears. Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Ya Allah forgive me for this sin that I have done this morning. I watched porn and I masterbated, those are sins that I have done and I regret having done it because I have disobeyed my Creator, I will never do it again Ya Allah

Allah I come to You, I ask of You. Please my Lord, allow my sister to drop me off at school early this morning so I can do the explanation of Your 99 names. I only wish to do it for the sake of you Ya Rabb. I want the rewards that you promise me. Please Rabb, You are Able. Please do that for me

May Allah punish that lady, I call upon you O Ad Daar


She oppressed me, my father and my sister

She drove us all out of our homes

She slapped my father

She went to my room, stole my clothes and sent them to Africa

You are the Seer and Knower of all

Ya Allah, the sun hasn't risen yet, and I am still in a state of Wudu, please answer my Dua

I am a believer, idc who sees. Allah Sees, and He approves. So irdc how you feel

May Allah help me get married so I can cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population

The only way to do that is to have many wives and have intercourse with them and have many children

I do it for the sake of Allah

-sdfup ngga u doing it cuz ur a horny dog!


-no you just wanna bust a nut

Fuck you weirdo

-Well I'm not the one talking to himself... So which one of is weird?


May Allah deform your face

I didn't mean that, may Allah forgive me

This ngga Iblees ugly as shit

He look like a fox

My sister gave me $10 on Monday, I used $5 on my septa Key card, now I have $5 left, she said I can just use that $5 on food or w/e and she'll give me more on Friday when she gets paid.

Nope. I'm not even gon risk it, I have to use that $5 for when I go to Jummuah on Friday to buy food so I can stay Insha'Allah for the 6:00pm class. It's all for the sake of Allah, I live for Him.

My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos

Let me stop praying against that lady before something bad happens to her. Rather I will just pray for all those suffering in Syria, cause that's where the real pain is at. 😔Them nggas dying. May Allah bless all of them. He is Al Mani

I just ate this cooked fish and I felt soo bad 🙁. Tears welled up my eyes as I bit into it. That fish didn't do nothing to me poor fish. May Allah bless that fish family and grant it Jannah Tul Firdos. Aamen!

I have to constantly remind myself that I'm ugly because I don't want to cast the evil eye upon myself

I look like Akon

May Allah protect me from the fitnah of Ad Dajaal and the fitnah of the grave

When the Dajaal comes I'm going to Makkah. Bye 🛫

He can't come there because Angels are there protecting the city

Three places he can't enter into, Makkah, Medina, and I believe Damascus/Sham

Though I'm not entirely too sure about Sham, Allah knows best

I have to be on my best behavior because Allah is always watching me and He Knows all

All I do is get money and fuk btches

Malik is the gatekeeper of Hell

My paraphrase game on a bean

Allah taught me. He is the best of those who teach

Who is Ibliss?

Ik who he is. He that ugly ass ngga standing in the corner looking like a fox n shyt

I get very pensive late at night, idk why

I hear all these amazing stories of Jannah and I just think WOW! I want that, I'm going to get it, Insha'Allah! 😊

But then I hear stories of hellfire and the type of people who go into it and I just think like... SHHHIIIITTT! 🤤

This is the main reason why I don't want to live a short life. I want to accumulate as many good deeds as I can so my spot in Jannah can be secured

And I also would like to live as long as my children, and their grandchildren, and their great grand children, and their great great grandchildren

Insha'Allah Allah will elongate my life span

Allah showed the Prophet SAWS Jannah and what it would be like, so that's maybe one of the reasons why he chose to go at such an early age "63"

Me... I haven't seen it at all, I've heard about it yes, but I haven't seen it. I'm sure if I see it I would be like "TAKE ME ALLAH 🏃‍♀️" but I haven't, and I ask Allah not to show it to me until my death and I get there Insha'Allah

Don't sleep on Lil Dicky, white boy got bars fr!

But he's an atheist 😐

How you gon be an atheist and you look like Jesus PBUH?

That's a live contradiction n shyt

Keep it a bean I need to get married frfr. The Prophet PBUH got married at 25. Hopefully I can get married younger then that Insha'Allah.

But who would want me?? I'M UGLY!!



Allah discloses certain things to me in which I will never make public, it's not that I'm stingy or anything like that, it's just that He tells me not to

Some of my wives will know

I have complete faith in my Lord

As long as I'm Muslim and I'm not sinning heavily and I pray to my Lord daily then He will come through for me

Only thing I ask my Lord is to help my sister find a place in which we can stay

Allah is Wahaab

The Bestower

May He bestow me with a place to stay

I can't wait to go to Jummuah tomorrow so I can pray for that

The more exclamation marks the better, the maximum number of exclamation marks is five, these are the top ones, the absolute best 555!-!-!-!-!



Another five are:

There are no nafl/optional prayers after Asr prayee

Why? Allah knows best why

Maybe part of the wisdom is this: Asr is in the late afternoon, us humans we get really excited and energetic during this time.

There has been so many times that I've smoked, drank alcohol, had premarital sex during this time and afterwards I thought to myself "oh shyt I have to go pray and repent for my sins before I die"

But then I remember, Allah has made it forbidden to do any prayers after Asr prayer

It's forbidden for the "Asr prayer" not the "Asr time"

So for example, let's say Asr time is at 4:33pm to 7:25pm. You can pray as many prayers as you want between that time as long as your intention is NOT for the Asr prayer. So you can pray at 7:05pm if your intention is not for Asr, but as soon as you make the intention to pray Asr then you can't do any more optional prayers. You feel me? Allah knows best bro

According to Arab custom and Islamic teaching, the night belongs to the day that comes after it, not the day that comes before it

So after Maghrib it is the next day

Maghrib time not prayer

May Allah protect me from the ignorant people of this Dunya and may He take the life of anybody who wishes to lead me astray, AAMEN!

I shut my eyes and try to go to sleep but I can't! Because Allah is always in my head

Ya Allah, I know that You are not like me in any way, You share no similarities with me, and You do not sleep. But I do Ya Allah. Please my Lord, just let me get some sleep so that I can wake up for Fajr tomorrow and go to Jummuah.

Allah has 13 perfect attributes that He shares with no one else. Among those attributes is Power. Allah has Power to do all and He is not weak or deficient in any way. His Power is perfect

He is the only one with Power. No one else has Power but Him

Donald Trump, he is the president of the United States and he is very rich. If he wants, he can bomb Mexico, Insha'Allah he doesn't, but that's just an example.

Him being able to do that, does that mean that he has power?

No, my brother Judah told me that Allah puts him in "a position of power"

But he doesn't really have power. Because he cannot create. Only Allah can create!

The hottest songs on the album are:
1. Survival
2. Nonstop✔️
3. Elevate✔️
6. I'm upset✔️
8. Mob ties✔️
11. Talk up
13. Peak✔️
14. Summer games
15. Jaded✔️
21. In my feelings✔️

This btch trippin, I need to get married and get df out this vacinity ASAP

Haha may Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

Next week I'm going to ask him to help me get married Insha'Allah

Yoo... May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad. That 6:00pm class was something else. He gave me sooo much knowledge

May Allah bless my brother Judah. Every Friday he comes through for me, wow!

May Allah bless Brother Anwar, he taught me how to say lā ʾilāha ʾillā llā properly


Shaykh Sayf instructed me to make a lot of Istighfar when I asked him to make it easier for me and my sister to find a place to stay. And this whole week I will, Insha'Allah. And next week I will ask him to help me get married 😊

I can't wait!!

Shaykh Sayf is going to find a most beautiful spouse for me

I know that he's been trying to make me get married. But I just wasn't ready because of the many circumstances in my life. But I'M READY NOW

Next week Insha'Allah

May Allah make it easier for me

Ya Allah. Bless Shaykh Sayf, bless that man Ya Allah. Bless his children and his entire family. AAMEN!

Allah created for Prophet Adam PBUH Eve because he was feeling lonely, me although I don't have a spouse I'm not lonely. Because how can I be lonely if I know that Allah is always with me? He's always close.

I just fear sinning, the nonbelieving girls got NO PICKS. They see me and they immensely want me, they don't want to get married or anything. They just want to do haram with me and take me to hellfire with them.

That's why I want/need to get married. I fear sinning. I don't want to fornicate and fall into hellfire 🤤

Yes, I'm very picky, Allah knows this. This is why I'm going to have many wives, and it would be permissible. In the 6pm class yesterday Shaykh Ahmad told me that there was a Prophet who had over 1,000 wives, and another Prophet who had over 100

But I'm only going to start with one though, and then gradually I will work my way up

I don't think that I'm going to have 1,000 wives, or even a hundred. But Allah knows best.

Another reason why I really wish to get married is so that I can watch porn with my spouse.

May Allah bless my father, yesterday he called me at the mosque and he was like "why don't you ever come visit me?"


May Allah bless that man and give him long life, idc how he has treated me but that man is my father, I have to honor him and never forsake him, tis an instruction from Allah. I have to do it. I HAVE TO!

May Allah bless me to be able to bring my mother to this country so I can kiss her feet and buy for her a house and take care of her children. I love that lady so much!

It's this BTCH SALAMATU. I don't even know this lady, she oppressed me in that house, did me dirty, drove me, my father, and my sister out the house for NOOOO REASON! I hate that btch and I wish death upon her, I hope that she catches a serious illness and she gets paralyzed for life

I was going to stop praying against her and just focus my prayers for the people in Syria. But I will pray for the people in Syria and against her. My Lord can do all. He is Al-Qaadir!

Allah is Able to respond to all my prayers

Females are emotional, it's very hard for them to control their emotions. This is how Allah made them. So you have to understand this in order for you to not get killed by them, cuz they will kill you. And they will repent later. And Allah will accept their apology, because He is the Most-Forgiving

So it would be like you died for nothing, don't ever try to argue with a female, just let her have it. Live to see another day bruh, it ain't worth it

I never argue with my sister, even though I know she be wrong 99.9% of the time, I just bite my tongue. Because she be behind the wheel, and I don't want her to lose her cool and crash and make me die!


I have to go home and pray Asr, it ain't worth it bruh. It's just not

Islam teaches us that females were created to have habits and natural things occur to me.

Mensus is a natural thing correct?

My little sister sucks her finger a lot, is that not a habit?

Girls can be pathological liars. That btch at the crib named Salamatu be lyiiinngg, and she's hella good at it. Is that not a habit?

Pious Muslim girls are created differently, though they get the same emotions and feelings that the rest of the girls get they HANDLE it differently.

Allah has trained them, they are programmed differently

Some people just don't like me. Yesterday while I was waiting for the bus I decided to walk up to the septa bus driver that was sitting on the bench, as I was walking up to him I said "🖐️ hello sir how are you doing?" And then that ngga just said "I'M NOT THE ONE"


Btch all I said was hi and you over here talking about some "I'm not the one!"

😑 Btch idc if you ain't the one, you can be 3rd person for all I care. IDGAF!

I just said "okay" and I walked away 🚶‍♂️

I don't want noo problems

So many things I could've said to that ngga but I didn't for the sake of Allah.

I was just coming from Jummuah and I didn't want to say or act in a way that will mess my Friday up

May Allah bless that man and his family and may Allah guide Him, Aamen!

But you ever seen Sharkboy and Lavagirl the movie?

That's what he looked like, he looked like a older version of Sharkboy

You don't think that people hated the Messenger of Allah PBUH? Oh yes, they hated his guts, and some even conspired to kill him, but none succeeded, Allah protected him, He is Muhaymin

Allah will destroy an entire nation if they wish to bring harm upon a single believer, that is Allah SWT

That btch a liar. May Allah destroy her

I was getting high, getting drunk, fuckin btches left and right and that shyt was feeling good yeah. But deep inside I knew what I was doing wasn't right, this can't be life bruh, there has to be more to it.

I had nobody to talk to, nobody to confide to n shyt

I was feeling something inside but I just didn't know what it was, keep it a bean. I'm not trying sound like a btch or anything but that's just what it was. I was lost and confused 🙁

But then I found Islam 😊, and Islam told me about this guy named Ibrahim PBUH

I love Ibrahim, as well as all the other Prophets, PBUpon Them All

How's that gay? 😕

I love them for the sake of Allah. It's an obligation from Allah. We have to love all the Prophets

Irdgaf what you say or think frfr

As long as Allah is pleased with me then I'm good 😃

Prophet Sulaymaan PBUH had 100 wives

Insha'Allah I will have close to that amount and I will have wonderful children and they will all be believers and intelligent. INSHA'ALLAH!

May Allah bless my future children, I will love all of them so much. And I will be very close to all of them so they will be able to talk to me about anything, sex, drugs, school, ANYTHING!

That's the kind of father I'm going to be, Insha'Allah. If the Almighty Allah Wills.

I'm going to find a spouse and marry her the next day

I'm not going to be scared of Dajjal. Fuk that ngga. He gon be ugly as shit. He gon be short and stubby. With his left or right eye looking like a floating grape n shyt.

He gon be ugly as shyt. Eesa PBUH gon come down from the second heaven and kill that ngga

He a btch. I have Allah on my side.

Let him come, I'LL GIVE HIM A PIECE OF MY Mind 👊🤛🤜

-btch yo ass gon be in Makkah 🛫

Insha'Allah by the time Dajaal comes I'll be working and have enough money to stay in Makkah

The Dajaal fuck noooooooo btches

That's why he's like that

Nobody like him and nobody wants to be his friend

So he's miserable

I need to get a laptop and start doing my own thing, I hate depending on others

Friday needs to hurry up and come

I hate waiting, I have no patience

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

I can be very prolific while writing. I'm going to try to tone it down a bit. Just make it short and sweet. The Messenger of Allah PBUH was very concise in his speech

Why wouldn't he be okay? 🤤

Ya Allah please don't let anything happen to him

I ask you on the name of Prophet Muhammad and on the status of my good deeds

I been calling my pops and this ngga not picking up 😕

Gosh I hope he's okay

I'll just put it all into prayer, whatever happens happened for a reason. I trust Allah completely

Allah's Promise is certain!

What is makrooh is frowned upon. It's disliked in the Religion, but it is not sinful

So for example, engaging in idle talk is makrooh, but it is not haram. It is only haram if the talk involves gossipping or the like...

Musrahaab is highly favored in Islam. For some you may get rewards and for others you get no rewards.

So for example, playing games that involve calculation and thinking is mustaahab. Like checkers and the like, Islam encourages you to use your mind and to think.

Dice and poker games are forbidden because they are based off luck, and in Islam we do not believe in luck

Even though chess involves strategy and thinking it is still disliked to play. Allah knows best!

There are many young women out there who are depressed because their parents are saying "you're still sitting at home, you're not getting married"

I must save them. I'm going to marry all of them, cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population

I do it for the sake of Allah, don't thank me

My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos

I'ma marry all of them and fill them up!

This is something that must be done, tis a commandment from Allah


My family can't tell me shyt! Getting married is a decision that I have made on my own. The only one who can deter me is Allah SWT. And He is saying "go for it, she's all yours"


I have a task from my Lord to increase the Muslim population, and it must be carried out

I am a pious slave of Allah

May Allah grant me Jannah

Them girls at school be wanting me! My eyes be closed but you know how you like walk in a room and you can feel all eyes on you n shyt? That shyt be crazy. And I be trying not to look but I slip up sometimes, I'm only human! And they be letting EVERYTHING SHOW! Chest, skin, ass, everything! And Allah knows best my eyes be closed but soon as I slip up and get a peek of that booty cheek that's when Shaytan come to me like: "😈 her ass fat, she want the D bro, go give it to her"


But that ngga persistent af!

And I'ma be thinking about that booty cheek for the rest of the day smhh

May Allah forgive me

May He forgive me for being so weak

Btches be dumb as shyt tho keep it a bean. You think showing me your ass, titties and skin gon make me want you?

You damn right! You damn skippy btch! I want you, I want your body, I wanna have sex with you, my penis wants you!

But that's it lol. I'ma have sex with you, bust a nut or two and that's gon be it! I'ma never wanna see you again a day in my life. Why? Because you're a whore.

What can I do with you? How can you possibly benefit me in my life?

The Messenger PBUH said that a woman may be married for four reasons: Wealth, lineage, beauty, deen

Btch you don't have none of the above

Wealth? You broker then me, you work at hooters during the day and your night job is on the corner

Lineage: Your mom is a whore. She conceived you in the alleyway at the back of a dumpster

Beauty: You look like a duck 😐

Deen: You don't even know the name of Allah and you wear your hijab during your night shifts you are a hypocrite!

So it's safe to say, if you are not getting me closer to Allah then I really am not in need of you

May Allah bless Ustad Nouman Ali Khan. This man gives me so much knowledge Ya Allah. Please bless him with long life and bless his entire family. AAMEN!

May Allah bless my sister and give her long life and happiness. Aamen!

Df is this btch talking about "hi, I'm ______ and I bet you've seen me on the news recently" 😕 wtff r u talking about?? How df can I see you on the news btch??

"you nggas pop mollies, my mollies pop nggas" - Drake

This ngga rlly outdid himself on this album. His fifth is also the best one


May Allah bless him and his family

May Allah bless Muiz Bukhary

No woman can tell me what to do

No man can tell me what to do

Except for Shaykh Sayf, and any other male, pious, Muslim

I have to have many many children. Why? Because what if I have one son who is a close friend of Allah and he prays for me and asks Allah to forgive my sins 😃 Lord knows that I need it. And all my sins will be forgiven and I will enter gardens with rivers flowing underneath. And that's just going to be for one son, imagine if I have like 20? Or 50? OR 100!!?

😁100 Awliya praying to Allah and asking Him to bless and forgive me!! WOW!!

Friday needs to hurry up and come

I have to call my father tomorrow morning. I don't want him to ever feel like I'm ignoring him. He called me today like "you have not called me for the whole of the day" 🤤


I have to do a better job, I can't mess up my chances of going to Jannah. I JUST CAN'T!

Even though Aazr was a horrible father to Ibrahim AS, and he urged him to even do shirk, Ibrahim AS still honored and loved him.

"O my father, I will pray to Allah and ask Him to guide you, but it is only Allah Who chooses to guide, if He decides for you to be guided than you shall be, if not then you will not"

I am a slave of Allah

I love Him to the point where I would do a anything for Him, if He tells me to love and respect my father then dammit I will, who am I??

It's this btch Salamatu that I don't like. She drove me out of my home. She physically assaulted me. She took all my polo shirts and sent them to her people in Africa. She slapped my father and drove him from his home. She drove my sister out of her home after she paid for her plane ticket to come to this county.

Ya Allah, I call upon You Ad Daar. Make a terrible sickness fall upon this lady. Make her suffer, because she has made me suffer. Please Ya Rabb.

I am still in a state of Wudu, it is the last third of the night, and I am facing the Qibla, AND I HAVE BEEN OPPRESSED.

This Dua has to be answered

But a Dua being answered is not based on these above mentioned conditions or the righteousness of the person

Prophet Muhammad SAWS. He is the most righteous one who ever lived, Allah chose him to be the best!

You don't think that he made Dua for his wife Khadija to be saved and not die, and for his uncle to be guided towards Islam? He made Dua for all of these, but Allah did not grant it.

Why? Because it is all in the infinite Knowledge of Allah SWT

If Allah chooses to answer the Dua then it shall be, if not then... You still win, why? Because when you make Dua one of three things happen:
1. You get what you ask for in this Dunya and in the Akira
2. Your Dua does not get answered but Allah protects you from a calamity
3. Your Dua does not get answered but it goes up to the heavens and it stays there and you will be rewarded in the Akira for making the Dua

And Allah knows best

Room 4406

Not trying to brag or anything but I am a pteety pious slave of Allah 😁

I am so proud of myself 😊

It feels so good to know that you are on the right path, anything can happen to me and I'll be okay

I can't wait till Friday, Shaykh Sayf is going to give a wonderful wife to me. And I'ma love her, I'ma treat her so good. Shyt, I have to. That girl Muslim, she gon know the name of Allah and His attributes, if I treat her wrong she gon tell Allah on me 🤤

I'ma love her so much. I've dated a lot of girls in the past, but I've never been "married". Before when I used to date different girls I used to call them up on they phone and be like "Bae where you at?"

So I can see if she was close enough to give me some head and ass. But when I marry this girl I'ma call her up and be like "hey honey boo boo pie butt are you hungry? Do you want me to bring you some Chinese food? I bought you some chocolates"

What if I've been reading the signs wrong? What if no girl wants to marry me because they can't stand to look at my hideous face?🤤 I'll be sawdy as shyt

That's Shaytan talking. In Islam you have to be optimistic always.

But what if...?

When I get on the bus I be hella confused. Sometimes there are no open seats and the only ones that are available a female or male is sitting next to it. If I sit next to the male then nggas gon think that I'm gay and my reputation gon be spoiled n shyt. And if I sit next to the female then the angels gon be closely watching me like 👀, just waiting for me to look at her the wrong way or say anything flirtatious to her. So what do I do?

I sit next to her. I close my eyes and don't say nothing to her. Ik that I'm not gay and I certainly don't want people to think otherwise.

Ya Allah. How can I sin if I can't even see??

You can fool me all you want, irdgaf. I was born on April 1st, it's not hard at all to fool me. But I worship a Lord Whom you cannot fool, Allah is Aleem. His Knowledge encompasses all.

May Allah bless Sheikh Muiz Bukhary

I remember Allah a lot

May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad

I can't wait for Dhuhr prayer to come so I can pray against this lady, this BTCH!

I still haven't forgot about her, she physically assaulted me, she kicked me out my house. She SLAPPED MY FATHER AND ARGUED WITH HIM AND RAISED HER VOICE ABOVE HIS. Ya Allah, those are all sins. You are Faatah, You are Hakam, if what this lady did was right then please Allah, leave her be. But if what she did was wrong, PLEASE ALLAH. I beg of you, punish her, make her suffer, DESTROY HER!

Please don't take her life

I exist solely to worship my Creator Allah SWT

Dr. Zakir Naik plays a big part in my conversion to Islam. I saw one of his faatwa videos on YouTube and I was like 😮

Timbuktu is my dad

Mansa Musa was the richest man to ever live

Damn she had a fat ass, this thick lightskin girl in a black dress she had a fat butt. I was starring like 👀. I was trying to tho wallahi but I slipped up, now I'ma be thinking about her ass all night. May Allah forgive me.

I call upon At Tawaab

Tomorrow's Friday! 😄

I cant wait til tomorrow!

Insha'Allah I will find my wife tomorrow and get married

Once I do Insha'Allah I have to learn to change my ways. I can't be saying stuff like "I love my btch" or "my btch gotta fat ass" df, no

She's going to be my WIFE. What this means is that she's not just going to be some random girl on the street, no, she's going to be my wife and future mother of my children Insha'Allah. I have to be diligent with her and make sure she's happy always.

Before I converted to Islam I used to be around some Muslim ppl and them nggas would always say "Insha'Allah" after every couple words, like: "can I get more ketchup on my hot dogs Insha'Allah", "I got class later on today Insha'Allah", "Insha'Allah tomorrow when I wake up I'm going to eat corn flakes for breakfast Insha'Allah" I used to be like: What's wrong with these nggas and why they always saying Insha'Allah?

Then I converted and I realized: IT REALLY DOES WORK!!

Bruh, if you say Insha'Allah then Allah will make it come true, if you have that firm belief in your Lord then He will give that to you. So long as it don't involve sin and severing ties of kinship.

Like you can't say: "Tomorrow I'm going to get some money to buy some weed and get high Insha'Allah" Df, NO. Not only is Allah not going to grant that to you but now you have a sin on your head for making Dua on doing something haram

And you can't be like: "Insha'Allah I'm going to get some money so I can buy lunch" while in the back of your head you know for a fact that you're not going to use that money to buy lunch you're going to use it to buy alcohol instead. Df, NO! Allah is Aleem and he knows what you're thinking in the back of your head.

Insha'Allah tomorrow I'm going to find me a spouse and get married to her and I'm going to stay for the 6pm class. Last week I was able to stay but the last bus to KOP runs at 8:55pm and I almost missed that hoe. And when I got to KOP I had to call my sister to come pick me up and she started tripping, because she had to go to work.

Insha'Allah tomorrow I can stay for the 6pm class and make it home. I want to stay for the class for the sake of Allah SWT and to increase my Islamic knowledge

My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos

The only thing that I love more than getting head is getting self beneficial knowledge/Islamic knowledge. And getting rewards from Allah.

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Yesterday I had to catch the train to school at 4am, when I got to the train station I asked this young lady "could you please direct me to the train please" and she did, I thanked her and as I was leaving she said "May God bless you"

Ya Allah. This lady is very pious, You know best if she's Muslim or not but nonetheless Ya Allah, she is Your creation Muslim or not, You still have the power to bless her, she believes in You Ya Rabb, she acknowledged Your Eternal Existence and she made Dua for me. Bless her Ya Rabb. Guide her towards Islam and bless her family. PLEASE!


I wish she would stop waying and drive me to the Mosque already



Insha'Allah I'll make it there on time Insha'Allah

I call upon You O Al Qaadir



I can't wait after Jummuah today. I'ma go back to my old block and buy some weed and get high as shit!

My sister's made me miss Jummuah today. I will never forgive her

My sister's a crazy psycho btch

I went to Jummuah today 😁

That's all that matters fr

Things might look bad right now but as long as my Lord is pleased with me then I'm good, plus I saw Shaykh Muhammad's dad, gosh I love that guy, may Allah bless him

I didn't see Shaykh Sayf though so I didn't get married 😶. But HEY, I WENT TO JUMMUAH

Marriage can wait, Allah can't

I'm in good hands, like that old state farm commercial

Yall ever seen it? They be like "state farm, you're in good hands 😐"

Speaking of State Farm, I don't really like the Jakes


There's a difference between "disrespect" and "disagreement". I got into an argument with my sister. She thinks that just because I disagree with her then that means that I'm disrespecting her. If she tells me to jump this high 📤 and I say no, then she thinks that I'm disrespecting her. 😑Df, how?? I don't want to do what you say but that does not mean that I don't respect you.

I don't have to do what you say to respect you. Df, if you tell me to jump off a cliff and kill myself and I say no then that does not mean that I'm disrespecting you. No, it just means that you are a crazy btch and I don't want to kill myself

My sister ugly as shit all mad df. I spoke the truth and I am not sorry. As long as I did what Allah commanded of me than I'm good

My sister mad now but Insha'Allah by the morning she'll get over it, you know how women are

They change emotions just as fast as they change clothes

No matter how bad things get I will never lose my Religion. All I have to do is have that firm belief in my heart that Allah exists and that He is one

She said that I'm a fake Muslim 😒. Df, I guess. Like I really give a fuk what you think about me and my Religion. Allah is Al Basir and He sees and knows exactly where I stand with him when it comes to Religion

No matter how bad things may get for me I will never reach that stage of "I don't care" about anything and that I can just do whatever I want. Because when you reach that point that's when things get fucked up, you start disobeying Allah n shyt and you don't fear the consequences smhh. May Allah protect us

Mufti Menk gives great advices. "Don't worry about what other people say about you, they don't control the key to Jannah"

Yes that's true, because Jannah is the final destination.

I feel like... Everything that I've been saying or thinking perfectly coincides with my Religion. But yet I feel like nobody else seems to see it my way😤. In this world full of crazy individuals I feel like I am the only normal one

Finna smoke and get high as shit cuz my life is fucked up and I don't have anything to look forward to

Except for the prayer times

And going to Jannah

Insha'Allah, I will go there

And once I get there I won't have to struggle to find a place to live because my Lord is going to build for me a house there 😁


I certainly don't want to die tho. Why? Because I'm far too young and I want to accumulate as many good deeds as I can so my spot can be secured in Jannah

I'm not pure, multiple times I had intercourse with Mercy Ummah and a few other people 😢

But I repented, I embraced Islam and all my sins were forgiven 😁

So let's analyze this situation and let's see who is right or wrong. Today is Sunday July 8th, this incident happened on Friday July 6th

So on that day as usual I woke up, did my morning workout, hopped in the shower and made Wudu to pray Fajr. After I prayed I got back in bed and watched some Islamic lectures on YouTube(like I always do) For the last two years and a half I have been going to the Masjid on 4431 Walnut St Philadelphia PA, 19104 for Jummuah on Fridays

Idk what it is but I just love Fridays, and I love being Muslim, and I love worshipping my Creator on Fridays. So around 10:30am my sister told me to get ready and leave. So I got dressed and headed out with her.

I thought that she was going to give me a ride to 69th St where I can catch the bus to go to Jummuah. Perhaps I was going to go there early, which is the best. Because if you arrive early the Angels would surely write down your name upon the first arrivals, so your name will be at the very top of the list

But we was not heading to go to 69th St. Rather my sister was heading somewhere else, in Downtown I think. So we took a 35 minute long ride all the way to downtown and I didn't ask her or say a thing for the whole ride, because I don't like talking and I was in HER CAR. So when we got there she parked somewhere and I asked her where we're at and she told me that she had to talk to her lawyer. She said that we had to wait for him to get there, so we sat in the car for about 20 minutes.

I waited and waited, she still sat there and wasn't moving. The whole time I'm making Dua and thinking "Ya Allah please don't let me miss Jummuah today Ya Allah You are One"

So she finally gets up and leave at 10:50am. She's gone for about 30 minutes. While she's gone it begins to rain, immediately I begin to increase in my Dua because one of the times that Dua are accepted is upon the falling of the rain. Then she comes back around 11:33am. She begins to drive to 69th St. At this point it's about 11:55am. Initially I had planned to go to Jummuah early, but now I was just praying to get there on time. When we got to 69th St I asked her if she could give me $20 for transportation and to buy food at Jummuah. Then she says "Abdulai look instead of asking me to give you money ask me if I have it first" I'm thinking like 😕 "df is this btch talking about??"

I ALWAYS ASK HER when I want money from her I be like "hey FA do you have $20, $40" and she always tells me "Yes Abdulai don't ask me for money you're my brother if I have it I'll give it to you" and that has happened so many times I just figured that I'll stop asking. Plus it was a Friday, so I knew she had money available because she gets paid on Fridays. So she drives alllll the wayyy around to get to the bank and when she finally gets there she tiredly gets out the car and when she gets to the ATM she begins to talk to one of her friends or whatever. At this point it's like 12:58pm, Jummuah starts at Dhuhr time, which is about 1:04pm. So now in my head I'm just scared as shyt like 🤤 "I don't want to be late I don't want to be late"

So i ask my sister if she could hurry up please so I can catch the bus and go to the Mosque. And then she looks at me and says "why are you always going to the Mosque, is it really a Mosque that you go to or is it somewhere else?"

I'm thinking like "😒😕df is this btch talking about?" And I reply "no it's not a Mosque it's a strip club"

And then she gon say "why are you being rude to me for?" And then she tells me to give her the money and then she says "get the fuck out my car"

So I got out. Allah found for me a way to make it to Jummuah, I didn't make it for the first sermon, and I didn't get married but Alhamdulillah i made it for the Jummuah prayer 😁

Ik my sister was wrong, and she knows that she was wrong, and Allah certainly Knows

May Allah bless my sister and may He guide her

I receive $525 every month from SSI disability. SSI receive their money from tax payers. I use the money that I receive from SSI every month to pay Zakath. Tax is considered a major sin in Islam, both earning and spending it. Are my sinning by using the money I receive from SSI every month to pay Zakath? Allah knows best. I certainly hope not 🤤

Let's get this straight, my sister is my sister. Whatever happens that's my sister and I love her, she's blood. The Prophet PBUH his uncle Abu Tallibb HATED The Messenger of Allah PBUH for preaching Islam. And him the Prophet PBUH cried so hard when his uncle died. He labeled it "The Year of Sorrow"

Blood is blood, sure you'll get into arguments, sure they'll make your blood boil, but it's all love at the end of the day ❤️

But this BTCH SALAMATU TUNKARA. Idk her parents, who is she?? This hoe don't even know how to read or write. She just came in the country and kicked my father, my sister, and me out of the house for no reason. FUCK HER. I HATE THAT BTCH!

May Allah make her break her hand, may Allah make her break her neck

May Allah make her catch beast cancer. May Allah make something bad happen to her. Allah is Ad-Daar

Only blood can make your blood boil, like brother, sister, spouse etc...

If another person who is not your blood eg: girlfriend, boyfriend etc... Makes you really mad and you say "OOOOH YOU MAKE MY BLOOD BOIL" no, that person didn't really make your blood boil, you're only mad. Get over it

You mad bro?? STAY MAD!! 😂

If your mom calls you downstairs and tells you to take out the trash and it's freezing cold outside and you get mad, then your blood boils. Why? Because she is blood

But in both scenarios you should get over it. Bite your tongue when you're mad, it'll be better for you, only if you knew

I call upon You O Al Qaadir! Ya Allah, You haven't let me down yet, I can ask You for anything and You will fulfill it. Please Ya Rabb, don't let me go spend the night at my father's tomorrow. PLEASE!

It's not that I don't love him or anything, I love eeeem, that's my pops Ya Allah. It's just that I don't want to smoke weed and get high over there. It's just something about that town every time that I go there I always smoke and get high, and I don't want to disobey You like that😢

Please Ya Rabb, help me! PLEASE!!

Insha'Allah my sister will find a good place for us to live soon. She's really looking forward to it and I as well.

Us getting a place of our own to live in she's really happy about it. It's not all about me you know, yeah I want to be happy too but seeing the ones that I love happy will make me happy the most 😁

50% of the reason why I be smoking weed and getting high is because of the environment that I'm in. That shyt is haram, I would not be doing it for no obvious reason. I don't want to keep disobeying my Lord like that 😢

It's just something about that Sharon Hill area in which my dad lives in, every time that I go there I want to smoke and disobey Allah SWT. Which is the only reason why I don't want to spend the night there, cuz I'ma end up smoking and getting high as shyt and get hit by a car and end up going to hellfire before I get a chance to repent

But where I'm at right now, with my sister. I am not tempted at all to smoke, and I definitely would not do it in the house because I already gave her my word that I won't do that. And I don't want to break the covenant that i made with her and be a hypocrite. Because as we all know that is one of the signs of hypocrisy

It was narrated from ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “There are four characteristics, whoever has them all is a pure hypocrite, and whoever has one of them has one of the characteristics of hypocrisy, until he gives it up: when he is entrusted with something he betrays that trust, when he speaks he lies, when he makes a covenant he breaks it, and when he disputes he resorts to obscene speech.”

I have to be on my best behavior because Allah and the angels are always watching me


Hastiness is from Shaytan

Never rush to do anything

Except to do a good deed for the sake of Allah. Hurry up and get that reward! 🏃‍♀️

My father Ibrahim AS was born in Iraq

At the time that you was born people were worshipping idols

Sticks and stones and statues

Ibrahim is from the family of so he knew that deep inside this was wrong he knew that Allah is the only God

And He is the only one who deserves to be worshipped

His father's name was Aazr and he used to watch his father carve out these idols and sell it to the people and he would watch as the people prostrated to these idols and worshipped them

Ibrahim found this to be very peculiar he would ask the people why is it that you worship such idols when they are just sticks and stones

The people will reply "we will continue to worship these idols and we will not stop"

Ibrahim would then ask "but can they harm you or benefit you in any way and can they hear you when you supplicate?"

The people would only reply "we found our forefathers to be worshipping these Idols so we do the same thing"

They did not say yes or no they only said that our forefathers used to be doing this so we do the same thing

His father used to give him these idols to go sell to the people

When his father gave it to him he would take the idols to a lake

And Ibrahim would throw these Idols in the lake until they were drowning and he would say "YOU'RE DOWNING! SAVE YOURSELF, SAVE YOURSELF, YOU'RE DROWNING"


And from that young age Ibrahim completely rejected the idea of worshipping idols

And how old was he?

Some narrations say that he was no more than 7 years old

Ibrahim knew that what his people was doing was wrong but he was still too young to speak out

So when he got a little bit older there was a time a day in which the people will go out and they would worship the idols, it was a day of celebration

And it was a must for everybody to come so when they will ask Ibrahim "hey are you coming?"

Ibrahim will then say "I cannot come, I am sick"

Now when you say sick you would think like a stomach ache or a headache but what Abraham was saying was that he was sick of the idea of worshipping idols and he did not want to partake in it so did he lie? of course not

Ibrahim AS is a prophet and a messenger of Allah and he cannot lie

Every prophet of Allah is protected from telling a single lie

So when the people left to worship the idols Ibrahim was left alone with the idols, the statues

So when Ibrahim was left with the statues he would then say " okay yes, yes talk to me"

When the statues did not reply Ibrahim would begin to hit and destroyed everyone one of these statues

And as he is doing this he is questioning this tattoos why are you not talking to me why are you not talking to me

Ibrahim destroyed every one of these statues, except for one, the biggest one

When the people came back from the festival, they saw the bedlam

They ask themselves who could have done this to our statues

Who could have done this to our gods

Then one of them says it must have been Ibrahim he was the only one that was left behind and he is always talking bad about our idols

They say bring him to us

When Abraham comes, they asked him who could have done this to our statues was it you

And Ibrahim says why don't you ask your "gods"

And then Ibrahim gestured towards the big statue the one that he left unharmed

And then Ibrahim says it was him that did you see he has the axe in his hand

And then the people say he is only making fun of us that is only a statue you and I both know that statue cannot move or do anything

And then Ibrahim says you are only making fun of yourself by worshipping the statues that cannot move or even defend themselves

And then the people start coming back to themselves they Star saying this young boy has a point surely if these were our strong Gods then they would have defended themselves if someone was trying to kill them because surely if someone was trying to kill me I would defend myself

Deep down they knew that Ibrahim was telling the truth, but what got in the way, Pride

Their pride got in the way of their better judgement


So the people they got together and they build a very great fire

The fire was so big that the birds could not even fly from above it because of the tremendous smoke

The fire was so big that they could not even cast Ibrahim in the fire, they had to tie him up to a palm tree

So they tie young Abraham up to the palm tree and they begin to throw him in the fire

As they begin to near him to the fire the angel Gabriel would come to him and say "O Ibrahim do you need help?"

And Ibrahim would say "from you no, from Allah, yes!"

Ibrahim then made strong Dua to Allah SWT

"Allah is enough for me and He is the best disposer of affairs"

That is when Allah said to the fire "Oh fire become cool and be a means of peace for young Ibrahim"

So what happened next is that the fire burned all of the ropes that was tied on his hands and on his foot but the fire did not burn Ibrahim at all

Ibrahim walked out of the fire, and now he's standing, and everybody is staring at him

They are all shocked!

Now what happens?

The people would just turn around and begin to leave

They dare not say anything or touch this invoice, how could they?

They just threw him into a fire that was large enough to burn a whole nation, and he walked out of the unharmed

So they said nothing, they just begin to leave

In the midst of all of this a young boy sees this

Lut AS. He was the nephew of Ibrahim AS

He was a Prophet himself, though he had not reached Propherhood yet, he was still just a young boy

He saw everything and he was amazed he said I Surrender to my Creator as well

He said that these people are wrong and you are right and I want to follow you

So what happens next?

So Lut and Ibrahim team up, and they begin to spread the word of Islam through the land

But the people are still oppressing them, they could not spread message of Islam properly, the way that they wanted, because the people was still harming them

So what happens next?

They make Hijra for the sake of Allah

But before they left, there was a king, he had heard about young Ibrahim and how they threw him in a fire and he walked out unharmed, and this king wanted to question young Ibrahim about his Lord and Who he worships

His name was Namrud, the king

So Namrud sends some guards to collect young Ibrahim and they bring him forward

Then Namrud asks him "Who is your Lord and Who do you worship"

Ibrahim says: "I worship the one who gives life and brings death"

So Namrud says "hey that's me, I can do that

So he gets two prisoners, one of them was on death row, he orders for him to be killed and he sets the other one free

And then he says "see I give life and bring death as well"

And Ibrahim begins to think "omg this guy is an idiot. Ok ok, let me just ignore that, let me attack him on something that I know that he can't answer to"

"I worship Allah, the One who makes the sun rise from the east and sets in the west, if you can do anything like that then I will denounce my faith and worship you

Namrud. Is. Defeated!

He is a man, he can't do that

So he stares at the young Ibrahim and he says: Get out of my country, get out of this town. If I ever see you here again I'm going to kill you

So Ibrahim and Lut AS head out, and they begin to head for Sham

Allah is the only God and He is the only One Who deserves ultimate worship and submission

I'm high as shit

I'm high as eagle coochie

That shyt STANK!!👃

I worship Allah with no partners 😐


God is not attributed with having a partner

Mercy Umah's ass was fat 😏

I used to hit it from the back ALL CRAZY LIKE 👅!!

Keep it a bean tho it wasn't really that fat when we first started dating

But then I started to kill it from the back,

That jawn gradually progressed 😐

I got lost on some high shyt some old lady had to show me the way

May Allah bless her and her family members

May Allah grant her long life


The jawn Tricky at Subway Surfers swear she gotta fat butt!!


I'd still eat her butt though.

I can tell if a girl gotta fat butt by looking at her waist/thighs

Or by the way she walking

I was going to say something about how some Muslim sisters be having super loose dress that show everything! I don't be staring or anything like that.

Allah Knows best I swear I don't




Small talks don't amuse me anymore

That's a sign of maturity

I've reached a point in my life where it's just like "fuck fitting in, the crowd sucks!


May Allah bless that old lady from earlier

She has attained Taqwa

Df was my sister talking about earlier?? 😕

Naw actually she gave me some money 😄

She looked out! Ima use it on my key card!!

That is not the money I used to smoke today. Df, why would I disobey her trust like that??

I. Am. Not. A. HYPOCRITE!!

I am not about to smoke and get high

I'm high as shit

I'm high a little bit

I'm semi-high

I put $55 in my septa Key card. For the sake of Allah, because I didn't like what happened last week. I never want to miss the first sermon again. On Friday I'ma go extra early

Smoking is a major sin, so why would I do it and risk going to hellfire?

I'm walking to the bus stop, not to go somewhere and smoke weed

I will not get high this morning

Ya Allah... .


I'm high as shyt

I don't curse no more

It's immature to curse

I can't wait for 4:33am to come so that I can go wait for the bus and not smoke and get high

Tomorrow's Friday!

Allah found a way for me to move out my pop's one bedroom back to my sister😄

Good, now I have more to look forward to in the morning then getting high

I was high as shyt this morning

Ya Allah, I was heavily intoxicated this morning 😢

I'm sorry

Forgive me

Ya Allah, You are the Most Forgiving, you love to forgive, so forgive me

Allah has already forgiven me

Whenever I go to smoke weed and get high and if I am not in a state of wudu I must pick up something when I'm done blowing, and when I'm done repenting, as an expiation

But if I AM in a state of Wudu then I don't have to pick up anything, I just have to repent

In both cases repentance is necessary


Even if you don't do any sin

Repent for being fat and ugly

Df, why would I ever put hands on my wife? That's pretty stupid.

If I'm mad at her I'ma just go pray two rakkaths and come back to her

Before I used to be like: If I'm mad at her I'ma go smoke a blunt and call it a day

But I have found Islam. Allah has rectified my bad habits

Keep it a bean like, I never get mad. I mean I do, ik how it feels and everything but I never stay mad for long

What's there to be mad about? There's nggas in Syria who are dying. Like they getting bombed. That shit cray

May Allah protect all those suffering in Syria, AAMEM

Muslim and Non-Muslim, AAMEN!

Allah is AL Muhaymin

I'm so happy that I haven't sinned or done anything with these Non-Muslim girls that be starring at me. Insha'Allah I just have to keep it up for one more day, at least until Jummuah tomorrow

Wtf was that btch talking about on xvideos?

"Hi, I'm Selena and I want to show you my big fat ass live on camsters.com"



Idk if Selena gotta fat butt, I just be starring at her facial structure

It's really quite amazing

The symmetricality of it is amazing

And she has great hair

Her chest is small

But that's not what matters

I love her face

And her hair

Black is my favorite color

May Allah bless Amir Muhammad

She has the right to say "go cook for yourself"

Insha'Allah she will not say that

I'ma be like "HOW"?? 🤤

That old lady from earlier this week has not attained Taqwa. A condition for having gained Taqwa is to follow the Deen. Even though she really helped me out she was not Muslim

I recognize a female is Muslim by the way that she is dressed

You're so beautiful the way that you're covered 😘

Insha'Allah I will get married today and cultivate my seed and increase the Muslim population

It's an act of worship

Don't thank me bruh, my reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos

I love my sister. I think that she's amazing

Whatever happens just know that it happened by the Will of Allah and it cannot change

I looooovvvee my sister soo muchh. May Allah bless her and give her a long life of enjoyment and happiness. I'm going to Jummuah today 😄

I'm ecstatic!!

The angels will be there to write my name upon the first to arrive!


Insha'Allah Shaykh Sayf will be there

Insha'Allah next week Shaykh Sayf will be there and I'll get married

Insha'Allah. I have strong faith in my Maker

Every time I go to Jummuah I feel clean and rejuvenated from all those sins that I did last week

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

She had a fat butt

I wasn't starring



She was nice though, she was lightskin, cute and she had on some tight ass yoga pants

I want her

I'ma swim in that like 🏊‍♂️


And there was this other girl on the bus

Her butt was fat!

She was starring at me crazy, I could tell that she wanted the D

I would've gave it to her, but... She's not permissible for me

I can only have intercourse to a Muslim girl that I'm married to

No one else, I am very adamant

There was this other short lightskin jawn with a fat butt



This ngga Ibless ugly as shyt all in my head n shyt

He mad cuz he can't get girls and he knows that I can so he try to use it against me

This ngga think he's smart

Trying to get me to disobey my Lord

Don't you know that I am a pious slave of Allah

You might be able to get other nggas but certainly not me lol

You're not going to make me watch porn

I refuse!

Yeah ik her ass was fat but still...

Yeah that left booty cheek was looking right

You saw her when she almost bended over to pick up her bag when the bus came?

I was like ▶️▶️👀👀◀️◀️

I will not get on redtube

Nor xvideos

Or any porn site

I'm finna close my eyes and wait till Maghrib come

I am a strong slave of my Maker

I cannot be deluded


I nutted


I feel terrible

I'ma piece of shit!


Forgive me Ya Rabb, I will never ever do it again. EVER!!!!

It won't even cross my mind

I gotta go to my old block Sharon Hill tomorrow to go to the library and get this math hw out the way. I been procrastinating for like two days now

-yeah and you gon smoke and get high

😕HUH?? what are you talking about I'm going to do homework df

-every time you go there you smoke!


I've changed, I'm not the same person that I used to be

I used to be a drug dealer running these streets but now I'm calm

-oh you used to be a drug dealer? What did you use to sell?

I only had one customer

-why you only had one?

Cuz she was a fiend!

Who was she and what did you sell?

Your MOM! I sold that hoe some pickles 🍆😂


-You know that's your mom too right?


I worship Allah alone with no partners

Why would "God" have a partner? That doesn't make sense

None of the attributes of Allah are related to the mental impossibility

I.e. What the mind can't conceive existing

I.e. This universe not having a Lord

God has to exist, He has to. Because we exist. So who made us exist?

It's only three possibilities: We was created from nothing, we made ourselves exist or there's an Almighty All knowledgeable Creator Who made us exist

Islam orders you to use your mind, just look around you!

If you're not Muslim than the only reason is quite frankly you're too dumb

You can be the smartest scientist in the world, have all the accolades and merits, but if you do not know the name of "Allah" then I swear by the One Who created me you. are. stupid

Numbers lie. Allah don't

I don't feel like laughing much

I'm not in a laughing mood

It's so easy to sin

I don't want to go to hellfire

All I have to do is reach in my pocket, grab my phone and then BOOM! Instantaneous hellfire!

It's not Iblees, it's not the Jinns

As much as I would love it to be them but it's just not

It's ME! I'm the messed up person, I have no shame ☹️

Smoking weed and going to class, getting high every other day, watching porn etc...

All these bad things that I keep doing, when will I grow up, when will I learn?


Tomorrow gon be the last time I smoke and I'M NEVER DOING THAT SHYT AGAIN!!



I'm done with this lifestyle

I'm ready to change my ways and be reborn 😃


I'm going out for Jihad, making sure that the word of Allah is supreme

And I have to go do my math homework

It's all for the sake of Allah

My reward is with Him in Jannah Tul Firdos

May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from what he fears

Allah has ordered me to spread the word of Islam


It's not 10am yet so the library not opened. I have to go to the bank to take out money and go to Dunkin Donuts. I'm mad hungry

I gotta take a shit

Idk why I always have to use the toilet before I smoke

I don't get it, that shyt always happens

😂Cdffuupp you get it?? That "shit"

I'm not weird

I'm high as shyt

Keep it a bean

This marijuana in which I am currently smoking is highly effective in making me intoxicated

I'm high frfr

But I'm not fried though, because I still have my mind

Allah is always in control

I was gon post them when I went to the library today but I had to dip 🏃‍♀️cuz them african boys was looking at my phone like

Allah is Al-Maani

If this gay mf don't get df up and move away from me I swear! 😠😡

Them nggas was giving me the evil eye crazy

Insha'Allah I will fulfill the Asr prayer for today

As well as Maghrib


I need to stop being so nice, I'm always being nice and smiling like 😄😊

I need to gain a nonchalant attitude and don't care about hurting other people's feelings rs

But, every time I think about being mean I remember Allah and the Messenger of Allah PBUH.

How do I lose all emotions, I WANNA LEARN! I WANNA LEARN TO BE AN ASSHOLE!



I wanna go to Jannah bruh

Idc what happens, I will never lose my Islam, NEVER!

The Shaytan he comes and goes... But Allah, He always stays

May Allah bless those African kids that was giving me the evil eye yesterday and trying to steal my phone, AAMEN!

May Allah bless them and guide their hearts towards Islam, and may Allah give them a long life of joy and happiness AAMEN!

May Allah protect my five essentials, AAMEN

Allah is Al Muhaymin

I stopped looking at every girl's backside that I come across, that's not cool. And when I would go home I would fantasize about her when I'm watching porn. That girl doesn't need to be in my head when I'm sinning df

And the messed up part is when you tell her that "I was thinking about you yesterday when I was watching porn" she be like "awwww really?"


I changed all my bad habits since I found Islam. Let's see, these were all my bad habits in my jahliya days:
1: Lying
2. Fornication
3: Smoking
4: Porn
5: Backbiting
6: Dating/Girlfriends
7: Drinking alcohol
8: Mixing too much with people
9: Talking too much
10: Listening to music too much

I've conquered some of these. I still smoke, watch porn, and listen to music a lot. But Insha'Allah I will conquer these, Allah has showed me a way to

Smoking: This is something that I have been doing for some time now and it has become habitual. 50% of the reason why I smoke is because of my surroundings, if the place where I'm at is sad and boring then I will do something that is sad and boring, like smoking and getting high

Insha'Allah I will find a place to live with my sister in which the surrounding is not so sad and boring

Porn: All I have to do is get married, to a GOOD MUSLIM GIRL! Insha'Allah next week I will ask Shaykh Sayf to help me

Listen to Music: keep it a bean most of the reason why I be listening to music so much is because I don't like to hear people talk, especially Non-Muslims. They be talking about nothing!

I'ma have to cut down my listening from Migos and Drake to something a bit more subtle

Not saying that there's anything wrong with Migos and Drake, this ngga Drake dropped Scorpion which is probably his best yet and a classic. And Migos be getting all them big booty btches. Them nggas talented af!

It's just that their music sometimes may make me want to sing along or think about some of the explicit lyrics of the song. Which is only idle talk, which is prohibited in Islam. My Religion comes first

It's raining, me and my sister are moving out today, my father is not picking up my calls, my phone is on 77% 😞

The signs are there for those who sit and ponder

I love my father, I am a good son

I love my sister, I am a good brother

Insha'Allah I will be the best husband and father, Insha'Allah

I wanna be a husband that's cool and all but what I am really looking forward to is to be a father. I'MA BE THE BEST DAD. I'ma be like Ibrahim AS to Ismail AS.


He gon be like "SURE DAD! LET'S PLAY!!"

And then me and him gon play all day, we gon take that baseball and throw it around!

And then my son gon throw the ball extra hard and it's gon hit me in the face, and then my nose will start bleeding

He gon be like "OH NO DAD I'M SORRY R U OK?"

I'ma be holding my nose like: "it's ok son, good throw. You got one heck of an arm there!"

And then he gon be like "Haha, thanks dad😁"

And then me and him will go inside the house to pray Asr

He will lead

I listen to a lot of music but keep it a bean I ain't really bout that fr. Them nggas be talking about shooting nggas and fckng nggas btches, I will never do this, nor do I believe in it. I frown upon it heavily!

Well my sister's moving. I have to go stay with my pops for a while until things get sorted out. May Allah protect me. All I'ma do over there is get high.

I call upon Al Muhaymin, I call upon Al Manii

May Allah protect my five essentials

Ik when a girl wants me to talk to her, when she pulls out her phone and starts acting like she on it

Every girl does it

Hmmm... I wonder how females in the early generations acted when they wanted a boy to talk to them

My dad lives all the way in Washington. I gotta stay there for the time being till things get sorted out. Then I can move in with my sister! 😄

I can't wait for Dhuhr

I prayed Dhuhr😁

The knowledge of that is with my Lord

May Allah KILL anyone who wishes to bring me harm in any way, AAMEN!

Unless I initiate it Ya Allah

I don't desire adulation from NOBODY! Allah and Jibreel already loves me, that's more than enough

Nobody had bud today 😞, oh well... I still went home and did Maghrib 😁. And I'm

May Allah continue to protect and may He remove any obstacles on the path to get Closer to him. And may He wage war against anyone who wishes to bring me harm, unless I initiate it Ya Allah, AAMEN!

When Allah wages war on somebody He doesn't just stop. No, he fights that person until their death. And in the Akira He deals with them accordingly.

Just look at Abu Jahal and Namrud, look at how they died

Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web and the first web browser

That's yo daddy fault


The Messenger does not speak from his own mind, the Messenger says what is revealed to him from Allah

Idk if He will forgive me all I know is that He is the most merciful

819 72%

Everybody you care about is rotten to the core, you are as well.

Tim Berners-Lee is also the director of W3Schools -------------------------------------------------------


Kindness to parents does not mean that you have to withstand their abuse

Df, it's better if you kill yourself and get rid of your life dh


Lmao bruh, it's better to be a fake Muslim than a Non-Muslim. Though the non-Muslims tend to act better than the fake Muslims

9:55pm 77%

Oh.. my.. fucking.. Virgin Mary!

Tuesday 3:30pm the 27th Dr. Puelo

8:40am 33% 72 degrees

8:36am 55%

11:55pm 66 degrees

6:33am 66 degrees

The alarm I set up did not wake me up, the prayer time did. The month of Ramadan 2017

The domestic issues I'm experiencing and the lack of food at home is preventing me from fasting. Ramadan 2017

Verily, I'm on the right path. Ramadan 2017

I walked so much yesterday bruh, my feet and entire body hurts, this the first time I couldn't do my prayers Ramadan 2017 June 22nd 2017

"If men had to give birth, painkillers would have been invented centuries earlier than they were" - Zom-b bride by Darren Shan There's a syntax error in this phrase, it should be "then" instead of "than"

Two things make a man a true man. One, their consciousness and full submission to God. Two, their carnal abilities

2:25pm 77%

"if I ain't got it then I'm killing someone for it" df

After the obligatory Maghrib prayer

Allah is the best. He is so good. Oh Allah, how can I possibly thank you for rewarding me like this?

May Allah continue to reward me

4:33am 77%

6:25am 77 degrees

6:33am 77 degrees

Islam gives me solace, amongst many other things

I am tempted to bring out your inner impish nature, I know it's in there. Your a freak

4:25pm 75%

Verily, Allah is there.

I don't know Allah, none of us do. But I know His capabilities. Allah is capable of doing anything and everything. And He has no disabilities, absolutely perfect

6:22pm 72%

1:25am 72 degrees

A man came to the Prophet and he said, “Advise me.” The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Do not get angry.” The man repeated his request and the Prophet said, “Do not get angry.”

So it is clear that deliberately looking at a non-mahram woman and continuing to look after a first accidental glance is haraam. It is forbidden to look at any part of her body, whether you think she is beautiful or not, whether it provokes sexual desire or not, whether it is accompanied by evil thoughts or not, and whether it leads to immoral deeds or not.

9:36am 77 degrees

At the end of the day you just have to realize that Allah is the only One attributed with Eternal Power, and He Exists, Eternally. You know this. And yet you still are dubious and in a state of incertitude smh. You should be ashamed of yourself. NO PROPHET WAS DOUBTFUL!

When we say Allah is One we don't mean numbers, we mean He has no partners.

Allah does not have any companions because nobody has ever met Him

5:55pm 81% 82 degrees 83 degrees

Cruelty is a barrier, and barriers break people down

06:25pm Sun 6/25 82 degrees 83 degrees

7:25pm ---------------------------------------------------

9:25pm 77%

9:52pm 63%


Allah is All Seeing

Trying to conceive Allah will only lead you to blasphemy

5:55am 72%

Sanna Nielsen- Rainbow

Ronan and Loran are the two twin brothers -Ronan is the one that dies

Interactive multimedia information technology Associate in Applied Science

If nobody witness it then it's not considered a miracle

4:55pm 72%

6:33pm 77 degrees

8:25pm 75 degrees

8:55pm 73 degrees

The non-believers plan, but the best of planners is Allah

10:25am 73 degrees

73% 73 degrees

7:25pm 78 degrees

His intention is part of His Will

A thought is a creation because it exists. Anything and everything that exists is a creation, except The Creator. He Exists but He is not a creation

His father was Abdullah, the son of Abdul Mutallib, the son of Hashen, the son of Abdimineh, from the tribe of Quraysh, the head of the Arab tribe

1:34pm 66 degrees

10:50pm 77 degrees

U cannot use the word pleased referring to Allāh Pleased is an emotion, and Allāh ls clear of emotions

I reject that thought and I do not accept it

Allah is not "adamant" because He does not not refuse to do anything, the creations are the ones who refuses, and He is nothing like His creationis

11:55pm 75%

3:55am 77 degrees

7:55am 77% 78 degrees

⚠Your Salat is not valid until you make Wudu

⚠Eating salad is not valid unless you eat it with a fork. Your Salah will not be valid unless you make Wudu.

12:35pm 63%

5:55pm 77% 77 degrees

6:25pm 77 degrees

7:55pm 73 degrees

9:45pm 73 degrees

7:55am 73 degrees

The losers are the ones Allah does not forgive

Allah does not get mad, or happy. Simply He just accepts and declines. One must remember, He has no similarity to the creation whatsoever. NONE!

9:25pm 77%

9:45pm 77%

10:25am 77%

Allah has no similarity to us whatsoever. He is absolutely perfect, we are not. Not even close. Allah will always be the only One.

Insha'Allah Allah will bestow His mercy upon me and forgive me. After all, He is the most Merciful. Allah Allah ALLAH! Allah, I am your creation. You own me, you control me. Allah, please. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Allah please. Surely if you don't forgive me I will be amongst the losers in life.

1155am 77%

7 is secretly 5 So is 1

105!-!-!-!-! 113!-!-!-!-! 115!-!-!-!-! The one who catches these 3 is 5


Now that we have discovered that 7 is 5. Than 37=35

❌Allah will instruct him how to act as a Muslim. Alaah is the best of teachers.

735=725 727=725 735=535, 555

7 is 5 BRUH

No, it is greater than 5. But Allaah willed for 5 to be the best


They're not 5, rather they're in a league of their own that matches 5. You see, 5 has partners. Allaah has none. He HAS NONE! 5 is the best out of that league.

1, 3, 7

Insha'Allah 2 will be revealed to me soon

3:33am 73 degrees

7:55am 73 degrees

So Maghrib is sundown

8:19am 77 degrees

There's no reason to have pride because Allah is the One who does everything

Fuck that hoe Savannah

That btch Synquetta used to say I was ugly

Allaah has a way of leveling you down and making you know your worth

Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) has partners, 5 has partners, Allaah has NO partners, He is One.

1:33pm 35%

When I'm nice to a Non-Muslim it is not because I like you or because I'm a nice person. NO! It is solely because Allaah orders me to, but honestly I really don't give a fuck about you. When I am nice to a Muslim, it is because I truly love them. We share the same creed therefore we are brothers and sisters.

433-455 is BAD

455 is sooo good

7:25pm 95%

A marriage is not complete until a marriage contract is established

7:25am 73 degrees

Islam is an easy religion. I just have to remember to use my sound mind

You are a fool to not be cynical and to think that you are One like Allaah.

We transgress because we are all weak

Tuesday and Friday

No one has power over Allaah's Will.

Zom B Goddess

Lie to anyone but never lie to Allāh. He is God. He knows all and He has the power to do whatever He Wills. No one has power over Allāh. It is clear to see that He is the only One attributed with power and Oneness. So why would you lie to Him?

Allāh was so hard on me because I did not truly repent. In order for one to repent they have to leave out the sin and stop doing it immediately. I still commit the sin, so how can Allāh forgive me?

The feeling of "pride" is rather invalid because it is Allaah who does everything. So Allaah should be the only One to feel proud. But Allaah does not feel. The creations are the ones to feel, and He has no similarity to the creation whatsoever.

Allaah cannot transgress because it is He who creates acceptable and unacceptable moral behaviors.

Some things in this world should be unacceptable no matter what. -Darren Shan

-Yeah, like atheism. Like people like my brother. He's a chauvinistic atheist smh.

Living life as a libertarian will ultimately result in you gaining atheistic beliefs. Like my brother. He's a chauvinistic atheist

Salah is a form of sustenance

Me and you, every living thing needs sustenance in order to survive. Allaah is free from all these things

Idc if you ain't got it and I do my nigg I ain't bragging

Exhibitionism is a sin

If you don't pray and you do other acts of worship than they are not accepted.

We cannot say "under God" and accept atheism, that is a contradiction amongst itself

508 641

Salat is the best among all acts of worship. If it is accepted by the Almighty Allah, other acts of worship are also accepted. And, if prayers are not accepted, other acts are also not accepted.

This ngga said "I gotta take a urine sample"

❌You will not be able to see into the future because you do not have sight like Allah

I never truly repent, that's why

We are a close knit family not in the sense that everyone knows one another, but that everyone feels the same about one another

Allaah is going to be my friend, my protector, and he is going to help me

Why the hell do I exist I don't want to be your bitch

Why should that one mistake hinder my education and be detrimental to my financial aid?

Zhuhr prayer is not obligatory in Jummah

Rhukr- when one's palms reaches the knee

Everything else is 3 55 is 30 55 to 25

Islam is spread through proliferation

60 cubits= 90 ft tall

I may receive some information from Him, but I am not ordered to give that information to the people. Therefore it is not revelation.

I receive "guidance", not revelation.

Allaah's Will can never change


Prophet Ibrahim(PBUH) and Prophet Lut(PBUH) made Hijra for the sake of Allah, because they could not worship Allah properly in the area they were at

After his interaction with Namrud he migrated from Iraq to Sham

Sham today is made up of a few countries, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan. Those areas together, that entire region put together is called Ash-Shaam

I just smoked recently

12 Multiple of 2 12:36

Any multiple of two 19 33 52

Missing prayer is a major sin. -If he does not deny that prayer is obligatory, then the majority of scholars say that he is not committing major kufr in this case. - It is better to do the prayer at the beginning of its time, except for ‘Isha’ prayer and Zuhr prayer when it is very hot; in these cases it is better to do them at the end of their allotted times.


Darren Shan often writes novels in the first person point of view, but he be swearing he knows how others are feeling and what they are thinking. Like bruh. How can you know? Your knowledge is limited.

Allah does not exist in a place but He wills for all places to exist, and He has knowledge of all

10:50 is the second best, after 11:55

Church on Sunday is nothing more than a sanctimonious gathering

11:55am covers the whole day

Allaah is not third person omniscient because third person omniscient is a creation and Allaah revealed to us that He has no similarity to the creation

5:25 is the third best 1. 11:55 2. 10:50 3. 5:25

Friday is Ms. Crystal birthday

Giving false witness is just lying

❌Salat is a means of sustenance

Never get your hopes up, because when you do that is when you get too happy and thus you become susceptible to the shaytan

❌819=825 exactly

If you believe you have a soul then you have to believe in the Afterlife and Allah. Similarly to the fact if you exist than The Creator has to exist. He has to.

IF YOU ARE NOT SURE that you passed wind (after performing wudu”), then you assume that you did not pass wind. As long as it is mere doubt, and you are not certain that any wind has exited, you should not heed it, for it is likely to be Satan trying to distract you from the worship.

11:11 is bad. Distance yourself away from it


Prophet Muhammad is the son of Abdullah, the son of Abdul Mutallib -we have to constantly make mention of his lineage to remind ourselves that he was indeed a person that once existed, and he was truthful

533 725 533 is better Because after all, 33>25

It will be impossible for me to go to hellfire because I cannot handle its' tortures

I need to start waking up earlier

Gluttony is one of the greatest sins that lead to doom and it causes many diseases and sicknesses, both spiritual and physical, because it leads to sexual desire, then the desire for status and wealth in order to fulfil the first two desires.

On Fridays everything stops

I don't wanna look you in the face btch coz you're sexy as shyt and Allah does not accept that deed. I wanna go to heaven btch!

Two things were extreme and so powerful when I came out of in-patient. When I got high, and when I ejaculated.

Speak little, sleep little, eat little

No Prophet ever swore or used profanity because that is a small mean sin that shows a low character

"you don't criticize a pony for not being a horse"

If you're 55th, 33rd, 22nd or 25th birthday a prayer time falls on 5:55, 5:25, 7:55, than you are a better Muslim than me

Drowsiness takes away reason, but sleep increases it.

As for the five things that corrupt the heart, they are those that are referred to: mixing too much with people, wishful thinking, being attached to anything other than Allaah, eating one’s fill, and sleeping. These five are the greatest corrupters of the heart. 1. Mixing too much with people 2. Wishful thinking 3. Being attached to anything other than Allaah 4. Eating one's fill 5. Sleeping

Sleeping at the beginning of the night is better than at the end, and sleeping in the middle of the day is better than sleeping at the beginning or end of the day.

Dul hmu exactly at 115pm like he said he would

Among the tortures in the grave for the sin of fornication for men they will be given their private part just so it can be chopped off by scissors made of fire. And as for women hot boiling rocks will be inserted into their vagina until it begins to bleed profusely. The pain would not cease but they will instead get a new vagina just so the same thing can happen cell again. Allaah knows best.

Have you forgotten the message of Muhammad, Jesus, Moses or Abraham? Certainly not me

It's clear to see why smoking marijuana is Haram. When smoked it leads one to want to commit the sin of Zinaa or Fornication. Also it leads one to eat excessively, sleep excessively, and makes one indulge in many wishful thinking. Which are all sin and can corrupt a person's heart.

I don't really have any friends 😕

Except Allah


I'm never buying from that drug dealer again, that ngga be lying

May Allah guide him

My question is: Can you trust a non- Muslim?: Hmm well, let's see, I could find the answer to this question somewhere but I am just going to use common logic

Well I know for a fact that it is permissible to eat meat that is slaughtered by the Jews and Christians, and it is permissible for men to marry the people of the book.

And in the Quran it praises the Christians in many Ayats and says that many of them are righteous and have piety

And me myself I've had many experiences with Christians in which I was treated well by them

So I suppose yes, it is permissible to trust Non-Muslims, but you just have to be careful who you put that trust on

Keep it a bean, I smoke a lot of weed. But, that don't make me a bad person, it is the marijuana which is bad but not the one smoking it

The same way a police officer posseses a firearm and he may use it to stop a criminal from robbing the bank

And the criminal also posseses a firearm, but he is using it to rob the bank

The marijuana is what is bad

Not the one smoking it

This is simple logic

It's "How You Use It?" that's what matters

I get high and do homework

Most people get high and rob banks and kill people

I'm high right now btw

But anyways umm...

So yeah it's how you use the product that's how the person should be judged

But please do not get me wrong

It is bad, it is a sin. Whether you smoke weed and go save a cat from a tree or you get high and go rob a bank you still smoking

God has made it into a a sin

Allah has made it into a sin

But we don't deny the benefits of it

We admit that "marijuana has many benefits"


The bad outweighs the good, Allah knows best

I'm hungry

I wanna eat some oreos 😕

But... I don't have any money

May Allah help my pockets, them jawns dry

Allah is the Enricher

That's one of His names

Hold on



I'm proud of myself

But what was I bouta say?



Speaking of eating oreos let's talk about fasting

Fasting is an important act of worship and it is one of the five pillars

Fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan is one of the most important obligation

The month of Ramadan is during the summer in which the days can be sooooo long, from Fajr all the way unto Maghrib can feel like forever!

It's hard and difficult. But Allah does not want to make it difficult for you, He wants to make it easy

Try to fast in Ramadan, have the firm intention on ALL DAYS, then fast the very next day

If you find it too difficult and you cannot do it then try to finish the day and if you cannot than make it up during the winter time in which the days are not so long

All the creations declare Allah's praise except for the humans and Jinn

There are those who have more knowledge than me about the Lord I worship, I gain knowledge from them

It's natural for us to recognize beauty

If the impulse is there then suppress it

It is a problem when it emerges in the public place

When there's an open breach that's when it becomes a problem

Ayo I'ma tell you straight up, I know it's some of you young mfs that be reading my shit online trying see where I'm at so yall can run up on me

I'm tell you straight up, I be high as shyt

But I ain't no btch!

And GOD is with me. You might take me down but how you gon take GOD down?

As soon as Maghrib come that's when I come alive. I be alive throughout the whole day but sundown👌

I can do shyt on my own, I hate depending on others

What is Haram is what is prevalent

I wonder what that lady meant by "did you leave the water on"

Listen to PND west district album

Listen to PNB Rock New album Nowadays

If anybody can have it, I don't want it frfr. No matter how appeasing it may look, it ain't for me

Yall scared of Dajjal frfr, not me.

Allah does not make a fool of you, you make a fool of yourself. When Allah makes a fool of you you will certainly know it


I love coming to Jummuah. I love Fridays. I love being Muslim. I LOVE ALLAH!!

I still have a lot to learn. I'm not quite there yet, soon though, Insha'Allah

Insha'Allah Shaykh Sayf will be there next week and he will help me get married

My faith in my Creator is strong

I am not proud of the fact that I smoke weed and that I watch porn. I HATE IT I HATE IT SOO MUCH! It is from the Shaytan. May Allah forgive me and may He protect me

I call upon At-Tawaab and Al Muhaymin

I love learning, I love words, I love finding out new things, I love new challenges

My lips will never touch a blunt again. NEVER!

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

There is none like Him, and He is the All Seer

Next Friday I have to greet that kid who shook my hand yesterday at Jummuah. He is a pious Muslim

May Allah bless my sister

I don't really have any friends 😕

Except Allah


I'm never buying from that drug dealer again, that ngga be lying

May Allah guide him

My question is: Can you trust a non- Muslim?: Hmm well, let's see, I could find the answer to this question somewhere but I am just going to use common logic

Well I know for a fact that it is permissible to eat meat that is slaughtered by the Jews and Christians, and it is permissible for men to marry the people of the book.

And in the Quran it praises the Christians in many Ayats and says that many of them are righteous and have piety

And me myself I've had many experiences with Christians in which I was treated well by them

So I suppose yes, it is permissible to trust Non-Muslims, but you just have to be careful who you put that trust on

Keep it a bean, I smoke a lot of weed. But, that don't make me a bad person, it is the marijuana which is bad but not the one smoking it

The same way a police officer posseses a firearm and he may use it to stop a criminal from robbing the bank

And the criminal also posseses a firearm, but he is using it to rob the bank

The marijuana is what is bad

Not the one smoking it

This is simple logic

It's "How You Use It?" that's what matters

I get high and do homework

Most people get high and rob banks and kill people

I'm high right now btw

But anyways umm...

So yeah it's how you use the product that's how the person should be judged

But please do not get me wrong

It is bad, it is a sin. Whether you smoke weed and go save a cat from a tree or you get high and go rob a bank you still smoking

God has made it into a a sin

Allah has made it into a sin

But we don't deny the benefits of it

We admit that "marijuana has many benefits"


The bad outweighs the good, Allah knows best

I'm hungry

I wanna eat some oreos 😕

But... I don't have any money

May Allah help my pockets, them jawns dry

Allah is the Enricher

That's one of His names

Hold on



I'm proud of myself

But what was I bouta say?



Speaking of eating oreos let's talk about fasting

Fasting is an important act of worship and it is one of the five pillars

Fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan is one of the most important obligation

The month of Ramadan is during the summer in which the days can be sooooo long, from Fajr all the way unto Maghrib can feel like forever!

It's hard and difficult. But Allah does not want to make it difficult for you, He wants to make it easy

Try to fast in Ramadan, have the firm intention on ALL DAYS, then fast the very next day

If you find it too difficult and you cannot do it then try to finish the day and if you cannot than make it up during the winter time in which the days are not so long

All the creations declare Allah's praise except for the humans and Jinn

There are those who have more knowledge than me about the Lord I worship, I gain knowledge from them

It's natural for us to recognize beauty

If the impulse is there then suppress it

It is a problem when it emerges in the public place

When there's an open breach that's when it becomes a problem

Ayo I'ma tell you straight up, I know it's some of you young mfs that be reading my shit online trying see where I'm at so yall can run up on me

I'm tell you straight up, I be high as shyt

But I ain't no btch!

And GOD is with me. You might take me down but how you gon take GOD down?

As soon as Maghrib come that's when I come alive. I be alive throughout the whole day but sundown👌

I can do shyt on my own, I hate depending on others

What is Haram is what is prevalent

I wonder what that lady meant by "did you leave the water on"

Listen to PND west district album
Listen to PNB Rock New album Nowadays

If anybody can have it, I don't want it frfr. No matter how appeasing it may look, it ain't for me

Yall scared of Dajjal frfr, not me.

Allah does not make a fool of you, you make a fool of yourself. When Allah makes a fool of you you will certainly know it


I love coming to Jummuah. I love Fridays. I love being Muslim. I LOVE ALLAH!!

I still have a lot to learn. I'm not quite there yet, soon though, Insha'Allah

Insha'Allah Shaykh Sayf will be there next week and he will help me get married

My faith in my Creator is strong

I am not proud of the fact that I smoke weed and that I watch porn. I HATE IT I HATE IT SOO MUCH! It is from the Shaytan. May Allah forgive me and may He protect me

I call upon At-Tawaab and Al Muhaymin

I love learning, I love words, I love finding out new things, I love new challenges

My lips will never touch a blunt again. NEVER!

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

There is none like Him, and He is the All Seer

Next Friday I have to greet that kid who shook my hand yesterday at Jummuah. He is a pious Muslim

May Allah bless my sister

May Allah make it easier for me to worship him the way that I want to. Right now I'm staying with my dad at his little one bedroom

Right now I am only able to fulfill all my fard prayers, I'm not able to do no nafl. Normally I do all my obligatory prayers and so much nafl. But while I'm over here I am only able to do my fard prayers because if I do any nafl then he's maybe going to think "oh he's just showing off"

And I don't want that, insincerity is a major sin. I worship Allah alone with no partners

I love my father, I really do, may Allah bless him and give him long life. But... Two grown ass nggas can't be staying in the same room. Come on. I need a little bit of privacy

And this ngga always be farting and IT STINKS! And he always got the TV on loud so I'm not able to have any Kushoo in my prayers. I like PEACE AND QUIET!

I'm not giving my Lord the worship that He deserves and it puts me in a sullen mood ☹️

Insha'Allah I won't go into hellfire for not doing any nafl prayers


There are no nafl prayers after the obligatory Fajr morning prayer and the obligatory Asr prayer

I get stimulated very easily, I can look at a girl's hair, or just smelling her perfume. I instantaneously want to marry her and start a family with her

Buy a house in a quiet neighborhood to raise our kids n shyt

Take care of her family n shyt

Terror Jr- Death Wish

May Allah bless Shaykh Sayf

Sayf Mansaray

That's going to be the name of my first born son, if it's a girl then the wife can name her

I wish to marry a beautiful Muslim spouse, may Allah grant that to me

Allah comes first in my life, He suffices me, I don't suffice Him

Insha'Allah I will go to sleep in a state of Wudu tonight and an angel will stay with me until morning.

I go hard every Monday and Friday morning. Why?

Because The Prophet SAWS was born on a Monday, and Friday is the best day of the week

This song reminds me of Lindsay

I had a crush on her, I never told her though. I never told because I always knew that we could never be

I wasn't shy or scared though, I'd I want a girl then I'll just tell her df

She was a bit older then me and I was not in her league. She was very sophisticated and smart, she graduated from an Ivy League, I only had a high school diploma and a 2.3 GPA at a community college

Insha'Allah she has found someone that's perfect for her and she's happy 😊

I'm so glad that I did Dhuhr


I hate this life. I hate living here, I hate smoking, I hate sinning 😢

May Allah forgive me, and may He take me from out this condition, AAMEN!

When a believer is angry the wrath of Allah is evoked

Insha'Allah Shaykh Sayf will be there on Friday and he will help me get married

I'm dead


Tomorrow's Friday!! 😄

I WILL have a positive effect on the Ummah


Why does cooking put somebody in that state? Whenever somebody is in a kitchen cooking a large dish it makes one want to rant on about idle matters and curse everybody's mom


insha'allah today Shaykh Sayf will help me get married


All I have is Allah, all I need is Him


I'm at Jummuah, the sermon is talking about how you should act when coming to the Mosque

I've been coming over here for almost three years now and I have always been acting this way whenI come here

Insha'allah next week I will see Shaykh Sayf and he will help me get married

My faith in my Creator is strong

I always try not to do any sins on Friday, and Allah knows best. Normally on all other days I smoke weed and watch porn. But on Fridays that's a no, my Fridays are only dedicated to Jummuah and Salah

Recently while living with my pops in that area it seems like all I ever really do are sins 😞

And Allah knows best, may He forgive me. It's just something about that area in which I am living with my dad, it makes me want to sin, over and over again

Not saying that there's anything wrong with that area, it's actually quite pleasant and the people there are really nice

And that area has a beautiful view of the ocean, at sunrise I be like 😯

I am a very attractive man, I know this, I am very handsome

So knowing this, it is okay for me to recognize beauty, even if it is from the same sex, and IT IS NOT GAY!

The Prophet SAWS said that his brother Prophet Yusuf was very handsome and good looking. So does that mean that he was gay?

This is how a Muslim acts, only you mfs think that it's gay because we live in a country where two men can get lawfully married

If I have to deal with these comments and beliefs about me being "gay" in order for you fuckers to know that Islam the truth then I'll deal with it

The Messengers of Allah PBUH went through worse

Nggas thought that he was mad

Nggas thought he was on drugs

They thought he was possessed by a Jin

A JIN!! 😂

The Messengers of Allah SAWS said that every son of Adam has an Angel and Jin that follows him whispering good and bad. The Jinn whispers bad thoughts to the son of Adam(Waswas)

While the Angel whispers for him to do good. Every human being has them

"Even you O Messenger of Allah?" Asked one of the companions

He said, ‘Me too, but Allaah has helped me and he has submitted, so that he only helps me to do good.’” (Reported by Muslim, 2814).

The Jinn could only tell the Messenger of Allah SAWS to do good, but not me

Late at night when I be trying to go to sleep and my phone be on the other side of my bed the Jinn be in my ears like "go to xvideos, watch some porn bro just do it"

And I be like "nope, I am a humble slave of Allah Azzawajal"

He be like "you know Pinky gotta fat ass, and that other Latina girl nice!"

I be like: "yeah yeah I know she's nice and her ass fat but I'm a slave of Allah I refuse to be persuaded by you"

Then as the night progresses I reach over and grab the phone from the other side and I watch porn and beat off and nut

And in the morning I take a shower and get dressed and go pray Fajr like...

"Ya Allah, I have sinned. Forgive me "

Smh, I'm a piece of shit

I am so ashamed of myself 😦🙁




I'm just a lonely boy

Hold me Ya Allah

But Allah cannot hold me, Allah is not attributed with "holding", nor is that one of His names

Keep it a bean some girls be ugly af when they crying


well btch you shouldn't have trusted me

You should've known i ain't shit. All I wanted was some ass, MISSION COMPLETE! 😂

I'm gone 🏃‍♂️

I gotta body under my belt and you're stuck with a big ass stomach, all pregnant n shyt

Bet you won't make the mistake of trusting a good for nothing ngga again

I gotta fart but I'm at the Masjid and I don't want to break my Wudu

We finna pray Asr


I was watching porn last night and this white girl was not moaning. She was just laying there on the bed taking the dick like😐

Looking like a damn mannequin n shyt

That's how you know you a whore

When you've been dicked so many times that it doesn't even phase you anymore

When a female has sex it's supposed to be mfn enticing

Keep it a bean some girls coochie stink

How does your vagina smell like your butthole?

I listen very attentively, I absorb every letter and I contemplate on it

I was trying to buy some illegal marijuana but nobody had none 😞

Oh well, Allah's Qadr didn't allow it



I thank Allah for making me come home safely

Keep it a bean smoking would've fucked my whole shyt up. It's finna be sunset in like 45 minutes

And you know all the crazy mfs come out when the sun goes down

Ima be smoking getting high some weirdo old lady gon come up to me holding a cup full of quarters like "spare change sir?"

And my nice clememt ass gon be like "no I'm sorry I don't have any change but let's walk to the ATM I'll give you some cash

And we gon be at the ATM ima be taking out the money she gon pull a strap from out her bag and put it up against my ribs like "give me all your fucking money right now bitch "

And her voice suddenly gets deep outta nowhere. Ima be bitching like "😲🤤please sir"

"I got eight kids, don't kill me please"


"If I die she gon have to get a job at Hooters to support our eleven kids"

I'm high as shit trying to make up excuses n shyt




Then he gon shoot me and kill me

Insha'allah I will get Jannah Tul Firdos

May Allah bless that man in the wheelchair. May Allah make him be able to walk again. I will continue to pray for him until forever

My Lord has the Power to make that man walk again, HE IS ABLE!

I'm over here worried about smoking weed and getting high n shyt at least I'm able to WALK TO THE LOCATION TO PURCHASE THE ILLEGAL DRUG

Meanwhile that man can't even walk. He can't even walk to the bathroom Ya Allah. BLESS HIM YA RABB. PLEASE!

My favorite Calipha is Imam Ali Ibn Abi Tallib

I yawn a lot when it gets close to Isha time

Hmm... I wonder why?

💡😊 I knoowww!

Fajr and Isha are the hardest prayers for the hypocrites. Whenever you yawn you get tired and sleepy, some might even say "screw the prayer I'm going to sleep. But NOT ME! Isha is amongst the five obligatory Salah, I HAVE TO FULFILL IT!

And Fajr is in the early mornings. WHICH I LOVE!! I be up like two hours before Fajr time

Damn she had a fat ass

I think about girls A LOT

I just want to stick my thing into every attractive girl that I come across

But I have to preserve my chastity for the sake of Allah

Every average human being has 46 chromosomes, if you have 47 than... You are ... "mentally challenged

My eighth grade science teacher Ms. Senknow told me that


The time difference between Fajr and sunrise and Maghrib and Isha is exactly the same, on all days

When you completely dedicate yourself to prayer you start noticing some things about the prayer times

May Allah make that man in the wheelchair walk again, AAMEN!


That man can't walk Ya Allah 😢

He's not able to make sujood to you

He's not able to walk to the store

He's not able to run Ya Allah


You are Al Qaadir

You have the Power to do anything Ya Rabb

You are Able to make that man stand up on his feet right now and walk to the store


Ya Allah, I do not doubt your Power one bit. It is You Who can do anything

Bless that man Ya Rabb. Make him walk again. Please, I beg

Ya Allah I know that I am a sinful creation. I smoke weed and be watching porn heavily, those are all things that You have prohibited. I am in no position to ask You for anything Ya Rabb, but You love to be called upon and supplicated to. It is You Who is Al Mujeeb. I call upon You O Allah. I beg of you, please, PLEASE! Make that man walk again

I'm really nasty but ik how to clean up good 😊

I can't wait to get married, ima clean her up really good

I want to get married and live with my wife, that's what I really want

-btch how u gon do that and you ain't gotta dollar to your name?

Ima find a way


Hey Google who is the longest living man in jail

Allah is enough

Allah is going to make that man walk again


I worship Allah alone with no partners


May Allah bless Mohammed Hoblos

I like to paraphrase a lot, it is easier for me


Insha'allah when I get married soon there's a lot that I'm going to have to learn

When me and my wife is having sex I cannot be foul and rude to her


no, I cannot be saying things like that. In Islam there is no foullness or vulgarity while a husband and wife are having intercourse

The only girls that I've ever really had sex with were not very chaste, and they encouraged and condoned that type of behavior, they liked it

This woman is going to be my wife, she knows the name of Allah, I can't be like "YOU'RE A DIRTY WHORE ALL YOU WANT IS DICK!"

No, I have to gently stroke her hair back as I give her deep penetration and look her in her eyes and say "I love you"


no, and then Ima bury my face in her chest and ejaculate!

I love my father, I think that he is very compassionate and kind, I would never ever wish any bad on him, may Allah give him a long life full of happiness

My father has done things to me that cannot even be mentioned, but nonetheless, he is my father and I love him

My father Ibrahim AS supplicated to Allah many times for Him to forgive his father Aazr, but Allah told him that his father Aazr was destined to go to hellfire forever, so he had to stop

But Allah has not told me anything about my father, I supplicate for him every morning and day, and Allah has not told me to stop so this must mean

HE STILL HAS A CHANCE! My father can go to paradise Insha'llah. I will continue to pray for him so that Allah May forgive him and guide him

But it is only Allah Who can guide

IT'S THIS BTCH SALAMATU TUNKARA THAT I HATE! I don't even know her, she is not related to me in ANY WAY. Idk her parents. This btch ugly and SHE STINKS!

12:30am in the morning she gon come to my room butt ass naked with nothing but her underwear on. DF!!?


But don't take her life Ya Allah

It's not revelation because, it is only revealed to me and it's not 100%, sometimes it's wrong, sometimes it's right. And I don't have to share it with anyone else, in fact i should only keep it to myself

I only publicize some because I want you all to know that Allah truly exists with no partners

That's all I want you to know, God is real

He's really real 😢

May Allah forgive me

My only purpose for existence is to establish Deen in myself and Deen on the rest of the world. Imagine if everybody in the world was Muslim? 😊

*Islam- The Worldwide Religion*



One day...

I'm over here complaining about living here with my dad when I should be thanking Allah. I have a place to sleep. I have a place to make Wudu and pray, I have food to eat. I AM GRATEFUL. I LOVE IT HERE!

I listen to nggas like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendez, The Weeknd. Not on no homo shyt, but because them nggas GET BTCHES!!


I learn from nggas like that


shyt, the angels are watching me and recording me, I have to be on my best behavior This pornstar Moriah Mills gotta fat ass. I was watching one of her videos and was getting dicked in the bathroom,

I wonder when I get married if it will be permissible to have sex with my wife in the bathroom

Idk, all ik is I can't be calling her a "btch and a dirty whore" when I'm being intimate with her

I have to be very gentle with her and I gotta treat her good

Ima tell her str8 up, "I don't know you but I want to, I'm not close to you but I want to be, I don't love you, but I want to"

And that's going to be the truth, I'm not just going to be saying that just to get some ass. I'm so used to lying to girls it's going to feel good when I tell her something and I really mean it

I'm not just going to be lying to her, it will all be the truth

I never want to get a divorce, ima be married to her forever

She's going to be so amazing. I can't wait!

And her pussy not gon stink

The greatest Muezzin to have ever lived was Bilal

I don't like not doing anything for a long period of time, I can be doing something to gain rewards from Allah SWT

so what do I do?

I stand there and do dhikr, I remember Allah while in my stagnant position

I hope that man from the Mosque in the wheelchair is okay, I know that he's probably roller blading or playing basketball now that he's got his legs back

I never look forward or plan for anything in life, the only thing that I look forward to and plan towards is going to Jannah. Everything else in the world is not definite, you can plan to do something and then another thing happens and messes your whole plans up

For example: You can plan to go to the beach on a certain day but then on that day it rains and you don't end up going because of the rain

But "JANNAH" is the promise of Allah, it cannot be derailed

Keep it a bean I just don't want to be a disappointment

I can let everybody else down irdgaf, I just don't want to let my Lord down

He has created me, he has given me all these provisions and gifts. Allah has made me handsome as hell and he has fashioned me and gave me 23 years of life!

WOOW! 23!! Thank you Ya Allah

There is nothing that I can do to prove to God how grateful I am, the only thing that I can do is to take care of this body and life that he has given me and don't be a fuck up in life

There is a purpose that he has created me for, a strong purpose, I just know it

May Allah allow me to die in a state of submission to Him


Boyfriend and girlfriend relationships never work out, Allah has made it forbidden for a reason, you might think it'll work, but no

I do not smoke cigarettes, it's disgusting and it makes your breath stink

Keep it a bean I missed my little brother and sister. I love them nggas frfr. It's their mom that I don't like

I listen to music a lot because it sounds better than what all of you are saying, the only time that I put it off is when I am at the Masjid on Fridays

I was trying to hold my Wudu in until Maghrib time about two hours after Asr, but then the Shaytan came to me and made me yawn and I farted, thus breaking my Wudu.

Making Wudu is easy, it don't even take one minute fr, it's easy. Allah has made worshipping Him easy

I remember the time that I deficated myself 😂 cdfupp

I shitted on myself, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!

That shit happened last year

Cdfupp 🤣 You get it? "That shit"! Cdfuupppp

Lol but let me tell you what happened

I shitted myself three times, on three separate occasions, it all occurred in a span of seven days

The first time I was leaving from picking up my glasses and I was walking to a certain location to take the bus and go home. But then outta nowhere I had to use the toilet. The only bathroom was a nearby health center a few blocks away, I headed for it, and I made it. But NOT before that shit came out

The second time I was under the train tracks somewhere smoking weed, as I lit the blunt and put it up against my lip it came. That shyt just came outta nowhere, I definitely did not want to shit myself, I was under the tunnel somewhere, no one was there, I had to make a move before that shyt came out and I soil my pants and take that stinky walk home, so what did I do? I pulled my pants down and went right there in the corner

The third time I was sitting down on a bench somewhere smoking weed, not too far from home. The urge came, I was pressed, I had to goo! 😣

So I ended up deficating myself and messed up my nice pants and draws. I walked home mad fast, since it wasn't that far of a distance. I took the walk home and when I got there I immediately went to the bathroom, took off all my clothes and put it with the dirty clothes and hopped in the shower. After I was done I took a brush and scrubbed that entire bathroom!

This all happened within one week. Why did it happen? I think I might know

The previous week I got into an altercation with my father, he did something to me and I got really angry. So I went up to him, pushed him and started yelling "FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!"

Offending your parents in any way is one of the major sins. In which Allah will punish you in this Dunya before you get to the hereafter

That is the reason why. Allah don't play. If He says He will then He definitely will!


Whenever I'm getting head I like to talk to the girl and cheer her on

"I love you baby. Suck this dck good for daddy okay. You're doing so good baby I love you so much. You sucking this dck good bae u finna get all this nut

And when I'm killing it from the back I expect the same thing in return. Tell me how good I'm doing, let me know how big my dck is, I mean I already know but still let a ngga know, it's good to hear it sometimes


And if I'm having a threesome a peer review evaluation will suffice

I saw this one Muslim girl in the cafeteria she was soo bad omgg, I wanted to go right at her, but her Waliyy wasn't there and plus I'm waiting for my teacher Shaykh Sayf to get me married to a girl at that Mosque, insha'llah!

FUCK! I wanna go back and get her

I love her

I want her. Ima be thinking about her all day

Nggas be gay they be like "You've come such a long way I'm so proud of you 😯"

Faggot 😑

Don't come to me with that gay shyt

I was just bouta get up and do a nafl prayer but then I remembered that I had farted earlier

I just farted again

Don't ever try to argue with a Non-Muslim, just tell them "Allah is the only God and Islam is the truth"

And then just 🤐. That is the truth, they can choose to accept it or not. If they do then they will be rewarded accordingly, if they don't then...


Hastiness is from the Devil, you should never rush to do anything, except to do a good deed for the sake of Allah

Tax is not Haram in Islam, I do not know.

I wish somebody would run up on me

I'm so ready

I'm so deadly

I smoke heavy

I'm just high

This ngga Judge Mathis sounds gay af 😣

That ngga a suspect 😐

It's not permissible for Muslims to talk behind other people's backs

To talk behind other Muslim members their backs!

So I am not sinning

Because Judge Mathis not Muslim

-how do you know? He could have accepted Islam



You only see that in Christian or Jewish surroundings

"72 year old Church Pastor caught with 10 year old girl"

"Pastor's son publicly admits his homosexuality"

Smh... it shows how sick and twisted you people are

NEVER will you see that in a Muslim community

You fuckers are sick


I can't wait to go to the House of my Lord and supplicate to Him and ask Him to destroy everyone who clings to the idea of me being gay! I'M GOING TO ASK HIM TO DESTROY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!

Having bad suspicions is sinful in Islam, and no one even asked me!

Allah knows best how I feel

Allah is Mujeeb

He's quick to respond!

That's part of the reason why I turn to Him for everything. Because if I have a problem right now now now He can fix it right now now now!

Hahaha! FEAR ALLAH!!

Allah is Powerful nonetheless. His Mercy supersedes His Anger.

I will never ever ask Him to bring death upon anybody. No matter how much that person may have hurt me

Because you might make the supplication at a time when Allah answers supplication and your Dua might end up being answered by Allah SWT

You might wake up in the middle of the night and remember how during the day at Dhuhr time how somebody made you angry and you immediately start making Dua against them and ask Allah to kill them

You didn't remember that you had to make up your prayers though, smhh

How weak and feeble minded we can be

Make it an implication rather than a request

This morning when I finished smoking my marijuana and I went to the bus stop and sat down and began to wait for the bus. This lady approached and she had a luggage that she was carrying and she appeared to be struggling with it, I could tell. So she sat down and in about ten minutes the bus arrived, I looked at her and said "I'm going to help you with your luggage okay"

And she looked at me and smiled 😊 and said "ok thank you"

So now let's analyze the situation. What happened?

I made it into an implication rather than a request

I said: I'm going to help you with your luggage"

I could have said: "May I please help you with your luggage?" And make it into a request

But I knew she was going to struggle with it, and I didn't want her to tell me no

She needed my help and goddamit she was going to get it

The same applies when I'm having sex

I never ask.

It's hot as shit



Insha'llah Shaykh Sayf will be there today

So he can help me get married and I can get a beautiful Muslim wife and marry her and cultivate my seed and increase the Muslim population

-May Allah bless you! Thank you

Tis for the sake of Allah, my reward is with Him in Jannah Tul Firdos

I have a good feeling about today

Also I have to go pray and supplicate and ask my Lord to make everybody who had suspicions of me being a homosexual catch chlamydia and breast cancer

I have never been so ashamed and humiliated

Mfs dishonored me and made me feel so low

Allah knows best how I feel

I pray...

Yesterday at school when I went to the cafeteria to buy some food I told the guy to make me a turkey bacon egg and cheese sandwich

He then asked me what kind of bread I wanted. I told him to put it in a bagel, but I knew people was starring at me so I told him "actually no matterfact can you put it into a roll please"

Smhh... I'm going to make strong supplication, I will ask my Lord to protect me from the people and kill everyone who had wrong suspicions of me

I'm going to ask Him to make you all get herpes on your top lip

I'm going to ask Him to make all of you fall down the steps and break your leg

I'm going to ask Him to make you all catch breast cancer and DIE!

those of you who thought I was homosexual

As for the ones who knew better and did not suspect anything I will ask Him to bless you and give you long life



Sike naww

I won't ask Him to do that

If you had suspicions of me being gay I will just ask Him to guide you to the truth and guide you towards Islam

I will never wish death upon anybody. In order for me to wish bad on you then you have to do something really really bad to me

Your suspicions is a product from your surroundings and culture

You live in a country where homosexuality is a norm, so if you see someone like me you might immediately think "he's gay"

Now even though your thoughts are wrong and the farthest from the truth they are nonetheless, just thoughts

Allah doesn't punish you for what goes on in your head, you are not held accountable

So if God doesn't punish you for that then how can I get mad for that and ask you to die?

And I am still okay. No one has harmed me physically or said anything bad to me

If that happens, if some gay mf try to talk to me or somebody try to run up on me then and only then will I ask my Lord for help

And He is the best of helpers

When Prophet Lut AS was ordered to go to the city of Sodom the entire city was filled with gay people

But he didn't supplicate to Allah and ask Him to destroy them simply because they were gay, no

He supplicated for them and asked Allah to guide them

It was only when they tried to break into his house and harm him and his guests that he asked Allah for help

And Allah dealt with them in a mighty way! Allah SWT killed every single one of them and turned that whole entire city upside down, I think now it's the dead sea, idk

I'm going to pray to my Lord and ask Him to guide and to bless every single one of you

You should avoid having bad suspicions about anyone, because you do not know

Allah Knows, while you know not

And nobody even bothered to ask me

I can understand if somebody came up to me and asked me "hey r u homo?"

I would politely answer "no" and then I would tell them that I am just a pious slave of God


Nggas just went off their suspicions. And it was wrong. YOUR SUSPICIONS WERE WRONG!

May Allah punish that gay dude that sat next to me on the trolley that sat next to me on the trolley a few weeks ago playing with his phone n shyt thinking I'm gay and thought that I was gonna try to talk to him

All them open seats in the trolley he just had to sit next to me

That ngga actually approached me so I will supplicate against him

Your suspicions are wrong, but You can have them from a distant. It's when you come to me with that gay shyt is when I get mad

If I ever said something that was offencive please forgive me , I do not know any better. If I did then I would not say what I say


Insha'llah I will get married today 😁

Didn't get married today

Maybe it's just not for me ☹

I don't wanna sin...

Maybe I should just fornicate and fulfill my urges in a Haram matter

I don't think he wants to help me 😞

There's a marriage process in Islam. I do not know that process so I was hoping that they could help me out a bit, guess not

Ima get a girlfriend. Her ass gon be fat. I'm finna go fishing!

I'm trying do this the right way but I just don't think it's meant to be

Maybe I have to start off with a Non-Muslim girl

I can fuk her and convert her

Damn I was really looking forward to that too

Talk about being heartbroken 😞

I'm mad as shyt. Df, I know I'm not ugly. I mean I can understand if I was ugly and no girl wanted to marry me, but I'm sexy as shit!

Yet nobody wants me. Right now it's like 10:05pm. I was expecting by now I would've dug up in her guts and rock that hoe to sleep

I mean... my wife, rock my wife to sleep

I'm thinking about that Muslim girl in a black dress and fat butt I saw at the cafeteria in school a couple days ago

She wanted me, and I wanted her. If I see her again. 😚

At the time I saw her I curved her for the sake of Allah, she wanted me to get at her but I didn't, because I thought that today them nggas at the Mosque was gon hook me up, I thought wrong...

Insha'llah I'll see her again and ima marry her, I love her

I hate when I really want something but I can't get it

Like I REALLY WANT A WIFE, I REALLY WANT TO GET MARRIED! But it's not happening, idk why

Keep it a bean the only reason frfr why I want to get married is so that I can have somebody to fuck on and I won't be sinning

It's so easy to find a girl and have sex with her, but that is a sin, I don't wanna sin

I got it! I have to start off with a blasphemer wife. It's permissible for Muslim males to marry Non-Muslim females. You just have to marry her, which I will

Prophet Lut AS he had a blasphemer wife, and many other Prophets had spouses who were not Muslims

I can marry them and maybe after some time spent with me they can see the beauty in Islam. 😁

That's what my purpose in life is: Find Non-Muslim girls, marry them, impregnate them, and convert them

Because it's not going to be possible for you to covert them btches if they aint got your seed

I mean, I guess you could, but it's gon be hard at. If they have my baby first then I can easily coerce that little mf to be Muslim and start praying. And if the wife sees the child and the father praying maybe that will spark her curiosity

Watching porn is a sin, masturbation is a sin, lustful looking is a sin and fornication is among the major sins

But yet, I am a man Ya Allah, how am I supposed to satisfy these urges I have. I don't want to sin😟

I want Jannah Tul Firdos

I complain to You Ya Rabb: I am a weak creation Ya Allah. I cannot control my eyes or my hands and I am always thinking nasty thoughts about the opposite sex. Ya Allah, facilitate for me a way to satisfy these urges of mines. If You do not help me Ya Rabb surely I will sin

Ima get one of these little btches pregnant. They want me, and I want them back. And all they ass be fat. But they be hella fertile though. I put the tip in that hoe end up six months pregnant the next day. BTCH HOW??


I wanna be able to fuck a btch and not have to use contraception

Condoms be in the way. I be trying fill that hoe up, but it be in the way

I reached a point in my life where I'm just like "faack it" next btch I have sex with I'm raw dogging that hoe and ima bust a fat ass nut in her pussy and irdgaf frfr. If that hoe gets pregnant and she puts me on child support then 🤔faaaackk it.

I just gotta marry that btch before I fuck. Should be easy enough. Marriage is easy Right?



Smh, I am so fukked up mentally. I'm over here thinking about how I'm going to lie to all these girls and tell them I love them n shyt for what? Just to get a nut smhh

ThatMuslim girl in the black dress had a fat butt. I mean I wasn't starring cuz she had her Hijab on but when she turned around and started walking to her table I caught a glimpse of that left booty cheek, and the right. Them jawns was moving side to side every stride she took



Insha'llah I'll see her on Monday

Insha'llah she's single

Insha'llah she's a virgin

Insha'llah she's fertile. I wanna get her pregnant quick!

Once a girl has your baby everything changes

Why was this btch so good looking though and why df can't I get her off my head!!

I love her soo much. I just want her to know. I want her to know how I feel about her, I want her to know that she is the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen

I want her lips

I don't even know that hoe name smhh

But I'll know her if I see her. She had long black hair, she had pretty eyes, she was medium height and she had a FAT BUTT!

I don't want to forget her, I'm scared that over the weekend she might get married and when I try to talk to her on Monday she'll tell me that she already found somebody

I just... want her

I love this girl. I know what I'm feeling. This is real love no doubt. I've never felt this way about a girl before. She is the one for me


She done stole my heart. She can have it


As soon as I see her ima tell her how I feel, ima say: look idk u but I love you and I think you're the most beautiful girl in the world and I want you to be in my life for the rest of my life


The reason why Allah didn't make me get married today is because He knows that it's the girl at the school cafetetia that I really want. Allah is Aleem

I want to go to sleep but she's on my mind

She didn't even have on a black dress I'm tripping, she had on her Hijab and she was dressed in one of those black Muslim clothes that Muslim girls be wearing, and she had on her earphones

She was so baad! I want to put my dck in her and stroke vigorously

I don't want to lose her. I know that she wanted me to talk to her and she got all sexy for me, I just want her to know that I noticed her, and she caught my attention

Girls do not like it when you do not give them attention

I've been thinking about her since I saw her on Wednesday, and she will stay on my mind until I see her again

I wonder if she suck dck?

She prolly do. She a freak. She was chewing gum

Ima turn her out. Ima be like "put my dick in your mouth and suck it bae"

She gon suck it.




Or even better, she could've went with me to the Mosque today and we could have prayed and got married

I want this girl Ya Allah. She is the one that I want. Please Ya Rabb. GIVE HER TO ME

Ima treat her good. Call her up late at night and be like "I know u sleeping baby I didn't wanna wake you up but I just wanted to let you know that I love you I'm always thinking about you"

Ima eat her pussy in random places. In the car. On a beach front. Under the table at red lobsters.

I will never make her sad Ya Allah just please give her to me

Ik she's not mines yet but I want her to be

She was slim but her ass was fat



I blinked Ya Allah. I blinked and I saw that booty cheek Ya Allah

I am so fucking stupid. I am a complete dunce. WHY DF DIDN'T I JUST TALK TO HER?

Please let me see her again Ya Allah

I want to make her my wife. I want her to be the mother of my children. She is the one that I want

I am adamant! I don't want no other girl, just her

I wanna impregnate her

I would stalk her but idk her information. If I like had her name or phone number I could ping that btch and know her whereabouts but I ain't got shit, not her name or anything. I just know her as "Muslim girl in black dress"

Wallahi she may seem like just a random girl but she is somebody special

She is Muslim and she is BEAUTIFUL

She has fulfilled all the required criteria

Gosh she was so sexy beautiful lovely there's not a fukkin word in the dictionary that you can use to depict her

She was a flower rs. That hoe was a mfn lovely flower blowing in the autumn breeze n shyt.

I have never felt this way about a girl before. My feelings are legit!

I love this girl. She is my everything

I don't even wanna fuck her. I wanna make love to this btch, that's how much I love her.

I wanna give her my everything

This btch got me...

How can she have this much effect on me by just a look?

Irdgaf because ik what I'm feeling is real and nobody has ever felt this way before

She is different. She is loyal

I'm thinking about her lips, and how she was sucking on that piece of gum. I was contemplating on walking up to her and putting my tongue in her mouth and taking the gum out, I wonder how she would react?

She gon love it. And after I put my tongue in her throat ima shove this dck down her throat. She gon love it 😊

"suck it good for daddy bae, you sucking it so good I'm finna permeate my semen all in ur mouth bae mhmkay"

She gon be like "okay daddy"


Good morning

I'm thinking about yesterday and how heartbroken I was feeling when I couldn't get married

It seems like they are making marriage seem even more difficult then it should be 😕

If I had a son or a young fellow who was close to me i would want him to get married

"Marriage is a good and happy thing in Islam" and it is

I just can't rely on other people to try and Help me get married. Ima do it on my own

Smh he gon ask me "did you see anybody that you like?"

Umm... no. My eyesight and vision is really bad and I really can't see that well with my glasses off

Idk how she looks. Unless she got up real close to my face

And then he also gon ask me "are you able to pay the mahr? And are you able to take care of her financially?"

Right in front of my other friend who was standing RIGHT THERE NEXT TO ME

He did ask though if it was okay that he could ask me those questions in his presence

I said yeah it's okay, I didn't wanna say "no"

Because if I said that then it would seem like I had something to hide

And no, that ngga that was sitting next to him is a highly righteous Muslim, and he is my brother. There is absolutely nothing for me to hide from him

So I told him "yes" even though I knew in the back of my head I'm not going to be able to, I'm broke as shit. I ain't gon be able to take care of her financially

I have to get settled first. I'm not yet financially stable.

But yet EVEN SO. If I want to get married they should help me out financially until I'm ready.

But nobody's helping me 🙁

I need to get a girlfriend. That girl in the cafeteria that I saw, she needs to be my girl

The Religion of Islam encourages marriage. Muslims worldwide wants to see young Muslims get married. This is a really good thing

But not every Muslim has that mentality though, the Religion of Islam is perfect but the people who follow it are not

Marriage just ain't for me, I'm still pretty young. I need to mess around first a little bit

I'm just feeling really despondent. I've lost all hope.

You know how I feel? I just feel like dying. I feel like just getting high and dying

That's how I feel. Because nobody wants to marry me. I'M UGLY!!

I'm pissed at myself. I'm mad that I couldn't muster up enough courage to talk to that girl in the cafeteria.

I feel like all hope is lost, I don't even wanna get married no more frfr. I just wanna be a hoe and return back to my ways

This is very simple. The mission that I am trying to accomplish is to get married. Why? Because I do not want to fornicate or keep watching porn and masturbating

I am a man, I have sexual needs and desires that can only be fulfilled by the opposite sex

My intention was to get married and fulfill my urges in a Halal manner, but Allah did not allow it. So what does this mean?


I have to get a couple girlfriends and fuck all them btches and ejaculate inside them AND CULTIVATE MY SEEDS!

That is what I have to do.

As you can see, the Devil is whispering thoughts in my head right now

I'm trying to fight them back but this ngga speaking some truth

Marriage is the key yes? YES

I'm not able to get married no? No 😟

So how else am I going to cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population for the sake of Allah? I need to get a girlfriend

When I was dating Mercy Umah I wasn't doing this much masturbation

Mercy was taking care of me. Of all my needs

She def knew how to keep her man.

She had me calling her up late at night like "bae where you at?"

And Mercy was hella smart, she knew what I wanted and she would always give it to me.

I'm thinking about that girl that I saw in the cafeteria, I miss her

I wonder if she's thinking about me as much as I'm thinking about her?

Prolly not

I'm finna get so high and forget about my problems!

Forget about how ugly I am

Forget about marriage

Cannabis will soothe the pain

I don't even feel like eating. I don't feel like doing anything, except my prayers

And getting high

May Allah protect me right now as I am not thinking straight

The devil has a hold of me. May Allah loosen his grip

May Allah watch over me today because the way I feel right now... I just don't care about anything

Insha'llah in the future I will have a son who is not as ugly as me and I will help him get married, no. I WILL MAKE HIM GET MARRIED! Because I would want the best for my son

I will find for him a beautiful spouse, I will give him money for the Mahr, and I would even babysit his children Insha'llah.

Not just my son, but any young Muslim there I see who is looking to get married, I will help them, Why?

Because I wouldn't want anybody to feel the way that I feel right now

I'm losing hope in the Mercy of Allah, and I do not like it, it don't even feel right

Allah doesn't want me to sin. He wants for me to get married and be happy. It's just something that I am not doing right

I'm the problem, it's me

I don't want to watch no more Islamic lectures about marriage and all that, because it does not apply to me. I will never get married

I just wanna get high!

-wow, all this because you didn't get married?

Yess! I'm ugly, can't you see 😢

My father even tried to get me married. He showed me a picture of a girl on fb and he told me she is really beautiful and that I should marry her.

Why? Because he is my father and he wants his son to be married and happy, he can see how much I wish to get married and it pains him to see me not being able to.

My father had many wives in the past, and he knows the sweetness of marriage, and he wants his son to have that and be happy! As much of a sinner my father is he still wants happiness for his son

Nobody else wants happiness for me though 😔

It's cool. Ima hold my head

One of the worst feelings is to be a father, and have a righteous son, and the son not being able to get married

I am not a father but even I know that can't feel good

Because my father knows me very well and he knows how I feel.

It's one thing if I am not so righteous. But he sees me, he sees my behaviours and how I act, and he sees me doing all my prayers and calling out to Allah SWT

My father knows that Allah is the only God. He may be a sinner, but he's not stupid. He knows His Lord

And right now ik what he is maybe thinking lol, he's making Dua in his head to Allah like "OH GOD. MY SON CALLS OUT TO YOU DAY AND NIGHT, HE WORSHIPS YOU CONSTANTLY. PLEASE LET HIM GET MARRIED"

When my father wanted me to get married to some girl I told him "no the Shaykh at the Mosque is going to help me get married"

But, that didn't work out

At the end of the day, I am just a hopeless romantic

Hopeless in the sense that my quest to find a wife has not prevailed and now it's just like I don't even wanna try any longer

Romantic in the sense that I have so much love to give, and I wanna give it, but nobody wants it

Nobody wants me 🙁


Insha'llah I'll find that girl in the black dress next week. I'm finna go fishing!

Ik someone is out there for me. Ima find her! And ima marry her, I won't sin!

But even if I do, even if I sin. If I ask for forgiveness my Lord can forgive me

Tis easy for Him

Sometimes it's difficult to do the right thing. But it shouldn't be

I have not fornicated since I have entered into Islam. I haven't even looked lustfully at the opposite sex, why? Because no Prophet ever did that and I was trying to follow their footsteps and be A GOOD PERSON!

You feel me like... I try. I've tried! I can't do it, I'm weak

Fornication is the answer!

I will ask for forgiveness later when I'm done


I'm thinking about all my previous ex's. Mirrah 😍.

I miss Mirrah

Kendra 😚. I miss her

Mercy. She was my favorite

The thing I loved most about her was her spirit. And her lips


All my ex's prolly got somebody else now and they are all happy.


I want that. I want a partner

That shyt really made me mad, I am not happy at all

When I first saw him I was like "can you please help me get married?" And he was like "yes Insha'llah" then later on after the session I asked him if he wanted me to sit there and wait while he goes and brings some girls

And he gon ask me "for what?" 😒


It seems like the only reason why he asked me that is because the other guy was there and he was trying to prove something like "you see him asking me to help him find a wife look at how pathetic he is"

Smh... I felt so ashamed

I hate asking people for help, but when I do then that means that "i really need it"

Smh, he shamed me and he completely embarrassed me

I don't even think he knows

I'm never asking him for help again

Allah knows best how I feel

They both humiliated me

May Allah make them know how I feel, and may He...

Allah is Al Muntaqim

Now even though both of them humiliated me and shamed me very much does this mean that I am going to stop going to that Masjid and stop going to Jummuah over there?


Going to Jummuah is an obligation, from Allah

I have to do it! I will still keep going. I will still keep getting knowledge from them and shake their hands

I'm just not going to ask them to help me get married anymore. Because I don't want them to shame me anymore and make me feel like a stupid dckhead

I was really expecting for him to really help me. He is an older fellow and Allah has given him a lot of wisdom. I thought he was going to be able to see how much I need his help if I ask him

I thought wrong

Part of being wise is not only being introspective. It also involves knowing how other people feel. I thought that maybe if I ask him to help me get married he was going to be happy and rush to help me find a woman I can marry

Rather he just said "Insha'llah" with a smile 😊 and then later on when I asked him he was like "What?? 😕"


He can't help me get married. I can't help myself. Only Allah can Help me. And He is the best of those Who Help

My glasses are always off while I'm in that Masjid. And my vision is really really bad. So I'm not really able to look at a girl really good from a distance and see how she looks, I mean I could, but I don't want to be wrong

Marriage is a really big step, and the girl that I choose to marry I want to be with her forever, I don't ever want to get a divorce. So knowing this, I really thought that he was going to put more consideration into helping me find a spouse

I just feel dumb and stupid, because I asked. I will never ask again. I HATE asking. I've always hated it, and I always will

Because when you ask other people you end up being let down. This is why you can't depend on other people for nothing

If you want something done right you have to do it yourself

I am new to Islam. I accepted Islam shortly before my brain aneurysm which was like 3 1/2 years ago. There's an entire process for marriage. You can't just walk up to a girl and say "hey I like you let's get married"

There are prerequisites and many things need to be fulfilled before it can be finalized

I may not know the entire process but ik it's there

I don't want to get married to a girl who I think is not cute and then end up regretting it later on

And there are plenty of attractive Muslim females over there. And most of them want me, and I want them back too. But he has not facilitated a way and made it easier for me to get married

Keep it a bean, I don't really mind being single but, it's boring

I'm sexy as shit, and I'm really good with females and ik how to make them smile. I have so much love to give, I just don't want it to go to waste

Allah has made me with so much love I can give to females, but it's just like "idk how to find her

And I only want ONE. I only want to marry one girl, even though it's permissible for me to have more than one wife I'm not going to be able to handle it, maybe in the future Insha'llah. But as for now I can only handle one

Allah shows me many things and He makes me experience much, I want to be able to share it with my wife, I can't keep all of it to myself, it's too much and it's too amazing!

And ik that if I share it with her she won't tell anybody else, because she will be Muslim and I will trust her.

I'm never lonely. I always have Allah, and He is the best of Company

But Allah, is not like me. I cannot see Him, I cannot speak to Him

Allah is my very close friend. But this Friend of mines He is different from me

Other creations have partners. Angels are so many and they have each other. Even the animals have partners. Me? I have nobody

I don't like being alone.

May Allah Help me

I'm going to be feeling like this for the whole week. Alone and ridiculed 😔

It's cool. I'm not gonna cry over it or anything, cuz I ain't no btch.

It just sucks...

Today while I was smoking weed and getting high at the train tracks I wanted to jump in front of an oncoming train and end my life

But then... While I was walking some random dude said to me As Sallamu Alaykum. Then I immediately remembered Allah

May Allah bless him and make all of his dreams and wishes come true, and may Allah grant him long life

I will continue to pray for him forever. Because he is a pious Muslim and he has attained Taqwa

Now that I think about it... I'm selfish af

There's a civil going on in Syria and nggas is dying in Rohingya and I'm sitting here sulking and crying cuz I can't find a wife to get married

I'm making Dua to Allah like "please Ya Allah, let me please find a wife to get married"

I should be asking Allah like: "please save all those suffering worldwide and ease their pain

My priorities are messed up. I only care about myself and my happiness. I'm selfish af. May Allah forgive me

My purpose in life is not to be happy. It is to establish Deen in my life and onto others. I can be happy in Jannah Insha'llah

But as for now I have a mission!

I can't help it though 😟

I want to get married. I want a beautiful wife. I want to have children. I want to cultivate my seeds. I want to be happy Ya Allah

May Allah give me a beautiful wife and make me happy


May Allah make me happy and may He help all those suffering worldwide. Allah can, He has that Power.

I love making girls happy, I love making then smile, and I'm really good at it. Why did Allah make me so good with the opposite sex if I was going to end up being Alone? 😕

I'm so confused. May Allah open my doors

May Allah bring answers to my life

If Allah wants for me to not get married and be happy and just focus on making other people happy then gladly i will do it, without even a thought

But I highly doubt that's what He wants

The Prophet PBUH had NINE WIVES!

And he was happy, and he established Deen

He did both! I can too

I can be happy!

If I get a wife, ima be cheesing like 😁

My happiness, your happiness. As long as somebody's happy

The most important of all is the happiness of Allah

Ya Allah, I call upon You. I worship You day and night. You are my Lord, and I will never associate partnership with You

Ya Allah You have guided me towards Islam, and I am grateful. I thank You Ya Rabb.Ya Allah You know best.

Ever since I came into this Religion I have tried my hardest, to be the best that I can be. I used to fornicate but I stopped, I used to have girlfriends but I stopped, I used to lie but I stopped. I stopped all my bad habits for the sake of You, because I wanted the rewards that You promised me. I wanted to be accepted by You.

I love You Ya Allah. You are my Lord. I seek guidance from You. Please tell me what You want me to do so that I can get closer to You. Show me something...

I can't sleep

I'm thinking about that Muslim girl in the black that I saw in the school cafeteria


Good morning

I woke up feeling like shit

I'm still single

I'm still ugly

I thank Allah for waking me up though

I'm finna do my Fajr prayer, but I still have a bit of time

I'm j8st going to lay here and think about how ugly I am


After so much time being alone I'm thinking that the reason why I'm still single is because I'm ugly

I'm an ugly piece of shit!

My self esteem is gone! I had gathered so many self esteem points, I was all the way at level 25! Now I'm down to level 3

I feel terrible. I feel like a waste. What is my purpose in life? Why am I alive?? I'm just taking up space

I just... need a reason to live you know? Something to wake up for. Just something. After Allah of course. Allah will always be my reason to keep living

But it would just be nice to wake up in the morning next to a beautiful girl and place her hand on my chest and be like "it's beating for you bae"

But I can never have that. 😣

-wow, all that cuz you couldn't get married? You acting like there won't come another Friday


-i know that you're acting like a three year old. Get it together and STTOOOPPP BTTCHHIINN!!


It's something that I'm not doing right. I'm not praying hard enough. I have to pray harder and ask harder.

"Please Ya Allah let me find a beautiful wife that can help me cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population. PLEAS E YA RABB.

I do not want to sin. Fornication is among the major sins. I won't do it, I will not succumb. If I am ever pressured into doing that I will just take my own life


As much as I want to get married I just have to be patient. Allah is Saboor

I've been patient for so long though, I ain't got it in me anymore. I am weak


I'ma nobody in this world. No one would even miss me or notice that I died

Why did I even have to wake up?

Time to do Fajr

I fulfilled my Fajr prayer. And I am still in a state of Wudu. If I kill myself and die surely I will go to Jannah

This ngga Danny prolly thought that I was gay

I told him "put my number in your phone bro" he was like "no I'm cool" cdfuuppp

I don't want to watch any more Islamic lectures on YouTube about being married and making your wife happy and being a good husband or none of that stuff

I just want to watch lectures about the Mercy of Allah and going to Jannah

I'll get married in Jannah Insha'llah

I wish Prophet Muhammad SAWS was still alive today...

I would ask him "hey Messenger of Allah could you please help me get married, I am not able to find a spouse"


Because he is the Messenger of Allah and he is wise and he knows that if I ask him for help he will surely help me. And he would not make me feel stupid for asking

I wish the Ummah today could emulate his characteristics

Keep it a bean, I do not want to get a girlfriend. Ima end up getting a girl, get that hoe pregnant, cheat on her, then break up with her

And she is going to be heartbroken. She will make Dua to Allah against me so that I can die and Allah will respond to her Dua because whether you're Muslim or not if you are being oppressed and you make Dua to Allah He will answer you

And that is mental oppression. I'm going to be oppressing her mentally

The definition for oppression is "prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control"

If I get that poor girl pregnant and break up with her and she will have to be stuck with raising that baby by herself is that not "unjust treatment"

And while she's laying in her bed late at night and I'm somewhere with another girl having sex she's going to be calling out to Allah like: "Please kill this ngga for me God cuz he ain't shit"

And i'ma be with the other girl killing it from the back and just when I bust a fat ass nut i'ma get a heart attack!


This is how Allah works. He gon kill me!

I don't wanna die Ya Rabb. I just want to experience life. I want a beautiful typewife, I want many children, I just want... to smile "😁"

The Prophet SAWS loved marriages, and he loved to attend marriages. He even got some of his companions married. Including Julaybeeb.

I wish I could wake up and be Julaybeeb. At least he was married

If my father Ibrahim AS was still alive today and I ask him to help me get married he will. I will ask him to help me find a wife just like his Sarah and do you know what he will say

He will say: "I will find you someone better!"

Tomorrow's Monday!

Insha'llah that Muslim girl in black with the fat butt and ear phones will be at school tomorrow

Insha'llah I will marry her

Insha'llah she gon lemme fuck

Insha'llah I will impregnate her


Shaykh Ahmad said that consummation does not finalize marriage. What finalizes it is a marriage contract

Shaykh Ahmad is truthful. He never lies

May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad and may He bless Shaykh Sayf and give them both a long life full of joy and happiness. AAMEN!

I'm not trying to sound like a girl or get all soft n shyt. Ok I'm 23 years old, I am no longer a small child. I'm able to take care of myself, and I desperately want to get married. I.want.a.wife

That is what I want. I just feel crappy and shitty because I know that she is out there for me and I really thought that I was going to find her and marry her on Friday at Jummuah but I was not able to. The signs were there and everything. I really thought that day was gon be it.

Why can't anybody else see how bad I want this?

I'ma end up sinning and falling into hellfire

May Allah protect me

Before I wasn't trying to get married because I was living with that btch Salamatu Tunkara and my baby brother and sister and I wanted to focus on my school and see if I can really do it

Allah made me get all A's in all my classes. He has showed me that I'm on the right path

And Masha'llah I am no longer in that dirty stinky btch house and now all I want is to find a beautiful wife and give her all my love but I am not able to

Before when I wasn't looking to get married there would be all them Muslim girls waiting for me at Jummuah every Friday so I could tell him that I want to marry her

Now they are all gone. I can't see none of them. I was looking for them so I could choose one and marry her, but they were nowhere to be found, for like four weeks now they've been missing

I'm thinking like "where y'all at?" I'm sorry for before, I want you now

This is Allah telling me that I missed my opportunity when I had it

I could get it before but I didn't want it, now I want it and i cannot get it cdffuupp!

It's sad really

You ever seen the movie Coming to America? That's how I feel

I came to this country 17 years ago when I was six to find a wife and marry. And I thought... But I thought wrong

Now I just feel stupid for even getting my hopes up

I was all planning in my head how me and her will be together forever and the many things that I would do for her

But "Her" does not exist

I want to be able to lay in the bed next to her and explain the attributes of Allah to her, that's what I really want Ya Rabb


I'm sorry. For only thinking about myself, for being selfish. I just want to give. You have given me so much, I can't possibly keep all of it to myself. It's too awesome. You are Too Awesome! I love You and I need You

Give me a wife Ya Rabb, if not in this world then in the Akhira

Tomorrow's Monday! I can't wait too see my baby in the black dress in the school cafeteria tomorrow 😁

I been thinking about her all day


Good Morning

Phone sex mode: On

She wasn't there today, Insha'llah tomorrow


Good Morning

My sister really did me dirty. I asked her for help to give me some food yesterday and she said no

Mohammed Hoblos be like "Wallahi my brothers and sisters Allah created us for more

Damn he gave me a fat ass bag🔥

Cdffuupp 😂. That McDonald's funny as shyt. I go there everyday from class to buy Oreo McFlurries n shyt, keep it a bean I just be going there to see my baby that cute ass worker, she be eyeing me 😚

Today I went there and the manager dude could see I was plotting so he immediately came up and said "May I take your order sir"


Cock blocking n shyt

Naw she don't be behind the counter she be behind the register taking my order

She cute as shit

I love it there cuz the girls there always be putting a lot of Oreos in my mcflurry, just how I like it 😊

And she be putting extra love in it for me

I worship Allah alone with no partners

Allah is God and God is Allah there is no discrepancy

The only one who has the power to create is Allah. The only one who is able to take things from non-existence and make it exist only Allah has that power

You can only be reminded of something that you already know


Good morning

Woke up thinking about that girl from McDonald's

Her ass fat

She like me. She's nice and thick. I love her

I want to impregnate her and start a family with her

I love her


She gon act like she was up looking at the screen when I knew she was really looking at me

She thick as shyt. Her lips nice. I wanna put my dck in her vagina and stroke vigorously

I wanna tell her that I love her. I wanna tell her that I want her to be mines

I can't go there again today tho

I don't want the manager guy to call the cops on me. He gon get mad and cockblock again

That lightskin girl is my love. I want her

The other girl be putting that fake Hijab on 🤣 she funny as shit

She cute tho. I wanna put my dck in her and stroke vigorously as well

I wanna have a threesome with her and the lightskin girl

I'ma have my tongue down her throat while I'm hitting the lightskin girl from the back

I'ma be like 🤑

I wanna get some btch pregnant

Anyone. IDC! She just gotta be cute

I'ma get her pregnant then flee the country 🏃‍♂️

Then in two years I'ma come back and get a few more girls pregnant

Then i'ma flee again

This will continue to happen in a repeated process until I have cultivated my seed and fill the whole land with little Abdul mfs


I'm finna fuck a baby in this little btch

I gotta hurry up and get one of these girls pregnant

Life is unpredictable and anything can happen

I want my seed to remain on the lands to let nggas know, "ABDUL WAS HERE


Good Morning

I'm high horse

Df was that ngga doing breathing all hard n shyt, I couldn't even finish my test I had to dip. That shyt was getting awkward

😲That ngga was gay!!!!!

I'm stir fried rice

I'm not gay

May Allah make all of you burn in hellfire forever

Can't wait till Friday!

Insha'llah I'll find my wife and get married

Idk how i'ma go about it tho 😕

I'm broke as shyt

I used up all my money to purchase illegal marijuana to help soothe the pain of not getting married last week

I'm thinking about this girl from this mirning...

I go to sit down at my computer desk n shyt and 1 minute later she just gon get up and leave all walking fast n shyt 🚶‍♀️

Why would you just get up and leave like that?

I love you, I want you to stay...

She is the one for me. MY FEELINGS ARE TRUE!


Good Morning

May Allah Protect me

May Allah protect me as I embark on this perilous Journey

I am not able to see in the dark, but my Lord can

All of this is still the best case scenario

Never ever tell a girl how you really feel, if you truly love that hoe then don't tell her. Because once you do that is when it gets to their head and she feels like she can control you. BTCH YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME! ONLY ALLAH!!

I remember when I was in 2nd grade I told this girl Alicia over the phone that she is really pretty and that I like her

The next day atl unch in school she gets all dressed up and comes to sit next to me. Then she gon put the rest of the chocolate chip cookie in her mouth, and then she says "hey"

I'm thinking like: "umm hey btch. Why did you just eat all my cookie"?

That hoe really ate all my shyt. I was mad af

She only did that cuz I told her that I had a crush on her. If she didn't know that I liked her she wouldn't even have the audacity!

This ngga gay

A little amount will suffice


Good Morning

When I'm talking to somebody and they don't listen irdgaf. What I have to say is important and highly beneficial to you. If you not trying to hearken then that's on you

If you're talking to me and I'm not listening then frfr irdgaf what is it that you have to say, because I ALWAYS listen. So if you're talking to me and I'm not listening then what you have to say really doesn't matter 😞

I worship Allah alone with no partners


I can't be dating these girls, it will not be befitting for me to get a girlfriend. All of my time goes to the worship of Allah SWT. So if I get a girlfriend what will happen? She gon want me to give her all my time and attention.

No btch. I LOVE ALLAH!

-pulls on her hair while giving her deep strokes

-whispers in her ears "you're a good for nothing dirty whore and ur new name is Daisy"

-just got in the bus sit down next to old lady. Pulls phone out of pockets and calls girlfriend

"Hello wassup bae. Yeah I'm on the bus now, I'll be there in like ten minutes. I can't wait to get all up inside you. I can't wait to put this hard dick in you and stroke vigorously. I can't wait to inseminate you. Btch u finna get pregnant in a little bit. And after I cum inside u you gon get this dck hard again for daddy and i'ma cum all in ur mouth"

-the old lady sitting next to me gently taps me on my shoulder. "Excuse me young man, could you please keep your voice down a little please"

-i get up from my seat and stand up to face the lady "YOU SHUT DA FUK UP LADY! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!"

-punches her in the face

-the old lady dies


Finna go to Jummah

I gotta take a shit, but idk if I should hold it in cuz I'm still in a state of Wudu. And it is Sunnah to go to Jummah whilst in a state of Wudu

I sweat a lot

I'm at Jummuah and I saw this really cute girl sitting down. I wanna go up to her and be like "marry me" but I do not know if doing that will be permissible. This is the Masjid and angels are all over here watching like 👀

She cute as shyt

I love her

This girl sitting in the corner tho



I love you


Omw home from Jummuah. I saw this one lightskin girl with a FAT BUTT! I was starring hard like 👀

I want her to come back


Insha'llah soon I will get married. I'm not giving up hope 😁

Why I gotta be so ugly tho?

Naw keep it a bean I'm not really ugly

I fuck a lot of btches

Ima virgin. I'm celibate though. I do not believe in pre-marital sex

Except for that ho I peed in

I was like 7, she was babysitting me

Then that hoe gets on top of me and start riding me hard

She like: "cum inside me right now!"

I didn't know wtf that btch was talking about, I was SEVEN

But that hoe was persistent!

She kept saying "cum inside me cum inside me cum inside me"

So I panicked

I choked

I peed in that btch

Last week after I left Jummah I was feeling fukked up, distraught, despondent, sad af because I couldn't find a wife to get married to. I was thinking I was ugly af and nobody wanted to marry me 🙁

THIS WEEK!TODAY! I went to Jummuah, I saw my brother Shaykh Ahmad, and I saw Shaykh Sayf, he talked to me and he told me that he made Dua for me and i just have to be patient.


She funny as shit. It's all starting to unravel in my head now. That girl that I saw at the terminal at 69th St, she funny as shit. She gon dress up all nice n shyt with her ass looking fat and I KNOW SHE SAW ME STARRING She gon bring some gay mfs with her so she can see if I was starring at them gay mfs so that btch can know my sexual orientation n shyt



Btch keep thinking I'm gay. Ima put this long dck inside you and get u pregnant and fuk ya whole life up

I don't play that gay shit

There was this girl that came to the Musallah, she was bad af. She had a FAT ASSS!

Sike naw keep it a bean that jawn was just average size it wasn't that fat. But she was def pretty af. It was like three of them, I was starring at all them btches

All those "women" May Allah forgive me. Them girls was Muslims, they not no damn "btches" They are highly sophisticated, mature, intelligent young females

All you other Non-Muslim btches is btches tho

Keep it a bean, I like it better when I'm sober. I think and use my mind better when I'm not high. Whenever I'm high all I want to do is look at females inappropriately, eat unhealthy food, watch porn, and go to sleep, all in that order

When I'm sober I got my head on good, I'm able to tell myself "don't look at her butt, don't smoke weed, don't watch porn!"

It's like a voice inside my head that's only telling me to do good

But when I take that first hit and my cerebellum becomes polluted with marijuana, I lose all control

Suddenly that voice in my head that was telling me not to stare at her waist is replaced with "THAT THANG FAT!"

And ik that if I look my soul will go straight to hellfire and I try hard af not to look


That girl I saw at the Mosque today for Jummuah. I wanted to marry her. I found her very attractive

So I went to my teacher Shaykh Sayf and asked him to go tell her for me that I like her and want her. He said okay, he came and looked at her and told me "I don't know her, she's not regular here"


I told Shaykh Sayf thank you and I went back to sit down

I wanna fuck a baby into Bea Miller. She bad as shyt. I wanna impregnate her, cuz if I do then SHE WILL BE MINES FOREVER!

The only way to keep a girl with you forever is to get her pregnant. That's the only way that the two people will stay together.

Because a man is not going to abandon his own kid

Well... A Muslim man. Because no pious Muslim man will abandon his own seed

Btches out here getting pregnant by Jay and Derek n shyt cdffuupp

Haven't you heard "giving him pussy is not gon make him love you and having his baby won't make him stay"

Stop being stupid! Btch if I tell you that "I love you" after two days talking on the phone. Do you think I really mean it? U have something that I want, soon as I get it I'm 🏃‍♂️

I remember I was in 9th grade. I saw this girl at the mall, she was pretty as shyt. She looked like a dumb blonde but in actuality she wasn't really that dumb. She liked to read Shakespeare and Stephen King just like me. She was really into like her religion n shyt, she was a devout Christian, her pops was the pastor... I think.

But yeah, she was a blonde. But she was NOT DUMB. That btch was 13 in the 10th grade and she was taking all AP classes. That hoe was smart!

Obviously not that smart tho cdfupp, she let me fuck the first five days

Soon as I fucked I changed my number and never went to that mall again!


Good morning

How you?

-Chillin bro you good?

Yeah bruh, what you bouta do

-Finna do Fajr in a lil bit, wbu?

I'm so alone

The month of Dhul Hijja finna commence. I want to go to Makkah. May Allah make it easier for me

"You should insert your phone number in my phone"

I be angry as shyt when I'm having sex. "YOU GON GET THIS DCK RIGHT NOW CUZ UR A WHORE I FUKKIN HATE YOU BTCH"

Cuz girls be talking. Especially about other men's sexual abilities. The majority of females loovveee to talk about those kind of stuff

So if I'm having sex I have to ensure that I give that btch my all and that she is fully pleasured and that her lust is satiated completely, why? Because I don't want her to tell all of her friends that I'm not that good in bed or that I can't do much. May Allah protect me from that kind of embarrassment.

But if I perform well and fuck her lights out then she will tell all of her friends and they all would want to fuck me in return 😁

BTCHES IS DEVILS! BTCHES IS DEVILS! BTCHES IS DEVILS! But damn why the devil so beautiful?


I can't taste sugar so I don't really eat it, I do not consume alcohol, I do not eat pork, I do not drink soda, I do not sleep very much

I do eat Oreos, I do eat chicken, I do drink water and juice, I do remember Allah a lot

My life consists of practicing my Religion, listening to music, reading books, coding, smoking weed, watching porn, sleeping

I just took a dookie

Now I have to redo my Wudu since I'm bouta go smoke, I will not have to pick up trash on the floor as expiation for having done my sin. All I have to is repent and that is enough.

ALWAYS REPENT! Even if you did not commit any sin

The Messenger of Allah PBUH said that he repent 70 times, in another narration "100 times" everyday.

But he did not do any sins. So why would he need to repent?

Because it elevates your status

Aisha- "O Messenger of Allah why is it that you pray so much and give so much worship?"

"Shall I not be a grateful slave of Allah?"

Always be grateful and always ask for forgiveness

Look at yourself in the mirror. YOU'RE UGLY AND FAT!

But Allah is Kareem. He has given you life and gave you a mouth, ears, eyes etc...

Allah has been so Generous to you. The least you can do is be grateful

You might be ugly as shit but Alhamdulillah you're alive, your heart is beating, you have a home and family, and most importantly... You have a chance to do many good deeds that will cause you to enter Jannah!

I'm high as hell on heaven's earth


May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad

Insha'llah soon I will get married

I've been thinking about it a lot

I'ma get married to a beautiful Muslim chick, her ass gon be fat, she gon have long black hair, i'ma be fuckin her like crazy and i'ma get her pregnant and OUR CHILD WILL BE AMAZING!

Being a husband is cool but what I really want is to be a father


If I have a son that lil ngga gon be my friend. He gon talk to me ABOUT EVERYTHING! Me and him will do everything, except for Haram of course

I'm not going to smoke weed and get high with my son df. My life is already fukked up because of marijuana, now I wanna fuck my son's life up. What kind of fucked up person would do such a thing like that?


Good Morning

Allah woke me up today, Alhamdulillah

I have to thank Him

How can I do that??

FAJR!! 😊

Smoking weed is a heinous disgusting sin that I will never partake in


Smoking anything is repulsive

Give me your daughter

Wallahi I'll treat her good. I'm a good pious Muslim I'll treat her good. Don't you want grand-children? Wallahi I'll give you many grand-children! You will not even be able to remember all of their names. I do not not really have much, I'm broke right now. But Allah is Mughnee!

I'll make her happy. I won't ever make her sad Wallahi. I'll protect her and treat her good. Do you want corruption to be on the land? Well that's what's going to happen if you don't give your daughter to me for marriage. You love your daughter yes? You've been taking care of her ever since she was born and you never would want anything bad to happen to her? I feel you, this is what I'm saying. If you let me marry her I will honor her, love her, protect her, and I will give you many grand-children. Your whole house will be filled with little Abduls crawling around.

Keep it a bean, you not going to be alive for much longer. You bouta die. (Insha'llah may Allah give you long life and good health AAMEN) but this is what I'm saying, Allah did not create you to be eternal like Him, the life in this Dunya is short. You will not be alive for much longer but your daughter will. You will not be able to watch over her and protect her but I CAN! On condition that you give her hand to me in marriage. I want to make your daughter my wife and mother of my children, Insha'llah!

Mr. Krabs is a miser


Good Morning

Sodomy is a major sin in Islam

Sodomy is homosexuality

There is no God but Allah

Whatever that he decrees I must follow

Allah says that it's not permissible to have girlfriends

When I was younger before I found Islam I didn't really understand the wisdom behind not having girlfriends

Then as I got older and had more girlfriends I started to see why

It is not stable nor is it permanent

If you got a girlfriend and you get tired of her you can easily just break up with her without doing anything it is going to be an easy process

But if you are married to her then you will most likely try to work it out before splitting up. Because even though divorce is permissible in Islam sometimes the repercussions can be bad. There are right way to divorce and there are wrong ways. All the four rightly guided Caliphs went through a divorce. A lot of the times people do it wrong and it can have a terrible effect

The children are most likely going to be split from both parents

And what would that cause? Nothing but a messed-up childhood. So when the children get older they will never be able to say that they had a normal childhood.

So as they age going from parent to parent it's going to have an effect on them mentally

They might not realize it and the parents might not realize it but it will happen.

Cum put my dck in your mouth and suck it bae

You finna get this dck! RIGHT NOW!!!!

I'm not surprised by anything anymore

Mercy Umah had the softest lip😘

And she smelled nice

I remember I bit her cheek cdffuupp! She was mad af

I listen to Beyonce, Rhianna and K. Michelle and all them other btches, I just don't be singing along but I def be listening

Y'all fux with Kehlani?

She gotta fat ass.

K. Michelle gotta fat ass

Toni Romiti gotta fat ass

Who else gotta fat ass??

Cardi B def got cake!🎂 Alesia Cara. Her butt really not that fat. But she's cute in the face and she got long hair, so that makes up for it. Them other btches I can just bust a nut on they buttcheeks cuz that shyt so fat.

But Alesia Cara, that hoe different. I can look that btch right on her face and screw her lights out. Ima be hitting it from the side then i'ma cum inside her.

There's some girls who I just wanna fuck like a dirty whore and pull on her hair and spit on her face

Then there are some girls who I want to make love to. Don't pull on her hair or smack her ass or do none of that

I remember once I nutted so hard, tears came out my eyes 😢

I was high as shit, I smoked a facial. I was ALL THE WAY UP!

I was walking home then I saw this girl walking with some tight ass shorts and immediately I was awaken!

I quickly ran home 🏃‍♂️ and went to my room and got on my laptop

I was watching for like 3 minutes. I NUTTED!

I nutted so hard and tears came out my eyes. I WAS SO ASHAMED!

No one could see me in my room but THE ANGELS COULD, AND ALLAH COULD! 😢

May Allah forgive me

I used to love watching like NBA games on TV. But I stopped since I gained Religious knowledge and I learned that all them commentators wanna do is gossip! Them nggas love eating dead meat flesh.

I still like to watch basketball, I just turn the volume all the way down

55- All the Prophets, including Muhammad and Ibraheem AS, excluding Jesus

33- Solely Jesus

22- the Angels. Including Jibreel and those holding the Arsh

25- the Awliya of humankind














Good Morning

I remember my Lord a lot

Keep your piety a secret

Keep your good deeds a secret

Be secretive, be quiet, make people wonder

May Allah bless Shaykh Gilles

May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad

Being rejected is the worst

I hate it!!

The Prophet SAWS was rejected in Ta'if, on the last day

They threw stones at him, he was bleeding on his feet smh

And it wasn't like the men who were throwing stones at him

It was the slave women and children who were peltering him with stones, he said that was his worst day

Even worse then Uhud, when his uncle Hamza died. He cried so hard. He loved his uncle

Even worse than the Year of Sorrow

In that year he lost his wife who he had been married to for 25 years, then three months later he lost his other uncle Abu Tallib


May Allah protect me from all types of evil.. AAMEN!

May Allah bless my father and may He give him long life. I really love this guy. He's a character!

*clearly baby its you that I want*

These are all "!-!-!-!-!" five

1258 -1258






"!-!-!-!-!" Is the highest. It only goes up to five

There are others that are less like 832, which is !-!-!-! four

Four is still good af, though it's not good as 426 because it's a five, but nontheless, it's still pretty good


There are others

The top best are:

555!-!-!-!-!- all the Prophets excluding Eesa AS

525!-!-!-!-!- Solely Eesa AS

755!-!-!-!-!- The Angels

725- the Awliya of humankind

These are also "!-!-!-!-!" five

1155!-!-!-!-!- Ibrahim AS

1050!-!-!-!-!- Abu Bakr AS SADIQQ

525!-!-!-!-!- The Sadiqqs of mankind. Those who are truthful Muslims

And 525 x 2= 1050!-!-!-!-!

There's more. I had like a whole encyclopedia of them jawns in my old phone. But it broke 😔

It broke in Ramadan cdffupp

Smoking weed is not good for you bruh. I remember once I smoked and got high as shyt and went to sit down to wait for the bus

This old lady was there at the bus stop. She was really old, she had to be like 90 at least. I greeted her and sat down next to her.

Suddenly out of nowhere I just start shivering, I get cold af outta nowhere. So I zip up my hoodie and put my hands in my pockets then I ask the lady. "Where's your jacket it's so cold"

The old lady looks at me and smiles and tells me that it's not really cold outside. I'm thinking "lady you tripping it's cold as shit" then I pull out my phone and check the temperature outside, that hoe said "58 degrees"

That's really not cold! I was the one tripping. How df was a 22 year old mf like me shivering n shyt when this 90 year old lady just sitting calmly with not even a sweater on? It was the marijuana. Cuz I was high as shit!

Marijuana destroys your white blood cells which basically kills your immune system

Allah Knows this. Which is why he prohibited it

Being a husband is cool and all but what I really can't wait for is to be a father. I'm gonna be the best dad!

Me and all my children will be super close. I'll be close with my daughters, I'ma have tea parties with them and play dress up with them if that's what they want. All my sons will be the best. I'm going to be playing catch with one of my sons, with a baseball.


He gon be like: SURE DAD! 😊 LET'S GOO

Then we gon be playing. And he gon throw one really hard and I miss the catch so the baseball gon hit my nose, then it's gon start bleeding. Then i'ma be holding my nose up "WOW SON YOU GOT ONE HECK OF AN ARM"

He gon be like: Haha 😁, sorry dad

Then we're going to go inside the house to pray Asr

He will lead

My favorite companion is Julaybeeb

My favorite Prophet is Rasullullah SAWS

And then it's Ibrahim AS

And then it's Eesa AS

Those are my top three

May Allah bless ALL the Prophets

124,000 Prophets, 315 Messengers

The Angel Jibrill came to EVERY PROPHET

He is the Angel of Revelation. He is the best of the Angels

Every Prophet receives revelation from Jibreel. The Angel Jibrill AS also went to Maryam AS

-wait but I thought that he was the Angel of Revelation. So what type of revelation would he need to give a woman?

Maryam AS is Awliya, she is not just any women, she is the best of the women

The Angel Jibrill AS came to her to give her news of a righteous son

"How can I have a child when no man has touched ne?"

Jibrill- It has been decreed by Allah so it shall be

Is Jesus not a Prophet and a Messenger?

So that was the revelation

I remember Na'diyah. She used to always call me "youngbul"

Her cousin Charity was a freak

*if she ain't a virgin than that bitch is only average*

It's a lot of average btches walking around




Good Morning

This elderly lady got on the bus and there were no seats for her to take, she bad to stand 🙁

Df is my sister talking about??

I never disrespect her df

If you want respect u gotta give it df

She gon say "get df out my car"

And when I asked her to give me some money for food she gon tell me no , df

What kinda sister acts like that??

May Allah curse her

Crazy bitch

I rather stay with my father then stay with her crazy ass

At least when I'm with my dad I have peace of mind

That shit really made me mad. She gon call me talking about some "I'm not going to take any more disrespect from you"


She think that she can be treating me any way because she's older than me and she feels that she has superiority over me


Me and her supposed to be moving in a place together

She's living with one of her friends I think which I highly doubt, but Allah knows best

Meanwhile I'm living with my dad in his little one bedroom apartment

I admit, living with him is..... not the best. I have no privacy and I'm not able to do all the prayers I want. But... Alhamdulillah, I'm alive, i have food to eat, and I have a place to sleep. And plus my dad easy to live with, he don't be talking bad to me or anything, he's super cool at all times


wtf do she be on??????

She's always chastising me, she's always talking down on me she's always making me feel like a little ass kid

And I don't be saying nothing because I'm Muslim and I don't want to hurt her feelings


Who df hired her? She fuckin the money up

My mom called me and told me to call my sister. My sister be saying some rs. I love her. May Allah forgive her and may He bless her

My sister is beautiful and I love her. I would die for her

I do not like to go out much or be seen in public places why? Because my face is hideous, I'm ugly, I do not want old ladies to pepper spray me or for the police to arrest me for indescent exposure


Yes there are some bad members in the Ummah today. We live in a world where "Muslim" people blow up planes and kill babies in the name of Allah

We live in a nepotistic world where you cannot get a job if you do not follow the same religion as your employer

We live in a world where women are named Khadija and Aisha and they have Muslim lineages and they label themself as that, but go outside on hot summer days with miniskirts on and no Hijab

Smh, that's sad

But those are our brothers and sisters, we have to help them, any way that we can, so that they can get to Allah

Ik more than you think. Don't ever try to fuckin play me

Mfs be trying play me for a fool cuz my birthday on April Fools

The Messenger of Allah SAWS was the most forbearing and patient. People used to curse and yell at him, people from his own tribe Quraysh. They would see him in the streets and yell at him and curse him and he would just stand there like ☺

SAWS. He is the best.

Me, I am not like that. Btch if you yell at me and curse at me i'ma yell and curse back df. You got me fucked up thinking I'm just gonna stand there and take that shyt. Btch i'ma curse you and your whole lineage you got me fukked up!



Good Morning

I remember when I used to live in that house with that dirty btch Salamatu Tunkara. She used to oppress me, accuse me of molesting her baby daughter Assanatu and she used to starve me. Whenever she would cook and when she finished she would put the food up to her room so that I won't eat and I would have to wait until she goes to work and then go in her room and take some food and eat, just for a little sustenance to keep me alive. She was trying to starve me to death. So what did I do? I turned to Allah. I made Dua to Allah and said:

"Ya Rabb, You are one, and you Exist. I do not have a speck of doubt about Your Existence. Ya Rabb, please raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Ya Rabb, forgive me, for all my sins, I'm sorry. Ya Rabb, I do not want to die. This woman is oppressing me in this house. I take care of her kids so well and she treats me like this Ya Rabb. I beg of You, please don't take her life. Please help me Ya Rabb, please

So what happened? Allah stepped in. He released His jinns and the Shaytan on her, she began having dreams. The next day when I went to school and came back home she had cleaned my room and she put the food in the downstairs fridge so that I can eat

And she would always call me while I'm at school like "are you okay? Do you need something?"


That girl at the job fair was cute as shyt, she smelled nice

I love her, she's the one for me


May Allah bless Theresa

She approached me and was so nice to me

May Allah bless my sister. She gave me money to go to the Mosque tomorrow

This man that I saw in the wheelchair today. Ya Allah, I beg of you Ya Rabb. Make him walk again Ya Rabb, put him on his feet.

May Allah make all of those who are in a wheelchair walk again, Allah is Able!

Tomorrow's FRIDAY!!

I can't wait to go to the Masjid tomorrow so my sins for this whole week can be forgiven. All the weed I smoked and all the porn I watched smhh

May Allah forgive me



I woke up feeling good today. It will be a good day today Insha'llah

The best day that the sun rises is on a Friday

Ya Allah, my sins! Please expedite them Ya Rabb.

Allah is Al Muqadim

May Allah make that man in the wheelchair that I saw yesterday walk again

May Allah make all those in the world who are in a wheelchair walk again


Damn she had a fat ass

I wasn't looking though, I'm omw to Jummuah I can't look at NO GIRL'S WAS. I left the crib today with my right foot and asked Allah to protect me, plus the Angels are watching me today's Friday, them mfs vigilent af

But Allah is more vigilent

May Allah bless Hajj Anwar. Every time that I come to Jummuah he is always the first one that I see. He is a great Muslim. May Allah keep him on this straight path and may He protect him from all types of evil. AAMEN!

My sins have been forgiven. I supplicated to Allah SWT to forgive my sins and He did just

YESSS! I'm at Jummah, I'm staying here until after Asr. I love being here, I love being Muslim, I love my life!

May Allah alleviate the pain of all those who are suffering worldwide, Muslims and non-muslims AAMEN!

I just farted. My Wudu has been nullified

It's cool tho, making Wudu is easy. All that I have to do is splash water on my face, hands, and wash my foot

And then I can pray Asr. I CAN'T WAIT FOR ASR

I can't wait for Asr! 😁


I'm at the crib now Alhamdulillah

I'm hungry as shyt

I just look at it this way, if something happens and I die I'm guaranteed Jannah


That ngga was gay smhh. Fuckin faggot

Btch don't ever try to distract me or divert my attention away when I'm at the Musallah for Jummah. I'm laying there listening to Islamic lectures on YouTube that gay ass mf just gon come sit next to me and play his music all loud distracting me from listening n shyt. So I get df up and move.

Btch don't ever try to divert my attention away from the remembrance of Allah

I used to be able to go for the entire Friday without smoking, or watching porn, like last year I used to be able to do it

Because Fridays are very sacred. It should only be dedicated to Allah and that's it. I used to be able to go to Jummah, come home, and go to sleep, and smoke the next day. But never on Fridays. Fridays are reserved

And I wouldn't stare at females in a lustful manner. Today I was starring at EVERY GIRL that passed me by "Damn she had a fat ass 👀"

Before on Fridays when I was going to Jummah and I would see an attractive female in the street and I would try to stare at her there was a voice that came in my head like "YOU'RE ABOUT TO GO TO JUMMAH. DON'T LOOK!"

now that voice has been replaced with "look at her buttcheeks" smhh

May Allah forgive me. I'm getting weak. My power to fight back is diminishing

Smoking weed and watching porn and blatantly sinning on the day of Jummah. WHAT HAVE I BECOME!! 😣

It's the mfn environment. Idk what it is about this place, all I ever want to do is sin. Sinning is so easy and accessible here. Smh. I feel so fucking ashamed of myself

I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with this environment, the people here are all nice and it has a beautiful view of the ocean, in the mornings I be like 🤓

It's not the environment that's messed up, I am, I'm messed up. I'm SINFUL

This environment is beautiful, I'm the one that's ugly.


I'm a sinful piece of shit! I HATE MYSELF!!

May Allah forgive me. Allah is Al-Afuuw

Allah is Al Muqaddim


Those sins that I did, they're nothing. As long as I regret doing them and ask for forgiveness and I have a firm intention in my mind to never return back to it again I'm good. Allah pardons me


I'M DONE. You have my word Ya Allah. I'm finished with that bad habit.

For as long as I live

I would never lie to You Ya Allah

I would lie to myself before I lie to You

May Allah curse that gay ass ngga at the Mosque today. I could be wrong, but if he had alterior motives and was plotting on me please curse him Ya Rabb

And curse every gay male figure who try to approach me thinking I'm gay. CURSE THEM ALL AND DESTROY THEM COMPLETELY YA RABB

I'm tired of these people Ya Rabb. I wish to worship You alone but they are not giving me a chance


These homosexual faggots want me to be like them Ya Allah. But I cannot. I love women Ya Allah. I love You. HELP ME. PLEASE! 😢


Good Morning

I just did Fajr

I had to do Isha and Fajr. Yesterday after I did the obligatory Maghrib prayer I became Junub. So I had to take a shower this morning and fulfill the Isha Salah I missed and the Fajr Salah

Shaykh Mufti Menk said that the best deeds to Allah are those in which he has made compulsory, the fard

Plus this is the month of Dhul Hijja. I have to do the best that I can.

That gay ass mf had some pink shorts on looking gay af

That faggot ass mf gon sit in the section where the females at

And he got the nerve to come sit down next to me thinking I'm interested

Lucky it was Friday and that ngga a Muslim. If not then I would've cussed that faggot ass mf out, fohh. You better get df out my face with that gay shyt faggot!

How df is u gon be gay and be a Muslim at the same time df. Homosexuality is a major sin which requires repentance. And a condition for repentance is to stop doing the sin. Obviously you are still enveloped in your homosexuality which means you have not repented. Thus meaning: Your Islam has been rendered invalid because the Prophet PBUH said "none of you is a believer while he is drinking alcohol" that applies for all sins

I am not a Muslim while the blunt is in my mouth. My Islam is only regained when I have finished, then I am Muslim again.

I am not a believer while my dck is in that hoe mouth. I gotta bust a nut and stop fucking her in order for me to be Muslim again

Lemme see another gay ass faggot ass mf try to approach me again thinking I'm gay


The Prophet PBUH is buried with his two MALE COMPANIONS

And he said that he was going to enter paradise while holding their hands. So does that mean he's gay for holding two men hands??

You better go get a girlfriend and get df out my face fuckin faggot

All the girls and pussy that's out here, and nggas still choose to be gay smhh

May Allah protect me from all these homosexuals and may He kill any one of them who try to approach me thinking I'm gay. AAMEN!

Go be a faggot in the privacy of your home. Don't approach me with that shyt cuz I DON'T FUKKIN LIKE IT!

And damn sure don't come to Jummuah with that gay shyt.

May Allah smite you. AAMEN!! AAMEN!! AAMEN!!

I'm really good with females

Nggas be being top class actors when they be lying talking bout some "😐bruh I called you when we was sparking up".
Sdfup ngga if you would've called me that shyt would've came to my phone, but it didn't so what that mean dh?

One has to be firmly practical in all actions.

You're right, I am smarter then you, and I will be more successful, Insha'Allah.

Allah wills for anything and everything.

The reason why America is a predominantly Christan nation and not Islamic is because Christianity is an easier religion to follow then Islam. Christians have "Christmas"😄, we have Ramadan 😐

Mfs be so quick to forget

The need to need

I told this ngga Allah I don't even smoke 😂

A true believer never gets tired of receiving true knowledge.

My style sheet lacks continuity

I wish Allah (Swt) didn't make me so ignorant and susceptible.

You have a nice facial structure.

I'm not at the top, I'm at the bottom.

The only religion is Islam.

Just because you are ignorant does not mean others are.

Being sober is like having a bad headache and you like damn I gotta take some medicine to get rid of this headache, that's what the bud is.. Medicine. But the only messed up part is like damn, Ima always have this headache if I don't take the medicine, like you can't be high forever, shit I wish.

Omar Epps is the bul from love and basketball.

Just because one is bad does not mean they should be given up on.

How do you properly define a place?

Take heed young one, put God first, always.

Smoking cigarettes is permitted but it is highly frowned upon.

There are iniquities that Allah (Swb) does not make us aware of.

Two Liberians getting in a confrontation.

Now I just feel stupid for the loop that you threw me for.

All Atheists are stupid.

She thinks it's only tough love and I need to stop

🚫 There are many sides to Allah (Swt). His most powerful though is his Merciful side. Because that side is able to control and alleviate the harshness from any other of his sides.

There is no end to Allah (Swt)

Allah (Swt) is the most generous.

The world is not as scary as it looks, young grasshopper.

The world is already perfect, we are the imperfect ones.

Apostacy is blasphemy.

Take heed young one, trust Allah.

People take advantage of you when you are too nice.

But I am your child, you're creation.
-Haha as is all.

🚫🚫with Allah (Swt) anything is possible.

Trying to understand Allah (Swt) will only result in insanity.

That's nothing that I want more than for you to keep it real with me.

I write crazy books and hooks.

You can sin in heaven faithfully without feeling no remorse.

The artist hears the beat first, the audience hears the art first.

Understanding him is knowing that we will face him one day and we long for him, and we will be forced to argue with him, and we will ultimately lose.

I told this ngga God I'm bored and he created the universe.

Understanding him is realizing that you know nothing.

I lost my mfn grinder.

Don't be scared of the stigma.

My professor said talking about marijuana is not properly etiquette to talk about.


Our inequities are too great.

The Earth is really the one that's high.

Can you distinctify being "hot"?

Ignorance and susceptibility can lead to ridiculous stereotypes

Your body is a temple...

She didn't sit down even though I got out the chair before she came close. In stead she preferred to stand and say "I'm good'✋.
What a peculiar lady.

What if the high is not what I perceive it to be? What if tis' a malevolent spirit?

❌Allah (Swt) should be the ultimate judge of Shatan's faith.

I looked in my wallet I was hoping to find at least $10 I looked in that btch I saw 2 mfn dollar bills, I was scared as shit I was like "damn I'm broke af". Then I saw a $10 bill.

It uses recorded algorithm to optimize your listening experience.

Her voice was small and dull, like a terrified small child, plus a bit squeaky her voice was.

Allah (Swt) will not make it easy for us.

❌ every time I finish blowing from Conway and dip I ask Allah (Swt) for forgiveness.

Allah (Swt) Exalts but never exhaust.

Allah (Swt) is the exalted, but he never gets exhausted.

❌❌Allah (Swt) is never wrong, and always right.

It's nothing wrong with you personally, it's I that has the problem. I'm not used to you. Like my cousin DeMarcus, he came here from Africa he was like, "hello, my name is DeMarcus from Kabunja and I am a Mandingo warrior."
-df, you a warrior btch, you bouta fight for our independent rights n shyt

Two Mexicans getting into an argument and altercation

Doing what Allah (Swt) commands of me is my freedom.

Allah (Swt) can foresee the future, for he creates it.

Allah (Swt) knows best.

I can never be a police officer I stutter too much.

I am weak

Me thinking that the world is as bad as it really is can lead me to be overprotective at times.

The stigma is not something to be feared, it is something to be frowned upon.

I once got so high I forgot who I was and my purpose in life.

I rather stimulate your mind then emulate your purpose.

Basically the other competition is agreeing that they will accept the lower price pet consumer

❌Allah (Swt) loves all of you, even the parts you don't recognize.

How can we be friends if we share nothing in common?

You don't have to smoke wd to get high.

❌ Allah (Swt) is with me as I indulge in this perilous journey

Me and my brother came to a Mexican restaurant, and the lady gave us the menu and he said everytime I come here I can't understand shit on the menu. 😂

❌Allah (Swt) at times may decree bad things to happen to good people.

Social media is just live inscription.

If you don't sin then you're not human.

Ignorance is an attribute of imperrfection

No one knows all but Allah (Swt).

Every Muslim will enter paradise once they die.

The mercy of Allah (Swt) is for everybody in this life, and only for the true Muslims in the hereafter.

You can't imagine God.

Allah (Swt) is not in the sky.

You have to take the text of the religion literally unless the religion proves otherwise.

The Quran and Hadith don't contradict each other.

In Janah everybody is physically 33 years of age.

Don't ever wonder if I'm high, just know I'm always high bruh

❌He indeed is the reason it happened, but we cannot blame him for it occurring.

Old Iadies do not like me bruh

The one we see to look as if may have it good always have other problems.

❌ God (Swt) encased me in this reality I am in.


❌I aint look at her butt Allah.

The signs will come, whether you see them or not

The end will come, but none of us will live to see it.

Tis good to live in the moment, but one should not live for the moment.

❌Allah (Swt) is forever.

Allah (Swt) is the most merciful.

❌Allah (Swt) cares very little if you are on the right path. You are already doing what you have to.

I woke up from my nap and realized everybody is fake.

Always go for the right thing to do.

Allah (Swt) has nothing to prove to us, we are the ones that have to prove to him our worth.

It was on shuffle I asked for the chiraq song to play next, and it played. 😄😲

One should thank Allah (Swt) when bad things occur, even more then when a joyous deed occurs.

If I should record all the amazing things Allah (Swt) does for me, I would have to make a brand new list.

Allah (Swt), all my trust is in you.

❌Understanding Allah (Swt) is understanding that he always knows best.

I'm not susceptible by the common rhetoric scheme.

FA gave me exactly $33

We are only more powerful than Shatan if we side with Allah (Swt)

Allah (Swt) why do you tell us not to worry and then you put worries in our heart?

The praying mat cost exactly $5.

Wake up take a sip of ace of spades like it's water

There was 33 emails in my thing in my phone.

After Judah finished talking to me at the Masjid I looked at the time it was exactly 3:03pm, then I looked again it was 3:05, then again and again it was 3:13 and 3:15

Everybody is more fake than real

Tap that ax song

Some witches don't even know they're witches

We don't understand Allah (Swt), so we often question him.

My impetus is slower than normal.

It was raining, I'm at the bus stop for shade. I pull out my phone to look at the time, that hoe said 5:25.🙏

I aint have no bread. I spent the $13 FA gave me to buy tokens so I can go to the Masjid on Friday and Sunday. I went there on Friday and prayed for Allah (Swt) to help me out for financial aid. I didn't blow all day Friday. On Saturday my ss money came and i was able to blow. Let's see what happens next😆.

Common sense is not common.

Impetus is like vulgar.

There are no sins or iniquities on other planets, so they are better then Earth

Allah(Swt) is not stupid.

It's not an obligation for every Muslim to learn about the worldly matters.

Prayer is an obligation.

It is a personal obligation to find the prayer direction.


Allah (Swt) is not in the sky.

Ish Jihad is making an effort to find the Kaba.

Tell people to be Muslim and believe in Allah (Swt), then tell them to pray.

Never deny anybody that wants to be Muslim.

Prophet Musa asked Prophet Muhammad to ask Allah (Swt) to lessen the prayer less than 5, but he was too shy to ask .

Prophet Muhammad never went to paradise, he went there during his lifetime.

Mfs be like, only God (Swt) can judge me, meanwhile the Quran and Bible is out like... God is already judging you, he's clearly telling you how he feels about this specific topic, you just don't want to accept it because you wanna keep doing your iniquity.

You can't quit when you want to.

BRRRRUHHH! Ard I went to the Masjid after Alhaji talked to me and tried to convince me to stop blowing. He failed, but it was a nice try tho. I came back from the Masjid and went to 69th St to go home. It was closed, I wanted to buy tokens. Then I hopped on the trolley to go to Sharon Hill. The bus was coming at 4:45, I had to hurry up. I went to the Wells Fargo ATM to take out $40. I was going to give aunty $33, and buy Alhaji a $5 card so he can call his mom. I went to the ATM and looked at the time that hoe said 4:25. Then I went to the 7 eleven to buy Alhaji's card, I looked at the time that hoe said 4:30. Then I looked at the time while walking to the bus stop that hoe said 4:35. Praise Allah (Swt) 🙏

Technical terms/definitions
don't apply to the islamic knowledge

❌Allah (Swt) is permissible to say no.

ISIS recruiters just pitch a good game

❌Don't ever deny Allah (Swt), his Prophets and Angels, for he loves his Prophets and Angels so very much.

I gave aunty exactly $33

This ngga Ronnie told me "bro why would you wanna blow when it's hot as shit in Conway when you can just come to my crib?" I told him "I rather be high and take that long ass hot walk then go all the way to your crib and go through all these trials and tribulations just to make it home n shyt 😂 "

❌Allah (Swt) is the only true God.

I'm high as shyt walking to the bus stop n shit

I was sitting at the bus stop with this old lady I told her what a nice weather it was, she started talking and explaining I began to gaze off n shit.

The lady at the bus stop said she been waiting there since 7:35an.

I looked at the time on the bus it was 8:37 😐

It us a drug, but it's not a drug to me..

❌We pray that his mercy be relentless.

I think it's funny but white people be agreeing to everything. 😂

Buy, blow bud and write.

God fears no man, men fear God.

Driving is not a privilege nor a right. Tis' a necessity.

I just blew at Conway n shyt, I'm toasty.


That shit went exactly to 5:30pm when I'm bout to dip n shit

A person's impetus can be vulgar.

Don't chastise or scold me for your sin, worry about yours.

❌You can't be a a Muslim in private.

I can't even put some of this shit in words, I'm high tho.

❌This nxa Allah (Swt) so funny bruh, I'm reading the Haram list n shit 😂

❌Allah (Swt) I didn't know, please forgive me.

The average human impetus is pretty high.

We only exist to others.

" Be still, I am God (Swt)."

The punishment will exceed the pleasure you gained from committing the sin.

The bus coming at 7:18am

It was exactly 7:00am when I got to the intersection jawn
And at 7:03 was when I sat down at the bus stop.
And at 7:05 was when I pulled it back out to jot these down.

I'm high as shyt

I gotta stop cursing, it's Haram.

One can play and have fun with Allah (Swt), just know where you stand and your boundaries.

This ngga Ronnie said I'm loyal to C, I thought he said I'm sorry to see 😂

I looked at the time while sitting at Conway that hoe said exactly 6:10am.

❌ Because God (Swt) is loyal.

My family got some strong ass male genes

If you see it for what it appears to be then that's what it's going to be.

❌ We must not think of him as the number "1". Because there can be two 1's, but there can never be two Allah (Swt). Because there is none like him.

Everything's forbidden everything's forgiven

Getting high puts you in touch with your subconscious mind.

I'm not gonna flex.

Drunk words are sober thoughts.

❌The existence of God (Swt) is a transcendental fact most of us know.

Plan B is basic plan

The basic predominant belief is false, the older generations are always inferior to the younger generation.

❌Allah (Swt) talks to me everyday.

❌ Islam is not "a" religion, it's the only religion.

❌It's Allah (Swt) first, and Prophet Muhammad then Islam, then Allah (Swt) again.

Quality over quantity

Deb's birthday is on Wednesday, get her ice tea

Poor people in other countries abode to religion because that's all they have, then they completely lose it when they come to a richer country.

No practice of a religion can be done incognito.

Islam does not change for you, you have to change for Islam.

Just because he's blessing you does not mean that you are on the right path.

Space does not exist, not even bodies. Just imagination and thoughts.

Jins and humans are like cigarettes and marijuana. Cigarettes is Jins.

I got to from the bench at folcroft library after reading. I was omw to Conway to blow, I looked at the time that hoe said exactly 5:00🙏

Ard dude look. FA is going to the follower place to fix the desktop on Monday. May you please her with the payment. It's not that it's going to be a lot of money, less than $150 for sure.

I just don't want her spending a lot of money on me and the kids, I just don't want her to be cool you know

❌The pyramid scheme which reference to current and latter generations does not apply when it comes to the Almighty Allah (Swt).

FA lemme tell you what happened yesterday. So when auntie came home she came down to ask me, "did FA buy Alusine any cookie?. I said no. Then she started saying okay because I don't want my kids to do anything with FA

When Alusine talked to you earlier yesterday and he asked you to buy him cookie he went and told auntie. And Apa was

I will always submit

I had 4 tokens, which was exactly enough to go to the Masjid and back.

The only thing we need to know about Allah (Swt) is that he loves us unconditionally and he wants the best for us.

Wd didn't make me like this, I been like this. (not high)

I'm high

You catch the high when you blow out

when I came to the folcroft library and looked at the time on the computer it said 12:05, then when I looked at my phone it said 12:07

MS. Tony
MS. Elsie

The world moves with a rhythmic tune that I've lost sense of.

It's Haram to take nggas btches

I got exactly to the folcroft library bruh it was exactly 5:00pm. Then I looked again it was 5:03 exactly.

Philosophy is more concerned on why it happens.

Bus coming at 6:19am

I was in the middle of the mfxn street on the sidewalkn shit, I looked on the phone that hoe said 6:10. I'm like... WTF 🙏

❌I looked back on my phone to write " Allah (Swt) blesses us with mediocre abilities " that hoe said exactly 6:19am

MS. Julie- short white old lady
MS. Ruth

❌ Allah (Swt) blesses us with mediocre abilities.

That shit came late of course 😩

Give them a bonus pack, original soundtracks from movie and the actual film.

I'm so fukkin high

❌ Allah (Swt) sits on his throne and watches us kill ourselves and shakes his head in disappointment.
the whole world has been DuLified

You have to be bad to win.

Speech spotlight

My brains name is Robert

*Bus comes at 6:19am (08/10/16)

When I was walking from Conway I stopped exactly at the first bridge jawn at 5:55am
I sat down at the bus stop at 6:00

❌ Allah (Swt) can escape out of contractions.

My room mate the atheist

❌To not believe in God (Swt) is to not be human.

It was exactly 7:35am when the bus got to the school and a hot song that was playing ended

Dark skin match my entity


The bus comes at 6:19am(08-11-2016)

I woke up late, at 530am
.i blew at the bench at Conway
Got exactly to the bus stop at 6:11am

The creation will never know more than the creator

I got inside the bus at 6:25am

A hot song ended when the bus arrived at the school

All atheists have a strong fear of rejection.

Michelle Branch everywhere ended as soon as the cab came for me at the rehab place.

Prophet Muhammad said that this Dunya is a prison for the believers, and paradise for the nonbelievers.

Everybody else in the world moves at an impetus I can't emulate.

The computer at the library froze, I had exactly 35:35 left. It was exactly 10:55am when I looked on my phone.

Ms. Julie
Ms. Ruth

There are bad drugs and there are safe drugs.

❌All thanks goes to Allah (Swt).

I'm a man of my word.

The phone was charging at folcroft library. I went to go pick it up the time said exactly 3:35pm.

I'm always high, smoking weed just enables me to come to that realization quicker.

I'm at the library, this 47 chromosome ngga sitting next to me start like fidgeting and making lots of silent noises, I get scared as shit and start praying to Allah (Swt) that this ngga don't snap and go ham.

I'm at the crib finna get on my phone I look at the time it say 6:35pm exactly.

I was walking to the trolley station in Sharon Hill, I guessed it was gon be 10:18am. I looked on my phone it was exactly 10:18. I was the last one to get to the trolley at 10:25, then it pulled off.

The parent orders the child to pray at 7.
At 10 the parent hits the child for not praying at age 10.

No Muslim should be hit in the face.

If a Muslim committs a crime, and repents and serves his punishment them a stigma should not follow him and the matter should be dropped.

Checked the amount of space I have on my phone it said 133 mb

It's okay to learn from a women.

This ngga brother Anwar funny as shit. He said he think it's the Shaytan that's making him so tired, I told him naw it's prolly the hot weather, he was like no it's Shaytan.

I used to think that dope was crack

I arrived at the hut at Conway to blow exactly at 5:35pm from the Masjid.

❌ Allah (Swt) analyzes the prayer in great detail.

❌when I always shouldn't I still do.
Bruh I take a shower and pray n shyt, I finish and lay on the bed and turn on my laptop, I look to the right at the clock that hoe said 6:37pm.

We can coexist bruh, it's permissible.

Everytime I'm playing checkers and I look at the time on the game it say :33

Pray that FA gets the job.

I'm walking home from blowing with Ronnie at Conway I look at the time that hoe says 623pm

I'm at Conway reading n shit after I just blew, I look at my phone it says exactly 9:00am
I move from the hut to the bench cuz then fukkin ants start tripping. I look at my phone it says exactly 9:07am n shyt.
I'm still reading at the bench n shit I look at my phone it says exactly 10:05am
I looked at the time again it said 10:22. Exactly 33 minutes before ima leave at 10:55
I look at the time it says exactly 10:34am

❌Ima marry you, fuck you, multiple times. And I'll try my best to love and cherish you for all my life. Insha'Allah.

I'm sitting at the folcroft library bench reading, I look at the time on my phone that hoe said 11:55.

After I finished talking with Ronnie that hoe said exactly 12:00pm

❌There is no end to Allah (Swt)

I'm sitting at the folcroft library. Some old head comes next to me and starts smoking crack.

O.I.L. oreos is life

I just came back from folcroft library. I'm sitting at the bench in Conway blowing, I pull out my phone to make a post on social media I look at the time that hoe says 6:57pm.

I was at the intersection on Clifton Ave, I looked at my phone that hoe said 7:05pm.
I'm finna cross the street I look again at my phone that hoe said 7:07pm

I am addicted to smoking weed.

That's not even in the premise of what we are discussing.

Two libarians having a discussion about their week.

I smoke everyday bruh smhh

I'm at Conway blowing

Insha'llah I will fast on the Day of Arafah

Df, she really be on some shit

I'm not gonna ask her for nothing else

If you don't want to do something for somebody then just say "no" instead of making up lies and then say "I'm not gonna be able to do it"

Say that shyt from the rip then. She said that shyt and got my hopes all up and then she tells me "I can't do it 😐"

Smhh. I'm over here on a dummy mission waiting for her and she never shows up df!

Whatever. Idgaf.

I ain't asking her for shit! She better not call me too cuz I damn sure ain't picking up

But I ain't gon do what she did. I called her and she let it ring once and then she ignored the call.

Ima let it keep ringing until that shyt goes to vm

Insha'llah I don't move in with her cuz she gon fuck me up mentally, that hoe crazy

Living with this psycho bitch gon make me end up in a mental hospital or dead

This ngga Tim cool as shit

Insha'llah he will say his Shahada in the privacy of his home. Because you don't need NO WITNESSES to convert

You can just be by yourself and say it and now you're Muslim

Even though Tim is a Non-Muslim still he cool as shyt. I would hate to see nggas like that go to Hellfire forever.

Allah has made it so easy to go to paradise. Just say the Shahada. That's it

You can be a baby killer, child molester. You could kill a pregnant lady. But if you die believing the Oneness of Allah, than you are guaranteed Paradise

Vice versa applies also. You can build hospitals, give millions of dollars in charity away, save an old lady from drowning. But... if you die believing that God has a partner or a son/wife etc... if you die you will go to hellfire

Look at Martin Luther King. Look at all the good that he did in his life. He maybe was the greatest civil rights activist that we've ever had. He fought for equal rights for everybody. He did so much good in this life.

But if he died believing that Jesus is God or related to him in any way then he will go to hell

Who else? Rosa Parks. She freed the slaves. She did so much good in this life. But, if she died and she was not on Tawheed then she will go into hellfire forever!

Allah has spoken. That's the law!

Thinking about how she fuckin played me! If you say that you're gonna help me than FUCKIN HELP ME

Don't say you're gonna do that shyt then have me waiting for you all day looking like a dh n shyt.

This is why I hate putting my hopes on people, they ALWAYS LET U DOWN

Or they make up some bs ass excuse like she did

I'm hungry as shit. I'm thinking that she gon bring me some food and then she don't! That shit only made me hungrier df

She gon talk about some "I'll come to the library and give you $10 so you can buy some food

👏I'm glad that you know how much a dime bag of marijuana cost

And yesterday when I asked her to please bring me some food she gon talk about "I'll order you food and you can pay for it with the money I gave you"

😕BTCH... WHAT MONEY?? I spent that shit on my keycard for the bus to go to Jummuah and I bought some food and some weed that shit gone!

It's not like I'm asking you to give me money or for you to buy me something no

I'm asking you to bring me some fuckin food!

And you refuse to do it. What kind of fucked up, selfish human being are you??



Good Morning

I woke up feeling hungry as shit 😕

I still did Fajr though

I still did Ghusl and Wudu and prayed Fajr

I have to! Tis an obligation from my Lord

I'm hungry af though, my own sister don't wanna help me

She don't wanna give me money to buy food because she thinks that I'm going to buy weed with it


You damn right. I prolly am gonna buy weed and smoke with it. But i'ma also buy food df, and i'ma eat, and I won't be hungry no more

She rather me starve to death because she doesn't want me smoking smhh

May Allah have mercy on her future husband

Because if that ngga smoke cigarettes she gon take his wallet and throw away his car keys talking about some "I care about you I don't want to see you smoking and hurting yourself"


West side ngga, coming to the east side, east side
Slang dck throw peace signs, peace signs
Man I get high and I be fukkin btches in my free time

My dad and sister wants me to think that they're in some kind of a dispute and they're not talking. I'm going to just keep acting like I'm dumb and play along with their little game

Keep it a bean, I love my pops n shyt, he's a cool dude and I pray that Allah gives him long life and forgives him, AAMEN

But I am no fool

This man tried multiple times to kill me. He did the same thing that Salamatu did, he would take food and go put it in his room so that I wouldn't eat. He called the police on me and kicked me out of his house in the middle of the night in the rain. He has gone inside my room while I'm at school and stole money from my room. He made Dua to Allah so that He can kill me

After I had my brain injury and I came home my balance wasn't really that good and I had to use a cane to walk. Every morning when I had to go to school I would have to walk which would take me like a hour and a half, for the normal person it would take 20-30 minutes. And by the time I got to school I would be drenched in sweat because the walk was so mfn arduous.

Yeah my dad has done a lot for me, and I know that. But he does not love me, he hates me, he wants me to die


My elder brother's feelings towards my father is completely justifiable and understandable. Ever since we were little he has been abusing us, both physically and mentally

It's only because he's my father. But if he wasn't then I would be asking Allah to take his life everyday because people like him do not deserve the endowment of life

May Allah protect me from against him and may He take his life if he tries to harm me in ANY WAY. AAMEN!

My mother and father had some marital issues, and they got a divorce. Ever since I was eight my dad has been telling me "your mother is a celebrated prostitute, your mother don't love you, your mother does not care about you "

Trying to break the relationship between me and my mother. But NO! I LOVE MY MOTHER. I will bring her to this country one day, buy her a house, take care of her children, I WILL KISS HER FEET!


This ngga thinks that he can be my "mom"

He wants to be a father and a mother to me

You better stay in your place and be the way that Allah created you

Allah has taken away his carnal abilities. He was the one who chose to marry a BAD WOMAN LIKE SALAMATU TUNKARA


How df are u going to starve your own son and steal money from him??

I always make sure to proofread because I never wanna say nothing out of pocket or rude

I trap all day and I rap when I feel like it

Smhh I'm over here crying and bitching about being hungry while the people in Syria and Rohingya are dying smh

May Allah forgive me and may He help them

Them nggas dying!

Save them Ya Rabb😢

Allah is Haddee

He can guide, and He can also misguide

He is Ar Rasheed

Df, that's a stupid ass thing to say. "Hey, stop watching porn and jerking off and go to fuckfreepussy.com" 😕

Bitch shut the fuck up, don't fukkin tell me what to do. Stop putting up videos and delete your porn site then i'ma stop watching and jerking off


that's right you gon suck this dck for grandpa btch

Here's the thing about fasting, it is only difficult until Asr time. And it is only difficult if you're preoccupied with doing many things at once while using a lot of energy to complete those tasks. But if you're just chilling reading a book or sleeping and your fasting than you're good, you're not gonna die, you can do it! 😃

Human beings can go a total of two weeks without food and two days without water, you got This!


I still wanna get married, and Insha'llah I will. I'm just not going to put any more effort into it. Because it seems like wherever I put effort and look forward to I always end up being let down and disappointed. Keep it a bean, I'm just not trying to get heartbroken 💔, not trying sound gay or anything

She'll come to me soon Insha'llah. I'll wait

If not in this world than in the Hereafter Insha'llah

Insha'llah I will be able to fast on the Day of Arafah. I'm not going to kill myself over it though. If I don't have nothing to eat then "shrugs" I'm still going to do my five daily prayers and dhikr. Fasting on the Day of Arafah is NOT AN OBLIGATION. It's Sunnah, and Sunnahs are not obligations

Fasting on the Day of Arafah is a confirmed Sunnah. It is mustahaab and one will get many rewards for it. But it is not an obligation. You will not be punished for not fasting on that day. But you will be punished for not praying.

Right now I'm hungry as shit, my sister told me that she's not going to bring me any food. On the Day of Arafah if I find a way to get some food i'ma eat it df! Tis only a Sunnah and nothing more. I'm not going to kill myself over something which God did not order me to do. I will kill myself over Dhuhr prayer though. Happily 😁


Good Morning

She's happy about the situation, she does not care whether I starve to death or not

That girl at the Papi's store cute as shyt. She was making my cheesesteak and she looked back at me like 😊

I love her


I'm high


I'm going to fast for the sake of my Lord Allah SWT and I will supplicate to my Lord Allah SWT and ask Him to protect me against my father who hates me and wants to kill me

And my supplication will be answered because Allah answers the supplication of the one who is fasting

I just have to remember to make the intention to fast for tomorrow after Maghrib. Insha'llah I won't forget

Insha'llah I can hurry up and move df away from my dad's apartment before he poisons my food and kill me

Mocking the Arabic language in any way is blasphemy because that is the language that the Holy Quran is written in

Like for example, semen in the Arabic language is called "Meni". It sounds like the word "many" but not quite

It would be blasphemy for me to say like: I was fuckin this one btch from Iran and I was killing that shit from the back and I was like "ahhh im bouta nut!!"

And she can't speak English so she's moaning like "Meni? Meni?"

And I'm thinking like "wtf is this btch talking about saying meni meni?"


That would not be permissible to say because I am making fun of the Arabic language, which is the language that the Holy Quran is written in



-slaps knee

Nor would it be permissible to call a Muslim female a "bitch", this is a respectful and dignified woman, Allah created her and He honors her, so I should do the same

So what I just said when I was like "I was fuckin this bitch in Iran"

That was sinful and not permissible for me to say. This is why I always make sure to proofread so that I can never say anything rude or offensive, or gossip, according to the Islamic terminology


Her pussy prolly smell like fish. She gon drown me in an ocean full of dead sea animals

The dead sea n shyt. She gon drown me in a an ocean full of dead sea creatures

We are Muslims okay. We don't gossip. And how is gossiping defined in the texts of sharia?

Speaking about your Muslim brother or sister in a way that they would not like

Even if it is true! And if you speak lies than that would then turn to slander, which is a worse sin

No human is more detached from worldly matters than the Prophet Muhammad SAWS. He did not care about this Dunya or anything in it

Not luxury, clothes, fame, food. This ngga would go days without eating or breaking his fast. The longest recorded fasting is 21 days which is a title owned by Mahatma Ghandi. I can guarantee you that the Prophet Muhammad SAWS went longer without eating. But nobody recorded it

Think about how little we know. There were so many amazing things that happened to many Prophets throughout time that was not recorded

The greatest miracle by the Prophet Muhammad SAWS is the Quran.

The Torah is larger in volume than the Quran but the Quran is a greater revelation

The Torah was given to Prophet Musa PBUH

My favorite prayer is Maghrib

But the best prayer is Fajr

Similarly, my favorite day might be Tuesday. But the best day is Friday

My favorite Prophet might be Abraham AS. But the BEST PROPHET is Muhammad SAWS

My favorite God is... hold up

There is only one. Allah is the only One God. There are no other possibilities to choose from

All the money in this world will never make your happy

I'm thinking about the girl from this morning at the Papi's store who was making my cheesesteak

She was cute as shit. She looked back at me and smiled

I wanna impregnate her. I love her


Fasting tomorrow on the Day of Arafah tomorrow is not obligatory, only Sunnah. All that you have to do is your Prayers and your daily Adkhar and you're good.

Allah did not make fasting on that day obligatory

The Holy Quran takes precedence over the Sumnah


I will still fast. Why? Well because you see... I don't wanna die. I have to ask Allah for protection against my father

School finna start next week. I need to ask my Lord for help to do well in my classes

I don't have a place to stay right now. I need to ask my Lord to make me and my sister find a place so I can move away from my father's apartment

I want to get married. I need to ask my Lord to make me find a beautiful spouse in which I can marry

That woman named Salamatu Tunkara drive me out of my home and assaulted me physically. I need to ask my Lord so that she can catch breast cancer and chlamydia and fall down the steps and break her leg

All these things that I need. I need this and that!

Allah is willing to give

Allah is Wahaab!

Just because you have been Muslim for longer than the next person does not necessarily mean that you are better than him or her. It just means that "you are in a position to earn more rewards" but you certainly are not better

My father hates me and tried to kill me multiple times. He went to Sierra Leone two or three years ago and he went to some witches so that they can put a curse on us and kill us. But you see, I believe in Allah, GOD. All those witch doctors n shyt they have no power. ONLY ALLAH HAS POWER

If He wanted something to happen to me than it will. Allah does not abide by no rules. He creates His own




I'm amped!!

I just ate Suhoor

Suhoor is the meal that you eat before sunrise

It is Sunnah

Whatever the Prophet PBUH used to do is Sunnah

Ya Allah. YOU ARE ONE! You have no partners, I will never associate a speck of partnership with You my Lord. It is You Whom I worship. Ya Allah You are Al Mujeeb. You respond to every one of my calls. But I do not wish to call out to You. I just want to praise You. I want to praise You for being so Awesome. Clearly Allah You are the only God. I will never associate partnership with You, why would I do that? That's dumb Ya Allah. You are the one in which I love, I obey only You Ya Allah. Anything that you want me to do just tell me and consider it done! Please accept me Ya Rabb. Ya Allah YOU ARE ONE!

Ya Allah, my sins. My sins are like the mountain Ya Allah. Destroy that mountain! Please don't let it fall on me Ya Allah. Oh Allah, all the porn I watched in the past, all the weed I've smoked, all the times I had pre-marital sex, those are all sins Ya Rabb. Those are sins that I HAVE DONE! I did them because I am a weak creation and i am not able to fight my nafs. I completely regret doing those sins, why? Well because I have disobeyed my creator. My Creator is so Generous, He is so Merciful, my Creator gives me all these provisions and all that He asks of me is not to do these small petty sins, and I refuse, I still do them. I do not want your wrath, so FORGIVE ME! Ya Allah, I PROMISE YOU I WILL NEVER DO ANY SIN AGAIN FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE

Ya Allah, forgive me for all the rude and disrespectful things that I've said to people, please Ya Rabb, help me to control my temper and the words that I use

Ya Allah, You have placed me in a Dunya which is predominantly filled with gay people. They want me to be gay like them Ya Allah. Ya Allah I'm straight. I swear by Your name I am. Please don't let these gay people even come close to me

Ya Allah, today is the Day of Arafah. I love you Ya Rabb. You're the best!

Please help me get a wife Ya Rabb. I want to be able to cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population for the sake of You Ya Rabb

Fasting on the Day of Arafah today is great! I just fulfilled Asr. Keep it a bean I'm not really hungry like that like that, not eating the last couple days has really conditioned me.

In Islam if you are fasting and you forget that you're fasting and you accidentally eat food or drink something then your fast is still valid, as long as you forget

I'm thinking like: Who df is going to forget?? You have to be like a beginner or something. I mean it's cool and all if you forget but I mean like... come on. That's not a good look bruh

I wanna say a few jokes and make some rude remarks but I am not because I'm fasting

Fasting is not just abstaining from eating and drinking. You also have to watch what comes out your mouth and how you treat people. You gotta be nice. And if somebody approaches you and tries to bring harm upon you with either with their tongue or hands just say "peace, I'm fasting"

I love fasting, I love my Religion, i love my life

May Allah Help me get a wife with a large backside and long hair. Allah is Able

Please bless my father Ya Rabb. I love him, he's not a bad person, just misguided, guide him Ya Rabb

It's recommended to break your fast first and then eat. What if I'm eating tho and I choke on a piece of bone and die. When I face Allah and He asks me if I did all my prayers what will I say?


Good Morning

I changed my mind, I used to go hard every Monday and Friday, now I'm going to just do it every other day. This is going to be my schedule:

Monday: workout
Tuesday: no workout
Wednesday: workout
Thursday: no workout
Friday: workout
Saturday: no workout
Sunday: no workout

And the whole process repeats

The reason why I always workout and eat right is because this body that I use is not mines, it's a trust given to me from Allah, I have to take care of it and make sure that I use it to please my Lord

It feels so good that I fasted yesterday. All my sins for the past year and upcoming year are forgiven. But that does not mean that I am going to deliberately sin and expect forgiveness from Allah, no! I promised Allah yesterday and I am a man of my word!

I hate losing

It's not permissible to ask Allah to make all the Muslims enter Paradise because He has already stated in the Holy Quran that some of the Muslims will be in Paradise and some will be in hellfire. This will be blasphemy because it is asking Allah SWT to change what He has already made clear

Keep it a bean, I don't like to waste. I'm not a hoarder or anything like that, I just don't like to waste, I like to keep things and maybe use it for next time

Similarly, when I am having sex with a girl and I'm bouta ejaculate I never tell her. Because if I do then she gon want me to like nut on her buttcheeks or stomach and that will just be wasting

So what do I do? I ejaculate inside that hoe and get her pregnant then I flee 🏃‍♂️ the country

The Messenger of Allah SAWS never wasted anything

It's not sinful to throw things away in Islam but it's highly Makrooh(disliked)

Especially in large quantity. Even if it's like rotten food or something, don't throw it all away, just give it to an animal

I'm high as eagle pussy

That shit stank!

I don't even like to waste the bud

I don't wanna go to sleep I'm way too high dawg

You stick out of the crowd, baby, it's a no-brainer

In the middle!

Stupid fukkin song stuck in my head

One of the many differences between me and Prophet Muhammad SAWS is his veracity. If the Holy Prophet SAWS ate corn flakes for breakfast and you ask him what he had for breakfast he will tell you "I had corn flakes." If I ate corn flakes for breakfast and you ask me what I had for breakfast I would look you in the face and say "I had a roasted calf 😐"

Allah Knows best if Corn Flakes were around back in the time of the Holy Prophet SAWS. That was just an example

The people who hate this religion the most become its strongest defender once they enter it


He was going to kill the Prophet SAWS

They say you get paid when you think ahead Valentine's Day girl all you see is pink and red

May Allah bless that man I saw in the street the other day while going to Jummah

May Allah bless Muiz Bukhary

May Allah bless Ustadh Wahaj Tarin

She's a freakin cum box!


Good Morning

Bless the entire Door Dash Ya Rabb

*ISLAM-The Worldwide Religion*


I'll be okay, I am a Muslim

Tomorrow's FRIDAY!!




I'm going to Jannah today

I'm going to the House of My Lord!!

Insha'llah I will go to the Mosque today

I'm starting to get a bad feeling in my stomach, my sister suppose to come meet me and give me money so I can catch the bus to Jummuah

Her reliability though 😕

Insha'llah everything will work out fine and I will go

I wanna go there early so that the Angels can write down my name upon the first arrivals

Insha'llah my sins for this past week will be forgiven

All the weed I smoked, all the porn I watched smh, May Allah forgive me

Allah is Gaffar

He is At Tawaab



or if I go late

Keep it a bean, I love you and I want you to be happy. But more than that, I want you to be Muslim

Idc how I get there just as long as I GET THERE


She gave me money to go to Jummah and get a haircut

I'm here, I'm at Jummah!!

The longer I stay here the more sins of mines will be forgiven...

The one who stays at Jummah from before Dhuhr until Asr prayer...

I'm ready to receive knowledge!

I'm here at JUMMUAH

All my sins have been forgiven


Insha'llah I won't fart

We finna pray Asr. I LOVE ASR!

Asr is the second best. The first best is Fajr

Those are the best: Fajr and Asr

But my favorite is Maghrib

I'm on the trolley now going home

I feel so Good I went to Jummuah today and got ALL MY SINS FORGIVEN😁

May Allah bless my sister!

I gotta get my haircut tomorrow


May Allah bless Shaykh Muhammad

Yeah I feel you bae

Keep it a bean, I think better when I'm sober

I love being sober more than being high

I don't even know why I be doing that shyt

It's the Shaytan

That ngga Ibliss be making me

He's like that one friend that you have that's always making you do bad shit

But you see, the Satan is not a friend of mine

My only friend is Allah

I live to worship my Lord

Yasmin be like "you feel me?"

-Yeah I feel you bae, come here

Any number that is 5x itself is "!-!-!-!-!" Five. For example "5:25" because 5 x 5=25. 8:40, because 8 x 5=40. "7:35" because 7 x 5=35. "3:15", because 3 x 5= 15



Yes it is a good morning because God woke me up!

I'm so grateful, how can I thank Him?


I woke up today and I felt good af cuz yesterday I went to Jummah and came straight home!

I'm done with those sins, I am a new man

No more smoking weed, no more watching porn!

This btch August Taylor is a freaking cum box!

Piety in Islam can only be achieved when one does ALL the obligations and refrains from ALL the sins

So just because you do sins does not render your Islam invalid

Are you a sinful Muslim? YES. But nonetheless you are still Muslim

Plus the Prophet PBUH said "the one who does a sin and repents from it is like the one who never even committed the sin"

Now is that a permission from Allah to just go ahead and do your sins?



Unless you repent

And do not persist

Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most-merciful, He will forgive you. He says so in His book. And His Prophet said so

And he does not lie!

We all lie, but that ngga. He is truthful af, in religious matters, and matters relating to the Dunya

Bruh, if you ask him (pbuh) what he had for breakfast and if he ate corn flakes he will tell you straight up "I had corn flakes"

If you ask me I would tell you "I had a roasted calf 😐"

The Prophet Muhammad SAWS loved to eat honey, he loved it

Me, I'm not able to taste sugar

Corn Flakes were first developed in 1906

So that was a bad example, here's another one:

If you asked the Prophet PBUH what he did over the weekend and if he just prayed and slept he will tell you "i just prayed and slept"

If you ask me "hey Abdul so what did you do over the weekend?" I would reply "I went on a fishing trip in Antarctica and stopped world hunger

The utterance of his mother gave some confidence

The most powerful being is the mother

Where there is greatness there is a mother who made it possible

She could have went and bought shoes that money but instead she went and bought an education that will last her forever and it will make people in the future look up to her

Malik wanted to be a singer, his father was paralyzed

He used to make arrows and sell the arrows

Their careers only last while they are young and good looking

You do not need money to create greatness

It is the capacity of the mother and the capacity of the teacher that builds greatness

His mother instilled within him his passion to attain knowledge, Imam Malik

Financially she was very poor, but she designed the whole curriculum of this young boy more than any scholar could

She took him to Mecca, go learn the Quran

Mercy Ummah had a fat butt

Keep it a bean that jawn wasn't really that fat when we first started dating

As we had sex more and more that jawn gradually progressed


When you have children your aspirations will be that your children are going to be better than you, overall in everything

You pray and hope that your child will do better and be better than you

If that's what you want then Allah will give it to you, he will give you amazing children who will grow to be better than you, Allah WILL and HAVE done that for many people in the world. Except for one.. The Prophet Muhammad SAWS

All of his children died, except one, Fatima

But even if they would have lived none of them would have been better than Prophet Muhammad

Hastiness is from the Shaytan

Never rush to do anything. Except a good deed for the sake of Allah

I really love my sister, her happiness means everything to me

You're all a bunch of fuckers

May Allah bless my sister for getting me that Oreo Mcflurry, shit was popping!

It's very subtle, but I still perceive it though



It is a good morning because God woke me up

How can I thank Him ?

Oh... I already prayed Fajr

The young lady yesterday was so nice. She was telling me about how her daughter went to college out of the country and that's where she met her husband

I asked her "is your daughter happy with her husband" she was like yeah, and I was like "well that's all that should matter then, her happiness. As long as he's not abusing her in any way

Then she was like "oh no, if that was the case then he would be buried in the back yard" cdffuupppp 😂

There's a difference between will and choice. Allah has Free Will, and He uses that to give us Free choice. So His Free Will is that He makes us do whatever He wants and He can make anything happen. He gives us free choice. We make choices of our own. You choose to smoke weed, you choose the woman that you marry. THAT'S OUR CHOICE. You do not have free will tho, if you did then make it rain right now

Lemme just sdfup and not say the wrong thing to this ngga/my father... I don't want to make him angry and earn the wrath of Allah

You have to be very meticulous when dealing with your parents

I just took a dookie


Allah sent Lut AS to a city that was filled with faggots

Lut AS tried to make them change their faggot ways and wanted to spread Islam all over the land, but them nggas was adamant on being faggots

"Idk much about Algebra but ik 1+1=2"

Beyonce sexy and all, and she gotta fat butt

But that is not the smartest lyric, Algebra consists of both letters and numbers. Like for example 2x+1y=

She gon talk about some "1+1=2"

Umm... where the letters at?

The song hot tho

21 Savage fuck a lot of btches

I listen to his music but I WOULD NEVER ACT OUT HIS LYRICS

He be talking about fukkin btches and killing nggas. I WILL NEVER

I gotta marry that btch first. I mean that girl. And she gotta be Muslim and she gotta have a fat butt

And I wouldn't hurt a fly!

Don't fuck my daughter

-Ima fuck ur daughter CUZ SHE'S A WHORE!

I am a pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

Cdfupp "Robert Davilla" this ngga Nouman Ali Khan smart af

- I'm a dirty little slut aren't I

Yeah bae ur a dirty little slut jus keep sucking this dck and everything gon be better okay

- rubs her hair

"I love you so much baby I wanna marry you"

This btch Katrina Jade is a fukkin cum box!



The Prophet SAWS was born on a Monday


Idk how i'ma go to class for the next couple days, my transportation done smhh

Allah will provide

FUCK my sister!!

I don't have no more transportation to go to school, and I have class tomorrow. She don't wanna give me money cuz she think i'ma buy weed with it

That's crazy

It's coo

She's a fat ass fucking dirty bitch

Look what this btch texted me. I asked her to buy me soap and give me money to catch the bus to go to school she gon say...

"I gave you $40 last Friday. You told me you’ve bought tokens that will last you till the end of this week. I’m not coming there today. I have school and work. "

Smhh. She's my sister

When I asked her yesterday she told me "I can't do it today, I got you tomorrow"

Now tomorrow's here and I asked her and she like "no"

Why would you lie 😞


Don't have me thinking that you gon do it and then tell me no df

She's a fuckin hypocrite!

Because when she speaks she lies

FUCK her

I need to do Dhuhr

Fuckin liar

Women were created for two things: to have something natural happen to them, and habits!

I blocked that dumb ass bitch. Cuz I don't want anything to do with a fukkin liar! Someone who don't want to help out their own brother


I love my father. I hate my sister

Lying is second nature to her fat ass

While I was living with her ass and me and her got into an argument she gon tell me "GET YOUR CLOTHES AND GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE, MY NAME IS ON THE LEASE"

df, how can you say that to your own brother??

Listening to Rolling Papers 2

I fucks with this. His flow different on this album. Glad he's not talking about getting high on every song cdfupp

"I treat you special cuz u very special"

420 Freestyle is the hottest on the whole album


Ima download it, i'ma buy it. IMA SHOOT A BOOTLEGGER!

I wonder if he did this entire album sober?

Probably! this shit hot!!

It's not permissible to do any optional prayers after the Asr prayer, it's forbidden

That is except for the prayer of repentance,

I once got high as shit after the Asr prayer and I had sex with this btch. Immediately when I finished I started thinking "I need to go home and pray and repent to Allah Azzawajal"

But then I remembered that I already did Asr prayer, and it's forbidden to do prayers after Asr prayer.

I didn't know that it's permissible to do the prayer of repentance, I could have easily went home and prayed and ask for forgiveness and Allah would've forgave me, because He is the Most Merciful

It's also not permissible to do any prayer after Fajr up until 12 minutes after sunrise, but just to be on the same side just make it 15 minutes

So you can't do any prayers when the sun is coming up and when the sun is going down

Something about the horns of Satan, or summin like that. Allah Knows best

Cuz I don't know!


Good Morning

The Angels don't like the smell of onions

So if your breath stinks and that shyt smell like onions the Angels would distance themselves away from you

The Angels do not like impurity

The jinns love impurities

So if you in the bathroom taking a smash there's a Jinn right there next to you, you can't see it but that mf there

Go in the bathroom with your left foot and say Adkhar

Also you're not considered Muslim if you don't believe in the jinns

Because it was revealed in the Quran

If you disbelieve anything in the Quran then you are not considered Muslim

Likewise if you disbelieve in anything that The Prophet SAWS says then you exit out of Islam

This is because HE WAS TRUTHFUL!

"Hey Messenger of Allah, what did you eat for breakfast"

"I ate cornflakes this morning, and you?"

"I ate a roasted calf 😐"

Corn Flakes were first made in 1906 by Will Keith Kellog

Abu Lahab was the head of the hypocrites. He hated the Messenger of Allah SAWS, and he hated Islam. When he died the Prophet PBUH prayed Janaza on him

I'm only happy when my sorry head is filled with dope

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Allah is God, God is Allah, there are NO DISCREPANCIES

Tomorrow's Wednesday, so what that mean?

I gotta go hard in the morning, and then I'm going to do Fajr. Always save the best for last

The Fajr prayer is easy.. That workout is what's hard

High knees- 40
Squats- 83
Sit-ups- 55
Pushups- 225

Tomorrow Insha'llah I will incremnt

High knees- 50
Squats- 90
Sit ups- 60
Pushups- 235

Insha'llah. I will do it for the sake of Allah, so my Lord can be pleased

This body is not mines, I don't own it. So I have to take good care of it

Similarly this "penis" is not mines. Allah has so graciously given it to me. So what kinda person would I be if I misused it? Go around sticking my thing into every female that I come across. Df. Would that not be misusing it?

Now what if my dick fall off?

Or even worse... what if I'm in the middle of intercourse or getting some head and just when I'm bouta ejaculate Allah causes me to have a heart attack and I die? And you are resurrected the way you die

So I'll have to go face Allah with a boner n shit and Ima have to stand in front of Him with my shyt all hard.

Do you know how fuckin embarrassing that will be?

Allah has given me a LOONGGG MANHOOD!

And He has made it fat!

I can easily misuse it in any way I want. But I choose not to, why? So my Lord can be pleased. Plus I don't wanna die and have to go face Him with a hard on talking about some: "Ya Rabb, forgive me"

May Allah protect me, from that type of shame

This gay ass ngga in the terminal today smhh

That faggot ass ngga had some fukkin short shorts walking all fast n shyt swinging his hips

Smh... fuckin faggot

All the btches that's out here and you nggas still choose to be gay

These are the best songs in the album:

1. Hot Now
2. Ocean
4. Very Special
6. Holyfield
8. Mr. Williams
10. Real Rich
12. Hopeless Romantic
13. Late night messages
14. Rain
16. Fr fr
17. King
19. 420 Freestyle
20. B ok
21. It's on you
22. Reach for the stars
23. All of a sudden
24. Homework

Fajr and Isha prayer are the hardest for the hypocrites. This is because the hours of them are so late, you have to forsake your beds in order to fulfill them.

Fajr is the strongest prayer, Isha is the weakest

I wish this ngga would get off the phone, turn off the tv and GO TO SLEEP I hate inconsiderate people


Good Morning

*in my city I'm the young god, that pussy kill be so vicious*

Df is this ngga talking about? Allah IS THE ONLY GOD!

This is blasphemy

There is no God but Allah and I worship him with no partners

I just took a dookie

I only wipe twice on other days, but on Fridays I wipe THREE TIMES. Friday is the Day of Jummah. I have to be extra clean and I gotta be on my best behavior

Similarly back in the days when they did not have any toilet paper it was permissible to use like a stone for example, but you have to wipe three times, and it is not a condition to use three different stones, you can just use one stone and that's fine, but you have to use three different sides of the stone. You cannot use the same side. That would not be permissible, and it's disgusting af!

That's how they did it in the Prophet PBUH his time, and his time was the best of times. From the beginning of time up until Qiyama/the end of the world, his time is the best

He was the best, his birthplace is the best, even his companions were the best

The companions are: Those who met the Prophet PBUH while he was alive and believed in him, and died as a Muslim

Abu Jahl is not considered a companion, because even though he met the Prophet while he was alive, he did not believe in him, he did not believe in his Prophethood, he belied him and even tried to kill him on many occasions

My favorite companion is Julaybeeb. Insha'llah once I get married I will name one of my sons after him

Who is Julaybeeb?

This gay ass faggot ass ngga gon sit next to me in the bus today

And then when the bus got to the final stop he gon act like he sleeping so that he won't get up

Smhh... fuckin fag!!

Osrs, I'm not gonna harm u or talk bad to you if you a gay ngga and you just starring or sitting next to me or whatever

Because how can I get mad or harm you if you just sitting down not harming nobody?

But... the second that you open your mouth and say something to me or touch me in any way I WILL KILL YOU FUKKIN BTCH!


I'm tired of u gay nggaa


All the girls out here

Choose one btch. And get df out my face

Rs... The Messenger of Allah SAWS was the most forbearing, this ngga would be walking down the street and random nggas would just come on his path and start cussing him out and throwing stones at him for no reason!!

And he would just stand there and take it like 😐

SAWS. This is why he is the best. He knew how to control himself

Btch if you come in my way and say the wrong shyt to me or cast stones in my direction I'LL KILL YOU BTCH!!

What does me and the Messenger of Allah PBUH have in common?

Well were both male, we're both Muslim, we both love Allah. That's about it!

In Islam a Muslim wife is not supposed to talk back or argue with her husband. She's supposed to be obedient and keep her mouth closed!

But y'all nggas love that shit. Y'all love it when a btch argumentative or talks back to you, not me. I hate that shit. If that hoe like to talk a lot I won't entertain her. Ima just let her keep talking and 🚶‍♂️

Similarly it will not be permissible for a wife to fight her husband or physically harm him in any way

But I don't mind. I actually like a girl who likes to fight

We can fight bae. You not gon win tho. Ima beat u df up then take ya punkass to Victoria's secret or some shyt

I always make sure to do my prayer as soon as I hear the Adhan because sometimes I be thinking like "did I fulfill that prayer already?" This ngga Ibliss be coming to me and toying with my head, making me dubious n shyt

So if I get into a pattern of doing prayers early then I never have to worry like "have I done that prayer already?"





May Allah bless my Uncle Duncu. May Allah make him okay and sustain him AAMEN!

I used to love my sister, but I don't no more though. Since she showed her true colors to me two days ago. I now know that she's a fukkin liar and she don't give a fuck about my well being. Plus she not even Muslim. If she was Muslim or if she was even trying a little bit to be Muslim than I would be like "ok she has her bad habits but I need to try with her cuz she's my sister"

But I now know that she's a DAMN HYPOCRITE. She don't care about Islam, she don't care about me her own brother, all she fuckin cares about is herself and her happiness, and I hate people like that and I want nothing to do with them

When I was on the phone with her a couple days ago she gon talk about some "Insha'llah, yeah Insha'llah"


That's like entering a pie eating contest and ur allergic to pies df. Thus that will render it pointless

Similarly, one of the conditions of prayer is Islam. In order to pray YOU NEED TO BE MUSLIM

If you're not Muslim and you pray...

Allah will still hear you because He is As Sami, but He will not respond. Unless you are being oppressed

I only care about people who care about me, or care about God

You don't have to care about me but at least care about Allah df

And if you care about Allah then you have to care about me. Because Allah orders you to love and care about every pious Muslim.

And that is what I am, a pious Muslim. But even if I am not. How would you know??

YOU CAN'T! It's impossible for you to know the level of my piety. So YOU HAVE TO LOVE ME

If you do not then you will be sinning

I was walking home the other day and some random guy saw me and said As Sallamu Alaikum!

I love him. I pray that Allah gives him long life and prosperity

I don't even know him. Idk his parents! But I love him, why? Because he is Muslim. So I love him for the sake of Allah.

One of the categories of people who will get the shade of Allah on Judgement Day are two people who love each other for the sake of Allah

My father might be a sinful person, but at least he be trying. I be seeing him pray occasionally, at least this ngga know the name of "Allah"

But my sister. Smh. The name of Allah is not in her dictionary. Only name she knows is Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Umm.... BEYONCE DON'T KNOW YOU. She don't even know that you're alive. You replace the love that you should have in your heart solely for Allah, and you put a creation there. This is shirk. Associating partners with Allah. It is the biggest sin. Worse than killing a baby.

Ok so you don't believe in God, now you want to play the role of "God" in my life. Telling me what to do n shyt. I'm 23 years old you got me fukked up. You better worry about yourself and what concerns you. Trust me I'll be okay, I actually know the name of Allah and I am Muslim.

Last time I was living with her i walked in her room and she was on her knees praying to Jesus talking about some "Hallelujah"

😞Df, this is Shirk

Praying to anyone other than Allah is Shirk. "Jesus Christ" is a creation, he is a man like me. He has hands and feet like we all do. So he has similiraties to others. Allah has no similarity, He does not have hands or feet or none of that shit. This is easy knowledge, I'm sure she will know all this if she "actually cared" but she doesn't give a fuck.


Good Morning

How you?

I'm chilling bro how you?

Thinking about my sister and how much I hate this dumbass btch

I hate her cuz she only cares about herself

I hate her cuz she's self centered

I hate her cuz she's a pathological liar



She's a fukkin hypocrite. She goes to the Mosque for the Eid festival at the end of Ramadan and she puts on a Hijab n shyt just so she can take pictures and put them on fb and Snapchat

Couple months ago when I was living with my dad and she was living elsewhere she gon call me and ask me to tell her what's going on around the house and my dad. I told her "everything's okay" then she was like "Abdulai you're being short with me I feel like you're not telling me everything" and I told her: "yeah FA you know I'm Muslim and it's Haram to gossip" and you know what this btch said? I lie to u not she said "no that's not what gossiping is, he's my father I just want to know what's going on with him"?

I'm thinking like: "Df is this btch on??"

WHAT IS GOSSIPPING IN ISLAM: "saying something behind your Muslim brother or sister's back in which they would not want to be said in their presence"

Stupid as shit. My father might not be the best Muslim but HE IS STILL MUSLIM!

If I start telling her stuff like what my father is doing and how he's acting around the house will that not be gossiping? Because I know for a fact that he would not want those things to be said about him. Her sinful ass going to Hellfire now she wants to take me with her

This is what happens when you let a female grow by herself with no father figure or righteous male around

I can't wait for Friday so I can go to Jummah and pray against her. Because even though she might be my sister she is not Muslim. And the Shahada connection is stronger than blood. And I have tried with her, one day I asked her "FA you should come to Jummuah with me today" and you know what this btch said? She gon say "I can't come I have really important things to do today"


I'll wait...

And she be trying tell me wtf to do, "Abdulai smoking is not good and you should stop. Abdulai wear this shirt instead of that one"

She even said once that she wanted to wash me and give me a shower

Wallahi she said that!

Umm... how about this? Worry about yourself and become Muslim first then you can maybe start telling me what to do.

Dumb ass btch. She really be trying control me n shyt thinking that she owns me df.


Fuckin Non-Muslim!!

If you're not Muslim then you do not fear God, and if you do not fear God then you are capable of doing anything. These are the worst type of people.


This faggot ass ngga gon wear a fake wig and dress like a girl so he can sit close to me

I really thought he was a girl

It wasn't until he tot off the bus and I saw him walking and I knew "this ain't no damn girl"

He had me fooled but he couldn't fool Allah. He is Aleem





I can't wait to go to Jummuah today and ask Allah to fight my sister

Why? Because she has too much pride. She's too proud

Pride is a sin. The Shaytan was the first one to commit the sin of pride

Allah does not like those who are proud

May Allah fight my sister and never make her happy

May Allah make her never get married or have children, may Allah curse her completely

That is unless she converts to Islam and change her sinful ways. If she does that then may Allah bless her in whatever she does

If she doesn't then may Allah curse her and never make her happy. AAMEN!

Fuckin dumb ass bitch! I fukkin hate haughty people, inconsiderate people, and those with too much pride. May Allah curse her!

I hate her more then Salamatu Tunkara. Because Salamatu is no kin of mines. But FA is my sister! And she gon treat me like This.

I called the lady and left a vm to switch my direct care worker from my sister to my dad. I fuckin hate my sister. She's too proud and too pompous. I rather be homeless then live with her.

I gotta learn how to use CSS. I know how to use it now a little bit, but I could always learn more

I never knew that you could use CSS in Html


May Allah bless Sheikh Muiz Bukhary

May Allah bless my brother Sam. He went for Hajj and got me dhikr beads

Just leaving from Jummuah, fuck smoking and getting high btch today's Friday. I'm going df home

I went to Jummah. I'm home, I'm sober, I'm safe. Alhamdulillah


Good Morning

It is a good morning because GOD woke me up

Keep it a bean, I'm high

Ya Allah You created this

You create good and bad

And it is not dispraise to say You create bad

Brother gets married "MASHA'LLAH! 😀 may Allah grant you many offspring

Brother's wife dies "😐

Allah Almighty allows for the bad to occur because it is a test for us, whether we react positive or negative

There's a good that can come out of every bad

And vice versa

I'm so fukkin high


I want some head

From a slutty white girl

With a fat ass

-come suck this dck for daddy bae

-😁I love you baby

-i wanna marry you

- in my life, forever -we ain't never gon break up babygirl


Good Morning

It is a good morning because GOD woke me up!

I was DEAD!

He rose me back up

All praise be to Him, the One Who gave me life after I died!

If Allah can bring you back to life after a good night sleep then why is it that some people deny the Day of Resurrection?

You will die, you will be buried, your whole body will decay, then Allah will resurrect you back. He will give you life again

He will bring you back to life and you will stand and wait, for Allah SWT to pass judgment unto you

You will stand and wait for 50,000 years!

For the pious Muslims the wait will only feel like the time gap between Asr and Maghrib

The wait will be unbearable for everyone else. The sun will be super close to you and you will be sweating!

The people will go to Adam. "O Adam, you are our father. Allah created you with his own hands, please ask Him to begin judgement day

Adam will say: "I ate from the tree, I am not fit for that"

Then they will go to Musa and ask Him the same thing. Musa will say: "I am not fit for that

Then they will go to my father Ibrahim. He will say: I am not fit for that

Everybody will be worried about their own necks on Judgement Day, even the Anbiya. Except for one. Rasullullah

They will go to the Messenger of Allah SAWS: "O Messenger of Allah, please ask Allah to begin Judgement Day"

And do you know what he will say: "I AM FIT FOR THAT"

Then he will go to Allah, and place his forehead on the ground to Allah, for us


This is because he cares about us

We have to try to emulate his characteristic, he is a human being like me and you

Allah is not! He is no human being. He cannot be emulated, simulated, stimulated. None of that shit! He is DIFFERENT!

Whatever you imagine in your mind God is different


You stupid ignorant mofos be like: "God is love" or "we are God and God is us"



The Prophet SAWS never once in his life ate until he was full. He only ate enough to keep him going

None of the Prophets were fat

How many people do we see nowadays who are fat?

Go make Wudu and pray 2 rak'ahs and ask for forgiveness from your Lord

Ask him to forgive you for being overweight


He will forgive your obesity

May Allah bless Sam

May Allah bless Brother Anwar

I'm high

As eagle twat!

I'm high as...

-"SATELITTES"-kevin gates voice

That song hot

I never really made love keep it a bean

I wanted to

With Mercy Ummah

But then my step mom came in the room, started cock blocking n shyt

That was when her stepdad kicked her out the crib, I think

I was gon get her little ass pregnant

I was horny af that night too

I wanted to fulfil my desires I didn't really give a fuck about the consequences

I inserted my large penis in her from the back

Then I wrapped my hand around her waist, and started stroking

I was ready

Then step mom came in the room. Talking about some: "Abdulai you know this is a woman, and condoms don't work

I'm thinking like: "sdfup! I'm trying get a nut off"

Then she had to go sleep in her room. I was all alone in my bed

We don't deny that He exists, but we deny Him existing in a place

Because if you exist in a place than that necessitates need of the one who put you in that place



11:30pm to 5am, I couldn't get one bit of sleep because of this man!!


Good Morning

Can't wait till 7:25

That eagle twat in me!

Allah is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy

I'm amped to learn css!

I love learning new things

New beneficial things that is

I don't love having learned how to smoke weed at eleven n shyt

Or how to eat a btch pussy when I was nine

I bust my first nut when I was ten

I nutted in this btch pussy

She wasn't fertile though so she ain't get pregnant, plus it was only a little bit of nutt

I only nutted a little bit!

I was fuckin this one btch I was like "lemme nut in your pussy baby it's only gon be a little bit"

She was like "noo you lying!"

I was like "Wallahi"

Then what happened: I nutted in her pussy, then i left the state of Arizona🚉🚄

Btch trying put me under child support FUCK THAT!!

I don't wanna handle my responsibilities as a father, I much rather keep playing around with these females and being young


I ain't growing up btch fuck you! You taking care of that damn baby yoself


btch I'm lightskin

Speaking of busting nuts the signs of pubescence are three for girls and two for boys

1. Ejaculation
2. Having reached fifteen lunar years of age

1. Ejaculation
2. Mensus/Period
3. Having reached fifteen lunar years of age


even if it's a little bit of nutt

I only nutted a little bit inside that btch but still


Similarly whatever is Haram or najas in large quantity is Haram and najas in small quantity


semen is not nedges

But if it was then even a little bit of it would be Najas

The quantity of the semen I produce is dependent upon the duration of the intercourse


If it's only a quickie it's gon be a little bit of nutt

When I get married I will never compare my wife to another female

Like say "bae your hair look like hers, or you and her smile the same"

No! You don't smile like her. You don't have hair just like her. Your smile is better and your hair don't look like hers. Your smile is better and your hair is better. You are different and unequivocal baby I love you

Btches love sweet shit like that

You gotta lie in order to get the panties

I was once eating this btch pussy that hoe became possessed!

She kneed me on the face!

I still wanna get married

I just...

I don't

Want to...


Staying single is better than falling in love with a btch and then she goes away df

I wanna marry someone who I can be with forever

I don't want her ass to leave me

Lemme nut in your mouth bae it's only gon be a little bit

- noo you lying!



Good Morning

It is a good morning because GOD woke me up

I'm high as eagle twat!

That eagle twat UP in me

Ya Allah, my back!!

I was doing pushups this morning for the sake of You and when I finished and went to the bathroom to do ghusl and make Wudu it started hurting me. I didn't want to complain to You because You have already done so much for me and I didn't want to burden You. But it hurts Ya Rabb, this pain is unbearable. Please make it go away! PLEASE!! YOU ARE ABLE

The quantity of the seminal fluid in which I ejaculate is solely dependent upon the duration of the intercourse


Good Morning

It is a good morning because GOD woke me up

How can I thank Him? FAJR!!!!!!!

I just prayed Fajr, my spine hurts now but my Lord will make it better, He is Able

In order to Exist you do not need life, but if you have life than you exist. Allah has both

I'm not even high keep it a bean

I'm semi high


Good Morning

It's hot as shyt


I'm giving this phone back ------------------------------------ Good Morning!


Insha'llah I will go to Jummah today and Insha'llah all my sins will be forgiven

I had to downgrade my phone, but at least I still have a phone. Alhamdulillah! 😁

I'm finna start getting back on ig and fb. I have the accounts I just don't be getting on there

There are 114 chapters in the Quran

I do not believe that my Muslim brothers or sisters would act like that, I have complete faith in them

If I want something I go and get it, df


Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up

How can I thank Him?


I'm finna do ghusl, make Wudu, brush my teeth all for the sake of Allah


You finna get all this dck btch!

This btch Karlee Grey is a fuckin cum box!

She want the dck



Ima give you all this dck and Ima cum inside you cuz idgaf about the consequences

I want you btch!!!!

I hate apathetic people, selfish people, those who don't care about how others feel. I want them all to die and burn in hellfire forever

You know the nggas that be like "fuck your feelings"

-fuck you btch. May Allah deform your face

Allah knows best if she's a Virgin or not, or how many bodies she got

She's always saying like "Take me to the hospital and check me, I'm a virgin!"

Ok well if you're a Virgin then why nggas gotta take you to the hospital and check you. You already said what you is. Prolly trying to hide something

I'm not going to say no names because "slandering chaste women is among the major sins in Islam"

She could be a Virgin and have no bodies! Only Allah knows

They slandered Maryam. The mother of Jesus

Because she came in the town with a new born baby and everybody knew she wasn't married. And how do you get a baby? When a pens enters a vagina and the man ejaculates then the girl gets pregnant and nine months later she conceives

So nggas knew that Maryam was not married. And it wasn't like she was unattractive. She just was hella chaste, her whole life was devoted to the worship of Allah SWT

So when she came in town with baby Jesus everybody looked at her like 👀😕



she didn't say anything, Allah ordered her not to speak

Everybody that was accusing her of not being chaste was WRONG. Buy they knew not. They didn't know that Maryam was actually the most chaste and pure woman to ever live

But they didn't know. They knew not, while Allah knows all

I can't find any good HTML editor Apps. I HATE MY LIFE! FUCK THIS

I don't like not finishing things

If I start something I finish it df!

Similarly when I'm fucking a bitch I won't stop until that hoe cum a couple times. Plus btches be talking, gossiping like crazy. They gon tell the next btch how I perform in bed. And if my shyt not up to par than them btches not gonna want to fuck with me

May Allah protect me from that type of embarrassment


She gon tell all her friends like "You know DuLi? He fucked the shit out of me

And the other girl gon be like "omg you too"

She gon be like: "YAASSS"

Yup that's me, I lays the pipe down

There's your way of doing something and there's the right way, sometimes your way is not the right way. Nggas don't like that tho. They want their way to be the right way. Btch how???

These girls only want you when you're winning

Never get too attached to something

May Allah bless that trolley driver from SEPTA. Please bless him Ya Rabb


Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up


How Merciful is He

For him to wake me up after knowing that I watched porn and masturbated last night


Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up


I really don't remember this btch but ima jus say I do. Btches like when you remember shit that they tell you

When I'm sober I can think better, my head is more clear

When I'm high all I wanna do is eat and watch porn and sleep

This ngga Justin Bieber fucked Selena Gomez

Lucky bastard

He was all up in that pussy

Narcotics on me I be mad high

Ngga I be mad high!

Damn her ass was fat

I wasn't looking though

Ihsan is to worship Allah SWT like you can see Him, and even if you can't see Him just know that He sees you

First to tell you muthafukkas trap or die that's me okay

I trap all day and I rap when I feel like it

I'm getting pressed, keep it a bean. I'ma end up getting one of these little btches pregnant.

I'ma get that hoe pregnant and walk out on her

While I'm fuckin another btch hitting that shit from the back all crazy she gon be laying in bed struggling to take care of my son n shyt and she gon make Dua to Allah against me

She gon be like: "please kill this ngga for me God cuz he ain't shit"

And Allah will answer her supplication cuz He just af

While I'm fuckin that other btch and right when I bust a nut I'ma get a heart attack and die

This is Allah!!

Lil B is the best rapper alive

And he freed the slaves

May Allah bless him and grant him long life

Wtf kinda name is "Stormy Daniels"?

Cdfupp I'm thinking about earlier today when I was on the trolley lmaoo

When the trolley got to the final stop and it was time for me to get off I rose up and the girl in front of me had a FAT ASS! I was starring hard like 👀

Cdfupp and I told the Septa trolley driver "thank you have a good day" as I was getting off, he was like "Mhmm Hmm"


Stormy Daniels got some big ass titties though, and she's hella nice. I love her, she's the one for me


This btch Simone Richards is a freaking cum box!


Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up


Allah rose me from my slumber

If Allah can wake you up after you sleep then why is it that some people deny the Day of Resurrection?

Sleep is like death, is it not?

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth

I burped and I threw up in my mouth

Allah has not made me wretched and He has made me dutiful to my parents

Whatever happens I am content with it because I know that it happened by the Will of Allah

I love Stormy Daniels

I swear she had her titty out

This big booty robot btch finna get all this dck!!

I hate when I'm watching porn and the camera gets a close-up to the dude's face. He be ugly as shit. "GTFOH I AIN'T TRYING LOOK AT YOUR UGLY ASS FACE, I'M TRYING TO SEE THAT BTCH GET DICKED AND HER ASS SHAKE

"I ain't looking at your btchass I'm looking at your btch ass!"

Meek said that

Insha'llah I will fast on Ashura


Good Morning!

It is a good morning because God woke me up


I died last night

I can't believe I ate all that

Where does it all go? 🤔

Only God Knows

He is Aleem

Suhoor is the most important meal of the day. Why?

Because the Prophet PBUH used to do it

Whatever he used to do is the best!

I gotta take a dookie but I'm not really pressed like that

And I ain't even high. Cuz normally when I'm high I get constipated

Keep thinking that I don't know, or I'm as ignorant as you think I am

Nggas from the hood is the best actors

The Prophet PBUH received revelation in the year 610

That btch Adrian Maya is a freaking cum box!

The Prophet PBUH prayed for both Umar ibn Al Kathab and Abu Jahal to come through and find the beauty in Islam, only Umar ibn Al Kathab came through. Abu Jahal remained a blasphemer

Nowhere in the Qur'an does it say that it is permissible to bash women

Advice her, if she does not listen to your advice then leave her in bed, if she still does not listen then hit her lightly(not on the face), if she still persists then divorce her




Can't wait to go to Jummuah and have all my sins forgiven

Cdfupp "Long Dck Leonard" and "Kill Box Patrick'

I'm more of a long dck Leonard. But some days I'm Kill Box Patrick. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I just wanna kill the box, and sometimes I just wanna long stroke that btch and make her lose consciousness, it all depends on my mood, it changes

Similarly the whole creation changes. But Allah is not attributed with change


May Allah forgive me

He is Afuuw

I don't even know why I made a fb. That shyt corney af



I'm going to fast on the tenth of Muharram


Because I can only do it by the Will of Allah


Good Morning

YOU'RE NOT SELENA GOMEZ!! FUCKIN IMPOSTER!! ---------------------------------------------


Ima stay home all day today, I did too many sins yesterday. If I'm at home I can't sin

The jawn at Walmart yesterday was bad as shit, and she had a fat ass


I can't wait till the tenth of Muharram

I'm going to fast and Insha'llah all my sins will be forgiven

Allah is Ghaffar

He Forgives constantly and He doesn't even sweat it

Abdullah ibn ‘Abbaas is the most knowledgeable of this ummah about the interpretation of the Qur’an


Michael Jackson was a Muslim. He died on Islam

All of you fuckers who actually believed and accused him of molesting those damn kids is all going to earn the wrath of Allah

That ngga just sounded kinda suspect a lil bit, and the way he acted was kinda funny

But nonetheless, he was Muslim, he was a family man

He was a descent human being. And all of you stripped him of his descency

Why? Cuz he always had that little puppy with him? Because he liked to be around kids?

Shit I like to be around kids too, because kids don't know nothing and they don't be asking all the stupid ass questions you mfs be asking

I rather be asked "what's your favorite cereal?" Then be asked "Why do you follow the Religion of Islam and why do you love Prophet Muhammad so much"?

That's a stupid ass question. "Why are you Muslim?"

-Btch cuz it's the only Religion accepted by God

"Why do you love Prophet Muhammad SAWS so much?"

-Btch cuz he was the most loved by God

Stop asking stupid ass questions

May Allah grant the Prophet PBUH the highest point in Jannah

So the four sacred months in Islam are as follow: Dhū al-Qa'dah (11), Dhu al-Ḥijjah (12) and Muḥarram (1). Those three are all consecutive months. The fourth is Rajab

Rajab is the month in which I was born

The 27th of Rajab

The congregational prayer is 27x more rewardable than the solo prayer

My favorite prayer is Maghrib. But the best prayer is Fajr, and than it's Asr

My favorite day is maybe Saturday, but the best of the days is Friday

My favorite season is Spring. But there are others

My favorite food is Oreos. But there are others

Similarly, everything that is in existence has partners

But Allah He Exists, but He has no partners

You feel me you can't say like "My favorite Lord is Zeus, but the best Lord is so and so..."

That will not be permissible to say. Because Zeus is no Lord, and he does not exist, he is only a myth


May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad SAWS

Some people even worship Jesus

Is Jesus real? Yes, historically he existed, and he is still alive in the second heaven today

But does he deserve worship? Can he create? NO! ONLY ALLAH CAN CREATE

That girl from Walmart yesterday had a FAT ASS

I love her. I want her. I wanna marry her


You can't tell me nothing ik how df I feel. I want this girl

Why df would u follow him??? 😕

Yesterday this ngga Roszay was telling me about how this gay ngga pulled up on him talking about some "sex"

And the gay ngga called him to go somewhere and he followed him because he wanted to rob him

Why would you follow him tho? These gay nggas are capable of doing anything because they don't fear God

Because if you truly feared God than you wouldn't be a faggot

Similarly, if you truly feared God you would not smoke weed. Or watch porn. Or look at girls in a lustful manner

When the World Wide Web was first created the first thing that was sold was a bag of marijuana

And the porn industry blew up, via the creation of the world wide web



It is a good morning because God woke me up


Now I have risen, from my slumber

This ngga gay

All them open seats in the bus, why you gotta sit next to me? Faggot

Women have a strength that men do not have

Women's capacity for sexual desire is greater than men

It's impossible for men to understand the female condition

These faggots are beginning to team up against me. They be like #TeamFaggot

Smhh... fukkin fags

I will fast on the 9th, 10th, and 11th. Imagine the amount of rewards I will get!



It is a good morning because God woke me up

Tomorrow I will fast

I have to remember to make the intention today after Maghrib

I'm no longer sitting at that spot in the bus, because all them gay nggas now know where I sit

Btch I'm sitting at the back


I'm going to fast on the 9th, 10th and 11th of Muharram

Even if you did not break your Wudu, still renew it for every prayer. That's what the Messenger SAWS used to do

The intention to fast the next day has to be made between Maghrib time and Fajr the next day. Waking up early for Suhoor is enough for an intention

The intention is the first step for every act of worship one does

Whether that be prayer, hajj, fast, or anything, the intention has to be present in the heart

What is considered an act of worship in Islam?

Idk, but I'll tell you what, I'M GONNA FIND OUT

The Arabic term used for Acts of worship is Ibaadah. This does not mean worship. It means service. To serve God in the manner in which He has commanded his creatures to serve Him is Ibaadah. The term would include all acts of piety as well as the mandatory acts of worship.

Umm btch why would I need you? Your butt not even fat, and you're not even Muslim. At least if you was Muslim then I could overlook your butt not being fat

But you're not Muslim, and you're butt not fat. You gotta go!

This btch Violet Starr is a freaking cum box!!

Can a boy and a girl have a platonic relationship in Islam?

-umm no because Allah forbids coming close to Zina, and a platonic relationship would be doing just that, COMING CLOSE TO ZINA



It is a good morning because God woke me up


All of the Prophets/Anbiya are like brothers, from the same father, different mothers

Musa AS used to stutter, he had a stammering problem

One day one of the Prophet Muhammad's SAWS grandchildren, Hussein or Hassan, I can't remember which one, Allah knows best

One day while Hussein or Hasan was in a gathering, and a lot of people was there. He began to say something to the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

And everybody was starring and listening

But he couldn't get out what he wanted to say, because of his heavy stammering

So he kept stuttering tremendously and he could not quite get out what he wanted to say. The whole time the Prophet Muhammad SAWS is just starring at him and waiting for him to finish with a smile on his face like ☺, he didn't rush him or interrupt him or anything

Everybody else starring at him like 😞

When he finally got out what he wanted to say and he finished

The Prophet Muhammad SAWS then said out loud so everybody could hear "he got that from his uncle Musa"

Ayatul Kursi is the most powerful verse in the Qur’an

Chapter 2 Surahtul Baqara, Verse 255

This ngga gay

This faggot ass ngga tried to talk to me in the elevator at school today smhh

He gon talk about some "so how's your day going"

Fukkin fag!

Lucky I had just finished praying Dhuhr and I was still in a state of Wudu and I was fasting. Or I would've told that ngga "FUCK OFF!" Fukkin gayberg

Fasting is EASY. I'm not even hungry

Keep it a bean I'm hungry as shit

Zam Zam is synonymous with Tawheed

Hasan lived to be 120


Tomorrow is the same thing

I can't mingle with people around my age cuz them mfs don't know how to act



It is a good morning because God woke me up


If Allah can wake you up after a night of sleep then why is it that some people deny the Day of Resurrection?

That's dumb

You will die. You will be buried. You will have torture or enjoyment in the grave, then you will be raised back up so God can judge you, than you can know where your final abode will be, heaven or hell

If you're Muslim you go to heaven, if you're not Muslim you go to hell

What if the validity of your fast was based upon your Wudu?😂

So every time that you farted or peed your fast will be void cdffuppp

Nobody will be able to fast!!

Shit fasting is like 14-15 hours long, I won't be able to do it for like 30 minutes

I be farting like every 5 minutes. It be silent tho, a silent killer

Those are the worse. From amongst the flatulent gases

A lot of nggas is coming out the closet smhh

Hidden faggots n shyt

Faggots that are dressed in regular clothes living their daily lives

The only One Who knows about their homosexuality is Allah

She bad af, and her ass fat

-WHO?? 👀

I can't say her name cuz she might be Muslim, and I don't wanna gossip. Just because she doesn't wear Hijab does not mean that she's not Muslim

She's doing a major sin yes, but she still might be Muslim

She nice tho, her ass fat, I love her



your mom gotta fat ass, I love her

I luh yo momma bruh

YESS! Shaykh Gilles videos are still saved! I love Shaykh Gilles. He's a plethora of knowledge!

Finna break my fast. I'm not even hungry like that like that. You get used to it after a while

I was going to say "you get used to that shit after a while" but that would not be permissible, that will be blasphemy

Fasting is an act of worship, and mocking or cursing any type of act of worship is blasphemy

Tomorrow's Friday 😆




Violet Starr is a freaking cum box!

"Next move be my best move, she only call me when the rent's due"- DuLi

And I don't want no feature nggas gay gay gay

Nggas gay, I'm ashamed. But I'm still with that fukkin slaughter gang

That slaughter team, we paint the scene red

Young savage, living lavish, I picked yo hoe and then I took her to the cabin

She wanna be with me her ngga is a has-been

You wouldn't even know what to do if you had a bad btch

What you want for that pussy I'll pay pay pay


Good Morning!


I'm fasting today. Today makes it three consecutive days

I'm so proud of myself

I can't wait till Ramadan

Insha'llah I will fast all days

Our Dawah is intrinsically flawed because of this question

We were taught Islam at the point of fear

"If you don't do this Allah will..."

And unfortunately that has carried over with how we associate Islam with the world. That's really the most detrimental thing to a child. To teach him Islam at the end of a stick through punishment.

We forget that Allah introduces Himself in the Qur'an how? "In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate the most Merciful"

"Know for a fact that your Creator loves each and every single one of His creations more than that mother loves her child, unfortunately they themselves keep stepping into the fire"

The Creator since the beginning of time has always shown the right path to people. He sent Moses, Noah, Abraham, peace be upon them all. To show humanity the right path, and the wrong path

"This path if you stay on it will lead to eternal Paradise, forever"

"And this path if you stay on it leads to eternal punishment and hell"

And at the end of the day it is not the Creator who is throwing themselves in the fire, it is their own selves and their actions

They walk into it freely with their own choice

This is how Islam comprehends that idea

If Allah didn't have mercy there will be no creation. Nothing would exist if the Creator wasn't merciful

Because he would punish us immediately when we commit a sin, and not a single one of us will be left on this earth.

It is the fact that we do sin, and some of us return and repent to our Creator, that makes us so special, and that's what He loves the most about us

Yes, God loves everything, but He does not like when we disobey Him

He will punish us if we stay like that and we do not fix it

I hope that answers your question

-May Allah bless Yusha Evans

I have them btches running when the pipe come

I can't wait to go to Jummuah and have all my sins forgiven

That ngga had a fukkin bun on his head, fuckin faggot

Call that ngga Bun B

That ngga favorite song is "Hot cross buns"

Faggot ass ngga after he finish making hot dogs he like to slowly insert it in the hot dog bun n shyt

That ngga secretly wanna be a bunny rabbit n shyt

Hussein resembled the Prophet Muhammad SAWS most, especially in manners

About 25% of the world's prison population is in the U.S.

If we accept that I can cause something or that this can cause something than I am giving it some kind of intrinsic power

And if I am giving it intrinsic power than I am giving it something that is God's alone

I am taking something that is God's alone and I am giving it to a created thing, and in that way it is a kind of shirk

The optical illusion is of sequential linearity

The Theory of Everything Is God

Anything we do in this life is supposed to be only to worship Allah

So if I'm doing work that interferes with that worship than that work is no longer viable for a Muslim

Allah has created this Earth as a Masjid according to Rasullullah SAW

You pray when it's time to pray

That money is not coming from your job or your boss, that money is coming from Allah

If you place something in front of Allah than that thing has become your Lord

Rights are not inalienable, as they say in the U.S. constitution

We stand up for our rights

I don't care if you like me, you don't have to like me, but you will respect who u am and you will respect my religious values

You gotta do what you gotta do

I need to get a haircut! My head wolfing

I'm going to ask Allah, then I'll ask my dad

I don't like women who talk a lot. Some people love that shit, not me

Some nggas find that shyt enticing, stimulating n shyt

When your women argue with you or talk back

Df, not me



Damn I'm thinking about that guy at the Mosque today

May Allah bless him 😕

Please YA RABB


He told me his name was Muhammad

You become so negative. Not only are you negative about yourself, your negativity becomes infectious

Even people around you. Somebody graduate you say it's not like you really going to get a job

You just have to throw in some kind of negative

This is the pessimism of the devil

Because if a person is pessimistic then how can they have hope in Allah

How can they have pessimism and Reliance in Allah?

If they have already accepted defeat then they have no expectation from Allah

the most essential relationship that we have with Allah is us asking him

you're hopeless, and what is the Devil by definition? He is hopeless

He's hopeless and he wants you to become hopeless

These are his attacks from the front

If you accomplish this goal than everything will work out

And what happens when you accomplish that goal? There are like 30 other problems that you did not have before

It's okay to have goals, but realized that those goals are not your actual purpose, they are only a means to a higher end

People who are positive live longer

Being positive is not difficult but it does take effort

Allah is the most forgiving he is the most merciful

You cannot count the number of mercy and blessings from Allah

Gratitude is one of the most positive emotions

The only thing that you should be worried about is what will Allah say to me on the day of judgement

Our concern should not be what will people think of us, Our concern should be what will Allah think of us

The literary concept of people are all creatures of intellect. It includes human beings Angels and Jinn

In California everybody's smiling. "Hey man how are you doing 😀"

It has to do with the marijuana but still

Allah is the only God

I been thinking about this btch from Ig all night, she gotta fat ass

I feel better now that I have ejaculated


Good Morning

It is a good morning because God woke me up


Am I a hypocrite?

Please God I don't want to be a hypocrite

Losing hope in the mercy of Allah is tantamount to Kufr/disbelief

I can't paraphrase when I'm copying down Shaykh Gilles videos. I can paraphrase when I'm taking notes in school or other stuff, but I have to copy down word for word everything that he says, because everything is valuable and gold that he says

I just took a smash

I only wiped my ass twice. Idgaf, today's only Saturday

If this was Friday I would've wiped it thrice

The anger of Allah is on those who knew the truth and left it

These peanuts good as shyt. Fukkin these jawns up

No homo

My profile picture on twitter ugly as shit!

I'm ugly as shit

I don't fuck no btches

My dck still long tho so idc

Btch I can be ugly I gotta long dck and ik how to lay the pipe right

So that compensates for my ugliness



While making Dua you can ask Allah to forgive the sins of all the Muslims yes, but it is not permissible to ask Allah to make all the Muslims go to Paradise. Because He has already clearly stated in his book that some of the Muslims will be in Hellfire and some will be in Paradise

That will be blasphemy because it's asking Allah to change something that he has already said and made clear

His Speech does not change

There will be more women than men in hellfire

The reason for that is because btches don't be knowing how to act

And they're ungrateful to their husbands

Ihsan is to worship Allah SWT like you can see Him, and even if you can't see Him just know that He sees you

I wanna watch some porn but ima wait till after Isha prayer because prayer comes first in my life and I am a humble slave of Allah Azzawajal

Ima put all this dck in you btch that's wtf ima do!

I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Suck this fucking dick you dirty fukkin slut

Your mouth feels so good

I love you I hate you btch

I wanna marry you

This btch Catalina Taylor is a freaking cum box!

This shit finna nut btch fuk what you heard!

I feel better now that I have ejaculated

This ngga Ibis knows my schedule. He only comes and attack me at night time when I be waking up from my sleep with a boner n shyt

He knows that he can't get me during the day, so he goes for the night. This is how he works. He's a smart fucker

He ugly as shit tho. He fuck nooooo btches

Allah is the only true God

I just have to remain a Muslim and not blaspheme until the day I die and I'll be good

Shouldn't be too hard. Just can't throw the book of the Qur’an in the trash

Or any other blasphemy deed


May Allah raise the rank of our Prophet SAWS


I'm so tired of chasing these hoes, can't wait to call someone my own

Right now I'm riding down my side of town I'm high as hell you fly as hell you hold me down ima hold you down too!

It is not permissible to read Qur'an if you are not in a state of Wudu. So I just watched porn, masterbated and ejaculated. So u am now under major ritual impurity, so I will have to take a full body shower and renew my Wudu if I want to read something from the Qur'an

So I was trying to read Surahtul Al-Fil out loud because I've been trying to memorize it for some time now

But due to the fact that I masterbated and ejaculated earlier I will only have to say it in my head. I can't say it out loud cuz I just nutted

If I start something I have to finish it

Similarly, if I start talking to a girl and she bad and gotta fat ass I HAVE TO FUCK HER

Because if I don't then ima be thinking bout that btch all day and have many sleepless nights

This is why Allah said don't even come close to Zina


Good Morning

My dck fat and I fuck a lot of btches

Btch you finna get drilled!

Take ur titty out btch

I wanna see ur fukkin nippes

Lemme suck ur fuckin nippes!




Allah is the Most-Forgiving, the Most-Merciful


Anything that my father tells me I have to hearken and take heed, this is because he wants the best for me and he's older and knows more than me

May Allah bless my father

"Pretty teeth with a nice demeanor"- Kevin Gates

This song hot and all, but keep it a bean idrgaf about her teeth or her demeanor, I wanna know if that ass fat and she got some big breastes, that's all I care about frfr

Or if she Muslim, if that's the case than it's not a requirement for her to have a fat butt or large breastes

Her religious commitment will compensate for her flat butt or small breast

My right hand 💪 strong as shit, and it's not cuz I be doing push-ups

Ngga owe me a brick that was the three years ago

Seen him in the club ngga shot him in the throat


This song is haraam, it promotes violence and illicit behavior, I should not be listening to this

May Allah forgive me

He is Ghafoor

I'm never watching porn and masterbating ever again. Last night was the last straw. This ngga Ibis think that he can get me at night n shyt. Fuck that ngga

She always used to be saying like "TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL AND CHECK ME IMA VIRGIN!"

Umm... Okay why nggas gotta take you to the hospital and check you if you already said you a virgin?

If you already said something and you know it to be true then you ain't gotta prove shit to nobody, as long as you and Allah knows already than that's all that matters

If you try to prove them wrong then that only makes u look more suspect and conspicuous

Similarly, I already told nggas I'M NOT GAY! That's the truth, Allah and I know it and that's all that matters

Leave your btch or your mom in a room with me for five minutes. That btch gon come out the room 6 months pregnant

I've memorized Surahtul Fil

My life is complete

That btch say that she don't understand me

I be flexing my money come in handy

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

I can't wait to pray Zhuhr!

The time gap between Fajr and Dhuhr is too long

The time difference between Fajr and Sunrise and Maghrib and Isha is exactly the same, on all days

It's permissible to go to sleep after Fajr and Asr Salah

No text in the Qur’an prohibits it, so the general rule applies: everything is permitted except that which has been expressly forbidden

So for example like during summertime, when the hours be long as shit

It's not permissible to masterbate or watch porn, ever. It is a major sin

"If having a bad btch was a crime I'd be arrested"

"Hoe. Shut. The. Fuck. Up"

It is a major sin to watch porn or masterbate


-u black as shit tho 😐

But when I do watch porn and masterbate then I do it after Isha, or after Fajr, or after Asr

So I can ejaculate and go to sleep and when I wake up I can catch my prayer time

My life revolves around Salah

Three more minutes until Dhuhr. I CAN'T WAIT! 😄

My favorite position is doggy style 🐶

Girl I will kill it from back

Ima hit it from the back all crazy and kill that pussy, I'm deadass 😐

"DEAD-ASS" Kill it from the back 😂

YOU GET IT??? 😂😂

People that are hasty to judge that's a sign of spiritual immaturity

It's a mercy of Allah That He does not expect perfection, He expects improvement

Those who are the best suffer from the most extreme form of arrogance

The rest of them suffer from clinical depression

He didn't ask you to be perfect

He attacks you from the front blinding your view

Motherhood is not a part time job

We should protect the sisters

We don't take advantage of our women

Allah will always be the greatest ever living, the first and last

One of the primary causes of depression is disobedience towards Allaah.

I can't wait till Isha prayer so I can pray it and go straight to sleep

This ngga Iblees think that he gon get me tonight foh!

I'm a slave of Allah Azzawajal

I'm impervious to your puny attacks

Trying get me to disobey my Lord you got me fucked up

I'm not even horny fr

I'm really not sexually stimulated frfr

Four times that the Shaytan is closest to you

1. When you're really hungry

2. When you're really angry

3. When you're really happy

4. When you're horny

Because when you horny you just wanna fuck and get ur nut out

So the Shaytaan uses this against you. He toys with you

He knows how you feel

This ngga Iblees

He ugly as shit tho keep it a bean

As soon as I pray Isha I'm going straight to sleep

This ngga Iblees think that he can get me tonight


Just prayed Isha. Good night




That btch got some sexy ass kneecaps


I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Rumors are carried by haters

It is only carried by the foolish

And it is accepted by the ones who are stupid. So let us not be a part of it

It's important before we speak we think

"Letts havee seexxx"

"But not without the foreplay" 🎶

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

Sex is not an illicit behaviour. But openly discussing the topic and urging one to do it, whilst they're not married, is illicit

The Prophet PBUH forbade rushing into intercourse, he highly encouraged foreplay

And that the man and woman should dress up and clean themselves well so that they can look attractive to their spouse

Yes, Islam even teaches one the proper way of having sex

Yes, you are right: Islam teaches us all things and has brought all good teaching to mankind concerning their livelihood, religion, living and dying, because it is the religion of Allaah, may He be glorified and exalted.

Having the sincere intention of doing this thing only for the sake of Allaah. One should intend to do this to protect oneself and one's wife from doing haraam things, to increase the numbers of the Muslim ummah so as to raise its status, for there is honour and pride in large numbers. It should be known that one will be rewarded for this action, even if he finds immediate pleasure and enjoyment in it.

-so even if you nutt quick, like me, you still will get rewarded, you just have to have the correct intention


-based on your intention, yes

Intercourse should be preceded by kind words, playfulness and kisses. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to play with his wives and kiss them.

-that hoe can dress up as a school girl and ima be saying: YOU'RE A WHOREEEE!!

It is permissible for the husband to have intercourse with his wife in her vagina in whatever manner he wishes, from behind or from the front, on the condition that it is in her vagina, which is the place from which a child is born

-Damn, so I can't fuck that btch on her kneecaps

The Jews used to say that if a man had intercourse with his wife in her vagina from behind, the child would have a squint. Then this aayah was revealed: Your wives are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth (have sexual relations with your wives in any manner as long as it is in the vagina and not in the anus), when or how you will” [al-Baqarah 2:223]. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “From the front or from the back, so long as it is in the vagina.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 8/154; Muslim, 4/156).

-Ima hit it from the back. Then ima eat it from the back like 👅. Or vice versa. Order doesn't really matter. As long as I'm hitting it and eating it

It is not permissible for the husband under any circumstances whatsoever to have intercourse with his wife in her back passage. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Your wives are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth (have sexual relations with your wives in any manner as long as it is in the vagina and not in the anus), when or how you will” [al-Baqarah 2:223]. It is known that the place of tilth is the vagina, which is the place from which one hopes for a child. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “He is cursed who has intercourse with women in their back passages.” (Narrated by Ibn ‘Udayy, 1/211; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Adaab al-Zafaaf, p. 105).

-I can't fuck that btch in the ass, that would be sodomy, and homosexuality. Which are major major sins

-But can I put my finger in her butt tho? 🤔

Al-Baghawi said in Sharh al-Sunnah (2/9): “Ghusl for janaabah [impurity following sexual discharge] is waajib in either of two cases: when the tip of the penis enters the vagina, or when gushing water is emitted by either the man or the woman.”

-so you ain't gotta nut to take a shower. It just has to be inserted. GOTCHA

is permissible for the husband and wife to do ghusl together in one place, even if he sees her and she sees him, because of the hadeeth of ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) who said: “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and I used to do ghusl together from one vessel between me and him; we would take turns dipping our hands in the vessel and he would take more than me until I would say, ‘Leave some for me, leave some for me.’” She said, and they were both junub (in a state of janaabah). Narrated by al-Bukhaari and Muslim.

-but what if I fuck her in the shower and bust a couple nuts?

-just don't fuck her in the shower. Or if you do just do ghusl again. Do ghusl, make Wudu and then fuck her

-it has to be in that same chronological order, it would not be valid if you fuck her, prayed, do ghusl, and then fuck her again. That will not be viable

-or just don't fuck her in the shower!

-I gotta fuck her in the shower. I gotta put my tongue 👅in her throat and my finger in her butt


It is forbidden to have intercourse with a woman when she is menstruating (having her period),

-😫. That's disgusting af

This is why ima have more then one wife. So if one of them is having her period I can go to the next one house and beat her shit

Ima be like "bae I'm going to the store to buy some milk and orange juice, you want something? "

Knowing damn well I ain't gon buy no orange juice. I'm going to the other wife house to get some ass. Then ima come back 2-3 hours later talking bout some: "damn the line was long

But it is permissible for the husband to enjoy his menstruating wife without having intercourse, because of the hadeeth of ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) who said: “The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) would tell one of us, when she was menstruating, to wear a waist-wrapper, then her husband would lie with her.” (Agreed upon).

So even if she's on her period she can still give me head. Or jerk me off. Or we can spoon. So long as there's a barrier. Cuz I wouldn't want blood to get on my shyt. Allah Knows best

The Jews they would run away from their women in the time of her period. Shit I don't blame em, I'd run 🏃 away too




Attributing Power to anyone other than Allah is blasphemy

That's not what I meant by "the power of Christ compels you"

I was only joking

-still, joking is not an excuse for saying blasphemy. May Allah forgive me

He is Ghaffar

This btch Cherokee gotta fat ass

She's a freaking cum box!


I feel better now that I have ejaculated

With regard to anyone who believes in Allah and His Messenger and remains steadfast in obeying them, but denies some of that which the Messenger brought, out of ignorance or lack of knowledge that the Messenger brought it – even though that constitutes disbelief and the one who does it is a disbeliever – the fact that he was ignorant of what the Messenger brought makes it disallowed to deem that particular person a disbeliever, regardless of whether the matter has to do with a fundamental or minor issue, because disbelief means rejecting what the Messenger brought, or rejecting some of it, knowingly

-but them nggas was telling me that ignorance is not an excuse in Islam

The excuse of ignorance is something that is valid and established with regard to all issues of religion, whether they are issues of belief, tawheed and shirk, or issues of fiqhi rulings.

And Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): “And there is no sin on you if you make a mistake therein, except in regard to what your hearts deliberately intend. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful” [al-Ahzaab 33:5].

And the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Allah has forgiven my ummah their mistakes and forgetfulness, and what they are forced to do.” Classed as hasan by al-Albaani.

These texts indicate that whoever does something that is contrary to what he is obliged to do, because he forgot or out of ignorance, is to be pardoned. The one who is mistaken also includes the one who is ignorant, because the one who is mistaken is anyone who does something contrary to the truth without intending to.



It is a good morning because God woke me up


Water has a really good memory

The frontal lobe is responsible for reasoning, decision making and solving problems

The frontal lobe of teenagers is not fully developed

Teenagers have hormonal issues

This girl on the bus cute as shit

I love her

I wanna marry her


When I want something I go and get it

I put my finger in her butt and sniff it 👃


People blink about 15-20 times per minute

Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed

She said I need a job btch fuck a job

I want a foreign little btch

She put it all in her mouth

I want it so ima go get it

The number one thing that I hate is when people try to play me for a fool or try to scare me

I can't wait to pray Asr and vent to my Lord, something has been bothering me

This btch Rihanna on some other shyt. Talking about some: "you was just a ngga on a hit list"


Df, I don't like when girls act like boys. Boys, we are allowed to be whores and fuck btches and talk about it proudly

But when girls do that shit 😕. It's weirrdd

I once saw this girl smoking weed, she couldn't be more than 11 or 12

I walked up to her I was like, "you know that's not cute right"

She gon say some: "I ain't trying be cute I'm trying get high!"


What a dumb dckhead

So what happened next:

I sat down with her and we smoked together. I was high as shit

It's not permissible to do any nafl prayers when the sun is coming up or when it is going down

So after Asr and after Fajr

Why after Asr? Allah Hu Ahnam

I used to be getting high and getting head or having intercourse around like 4:30pm n shyt. Then afterwards I realized "oh shit I just did a major sin, I need to go home and pray and ask my Lord for forgiveness. Then I realize I can't, because I already prayed Asr, and there are no nafl prayers after it 🙁

But then... It was this year, a few months ago that I learned that the prayer of repentance can be done at any time

I come to my senses after I ejaculate

"Temporary forever, levitate with a ngga"

Keep it a bean this ngga Wale ugly as shit

How df do you pronounce his last name? 😕

Wale fuk btches tho

It's not a condition to have good looks in order to get a lot of twat

You just gotta have money. That's what btches like, they like money

Yeah "btches", that's what they like

But on the other hand, pious Muslim females. They could care less about monetary values

They don't care about clothes, jewelry, shoes, none of that shyt

Why? Cuz they actually got some damn sense and they realize that their final destination is the hereafter, so that's what they prepare for

This ngga Ace Hood talking bout some: "my pockets sitting too high, call that Wiz Khalifa "

He ugly as shit. He look like a fetus

An unborn child n shyt

This world is nothing but an elderly woman wearing jewelry

Allah is the only God

Just did my prayers, I fell asleep and missed Maghrib and Isha

But it's cool tho I just made them up when I woke up

Finna go to sleep now

This ngga Ibliss not getting me tonight. Nu uh! GOOD NIGHT


You finna get all this dck btch that's what you finna get!

Take off ur shirt I wanna suck ur nippes btch!

Take off ur pants lemme fuck ur kneecaps!!



I feel better now that I have ejaculated

Actually I didn't miss Isha prayer, the prayer was like at 8pm, and I woke up around 10, and performed it at 10:30pm

‘Isha prayer must be performed before midnight, and it is not permissible to delay it until midnight, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The time of ‘Isha’ is until midnight” (narrated by Muslim, al-Masaajid wa Mawaadi’ al-Salaah, 964).

It's a valid excuse to miss prayer if one forgets or sleeps

Sometimes when I be falling asleep after I finish smoking weed or watching porn, I wake back up knowing that I have to make up my prayers, but I be too lazy, so I be thinking like "I don't even remember. I was sleeping, I forgot"


But I know I remember, and Allah definitely knows!

Who df am I fooling? Certainly not GOD

He is Omniscient

Victory is for Allah and His Messenger SAWS

Our leadership is based upon our submission to Allah

I hate when you put on deodorant and wear your shirt and then later on in the day when you take ur shirt off there's a big ass deodorant mark all over ur shirt

They need to make deodorant THAT DON'T LEAVE MARKS

The highest level of Iman is Ihsan

Allah is the Eternally Besought (As Samaad)

The best verses and Surahs in the Qur'an are the ones that glorify and praise Allah SWT

U finna get fukked btch

This dck is all u finna get

I don't fukkin care about you!


Turn around lemme see ur butt cheeks

I wanna see ur nippes btch


I feel better now that I have ejaculated


Good Morning!

It is a good morning because God woke me up


Now I have risen

If Allah has the power to make you rise after your slumber then why is it that some people deny the Day of Resurrection?

You will live, you will die, you will be buried, your body will decay, then Allah will raise you back up

When the punishment of Allah comes only those with knowledge will realize what it is

All the Prophets and the battlefield martyrs their bodies will not decay in the grave

Yours will, because you're a sinful piece of shit

Mines will too

African parents are the kings and queens of hyperbolizing situations *only two days go by*


*gets a stomach ache*



I was once fuckin this btch She had a fat ass


I can't say her name cuz that hoe might be Muslim

I mean ... "she" might be Muslim

She had a fat ass tho


Btch I told you I can't say!!

-I just wanna know



*and we was doing good if u ask me*

Till you start asking bout Tiffany and Ashley

*hit it from the back you was calling me daddy*

This song is haraam

It promotes illicit behavior

This ngga a fag. Why you gotta sit next to me? There's a btch sitting right there with an open seat. Smh.... fukkin fag!!

This faggot ass ngga got some pink earphones

He prolly listening to Mariah Carey n shyt

Don't try to scare me!

And don't try to play me for a damn fool!!


Allah's Mercy is beckoned by the fact that you remember Him

Can I hit it from the back and make that ass bounce?

I was once fuckin this btch she had a fat ass


May Allah protect me from the fitnah of the grave

*The true believer would always want to be in a state of Wudu *

I be farting like twice every five minutes, and I be too lazy to go in the bathroom and renew my Wudu

My faets be silent tho

But they the worse. The silent assassins

They are the worse, from amongst the flatulent gases

Deadass, I would kill it from the back




You may recite the Qur’an without having Wudu

It was like 9 in the morning

I was walking somewhere, I passed by the playground

I saw this little girl on the park bench smoking weed and getting high. She was real young, like 10 or 11

I walked up to her like "you know that's not cute, shouldn't u be in school?"

She replied like "ain't nobody trying be cute nigga I'm trying get high!"

I was baffled! It broke my heart seeing her doing that, I was like 😮

Then I walked away ..

SIKE! I sat down right with her, I was like "scoot over"

We smoked up, I was high as shit

She had some blue dream

That's the name of a famous strand of marijuana

It's very renowned

Btches be having some ugly ass kneecaps. Jawns be all fat and black eeww!

How I'm pose to fuck ur kneecaps when them jawns look like a mole?

Kufr really means to reject

Shaytan is a disbeliever in the term of rejection

He had some elements of belief

He understands Who Allah is

But he had a destructive form of disbelief which overcomes the other

His Kufr was that he rejected Allah and had a sense of pride

If you pray five times a day but deny that it is an obligation than you are a disbeliever by consensus

Because it is a form of rejection and denying the obligation

Allah answers the Dua of every Muslim and every Kafr, who calls on him properly

This is a Lord Who does not break His Promise, this is a Lord Who is just

I don't even like bananas frfr

I like mangis, apples, strawberries and the like

Anything that's juicy, and round and fat

Similarly, your mom, she got something that's round and fat, and it's highly edible

I gotta brush my teeth every time I eat your mom pussy cuz that shyt stink

And the Angels won't come near you if your breath smell like onions

Or garlic

I don't know, Allah knows best

I used to watch Supernatural, the show, I loved it

I was watching it from Season One

But then when it got to like Season 8, they introduced an Angel, and they labeled somebody to be a Prophet

And these nggas even bought "God" in the picture

His name was "Chuck"

God was a character in the show and his name was "Chuck" df 😕


I stopped watching that show immediately!

Because if I continued to watch it then it will be like I accept their Kufr. And if you condone and accept blasphemy then that's blasphemy itself

If them nggas wanna go to hellfire then that's fine and dandy but you ain't taking me with you, FUK THAT!!

btch I wanna go to Paradise

Gardens with rivers flowing underneath

Your ass fat baby I love you so much





I feel better now that I have ejaculated



Good Morning

Three times that kid passed by me and told me Salam Wallaikum


I will pray for him forever

May Allah bless him and may He make him prosper and give him long life

May Allah make all of his dreams and wishes come true

May He protect him and give him long life


WOW! Three times!!

May Allah give him happiness in this Dunya and may He protect him from all evil

May Allah sustain him

May Allah bless his entire family

May Allah preserve him, and may He never be led astray


Cdffuppp 😅😂

"You are from amongst those who have been given respite"

This is his respite

But he will die, and go to hell

He knows that, he just don't wanna be alone

He doesn't want to be a lonely boy

He wants to take me with him



That btch August Taylor is a freaking cum box!

She got DSL

The Angels are incapable of disobeying Allah SWT

The root diseases of mankind are pride, envy, and desire

The Angel of Death his name is Azraeel. He takes souls individually

Israfil is the Angel who takes souls collectively.

He already has his lips puckered on the Trumpet



The girl from this morning on the bus

She sat next to me and she thought that I was gon try to talk to her cuz she was cute


She was thinking like: oh no this ngga gay!


You funny as shit!

Talk to you and risk going to hellfire?

I'm chilling. I don't want no parts

It's a decision that I have to make... You.. or God?



Btch you don't see the Shaytan sitting right next to us?

Whenever two people of the opposite sex are alone the Shaytaan is always the third company

She funny as shit

Btch you want me to talk to you, get ur number, call you up on the phone late at night like "wassup baby what you doing?"

You want me to fuck you, get you pregnant, I leave the country 🚄

And then You make Dua to Allah to kill me?

You funny as shit! Like I'm dumb enough to risk that

You got me fucked up. You better become Muslim and start wearing your Hijab and leave me df alone

Dumbass, that hoe used to nggas talking to her and fucking on the first day

So when she saw me and I didn't try to talk to her she immediately jumped to conclusion like "THIS NGGA GAY" 😂

no btch I'm not gay, I'm just hella pious, and u hella pretty, I don't wanna fuck you

Df 😕

Dumbass, next time think before you jump to conclusions

Fukkin hoe

Why would I wanna talk to you and ur not even fukkin Muslim??

Btch look at the way you're dressed


You're a Non-Muslim

The Messenger of Allaah SAWS said that a woman may be married for four reasons: beauty, deen, status, wealth

He said go for the one with Deen, i.e. marry.the.girl.who.is.Muslim

Do you think I'm dumb enough to not take his advice??



You going to hellfire now you wanna take me with you, why? Because you don't wanna be alone at night?

😂 dumb ass

Get df out my face you stank ass hoe!

Thinking I'm gay n shyt, that nut ass hoe trying spoil my name

She's prolly the reason why them faggots at school be trying to approach me

Stank pussy ass hoe

Btch Allah has a girl special in mind for me to be with and IT AIN'T YO ASS!


Good Morning

Not in the mood for joking around today

That dumbaas slutty ass hoe btch from yesterday morning fucked up my whole mood

Fuck her, may Allah curse her

Fuckin slut

Can't wait to go to Jummuah tomorrow and ask Allah to curse her, ask Allah to never make her happy in life

Fuck her, fuck her life, fuck EVERYTHING ABOUT HER

I hate that btch!! And I hate all those who are like her

It's called "VERIFICATION"

verify shit before you start making stupid ass fuckin accusations

You dumb ass stank pussy ass hoe!

I'm over here trying to earn Jannah Tul Firdos, and that hoe thinking I'm gay because I don't wanna talk to her

You damn right I don't wanna talk to you, this is because you.are.a.hoe!

Your vagina is straight out the pits of hellfire btch

If I put my dck in you once that shit gon burn!! 🔥

MS. Julie- short white old lady
MS. Ruth- saw her at the folcroft library
MS. Tony
Keith- really cool taxi driver
Connie at #4
2158 9:05-
4163 11:15-12:10
P. 195
Dr. Shanwar— patience
Mario- cab driver
Randal King- old English professor

Live and you learn, give and you earn.

I had 6 tokens exactly. I asked Allah (Swt) to allow me and Alhaji to go to the Masjid Friday. Alhaji said he was sick so I went myself. I had exactly enough tokens to go on Friday and Sunday.

I'm sitting at the bench and blowing n shit, I look at my phone that hoe says 5:13pm

Ik I'm doing it, but why are you doing the same thing and trying to chastise me about it? You're a hypocrite bruh.

I'm at the intersection jawn, I look at the time that hoe said 5:25pm

The whole plot is a convuleted story made to look simple and unprotentious

I come to the folcroft library to use the computer, the volume was already set to 35.

If you don't forgive and forget then you haven't really forgave.

I'm at folcroft library bouta charge my phone, I look at my phone that hoe says 2:25.

Anything can be altered and made better except for Allah's (Swt) declarations.

I was sitting at the bench at folcroft library bouta go to Conway to blow, I look at my phone that hoe said exactly 5:00pm

❌You can never be a true Muslim unless you truly understand Allah (Swt). Prophet Muhammad truly understood Allah (Swt), that's why he will forever be the best Muslim.

❌I was laying on my bed it said 5:50pm, I turned it on and looked again it said 5:53. And now as I'm finishing writing this it's 5:55

Monogamy is not real but it can be

❌I despise you because I prayed for something to Allah (Swt) and you stood in the way of it coming true.

Allah (Swt) exists and he's real.

The only true religion is Islam.

I don't want to be alone.

There's a blessing behind every curse, and a curse behind every blessing.

It is better to pray in unison then by yourself.

I'm at the Masjid on Sunday, I thought I felt my phone vibrating. I look at it, that hoe says 2:25

My alarm goes off at 7:35pm on my phone and Apa and auntie walk in the house.

I just finished rolling up in my room, I look in my bed that hoe says 8:36am

No, love is not transferable.

My phone was exactly on 33% .

I just blew at Conway. I'm at the intersection jawn it's exactly 8:33pm

That ngga slapped me and was like YES!

Love is not transferable, at first.

I be thinking of all this shyt that be going on, I just don't ever write it down. I be too lazy n shit, and Idk how to put it into words.

There's a lot I don't know.

I don't know more then I know

Time escapes nobody
When I pulled out my phone to write this quote that hoe said exactly 11:55am

I got to the folcroft library and sat down on the computer at 12:25pm

I picked up the phone from the chearging jawn at folcroft library at exactly 2:37pm

I'm at the hut at Conway finna get up that hoe says 4:15pm

Blame Allah (Swt) only for the goods.

❌I'm at the hut blowing at Conway finna go to the library I look at that hoe it says 11:36am

Prepare for the worst, always.

❌ successful submission is giving up and carrying out all of his demands, even if they may seem the most heinous.

I'm at the library, I'm writing this at 12:05pm

❌ Don't blame God (Swt), blame Shaytan.

❌ It can be so easy to blame God (Swt).

I smell like a pound of grass cuz I blew a pound

I'm getting ready to go to therapy. I'm in my room changing I look at that hoe it says 2:33pm

I stopped the treadmill at therapy at exactly 10:35

I'm the one that got tired, not Allah (Swt).

I looked at the time exactly at 9am. When the library opened exactly.

Make me ended as soon as I got to the library.

I'm at folcroft library, I'm charging my phone. I come to get it that hoe says 4:35pm.

I'm at folcroft library, I look at that hoe it says 5:05pm.

I'm at the hut at Conway, I just finished blowing. I look at that hoe it says exactly 5:35pm

Everything with Islam makes sense.

Muslims be out of breath while talking

The anticipation kills me

Allah (Swt) values his privacy.

Allah (Swt) is not taking long or being unfair, I am.

I just had sex with this girl, I totally inserted my penis into her vagina.

Picked up my phone from charging at the folcroft library, that hoe said 2:33

I'm at Ronnie crib blowing n shyt I look at that hoe it says 4:01pm

❌Nobody is invincible to Allah (Swt)

I came to my crib after blowing at Ronnie's that hoe said 4:36pn

❌ I was gonna say I didn't do push ups but I prayed, but Allah (Swt) blessed me to be able to do both

Fuck what you heard. It's what you hearing

Likening Allah (Swt) to the creation is blasphemy.

God (Swt) doesn't like ugly.
- ugly does not exist to him.

I stopped reading at Conway for a few hours that hoe said 4:10pm

I walked downstairs as soon as the fam came in the door.

I wanted to pray and ask Allah (Swt) to go easier on me. Instead I prayed and thanked him for all he does.

Just because something is scary does not mean it should be feared.

8-29-16 ( I been sober for a day)
Allah (Swt) please let me smoke today, I'm begging you, please.

Allah (Swt) came through, he always comes through. I'm weak "sighs"

❌only Allah has true freedom.

I aint hard to find

Bro lemme get a piece of chicken

❌Allah (Swt) is bemused by none.

Gosh Allah (Swt) is great.

❌Gosh Allah(Swt) is great.

❌Allah (Swt) is inconceivable

I walked from blowing at Conway to the southeast center. I looked at that hoe it said 8:33
❌Now as I'm finishing writing this that hoe said 8:36

I'm chilling at the southeast center finna do promo I look at that hoe it says 9:34

❌Allah (Swt) sees all, but none sees him.

I'm still at the southeast center on the computer now finna listen to Pandora, that hoe said 10:33 ❌- now it's 10:35

I was doing promo I fukked up at 635 on twitter

Alusine was on the computer at sm Sharon Hill, I was in the bathroom rolling up. I got out and logged in for him again it said "this session will last 35 minutes".

❌This shyt crazy. I just came home from blowing at Conway that hoe said 8:55pm

Y'all don't even know about the ice caps

I'm exactly at the intersection jawn that hoe said 7:00am exactly.

Things always happen that you're unaware of, but just because you are unaware does not mean that it cannot and won't happen.

'"what is" is not always what matters.

I got in the bus exactly at 7:25am
Well that's when I sat down and looked at that hoe.

"your eyes look different"

I met Roszay at Darby and blew with him.

Blowing Reggie is like, "shit, I might as well be sober"

❌Shaytan is Allah's (Swt) fury on mankind for being as flawed as it is.

Obey me, but obey Allah (Swt) first.

I just reached the Chinese store in darby near Walgreen's that hoe said 1:35p

Bus comes at 6:19am

I looked at that hoe when I'm sitting at the bus stop, that hoe said exactly 6:19am

I fuk hoes in dirty clothes

❌Allah (Swt) only tells me to do the good deeds, so that is only I will blame him for.

Chill can be in vibe but vibe can't be in chill

The time and song ended at 7:33am

❌I've lied to Allah (Swt) 😲😱

❌I did all this shyt, said I was at the Masjid when I was really blowing with Roszay.

❌Got exactly to the crib at 535


❌Auntie called me at exactly 12:35pm when I wanted to dip from blowing at Ronnie crib to go to the folcroft library.

I'm not the only one and i'm not alone.

Allah (Swt) focuses a lot on making this Dunya pleasurable for the good hearted nonbelievers. But in no way does he value the nonbelievers more than the believers. That is why there is the hereafter. May Allah's (Swt) mercy be upon us.

He will be incredibly good in the game of checkers

Chess is Haram because it encourages gambling and is a waste of time.

There is no luck in Islam

A person doesn't need a lot of knowledge to embrace Islam.

A person with a sound mind will believer in the existence of Prophet Muhammad, because thousands of people witnessed him and his attributes.

The Prophets are the best of the creations.

No Prophet ever lied.

God (Swt) created the world to show his power.

Men is not created in the image of God (Swt)

The sound mind accepts God's existence.

God (Swt) has many attributes that we can't count.

We are accountable because we are free to make a choice.

The first creation was the original water.
This water existed before light and darkness.

We don't know God's reality.

We don't know God's reality but we know his attributes and character.

Apostacy is when a Muslim committs blasphemy.

It's better for a person to be a sinful Muslim then a non-Muslim who sins.

A martyr in a battlefield is one of the best ways to die.

Paying Zakat
Making pilgrimage

Collab can be in synnergize but synnergize cannot be in collab.

Sitting at the hut in Conway bouta blow that hoe said 5:25pm

Entered the crib at exactly 535pm

❌I do not believe in luck, I believe in Allah (Swt) only, and he is God of all.

❌Just like you have never met
Leonardo DaVinci, you know only of what his followers told of him and the stuff he left behind confirming that he indeed existed, the same applies for Prophet Muhammad.

Mr. Crepsley left Seba at exactly page 135.

If you are a Muslim who believes in luck than you never will be lucky... Never!


I'm bouta blow at the bench on Conway, I look at that hoe it says 6:55am

Bus comes 7:18-7:22am
I moved to the hut cuz ima need somewhere to put the jawn on
As I'm finishing writing this I looked at that hoe it said 7:07am

The number 8 bemuses me

I asked her if she wanted to sit she was like "no thank you I'm good."

Got in the bus and looked at that hoe at 7:29am

❌Allah (Swt) does not need to change for us, he never changes. We are the ones that have to charge for him.

Kehlani the letter ended as soon as the bus got to DCCC

I balled up the piece of paper with a Surah on it this ngga Judah was like "no, no, that's Quran bro".

Picked the phone up from charging at DCCC exactly at 1:55pm

Exactly 25 songs on 8 tracks

❌ Allah (Swt) works in mysterious ways brother.

Allah (Swt), I don't blame you for it hairline but I blame you for causing it to happen, thank you.

Bus comes at 6:28am

Got up from the hut exactly at 6:...

I'm confused af, some crazy shit happened tho. I'm high😃

We have to act as if they're like a child

❌ Allah (Swt) is the only audience you need.

Michelle Branch breathe ended when the bus got to the school.

Exactly 35% battery left on my phone when I checked it at the financial aid place at DCCC

I stay in the crib and get lit

Sup bae.
You're my girl

90210 ended as soon as I got to therapy in the cab

❌I remember once I went to put the timer on that hoe it said the exact minute left on that

You think the government is trying to conspire against you

❌ Allah (Swt) is inconceivable.

We should all try to emulate Prophet Muhammad.

❌ Us Muslims don't believe in luck
Instead we say "Allah (Swt) is God of all and he decrees all".

Bus comes at 718am
I leave from the hut at 707

Reached the intersection jawn at 711

Got to the bus stop at 714

Both them nggas gay bruh, don't ask me how I know I just do.

Got on the bus looked at that hoe it said 725

Ima dog too ended as soon as the bus reached

Us humans need too much.

Us Muslims don't believe in luck
Instead we say "Allah (Swt) is God of all and he decrees all".

❌The best way to be a Muslim is to make Allah (Swt) your only audience.

One for all.

❌You are contradicting yourself rather than Allah (Swt). Because how do you explain your entire existence.

Took a shower finna pray I look at that hoe it says 737pm

Rationality is based off the sound mind, the sound mind is based off life, life is based off God (Swt). God is based off everything and nothing.

Bus comes at 722am

I looked at that hoe at 555,600,605

613 I'm still sitting at the hut jawn!!!!!.😲.i get up and start dicking it 🏃

Get to the bus stop at 617

Got in the bus exactly at 630

I asked that btch for some lotion she gave me the stank look and was like "no, I don't have any".

Drake brand new ended as soon as the bus reached the school

- are you trying to like get with me? I mean that's cool, I would totally be interested but I have like... A girlfriend. Which would make things very awkward

Muhammad is a prophet to all the people.

The correct belief is to believe the angels, the books, and the prophets before him.

The prophets informed their followers that their will be a prophet at the end time known as Muhammad, and he should be followed.

The Jews recognize the Prophet as if they recognized their own children.

Doctors and scientist often tend to rebuke the Quran.

It is not suitable to take knowledge from these people, for they do not believe in the existence of God (Swt).

Apes are not the image of men, they are the image of Prophet Adam. Apes existed before the Prophet.

Just because we do not see it does not mean it's not real.

At the Masjid caught that hoe exactly at 6:35pm

Left the Masjid at exactly 642pm

I was waiting for the bus I knew it was gon be exactly 645, I looked at that hoe it was exact.

I'm on the 102 trolley I got my headphones in I hear this lady asking what time is it, I tell her it's 725pm

This ngga Ronnie gon lie and say he got bud n shit and he trying match up, that ngga come to the hut I find out he bullshitting smhh

I remember this ngga Alhaji once called me and when we was done he was like "love you bro"😣

I pray to Allah (Swt) that I may be forgiven of all my sins and he will bless me in this Dunya and the hereafter. Also I pray that Allah (Swt) will raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation. Please Allah (Swt)

Bus comes at 942am, I'm going to the folcroft library

Got up from blowing at the bench at Conway at 929

Writing this at 932

❌Now it's 935

❌I violated the same bathroom I prayed in

I'm sitting at the bus stop near folcroft library finna go to Conway to blow. I pull that hoe out it says 435pm

The ability we have to go from one place to another is really quite spectacular

Exactly 535pm when I got home

Now ima set it for 555, bouta do push-ups n shit

❌We are all semi-perfect, only Allah (Swt) is the true definition of perfection.

Still haven't gotten in the shower yet, mfs using it. It's 551

❌The alarm went off when I was in the shower, it's 607 now. I'm bouta pray now.

I payed and now I'm laying down tired as shit, I did 8 Rakats. The other day I did like 16 of them jawns

I'm downstairs bouta eat I look at that hoe it says 635pm

It's better to know that God (Swt) exists and choose to go against him then to deny his whole existence completely.

I'm waiting for the bus at Hook and Clifton to go catch the trolley and go to the Masjid, I get on the bus and look at that hoe it says 935am

That hoe= my Samsung Galaxy Note III which is always in my pocket Where is the best place to keep your girlfriend hidden?
-Idaho I'm so me.

Anything that comes out of the private part except ejaculation invalidates Wudu

Losing consciousness

Touching the private part of a human with the inside of your hand with no barrier

Skin to skin contact of marriagable people. Hair, nails, tooth don't count.

Just because one committs a sin does not mean they're a blasphemer

If they say it's okay then it's blasphemy

A Muslim man can't marry an Atheist

If a Muslim man touches the skin of an atheist woman that breaks their Wudu

A Muslim man is able to marry a 13 year old girl.

Yanni - it means

Allah (Swt) creates, but we choose.

Sodomy- voluntary sexual intercourse in the anus

Slavery is Halal

Islam encourages freedom of slaves

It's Haram to separate a slave woman from her child.

Islam encourages educating the slaves.

If you own a slave what they make is yours, and you are obligated to take care of them. That is beneficial to the slave.

Urine, feces, blood, puss, animal that wasn't slaughtered properly, alcohol

You get rid of nedges by removing the color taste or smell

Sunnah- permissible, okay(I'm not sure)

Heavy nedges- filth of the dog or the pig, or even touching them

In Islam there is more then one way to do valid things, except for the basic stuff.

I'm at the Masjid I look at that hoe it's exactly 155pm

Nedges transfer by moisture

Do what Allah (Swt) orders you.

I wanted to leave 69th St at 335pm to go to the trolley
Instead I left at 327
I'm sitting where the trolley is at I look at that hoe it says 333

I caught that hoe at 335

I got up and let the little girl sit, at the bus stop.

❌Allah (Swt) uses the oldest trick in the book on us.

Put mic in computer rooms

❌Lmaoo this ngga Allah (Swt) like "naw you not high enough to do that shit bruh." 😂

I'm dead, I'm not breathing. I just finished doing 80 push-ups, I'm finna take a shower and pray n shyt. I just caught 535pm

Everything is told in regurgitation somehow

❌Allah (Swt) is the most forgiving because he asked us to be Muslims and most of us do not even know what it means.

There is only one, Prophet Muhammad, and he will always be the only one.

I'm laying down I look at that hoe it says 725pm

I caught that hoe at 335am. I'm watching straight outta Compton, this shit ass.

I'm downstairs eating finna go to class I look at that hoe it says exactly 525am

I'm blowing at the hut at Conway, I look at that hoe it said 550 and 553

❌Caught 555am
I rather look at the time then blow the blunt

Dipped from the hut, last time I saw was like 558
❌now I'm sitting at the bus stop that hoe said 606-607

Ima just wait for that shit when it comes, at like 619am I guess

Young DuLi blowing heavy dro, you already know

I was sitting down a lady came and sat next to me and I asked the other lady standing up if she wanted to sit down, she said no she's fine
Another lady came and I asked her the same thing, she said she's fine as well. Df is going on😱 none of you hookers wanna sit down
As soon as I finished writing that the bus came
I'm high as shyt

And I gotta take a shit bruh, I'm trying not to think about it tho. The more you think about it you're more likely to feel it bruh, that's a fact. Trust me bruh I know what I'm talking about i did my research. It was a science project I did3 IP p
in 5th grade! Lemme tell you about that jawn!
P.S.i skipped the 5th grade. Oop😯

❌Us Muslims are flawed greatly and perfectly.

❌This ngga Brother Anwar funny as shit! 😂

❌Lil Dicky - how you an atheist and you look like Jesus?

❌How can you say he willed it when you are free to choose?

❌ Prophet Muhammad was very unfortunate during his lifetime.

The worlds greatest by R Kelly started praying as soon as the bus reached the school

This ngga Prophet Muhammad had such a bad luck bruh 😂

I'm on the 115 going home from school I look at that hoe it's exactly 525pm

We can emulate Prophet Muhammad, but not Allah (Swt)

Nobody in this Dunya has the same reality, it's very alike, but different.

I'm blowing at the bench at Conway I look at that hoe it says 645

At the intersection 653pm

❌How can you say Allah (Swt) is to blame when you are free to choose?

Allah (Swt) always creates but he don't always will.

I am not an advocate for violent rap music, that shyt is passe and too cliche

Wd is not all I care about you know

I reach the hut and sit down finna blow that hoe says 545am

I am an advocate for Allah (Swt) only.

I'm blowing in stop to look at that hoe it says 553am

How come wd smells different when you're blowing it then when you smell somebody blowing it?

I thought I set the alarm. Turned out I didn't, I stopped to look at that hoe it said 553, now it's 557

❌Allah's (Swt) will never changes

It's an addiction really...

❌Whatever Allah (Swt) wills will occur.

Getting high in the hyperbolic time chamber

Sup bae, is she kicking yet?
-puts hand on her tummy

Got on the bus at 627am

❌Oh but Allah's will is inscrutable and impossible to understand.

At least this ngga don't stink

Who i am hates who I've been ended when the bus came to the school at 750

In the end everybody is only concerned about themselves.

How many times stopped playing when the bus reached the crib, and my phone bouta die. 11%

That ngga not even Kev

Phone on 5% Superdreams playing while I'm walking to the bench at Conway

❌God (Swt) exists and he's real af

My phone died I couldn't set it for 735. I caught that hoe at 742 tho, what does it mean?

Allah (Swt) has freedom and preferences, he is not like a robot.

Last night I woke up still high at like 10pm I could've sworn I heard auntie and Apa kicking Alhaji out.

Everybody exists but not everybody's real.
Allah (Swt) creates all but he doesn't will all.

I caught 835pm

Caught 33% on my phone

This can't be life.


I ain't blow this morning cuz I ain't got no wrap

A sober mind is refreshing once in a while

Got on the bus checked that hoe it said 627am

Caught 730m with no alarm

Caught 735(with alarm tho)

The world's greatest played when the bus got close to the school

Caught 755 with no alarm
Soon as I caught it everywhere Michelle branch came on

Bus reached the school at exactly 8am

That was a joke

Caught 835

Caught 955

I'm in IMM class the professor is showing a PowerPoint, one of the slides show an IPAD with a time of 1035

Caught 135pm on the bus

My cab driver high as shyt, I can't hear shit this ngga saying tho.

The alarm went off for 535pm as soon as I got to the bathroom in therapy to roll up

I got in the cab I'm thinking about no remorse and that hoe plays it.

❌ God (Swt) did not create us from the image of himself, he created us in the image of Adam. And he created Adam out of.

❌ Allah (Swt) please let me go to the Masjid on this coming Friday.

❌Allah(Swt) has free will more then anybody

Got to the crib at 735pm

This ngga Alusine took off his pants in the kitchen I had to beat them n shit I wanted to catch 935pm I ended up missing it instead I caught 937


I thought my phone time was wrong cuz the time on the wall said 5:33am , my phone said 522
I refreshed it then it said 533
Now it's 535

I don't see no difference between Donald Trump and Hitler. Except looks

Why is it called pot? Do they make it in a pot?

Alarm caught 535 am for me

Dipped from the hut
Last time I checked was 555am

Got to the intersection at 604

Sit down btch

Got in the bus exactly at 627

Get high and talk to the old lady at the bus stop

Song ended exactly
The alarm caught 735 for me

Takeout ended as soon as the bus boy to the school

If you believe it won't happen then it will

Dream ended I mean

Convo with the high cab driver talking bout his kids n shyt

Almost forgot to set 555pm. I finally remembered to do it with 13 minutes left. 13!!!!!

Df is wrong with it? You smoke wd and you get high. Then you go home and beat your wife df

I thought I was gon give C 35

Exactly 735pm when I'm bout to pray

I firmly believe that Allah (Swt) is the only God and Prophet Muhammad is his humble messenger.

Please understand that Allah (Swt) is the only God and Prophet Muhammad is his humble messenger.


We cannot coexist with God (Swt)

Finished dressing and looked at the clock that hoe said 525am

The first task is being a Muslim, the next task is actually being Muslim

Reached the interaction at 535 when the alarm went off

Dipped from the hut at 555am

Now let's see what time I get to the intersection

Got to the intersection at exactly 558

The bus stop at 601am


❌Allah (Swt) likes to create miracles out of a miracle. Like bemuse you n shit.

❌He's teaching me to understand him. Slowly but surely bruh 😂

❌It declines using violence but it approves you protecting yourself, I think.

Cuz that shit ain't coming no time soon
No I'm cool
All my nxas prolly went to Motown school

Got in the bus exactly at 627am

The old lady ain't wanna talk, or perhaps she ain't hear me, one of those two.

Or tragedies out of a tragedy

656 on bus 😑

I listen to anything when I'm high fuk it

❌By submiting you ultimately win.

I always peep the darby and eagle, Oakmont

I just know he likes it, but i don't know to what extent.

735am on bus alarm went off with withdrawals playing

In the bus got to media Line Rd when cry of the wolf ended at 745

Applaud started when the bus reached Highland Avenue

Damn 835 😱

If all of us go against God (Swt) he will will win undoubtedly. If one of us go against Shaytan with Allah (Swt) we will win undoubtedly.

The 21 bus to go to the Masjid was ready as soon as I got to the stop

Exactly 530pm when I looked at that hoe when I'm sitting at the bus stop from praying at the Masjid.

Bus came exactly at 535pm when the alarm went off. Bruuuuh!😱
I thought of it happening before it did

C gon dip at 7

Called C to see if he still around then the trolley pulled up simultaneously. That shit CRAZY! today has been a heck of a day. Since this morning blessings have been showering on me.

I thought the trolley was gon leave at 627. Instead that shyt left at 613.

Who knows, maybe you can be the next DuLi. It won't be easy, but you gon try.

Hot ngga ended as soon as the trolley got to Sharon Hill

I saw the bus coming but I aint try to catch it

No Flocking started playing when I got up from the hut.

Got to the intersection at 735!!

Wiz Khalifa up stopped playing as soon as I got to the crib


I lost the mfn kool-aid jawn

Exactly 911 when I'm laying down in bed.

There are other religions, but Islam is the only one that matters


I missed the bus. I thought that shyt wss coming at 947. Turned out I missed that hoe it's coming next at 1022am.

I was reading, I stopped to look at that hoe it said 10:05am

I'm reading I look at that hoe at exactly 1025am

When Slawter became really convoluted I was getting high a lot n shit

Finished reading exactly at the end of the chapter

I look at that hoe at exactly 1033am
Before I go charge it, at folcroft library

I look at that hoe at exactly 1040am

Laying down in the folcroft library I look at that hoe it says 12:35 exactly.

It's really not that funny bruh.

Both times he texted me I predicted it.

Caught 225pm exactly

caught 335pm with no alarm

Everybody has a fat friend

Caught 425pm exactly at the Wells Fargo bank with L

Thank you Allah (Swt) .

Caught 533pm as soon as L dropped me off

❌Allah is too great.

❌ Got to the intersection at 555
557 I mean

The allegory of the cave

❌Finished praying and bout to do crunches exactly at 630pm

Finished doing push-ups laying on the bed I look at the clock it says 636. Then I look at that hoe it says 635pm

❌ Can't believe this ngga actually gave me $40 now I have exactly $55 !! 😱😲

You should never mistreat another Muslim individual.

You did not change for the better at all, you changed for THE WORST!

Sometimes you have to be a separatist to be liberal

Are all liberals separatists?
No but I'd say a good amount

Alarm caught 735 for me

I don't entertain that fake shit. No sireeee Bob

In this Dunya Allah (Swt) helps all.

The power of Christ compels you


Forgot my headphones at home

Got on the bus looked at that hoe it said exactly 933am

Tried to call this ngga and tell him happy birthday but his phone off. Called auntie instead and told her to tell him for me

Got to the trolley station exactly at 945

I'm on the trolley I look at that hoe it says exactly 1010am

Waiting in the terminal I look at that hoe it says exactly 1025am

Which one is more of a truth? 2+2=4 or the existence of God. The existence of God (Swt) of course, 2+2=4 is arcane.

Everything Allah (Swt) does he do it for a reason.

Came out the terminal at 1115the 21 bus was already there waiting, the driver wasn't inside though.

Driver came in like 3 minutes later
Or two

I love God (Swt). I obey Allah (Swt)

Exactly 1140am sitting down on the steps at the Masjid.

I'm really getting tired of writing these down. It's so much you know...

My lasciviousity is based on my childhood growing up.

Just because the Christians teach it does not mean that Prophet Jesus taught it. He taught Islam only. People changed it over the years to what Christianity is today.

In the Masjid, we bouta pray, Brother Anwar goes to make Wudu I go over to my phone that hoe says 1255pm
I knew it was gon be special

Caught 235pm. With no alarm.

I'm looking at ya btch, but I don't want her tho

Trolley left at exactly 315pm
115 bus on Chester pike comes at 346pm
Insha'Allah I'll catch it

Caught 325pm! 🙌

I caught the bus!!

Once one truly understands Allah. They understand that he cannot be questioned.

Caught 335pm with no alarm!!

Caught 455 while blowing with Ronnie

Came out the shower at 535-5:36om

❌Finnna pray

555pm the bul came in the door with Alusine and Assanatu

❌Allah (Swt) likes to see determination

Caught 845pm


Thought I set the alarm to wake me up at 330am. The alarm wasn't set and instead I woke up at like 420am. I still had time to do everything I wanted, make mac and cheese and eat breakfast. Now I'm laying down on the bed in my
room finna get dressed and dip. Right now it's 518am
Watched porn instead of pray, forgive me

I thought Alhaji took my ear phones in my room, I checked in the Jean pocket L bought for me that hoe was there.

Looked at the time while blowing at the hut that hoe said 550

Let's see if I can catch 555 with NO alarm

❌Caught 555 on the dot! 🙏

Got to the intersection at 600

Got to the bus stop at 603am

A mfn old white dude is here with his car

He just dipped tho. Bye 👋

605..just starring

All these rappers and their followers wearing tight clothes is only a step towards them being more feminine and ultimately a homosexual.

Nggas wasn't even born yet what r u talking about? 😞

Buts came at 628am

I was so convinced it was him

Did I catch 735?

Snare is key

All girls sat next to me on the bus Well, except for one.


Got to the school at 830

My mind be playing tricks on me.

1:36pm I caught the time on the computer at school

I caught 1:55pm in the bathroom taking a shit.

Caught 535pm on the bus

Finna go to the hut at Conway and blow.

Telling me to stop smoking is like telling me to stop breathing.

Advertisement idea- Put logos on leaves and trees

Wi-Fi not on at the crib
I can just put movies in a flash drive

6:34 when bus dropped me off at intersection

Left at 655pm from blowing at the hut at Conway

Got to the intersection at 658pm

Being high just brings everything out more, even those that we think can never be emulated. That's why it's called the hyperboliczing time chamber.

❌ Finished praying at 735pm

I walked in the crib everybody was like I stink

When YE dropped in 04 and 05, that shit was cray!

836pm I'm flossing in bed

❌Allah (Swt) doesn't use linguistics to communicate because he doesn't need to.


Caught 525am while laying in bed after praying

Of course there are other religions, but Islam is the only one that matters.

started rolling in my room at 533am

633- watching porn, midst
635- 🍼

Islam never changes, similar to Allah (Swt)
725am when I wrote this

Finished therapy exactly at 9am

Lights always turn green when I approach them.

If you see trash on the street, and you step on it, or you come into contact with it, it then becomes your responsibility.

Caught 935. Waiting for the taxi at therapy.

All I do is get high

Oh how Allah (Swt) loves his believers.

I'm at the southeast center DCCC. Fire drill comes on. Shontelle Impossible came on. It ended as soon as it was time to go back in.

Caught 1135 while playing checkers

I keep losing at checkers Idk why

Caught 1225 at the learning commons

All praise to the most high

Caught 433pm while studying

Caught 5pm while on computer at DCCC

That song pull up Wiz Khalifa I was thinking bout it all day and it played last before I left at 525

I won the last game before I left at 535pm

Allah loves those he test the hardest

6:12pm got up from the hut at Conway

Got to the intersection at 617

Got to the block at 622pm

628pm-. Finna take a shit and hop in the shower

0 is in fact a real number.

I disagree with the logic that 0 is a real number

0 is an existing number, but we do not know if it is real or not.

It's an unknown number.

Finna pray it's 645pm
648 went to phone to see what prayers I gotta do

Finished praying at 700am

❌Allah (Swt) is not obligated to us, we are to him.

❌Even if we disobey him he still blesses us.

Seeing is not believing, sometimes your eyes play tricks on you.



Started at 525am
Finished by 529am

547am- got to the hut

Left at 557

Got to the intersection at 600am

❌EVERYTHING is Allah (Swt)

Got to the bus stop at 603am.

They said the bus coming at 624
It's 611am now

Ohh shitt! It's 618 😂

Caught 620am

Bus came at 629

Missed 635am

This girl sat with me on the bus for the whole ride

Texted L at 725

Test was cake

Had to take out loan for my classes

Caught 735 when give it away playing

❌The answer has to be God (Swt)

78 trillion

How you remind me ended when the bus got to DCCC

Caught 855am

Missed 1035,1036 instead

Won exactly 5 checkers game

Got back to the learning commons at 235 from taking a smash

425pm gonna charge my phone for the last time. Fetty Wap wake up last song

Finished doing promo at 435

I lost every checker game

Allah (Swt) loves consistency.

About a year ago I asked Allah (Swt) to please don't let me ever fall. I aint fall yet. Today I'm gonna pray and tell him it's okay if I fall.

Caught 535pm on bus (with alarm)

Caught 550pm. Out of nowhere on bus.

Caught 555pm

Thank you. First and foremost

Caught 6pm exactly

I stopped doing push-ups like that cuz I got tired of not being able to breathe when I'm done Lmaoo. I'll never stop praying though.

Downloaded kid ink that's on you, sing finished playing as soon as I got off the bus.

Blowing at the hut at Conway
Bouta dip, it's 615pm

Got to the intersection at 719pm

❌Prayer comes first, after you become a Muslim.

The belief and confession comes first, always.

I'm trying to say, my body is emulating at a different impetus then everybody else.


1233am I finished rolling up in my room and looked at that hoe

I'm eating I look at that hoe it says exactly 635am

Stood up to tighten my pants looked at the clock that hoe said exactly 7am

I went to set 735am, 27 minutes was already set.

Caught 725am, discarded the alarm set for 735am

Missed 755am. Roy Woods why ended as soon as I got to the waiting area at therapy.

Got back to the therapy place from buying roll ups at the store at exactly 915am

Allah (Swt) wants what you want.

I'm saawdy as shit, I was waiting for the bus near the folcroft library

Caught 225pm

I finished rooting at 247pm, but this shit acting up.

Caught 335pm

Caught 425pm

Caught 525pm