December 2018

⚠ Thursday

YESSS I'm killing this final project

It's going to be PERFECT!

Today was overall a very productive day, I started my final project and I'm about 60% complete, and I still have two weeks to finish it😆

The hardest part is starting, but once you start everything else is easy

I'm hungry af

I'm fasting tho...

The eyes, they never lie

Our eyes often reveal more about our thoughts and feelings than our words, that's the reason we maintain eye contact in interviews to exude confidence

Exude- intransitive verb

1 : to ooze out

💡Sentence example- After 30 seconds of intercourse with Jason's mom, I was able to exude a heavy amount of semen into her vagina.

Prolonged starring is a form of intimidation and shows dominance

Lying can require more concentration then usual, some research suggests that people blink less when they're thinking harder

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates body functions that occur without conscious control (involuntary actions). This system is divided into two branches

The sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system

The sympathetic system is more active in a 'fight or flight' situation, and the parasympathetic system is more active in a 'rest and digest' state

In other words, the sympathetic nervous system adjusts your body to deal with some kind of threat to your safety

Whereas the parasympathetic nervous system adjusts your body to conserve energy and be efficient when resting (i.e. good sleep, good digestion etc)

Now, lying usually involves some level of tension or anxiety because you might be worried to a certain degree that the lie might be revealed

💡I be lying... smhh

💡you ask me "hey Abdul, what did you have for breakfast?"

💡 I would look you dead in the face without blinking 😐 and tell you "i had a roasted calf"

💡 knowing god damn well that I had some mfn Corn Flakes

💡why would I lie? "shrugs" ALLAH CERTAINLY KNOWS BEST

This tension subconsciously triggers the sympathetic nervous system, which will cause certain effects throughout your body

Sympathetic stimulation to the eye will cause contraction of the radially oriented pupilary dilator muscle fibers in the iris and will result in mydriasis (dilation of the pupil)

An opposite effect is achieved when the eye receives parasympathetic stimulation

Lying usually involves tension, and tension is usually associated with increased sympathetic activity, the pupil will dilate following sympathetic stimulation

💡I do not be tensed while lying though, tension is the last thing on my mind. I be calm af

💡it takes years of practice. I had to work on this skill for many years in order to master it

When we lie, it takes more mental effort, more energy, and that energy causes our pupils to dilate

Pupils dilate when humans lie

So liars can manipulate their body language but they cannot control their pupils. Their pupils give them away

💡so to solve this matter, one has to constantly wear shades 😎

💡talk to a girl, tell her that you love her, while wearing glasses, and she will believe you!

He knows everything about us, so Allah SWT told Prophet Muhammad SAWS 1400 years ago in the Qur’an

Today we know that pupils betray the liars and gives them away

How could a man who lived 1400 years ago have known that your pupils will betray you when you lie?

Allahu Akbar

💡the eyes never lie...

💡 eye (i) never lie...

💡 I be lying 😕

I'm on GO

you finna get fucked btch!

I gotta fuck a fuckin baby in you


I'm finna stuff you up like a Thanksgiving turkey

-hands her money

"That's a hundred. All you have to do is take ur shirt off and u clean, no problem"

Take off ur shirt slow, do it slow

💡never rush to do anything in life, the keyword is "deliberation"

💡 take ur time child!

💡 Don't be sorry child be careful!

I love how ur buttcheeks turn red after I slap it multiple times with my long hard shaft!

I'm finna fuck a truck load in you btchh


That shyt..... nutted


I can't wait to go to Jummuah tomorrow and have all my sins forgiven by Allah Azzawajal, the Most-Gracious

You don't complain about Allah, you complain to Allah

The beautiful thing about the phrase "Alhamdulillah" is that it's always applicable

What's the biggest gift that we have in our lives?

What's the most precious blessing?


You feel so relieved that you found the switch which enables you to see

Once the light gives you the ability to see, then you can navigate correctly and make the right decisions

Islam is kinda like that light

Islam is the most precious thing that we own

Without it everything is dark

That's why converts are really appreciative to Islam. Because they feel like they've been walking around the dark all the time, and finally someone turned the lights on

That's why we thank Allah SWT for the Prophet Muhammad SAWS because without him we don't have that light, he's the guy who installed the light bulb for us

Every single thing that you do, strive to be like Muhammad SAWS

The most miraculous thing about the Prophet Muhammad SAWS is that he was able to maintain good character all day everyday, he never broke from it

Abu Sufyan was not Muslim

Abu Sufyan's daughter who was Muslim wanted to marry the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

There was a group of the Quraysh leaders who were taunting Abu Sufyan

They were like "man this is the guy we're plotting agsinst, we're trying to kill him, and your daughter wants to marry him"

They were making fun of Abu Sufyan

They wanted to kill the Prophet Muhammad SAWS because he was taking away all their social economic power and status in the community

Abu Sufyan says "I swear, that there is no one better for my daughter than the Prophet"

"There is no one better to marry than the Prophet SAWS"

He admitted it, as his enemy

He was always known to be smiling

Smile a little bit dude

It's difficult for your default face to be a smile

Because that's what they're known for, then you're comfortable saying that they do that as perpetuity

Perpetuity- the quality or state of being perpetual



Perpetuity- endless or indefinitely long duration or existence; eternity.

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom has a very perpetual head game.

How much internal strength did it take for him to be the bigger person and say "It's okay don't worry about it"

How many times have you been wronged in your life where you were technically in the right

That person shouldn't have done that to you, you were wrong

The Prophet SAWS was wronged many times, very openly

And by the way being shamed publicly like that is very disturbing, it's very hurtful

💡I know that's right, like when these faggot ass nggas, these homosexuals, these FUKKIN GAY BERGS! Try to sit next to me and approach me thinking that I'm gay

💡 death to all the faggots!

💡 we must kill every single one of them sons of btches

Don't be afraid to be yourself

The Prophet SAWS was so comfortable in his own skin

You're always going to be different

"If you're a little bit different that's cool"

💡 we're all weirdos!

Be totally okay being yourself

Why did he even care about her?

And she wasn't even Muslim

Because she was a human being

I'm thinking about her 😍

I lovee herr soooo muchh

And I can't wait to marry her

I'm gonna marry her because... her mom is super nice, she's Muslim, and she made Du'a for me

Her mom prayed for me and asked Allah to give me long life

So obviously, if her mom is nice like that, and she has good head on her shoulders

Then the daughter must be the same

⚠Things to buy/spend money on:

1. Laptop

2. Deodorant, soap, shampoo

3. Big jacket

4. Add money to SEPTA key card

5. Buy more sweatpants

6. Phone bill

7. Student loan

8. Zakaah

Many times we do not appreciate the blessings of Allah until it's too late, until they're taken away

My money came in, today's Friday, Alhamdulillah!

First thing I gotta do today is go buy my laptop

After I come from Jummuah

Jummuah comes first, Allah comes first

Because it was Allah who gave me that money, He is the only One Who has the power to give

Do you really think that it was Social Security who gave me that money??

Noo! They don't have that ability to give, only Allah has that ability

Allah is Wahaab, He bestowed it to me

So I have to use it in a way that He accepts

I have to buy my laptop, to use it to spread the message of Islam, and that's the ONLY REASON!

I am not going to watch porn on that laptop, I don't even watch porn

That shyt is haraam

Allah is Al-Baatin(The Hidden)

And He is Az-Zaahir (The Manifest)

I don't like bullies, anybody that oppresses I don't like

When I was in first grade I used to get bullied, by some kids around my block, and this kid in my class named Braquan

The kids on my block used to bully me and my elder brother because we had just came into the country from Africa and our English wasn't really that good, so they used to bully and tease us

They would call us names like "African booty scratcher" and the like

Braquan also used to bully me in the first grade, but I'm not gonna talk about it

Because even though Braquan wasn't Muslim when I knew him on the first grade, he has a cousin, named Mustapha, and Mustapha is a really pious Muslim

I haven't seen them in over ten years. Maybe Mustapha could have talked some sense into Braquan and he could have converted to Islam, who knows? Only Allah knows

I have to hope for the best, I will never think bad of anybody again

Cuz after that incident that I had by teasing Michael Jackson and making fun of him, I learned my lesson

I used to make fun of and clown this ngga Michael Jackson soo muchh

The jokes that I used to say about this ngga... smhh

One day I said a really funny joke about this ngga, and all of my friends were laughing

I felt so proud of myself! I made everybody laugh

Then later on that day I went home to go to sleep, and I had a dream, A FUKKIN NIGHTMARE!

I was under water, I couldn't breathe, and somebody was choking me!

Then out of nowhere I rose up from my bed, I thought that the nightmare was over, but lo and behold I was WRONG!

My entire room was dark, everything was silent, I couldn't find the light switch

Then outta nowhere a scary ass ghost looking devil looking figure appeared in my face➡➡ 👻 👺⬅⬅ and he was like BOOO!!!!

I was like 😱😰 OHHHHH SHIITT!!

I jumped up from my bed, I fell down, I PEED ON MYSELF!!

I'm never making fun of that ngga or any other person again in my life

Michael Jackson was a highly pious Muslim and he loved Allah Azzawajal

He used to pray Tahajjud

The Angels loved that ngga!

I gotta get my haircut today

I can't wait to go to that Mosque again today!

I lovee it there so much!!

Way more then that other one in West Philly that I used to go to

Even though that Mosque was great and the people there were all nice, it was just... too strict 😕

💡 "I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast today"

💡 they'd be like "It's blasphemy to not eat breakfast, say your Shahada"

💡 "it was raining today when I was walking home"

💡 "it's blasphemy to walk under the rain, say your Shahada"

💡 they had me thinking like everything was a sin!

That's not right... I was scared, they scared me to keep me into the Religion

💡that's not right at all, even though Islam IS the correct Religion and everyone should follow it

💡we should not have to use scare tactics, or use fear to keep people in the Religion

We can just tell people the truth, we don't have to lie to them

If the Prophet Muhammad SAWS wasn't allowed to compromise the Religion why do we think we have the right to?

So the bottom line is: Islam is the correct Religion, Allah is the Only God, the Prophet Muhammad was truthful!

That's that, that is the truth

We can just give it to people straight and we don't have to lie to them or scare them in order to make them join the Religion

"There is no compulsion in Religion"

💡 Fear is a type of compulsion

💡because if you tell somebody "become Muslim or else God will send you to hellfire for all eternity!"

That is compulsion, because you're scaring the person

Nobody wants to go to hellfire for all eternity

So they're going to be forced to join the Religion, but not because they see it as the truth, but because they are forced into it

We have to stop scaring and stop lying to people, let's just be straight up with them

If they choose to join then that's fine and dandy, if they don't then... screw it, that's on you

But we're certainly not going to have to use scare tactics, or force, anybody

Because that will be a form of oppression, and God hates those who oppresses

We have to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad

He was the best in calling people to the Religion. Did he ever scare people to make them join?

Did he ever compromise the Religion in order to gain more followers?


⚠ Friday



Only thing on my mind today is buying my laptop, and going to Jummuah


She is sooooo smmaartt!!


Finna go buy my laptop now, then ima go to Jummuah

I wanted to go to Jummuah first, but I gotta buy this laptop!! ASAP

I bought my laptop 😀

I didn't get a chance to go to Jummuah tho 😟

Today was overall a very productive day. I asked Ann Marie to be my mentor and she agreed, I bought my laptop, I bought my jacket, and I gotta haircut

The only thing I didn't do was go to Jummuah 😟

But next week, Insha'llah

I won't die Insha'llah and I'll see next week Insha'llah

Among the signs of corruption in the sea is diminution of the fish

Diminution- a reduction in the size, extent, or importance of something.

💡 Sentence example: There was a slight diminution in the size of my penis after I had intercourse with Jason's mom... several times.

Another major problem that we have is obesity

Gluttony is one of the deadly sins

"Eat and drink but not too excess"

This new Meek album hot "Championship"

I wanted to fast tomorrow on Saturday just like I did last week, but I gotta go smoke in the morning after I do my prayers 😕

So... I guess I'll just do it on Sunday, I'm not gonna smoke Sunday

💡I really have to put a "diminution" on my smoking habits, that shyt not cool

I'm so glad I bought my laptop, now I don't have to be going to the library anymore! 😆

Tomorrow morning I gotta go to the library after I pray

Instead of doing what's right, and apologizing to my father and me she moved away


My sister

💂she moved away? Where she go??

Yeahh, that btch moved to Denver Colorado n shyt

I'm soo glad I got my laptop, now I can WATCH ALL THIS PORN!!

Jk, I don't even watch porn, that shyt is haraam

Plus why would I watch it on my laptop when I got the app right here on my phone, it's really convenient, it makes life easier

This big booty porn star btch Destiny Lane is a freakin cum box!

This ngga fuckin that btch in the ass... that shyt is haraam

Btch look at me in the eyes while I stuff you like a thanksgiving turkey!

You fat btchh!!!

I love you


That shyt..... nutted



Eeewwww, wtf is wrong with me? Is that wtf I like??

💡 yes


Sin may be more beneficial for a person if it leads him to repent, than engaging in many acts of obedience

This is the meaning of the statement of one of the pious predecessors:

"A person may committ a sin and enter Paradise because of it, or he may do an act of worship and enter hell because of it

Roszay babymom look like a fatass Broly off Dragon Ball Z

90% of the species in the sea have been extinct

Generally the corruption is the distortion of the natural order that Allah has established

The cities are inflicted with pollution, due to industrialized farming

Allah is reminding us that we will suffer from what we do

Allah did not destroy them, as He destroyed the people of Lut

The enemies of the Prophet SAWS were given time to repent

They were given time to leave their enmity against the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Allah is giving us a taste, He's letting us see the harbingers of the full destruction that will come if we don't change our ways

💡i.e. God is going to destroy us if you faggot ass nggas don't stop being gay

Harbinger- a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.

💡 Sentence example: The harbinger that allows me to know that Jason's mom is about to cum is that she tilts her head back and she closes her eyes.

Allah He gives us respite, so that we may be turned to the path of guidance

We should be witnesses for truth, and witnesses for justice

We should be givers of glad tidings

In order to do that we ourselves must be recipients of glad tidings

If you leave drug addiction, then you can have inner peace

💡I'm not addicted 😐

💂the first step to rehabilitation is to admit bro

💡I do admit. I admit that your mom looks like wolverine

You don't need drugs to deal with the pain of living

💡😢I just want the pain to stop! I just want it to be over...

💂You's a btch

The Prophet SAWS was a living witness to what he called to

If you don't return there are consequences, if you continue down this path there are consequences

Those Muslims don't drink, those Muslims don't lie, those Muslims are not affected by the things that are driving us crazy

This is a collective endeavor

But it's an endeavor we must challenge ourselves with

Why are we so ashamed of saying we are Muslims and we have solutions?

We're not responsible for this opioid crisis, we didn't create the conditions that drove people to the necks of despair that are manifested in opium and other diseases, addiction, and other diseases of despair

We should be helping people to get off of that ship

💡By the end of this weekend I will memorize this entire Surah, I put that on everything

💡on my life!

💡 on my momma!!

Starting with the confidence to proudly say "I'm a Muslim"

Kehlani gotta song called "Niggas", that song hot and everything but she be like "fuck all these niggas!"

😒fuck u too btch! Just cuz you had a few bad experience with the opposite gender does not mean that we are all the same

💡jk, we all the same btch. We all just gonna fuck you, impregnate you, and flee the country. 🚌 ✈

My hyperspermia acting up this morning

⚠ Saturday

I mean Friday

I wipe thrice on Friday

After I take a shit

Cdfupp, this ngga Joe look like Kyrie Irving

Allah is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of our affairs

Why is it that the establishment are so afraid of Muslim women? So afraid of the way that they dress?

Why do they try so hard to crush the resolve of the Muslim women?

Muslim women have become the quintessential symbol of a strong proud Islam

Quintessential- representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.

"he was the quintessential tough guy—strong, silent, and self-contained"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom is the quintessential prostitute- young, freaky, and willing to try new things.

Women are half of society and they give birth to the other half

Women are the makers and breakers of culture

The way that Muslim women dress symbolizes their strength and their commitment as Muslims

The Muslim women were taken as slaves, can you imagine the difficult situation that they were in?

💡 The time gap between Fajr and sunrise, and Maghrib and Isha is always the same, on all days

They raised those children upon Islam, and within a generation the king himself was a Muslim and the Mongols became a Muslim civilization

That's part of being a good person, is to repent, to come back to Allah SWT, it's not never to make a mistake

That's one of the things that Hijab does, it protects you, it acts as a barrier between you and the haraam

People are so judgmental of her, more so of somebody who isn't wearing Hijab

Everything that we do externally is a reflection of who we are internally

Every individual person needs to look internally and see what is the source of this struggle that I'm going through

Putting on the Hijab is going to become easier once you build that relationship with Allah SWT and become close to Him

Love and obedience come hand in hand

The more you love someone, the more you want to please them

💡Jasmine is soo knowledgable! May Allah bless her and give her long life

💡 May Allah increase her knowledge

💡May Allah bless our 32 children

You don't need to force someone to wear Hijab after that, you don't need to convince them

As soon as they know this is what the One that I love wants, they do it

When you love someone your greatest fear is to displease them

For them to say "I don't want anything to do with you anymore"

For them to disown you, that's your greatest fear

💡Fasting for today: COMPLETE!

I'll take a break tomorrow, then on Monday I'm right back at it

This is the third consecutive week!

I'm so proud of myself

-pats myself on back

There is no God except for Allah SWT

Lemme see you shake ur ass u skank slut btch

You finna get all this dck I put that on everything!

Suck all my dck

Lick the fukkin balls too

You gotta multitask bae

This btch Codi Bryant wifey material

This shyt finna nut I promise you

Brace yourself for impact btch this shyt bouta nut!!



i feel terrible


Wtff is wrong with me 😳

I'm never doing that shyt again in my life


Islam is a complete way of life and the best example is Muhammad SAWS

Islam is a complete way of life

💡 I farted

That shyt was like "PPPFFFTTTT💨"

All praise is due to Allah Who has chosen to guide us


I'm memorizing this Surah!!!

I've already memorized 9 Ayats, and there's 15 Ayats in total

Soo..... how many more Ayats do I have to memorize??

-starts counting fingers

💡uhh.... 24!!!!

The Muslim is the brother of his fellow Muslim

He neither oppresses him, nor does he abandon or forsake him

Do not envy one another

Envy is a great crime. Ibliss envied Adam AS

If you envy them, pray that they will get an increase, and in return you will be increased

Our community is predicated on love

This Surah think that I ain't gon memorize it

U funny as shit!!!!

That btch finna get memorized just now!!

I put that on my life

This is the name of Allah

In this world we die, in Jannah we won't die

You have to be prepared for whatever life throws your way, whether it's going to be a form of ease or a form of hardship

There is nothing that Allah is going to give you that's greater than the gift of patience

💡this shyt finna go inside you btch fuk what you heard

Suck this fukkin dck you slut I love you

I love how u sucking this dck btch I love you

This shyt finna nut inside you

I put that on everything!

Btch Brace yourself!!!



Wtf is wrong with me????

I feel terrible

Never doing that shyt again


The Believer has that mindset

They see everything as an elevation in the Hereafter

My mindset mandates "what better can I get from Allah SWT"

💡 I want you to suck my dck you pretty slut

I love seeing your phat ass baby

I love you so much, you're the girl of my dreams

Nothing else in this world matters except for you and me

Scrub that fuckin floor you slut btch

I love you

I'ma put this dck in you nice and slow okay, don't you worry your pretty little head!

Fold those clothes and suck this dck you slut

Btch I know you can multitask

Smack that dck on ur tongue while u sucking it

You're doing such a great job baby I love you, I never wanna lose you

This ngga fukkin that btch in the ass

That shyt haraam! 😨

I want you to squeal like a mouse you slut!

Hold on for your dear life!!

brace yourself brace yourself!!



i just feel terrible

I feel disgusting


I'm so ashamed of myself!!



4 times in one night tho??

That shyt not even funny



Patience and Sabr does not mean the same thing as being passive

There are times that we need to stand firm

Allah SWT does not approve of injustice

Allah SWT does not love oppression

Allah SWT will test us with our emotions

We can change the way we feel and change our emotions by using our breaths

I'd like to show you all how, if I can please ask you all to stand up

Thank you, may Allah bless you

💡May Allah bless you as well sister. May Allah give you good health and long life

💡 May Allah grant you all forms of goodness

💡May Allah bless our 36 children

Allah gifted the remedy for anxiety and sadness to the Prophet SAWS

And that is our five daily prayers

Take time out to recite, and to reflect upon the Qur’an

Allah SWT calls the Qur’an a healing

When we practice gratitude we increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brains which cause us to be happier

💡dopamine is the same stuff that's inside weed, that's why it's called DOPE!


💡The only difference is, the weed finishes and the dopamine finishes and eventually all that happiness goes away and u feel like shit

💡But Allah never goes away. HE'S HERE FOREVER!

Allah SWT created us as social creatures, if you're feeling sad reach out to someone

I recently read a study that was very interesting, they found out that physical touch from someone you know, someone you care about, can be as effective as antidepressants

So they took women who were experience post partum depression and they had their husbands hug them, touch them, and then they monitored them, and they found that the results were very significant and they were amazing

💡Okay! Soo... I definitely don't have post partum depression, but I have PTSD. So how can I solve this? 🤔

💡 Keke with the fat butt!!

💡 I know her! I care about her! I can give her physical touch so she can help me with my PTSD

💡so this means... i gotta put my dck in between her titties and stroke vigorously!

Women can compete just like men do

Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Zainab Ismail

Call upon Allah SWT with confidence in your Du'a

He causes everyone around him to smile and laugh

This is our Messenger Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim

Allah SWT has never sent down a disease without sending down its' cure

Allah SWT has never sent down a problem without sending its' solution

"The board doesn't let me do what I do"

"I don't like those people in the Masjid they're all hypocrites"

So that gives me am excuse to stay home and do absolutely nothing, or get involved in the system and become corrupt myself

That's what you call "analysis paralysis"

Have you ever heard of the term "analysis paralysis?"

Analysis paralysis- Analysis paralysis describes a moment where over-analyzing or over-thinking a situation can cause it to become 'paralyzed', meaning that no action was taken therefore a solution is not reached.

💡 Sentence example: After I finished shoving my large penis in Jason's mom vagina, her legs developed analysis paralysis.

Whenever you see an obstacle, that's an opportunity

Whenever you see a difficulty, that's an opportunity

He will never stop trying to please Allah SWT

Y'all know what a pump is? No one knows what a pump is. They're like "my mom didn't give me one of those"

The reality of pornographic on the Internet is that it is not an American problem

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Wisam Sharief

💡I'm ready for you u slut

I'm ready to put my dck in you and stroke vigorously

You sexy btch I love you

Bring your little itty-bitty teeny weenie pussy over here

So I can crush that shyt

This dck finna go inside you btch fuck what you heard

Btch you finna have all my offsprings btch fuk what you heard!!

Ima fuck u till I cum that's wtf ima do

Shake ur fukkin fat ass u slut cunt btch

I love you

I'ma cum inside you that's wtf ima do


I feel terrible


5 times tho!!!! 🤕


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

Anthony Davis the best in the Nets

Kemba Walker be fukkin ballin

How df did he make that shot??

He had assistance from the Jinns

Kyrie Irving is a certified Jinn!

That ngga Murray had 46 !!

I needa buy a new charger

This charger really fukkin up smhh

Finna charge this shyt up a little bit and go buy a new charger

And some deodorant

I did it!

I bought a new charger

I bought some new clothes

And most importantly... I bought deodorant!

Now I don't have to take a shower until next winter solstice, I'm good! 🖒

Now the only thing that's left is to pay for my student loan, my phone bill, and get a haircut

Oh and my SEPTA key card

And I went to the library to to get some library book

💂ain't today Sunday tho??


I'll read the books at home Insha.....


This btch Rhianna cute as shit

I wonder if she gotta fat ass


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

Fasting today

⚠ Thursday

Wtf, that's dumb as shit

Why do they only have the acoustic version of "Free Fallin" by John Maeyer??

That song dope af.. they should also have the studio recording

When you wrong somebody else, you've actually disturbed something inside of you

They have to numb themselves from reality, just to be able to cope

It's just messing you up on the inside

The only thing you can do is just fill that empty space with more entertainment

This is what Eeman does, it gives you calm, it gives you peace, you're not jittery

Every human being in this world is looking for peace

May Allah make us all the people of peace

Allah has totality of knowledge

He has the picture, we just have the pixel

"Love" is a very powerful word

Islam is not about fashion, it's about commitment, it's about change

The most difficult thing to deal with is loneliness

Leadership can be a very lonely position

If you're going to have swagger for the sake of Allah, you may be in a lonely position

When the sum shines its' brightest it's alone

Be happy to be Muslims

Don't let bad things bring you down

When you pray behind someone that's an affirmation that you believe in him

Fame should never blur ethics

Don't ask about what you don't need to know

Don't forget where you came from

There can be no contradictions in our comittment to people

Fasting for today COMPLETE!!

Gonna do the same for tomorrow and on Saturday


💂say Insha'llah bro

💡 I DID!!!

💂say it again


The credibility comes when you have good character, just like the Prophet Muhammad SAWS had

There's a difference between reputation and character

This is an integral part of your character

We have to change the priorities, and stay away from this boyfriend girlfriend relationships

Islam can become ugly if we are justifying our crimes by using the texts of Islam

If we are justifying violence in the name of Islam

Than it can become ugly

When somebody insults you or is bad to you, be good to them

Let Allah SWT deal with them

This is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

If you're a Muslim you believe in Allah alone, without any association of partnership with Him

They are insulting Allah by saying that: Allah has a son

The current generation is more accepting than previous generations

It's very difficult to sustain family without Religion


A person cannot be happy and healthy unless they manage the way they think

He looks at everything in a way that we cannot comprehend

The Creator knows everything that has happened

He knows it

Allah SWT has knowledge of the unseen

💡I'm ready

This cheerleader btch finna get all this dck

"Hey Violet, we should probably talk about what happened, I didn't mean to walk in on you, I thought you was mom"

"You guys having a late one tonight huh, is this for the convention coming up?"

"I know I'm only your stepdad, but I don't think we should tell mom about this"

"Honey you saw my parts and I saw your parts, I think she'd be very disappointed"

"Honey no, no, that wouldn't be right"

"What are you saying Violet?"

"Honey, I don't... I don't think that's such a good idea"

"Why don't you have any underwear on honey?"

💡 because SHE'S A WHOREE!!!!

"I shouldn't do this, this is wrong"

"This isn't right"

"I'm not hard..."

"Yes baby... I like everything you do"

"You're so beautiful baby"

"Such a good girl... such a good girl"

"You want daddy to fuck you?"



💡 you love when I stretch your little pussy?

"That's my girl!"

"Daddy's gonna fuck u nice and slow and get all of that pussy"

"Show me how my little girl cums for daddy"

-rubs her titties


I want you to suck this dck you slut

This shyt gon go down ur throat!

I wanna see ur pretty ass eyes while this shaft is in your mouth

I love the sounds that you make with your mouth while u sucking this flagpole btch!!

"From now on you don't wear any underwear, daddy's gonna wanna be able to take that whenever he wants"

"Hey honey what are u doing?"

"Oh r u like a balerina today?"

"Just touch it with your hands, be a good girl"

"Daddy really likes it, you're way better than mommy"

"You like it honey? You know where else you can put it? Right between your titties"

"That's it, fuck daddy, look at you, you're a big girl now"

💡 You're doing it ALL BY YOURSELF!

💡 👏

"Your pussy so tight"

"Are you daddy's little princess?"

"Lemme taste your pussy"

I feel terrible

I feel disgusting

How could i?

Wtf is wrong with me??




Say you'll never ever leave from beside me

Can't wait to fast again tomorrow, for the sake of my Lord

I fast every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and Monday

Thursday I fast because, that's when the Messenger of Allaah SAWS used to

Friday I fast, because that's the day of Jummuah, the best day of the week

Saturday I fast, because that was the day I was born

And on Monday I fast, because that's also the day that Prophet Muhammad SAWS used to fast

And then I take a two day break, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and start back up on Thursday

This is the third week in a row!!

I'm so proud of myself

Allah loves those who are consistent

Trying to memorize this Surah

I can't recite it out loud tho cuz I ejaculated earlier

I still can't believe I did that shyt

I'm so ashamed of myself

How could I ?

Wtf is wrong with me 😳

I'm never doing that shyt again!!



Like Michael Jackson

Who was a highly righteous Muslim!

He used to stand before his Lord in the depths of the night and call out to him

May Allah bless Michael Jackson and grant him Jannah Tul Firdos

Chapter 2 and chapter 3 of the Qur’an

They will be arguing on your behalf on the Day of Judgment

Congratulation to those who have a strong relationship with every Sunnah prayer

"My request and my need is for you to intercede for me on the Day of Judgment"

Always make sure the source of your income is halaal

💡def gotta change my stinky boxer briefs in the morning after I take a shower

Tomorrow's Friday!!

I have to be clean whilst I go to Jummuah

I'm def changing them jawns! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

The stench that it produces is gruesome



I ask Allah Azzawajal to protect you and me AAMEN!!

The Kaaba was built by Abraham

If you want to know real brotherhood go back to the time of the Prophet and his noble Companions

Verily Allah has a right over you, your family has a right over you, your body has a right over you, give everybody their due

It begins with Allah, everything is about Allah, His rights

If you open your eyes and look at Allah's creations everyday Allah will teach you something

Monogamous- involving marriage to one person at a time.

"under Canadian law all marriages must be monogamous"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom wants me to be monogamous and only be with her, but I refuse because of my extremely high sex drive and commitment issues.

Allah put it in them

This is the very nature of them, they can't help themselves

When animals do something they do it because Allah put it in them

But we're different, Allah has honoured the children of Adam

The Prophet SAWS said: "be opposite of the Pagans"

God gave man a beautiful woman, and he looks elsewhere. I ain't saying where



How dare you disrespect a Muslim woman, a Muslim girl who covers herself and make her look like other than what she is supposed to be?

💡 I completely agree. Not just Muslim females, but any female in general

Every girl is beautiful, they're just not something to look at, they're more than that, they have a heart, they have a soul, they have a mind, we need to do better and treat...





Brothers and sisters, give Allah His rights

It's all about Allah

Brothers and sisters, it'd all about Allah

It's not even about Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him

It's not even about Moses, peace and blessings be upon him

It's not even about Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him

One of the smartest Prophets ever, was Prophet Moses, peace and blessings be upon him

Allah admonished Moses because he didn't attribute all the knowledge to him

You're doing it because of Allah and your love for Allah, and if you put Allah first, you'd be alright

They will respect you when you stand up and be yourself

That relationship and that struggle and that striving towards Allah, towards God Almighty that is what gives people this sense of fulfilling their deficiencies

💡As soon as 3:55am come I'm on go!

Get some blessings and extrapolate some lessons from their lives

Extrapolate- extend the application of (a method or conclusion, especially one based on statistics) to an unknown situation by assuming that existing trends will continue or similar methods will be applicable.

"the results cannot be extrapolated to other patient groups"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom extrapolated a large amount of semen from my penis by using her tongue.


💂that's not even used right Sherlock!!

💡 oh well! Don't care!! Your mom's a whore that's all i know!!

You'll never truly be happy if you constantly keep looking after money

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Abdel Rahman

Bring your little itty-bitty teeny weenie pussy over here you slut!

I swear this btch finna get stuffed!

I put that on my life!!

💡 fuck her dude fuck her FUCK HERR!!!

"you can't tell your mom any of this shit"

This pretty ass btch Kat Arina is a cum bucket!!


Never again!!!!


Wtf is wrong with me??

Finna hop in the shower and eat Suhoor, I'm fasting today!

For the sake of my Lord Allah Azzawajal

This Surah think that I ain't gon memorize it

I'm finna memorize that hoe right quick, you just wait!


⚠ Friday


This ngga Harden is a beast!

7 straight games with 30+


Kyrie Irving is the best PG in the league

The reason why Lakers lost is cuz Bron was out

That fake ass injury he got, he better stop btchin! And get back on the court

The Kings was happy as shyt that they won. You saw them nggas? Jumping and cheering n shyt

Btch yall still ass, yall still gotta ass record

They like #8 in the east

Them nggas not even gon make playoffs fr

Yesss!! My Sixers beat the Jazz

Ben Simmons had a mfn TRIPLE DOUBLE! 😱

14 points, 14 boards, 12 assists!!

Smhh... he's a Jinn

That ngga Butler was also balling

How df did Golden State lose to the Blazers??

KD wasn't really ballin like that

That's prolly why

Them nggas still gotta good ass record tho


You know why Golden State gotta good record??

Look at their starting lineup

They got Klay Thompson, Curry, and KD

All three of them nggas gotta shot

KD had 26 points

That prolly is a lot, for a regular player

But I would expect more from him

Considering the fact that he's a JINN!

I'm really mad the Lakers lost tho

That's my team

This ngga Bron like: "😢I gotta boo boo! I can't play I'm injured"


This btch Google maps on some shit

I'm walking to the Mosque that btch like "Turn left on 2nd St"



I'm at Jummuah 😆

I love it here

I love being Muslim!!



The process of assimilation itself entails loss

Assimilation- the process of taking in and fully understanding information or ideas.

"the assimilation of the knowledge of the Greeks"

Language shapes our reality

The way we choose to use words to describe our world can effect not only how we see the world but the way the world sees us as well

Words can be powerful in shaping who we are and how we act and react to the world around us

These words can become a part of our language, and before we know it what becomes a part of our language becomes a part of our life

And before we know it what becomes a part of our life becomes a part of our character

One of the most important parts of our faith is to maintain our character

His character was just that, he bought light into the hearts of the people

His wife Khadijah was the first convert to Islam, the first one to believe in La ilaha illa-llah, Muhammadu-rasulu-llah

He was known for his character, and his kindness, and his beautiful tongue

There are going to be things around us that we know conflicts with our faith

The reality is that we can choose how we react to our circumstances

We'll seek more and more and more and we won't be satisfied

What is in this Dunya was not meant to fill those blank spaces that we have in our hearts

But they can be filled with the words of Allah SWT

I came to the realization that "yes, I am Muslim"

But greater than that, I'm "Muslim-American"

The world is making us feel ostracized

The world is making us feel like we are wrong

Ostracize- exclude (someone) from a society or group.

"a group of people who have been ridiculed, ostracized, and persecuted for centuries"

💡 Sentence example: I had to go to the hospital and have them ostracize my penis after I stuck it in Jason's mom dirty vagina.

💂whhaattt? That don't even make sense

💡damn, ur right, ok ok..

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom and all her friends have been ostracized from society, nobody likes them because they all stink, I gave them a comfortable abode in which they can live in, I clothed and fed them.

💂that's a pretty long sentence but OKAY!!

💡 😑. . okay but it's still viable tho right??

💡so sdfup before I smack the shit out you!

Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Sister Suzy Ismail

Not praying falls ad the fourth major sin in Islam

Number 1 is Shirk, Number 2 is murder, Number 3 is black magic, fourth is foregoing Salah

There's a Hadeeth in saheeh Bukhari Vol #1, Book of Salah. The Prophet SAWS said: "The hypocrites do not come for the Fajr Salah, or the Isha Salah, and if they knew the reward they would come crawling

Allah mentions Sujood in the Salah 92 times

You can only enjoy the fruit if you have a taste of it

How does Dr. Zakir Naik have SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE??


He's like an encyclopedia, smhh

This guy is like a plethora of freakin knowledge

And then at the end he be like "hope that answers your questions" 😂

Like four years ago I saw one of his Fatwa videos on YouTube, about Islam, an Atheist asked him a question about Religion



Then I started looking more into Islam, and later on I said my Shahada and became Muslim

Then two months later I had a brain aneurysm and surgery and lost my balance and was admitted in the hospital

Funny how life works...

But yeah! JASON??


💡 Your mom's a whore bro, I love her

I love her FAT ASS

Fasting for today COMPLETE!

Tomorrow I'm doing the same thing!

I'm letting the rewards stack up!

🎤"girl I do this often, make that pussy popping"

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Said Raega

"Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were your mom"

"But um... your butt looks really great from behind"

This blonde headed btch finna get all this dck

Btch I don't understand a god damn word you saying all ik is this shyt finna nut!!

Btch make noises while u getting this dck!!

Don't just be silent damn. Cheer me df on, tell me that I can do it!!

Tell me that I can cum inside you!! I need your permission

💡no I don't

"Yes I have an erection"

"No, I cannot make it go away"

Fuck u you slut btch I love you

Look at me with your pretty ass eyes while you getting stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey!

This btch finna get fucked in the alleyway

Look up at me with your pretty ass eyes while ur sucking this cock u slut btch


Your eyes are beautiful baby

I love you

This is what you gotta do okay..

I love you

You're the girl of my dreams

Slap this dck on ur tongue while u sucking it U SKANK SLUT BTCH!!

Don't worry about a thing btch this shyt finna nutt right inside you

Don't you worry your pretty little head

That shyt... nutted

I feel terrible

I feel disgusting

I'm NEVER doing that shyt again



Like Michael Jackson

Who was a highly righteous Muslim

He was pious af

He loved Allah SWT

And the Angels loved him

May Allah forgive all the sins of Michael Jackson and grant him a noble entrance into Paradise Insha'llah

No matter what it is, call out to Allah, keep calling out to Allah

Allah SWT wants us to call out to Him

Call out to Allah, at all times

He loves you, he wants you to cry to Him

It is something amazing my brothers and sisters, keep calling out to Allah

They start believing in the rhetoric themselves

They start accepting, "yeah I am a loser, I can't do any better"

And a self hate takes over them, and at that point there's nothing you can do

These are words that people may use deliberately, to hurt your feelings to make you feel weak, as a means of exercising control

Their goal is to get you to submit to them in someway

The goal is not to make you feel bad, the goal is to make you submissive and keep you under control

You could give somebody a compliment and insult them at the same time

"Masha'Allah you're really good at this one thing"

That's a way of saying "You're pretty bad at everything"

But at least you're good at this one thing


But you undermined this person's capabilities

Another way you can do it, "here here lemme help you, I know that's hard for you"

People are different, people have different personalities, people have different journeys towards Allah SWT

Don't be satisfied with mediocrity

💡I'll give you $40 to spread your buttcheeks

My hyperspermia is on a fritz this morning

This jawn acting up

Lemme see ur ass and titties you slut!

You fat dirty btch I love you

Suck this dck you slut btch I love you

I'ma stretch your little pussy out

Your little teenie weenie itty-bitty pussy

I want you to suck this dck that's wtf I want you to do

You're doing great baby I love you

"Spread your ass cheeks"


You gon get this nut you slut btch I promise you!

This btch Nina Rotti wifey material

Btch do you know this shyt finna nutt?


I promise you this shyt finna nut



That shyt nutted

Btch didn't I tell you that shyt was gon nut?

Ima man of my word

If I say something I mean that shyt

💡this gon be the last time I swear

I'ma only put a little bit of dck in you

It's only gon be a little bit of nutt

Suck this dck you slut

Karlee Grey has a lot of potential

I have hope in her


I'm finna fill you up!!

Ima fill you with sour cream

Fuck you slut btch

I hate you!!

I love you

Btch I have mixed emotions for you!!

Fuck you slut btch!!

This shyt finna nut fuk what you heard

Btch lemme see ur pretty ass eyes while this shaft is in your mouth


That shyt nutted

Never doing that shyt again

I feel terrible



⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

Fasting today

I'm hungry as shit

Kemba Walker cracked the shit out bul 😂

Jeremy Lamb also was ballin

That ngga scored 19 pts in the first half!

It's official, this ngga Kemba Walker is a certified Jinn!

This ngga Tony Parker went on a rampage in the 2nd half

This ngga Oladipo nice as shyt

He got a lot of bunnies

I don't think he fit with the Pacers, he should get traded

How df did the Raptors lose to the Magic??

Now them nggas is second in the East smhh

That ngga Kawai Leonard fukked bul up!! 😂

I never knew he had handles like that

The Raptors lost because of that ngga Vucevic

He had 30!!

The Wizards lost cuz they ain't have John Wall

Allah knows best what his injury is

But whatever it is ik it's real

Ik he ain't faking that shyt like Bron Bron



I don't fuk with Bron, this ngga been in the league for over a decade and he only got like one ring


This ngga Markkanen slammed that shit!!

White boy nice

😂this ngga fought the mascot!!

Cdfffuupppp WTFF

I keep forgetting this ngga D. Rose not playing for Bulls no more

The Heat gotta overall good ass squad

That ngga Winslow a problem!

I don't think Timberwolves is a good fit for D. Rose

How df did Trae Young make that fukkin shot??

He was waaayy over there!!

He had assistance from the Jinn

This ngga Anthony Davis had 15 points in the first quarter!!





This ngga Anthony had 48 and 17 boards

Him and Luka are both JINNS!

Damn Mavs lost smhh

"Worst road record in the league"

Hold yall head!

Wtff happened to fukkin Camelo Anthony??

He got traded??

That ngga Yokish prolly one of the best centers in the league

21 pts, 9 assists!

Ohh Melo went to the Rockets!!

Oh ok, he's with that Jinn ass ngga

That's a good lineup

Westbrook gotta carry that whole team on his shoulders

40pts & 12 boards!! 😱


How df he make that shot?

That shyt was lucky

That ngga had 36 smhh

The only reason Lakers keep losing is cuz that ngga Bron not trying get bak in the game



I just took a crazy dookie

I only wiped twice cuz today's only Saturday

I only wipe thrice on Saturdays

I mean Friday

⚠ Sunday

Never eating that sardine shyt again, that shyt make your breath stink

There is no change in state and there is no power, except by Allah

That sounds very conceptual

Yes, I know that Allah is the most powerful, but what does that mean in my everyday life?

Conceptual- relating to or based on mental concepts.

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom gave me some good ass brains, she's very conceptual.

What does it mean to recognize that Allah is the only source of power

True power is when you're source for power is Allah SWT, for everything

The consequences for making this life your main concern: poverty is put between your eyes

When you run after Dunya you're never satisfied

You will never have enough to satiate you

Satiate- to satisfy (a need, a desire, etc.) fully or to excess

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom satiated all my sexual desires.

You will not enter Jannah until you truly believe, and you will not truly believe until you love one another

Where's the love?

This is the nature of our Ummah

We shouldn't find this idea strange, we should challenge ourselves to translate that idea into action and into a reality that defines our community

The foundation of our community is the union between a man and a woman

The family, this is the foundation of our community

We want to see beautiful flowers

We find people growing apart and being encouraged to hate each other

This isn't who we are, and a lot of Muslims, not many but there are some who buy into that philosophy

They set up these dichotomies, and if you're on one extreme or the other, you're instantly automatically, with no consideration of your individual character, you're categorized into a group and then there's automatically enmity

Dichotomy- a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Shaytaan wants to cause enmity and hatred between you, with alcohol and gambling, and with whatever else he can use

💡The Salah time for Asr and Maghrib is increasing

💡this is Allah preparing me, getting me ready... I used to not be that hungry while I'm fasting, Maghrib would be at like 4:26pm, and I'd be chilling

But now, that btch is at like 4:45pm, wtff!!

I'm hungry as shit!!

If this is how it is, I wonder how it's gonna be during Ramadan when Maghrib gon be at like 6-7pm


I can't wait to go to Jummuah again on Friday!

I love that Mosque!!

Waaay more than that other one I used to go to

Even though that other one was great, and the people there were all nice

The knowledge that I was getting there was, very technical, and repetitive

And they were too strict

I would tell them like "I took a shower today after Maghrib"

They would be like: "it's blasphemy to take a shower after Maghrib, say your Shahada"

-if I drink a bottle of water, they'd be like "bro it's blasphemy to drink out of a bottle of water, say your Shahada"

They had me thinking like EVERYTHING WAS A SIN!

That's not right...

I knew Islam is the correct Religion, but it can't possibly be this STRICT

So I decided to do some searching on my own...

I found out that what they were telling me, not all of it was true

Not all of it was in accordance with the true Islamic teachings

They had me scared 😨

They used fear to keep me in the Religion

That's fucked up

"There is no compulsion in Religion"

Fear is a form of compulsion

How did the Messenger of Allaah SAWS give Dawah to bring people into the Religion?

Did he tell them "everything is a sin, repent now or Allah will destroy you and send you to hellfire" ?

Was that what he did??

No. He used this thing called "mercy"

That's how he drew people into the Religion, by being merciful and compassionate

He knew that we are only humans, and he knew that we are bound to fuck up

But he didn't want people to despair in the Mercy of Allah

Islam says: "no individual can bear the burden of another"

This Ummah isn't predicated on people being rich or poor, black or white, it's not predicated on them being from this tribe or that tribe

We're wealthier than we've ever been, which is not necessarily a good thing, because all that wealth comes from the earth, and we're devastating the earth

So maybe we need to become accustomed to a little more poverty

There is no spiritual well-being without love and mercy

Allah doesn't look at your physical forms

Allah doesn't care if you're black, white, red, brown, yellow, purple

It doesn't matter

Allah doesn't consider that

It's meaningless to Allah, so it should be meaningless to us

He looks at your hearts and He looks at your actions

The hearts are all the same color, I don't care what your complexion is

That's what matters with Allah

Things that defy any physical differentiation

The faith is not complete without that mutual love

Teach your children to spend

Keep spending and Allah will spend on you

Any wealth we have is not our wealth, it's Allah's wealth

This is not our wealth, this is Allah's wealth, we're not free agents

We are servants of Allah, we should understand this

We belong to Allah, so He can do with us whatever He pleases

Three characteristics of people that will be hated to him and farthest away from him on the day of Judgment

1: those who speak a lot

Those who speak a lot they make a lot of mistakes

When you're speaking a lot it's an indication of a simple mind

Every single word that you utter, there are Angels recording

Every word will be accounted for

2: Those who hurt people with their speech

This is an evil that the Prophet detests


And so brothers and sisters, we need to understand that speech matters

He asked the Prophet SAWS "Ya Rasullullah, how are we to be saved from all this?"

That's what we're asking ourselves everyday, I want to be saved from the circumstances of this world, and the struggle and challenges

You know what the first thing that the Prophet SAWS told him?

He says: Hold your tongue, guard your tongue, restrict your tongue

Say something good, or remain silent

Speaking a lot is not a virtue

Fasting for today COMPLETE

Insha'llah if Allah wills for me to live to see Thursday then I will fast also

💂 say Insha'llah bro


💂say it again


This btch Lela Star is a cum bucket

May Allah SWT forgive us, what a beautiful lesson we learn from this

You will inevitably make mistakes because you're human

It's very important that we realize that goodness does not mean perfection, and it cannot mean perfection

That's part of being a good person, repenting and coming back to Allah SWT

Shaytan will come to you and say "Oh you're not worthy yet, you first have to work on all these things before you can wear Hijab

It should be a means and a tool to help you get closer to Allah SWT

It's really by messing up that you realize that you really need Allah SWT to forgive you

How much you need the Mercy of Allah SWT

If we never made mistakes we might start believing that we don't need Allah SWT

This concept of self admiration is really one of the most dangerous states to be in

May Allah bless Yasmin and give her all type of goodness and long life

May Allah bless our children

💡I mean "her children"

Shaytaan made a mistake yes, but couldn't he have repented, couldn't hr have asked Allah SWT for forgiveness?

But Shaytaan didn't have that attitude, his attitude was that of rebellion and arrogance

Allah SWT wants to forgive us, our job is to keep striving

Everything that we do externally is a reflection of how we are internally

Obedience is a consequence of love

This is an illusion, in reality you are in a state of slavery, whether you like it or not

The soul is trying to achieve that liberation from the shackles of the dunya in some way

The only way it can achieve that liberation is by understanding your true slavery, who your true slave master is

It's not L'Oréal, it's not your politicians, it's not your parents, it's not your teachers, it's Allah SWT

If you truly love yourself, then you have to love Allah SWT

The one who loves himself but doesn't love Allah doesn't really love himself, he loves an illusion of himself

If you reject the existence of Allah, it's like rejecting the real world as the real world

We all believe this podium is real okay, prove it to me?

I gurantee you no one can prove to me it's real

You can see it right? Okay that's not proof

Touching it, that's not proof

That's what we mean by real, it's not just a perception, it's outside of your mind

Your brain could be in Mars and there's an alien playing with your brain making you feel and think what you're feeling now

Maybe you're in the matrix, maybe you took the blue pill

We only believe the real world is the real world because it's got an axiom, a self evident truth

Axiom- a statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.

"the axiom that supply equals demand"

💡 Sentence example: The axiom that Jason's mom enjoys giving me oral sex.

You cannot disprove the assertion that the universe started five minutes ago

You can't disprove that, maybe you were created five minutes ago with all this memory that you've existed for 18 or 30 years

There are assumptions in life that you don't need to prove, they're self evident

So if you reject Allah it's like rejecting that the real world is the real world

Because Allah is a self evident truth

He's not a concept, He's a precept

He is that which is necessary in order for you to have any ideas and any realities

When talking to an atheist instead of asking "does God exist?"

You should say "what evidence do you have to reject God's existence?"

You won't be able to reach that level of righteousness unless you give from that which you love

💡yeessss, I'm memorizing this Surah, slowly but surely! 😊

I've already memorized 5 Ayats, there are 15 Ayats in total

So how many more Ayats do I have to remember?

💡 ummm... "starts counting fingers"



Whatever goes into my eyes, whatever I look at goes straight to my heart, and it imprints on my heart

So if I am constantly looking at what I'm not supposed to be looking at, if I am constantly looking at the haraam, at what is prohibited for me to look at, whether I'm checking someone out or I'm looking at things that I'm not supposed to be seeing, that is actually pouring dirt into my heart

We don't realize it, we think we're just looking at it, we think oh it's no big deal, but we don't understand the connection of what we see and the condition of our heart

👀------ 🍑





If we want to guard our heart, to protect our heart once we've cleaned it, and to keep it clean, we have to guard our eyes

In the same way our ears, that's the other pathway to our heart, what we listen to, what we hear

Whatever we're listening to and hearing is also imprinting on our heart


Allah's Mercy is greater than your sins, that's what we have to remember

Lack of belief is also connected to ingratitude

May Allah SWT grant us understanding

We have to learn to respond in a mature, civil and higher discourse the way the Qur’an and the legacy of our Prophet expects from us

💡 Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Ameer Sharma and I'll have more knowledge than him

My hyperspermia is acting up this morning

It's on a fritz

-picks up phone

"Hello.. what? Another shoplifter, okay I'll be right there

"Whoa whoa ladies! Didn't I tell you to sit down? Both of you grab a seat"

"It looks like you're stealing on my surveillance cameras. Yeah, absolutely. Please sit down"

"So your sister here has been caught shoplifting. I'll tell you what's gonna happen here ladies"

"Ohh yeahh.. look how pretty she is, she's beautiful"

"I want you to rub my balls too"

"It's my camera. Don't worry it's for my own personal use, no one else I gonna see this except for me

"And my friends"

💡 grab your sisters hands! Console her while she's getting rammed!!

💡 look me in the eyes while this shaft is in your mouth... I WANT UR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION!

I promise you this shyt finna nut

I promise you!!

That shyt..... nutted

Btch I told you that shyt was gon nut

Didn't I tell you?


Finna pray Fajr

I gotta shower first though


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

Ohh ok, so "were" is plural

And "was" is singular

So if I was alone and I'm about to eat a sandwich I would say "I was about to eat a sandwich"

But if it was me and other people I would say "We were about to eat a sandwich"

Ohh ok!! 😵


I remember last year when I was taking a summer class and we "WERE" talking about Religions n shyt

And this one kid "WAS" like: "Who came up with the idea of Religion anyway"

💡 umm... God btch!

This ngga dumb af

😂 that btch was like "it'll all be over soon"

When her and her sister were getting fukked by the dude, after they shoplifted

She held her sister's hand and was like "it's okay, it'll be over soon"

Aren't they thinking about this book, or are their hearts sealed from being able to penetrate its meaning

The Qur’an is like the ocean, it's just wave after wave of meaning

And the meanings don't stop, even for the same verses

💡I'm still thinking about that shyt 😂

That ngga gon fuck her in the alleyway, next to a garbage can lmaaoo 😂

💡I don't blame you tho, I'd prolly do the same shyt. I once fukked this btch at the back of a school bus

💡Her name Jade, Jade Emmanuel. She's about 5'5. She got long braided hair, she's brown skin

Every matter that comes in the path of a Believer is good for them

The first response is the response that we don't want to have, and that's the response that makes the calamity a punishment

Your response is what determines whether that test is good for you or bad for you


🎤 "I’m ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight"

This btch had a threesome with two guys and she let her boyfriend sit there and watch 👀


That boyfriend is a BTCH!!

How df you gon just sit there and watch your girl get fucked? Smhh

I would kill the nggas that's fucking her!

Then I would kill my girl!

Cuz she actually wanted to do that shyt df

This is why Allah made it forbidden to have girlfriends and boyfriends

That btch would never do that typa shit if we was married

I'm jealous over my girl

I mean WIFE!!

But I don't like when girls get jealous over me, I don't like that

Umm... you're not my girlfriend

I mean WIFE!!!!

This btch crying


💡 Btch cry while you sucking this dck 😂

Dumb ass cdfffuupppp

You wanna find somebody to love you?

Btch how about I put my dck in your mouth, you can find that instead!

It shouldn't be that hard to find!!


You ever go to take a shit, but then when you go to take a shit shit don't be coming out, so u just sitting there on the toilet like 😐

I hate when that shit happens

And I ain't even high, cuz normally when I be high I get constipated n shyt

💂that's a serious illness bro, my uncle Billy Bob Joe had that, he died three days later n shyt


On a consistent and regular basis, remember Paradise and hellfire

Or you'll lose connection with them, you'll start to live your life as if they don't exist

You need to remind yourself. That is why the Qur’an is called "dhikr" or "dhikra", a reminder

You have to manage your heart, and the way to do this is to keep reminding yourself of the things you believe in

If you take it for granted, if you say "I already know that, I already believe in Allah" you will lose it

You will do something that is haraam and you will regret it, and a couple weeks later you will do the same thing again and fall down the same line

💡more like a couple minutes or hours later 😂

💡😔😐May Allah forgive me


Keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah

There are two types of Dawah: active & passive

Active is when you're engaging in conversation, you ask people questions

Passive is when they ask you a question

In order for you to understand the answer, you must first understand the concept of Islam

Religion is here to unite us, it's not here to divide us

If Islam is not making you happy something is wrong with your Islam

Don't be like that rock

People are dying of thirst, they're dying of spiritual thirst

💡"Tired of looking at porn?"

💡 no

💡there's good news, there's a place where...

Btch I promise you this shyt finna nut


that shyt nutted quick

It was a quick nut

I can't believe I did that shyt

Never again!!


If we look at the biography of our Prophet SAWS, it's very clear that he was making alliances

He did not see Religion as something that left us in antagonistic relationships

This is an example of recognition that goodness is not always contained within the context of a religion

There are good secular people, there are good Jewish people, there are good Christian people, there are good Muslim people

He made Medina a sanctuary, a place where people could not fight

Those who are pious to their Lord, and spread peace

These people will have no fear for the future and no grief over the past

If you don't have sages amongst us, war breaks out very easily

There was a young man who came to the Prophet Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim complaining to the messenger Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim saying: “My father takes my money, he always asks for my money” Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim said: “Well call your father”. As he went, the angel Jibraeel came down at that moment and he said: “Rasool Allah, when the father comes to you ask him, What was you saying in secret when you was coming here, the father was muttering something the son couldn’t here, so ask him what he was saying. When the father arrived Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim asked “is it true what your son is saying?” the man replied saying “Oh messenger, if you only knew what I was using his money for anyway Im using it to look after his poor Aunty, she has nobody to look after her, were else am I going to place his money, in places only that I have to” So the prophet Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim said “I want to ask you a question, tell me what you saying in secret when you was on your way here” The father looked at the Messenger Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim and said “I made some verses of poetry” to which Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim said “ please say them to me” So he said “ Oh son I nourished you when you was a baby And I looked after you in care as you grew up until you became an adolescent You lived upon what I worked for and strived and sacrificed in my body and time and wealth, So that you may live healthy Whenever a night passed you when you was sick or ill or coughed I was the first to be up, carrying you and looking upon you with my heart Afraid if a little atom or a little breeze would harm you in anyway I could not sleep whilst seeing you sick until you slept and then I slept When I used to see you sick, it was as if I was the one who was sick or ill And so my eyes would always overwhelm with tears but you never knew And then he said, and when you finally reached adulthood which all my life I was anticipating And looking forward to seeing you become that Until you reached the day when I have all my life anticipated in my heart to see you reach and rejoice, My son you gave me a REWARD, And your reward was……………………. HARSHNESS! And frowniness and mistreatment, As if I am the one who owes you and you owe me nothing The way you treated me was like a neighbour would treat his neighbour I wish that you even gave me that” Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim then looked at the father and the father looked at him, and the Prophet Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim beard was soaked with tears. From his emotions, Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi Wasalim grabbed the boy from his chest, shook him and said to him “ you and everything you own belong to your father”

Their hallmark is universal mercy, that they love for the sake of God

You will never change until you admit where you are

The Muslims around the world cannot progress until they look at the model that was given to us 1400 years ago

💡yess! This is soo true, I completely agree with Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Unless we follow the example of The Prophet PBUH and his Companions we will never be able to go anywhere

Classical example: I always knew Islam was the correct Religion, it was just something in the back of my head that was telling me THIS IS IT!

So I took my Shahada and started going to this one Mosque

And I was going there for a while, and some of the teachers there was SOOO STRICTT AND MEANN!!

Everything that I did or said, one of the teachers would be like "That's blasphemy say your Shahada"


If I trip over my laces he'd be like "it's blasphemy to trip and fall, say your Shahada"

I once asked him for advice on a certain matter, instead of answering my question and giving me advice he told me "it's blasphemy to say that, say your Shahada"

Everything I said or did was "SAY YOUR SHAHADA SAY YOUR SHAHADA"

I'm thinking like 😞 commeee onn!!

I mean I know Islam has it's rules and regulations but it can't possibly be this strict!

So I started gaining some knowledge on my own, and I found out, that not everything they was telling me was true

Not everything is a sin in Islam

That's how they was making it seem tho, like everything was a sin

I was scared as shit! Like 😨

Cuz I knew Islam was the correct Religion, and I didn't want to committ blasphemy and leave the Religion

That's fucked up, what they did

They lied to me and scared me in order to keep me in the Religion

How did the Prophet SAWS call people to the Religion?

Did he start by saying "fornication is a major sin, drinking alcohol is a major sin and GOD IS GOING TO PUNISH YOU AND SEND YOU TO HELLFIRE IF YOU PARTYAKE IN THOSE ACTIVITIES"

💡 NOO!

He called people to the Religion by telling people about Allah and letting them know that "God is the Most Merciful and He forgives ALL SINS!"

It's this thing called "hope"

Don't you think there's people like me out there, who always fall into sin time and time again, there's people out there who LIVE OFF SINNING!

So are you just gonna tell them "You're screwed dude, you're going to hellfire, there's no way that God will forgive you"

That's fucked up!

I hate it when people lie to me or try to scare me!!

He gon tell me "ignorance is not an excuse in Islam"

So everybody has to be Muslim??

So if you live in a cave all your life and never learn about Islam and you die that means you're gonna go to hellfire forever??

Umm... no!

God is Muqsit, He's fair af!

He is Just!

Just cuz I didn't know much about the Religion they used my ignorance against me, as a form of scare tactic

That's fucked up... and low!

Don't ever lie to me

And don't try to fuckin SCARE ME!!

What did Yasmin say:

"Obedience is a consequence of love"

💡Tell people the truth!


stop lying to little Danny

Talking about some: "you know Danny, if you're really good this year then Santa is gonna come and give you lots of presents and candy"

So Danny is on his best behavior for the whole year, but not because he wants to be, but because HE WANTS THOSE DAMN PRESENTS!

💡 You're killing little Danny, you're killing him with your lies

💡Just because he's a little kid and he doesn't know anything does not mean that you should lie to him

Tell Danny the truth...

"Look Danny... Santa Clause don't exist, reindeers don't exist. The only reason why you exist is to worship Allah Azzawajal alone with no partners and if You do not do that then when you die Allah will send you to hellfire forever"

💡SIMPLE! No lies!

Lies hurt... especially when they are coming from someone you trust and will never expect to lie to you

Twerk that ass on Santa's cock you slut

Tell Santa what you want for Christmas...

Oh you haven't been a good girl this year?

That's okay baby, don't despair! I still got something for you

Santa finna fuck a baby in you!

You finna get all this egg nog btch!!

Shake your fukkin ass and lemme see ur titties u slut

Cum be Santa's little helper btch

Help me to cum!!

I hate you

I love you!!

Btch I love and hate you simultaneously!!

That shyt... nutted


wtff is wrong with me??


Is that what I like??

💡 yes.

💡 precisely

O you Believers, be mindful of Allah and that mindfulness translates into implementing his orders, avoiding the things He's prohibited in order to ward off with that obedience, the punishment of Hell.. that's what Taqwa means

To ward off the punishment of Hell through the obedience of Allah, that's what Taqwa is

It's a consciousness that gives birth to implementing the orders and avoiding the prohibitions

This is not a Religion of talk, it's a Religion of practice

It only has benefits if we translate it into something that draws us closer to Allah

The Prophet SAWS missed us but he's never seen us

The Prophet SAWS cared for you before you even existed in this world

At some point you have to hold yourself accountable

At some point every individual has to be accountable

At some point it's just "do your thing"

But at the end of the day it comes back to us

Every single person will stand before Allah SWT all alone

Go ahead and read your book, you already know

You don't need Allah SWT to tell you where you went wrong

In this world, when people give up on you is not because they stop caring about you or they stop loving you? No

It's because they realize that they're sick of caring more about you than you care about yourself

If you're gonna insist on ruining yourself go ahead and ruin yourself

At some point I can't love you if you don't love yourself

You have to be a horrible human being for people to not be able to muster up anything good to say about you when you pass away

💡 my hyperspermia is acting up this morning, it's on a frisk!!

I wanna see some ass and titties that's wtf I wanna see!

💡 I love to see the expressions that manifest on your face while ur getting rammed btch!

💡 open your mouth and say "AAAHH"

💡 Btch you're at the dentist off, I'm finna clean your mouth out!

💡 you finna get all this toothpaste btch. I PROMISE YOU!!


Btch I like when you cheer me on. tell me how big my dck is and how you want me to cum inside you. TELL MEEE!!

Everyone will know on the Day of Judgment what they could've done, what they have done, what they should've done

You know your potential, you know your capabilities, you know what Allah SWT has given you

It all comes to you like night and day

You know what Allah has commanded you to do, and at the end of the day, it's you and Allah SWT

You can fool people in this world, but what are you going to say to Allah?

Allah SWT knows what's in your hearts

"I tried, I did my best, and I always acknowledged Your perfection, and I always acknowledged my own shortcomings and imperfection, and I never tried to make my imperfections justifiable by altering Your commands or Your legislation"

"Yes Allah I know I messed up, and I acknowledge it completely"

💡 Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Shaykh Omar Suleiman and I'll have more knowledge than him


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

Fasting tomorrow, can't wait! 😄

If you find other than good than only blame yourself

Muslims don't have a problem with saying I'm sorry

Can't wait to fast tomorrow

Just like last week and the week before that

This will be third week in a row

I'm gonna fast on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

And on Monday


The world out there teaches you that a woman is just an object of sexual amusement

💡the world is fukked up. Women are human too. We need to treat them better, we need to respect them, we need....


💡 WHERE???



How we view the Qur’an and how we interact with the Qur’an that can change our lives

"O Allah You are the source of peace and from You comes peace"

The Qur’an brothers and sisters is the source of steadfastness and benefit

Allah can honour you through the Qur’an

Be happy that you are a Muslim

We have to have a relationship with the Qur’an

The Qur’an has to be our best friend

You think Allah owes you something? You think Allah needs you? Allah doesn't need anyone!

Allah tests you with difficulty and ease

Allah loves you more than you love yourself

Allah is most definitely going to test you

Based on how strong your faith is Allah will test you accordingly

Allah will give this Dunya to those He loves and those He doesn't love

But He will only give Eeman to those that He loves

What else matters? Allah loves you that's it, you don't need anybody else's love, you don't need their acceptance

Am I being tested or am I being punished?

The easiest way to determine that is by looking at your response to the test

If you show patience then that is a sign that Allah SWT is doing this to purify your sins and to raise your rank

I know it's early in the morning but take some notes Insha'llah

💡 yess... I'm memorizing this Surah, slowly but surely! I already got 7 Ayats memorized, I'm halfway there 😆

💡this hoe finna get memorized!

💡 wtf, I can't say that shit, lemme delete that

It's easy to get focused on the black dots in life and forget about the white dots

Although the majority of life is all the white dots

You have to be aware of your own deficiencies before you can make a difference in your life

The pleasure of your parents is critical in your marriage

Don't choose your spouse over your parents

They have the right to do that

That's the remarkable thing about tests, is that it brings you back to Allah SWT

This is the only thing that's going to benefit us when we come on that day and nothing else will benefit us

It is in our best interest to take this endeavor very seriously

The remembrance of Allah is the oxygen of the heart

💡Yasmin is so knowledgeable! May Allah bless her and increase her knowledge and give her long life

💡May Allah bless our 27 children

💡I mean "HER 27 CHILDREN"

💡 Allah knows best if she has 27 children

💡He is the Knower of all

We know that we have to breathe to stay alive, and it does not matter in what state or condition we are in

Your Salah is your oxygen, you cannot think of it of anything less

What is the food of the heart? It is also the remembrance of Allah

I don't need to eat today because I ate last month

I don't need to eat today because I ate a lot for Thanksgiving, so I'm good

💡I don't need to take a shower today because I already took one during the winter solstice

💡I don't need to change my boxer briefs cuz I already changed them last month, so I'm good 🖒

We need to consistently eat to keep the body alive, it's exactly the same with the remembrance of Allah

There is a reason why Allah commanded us to pray five times a day

Allah knows what He's doing when He says pray at a specific time

Five times a day is the prescription, if you do not follow that prescription do not wonder later why you are sick

The doctor gave you a prescription and you put it away in the drawer and you never followed it

The dirt of our sins it comes on the heart, and we have to clean the heart

One of the things that make the heart dirty, when you expose it to poison, one of the poisons of the heart is bad company

Be careful about your company

There is a reason why Allah has told us to lower our gaze, because lowering of the gaze is a protection of the heart

What you look and listen to of the haraam imprints on the heart

"Being a righteous person means that you're perfect" this is very problematic

To be righteous does not mean to be sinless

One of the most emphasized attributes of Allah SWT is His forgiveness

The Prophet SAWS told us that: if we were not to sin and repent then Allah will remove us and replace us with people that would sin and repent

The idea that we're supposed to be perfect is a tool that Shaytaan uses

There's no such thing as "perfect people"

"All the children of Adam are going to make mistakes, and the best are those that repent"

We have to be the best, when we slip we get back up and we repent, and we don't let Shaytaan use that tool against us

This is a very powerful tool that Shaytaan uses, the tool of despair

"I made a mistake so I shouldn't pray anymore"

"I made a mistake so let me just take off my Hijab"

It's like somebody saying, "she couldn't be perfect, so she should just stop trying"

We should not be aiding Shaytaan, we should be helping one another

When you put on a Hijab It doesn't mean that all of a sudden you're now an angel and you're perfect

You're still a human being and it's part of your struggle

We all mess up, and the only thing we have to do is to keep coming back

Don't let Shaytaan win

It's important to be very grateful when Allah SWT allows you to worship Him and don't take credit for it

Regardless if you feel the high or you don't, it's about Allah, it's not about how you feel

This is very important, that you don't lose hope when that high is gone

Not everyone is supposed to play the same role

💡As soon as 4:33am come I'm on go!

Realize that every single on of you had a unique role that YOU are supposed to play

Find something that you can excel in that will bring you closer to Allah SWT

Try to intend to make that your special path to Allah SWT

💡🕠 "4:33am"


This little midget btch finna take all this dck!!

You gon get all this hyperspermia btchh!


We finna have a midget baby

I need to hurry up and ejaculate quickly so I can eat Suhoor cuz I'm fasting today

This ngga fuckin that btch in the ass

That shyt haraam!!

This shyt finna nut inside you btch




I promise you!

That shyt...



⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

Fasting today

I'm hungry af

💂bro... it's 6:39am

That ngga Luka Doncic really be ballin

He had like 20 pts and like 10 assists

And I think he had like 9 boards or steals

This ngga gon get rookie of the year

Him and Ben Simmons, they my favorite players

I also fuk with Harden!!

Step Curry is a Jinn!!!!

It's not possible for a human being to have a shot like that

Anthony Davis also nice

I never knew big man had a shot like that

That ngga had 32 points and 18 REBOUNDS! 😱

He's a Jinn!!

That ngga Yokish also be ballin!

He gotta shot!

How you say his name tho?

He play for the Nuggets

Allah knows best how you pronounce his name


I remember when he used to play for Sixers

Who should win defensive player tho?

Kyle Anderson??


Maybe... but he's not really consistent tho like that

Maxi Kleber??


wtff happened to Chris Paul, he used to be having all these steals per game. He not up there no more

The Mavs gotta SQUAD!

They got fukkin Luka, that ngga up there with assists

Averaging like 10 a game

And they got Kleber, who be having like 6 blocks a game

Idkk how df the Raptors is leading in the East

Who do they even have??

Oh yeah, they got that ngga Kawhi

He's a fukkin problem!!

And they got Danny Green

They gotta good starting lineup and they got some good coaching, that's prolly why they leading

I already know why Golden State leading in the west

Cuz they got that fukkin JINN!!


And they got Durant

This ngga LeBron really went to the Lakers smhh

I still can't believe that shyt

At this point he's just like "fuk it, I'd go anywhere to get a ring"

I wouldn't be surprised if that ngga went to Golden State

I think Kobe gon come out of retirement

That's prolly why LeBron went to Lakers

That ngga Kobe!!!!

⚠ Thursday

This shyt hot

Dive, by Ed Sheeran

Sierra Leone has an abundant amount of natural resources

💡yet many people are still dying of starvation... shit makes no sense

Fasting for today... complete!

I'm so proud of myself

This is the second week in a row that I've fasted on Thursday Friday and Saturday

If Allah allows me to see next week than I will fast again on Thursday Friday and Saturday

And I'm gonna fast on Monday

Tomorrow I'll take a little break

Fast, fast fast!

All these reward points that I'm getting from my Lord

Them jawns is stacking up!

As time passed Allah SWT chose to guide me towards Islam and I became Muslim

The same way you have a right they have a right

The situation that you are in, don't dig a hole by becoming depressed, thank Allah, no matter what it is

Learn to thank Allah, Alhamdulillah

Allah informs us of the importance of this worldly life

And how important it is to be a successful person and have happiness in this Dunya

That can only come with the discipline of Islam

The softening of the hearts is in the hands of Allah SWT

Whenever there is a man who comes to the community with justice, with the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Muhammad SAWS and the truth, and he reminds us in a similar way the previous Prophets have reminded us, and if that causes a division that division is healthy

Salih AS was instructed by Allah SWT to leave the place

Because now the punishment was going to come

These people were happy they got rid of the man

When they were happy, they were happy for the wrong reasons because they succeeded to chase the true leader that they had from their own community

💡I just thought of something, you know that pig off the Santander Bank commercial? That's what your mom look like

💂you look like the salamander off the Geico commercial

💂you look like Jake from State Farm

When Allah says "He taught the Qur’an" who's the teacher? Allah is

And if He's the teacher what does that make you and me? Students

How honoured are you and me that our teacher is Allah?

Who did He teach? He didn't even limit it

The invitation is open, anybody who wants to learn

Anybody who wants to learn, come on and learn, Allah did not close that door

If you're 50 years old it's okay, don't be ashamed, start now

You have to care about them

If you don't care about them you will never be able to bring them into this Deen

This is the Sunnah of the Messenger SAWS

To teach the Qur’an even to those who hate it

And some of the sins not even the Angels would be made to remember them, Allah will make the Angels forget them

And He will make you forget them too. To the point where there are no more sins, and then you are able to enter Jannah

Because no one enters Jannah with even an atom worth of sins, Allah forgives them before you enter


⚠ Sunday

Yesss! The Sixers beat the Raptors!!

And the Raptors got the best record

Btch I'm getting high the first opportunity I get

Df u thought ima stop doing that shyt cuz I ain't smoke in a few weeks??


That shyt embedded in me permanently

Fuck what you heard!

The Ayats from Suratul Khalaq are one of the first Surahs that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

Maybe the fourth or fifth revelation to the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

The first Prophet that the Prophet Muhammad SAWS is informed about is Yunus AS

"Do not be like the companion of the whale"

Allah SWT doesn't even say his name yet

When you turn your back on Allah SWT everything that you own will be destroyed and you will be placed back in a situation of desperation

Yunuas AS is sent to the people of Iraq

Yunus dealt with mockery from his people and aggression from his people like many that came before him

Allah does not destroy a nation until they become aggressive with the Prophet that was sent to them

Allah does not destroy a nation because they were disbelievers

Allah destroys nations when they become aggressors, when they begin to oppress

When they start to harm the Prophet and the Believers

Yunus AS as he's dealing with the transgression from his people and the aggression he loses hope in his people

He warns his people of the punishment from Allah SWT, and he leaves them without taking permission from Allah SWT

"There's no way that these people will repent"

As Yunus AS warns his people, he sees the clouds forming in the sky, and the people see those clouds forming

Yunus AS leaves them, and when Yunus goes to board a ship to leave his people

His people do something which is almost unprecedented

They repent collectively to Allah SWT, and they turn back to Allah SWT

Then they look for their Messenger to teach them the Religion

And Yunus AS as he left his people he boarded that ship

As he boarded that ship, those same clouds that he thought were there to destroy his people started to rain heavily upon that ship

And the ocean started to rock that ship back and forth

Yunus, a Prophet of Allah, a Nabi of Allah was thrown overboard

As he was thrown overboard, in the darkness of the night, a whale swallows him and dove to the depths of the ocean

Think about how hopeless of a situation this is

He realizes as he's in the stomach of that whale that he's not dead, because initially he thought he was dead, no one has ever been in that situation

But he realizes that he can move his toes, and he hears the pebbles at the bottom of the ocean

He puts himself in a position of Sujood and prostration as the acid is consuming him

And he says "O Allah, I am calling you from a place that I don't think anyone has ever called upon you before"

"I don't think anyone has ever been in this situation before"

In the stomach of a whale, at the bottom of the ocean

"How perfect are You, there is no God besides You"

"I transgressed against myself"

"I have wronged myself"

As Allah Azzawajal heard that Du'a from Yunus AS, the whale spit him out

He came back to his people, and he found them worshipping Allah SWT, and asking him to teach them the Religion

His repentance elevated him

The Prophet SAWS says "no one of you should say that 'I am better than Yunus AS' "

Why? Because he was an honorable man

Yunus AS made a mistake, he lost hope in his Dawah, he lost hope in his people

He lost hope in change

And Allah SWT tested him

The Prophet SAWS says "He is a Prophet, I am a Prophet, and the Prophets are brothers in faith

In that is a profound message, that you never lose hope in Dawah

You never lose hope in the plan of Allah SWT

You don't have the right to ever despair because it was never in your hands in the first place

When the whole world is losing hope that is when you should strive the hardest because you don't know when the victory of Allah SWT will come

Obesed cats and dogs are at risk of many health issues



💡 Bouta die n shyt

💡Jason's mom is very similar to an obesed cat, because she has a fat pussy.

This btch named her cat "Sugar Plum"

Wtf kinda name is that??

This btch put her cat on Prozac smhh

If I had a cat I would smoke weed with it

The cat gon be hiighhh as shhiittt .

I love my mother so much

May Allah bless that lady

May Allah bless her children

May Allah give her long life

My mother called me twice on my phone

But I can't answer because my dad is here and he doesn't want me to talk to my mother or have a relationship with her


So I have to wait until he goes to work so that I can pick up her calls

Because I don't want to make him see me talking to her and he gets mad and kill me

I'm fasting tomorrow!

Time seems to drag on between the Adhan and the Iqama, there's Barakah in that time

Allah loves you my brother

Wallahi Allah loves you

I take an oath that Allah loves you

I don't care what the world tells you about you, you are special to Allah

You're a Muslim, you are beautiful, you are smart, you are brave

I'm talking to you, yes you! You are the one that can change the world

You need to believe in yourself, don't let people put you down

Allah says: I love you just the way you are

Allah says: I don't want you to be anything more than that which you are not

💡Mohamed Hoblos really going in on this jawn

💡May Allah bless him and give him all forms of goodness

That btch Ms. Yummy is a freakin cum box!

My brothers Allah created us for a reason Wallahi

My brothers and sisters I have news for you, you only get one shot at life

You only get one life, stop wasting your life, wake up

Make something of your life, don't be another face in the crowd, don't be another number

💡🎤I'm more than just a number, HEY HEY HEY!

🎤I doubt you'll find another, HEY HEY HEY!

🎤So every single summer, HEY HEY HEY

🎤I'll be the one that you remember, HEY HEY HEY!

🎤I better find your love'n!

🎤I better find it all and nothing's gonna tear us apart

You know my brothers, I ask myself sometimes, and I wanna ask you

Don't you wanna be with the Prophet of Allah Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the Day of Judgment?

Don't you wanna be with the Sahaba?

You think you're gonna be with them with the life you're living?

My brothers Allah Azzawajal has created us for a higher purpose, to know Him, to worship Him, to love Him, to come back to Him

Make something of your life my brothers

Allah is waiting for you eagerly

That blanket covered them up and made them warm

You contributed to humanity

Who's gonna step up and make a difference in the world

Who's gonna do this? Me?

How many people can I visit man? I'm one man, Wallahi I am

Victory in this world is only through the Deen of Allah

No one is deserving of that trust other than Allah

I just woke up, and I came into fruition and realized everybody in this world is DUMB AS SHIIITTT!

We live in a world, where kids in Africa and China is starving to death n shyt, while there are people in the world who are billionaires and have enough money for generations n shyt

Wtf!! Whyy?? That shit makes no sense whatsoever

There is no reason why that should happen, this world has a lot

It has more than enough, for everybody

Everyone can prosper, no one has to suffer

The problem is "distribution"

We don't want to share, we're all greedy af

God made sure that this world has more than enough, for everybody

God is not the one to blame, we are

We're all fuck ups, we're all greedy sons of btches

We live in a world... where marijuana is illegal in some parts of the world, and cigarettes and alcohol is legal

Whilst nobody in the history of life has ever died from smoking that shit, and millions of people die every year from cigarettes and alcohol... WTF??

Who df came up with that stupid ass law?

Legalize it or make it illegal, either way, people is still gonna find ways to smoke it

We live in a world... where people like "Donald Trump" can become president, and no one has a problem with it

Because he has "a lot of money"

I guess that's the wave now. Money rules the world right?


What's Donald Trump's favorite thing to say during his campaign?

"I've made a lot of money over the years, I am a very rich man, and I can make America rich as well"

And we're all like: "this is true, yup yup, he does have a lot of money, we need to make him president"

And people actually went and voted for this guy!

Wtf, he has xenophobia

And he has NO respect for woman, just look at this guy, look at his face!

The marijuana and cannabis topic:

Is it a drug? Yes . Is it bad for you? Yes . Can it cause an addiction? Yes

Anything that can cause an addiction is bad for you

So... stay away from it, don't smoke it!

But, there's people like me in the world, I'm not the only one

Lol, you think I'm alone, there's people out there who love to get high way more than me and have been smoking longer

I know nggas that's like 85 years old and have been smoking that shit since world war 2 n shyt

Mfs that's been smoking that shyt since slavery n shyt


I haven't smoked weed in like three weeks but the first opportunity I get I'm BUYING THAT SHYT AND SMOKING IT! DF!!

Idgaf if it's legal or illegal

But... why make it illegal?? 😕

What's the harm in it??

It's a freaking plant! You roll that shit up and smoke it, and get high as shit!

💡 it's the Mexicans fault

Back when Reagan was president, the Mexicans would be smoking that shit and doing all these immoral activities n shyt


so people were complaining that smoking weed caused the Mexicans to have sex with every white women, so Reagan made it illegal 😂

These Mexicans is all G's!

I would do the same thing

Get high and have sex with white women

Some people, like my father, when they pray and make supplication to Allah, they raise their voice to an extreme volume and they begin to yell



Who df r you raising your voice at???

Certainly not "God"

You< better tone that shit df down and realize who df ur speaking to

One of the Companions once raised his voice at the Messenger of Allah SAWS, and he went home and told his wife to make funeral arrangements for him because he raised his voice at the Messenger SAWS and that is a major sin, he believed that he was going to die

So... if the Companions were not allowed to raise their voice at the Messenger of Allah SAWS

What makes you think that you have the right to raise your voice at "God"??

We ask Allah to give us calmness and goodness, happiness and tranquility

You breathe 130,000 times a day

Did you realize that it was Allah Who gave it to you

💡people like Mufti Menk and Nouman Ali Khan and some of these Islamic scholars don't just come around regularly. It's very seldom to find people like those. The world needs their optimism and knowledge

When I used to go to therapy, after I had my brain aneurysm, I used to have to go for physical, occupational and speech therapy

This one cab driver that used to take me, he was cool as shyt

I remember once he told me: "you can talk things into existence"

So if you keep saying something repeatedly, it can actually happen, God will make it happen

For example: if you keep saying that your son is going to grow up and be a pothead, if you keep saying that so many times, then it's going to happen!

So I asked him one day, I asked him like "can you talk things OUT of existence?"

He told me "yeah, but that can only be done through prayer"

A non-Muslim man said that

I forgot his name, but whoever he is, may Allah bless him and his children and give him long life

I also had this other cab driver..... Mario!

Mario was cool as shit!!

He used to be picking me up and dropping me off the most

The one thing that I remember Mario used to be telling me, he used to be like "well Abdul I'm going to be 78 in September"


Mario used to be soo worried and conscious about his age Cdfuupp

I once told Mario to look into Islam, I told him to go home and think about saying the Shahada and becoming Muslim

He told me "yeah, I'll definitely think about it Abdul"

After that, I never saw Mario again 😂

When the Internet was first created, when the World Wide Web was first invented, what happened?

The porn industry blew up! Everybody was watching porn online

The first product that was sold over the Internet was "a bag of marijuana"

Why do you celebrate Christmas??

Are you commemorating the birth of Jesus??

If so... then what you are doing is lying about a Prophet of God. Because Jesus was not born on December 25th

Are you commemorating the birth of God?

God was not BORN

He does not beget, nor was He begotten

Allah doesn't talk about "the pursuit of happiness" in the Qur’an

Islam talks about "contentment"

Being happy and being at peace are two different things

The lowest of all pursuits in your life is going to be happiness

It doesn't take much to be happy

Some kid stays up all night and plays video games, he doesn't get any sleep, but since he beat the game he's happy

It's a snow day, you get a call in from work, "hey you don't have to come in" You're happy

It doesn't take much for you to be happy

Making other people happy is hard

Making your parents happy is difficult

Making your wife happy, let's leave that one alone, let's leave that one alone

💡Insha'llah one day I will have more wisdom than Nouman Ali Khan

It comes, and it goes

You get bored again, you want to be happy again

So when people say, "I just wanna be happy"

I don't understand what that means, because no one is always happy

You're never going to be constantly living in a state of happiness, that's not how it works

I'm not saying you're going to be depressed, but I am saying that life is about struggle also

The next pursuit is the "pursuit of cool"

Cool just means: nobody is going to pick on me, I'm going to blend in with everybody else

You just wanna fit in and not be the object of everybody's criticism

I will NEVER call my sister and talk to her

Fuck that dumbass fat bitch!!

She gon tell me "get the fuk out my car and give me my money"

she gon kick me out of her apartment

She made me MISS JUMMUAH!

I told her to buy me a bar of soap to take a shower with and she blatantly told me "no"

She cursed at my father, and she cursed at me! Many times



After he has struggled and suffered for you, he did everything for you, now that you came to America you wanna act this way and curse him? Fuck you fuck you fuck you!!!!!

Is my father bad? Is he a bad father? Fuck yeah, he's maybe the worst!

But he is our father, you don't just decide to curse him because of the way that he has treated you

There's a way to handle it, and cursing him is NOT THE WAY

That's the worse thing that you can do

Now in return, he has cursed you, and his curse will definitely catch you, because he suffered more for you, he cried for you when you got hit by a car, he cried for you when you was laying in the hospital sick

He was sending you money when you were in Africa so you could pay your school fees and buy draws

You didn't have SHIT!

He felt sorry for you and gave you everything, now that you came to America you want to act like these American girls who insult and curse their fathers

You're. Not. American

God will show you

Dumbass bitch

Fuck you

She gon say: "I can't deal with Apa anymore, he's always cursing at me, saying bad things to me, I'm tired of it, I can't deal with it anymorw"

You can't deal with him anymore? You're tired of him?

Was he saying that when he was sending you money in Africa?

You don't think he felt tired and sleepy when he was by your side in the hospital? You don't think he wanted to go homee and go to sleep?

But he chose to stay by your side EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT!

Why? Because he loves you and you're his daughter you piece of shit

Also to top it all off, this btch not even Muslim

I caught her one day on her knees praying to "Jesus Christ"

Smh... this btch was really praying to Jesus

Dawood (AS) establishes the state of Israel, the first Islamic state

And he establishes Jerusalem as the capital of the first Islamic state

And he is succeeded by his son Nabi Sullayman AS


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

Fasting today

I like that...

"You can't control that you'll aways be surrounded by stimuli, but you can control your response"

Steph Curry!

I swear this ngga be possessed in every game

It's not freakin possible to have a shot like that

Idk why this ngga not in the top 5 scorers

Damian Lillard is #5 averaging like 27 pts a game

I don't get it??

Steph Curry averaging 29.2 pts a game, that's more than Damian Lillard

But Steph Curry is not in the top five

But Damian Lillard is

⚠ Thursday

Fasting today

Not even hungry frfr

I'ma just break my fast after Isha today

I wanted to wait after Isha today to break my fast but fuk that shyt btch I'm hungry af!

Can't wait to go to Jummuah tomorrow and have all my sins forgiven

My sins aren't that many tho...

Oh yeah, I did watch porn a couple times and masterbated

May Allah forgive me

He is Affuuw

And I'm gonna fast tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day

Prolly not the next day, but I'm def fasting tomorrow

According to Islamic terminology Islam means a specified submission. It is the submission to what the Prophet Muhammad brought. This takes place by uttering the two testifications of faith

They forgot Allah so Allah made them forget themselves

When you forget who you are your heart becomes hardened

When I am alone I am happy that no one is watching me because the first thing I want to do is to resort to the things which Allah hates

We're here to take care of the affairs of humanity

We're here to take care of the affairs of our brothers and sisters

The only thing more merciful than a mother is Allah

Giving charity will nor solve the issue

What will solve the issue is giving Dawah

In America 10 million people are dying because of obesity

It has nothing to do with the lack of food

The issue is "distribution"

250 people, own more wealth than 2 billion people in the planet


⚠ Friday


Luka Doncic is gonna win rookie of the year for sure!

Look at his stats!!

My favorite players are Ben Simmons and Luka

Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, the son of God. This goes against our fundamental belief in monotheism

Christmas has roots associated in paganism

Saturnalia is a pagan holiday celebrating Saturn, the god of harvest

This festival took place during the winter solstice and was celebrated with a lot of immorality and indulgence

"You can lie to survive, and it's no sin"

Wtf 😕, uhh noo!

Wtf is this retarded ngga talking about?? My father... this ngga dumb as shit!

Lying is only permissible in three cases: a man speaking to his wife, lying in times of war, and lying to reconcile between two people

Also... how df is you just gon walk in the room talking about some "do you know what this lady is saying about you. She's saying that you tried to rape her"

So how would you know what she is saying about me?

You went to her house!

Talked to her and came up with a lie against me to try to stir me up

Fuck you and your uglyaas wife!!

May Allah curse both of you

I just took a crazy dookie

I had to wipe thrice because today's Friday and I'm about to go to Jummuah

On any other day I just wipe twice and call it a day

I'm here!

I'm at Jummuah 😆

I love it here, I love being Muslim


Today was AWESOME!

I went to Jummuah, I stayed there until Asr, and I successfully fasted!

Insha'llah if Allah SWT allows me to see tomorrow I will fast also

💂say Insha'llah bro

💡 I did

💂say it again


I'm ready

This btch Kat Arina is a freakin cum box!!

She wanna get fucked

You gon get all this dck btch I swear

I put that on my life!

Open ur legs so I can stuff you like a thanksgiving turkey

I don't like watching porn videos when it be two guys and one girl, that shyt gay

Two girls and one guy is better

Or just two girls

Naw actually, two girls and one guy for sure

Cuz I wanna see that btch booty cheeks bouncing off the dck and I wanna see her slobbing all over the dck,

Two girls is cool and all, but... them btches ain't getting fucked

I wanna see some booty cheeks clapping that's wtf I wanna see

That's my preference

I wanna see the facial expressions that she manifests while she's getting rammed!!

Btch lemme see your pretty ass eyes while you getting rammed!

That shyt... nutted

I feel terrible!

I feel disgusting!!

Wtf is wrong with me??


Make things easy on the people

After The Prophet SAWS died Bilal couldn't stay in Medina

*What you should say to a Muslim suffering from depression*

People ask "Sheikh if I can't tell them to be patient, if I can't tell them to look on the bright side, if I can't tell them this and that, what do I say?"

"You don't say anything"

Sometimes we think that to help people I have to talk


Instead of being a talker, instead of speaking

Be a compassionate listener, listen to people

And believe me there are some people in our communities, they don't need advice

They need a compassionate ear

How do you interact with someone who is depressed?

Now say you want to start the conversation

What are some things that you can say to start a conversation with someone who is depressed?


Do you have a vagina??

Allah created you with a manhood right? THEN MAN DF UP!

You fuckin bitch

Without sounding judgmental

Without sounding like the Shariah police

Without sounding like you're trying to guide the lost souls?

Number 1, you can say to someone who is depressed: "I've been concerned about you lately"

Start off by saying this "I've been concerned about you, is everything okay?"

There, you didn't make any judgments

You expressed your concern for this person. That you care about them

Your willingness to listen to them

Number two you can say "Recently I've noticed some changes in you"

"You've lost a lot of weight, you look pale. Is everything okay?

Did something happen?

Again, you're expressing concern

"I wanted to check on you, because you seem like you're down"

Again, these are akhlaqi ways of reaching out to people who are suffering

There is no judgment

You can even ask questions, like "when did you begin to feel like this?"

You don't tell them "be patient", do this and that, you're listening

You're asking questions to understand, to become empathetic

"Did something happen to make you start feeling like this?"

"How can I support you?"

"Have you thought about getting help?"

You know brothers and sisters there's a stigma

Associated with talking to a counselor, talking to a therapist, but we need to normalize this

I actually did it, and I smiled, and Alhamdulillah I felt so much better, mainly because I made the decision to smile

You must be very careful about this nullifier of Islam because it's very easy to fall into

Many of us if not most of us, we like to joke and we enjoy laughing, but it should never be at the expense of the Deen

The safest way to avoid this is to avoid at all cost joking around matters of the Religion

In order to cut that off is to avoid it at any and all cost

Perhaps they don't intend to ridicule the Religion, but this takes place on their tongue without them intending to do so

To belittle it or make fun of it, this is the opposite of praising something

"You have disbelieved, after you have believed"

Always be with those who are truthful

"O you who believe!"

-yes Ya Allah?

This should be our attitude

Every Muslim should pay attention, I call these verses the attention verses

"yes Ya Allah, we are ready to listen to the command"

Be conscious of Allah, be aware that Allah is over watching you

A man will always be inclined to follow the Religion of his friend

The most important relationships that you and I have are the ones that's private

The most important relationships you and I have are the ones inside our homes

Those are just acquaintances, they're not relationships

Those people only know about you, they don't know you

The first act of murder that happened in history was Caine and Abel, an act of jealousy between two brothers

Jealousy is serious business

Yaqoob AS is highlighted as a model for fathers, and how you're supposed to be with your children

💡Fasting today

💡For the sake of Allah Azzawajal

Muslim fathers are "awesome"

In childhood these things are funny but they grow and they grow

And eventually you're going to have a family of your own

Siblings have to have a lot of love for each other

They have to be your best friends. Fighting's gonna happen, it's inevitable, but jealousy should never be there


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

May Allah bless that man and his daughter

May Allah bless that lady that held the door for me

May Allah bless Tinesha and give her long life

That ngga Ryan Arcidiacono be ballin!

White boy nice

Lauri Markkanen also nice

These white boys finna take over the whole NBA

Harden averaging more points then LeBron

He gon win MVP

And the white boy gon win rookie of the year, Luka

I think he need to get traded tho

He should get traded to Sixers

Him and Ben Simmons would be a beast together

My favorite team is Sixers

My top three favorite players are: Ben Simmons, Luka Doncic, and James Harden

Don't blame your inadequacy on somebody else, and the easiest target are your siblings, or your parents

Stop blaming others, excuses are nothing but lies, that's all they are

What I'm trying to get across is Allah forbade us from wishing...

"I wish I could be taller, I wish I was the older brother, I wish I was like my sister, I wish I was this, I wish I was that"

What Allah has given you is good, it's a favor from Allah

Wishing for something else is actually a negation of "Alhamdulillah"

When you and I say Alhamdulillah we're grateful to Allah for what He has given us, not what we wish He gave us

Alhamdulillah is already a statement of self esteem

You're already grateful, happy, content with what Allah has given you

Don't try to be somebody else, just be yourself

Be yourself, and acknowledge what you have is a gift from Allah Azzawajal

What you get in this world is trivial compared to what you're gonna earn with Allah

I'm telling you, this can really destroy a person

You can become obsessive, you can become so obsessive that every time you think about your problems you don't think about yourselves

You think about who to blame other than yourself for your problems and it's usually someone in many cases that you're jealous of

This is a very serious problem because what it does is it never allows you to grow, it never allows you to become a better person

You're constantly living in the fake shadow of somebody else, and you put that shadow there yourself, nobody else put it there for you

First you start blaming your siblings, and then your parents, and then you start blaming Allah Himself

He doesn't smile, he doesn't laugh

It's just constantly negative

You ever see those people? Like you get within five feet of them and you start feeling depressed

You have to find something to poke at, something to be negative about

The only thing after this kind of depression is disbelief

If you're constantly complaining you have no reason to be grateful to Allah

It's a very logical progression

Hope is the first thing to go, Eeman is next

A lot of your depression is a result of jealousy, and it shouldn't be

That's not, it's not fair, what formula is this?

We made these arbitrary rules and put ourselves in trouble

What Allah brings is correct

It's a gift from Allah, consider it. Don't just say "it doesn't meet our formula"

Allah wants to lighten your burden for you, WE make our life hard

These jealousy land us in so much trouble, so much difficulty

Don't do that to your kids, don't instill that jealousy in them

If you're gonna give a gift make a part of it a gift that's supposed to be given to charity

"Allah gave us this, we're gonna give some of it back"

Instill good values into your kids

Stop comparing your children to your other children

"You're my good son"

Stop doing that

"This is my good daughter Masha'Allah, she listens to me"

You did that, the parents did that. That's no way of parenting

All these forms of psychological torture became standard in Muslim households as parenting techniques

But that's all they are, psychological torture

You're just finding a way to like, 🔪 stick it to your kids

Come on, your kids should feel the most comfortable with you

Be nicer to your younger siblings, be kinder

Naturally younger siblings they grow to love and admire their younger siblings

Do you know why they're always taking your stuff? Not because they think it's cool, but because they think you're cool and they wanna be like you

They really like you, and they want to be like you

They won't say it to your face but they do

I was once fuckin this btch she had a fat ass!


I can't say her name cuz that hoe might have converted to Islam, and I don't wanna gossip

💡but she def had a fat ass tho

Today after Maghrib this is what ima do: Pray Maghrib, break my fast, do workouts, eat again, pray Isha

I been slacking on my workouts, I need to get back

I'm prolly not gonna eat again, that's hella fat...

The world out there teaches you that a woman is just an object of sexual amusement

People say that Muslim women are forced to wear what they are wearing. The reality is the rest of the world is forced to wear what they're wearing

It's just a more intellectual smart way of forcing

Wearing heels, that are this high, and they become higher

She cannot walk, look at how high it's becoming

💡btches be having them high as heels in the clubs n shyt tryin shake they ass, then they go outside and fall and bust they ass I be like 😂

She cannot walk, she has calluses on her feet, she's struggling

She's suffering in those shoes, but she will not leave her home without those shoes. Who was forced?

She will wear a miniskirt so minni that it becomes a "maxi-shirt" rather than a miniskirt


You were forced and compelled to do what you are doing, but in a smart way

They are judging you by how your hair flies in the wind

Islam teaches you to be a pure person that's it, people are not forced

Life is reduced to entertainment

The clothing, we are affected by the advertising, the aggressive media

Who is being forced? Who is the good Muslim here?

May Allah SWT make us vehicles of promoting goodness

The path to Paradise is wide enough to accommodate people of all different personalities and tendencies

One of the main purposes for pain is for a higher cause, and that higher cause is for us to recognize Allah SWT

Living the good life, we forget the higher calling

But what happens when a pain afflicts us?

Allah is the One Who gave you this test, and He wants to see if you're patient or not

Just give it to Allah

Don't think about it too much, don't feel stressed, don't worry, don't go through anxiety panic attacks and all that, you don't need that

We're Muslims, we don't have that, we don't have that, we have Tawakkul ' Allah. That is your medicine, that is your cure

Allah will help you, He will take you out of your difficulty and bring you into ease

This Xvideos app is really quite convenient, it sure makes life a lot easier

*she breaks into house and guy catches her*

"I'm gonna call the fukkin police!"

*please don't call the police I'm just trying to support my family*

"I'm calling the police fuck that shit!"

*please don't call the police, I'll do anything*

"Stay back, stay back, you'll do anything?"

"Oh yeah? Well you do have some nice tits"

*ohh fuck this!*

*oh no nu uh no, u fuckin cracker, no*

"We gotta make a deal here or something"

"get over here or I'll call the cops!"


"Do you wanna end up in jail?"

*no I don't wanna end up in jail, but this is not right*

"Well we gotta make a deal"

"Cone on, you got some nice tits"

*fuck that shit I don't want you touching me*

"That's what you get for trying to rob my house"

"You trying to rob my house and I'm an asshole?"

*you are a asshole! Fukkin white devil!*

"Now get on ur fukkin knees, and suck this dck!"

"ehhhh... we'll talk about it"

"You just keep on sucking that dck with that black mouth"

"Lemme see ur eyes, I wanna see them black eyes looking at me while you sukkin this dck"

*they're brown u fukkin honkey*

That shyt..... nutted


💡 what is wrong with me? 🙁

It's very important to love the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

Loving the Sunnah, loving the family of the Prophet SAWS is part of belief

We can't get to know other people until we know ourselves, we can't know ourself until we truly get tested

What we may consider a test might not even be a test in the eyes of Allah SWT

You can't be just left alone on saying you believe

💡Never will I forget, my father made me walk 3 hr 25 minutes home because he didn't want to give me $2 to catch the bus, NEVER WILL I FORGET

💡He may be responsible for me being born, but he is no father to me. He hasn't been a father to me since I was six years old, when I first came to this country

💡and he purposely made me starve. Hr didn't want me to eat, he kept food from me. What kind of father treats his son like that??

💡 I'm glad I have him as a father, because I now know exactly what NOT to do when you are a father

💡I'm not surprised tho, he used to do much worse to me

💡he once saw me praying Asr, and he kicked the praying mat and made me stop praying and called me a hypocrite

💡A normal father... if he sees his son praying, his heart would feel with joy and he will be more than happy

💡But not him, he hated me for it, and he even kicked me out of his house and called the police for me, on that same day

💡Think about it, why the fuck would I want to put my own father in the spotlight and reveal all that he has done wrong?? I would never do that, I'm not that typa person

💡But he is bad, he is an oppressor, he is a child and woman beater, he needs to be stopped

Allah SWT does not approve of oppression, this is so important

The abuse of a family member is something that is despised, it's something that is very wrong

It's a sin that's on that person, for abusing another human being, and you should do everything in your power to actually stop him from oppression


Your body was created to worship Allah

Human hearts are naturally inclined to love those who do good to them

You've accepted the Qur’an, you must accept it as a package deal

In the Skakespeare play Romeo and Juliet are supposed to be 14 and 13 year old

Now in our time if Romeo and Juliet were 14 and 13 they'd go to jail for like pedophilia or something like this

Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet 509 years ago. Romeo and Juliet are supposed to be 14 and 13 because of his era

14 and 13 is like our era 18 and 17

"How could you get married at 14?"

She was like: "son, you know everybody got married at that age"

This is 1920's

So for us to get so passionate: "HOW COULD THE PROPHET SAWS HAVE DONE..."

Who should we blame first? Our own intellect, or the Seerah of the Prophet SAWS?

That's not the way to answer these questions. Aisha never complained. She loved the Prophet SAWS, she was the happiest woman in the world

She is not angry, she is not complaining. This is 1,400 year old culture. We're not saying that we need to resurrect that in our times

I don't have any problem as a Faqhi, as a theologian as an Imam to say "ok in our age, a 9 year old girl does not qualify to get married"

Many scholars are also saying it

Take a step back and ask yourself: "why am I asking this question, where is this question emanating from?"

Perhaps my own understanding should be questioned, before questioning the Qur’an and Sunnah

Islam caters to more than just intellectual questions

Far more profound, Islam caters to our inner core spirituality

In Arabic that's called the Fitrah. The innate subconsciousness that Allah created us upon

💡After my father starved me, and made me not eat for the whole day, he came home from work and asked me: what did you eat for breakfast this morning?

💡 I told him that I didn't eat anything. Then he was like "yeah that's what you get for wasting food"

We have inside of us an innate subconsciousness, something that Allah put in every single human being, it's called the Fitrah

As our Prophet SAWS said "every child is born upon this Fitrah"

You are born knowing certain facts. For example right from wrong, morality from immorality

Every child knows, that to be good is good and to be bad is bad

The Fitrah also tells us that there is a God, and that God is one, and He deserves to be worshipped

The Fitrah will tell him that this is the correct Religion

I am not saying that Islam doesn't tell us to think. I am saying that we don't base the validity of Islam based on the age of Aisha

Challenge your own paradigm before you challenge the Qur’an and Sunnah

Whoever wants to be guided will be guided

Allah does not play games, Allah does not put traps for the one who sincerely wants to be guided

May Allah guide all of us to that which He loves

I can't watch pornographic content on my laptop, I mean I could, but I choose not to

Why? Because that shyt be getting viruses

My hyperspermia is acting up this morning

Lacey Duvalle is my #1 girl


I believe in her

This ngga fuckin that btch in the ass, that shyt's haraam

Lay flat on your back while I stuff u like a thanksgiving turkey!

That shyt..... nutted

I feel terrible

I feel disgusting

Wtf is wrong with me? Eewwwww

Is that what I like??

💡 yes

💡 precisely

Finna hop in the shower and pray Fajr. I failed to ejaculate before the Adhan for Fajr came smhh

But next time, Insh.....

oh, nevermind


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

I'm not homophobic df

I know who's gay and who's not gay when I look at them

Gay nggas eminate a certain type of energy

It's a gay ass energy, but it's there

I just took a crazy dookie

This ngga James Harden be balling!

50pts in one game with a triple double

Then 32ts the very next game, with another triple double!

I'm gonna fast tomorrow, no bs

If you want to identify a hypocrite, look for three qualities

1. When he speaks, he lies

Hypocrites will be in the lowest part of hellfire

The definition of hypocrisy is to pretend

The guy didn't mention the other two but I def have heard this hadeeth before

The signs of a hypocrite are: when he speaks, he lies

When he makes a covenant, he breaks it. So he doesn't keep his word

And finally, when he gets into an argument, he uses foul language

Those are the three signs of hypocrisy

We have this weird type of thinking that sometimes we think the harder something is, the better. If you wanna be Religious you have to suffer

I def gotta change my stinky boxer briefs tomorrow morning. The stench is too overpowering!


I can't breathe!!!!

My powers are draining

And if you have two choices in the Deen, always choose the harder one. But The Prophet SAWS did the opposite

If he had two choices, he would choose the easier one

"O Allah make it easy for me"

We are asking for ease, and we are told to ask for ease

The process of building spiritual muscle isn't easy

There's a process to get there

Every Prophet asked for help

Study the Du'as of the Prophets they're like mind-blowing, they are so powerful, but they are all asking for help

They never said "I got this"

But we do that, we think we can handle it on our own

We're supposed to humble ourselves and ask Allah for ease

You have to train consistently, to even be able to get to the point where you can run a marathon

Or even half a marathon for that matter, you have to train to be able to do that. Spiritually it's the same thing

It requires training, and it's training that you have to do every single day

Whatever your problems are, they come and they huff and they puff and they try to blow your house down

The question becomes how strong is your house?

Everytime you read the Qur’an you are putting a brick in your house

The big bad wolf always comes, but in different forms

Shaytaan also comes

"Indeed, the Help of Allah is near"


I lost...

OG wasn't the one to fuck up, it was me, I fucked up

Why df do you have a fb if you not posting semi-nude photos


Btches be dumb as shit like...

This ngga John Legend wasn't lying in that song all of me

When he be like "🎤you're crazy and I'm outta my mind"

Btches def be crazy

That btch finna get RAMMED!

turn around lemme see ur buttcheeks btch

Suck this dck you slut!

Take turns, give your mother a turn

Sharing is caring

That shyt..... nutted

I feel terrible

I feel disgusting


wtf is wrong with me 😳


I'm fasting tomorrow

The heart is the apparatus by which we see the world

Allah warns us about this kind of blindness, in which the heart is blind

We are not able to distinguish right from wrong

We're not able to see things for what they really are

Is fairness objective or subjective?

For those of you who don't know what that means. Would everyone in here be able to agree on what fairness is?

No two people would be able to come together on a fair salary for everyone in the world

It's an extremely subjective term

You start thinking that life's not fair when you didn't get into med-school, or when you didn't marry the person that you wanted to marry

You're depressed, and you start complaining, and you start complaining to the point where you even start blaming God Himself

I'll try not to be too detailed in what I say, because I've gotten in trouble over the years

💡this btch her name Jade, she's about 5"7, she's mixed with white and black, she got like green eyes, she be wearing contacts. I fucked her, and I nutted in her mouth

The Prophet PBUH did not change as a result of being wealthy

The Prophet PBUH experienced poverty in its worst form, everything was taken away from him

The Prophet PBUH was able to pass that test, why? Because he showed beautiful patience

I'm fasting today, and I'm going to do my workouts this morning, I'm also going to do it after Maghrib today

What the Prophet lived through, would've been considered poverty for anyone of us

He never had two meals a day. Wouldn't we consider that poverty?

It wasn't really a meal, it was just a few dates and water

If anyone of us saw that we'd say that's poverty, to him that was enough

💡Also I'm changing my stinky boxer briefs this morning. The foul odor is far too strong, I cannot take it anymore. Laaawwwdddd! I can't breathe!!!

Allah certainly responds to those who don't ask for anything of this world, they just think that we only want the Hereafter

Our asceticism is not one that requires poverty or torture in our part

Asceticism- severe self-discipline and avoidance of all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.


💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom converted to Catholicism and she became an ascetic nun, I still managed to fuck her, on several occasions.

If there is anyone that can claim that he didn't have a fair share in life it was the Prophet SAWS

I mean, he buried six of seven children. Wallahi I can't even imagine the pain of burying one of my children

Anyone else would've lost their sanity

But he didn't ever claim that life was unfair to him

That is the bounty of Allah SWT and He gives it to whom He wills

The majority of people of Paradise are poor people, it's a fact

Richness and wealth is not discouraged in our Religion. There were rich Companions, Abu Bakr (ra) was a rich man

Most people when they get wealthy they become arrogant and prideful as a result of that

Wealth is a greater test than poverty

Life might not appear to be fair, but Allah is fair

Allah tests you according to your circumstances

Islam came as a complete and a perfect Religion

Eat, drink, have sex, have fun, that's all life is about

💡Roszay babymom look like a fatass state of Nebraska

This prayer is what's going to give us true relief and true comfort of the heart

You gon get this dck btch!!

I love you

You finna get RAMMED BTCH

Close your eyes, don't look at me


You and your mom finna get FUCKED!

Oh shyt your pussy fat!

This shit finna nut btch close your eyes!!

I feel better now that I have ejaculated

That shyt..... nutted!



I need help

I feel so ashamed

I feel disgusting


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

Roszay babymom look like a fatass milky way galaxy

⚠ Monday

This shyt gon be great!


Call it Luck... this ngga Jason gon fuck Christy even after the old head clearly told him not to lol

Twist that lime,this that shyt datpiff dot com, I don't smoke reggie, all I blow is killer, gotta bad btch and she shooting like reggie miller -Quilly

Spend time with your kids

We have a responsibility to make sure that our children are raised on Islam

Your children need you on your A game

Allah chose you to be the mother and father of that child

I got Financial Aid appointment tomorrow at 9:30am

I can't wait to go to Jummuah again on Friday

Everything is a sign of Allah's Mercy

Worship your Lord so that you may attain God consciousness

"Ya Allah, I'm not gonna call upon you for Rizq, I'm gonna do it my own way"

You're not vocalizing that, but your actions are saying that to Allah SWT

And then when things start getting really really rocky, "YA ALLAH YA ALLAH YA ALLAH!"

And then you come to the Shaykh and say I tried

You never tried, you never trusted yourself to Allah SWT, you entrusted yourself to yourself, but Allah was your insurance plan, or your escape goat, depending on where you are on that spectrum

You entrusted yourself to yourself the entire time, because you were ready to forsake principle and to engage in sin because, that's the only way I can get there

Allah provides for you because of your Taqwa

How can engaging in sin bring about any goodness in my life

Fasting is EASY. I'm not even hungry

💡keep it a bean I'm hungry as SHIT!

If I struggle in any area of my life I need to attribute it to that sin, so that I can relinquish it

Relinquish- voluntarily cease to keep or claim; give up.

"he relinquished his managerial role to become chief executive"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom relinquished being a full time prostitute so that she could be my sugar mama at home.

Don't tell me because they legalized weed somewhere in the world that suddenly the social smoking of it is permissible. NO NO NO!

It's just a drug that you're addicted on, it's prohibited, it's wrong

There is medicinal use of it. However it's just like any medication, if you're addicted to a certain tablet, painkiller, we will tell you the same thing

💡 from now on I'm going to do my workouts everyday, either after Maghrib, or in the morning before Fajr

When you're using it for the right purpose it may be permissible within that scope

In order to get that happiness you need to know the sadness

💡I usually be doing them every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I been slacking, I'm finna get back! Everyday now I'm gon be doing them jawns

We're looking for happiness and contentment in drugs and sin, whereas happiness and contentment only comes through the obedience of the Almighty

Nggas be stingy as shyt on fb trying keep they page on private so that nggas won't see they btches smhh

Sharing is caring bro

Mandy Muse is my #1 girl

I love her


You start creating your own Fiqh and customizing your relationship with Allah to conform with a haraam relationship that you already established with someone else, and then you wanna say "Islam is not fair"

I love him, I love her, I can't let it go, you shouldn't have developed a relationship in the first place

Shaytaan wants you to experiment, but at that moment you need to observe that Allah is watching you

The peak of hypocrisy, the worst of people in the sight of Allah is one who is two faced

If you're a parent fear Allah SWT with your children, but it doesn't absolve the children of the responsibility, you'll get punished too

Jealousy always has a negative connotation in the English language, it doesn't always have a negative connotation in the Arabic language

Connotation- an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning.

"the word “discipline” has unhappy connotations of punishment and repression"

What's worse, a public sin or a private sin?

A public sin right

Imam Hasan Basee (ra) he says something very powerful: a thief, whenever he's robbing a house and he hears the doorknob rattle, or he hears the door start to open, what does he do? He runs and he hides. At that moment the thief went from committing an action of theft, to committing an act of shirk

Why? Because Allah was watching him the whole time and he only got scared when the doorknob started to rattle

That's when you know you're being a complete hypocrite

When you're afraid of the gaze, you're afraid of other people seeing you

That's what makes Jannah so sweet, you struggled for it

The light of the sun is no good if the light of the eye is missing

Allah's Light and our light is incomparable

Creamy Exotica is my #1 girl

I love her


actually... no she can't


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

Yessss!! I gotta B for my final grade 😄

I'm so happy!!

I always knew I could do it

💂say Masha'Allah bro


I'm so proud of myself

Next semester I'm gonna try to get all A's, noo B's!

no, I WILL get all A's


May Allah bless my brother Anas

May Allah bless Shaykh Muhammad

May Allah bless Shaykh Muhammad's father

May Allah bless them all 😔

When Allah says "Ya ayyuha allatheena" every Muslim should pay attention

This is not a Religion for simple people

We need to constantly remember our purpose

It's really that simple my dear brothers and sisters

My dear sisters, select a righteous husband, who has fear of Allah SWT

Islam gave women the right to choose her husband

Her parents have no right to force her into a marriage in which she is unhappy with

The wise Muslim woman she does not reject the advice of her parents

Looks are important, a woman should make sure that she is attractive to her husband

If someone comes to you who's Religion and attitude you are satisfied with, who's Taqwa, character and their Deen you are satisfied with, then give your daughter to them in marriage, for if you do not do so then fitnah and mischief would become wide spread on Earth

The best of women are those that are fertile, those that are loving, those that are comforting, and those that are agreeable

💡btches don't be having any of those characteristics tho, except for being fertile

The wife who works hard to win the love of her husband, who makes this constant and continuous effort, will find a husband who appreciate her, who loves her, the way she deserves to be loved

💡who fucks her, the way she deserves to be fucked

Parents, don't ever lie to your children, don't ever lie

You are teaching your son to lie, and when he lies to you, you blame him

A major sin is to be upset at the gender of the child that you have been bestowed with, especially if it is a female

They had a major issue, they only wanted males

They only want males, females, in some countries they will abort

As soon as they figured out or saw that the child is born female, the father would take the child, dig a pit,bury the child alive, forget about it and carry on

The Prophet SAWS made it very clear that daughters are special

He would become angry when he was informed of a female child, he would hide from community and people

💡smhh... I wanna have a daughter. I'ma have tea parties and play dress up with her and everything

💡I wanna have a son or a daughter irdgaf, I just gotta fuck a baby in SOMEBODY!

When you put your trust in Allah SWT He never ever lets you down

So the idea of human beings resorting to the beastial elements in itself is a capitulation

Capitulation- the action of surrendering or ceasing to resist an opponent or demand.

"the victor sees it as a sign of capitulation"

💡 Sentence example: I fucked Jason's mom until she tapped out and capitulated.

It's written in first person Omniscient limited, that doesn't exist but I made it up cuz I'm daddy and I do whatever I want

♻♻♻GOOD NEWS!!!!♻♻♻In sha Allahu, Ramadan will likely start on June 19,.... which is only 152 days from today. The Holy Prophet Mohammad, Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, says if one informs another about Ramadan first, hell fire will become haram for that individual.I have done my duty by forwarding it to you. I pray that you will do yours by forwarding it to others.May the Almighty Allah make hellfire haram for all of us, ameen.


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

I'm thinking about this girl

I can't wait to marry her

Every day now I'm doing workouts

Every morning. Either before Fajr, or after Maghrib

Or both...

After sunrise today I gotta make up my Isha prayer from last night

I missed that hoe last night

I mean... I missed "it" last night

This ngga Luka Doncic needs to win rookie of the year, he nicee as shit!!

The financial aid lady at the Southeast Center is soooo nice! She got up from her station aND walked over to where I'm at and helped me to complete all my required documents for my FAFSA.

And she got pretty hair

I love her

From the bottom of my heart

I'm fasting tomorrow. ☺

I'm gonna do the same thing as last week, fast on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

I farted right after I prayed Asr


I gotta remember to renew my Wudu for Maghrib


My boxer briefs def stink!

The stench is unbearable!!



Ima change them on Friday when I go to Jummuah, im not gonna change them tomorrow

Cuz tomorrow's only Thursday

I have to be clean when I go to Jummuah, I don't have to be clean on Thursdays df

It's an obligation to be clean for Jummuah on Friday

So I gotta do it. I gotta change them jawns

I'ma pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

May Allah raise the rank of my master sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

No matter how much we do we can never qualify to do justice to His rights

We're always going to fall short

My Salah is never going to be worthy of Allah

Coming back to the obedience of Allah is very difficult for them, because Shaytaan is constantly pulling at them

When a human being is going to stop struggling, the only thing that can save them is their relationship with Allah, that's the only thing

You cannot become a better Muslim for your parents

Until you decide that you're only doing this for the sake of Allah that struggle will not last

It's impossible, it has to be sincere

You have to struggle for Allah as He is worthy of the struggle that should be made for Him

Allah sees something in me that I don't even see for myself

What's so special about me? Why did I get chosen?

There are so many better people out there

What Allah is asking of me is too much

In other words this is Allah Himself telling you "relax, I'll make it easy, don't you worry about that, you're the right man for the job"

That's the choice of Allah, that's why you and I are taking a breath right now

He only creates for purpose

He moulded me and you and put us in this, position because we have a purpose to serve

He makes reference to the fact that this Religion isn't just a new Religion, it's a legacy

All He asked you for was to stay away from these filthy things

You have no reason to wonder or ever question that Allah will make ease for you

If Allah is saying it it must be good for me

Calling yourself and myself Muslim is easy, being Muslim is not the same, it's a different thing altogether

I am completely comfortable with the command of Allah and His Messenger

And I'm at ease with it, and I'm at peace with the fact that I'm obeying Allah

I'm not thinking that if I obey Allah I'm going to miss out on something

He's asking me to stay away from these pleasures or these opportunities because they're haraam

I'm at ease that there's no way that anybody who ever obeys Allah is at loss

I pray that our young people are not agitated by the commandments of our Deen

When our young girls when they're thinking about wearing Hijab they're not annoyed by it

Our young men aren't agitated by the idea that they have to pray early in the morning

This attitude is actually the antithesis of Islam itself

Antithesis- a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else.

"love is the antithesis of selfishness"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom loves sucking on my penis because it is the antithesis of the size of a cucumber.

You hold onto Allah, because everything else will come and go

When you accept that, then struggling for Allah becomes easy

Everything we have is irrelevant in the eyes of Allah

When you have things It's not a sign of the happiness of Allah

Let your blessings bring you closer to Allah and make you humble

Our prayer is actually our connection to Allah SWT

Fasting today

Doing morning workouts now

Fuck them hunger pangs

As soon as I marry that girl and impregnate her I'm gonna stop looking at other girls in a lustful manner

I'ma be faithful to her only, I love her

I'ma horny little fucker


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

This ngga Ben Simmons be BALLING!

James Harden should win MVP, this ngga be balling in EVERY GAME

Empires are all about expanding

This is very clear, "fight those who fight you and do not be aggressors" because Allah doesn't like aggressors

Allah does not love people to aggress on other people

His love does not change

His veneration sent him to the monastery

When you're powerful and prepared people are afraid to assist you

Be prepared to fight, but if they want peace then you should want peace as well

And trust in God

Tie your camel and trust in Allah

I don't need to see it, because I trust the source

We ask Allah SWT to make us the better people, better husbands, better parents, better wives, better sisters, better brothers

This is my answer, you do not have to agree with me you're free to differ with me, but you cannot say that I am wrong until you can tell me the right answer, that's fair isn't it?

You cannot say that I am wrong until you can tell me what is right

Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than this guy and I'll have more knowledge than him

I def gotta change my stinky boxer briefs this morning

The stench is too amazing!


I can't breathe!

I wanna install this freaking update for the Xvideos app on my phone but it's NOT LETTING ME! 😠

-Google Search "Easy step by step method to kill yourself"

Violet Starr may be a porn star but she's good, there's a lot of good in her, she has a lot of potential

💡there's a lot of cum in her

I know her name!!

This porn star. I'm familiar with her work and I recognize her

Smh... that's how you know you watch too much porn, when you begin identifying porn stars by their name n shyt...

💡 Turn df around lemme see ur buttcheeks btch!

"I'ma shove it up in there"

Still gonna fast today. I'm not gonna let my stupidass father get in the way of my worship

"... has accepted your friend request, you can now see her profile"

-goes to her profile, views her pics,

"Does she have any semi-naked photos?"


-closes Facebook app

I'm hungry as shit

I'm fasting today, I didn't get to eat Suhoor this morning

Surah Ash Sham! I'm ready for you

Insha'llah it won't take me seven weeks to memorize this Surah like last time, I just have to apply myself. It's all about "application"

It's 15 Ayats tho 😟

Last Surah was only 8

Yaay! Yasmin gotta new video 😄

Trust in God on a communal level allows us to take risks

It gives us safety, it allows us the space to take risks

If you aren't allowed to make a single mistake you'll never do anything differently

Google has 100,000 employees, like a small city

Having managers and having leaders that will give you a second chance

💡Allah is the best of leaders and managers. But He doesn't just give you a second chance, you can have as many chances as you like, so long as you don't die

The Prophet SAWS was instructed by our Creator to allow mistakes, to give people a second chance, even when they make huge mistakes

We need to bring up our children with a lot of discipline and goodness and character

To learn is productivity, but more productive than learning is to put into practice and disseminate

Disseminate- spread or disperse (something, especially information) widely.

💡 Sentence example- Jason's mom caused me to disseminate a lot of semen on her bottom lip by repeatedly sucking on the head of my penis.

If I do not take part in the lives of my children I am not a productive Muslim

By the Will of Allah SWT, may Allah grant us goodness

Wtf do this retarded mf be blabbering about?

shut the fuck up OLD MAN!

Take ur sorry dry ass to work. Close the door and turn off the light

Fukkin woman beater, child beater

You want all of your children to die? Fine, they will eventually die, because nobody gets to live forever

But YOU will die first, because YOU are the father

You better pray that God gives you long life so that you can render up a lot of good deeds and maybe have some of your sins forgiven

Because if you die now, surely you will go to hellfire forever

Because God, does not like those who oppress, and that's what you are, an oppressor

You have the same mentality as Firawn (pharaoh)

Because both of you have a Divinity complex, you both think that you're God

"I did this, I did that, I'm responsible for doing that, and this, and that, ME ME ME"

😕do you hear yourself??

You sound fuckin stupid

What exactly did you do? What are you responsible for? NOTHING

It's God Who is responsible, not you, and it will never be you, because you are a "pathetic, worthless, human being" and that's all you will ever be

The sooner you realize that, the better for you

This ngga gon tell me today that he spent $95 to buy food and cook it


$95!!!! WOW


So you can spend $95 to buy food and cook but you can't give your own son $2 to catch the bus home?

Mhmm? 🤔 that's funny

I don't fear this ngga, I don't listen to him

I feel sorry for him. Because this man is grown up, he is no longer a child. But he still acts like a child. Not only does he act like a child but even worse, "he thinks that he is God"

If you ask him who created the universe? He would raise his hands up 🙋 and say "ME! I'm responsible"

"I did everything!! Me, me, me!"

What's the worse that they can do to you when you're living for Allah SWT?

What's the worse that they can do to you?

That's that fearlessness that was in the unquivering voice of ibn Taymiyyah (ra) when he said: "what can my enemies do to me? My garden is in my heart"

There is no fear, because there is nothing worth fearing except for Him, and there is no consequence worth fearing if it is faced because of your determination to do what He commands you

Fear is a natural emotion and it takes time to get over that, and for many people they really start to get over that fear when they face things that they realize were not so bad as they were made out to be

"Allah is our Protector, and you have no protector"

He brought it back to Allah, because if you have Allah than nothing else matters

Settle yourselves on the inside

The first thing is recognize that everything around is meant to intimidate you

The greatest way to resist that is to build that trust with Allah SWT

Be with Allah in times of prosperity and Allah will be with you in adversity

Center Allah in your lives

Fasting tomorrow and on Saturday, this is really easy

I fasted today and I didn't eat Suhoor, and I didn't break my fast till like 10:30pm

It's Sunnah to fast on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of every month

Fasting on three days of every month is Sunnah, the Prophet PBUH used to do it

It doesn't matter which three days, but it's better for it to be on the 13th 14th and 15th of every month in the Hijri calendar

That's easy, just three days, I can def do that

So let's see now, I fast every Thursday of every month

So that would mean that I fast a total of how many times a month?

Well if I fast every Thursday, and how many Thursdays are in a month?

💡 Uhh...

💡 twenty-four?

💂no dckhead FOUR!! You fast a total of four times every month because there are a total of four Thursdays in every month

💡thanks bro!

💡 how's your mom doing btw?


Those who wear clothing of fire, they are the ones who used to wear clothing feeling proudiness, and showing it off in front of the poor, needy, and other people

Those who have their arms and legs cut off they are the ones who used to harm the neighbors

Those who are crucified on pillars of fire they are the ones who used to go to people in authority in fakeness so that they may look better than other people and may be given special authority over others

Those who smell with a terrible stench they are the ones who used to follow their temptations and lusts

💡😨 that's not referring to me!!

Friday tomorrow!! 😄

Can't wait to go to the Mosque and have all my sins forgiven by Allah Azzawajal

All the damn porn I been watching, all the music I been listening to, all them girls' butts I been starring at...


I feel terrible

💂no u don't

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, this is Stacey ➡➡👱⬅⬅

Say "Hi Stacey!"

👱Hi Stacey


⚠ Friday

My only agenda today is to go for Jummuah and ask Allah to punish my father

This time I'll actually stay until Asr time

I wanted to stay last week but I couldn't, today Insha'llah

I'm gonna memorize this entire Surah in two weeks Insha'llah, I did the math...

Ok so the Surah is 15 Ayats. That seems like a lot but it's really not

If I can memorize at least one Ayat a day than it would take me a total of... umm... 24 days to memorize it... I think

💂bro you dumb as shyt. Do you hear yourself, "24 days tho?" Idk what kinda math you did in your head but you need to do it all over again

💂Let's do the math together dummy. Ok so the Surah is 15 Ayats, if you memorize at least one Ayat a day then it will take you 15 DAYS to memorize the whole thing, idk where df u got "24" from

💡I got it from your mom

Allah is referring to Himself in a mighty and majestic manner

It's befitting for Him to refer to Himself in the plural form

The Queen Elizabeth when she gives a speech she also says the same thing, she says "We, the people"

Allah is doing the same thing, He's raising his status in front of the people

Allah is the commander and the chief, He gives a command and the Angels execute His Command

The Angels do the ground work for Him

💡I started memorizing this Surah today Friday December 14th 2018. So by December 29th I should have it down. Let's just say by the end of the month

💡 Insha'llah by the end of 2019 I will have the entire Qur'an memorized, that's my new years resolution

Allah wants you to learn to be patient in life

Two days before the Nikkah she calls you and she's like "I think you're ugly and I don't wanna get married to you anymore"

And you're thinking to yourself "what did I do what's wrong?"

💡 You didn't do nothing bro. You're not the one to blame. It's this FAT ASS HOE'S FAULT!

💡 Fukkin skank btch!! You don't wanna get married to me anymore cuz you think I'm ugly?? Hmmmm 🤔 that's funny, you wasn't saying that when this fukkin shaft was inside you!!

💡 last time I recall you was calling me daddy and telling me how that pussy all mines

💡it's funny how some people are so quick to forget

And Allah Azzawajal says "and be amongst the people who are in Sajdah"

Your tongue is now moist with the remembrance of Allah, now it's time for action, so go and start praying

Regardless of how you feel and how things are going in your life, I'm your Rabb and you better not forget that, I'm your master and I'm in charge

"Do something in your life that's positive"

If you're alone, at the end of the day it doesn't matter because you can say "I'm proud to be Muslim, I'm proud that Allah chose me"

You're just on this conveyor belt

You're on a conveyor belt, just moving forward, and you can't press the button to turn it off or slow it down

The conveyor belt just keeps moving forward, and eventually you're gonna die

So you continue to worship Allah Azzawajal till that moment comes to you

Conveyor belt- a continuous moving band of fabric, rubber, or metal used for moving objects from one place to another.

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom used my metallic penis as a conveyor belt to move the position of her tongue.

I never knew that... Thursday is named after the Norse god Thor

The old English translates to "Thor's Day"

💡 Ohhh!! "Thor's Day" is equal to "Thursday"

Ann Marie pretty as shit, and she's hella cute in the face and gotta nice body

But... she be acting like a man too much, I don't like that

I don't like when females act like men. The daytime should remain as the daytime and the night should remain as the night, this is how God created things

But she def gotta fat ass!

I wanna eat her butt

Love means tough love also

Language is limited

Most of language is metaphor, even though we don't think about it

When we speak we use metaphors constantly, but we don't think about it, because language is symbolic

"I saw a beautiful tree today"

You might know what a tree is but there's a whole branch of philosophy that argues that there's no such thing as a tree

I'm here! I'm at Jummuah! 😃

I'm staying here until Asr today

Today's Friday, and I'm fasting!

I have to stay here until Asr! I HAVE TO!

Fasting today is easy

From now on I'm going to fast on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday

At least until daylight savings time is over

When daylight savings time is over I will no longer be fasting on every Thursday Friday and Saturday

I'm gonna fast on every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Imagine the type of rewards I will earn from Allah Azzawajal!!

Today was the best day! I went to Jummuah, I stayed there until Asr, I'm fasting. AND I'M NOT DEAD! Alhamdulillah




1258!-!-!-!-! & 1259!-!-!-!-!


And I'm fasting tomorrow!

I didn't get a chance to do my workouts this morning but ima def do them tomorrow

We're just lumping them all together cuz they look alike, and that's what we do with humans, but is there something really called "humanity"?

All of language has it's really gross limitations and expressions of how we're gonna talk about things

"I never saw anything except I saw Allah in it"

When he said that he didn't mean it physically

The world is not the divine, but the world cannot exist without the Divine

We're not God, Alhamdulillah we're not God

The Qur'an has so many meanings

The Qur'an is the richest language

Every text, which in any way indicates anthropomorphism

anthropomorphism- the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.

💡 Sentence example: A good example of anthropomorphism is that everytime that I see a monkey jumping up at the zoo, I'm reminded of Jason's mom, because when she gets excited she tends to jump a lot.

This btch bad, "Chinese Kitty"

And she gotta fat ass

I couldn't really watch her video earlier today in the daytime cuz I was fasting and I didn't wanna get sexually stimulated

But I can def watch it now, I been broke my fast

This btch Monica Santiago finna get rammed!

Violet Starr is my #1 girl

She has my heart

I love her


I have a lot of faith in this girl. She's different...

When Christopher Columbus sailed along the southern coast of Cuba he noted that there was a beautiful Mosque on a hill

Don Carlos Calone is Christopher Columbus's son

They banned the importation of Muslims because the Muslims were so proud of their Religion

Florida wasn't an American state until 1836, it was under Spanish control

If you stand with those brothers and sisters they'll stand with you

They're not scared. They have a long history of resistance

Yes Dawah is praiseworthy, but it's not an obligation upon the Believer

No one likes to be called out, no one likes to be told that they're doing something wrong, that's when your ego really kicks in

When you look at the Prophets, the vast majority of their message was "abandon your evil"

Allah speaks about economic injustices

Allah very early on warns people about economic injustices

I got 2 Ayats memorized already😆

This is easy! Now how many more to go... let's see, so there are 15 Ayats in total, I've memorized two already, so how many more do I have to memorize. Let's see??

-starts counting fingers



💂you dumb as shyt bro...

💂"15 minus 2 equals 13!!"

💂you dumb mf

"Follow my example and Allah SWT will love you" -The Prophet SAWS

That's not our Islam. Our Islam doesn't neglect the things around us and just worry about the rituals

The Masjid of the Prophet SAWS didn't have a roof, it didn't have a carpet, they prayed on dirt

Before Islam he was a social activist

What does that tell you about him? He was far beyond his peers

The Prophet SAWS was not a pacifist

The Messenger SAWS spoke up

He was an activist, he was very caring. He cared about the Dunya of people

Those that believed in him, trusted him

It's an Islam that demands one to change his own self, as well as his society

If I'm beating my wife at home I don't need to be watching TV. I need to look at myself in the mirror

I need to worry about me, the transgressor

If I wrong my kids, I need to worry about me

I need to rectify my own affairs, I need to rectify the affairs of the Ummah around me, that does not mean that I become neglectful about the Ummah

"Oh Allah purify us from the sins that cause our supplication to not be answered"

They say that's why it happened. "Allah punished New Orleans for Mardi Gras"

I thought to myself: "How idiotic and stupid do you have to be to say something like that"

You don't know Allah's Wisdom, you don't know why Allah is doing things

It's you and I we need to look at, we need to look at ourselves

Of course some people will suffer, of course they will struggle, but that doesn't mean that Allah hates them and He loves you. That's a reminder to the Ummah collectively

"Allah provided for me when I was thirsty, so I will provide for that dog when he is thirsty"

Allah sent us a Religion that makes us responsible for everything that goes on around us

A 15 year old was taken, he was kidnapped by six Israelis, one of them a rabbi

They made him drink gasoline, and they stabbed him over 50 times. As he woke up they then covered his body in that gasoline, and he spit in the face of the rabbi, and they set him on fire and killed him

Subhanallah as he returns home he's placed on house arrest. Not only is he insulted and placed on house arrest they get a bill from the IDF, the dry cleaning bill of the Israeli soldiers for the blood they got on their uniforms as they beat him almost to death

How disgusting of a people are these people? They sent the parents a dry cleaning bill because they got blood on their clothes for almost killing their son, and they made them pay it

The harsh realities of this world forced them to re-adjust, forced them to rethink their priorities

"You should accompany an orphan and you should caress his head"

"Caress his head" means: Acquaint yourself with people that are less fortunate than you

Acquaint yourself with the orphans, acquaint yourself with the problems around the world

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Sheikh Omar Suleiman and I'll have more knowledge than him

"Fuk you got some good ass titties"

"What do you think I want you to do? Yeeaahh, ur tits look nice"

"Turn around lemme see that shyt"

"Damn, ur ass nice!"

"It's Halloween too, I just got out, I'm celebrating my birthday"

💡 this btch is getting robbed and she's being compliant to the robber n shyt

💡she def gotta fat ass tho

💡bounce that ass, bounce THAT ASS!"

Idk why girls on Fb be putting their relationship status as: "not single, or engaged, or married" like that's really gonna stop me from going at you,

And nggas be taking pics wit they girl n shyt, talking about some "I love her"

Yeah I love her too, I love her titties and her fat ass

I'm fasting today, finna eat Suhoor

I fasted Thursday, Friday, and I'm fasting today on Saturday. I'm going to be doing this on every week, at least until daylight savings time ends

When it ends then I'm gonna stop fasting on every Thursday Friday and Saturday

I'm gonna fast on every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

Fasting today

A cat named "Stubbs" has been the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 15 years

Jealousy is a filthy feeling

It's only the evil person who allows jealousy to go unchecked

So in the Western Conference Denver Nuggets are leading 19-9

And in the Eastern Conference the Raptors are leading 23-8

The Sixers are actually doing pretty good this year, they're #6 in the Eastern Conference

Hopefully they keep it up, the season just started tho, so can't get the hopes up

I like what J. Cole said a few years ago in an interview

He said: "I like having money, as a security, to give to my family when they need it, or to pay for my brother to get out of jail"

J. Cole freed the slaves!

May Allah bless J. Cole and reward him for freeing the slaves

⚠ Monday

Gotta go to school tomorrow

You guys are all stupid af

Kevin Hart is not "homophobic"

He's just scared of his son being gay

Shit, I'd be scared too

I wouldn't want any of my children to grow up in a society where homosexuality is the norm

Homosexuality is a sin, a major sin

"Conceal your sins, hide your faults"

These homos, they wanna come out the closet, publicize their homosexuality and let the whole world know 😞


If you're gonna sin then at least sin in private


If you have feelings for the same sex you can't control it, it's not your fault

But now you wanna speak of it, dress gay and act gay in public n shyt, that's where the line is crossed!

I forgot my charger in school today, I gotta go tomorrow morning and get it

Today as soon as I pray and eat I'm going straight to school to get my charger

As soon as the Adhan comes in I'm on go!

I do not want to see pictures of your face btch I wanna see ur ASS!

is that too much to ask for?


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

I'm so fukkin stupid

How df did I forget my charger??

This attitude of hypocrisy is created because of our lack of productivity, we didn't think

To think, to be courteous, to be polite, to be considerate, these are all qualities that will enhance the productivity of a person, moreso if you are a Muslim

How many of us we want our women to look nice but u look like a tramp, Allahu Akbar!

And then we come and complain "she never dresses up for me" well do you dress up for her?

You claim to be a Muslim but you are very far from Islam, you only have a small portion of Islam

That's the husband, so when you get home and you are intimate with your spouse, remember even during the menst...... 😨

💡"the power of Christ compels you btch" -throws holy water on her face

That's a woman, it's not her fault, it's from Allah, treat them with respect

💡she got COOTIES!

It's not hard to get the love of Allah, just do what He tells you to and He'll love you, simple!

I have to update my Daily BARZ before Maghrib, so I'll do them after I pray Asr, and after I eat

"Ya Muhammad, your Lord will not disappoint you regarding your Ummah"

The question is brothers and sisters, are we going to disappoint our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam?

Be you of those people who fulfill his vision. Be you of those people who fulfill his love for Allah Azzawajal

Everyone will say I love Allah or I want to love Allah, however certain things prevent them from proving their love for Allah

The first thing that prevents them is this negativity: "I can't be that great, I can't prove my love to Allah, I have done too much sins"

"I'm not someone special, I don't have Islamic knowledge, I only know so little"

"I am not from a great family, I'm not a great speaker"

How can I truly do so many things? How can I prove my actions?

How can I improve my actions to prove my love to Allah? I am no one special

But by Allah you are special, you are special.

So every time you speak to Allah, Allah speaks to you back. You are not a person in six billion, you are "the" person in six billion

O my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah SWT pays attention to you

Do not be of those people who are negative about your love for Allah, be of those people who are positive about it

The Prophet SAWS was a very positive person, be very positive about yourself

Be very positive that you can make a change, be very positive that you will have an effect in changing the Ummah

💡Forgiveness?? Yeah i forgive you, it's done and over with, don't even sweat it

💡but just stay df away from me, don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't even put ur chest towards my direction

💡cuz you treated me like shit, you treated me like dirt. It's easy to forgive, but forgetting is IMPOSSIBLE

In pre-modern society, most societies in the world If not all societies were dominated by religion

In religious societies, religious teachings is the most important thing

Science is not the most important, business is not the most important

The highest kind of credential is the religious leader

Whatever it may be, but this is not the only life, there is more to life than this, there is more to existence than this

This life is horrible, look at what the church has done

Let's see how we can make this life better, let's explore political science, let's explore sociology, let's explore anthropology, let's explore public relations

Let's explore all of these human sciences that can make society a better place

We want to cleanse our heart from diseases

Actually they're not alone in this, for the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or any other religion in the world today, religion plays a very small part in people’s lives

The Catholic tradition overwhelmingly, the idea there is that "this world is a terrible place, this world is a curse really, human beings will only have happiness in heaven, and we have been sent down to the earth as a punishment from God

This world is a terrible place, it's a place of misery

The Protestant movement actually reacts to this and develops a new Christianity

In this new Christianity, the more wealth that you have, is an indication that God loves you

If you listen for a hour or two to a Christian talkshow: "I want you to get that job, cause Jesus wants you to get that promotion"

"That's a nice car, that is Jesus loving you"


This ngga Nouman Ali Khan funny as shit!

Ima start saying that

Next time that I see a cute girl ima walk up to her and pull out my phone and be like "put ur number in my phone"

She gon be like "uhh... whyy?"

💡 I'ma be like "Because Jesus would want you to" 😂

You will find the wealthiest people are actually preachers

They're extremely wealthy, and they wear extremely wealthy clothes and they say "this is what Jesus does!"

When you concern yourself with this life over the next life what is that? Materialism

Christianity became a way to justify materialism

"This must be a sign that Allah loves me"

The more Dunya you acquire the more indication that Allah is happy with you

This twisted idea even took over most of the Muslim world

Spirituality and modern discourse was replaced with psychology

So if you're depressed it may not have anything to do with spirituality, it must be some chemical imbalance in your body, take some pills you'll be fine

For problems of the unseen, we're trying to find solutions in the seen

This is destroying humanity, suicide rates are higher than ever before in the modern world

In modern psychology guilt is not a good thing

💡Nouman Ali Khan has the best knowledge of the Tafseer of the Qur’an

Modern psychology cannot discuss this in a positive way it can't, because for them there is no soul

The Qur'an, this Book is the only model that actually finds the balance between the seen world and the unseen world

The Catholics denied the Unseen, the Protestants embraced the Unseen wholeheartedly, the Secularists rejected the Unseen

If you closed your eyes and prayed wouldn't it be easier to meditate?

You are supposed to connect with the unseen God, the unseen Allah, while not losing sight of the fact that you're living in this world

This balance has to be restored, not just for ourselves, but for all of humanity

Muslims, we have to raise our level of thinking, all of us do

The average Muslim needs to learn to think heavier

We have to revitalize the faith of Islam from the very core

Two things, the purpose of your existence is to establish Deen in my life and to establish Deen on the earth, *clasps hands* simple

💡But... I want to establish my semen on her left buttcheek

Wallahi my brothers this world is so trivial you have no idea, no idea

Deen in me and Deen in others, that's the purpose of your life

💡so... I don't get it, should I or should I not have premarital sex with Keke with the fat butt and have an illegitimate child with her?

That's why you're here!

💡 say less!

My brothers and sisters marriage is a sacred union and it's one that is filled with sacrifice, the more you sacrifice the better that relationship

💡I'ma sacrifice my nut on her left buttcheek

Tomorrow morning I gotta go hard:

1. Workout

2. Pray Fajr (read Surah ZilZal) I just memorized that Surah, I should have it down pack... I think

3. Go to the main campus to turn in my final. I worked on it so hard! I'm happy af I was able to finish it

I can't wait to go to Jummuah again on Friday, that's all I'm thinking about!

I never get my hopes up, for anything. Why? Cuz that can lead to wishful thinking, and wishful thinking can lead to sin

It's important for Muslim women to gain knowledge

I'm a horny little fucker

You sexy braceface btch u finna get all this dck

Sdfup sdfup SHUT DA FUK UP!

Btch don't say a God damn word and don't make no noise while you getting this dck

Btch don't be so damn quiet while you getting this dck, make a little bit of noise damn, moan a little bit


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

Going to school to turn in my final today 😄

3 hr 25 min walk from school to home

That's not so bad, I just gotta have my headphones charged up, which I'm doing now

I'm not gonna get a chance to pray Dhuhr at school, ima leave

I gotta take this 10 miles 3 hr 25 minute walk home because my dad doesn't want to give me $3 to take the bus home

I'm high as shyt

This walk got me high

Smh... be a father to your child

You can't just say "I love my son, I spend on him, I did this for him I did that for him"

Ok... you did all that, but did u do the most important thing? Which is to be "his father"

You have to care for your child, make sure that he or she never suffers or go through any pain

When you have sex, it feels SOOO GOOD!

Why does it feel so good? What's the catch? 🤔

Well, you see... when a man and a woman has sex there's a strong possibility that the woman might get pregnant and a child might be born

A child! A.CHILD!!


Having sex is easy, just put your penis in her vagina

But "raising a child"

That's very difficult

You don't have to love your child, you don't have to like him or anything

But YOU WILL take care of him

YOU WILL be his father

And if you don't then you earn the punishment of God and you will burn in hellfire for all eternity

Parents, don't ever lie to your children

The dad is telling his son "Don't lie, if you lie you go to hell"

You are teaching your son to lie, and when he lie to you you blame him

Be truthful

💡I know that's right. These damn parents need to stop lying to these damn kids

And when they lie they be like: "I was only lying to make u happy"

Df 😑

💡Hey Danny make sure to be really good this year so Santa can give you lots of presents

So Danny is on his best behavior year round and when Christmas swing along you sneak downstairs late at night while everybody sleep and u leave some presents under the tree

And in the morning you tell Danny like "Look at all the presents that Santa left for you last night"

You're killing Danny, with your lies. Be truthful to him

Poor little guy, he doesn't know anything, and you're feeding him lies!

💡Look Danny, the truth is there is no Santa Clause, and the only reason why you exist is to worship Allah Azzawajal alone with no partners, and if you don't do that then you will go to hellfire forever"

💡 Simple as that. No lies!

Milk is one of the blessings from Allah SWT. It is one of the most nutritious drinks in the world

Not only is it rich in high quality protein, it is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, vitamin B12, and riboflavin

According to the National Dairy Council, milk is filled with nine essential nutrients that benefit our health

Calcium: Builds healthy bones and teeth, maintains bone mass

Protein: Serves as a source of energy, builds/repairs body tissue

Pottasium: Helps maintain a healthy blood pressure

Phosphorous: Helps strengthen bones and generates energy

Vitamin D: Helps maintain bones

Vitamin B12: Maintains healthy red blood cells and nerve tissues

Vitamin A: Maintains the immune system; Helps maintain normal vision and skin

Riboflavin (B2): Converts food to energy

Niacin: Metabolizes sugar and fatty acids

Milk is produced in mammary glands, which in turn get the nutrients directly from the blood stream. The blood stream get it's nutrients from the digestive system

My father is not a bad person, he means well and he tries, but... he just doesn't know how to be a father

Yesterday I had to walk 10 miles, 3 hr 25 minutes, from school all the way home, because he didn't want to give me $2 to catch the bus, he said that he didn't have any money, so he dropped me of off at school and went on his way, after I presented my final project and turned it in I had to take that LONG ASS WALK BACK HOME

there was a lot of traffic, what if I would've got hit by a car?

He wouldn't care. He feels he has done enough, he feels that he is already the best dad

All of his children... they all left him, they left him because of his evil ways and his incapability to be a father, now he curses and swears at all of his children, including me, he wants all of his children to die and suffer because they don't obey him

Ok... now let's break it down and put it into perspective: your children... they left you, why? Because they couldn't take the way you treated them anymore so they had to get out

Now, you have made your children break ties with you, their father, and they don't uphold the ties of kinship with me, their own brother

Why is that? Why did they just up and leave like that? What could've triggered it?

Well... what kind of father were you while raising them??

Umm... not good, the worst actually. It's pretty safe to say that you are the worst father to ever walk the face of the Earth

Cursing at your children, saying that they will never be nothing, saying that they are failures

-brings home report card from school and gotta C-



I was seven years old

You would beat us, curse at us, even steal from us, you did all that, now that your children has left you you're confused and angry

Idk why... it's clear to see why they left you

When you have a child, the most important obligation that you have is to give them a proper Islamic education, you are obliged to do that, and if you don't then you are sinning

You have an obligation to give them a good upbringing, treat them fairly, be nice to them, you did none of that

Me and my elder brother used to hate when you came home from work, we would always hope that you would do overtime and not come home from work

Because when you came home, all you would do was yell, curse, and beat us


A child has to respect their father yes. A child has to honour him and not disrespect him in any way, that's an important obligation

But also the parent is obligated to treat the child right and give him a good upbringing

This is why your children left you, "because.you.were.a.shitty.father"

If your children had the least bit of Islamic knowledge do you think that they will leave you like that?

I don't have a lot of Islamic knowledge, but the little bit I do have I'm grateful

I know what Allah said, and I know the importance of being kind to parents

So I put up with you, and u treat me like shit

I had to go to school, and you had to go to work, and you couldn't get $2 DOLLARS for me so I can catch the bus to go home?


To your own son??

You rather me walk three hours, in the street, where I could've got hit by a car and died

God has given you a job to do and you failed in it, terribly

Being a father is a "job" It's not even a full time job, it's not year round, there's not a length of time that you get to be a father for

When you decide to have a child, your whole life now, you have to take care of that child. YOUR WHOLE LIFE!

And if you don't wanna take care of the child, then don't have sex and have a child! Simple.

But you made the choice, no one held a gun to your head and forced you to have a child. NO ONE! You made that decision on your own, now you have to live with it

But you don't wanna handle your responsibilities as a father, you rather just not do it and take the easy way out. Now this is where God comes in, because you have crossed the line

You don't just wake up in the morning and decide to be a father

Lemme tell you... God, He knows all, He is Omniscient, He gives us obligations based on His eternal wisdom

You think He's stupid and careless like you???

The biggest calamities in this world are two

Number one: The calamity of not having enough food and shelter

Number two: The calamity of civil war and strike

Who cares if you have food when there's bombs dropping on your head?

No day goes by except another tragedy takes place

"My knowledge is more than yours and I know what you can never understand"

As Muslims we begin the answer to this question by saying: we will never have an answer to the question

People like Sam Harris, like the ex-Muslim Association of North America, these groups they reject Islam, they reject the Qur’an, they reject Allah for some reasons, one of them being: How do you explain evil?

But here is the irony: by rejecting God because they don't understand evil, it's not as if they have understood evil any more

They've tried to come to a conclusion, and that conclusion is "there cannot be a God"

Ok fine you got rid of God, what then is the solution? How do you understand evil?

By rejecting God, not only did they not solve the problem of evil, they ended up creating an infinitely more complex series of problems, that they do not have any answer to

What will Allah gain by punishing you? If you are thankful to him and you believe in him

One of the main purposes of pain is for a higher cause, and that higher cause is to recognize Allah SWT, turn to Allah and worship Allah SWT

Allah never criticizes turning to him during times of tragedy, Allah criticizes neglecting him after that tragedy is over

There is pain, but the pain will protect you from a bigger pain

We are all being tested in different ways, their test is more apparent, it's more blatant

Brothers and sisters, evil exists, not because Allah loves evil, but because Allah loves to see the good that we will do to counteract that evil

Allah does not love evil, but Allah loves the good that is generated to counteract that evil

We could sit back and ignore the pain and suffering

"Let me take care of myself, let me live the good life, let me just have a fat paycheck, and have a nice house, and have good food and ignore everybody" so then we would have failed the test

Or we can say "I have a higher purpose in life than just eating and drinking"

And so we use that evil, to bring about a higher purpose in our lives

Our job as Muslims is to help other people through the preaching and teachings of Islam

We will never be able to eliminate 100% evil in this world

And we say to this foolish person: in your arrogance by rejecting God you have rejected the very world you desire

If you believe in God, worship God, counteract evil, that is your salvation

May Allah utilize us for every good, and may Allah avert us away from every evil

"so you don't want me to call the cops, you don't want to go to jail..."

"I wanna help you out" -rubs her titties

"I mean I can call the police, you can go to jail it's fine"

"It's the police, or this..."

💡 you've made a wise choice. You're very wise indeed

"Are u crying... ?"

I feel better now

I got it down memorized! This Surah. Now time to look for the next one to memorize

I had to delete that Surah app from my phone. Because it only provided an audio of the Surahs. It didn't have the transliterations for you to read. Now what if I was deaf?

Or vice versa, what if I can't read?

Fasting tomorrow

Nevermind... there's no food This ngga has crossed the line, my father, he has crossed the line

Now he has gotten in the way of my worship

Yesterday he made me walk three hours and made me miss Dhuhr, now today I'm supposed to fast and there's no food in the house for me to eat Suhoor, and he knows that I fast every Thursday

And he purposely made sure that there's no food today so I can't fast

He doesn't want me to worship my Lord

May Allah make every bad in this world happen to him and may He punish him for getting in the way of my worship


⚠ Saturday

Fasting tomorrow

Abdullah ibn Masood was the first one to ever recite the Qur’an out loud in public, he was beat up for doing that

There is no manhood in bullying

There is a huge difference between truth, and my assumption

We have to collectively come together, to be people of purity

They are men, they love to purify themselves

Allah loves those who purify themselves

Eeewww wtf 😣

That shyt disgusting

I think I memorized this Surah

I think I got it, and today's only Saturday, tomorrow I'm going to make sure that I got it down pack, and I'm going to finish my final

I only got a few touch up to do

I'm gonna start being more direct with her

I plan on marrying her right? I plan on making her the mother of my children right? I gotta start letting her know wassup

"I wanna have sex with you and I wanna get you pregnant with triplets"

I just have to find a more subtle way to say it

"Hey what are u wearing?"

💡 no that's lame and corny af

"I wanna marinate my mayonnaise all on your tuna salad"

💡 df?? That's just weird

Well... it was good while it lasted

Finna spend the last of my money on purchasing illegal marijuana

Then ima smoke that shyt tomorrow after Maghrib cuz I'm fasting tomorrow

As soon as the sun go down ima just smoke that shyt and get it over with

I really like smoking in the bathroom, it's much better than smoking outside on the train tracks n shyt. It be mad cold, the wind be blowing my high, and I always have to watch my back for other people and cops n shyt

Why is it that: an old lady sitting waiting for the bus can pull out a cigarette and start smoking it and nobody will say anything

But when somebody pulls out some weed and start smoking it they like 😱😰"OOOOOOOOO!"

Millions of people die from cigarettes every year

No one has ever died from smoking cannabis ever since the earth was created

Soooo... whyy???

Could it be "the smell"

Are you bothered by the smell huh??

I agree, it does stink

But the more it stinks, the better, more potent, stronger it is

What could possibly bother you so much about it?




Cigarettes are accepted worldwide, marijuana isn't

We were the ones to make cigarettes, we know everything that we put in there, all the chemicals

Even though it kills you, we know how and why it kills you

But marijuana..... that shyt was just here

Ever since the Earth was created, it was here




It's a freaking plant

You roll it up in a blunt and you smoke it and get high as shyt that's wtf it is!

Stop being a scared btch

Just because you don't know about something, does that mean that you should not accept it

So just because you've never been to Italy before, does that mean that you will never travel there?

Uhh... no! They have great pizza 🍕

Just because you've never been to Hawaii before does that mean that you will never go there?

Uh... no! They got great beaches 🏝 ⛱

Just because you've never been to Amsterdam before does that mean that you will never go there?

Uhh... no! Prostitution and marijuana is legal there 😊

Honor mothers and honor children

Give orphans the money that they deserve

May Allah Azzawajal make us a society that care about the orphans in our community

The people that Allah loves the most are those that are good to others

As Muslims we need to do that

If you are concerned about the well being of others than God will take care of you

Look at your life, do you really love Allah?


⚠ Sunday

Good Morning

Today all I'm gonna focus on is finishing my final project, and then tomorrow all I gotta do is turn it in, in the morning

As soon as Asr prayer come in today I should be done

As soon as Asr time comes in this is what I'm going to do:

1. Make sure that my final is complete and I don't have anything to add on to it, zip it up in my flashdrive, and then tomorrow when I wake up submit it

2. Pray Asr prayer

3. Daily BARZ

4. Weekly BARZ

That's all I'm going to do after Asr comes in, now after Maghrib come in this is what I'm going to do:

1. Pray Maghrib

2. Break my fast

3. Do workouts(normally I do them on Monday mornings but I'm not gonna get a chance tomorrow cuz I have to turn in my finals when I wake up)

4. Go to the library

5. Pray Isha

I finished my final, and I zipped it up, tomorrow morning soon as I wake up I'ma submit it

I already purchased my illegal marijuana, I rolled it up and I'm finna smoke that shyt right after Maghrib

I can't smoke it now cuz I'm fasting for the sake of Allah Azzawajal, the Most-Gracious and Most-Merciful

I grabbed a 2 for $18. So this means that I gave the drug dealer $18, and in return he gave me two dime bags, which normally cost $10 a piece, so I'm saving $2, that's a pretty good deal right?

Drug dealers are understanding, and they're kind af, they understand the need for one to smoke, and they are willing to help you out, so if u got $18 they'd give you two dime bags

Shit there are some that can even give you 2 for $17

Just don't make a habit out of it, drug dealers have to make money too. If you get a deal everytime u grab, the drug dealer is gonna start noticing, and even though he may not come out straight and say "ur grabbing too many deals bro!"

He's gonna find other ways to let you know, just keep that in mind... next time that you purchase illegal marijuana

Please note: Purchasing marijuana, buying it, consuming it are all major sins in which one should completely refrain from

I worship Allah Azzawajal alone with no partners

I was gonna wait until after Asr time, but no, ima upload these BARZ immediately after Dhuhr

As soon as Maghrib come in the first thing that ima do is pray, and then break my fast, and then do my workouts, and then go to the library, and then come back and pray Isha

Isha is like at 6pm, and I have until midnight to fulfill it, so I have ample time

Ample- enough or more than enough; plentiful.

"there is ample time for discussion"

💡 Sentence example: I have an ample amount of semen to give to Jason's mom.

When somebody liked somebody else you know what they did? "Hey I like you, wanna get married?"

And she'd say "umm... maybe, talk to my dad"

He'd say "ok" and then he'd go and talk to the dad and say "hey I like your daughter and she's, I mean she's not entirely opposed to the idea, is it cool?"

And he says "let me talk to my daughter"

This is how it works today: "hey we've been working for three years, would you consider marrying me?"

And she's like "uhhh"

And maybe she says "please don't talk to my dad, he'll kill me, because if you talk to my dad he'll say 'THIS IS WHY YOU GO TO WORK!!' "

You made them live here, you took them outside in society, you made that decision

When a Muslim likes them THAT'S A GOOD THING

That's a good thing. How are they gonna get married sitting at home? Who's gonna like them?

"Now we have to take you back to Bangladesh, and hide you in a village somewhere because some guy likes you"

💡😂 that's some rs!

💡 this ngga Nouman Ali Khan speaking the truth!

💡 Listen, your daughter is not yours, daughter, niece, sister, whoever female figure that you are responsible for taking care of SHE'S NOT YOURS!

💡 God has only given her to you as a "trust"

💡 If that girl wants to be a stripper then let her be! You don't own her. She's not yours

💡she's mines 😊

Allah gave her that right you cannot take it away, you're burying them alive

This is the new way of burying women alive by the way

Back then they used to take the baby girl and bury her right then, now we bury them at the day of the Nikkah, this is what we do, this needs to stop

💡I agree. This monstrosity needs to come to an end

💡all that girl wants is to be a stripper, that's her dream job! Leave her be

Let them marry who they want, if they're a dignified Muslim

It's a strange time that we live in and actually the only thing that can save us is the basic principles of our Deen, and making the path to marriage easy

And we create standards that don't exist in our Religion and don't make any sense

That is the opposite of what Allah commanded, you're not only disobeying Allah, but you're reversing what He said

When you make marriage difficult, the door to Zina is wide open

No man wants to be with a woman who's emotionally attached to someone else, and vice versa

No, be dignified, earn a descent living for yourself

There are difficulties that surround Paradise, but these difficulties are easy among the Believer who loves Allah SWT

To measure the love of Allah SWT is to measure the amount of Sunnah we have in our lives

Yessssss my boxer briefs dried! I handwashed them this morning and now they've dried 😆

Even though I'm not going to school tomorrow, I still gotta change these jawns, all this ejaculatory seminal fluid that's on it!

These jawns STINKK!! 👃

The horrible stench is draining my powers

This ngga John Collins be ballin!

I did everything! I finished my finals, I updated my Daily BARZ, and I finished working on Cortana on my laptop

Now the only thing that's left to do is wait till Maghrib come in so I can pray, break my fast, and go to the library

And workout, I gotta do that before I go to the library

Istighfar is asking Allah for forgiveness for the past, and Tauba is pledging to Allah that I will not revert back to it again"

Jubilant- feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom was feeling very jubilant as I was driving her to Disney Land.

And I've also memorized this Surah!

And all it took was seven weeks. I'm going to try and read it tomorrow for my Fajr Salah, hopefully I'm able to remember it

My retention skill be on a bean!

Don't just consume because you can

Jason... ?


I love ur mom bruh

Me and her got something going on, I think she might be the one for me

I definitely gotta take a shower tonight these boxer briefs stiinkk!!!



As soon as I eat and do my workouts I gotta go straight to the library!

💂it's 4:47pm, don't they close at 5??


Gotta hurry up and do these workouts so that I can go to the library

I'm bouta get high as shyt

Eagle twat mode ACTIVATED!

I'm high Mr. Officer

-hands officer the blunt

He looks at me like 😞

-👮 points gun at me "PUT YOUR HANDS UP RIGHT NOW!"



⚠ Monday

Good Morning

People abuse their wives, they swear them, they beat them up and say "Islam allows me to do that" when it does not

In the name of the one who was sent as a mercy, you are merciless in your own home

Allah chose your mother, be kind to her

Finishing up my final project, I'm turning it in today, this morning! Before Dhuhr

I submitted it!

I submitted my final project! 😆

⚠ Thursday

Things i have to do after my Maghrib prayer

1. Pray Maghrib

2. Break my fast

3. Daily BARZ

4. Workout

5. Go to the library

I gotta do my workout today cuz I didn't do them yesterday like I normally do

There is a notion that we live once so enjoy your life, I would like to tell you that we live everyday but die once, so make sure you've prepared for death

Believe that it is bad, feel the remorse, feel the guilt

It is only a true believer who would feel guilt when they do bad

We have to accept each other and our faults

Now in the middle of all this crisis you look at your wife in the morning and you tell her "you are the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen" You are lying!!

Don't exaggerate just try to exchange these sweet words, that keeps the marriage going

There are no pink lies and no white lies, lies are lies

Being a stranger is not a good feeling to have

Everybody feels the need to have an identity

We are all here for one purpose, and that is to glorify Allah

What is worship?

Allah tells us in the Qur’an "The only reason why I have created man and Jinn is to worship me"

There is no other reason

Praying, fasting, these are the highest levels of worship. But is it exclusive to that? The answer is no

Anything that a person does, so long as it fulfills two criteria in the eyes of Allah it's an act of worship

The first condition is the intention

The intention is to glorify Allah, to please Allah

Intention on it's own is not enough, it is a condition, there has to be another

Compliance to the Sunnah of the Messenger SAWS

As soon as Maghrib comes in ima pray first, then ima break my fast, I'm hella hungry

Then ima update my Daily BARZ

Then I gotta do my workouts

Then ima go to the library

I intended to walk towards my brother in order to relieve him from the sun outside

I intended to smile in his face, as an act of charity

I intended to bring him to my home to be a generous Muslim

I did everything! 😄

Now I just have to wait until I fulfill Isha... then I'ma go to the library

Prayer comes first

I'm hungry 😕

Just living one sujood a day a time bruh wbu,


⚠ Friday


I gotta go to the Masjid early today, I didn't get a chance to go last week

This btch bad, I'm bouta poke her


I can't wait to go to Jummuah!!

May Allah allow me to make it to Jummuah today

May Allah bless Shaykh Gilles and grant him all type of goodness

May Allah bless Mufti Menk

May Allah bless Nouman Ali Khan

May Allah bless Yasmin

May Allah bless that SEPTA lady

May Allah bless Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

May Allah bless this Imam speaking

I can't understand what he's saying but he has a lot of knowledge

May Allah bless him

May Allah give him long life

YESSSS! My financial aid is processing 😀


I wanna pray Asr

I'm already here

The congregational prayer is 27x more rewardable

The city of Kimberly in South Africa is famous for its' diamonds

I want you to recognize that Britain was the leader of the world in the technology which led to all of this

In the 17th century Britain became the lender of the world

It is Britain's Bank of England at the end of the 17th century who began to issue the first paper currency

Once you begin to issue paper currency your capacity for establishing a Riba economy is now tremendously enhanced

One form of Riba is borrowing and lending money on interest

If there's anyone who would like to challenge me on that statement I'd be delighted to take the challenge, because I've studied my subject, I know what I'm talking about

His mountain of bread is constantly increasing, who is to be blamed for this?

Answer: the one eyed people

Those who have eyes but they cannot see

The scholars of Islam have failed miserably, colossally, and that is why we are in the mess in which we are in now

💡I completely agree!

In 1897 the European Jews established the Zionist movement

Simply by gazing upon the face of the Prophet SAWS Abdullah ibn Sallam embraced Islam

Abdullah ibn Sallam did not even need to hear one word, he simply gazed on the countenance of the Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and right then and there he said "this is not a liar, this is a true Prophet", and he embraced Islam on the spot

When he migrated to Medina the majority of the people were not Muslims

What is the advice that he's giving them that is going to benefit that society, and will eventually cause the society to embrace Islam

This is preserved in the hadeeth of Abdullah ibn Sallam

This beautiful hadeeth consists of four pieces of advice

1. Spread the Sallam (peace)

2. Feed food to the hungry

3. Be good to your family

4. Pray at night when everybody is asleep

If you follow these pieces of advice you will enter Jannah

Some hadeeths are so important they're given a title

Like the hadeeth of Jibreel

This hadeeth is called "the hadeeth of sallam"

The hadeeth of peace

The message of Islam is global, it's universal

We preach to all of mankind, and if they follow or not that's their business

If you follow you benefit, if you don't follow than that's your business between you and Allah SWT

Me and you we have forgotten the meaning of As Sallamu Allaikum

It has become a cultural greeting devoid of any meaning

It simply becomes words we utter just like hello and goodbye

I don't want any harm upon you, I want you to live comfortably and easy, I don't want to harm you

It also means I don't want anybody else to harm you

I want you to live good and peacefully, As-Salaam-Alaikum

You cannot cause evil if you say Sallam from the heart

Wherever you go, spread peace, spread Sallam

Your interactions with others, make sure that they are stellar

Stellar- relating to a star or stars.

"stellar structure and evolution"

💡 🤔Hmmmm

💡well Jason it looks like I can't think of anything to...


You have to help others in society, you have to help those that are less fortunate than you

The greatest need for mankind is food

Give onto others, don't just be selfish about your own life

We don't want your thanks we don't want your recompense, we are doing it for the sake of Allah

The righteous Muslim will be at the forefront of charitable causes

No one has ever said that feeding the poor should only be for Muslims

My agenda for this weekend: finish my final project, I gotta submit it on Monday, I'm soo excited about it, I've been working on it really hard and ik it's gon be great!

And I gotta finish memorizing this Surah, it's been taking too long now... but by the end of this weekend Insha'llah

I was gonna say "I'm sick of this fukkin retarded ass Surah, I been on this shyt now for like 7 weeks, I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT"

But that would not be permissible considering the fact that this Surah is Qur’an and Allah has honoured it

I gotta pick a picture of Nick Bean that don't look gay

All of this ngga in his pics he look gay af in them

What you see on the surface may not be the reality

Not because they want to show off, but because they understand the concept of responsibility

Think good of others

This is one of the hallmarks of a believer

Hallmark- a distinguishing characteristic, trait, or feature

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom often likes to argue and talk back to me, this is a hallmark of hers that she has in which I do not like, after many nights of drunk sex and choking her she now finally knows to not argue with me.

People are more driven by the fear of failure than the dream of success

Allah gives us that kick sometimes, why because sometimes we slack off

Who are you to think that you will not enter hellfire?

A paradise that is so expansive that it encompasses all of the heavens and earth

He made them forbidden for your own good

There is a healthy hope, and there is an unhealthy one

The unhealthy one is wishful thinking

As long as there's children there's hope

Children have the purity and the Fitrah that makes it possible for them to be open to a message of truth

Children by their nature are not disbelievers

Children by their nature are believers

Now adults assume that it's a lie but it's not

Because in that world of all possibilities there are other alternatives

Really, that's the way the childs' mind is working

7 years is called "the age of discrimination" because that is when the child begins to discriminate

The Prophet SAWS wanted good for them, "maybe they won't believe but their children will believe"


⚠ Saturday

Good Morning

Today ima focus on completing my final, I have to submit it on Monday

I don't like being ignored, I don't like when people don't respond to me, it makes me feel like you have more important things to worry about than me...

I don't like that shyt

I'ma wait till sunrise and pray before I go to the library

I'ma do what's right first before I sin df

Every single part of our body that Allah has created is amazing

Allah tells us in the Qur’an that he created human being in the best of forms

When we sense danger two parts of our body become active. The first is called the cerebral cortex, that's the part of the brain that processes information

The second part of the brain is something called the Amigdala, that's what then sends a response throughout our body to combat that danger that we have seen or sensed

All of those different things that our body does to react to that danger in the most appropriate way

There is a danger that Allah SWT tells us of about in the Qur’an in numerous verses

A danger that we can't always see, we can't always hear or sense it

It is a danger that is so hidden that unless you are cogniscent of the fact that it's there

The greatest, most constant, most persistent danger that all of us face, and that is the danger of Shaytaan

The worship of Shaytan doesn't simply mean to prostrate before the Shaytaan

It means that those people who choose the path of Shaytaan over the path of Allah

"Indeed Shaytaan for you is a clear enemy, so take him to be a clear enemy"

Whoever follows in the footsteps of Shaytaan, he only commands in evil and corruption

"O Allah guide us to the straight path"

Shaytaan took an oath that he will stand and wait in that straight path, to divert us

Every single thing that we do Shaytaan is there trying to ward us from the path of good

Encouraging us towards the path of evil, even when it comes to the worship of Allah SWT

When the Adhan comes Shaytaan runs, he flees, and he passes wind

💡Cdfupp 😂 this ngga Iblees love running, he be like 🏃 💨 "ppffttt!"

He gives us false promises, Shaytan knows our weaknesses

The false hopes and wishes of Shaytaan are nothing but deception

💡I'm just waiting till after sunrise so I can pray and eat, then ima go smoke in the bathroom and get HIGH AF!

💡 I mean... go to the library

💡15 minutes after sunrise...

Shaytaan only wants to cause hatred and enmity between you, by using alcohol and gambling

Shaytaan knows our weaknesses, some of us have a weakness of mouth


Some of us have a weakness of the opposite gender


Shaytaan knows and he deals with each one of us accordingly

Shaytaan only whispers when we're negligent of Allah

When we remember Allah SWT Shaytaan retreats and he becomes weak

Every one has Shaytaan whispering

The problem is not the whispering but when you act upon it

Indeed Shaytaan runs in the body of a person the way blood flows

When you're tempted to do evil that is from Shaytaan, but that is all the power that he has

🎙"i was always told that the true definition of a man was to never cry, work till u die, got to provide!"

This song is not haraam, it does not promote illicit behavior

This girl... I love her, she said "Alhamdulillah"

All I'm thinking about is marrying her and starting a family with her

Finna get high

I farted

I always be farting right before I sin, idk why 😕

I'm eagle twated

💂woow, you r soo "cool"




I be fuckin her

I'm not going to do that sin

I'm going to leave it out for the sake of Allah

Because of the piety of the parents Allah SWT was protecting the children

We can help our children to be guided by being pious ourselves

⚠ Monday

Good Morning

I gotta get high

Normally I would go out and do that shit

But no, it's too freaking cold outside

I'ma do that shit right in my bathroom

I'm high

Officer I'm high

Who am i?

Who am I and what is my purpose in life?



OOOHH! I know!!

My purpose in life is to worship Allah SWT alone and establish Deen on myself and others. Duh!!!😜

Finna get on IG and watch various girls shake their backsides

That's not wtf I wanna see

I wanna see girls, shaking, their, ass

I just gotta wait for my headphones to charge up, then I'm on go

I feel terrible

I'm so lost 🙁

I'm hungry


⚠ Tuesday

I'ma eat in school, I'm mad hungry

We have to recognize that because we have left the models of success, the mentors of success, and the qualities and characteristics of success, we have become failures

And the people of Dunya are ruining this world *draws picture of Donald Trump*

And they're creating havoc everywhere

Every successful person has a strong sense of purpose

What greater sense of purpose than to know that you goal is Allah SWT?

They seek out role models and mentors, and these mentors instill in them a sense of possibility

Have the strength to visualize your goals

This Religion is a Deen of success

The Prophet SAWS was the most successful human being who ever lived in the face of the Earth

We should not dwell on our failures

We should remember the success of this Ummah

We have to remember that Allah SWT will give us victory

The next one is self assurance

Know that you can succeed

Plan, organize, and prioritize

Your affliction is not their affliction

Break your goals into workable parts

There's different ways to do it, we're not supposed to get caught up in these trivial matters

Where is your heart in the prayer?

This is the only reason that corporations are successful, because they know how to plan and organize

We have women being raped all over the place, we have Muslims being bombed

The ability to acquire necessary skills to succeed

One of our greatest weaknesses is that we don't have scholars

We want our child to be engineers and doctors

Why don't you want your child to be what the greatest thing a human being can be?

Parents of the one who memorizes Qur’an will be crowned on Yawma Al Qiyama

Make your children people of Akhira not people of Dunya

Be patient, your time will come

Be patient and enjoin in others patience

Umar ibn al-Khattab never felt safe from Nifaq

No one has except what they persevere for

He will see his endeavor

The ability to love what one is doing

We have to love what we're doing

The Companions of the Prophet they loved Allah and He loved them

Only four Prophets were Arabs

I already purchased my illegal marijuana

Finna blow that shyt TONIGHT!

The reality is we live in a world full of distractions

Be mindful of God on how you treat women

One of the problems that our youth has is they don't set their standards

They don't aim high, they settle for mediocrity

The Qur'an and Sunnah is very clear, we set our goals for the heights, we don't settle for mediocrity

Can't wait to blow this shyt, ima be high af!

I'm either gonna smoke this shyt later on tonight or tomorrow morning

Rolled up, gonna blow that shyt tomorrow morning

You gotta plan ahead, think of the future

I purchased my illegal marijuana, this shyt some kill

I gotta smoke this shyt, but pops is home so I can't blow that shyt in the bathroom

So ima just smoke that shyt omw to school tomorrow, simple

My favorite Compaanion is Julaybeeb, I am going to name one of my sons after him


And patience means to control yourself against all the irrational actions and words, and all the haraam actions and words

Rasullullah SAWS when he became angry he'd go silent

I'ma horny little fucker

Btch u finna get FUCKED!

You gon catch all this 5.5ml

On my life!!

I love the expressions that manifest on your face while you're getting RAMMED

Karlee Grey and Violet Starr may be porn stars yes. But THEY CAN CHANGE! They have a lot of potential

The Fatiha is seven verses

All of those meanings are embedded in Suratul Fatiha

The Surah is divided into two

The first is for him

People are watching a film, and even though it's a terrible film you keep watching it because you want to know what's gonna happen at the end, this is the nature of the human beings

That's part of His Mercy, people die before they get really sick

Allah already told us what's going to happen, so we don't have to wait till we get to the end of the film

The world that they envision, this wonderful world without Religion would be a very horrible world

There are secularists people that don't believe in God, that has very basic humanity, but that's not the norm

It's been proven in social sciences that people without Religion give less charity, they are less likely to volunteer, these are realities of the world

If you follow the Qur’an your desires won't deviate


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

Finna go to the library

Insha'llah I won't fart

I was high as shit this morning

I'ma go to the library again tomorrow!

But I gotta go before sunrise, cuz I'm fasting tomorrow

The greatest shirk is worship of the self

I'm thinking about Call It Luck

I'm plotting

Something crazy's gonna happen

Jason gon get shot!

"Winter storm warning"

💡 is that supposed to stop me from smoking and getting high?

I'ma find a way to download Microsoft Word, so that I can continue working on Call It Luck

You don't really know me, you only know what I reveal...

But frfr, you don't know me

I found a way to download Microsoft Word!!

I always find a way

May Allah protect my father


⚠ Thursday

I prayed Fajr already

Finna upload my thoughts, feels so good knowing that I don't have to wait till 10am when the library opens to do it, I can just do it at the comfort of my home

I gotta go to the library tho at like 7:30 am after I pray and eat

My life revolves around prayer times

I'm thinking about bae... the girl I'm going to marry

I wonder if she thinks of me as much as I think of her?

I gotta marry her and start a family with her ASAP!

No time to waste


⚠ Saturday

From the age of 9-18 Aisha was with the Prophet SAWS

Good Morning

Even though I didn't smoke yesterday cuz it was Friday, I still managed to purchase my illegal marijuana and I'm just gonna smoke up this morning

In life you always have to plan ahead, always have to prepare for the future

Since I got my laptop now I'm finna start working back on Call It Luck, I gotta re-read it tho, I forgot some of what's going on

This ngga Jason finna fuck Christy

I'm hungry as shit

As soon as I eat I'm going straight to the library

I gotta eat first tho, it's not good to smoke on an empty stomach

That shyt kills your high

Not that I smoke weed or anything, I don't do that. That shyt is haraam

"Life is a farce which everyone has to perform"

-Arthur Rimbaud

Farce- a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.

Because it's the teachings of Allah that asks you to be kind to people so that they can relate to the Maker

You submit to Allah, you don't submit to your whims and fancies

Even if you dislike someone you must still be just with them

We're doing it for the sake of Allah, we want the reward

May Allah SWT bless every one of us

I'm at the library high as shit

Being high is a state of mind

I'm high and I'm eagle twated!

I'm so throwed

Being high has a certain stimulation effect on my hyperspermia

I wonder if that makes sense 🤔?

Any problem that Quraysh or any other tribe had with the Muslims the Prophet Muhammad SAWS says "we'll take care of that"

The Prophet Muhammad SAWS he hears of this attack, he hears of this plan, and he decides to cut them off

He sends a delegation to cut them off, to sort of intercept the attack as its coming

This battle that happened is known as the Battle of Badr, and it occurred in the month of Ramadan

"If you are not interested you're not going to be held accountable"

"If you asked us to follow you to the ends of the Earth we will follow you Ya Rasullullah "

This miracle happened in the month of Ramadan

This story is a story of people who saw the priority of the afterlife over this Dunya

There will be nothing waiting for them in the Akhira because they've invested everything in the Dunya

You can tell a lot about the health of your heart and your relationship with Allah by what you make Du'a for

What kind of personality are we instilling in our families when we get upset with them when they don't get an 'A' on that final, but when they miss Fajr "it's okay, there's always tomorrow"

This is not the characteristic of the Companions

If a person truly has desire for the Akhira it shouldn't be on and off

There are some characteristics that are inherent to farmers

The practice of farming, or any business in general is one that requires immense trust and patience

What farmers do is that they plant, they nurture, they feed, they tend, for months

Without any gurantee of the outcome, without any gurantee that what they're working on is going to happen

Allah is so generous, in this Dunya He'll give them what they wsnt, but in the Akhira they've given up everything

A give and take, there's a challenge being presented to us

When a person fasts they're proving that they love Allah more than this Dunya

Fasting is a big deal

We have to make a commitment that we keep up the good actions that we've been doing, after the month

No one celebrates failure

The Cleveland Cavaliers didn't have a party this year

No one has a graduation party if they didn't graduate

Only when you achieve something do you celebrate

Realize that you are in the month of miracles, you are in the month where things happened that people thought will never happen

Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Abdel Rahman and I'll have more knowledge than him

As soon as my headphones charge up I'm on go!

I'm ready

Tomorrow on Sunday I'm gonna fast, I wanted to fast today but I couldn't because I smoked weed and got high

I'm not smoking tomorrow cuz I'm fasting

The next time that I'm gonna smoke will be on Monday after school, I usually smoke up in the morning before school, but it's always cold af in the morning

Just dying of hunger, spiritual hunger

Real hunger, they are spiritually dying of hunger

If you could see their spiritual souls, you'd see their corpulent bodies, the reason their bodies is so fat is because their souls are starving

Corpulent- having a large bulky body : OBESE

💡Sentence example: Jason's mom finds great pleasure in sucking my corpulent penis.

I don't want my children to have those friends

Barnie is on Prozac as well

So Barnie is having an existential crisis and he's raising your children

Dunya is dirt, that's all it is

This Religion has become just "ME ME ME" really

There are some people that can't even read Al-Fatiha

Go out and teach Al-Fatiha to somebody

Learn the Religion, and then teach it to others

The first people were probably from South Africa

This is the natural progression that's going to happen when we're focused on the fear

Every time that you get into a car there's a legitimate chance you're going to get into a car accident

It's a real fear, it's a real threat

We have to focus forward, otherwise we will not be able to keep going

Allah is preparing us for the types of trials that we're going to go through

"Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un" is not just a statement that you say when someone dies

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un is not just a paradigm, it's a way to see the world

Paradigm- an outstandingly clear or typical example or archetype

"there is a new paradigm for public art in this country"

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom is a perfect paradigm for the rest of the whores in my whore house.

There is no change, and there is no power or strength except by Allah

You have to understand where change comes from and you have to understand where you put your dependence

Change does not come from the media or what the media says, change comes from Allah

It comes from Allah and only from Allah, and until we understand that nothing is going to really change

Allah's promise and victory doesn't come and go, it's stable

The Prophet SAWS said that there will be a time when the Ummah will be like the froth on the ocean

The froth on the ocean just goes wherever the tides take them

That's how we've become

We need to be like the tree that Allah SWT talks about in Surat Ibrahim

Allah is still in charge, regardless of who's in office

Insha'llah one day I will have more knowledge than Yasmin and I will be a better Muslim than her

This ngga fuckin that btch in the ass, that shyt is haraam

Kehlani didn't have a mother while growing up

Aw it's okay baby, I can't be your mom but I can def be ur daddy

Tre pound, crack pound, Meek Milly bloudhound, grimey thirsty, bout it you heard me

60 degrees today! That's smoking weather 😰

So I guess I'm smoking and getting high today



I'm fasting today, and I have to memorize this Surah by the end of the weekend

I'm staying home all day today, idc if it was 85 degrees and all the drug dealers were out giving free packs of blue dream!!

I'm staying home idc idc!

Allah comes first... always!

If you have an idea discuss it with people that are in entrepreneurship

All you need is a good idea and work ethic, and you can start something, and you can be huge

That's what the Ummah needs, the Ummah needs creative entrepreneurs

We have enough doctors

We have enough programmers

The new language of power in the world is economics

We have to learn to start thinking big, and we have to develop a work ethic for it

We're not just here to serve the Ummah, we're here to fix the world, you have to start thinking that big

Don't short-change yourself, don't underestimate yourself

You have to exercise your talents, you have to make the most of yourself

Everybody should work in accordance with their predisposition

You have a talent, you're good at something

Predisposition- a liability or tendency to suffer from a particular condition, hold a particular attitude, or act in a particular way.

"a child may inherit a predisposition to schizophrenia"

💡 Sentence example- A prostitute like Jason's mom may have a predisposition to have a low self esteem.


⚠ Sunday

I'm gonna do something and I'm gonna do it better than anybody else has done it

I'm gonna let my work speak for itself

I'm a Muslim but I'm not crazy, please vote for me, I'm not like the other crazy guys

He doesn't have to do that, he lets his work speak for himself

People assume things about us, they make fun of us

Our contribution to the world speaks for itself, that will shut everybody up better than anything else

These are privileges not rights, and these are things that we take for granted sometimes

This Dunya, the more that you chase it, the more you want it

I'm finna start watching The Flash and Supergirl again, I used to watch them but I stopped...

But now that I got my laptop ima start back up again

Right after I finish working on my final project, school comes first

15 minutes after sunrise...

The question is that there's indication that there might be alien life outside of planet earth and the Qur’an might have a hint or two about it

My response first of all is "who cares?"

We have to give life to the real issues

These are issues, this is happening right now

Our mentality has to become "what is priority, what is the real focus"

What the Qur’an made a priority, is a priority for us

The things we repeat the most should be the things that Allah repeats the most

We have to get away from distractions, we really do

This is all their Islam is, because they're so deeply drowning in sin that they don't wanna address that issue

We have to be realistic Muslims

Not the issues that nobody will benefit from

Conflict resolutions between husband and wife

We are going to build a generation of young people that learn their Deen and are connected to reality

Finna pray, work on my final project, and watch The Flash

I'm not gonna watch "Supernatural" ever again

Them nggas, they introduced an Angel in the show named "Castiel"

And they introduced "God" in the show, his name was Chuck


Chuck was in a bar... drinking

So they're saying that God drinks... alcohol!

What typa blasphemy shyt is that??

Watching this movie... this btch talking bout "SOMEBODY HELP MEE!!"

💡Ain't nobody gon help you btch u finna DIE

"Your son drowned Amy, it is time to let go, let him cross over"

💡 this btch Amy gotta fat butt

💡 this other little btch in the movie named "Becky"

💡 Becky gon grow up to be a whore, she gon bust it open every chance she gets

"Your son drowned, it is not your fault"

💡 Don't beat yourself up over it Amy, we can make another son"

I'm not gonna finish watching that movie, that shyt made no sense whatsoever

Amy's son died, she woke up in a old abandoned school, there was zombies crawling on the floor n shyt, some kid beat Amy up n shyt wtff

I hate movies like that, the plot made no sense whatsoever

Abdullah ibn Umar is the son of Umar ibn al-Khattab

From the age of 9 up to 18 Aisha was with the Prophet SAWS

There are bodies that have not been eaten by the Earth, it exists

We want peace, we are the people of peace

🎙"just cuz you and me are done don't make it tragic"

As soon as Maghrib comes ima upload these shits

After I pray and break my fast

I always pray before I break my fast

Because... what if you're eating, and you choke on a piece of bone and die

Then you gotta stand in front of Allah and He's gonna ask you "why didn't you do your prayer?"

Wtff r u gonna say??

💡 "Ya Rabb, I was hungry Ya Rabb, forgive me Ya Rabb 😳"

Cdffuupp 😂

Roszay babymom look like a fatass hot air balloon

A fatass blimp!

The jawn off Scarface that be like "The World is Yours"

That's what Roszay babymom look like

She look like a fatass iguana

Roszay really be fuckin her 😕





I wonder how he can find her vagina underneath all that fat?

Her stomach fat as shit

That btch needs to lose some damn weight

They gotta fucked up relationship

The only one that's actually normal out of them is their daughter

The daughter is the only normal one, out of both of them

Roszay like 29, and he's like 5'7, and he look like a kid that hasn't reached puberty n shyt

Roszay babymom, Ciara, that btch look like a NBA player n shyt

Or a football player

She look like a fatass linebacker

I like the heat way more than the cold

But I don't like excessive heat

Finna purchase my illegal marijuana, ima smoke that shyt after Maghrib

I'm fasting today, and it's raining

Weed is not everything you know

😈you're right, it's the only thing!

This ngga Ibliss ugly as shit

This shyt stink in my pocket!

I can already tell this some gas

"Only add people that you know"


💡 We go way back

As soon as I pray Maghrib I'm smoking this shyt and getting high af!

But first I gotta pray Maghrib

My life revolves around prayer times

Fear is a very interesting emotion, it can motivate or it can paralyze

The default of fear is that it is a paralyzing emotion

It needs hope in order for it to be productive

Fear is a more comprehensive emotion in the Qur’an

Some people fear death

Nothing is worth fearing but Allah

1258!-!-!-!-! & 1259!-!-!-!-!

What's the worse that they can do to you when you're living for Allah SWT?

Change is coming in the Muslim community

In Islam, as soon as Maghrib comes it's the next day