Ya Allah, today is the Day of Ashura, and I am fasting. I am fasting today, I fasted yesterday, and I will fast tomorrow, to earn Your pleasure and acceptance. I bear witness that You are the Only One worthy of being worshipped and I bear witness that Muhammad is Your slave and Messenger. Why do I exist Ya Rabb? That's a rhetorical question Ya Rabb. My sole purpose for existence is to place my forehead on the ground and to earn Your pleasure and acceptance. There is no God but You Ya Rabb. I love You and I know that You love me back because You are Al-Wadood(The Most-Loving). And plus I am Muslim, and You love every one of Your Muslims. This is true, the Prophet SAWS told me so, and he is not one to lie. He is completely truthful, about everything. His veracity cannot be denied. I worship You because of Who You are. You are my Lord, so why would I not worship You?

  1. Allah

  2. Ya Rabb I just want You to Know that I know that You are attributed with the following:

    1. Knowledge
    2. No similarity to the creation
    3. Oneness
    4. Will
    5. Hearing
    6. Everlasting
    7. Non-neediness
    8. Sight
    9. Speech
    10. Life
    11. Existence
    12. Eternity
    13. Power

    You have these attributes, and You are not in need of these attributes because they are only creations and You do not need any creations. Rather these attributes are the ones that need You. Everything that is in existence needs You. The Angels need You, the Jinns need You, this entire universe needs You, I need you, I need You to keep me alive, I DON'T WANNA DIE!

    You are One, the fundamental message of Islam is Tawheed, monotheism. We only believe in One God, You. Knowing You is knowing Your names and attributes. It is an obligation for every human being to know You. If one dies without knowing You and being a Muslim then they will ultimately go to hellfire forever. Considering that they are sane, pubescent, and heard the call of Islam. The sane person is the one who has their mind, and is not crazy. Because there are some human beings which You have created that has 47 chromosomes and their mental capacity is not the same as everybody else. These people are not accountable, so when they die they will go to Paradise, because they are not able to distinguish betweem right and wrong, and You do not burden any soul beyond it's capacity.

    The pubescent one is the one who has reached puberty, the signs of puberty are three for girls and two for boys, they are as follows:


    1. 15 lunar years of age

    2. Ejaculation
    (this means that when the male ejaculates then he is automatically pubescent, now it is possible that he can ejaculate before he reaches 15 lunar years of age. If this happens then he is accountable, meaning if he dies he will be judged the same as an 80 year old man. If he is only 11 or 12 and he has ejaculated and he dies without embracing Islam than You will send him to hellfire, forever.)


    1. 15 lunar years of age

    2. Ejaculation

    3. Mensus
    (so this means that if she has her period and she dies without embracing Islam than You will send her to hellfire, forever)

    This is You Ya Rabb, You are Al-Muqsit(The Just). Everything that You do makes sense, it may not make sense to us at times, but it certainly makes sense to You. There is a reason behind every single thing that You do. You do not just will for something to happen without any reason behind it, no, there is a reason behind everything that You do.

    Similarly, You are the Most-Merciful, Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem. You forgive every sin, except for kufr/blasphemy. So this means that if a serial killer dies, and he has killed over 300 people, but he has never associated partnership with You or belied any of Your attributes in any way, then You may forgive him for all his sins and enter him into Paradise. Similarly, if a pastor at a church dies, and he has multiple charities and has built many homes for the poor, and he has funded for many homeless shelters and helped out many people, but if he dies believing that You have a partner, whether that be a spouse, brother, or son, or if he dies believing that You are ignorant in any way, or if he denies any one of Your eternal attributes, and if he dies then You will send him to hellfire, forever! This is You.

    There are major abhorrent sins like: Disobeying one's parents, homosexuality, sodomy, drinking alcohol, consuming any type of intoxicants. These are all major sins in which you strongly detest and You forbid for us to do them, and if one dies without repenting from these sins then they are liable to fall into hellfire. But You may forgive, and You are the Most-Forgiving. But if one dies not believing in You than You definitely will not forgive that person and he will definitely go to hellfire, forever. Because which iniquity could be worse than one not believing in God? Not "a" god, but "the" God, and You are the Only God, the only One Who deserves to be worshipped is You. I love You and You are One. I will never associate partnership with You.

    The three most serious sins are: Shirk, Murder, Fornication Out of all of them shirk is the worst. Shirk just means "ascribing partnership to Allah, the Only God". There are different forms of shirk Ya Allah, one type is Shirk in obedience. In this Dunya Allah who do we give our obedience to? We give our obedience to parents, elders, the law, the government etc... We can obey all these things and it will not be shirk, unless one rule is broken. If obeying them involves disobeying You. So for example, we have to pray five times a day, who's order is that? Yours. Your dad says “don’t pray” or he says “pray later… pray in an hour”. Now you have a conflict of obedience to parent or obedience to Allah. If one was to obey their parents and disobey You than that will be shirk. Also if one prays or does an act of worship to earn the praise of the people than that will also be shirk, but it is only minor shirk, but minor shirk is a major sin.

    The other major sin is murder, murder in Islamic terminology is unjust killing, so if one kills a soul without a justifiable reason than he has committed a major sin and is liable to fall into hellfire, unless he repents. If he repents then You will forgive him and he can keep on living his life, because You are Oft-Forgiving, Most-Merciful. I love You and You are One.

    Another major sin is Fornication. Fornication in Islamic terminology is defined as "inserting the head of the penis into the vagina of a woman that one is not married to", this is a major sin in which you strongly detest and forbid for every one of your slaves to do. The Shaytan once came to me, he wanted me to believe that it is not really considered fornication if you wear a condom and you stick it in the vagina, because the condom will act as a barrier. Then I came to my senses, and quickly I realized that this is not true. If a condom is on and you insert it in the vagina is it still going inside the vagina? Umm... YES! This is why Imam Ali ibn Abi Tallib said that "knowledge is better than money because you protect money, whereas knowledge protects you", if I would've actually believed that it was permissible to fornicate if I had a condom on and it was going to act as a barrier than I would've done that sin than surely I would've been one who has fallen astray, thank You for protecting me Ya Rabb!

    Similarly Ya Allah. Would it be better for one to hang around a crowd full of Muslims who fornicates, smokes weed and drinks alcohol. Or hang around a crowd of Non-Muslims who studies all day, does community service on a regular basis and do not smoke or drink? It will be better to hang around the sinful Muslims who smoke and drink why? Because smoking and drinking are sins that You can forgive, but You will not forgive those who are Non-Muslims. But what will be best is for one to not hang around the sinful Muslims, or the Non-Muslims, that will be best

  3. Prophet Muhammad SAWS

  4. Please raise the rank of my master Muhammad SAWS and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears. Raise his rank Ya Rabb, PLEASE I BEG YOU! Raise the rank of my master and bless his kind Al and Companions.

    I love Your Prophet more than I love my own mother, more than I love my father, when I have children in the future Insha'llah I will love Your Prophet more than I love them. This is because You have ordered me to love him that much, and I must do what You command of me, because I am Your slave and I love You, and You are one. I will never assoiate partnership with You Ya Rabb

  5. Tawbah and ASK

  6. Ya Allah, I have sinned. I come to You as a sinner, I call upon You At-Tawaab!(The Acceptor of Repentance), I wish to return back to You. I have realized that I have sinned and I am willing to properly repent to You and return back to You, I love You and You are One.

    What are my sins:

    1. I watched robot porn and masterbated Ya Rabb

    2. I watched Robot Chicken porn and masterbated Ya Rabb

    3. I looked at this girl's backside and thought about her while I masterbated Ya Rabb

    4. I used the "F" word Ya Rabb

    5. I watched general porn and masterbated Ya Rabb

    I'M SO ASHAMED OF MYSELF! 😣 I FEEL TERRIBLE!! I completely regret having done these sins and please believe me when I tell You this: I will never do these sins again or any sin


    There's nothing that I need to ask You for, just please forgive me for all my sins and let my last words be "La ilaha illallah"

    It's just one thing, please bless me Ya Rabb. Secure me and allow me to prosper. Grant me happiness in this Dunya and the Akhira

    Please bless my mother. She's all alone in that country suffering, she's struggling Ya Rabb. I'm not able to help her because I have no power and I am not able to do anything, only You have Power. You are Able to bless her and protect her and sustain her. Please Ya Rabb. I love that woman. She gave birth to me and she took care of me while I was little, I owe her my life.

    The Prophet of Allah SAW lost his mother when he was six years old. His mother died on the journey from Madinah to Makkah. At a place called 'Al Abwah'. When the Prophet SAW was traveling from Madinah back to Makkah. Everybody that was traveling with him, the whole caravan, the whole army, he said stop here! And a few people that were close with the Prophet SAW, they went with him. And he went and he sat down at a grave and he sat down there for a little while. After a while he started to cry. He started to sob, he cried so severely that literally he was sobbing, his whole body was shaking. The sahaba that were there, you know when you see somebody that you love in pain, it causes you pain. They didn't even understand, they didn't even know what this was about. Some of the other sahaba started to cry by seeing the Prophet SAW crying so badly. Umar (ra) finally went and he hugged the Prophet SAW from behind, he grabbed him. And he said it's okay, it's okay, he consoled the Prophet SAW. Until the Prophet SAW was able to contain himself. And then they asked: what makes you cry like this O Messenger of Allah? And he said this is the grave of my mother, and coming here and visiting here reminds me of my mother, and I miss my mom. And that's why he cried. He was 6 years old, how much time had he spent with his mother? 50 years later. He's a grandfather at this point, he's the Messenger of Allah at this point. But he misses his mom and he cries for his mother.

    Ya Allah this is what I'm saying, my mother is still alive, she's still young and well, and I don't want anything bad to happen to her. Please bless that woman and bring her to me so I can build a house for her, take care of her children, and kiss her feet.

    Please bless my father. He has taken care of me since I was little and he is still taking care of me today, I love him and I don't want anything bad to ever happen to him. Please bless him and give him long life and make him prosper in this Dunya.

  7. Dua

  8. Bless my brother Judah, give him long life and allow him to prosper. Please protect him from every evil

    Bless my brother Maher and give him long life, allow him to prosper and forgive him for his sins

    Please bless Brother Anwar, keep him safe and give him long life

    Please bless my brother Hassan, give him long life and allow him to prosper and forgive him Ya Rabb

    Bless my brother Adam Ya Rabb, give him long life and allow him to prosper

    Please bless all those who are frequent at the Masjid at 4431 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA Bless all of them, give them all long life and protect all of them Ya Rbb. You are Able!

  9. Allah

  10. I start with Your name and I end with Your name Ya Rabb. I love You and You are One. I bear witness that You are the only One Who deserves to be worshipped and I bear witness that Muhammad is Your slave and Messenger