Dear Bae...

I don't know you yet, I don't know what you look like, but you're out there, I know you are, I see you in my dreams every night. I'ma be real with you, I'm gonna make you mines! You're so beautiful, I wanna make you my everything. But the reason why I want to marry you is not because of your beauty, nor is it because of your long hair or large backside, the reason why I want to marry you is because of your piety level.You are a highly pious Muslim and you have surely attained At-Taqwa.

Sometimes I think that maybe I don't deserve you because you're on a whole different level from me and it's impossible for me to get at your level. But that's among the reasons why I want to marry you. I wanna learn from you baby, I want you to make me into a better man and a better Muslim. I wanna make you my everything.There's not a lot that I want in this world, but whatever I want I chase for it and I make sure I get it! I'ma chase you baby.

I'm a simple man, I don't really need much, a little will suffice. Just my Religion and you by my side to complete me. Ik that you've had a lot of heartbreaks in the past, but it's going to work this time Wallahi. I would never break your heart or hurt you. Why would I hurt the girl that I chose to marry? That's dumb.

We can make this work bae. If you want we can elope and go away somewhere and get married and we can stay together forever and ever. And we won't ever have to worry about anything because as long as we're married and we're both Muslim than God got us. You're so beautiful baby I wanna make you my everything. Your parents don't want for us to be together but irdgaf, you're the one that I want! Let's do it right, let's get married

I'm not going to be able to buy that ring for you but I'll give you something better: We can be a family baby, we can have many kids and be parents and grand-parents and great grand-parents and great great grand-parents Insha'llah. Right now I'm incomplete, as much as I might think that I'm good and everything is wonderful at the end of the day it really isn't, because how can everything be wonderful if I don't have the most wonderful girl in the world by my side? I wanna make breakfast for u baby, I wanna feed you, I wanna shower with you, I wanna take care of u and I want u to take care of me. This is what I'm saying: I wish to make u happy and cultivate my seeds inside u and increase the population of the Muslims. Help me do that baby, help me get to Paradise!