Dear faggots,
I'm just writing all you fuckers to tell u how it is, i'ma tell you the truth. God is going to smite all of you sons of btches. I told you fuckers I'm not gay and still y'all persist. You fags are everywhere, everywhere I turn there's a faggot starring at me. Understand this please... you homos can't seem to understand English. I'm sick and tired of you gay mfs. Y'all gay mfs out here dressing like females n shyt putting on fake wigs and powdering y'all faces trying to look like chicks n shyt. Go ahead, but i'ma tell you this. God does not like faggots. He created Adam and Eve, He did not create Adam and Steve. I see that you're adamant on being faggots. Ard if you come near me I swear by the name of Allah I will KILL YOU

God sent Prophet Lut AS to the city of Sodom. He sent him there to preach Islam and lead the people to the straight path. Lo and behold when he got there everybody was gay! And they would not listen to the message that Lut AS was preaching. Lut tried to tell them like "Hey you guys need to stop being gay and be Muslims and believe in Allah, the only God." But them gay mfs wouldn't listen, they chose not to be Muslims because they didn't want to stop being gay, and Islam prohibits homosexuality. That was their choice. But they didn't stop there. When God sent some Angels to Lut AS, and when Angels come in human form they are very attractive, and the people saw that Lut had some male visitors who were very handsome, so what happened? Their homosexuality instincts kicked in. They all gathered around Lut's house and started knocking on the door talking about some "HEY OPEN UP! WE WANT UR SEXY GUESTS" Lut wasn't down for it because in Islam You have to treat your guests well and take care of them so Lut was like "you can't have my guests. Here, take my daughters you can have them" but them faggots was like "naaw bruh. We want your handsome guests" but them nggas didn't know that those guests were really "Angels" in human form. So the Angels told Lut to take his family and leave the city ASAP, and he did just that. And after he left the Angels destroyed every single one of them gay mfs. They blew up the entire city.

The same shit that happened with the people of Lut is what's happening now. God has created more women then men all these girls out here and you gay nggas still choose to be gay. You fuckers are adamant on your homosexuality. You faggots wanna be stubborn, God is more stubborn than you. He was the one to create all you faggots! He bought you into this world and He can take you out.