Ya Allah, I call upon You. I usually do this after my Fajr prayer every Friday morning but I will not be able to do it tomorrow because I have class. Please accept...

  1. Allah

  2. I start with your name Ya Rabb. I praise and worship You, for you are Hameed. Ya Allah, You are the only God and I will never associate any partnership with You. For You are all perfect and You are the only One Who deserves to be worshipped. I obey You and I love You Ya Rabb.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that You are attributed with eternal Knowledge. Your knowledge encompasses all Ya Rabb. You are Aleem(knower of all) and You are Hakeem(Most Wise). Ya Allah Your attribute of Knowledge is eternal, it does not have a beginning nor does it have an end. You know all Ya Rabb. If it occurs then You have knowledge of it occurring. If it does not occur then You have knowledge of it not occuring. If it is going to occur in the future then You know that it will occur. Even if it does not occur then You have knowledge of how it would have been if it did occur

    Today I was on the bus going home from school Ya Allah. This person came and sat close to me on the seat in front of mines. This person was dressed as a female, he/she had long blonde hair, he/she had tight clothes, he/she even powdered her/his face and had lipstick on. I truly believed that this person was a female Ya Rabb. It was not until the bus arrived at the final stop and he/she got off the bus and I saw how heavily built he/she was and Lo and Behold, immediately I knew: This ain't no female

    Ya Allah but I did not know, he had me fooled, the whole time I was thinking that was a girl Ya Rabb. See but You are Aleem. You eternally knew that wasn't no girl. You knew but I didn't. You Know all Ya Rabb. And your attribute of Knowledge is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You have no similarity with the creation. Ya Allah, You said in Ayat 11 of Surah Al Shura lay sha kamithli shay this means that You do not resemble anything in any way. You are the Creator, and we are all creations. I am not able to fathom or conceive You because if I can then that will be contradicting that Ayat. My mind is a place. So I am not able to picture You in my mind because You do not exist in a place. The creation is weak, You are powerful. The creation has many flaws, You are all Perfect. There are many creation. You are One Ya Allah.

    The fundamental message of Islam is your Oneness, monotheism Ya Allah. Islam is the only monotheistic Religion. I believe in only You Ya Rabb, and I will never associate partnership with You. And your attribute of Oneness is not related to the mental impossibility

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with an eternal Will. If it happens then You was the one Who willed for it to happen. If it does not happen then You did not Will it. The term "Masha'llah" means: Allah has willed for this to happen and I am happy that He did. Brother gets married. "You got married brother:) Masha'llah, May Allah sustain your marriage and give you many children AAMEN. The term "Insha'llah" means: God Willingly this will happen. A brother wishes to get married. "Insha'llah may Allah grant you a beautiful spouse with many children AAMEN". No one knows Your Will. But we are ordered to be between fear and hope. We fear for the worst, and we hope for the best. The best that can happen is gaining entry into Paradise. The worst is going to Hellfire. And Your attribute of Will is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with Hearing. You hear everything Ya Rabb. We do not have that attribute. Yes we are able to "perceive sound waves with our ear drums" but we certainly do not have hearing, only You have that attribute Ya Rabb. What do I need to hear? I need my ears, which are organs. And what do I need to listen to music? I need my headphones, which is an instrument. You Hear all without any organ or instrument Ya Rabb. You hear my thoughts and everything in my heart. And Your attribute of hearing is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with Everlastingness. Ya Allah You are Baquee. You have no beginning and You have no end. It is impossible for You to die or be nonexistent Ya Rabb. And Your attribute of Everladtingness is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are not in need of any creation You are independent. You do not need me, I NEED YOU! All the creations are in need of You. This entire universe is in need of its Creator. And Your attribute of non-neediness is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with an eternal Sight. You are Basir. YOU SEE ALL YA RABB. What do I need to see? My eyes, which are organs. And what do I need to see clear? My glasses, which is an instrument. You See all without any instrument or organ needed. And Your attribute of Sight is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with an Eternal Speech. You spoke to Prophet Musa PBUH. And the Quran is Your eternal Kalam. You just say "kun" and that's it. And Your attribute of Speech is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with an eternal Life. Allah You are Al Hayy. What do I need for life? Well I need a soul, organs, body, etc... This is not like You Ya Rabb. You do not have a soul, body, organs, or anything. Yet You have Life. And Your Life is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    And Your Life is Eternal Ya Rabb. Just like all Your other attributes. You have no beginning and no end, and it is utterly impossible for You to die. And Your attribute of Eternity is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with eternal Existence YOU EXIST YA RABB. Wanna know how I know that You exist? Because I exist. So who bought me into this world? My parents? No, no, they cannot create, only You have that Power. It's only three possibilities to explain my existence Ya Rabb. 1. I created myself 2. I was created from another creation 3. There's an All Powerful All Knowledgeable Creator Who made me. The first two are contradictions. It's You Ya Allah, YOU CREATED ME. And You are One. Your attribute of Existence is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with Power You are Al Muqtadir. Ya Allah You are Powerful. You can do whatever you want because You are God and You have that Power. And Your attribute of Power is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah those are Your attributes and You are not in need of them. Rather they need You. And You was the One to create them. For You are the Creator of all. Ya Allah I am not able to conceive any of Your eternal attributes because I am a weak creation and my puny mind cannot fathom. Please bring me to understanding Ya Rabb

  3. Prophet Muhammad

  4. Ya Allah, please God. I humbly ask You to please raise the rank of our master Muhammad and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears. Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Because he is the best. You have chosen him to be the best. He is accepted by You. Please bless me to be able to emulate his characteristic. I wish to be like the Holy Prophet SAWS. Raise his rank Ya Rabb.

    Raise the rank of my father Ibrahim AS. He is the second best after our Prophet Ya Rabb. My father Ibrahim AS has taught me so much. Bless him Ya Rabb, bless me to be able to see him one day in the Akhira. Raise his rank Ya Rabb.

    Raise the rank of Eesa. Please Ya Rabb. Raise his rank and return him back to us so that he can rule!

    Bless the Angels watching me and recording this Ya Rabb. Bless every Angel. There are many of them, but You know every single one of them Ya Rabb. I love every Angel. Because every Angel loves you and obeys you completely. They are all Awliya. Raise the rank of the Angels carrying the throne. Raise the rank of Israfeel. Please don't give him the signal to blow the horn any time soon

  5. Tawbah and Ask

  6. Ya Allah, my sins Ya Rabb. My sins are like Uhud and Everest combined. Please destroy that mountain and convert all those sins into good deeds Ya Rabb. Please. What are my sins: Ya Rabb I smoked weed and got high, Ya Rabb I watched porn, masturbated and ejaculated. Ya Rabb I stared at this girl in a lascivious and lustful manner. My eyes were fixated on her backside Ya Rabb. I was starring hard! And I know that You forgive the first look but it's the second look that is considered sinful. So I just kept starring and didn't blink and I kept telling myself like: this is still the first look, Allah WILL forgive. But who was I fooling Ya Allah? Certainly not You. And this other girl I saw was Muslim, she had on her Hijab. She was so pretty Ya Rabb. Her facial structure was perfectly symmetrical, I was starring hard Ya Allah. I was getting complete enjoyment from starring at her. Ya Allah she had on her Hijab, she had it on! I'M SORRY YA ALLAH. FORGIVE ME! You are Ghaffour, At Tawaab, Afuuw, Raheem. PLEASE. I AM SO ASHAMED OF MYSELF! Ya Allah why am I so weak? Why am I so infirm? I am a dog Ya Allah. I am just a sinful piece of fecal matter, this is me! I am a repetitive sinner, I just keep sinning and I don't think about the consequences. My hedonistic nature always wins Ya Allah. And it's not like it is impossible for me to not sin because Prophet Muhammad SAWS was able to refrain from all sins and He was a man just like me. Keep it a bean Ya Allah,in all honesty, I'm tired of sinning. I'm tired of disobeying You. I DON'T WANNA LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE. I'm a hypocrite Ya Allah, help me God, PLEASE! I BEG YOU
  7. Tawbah and Ask

  8. Please shower me with blessings Ya Rabb. Allow me to die in a state of submission to You, please allow my last words to be the Shahada. Grant me Jannah Ya Rabb, I know that I do not deserve it, but please have mercy on me. Give me paradise Ya Rabb, both in this world and in the Hereafter.

    Please bless my parents Ya Rabb. Forgive them for their sins and allow them both to have a long life full of joy and happiness. Ya Rabb, my mother and father took care of me when I was young, they brought me up, I love them Ya Allah. My mother has been through a lot. She has lost two children. She lost my little brother Ibrahim when he was only three, and she has lost another a few years back. Ya Allah, it's not easy for a mother to lose a child. Right now she is still suffering in that country, please bless me to be able to bring her here so I can kiss her feet, buy her a house and take care of her and her children. Please Ya Rabb. Bless my father Ya Allah. Right now he's confused. He's been through a lot. Yes he sins, yes he does wrong, but this is my father Ya Rabb. He was the one to bring me to this country when I was younger. I love him Ya Rabb, bless that man and forgive him.

    Bless my Uncle Duncu Ya Allah. Don't make that man lose his life. He is my father's small brother, and he loves him. I don't want my father to have to lose his little brother. Please bless him and help him Ya Rabb, give him long life, You are Able! My uncle Duncu drinks and smokes weed too much, that's not a good look Ya Allah. Please bless him to stop smoking and consuming alcohol so much and help him find a place to stay so he can be okay. PLEASE HELP THAT MAN YA RABB! I don't want my father to have to lose his small brother.

    Ya Rabb, my sister is a Non-Muslim, she is a pathological liar, and she disobeys and disrespects my father, the one who brought her to this country. My father even slept in the bushes for her sake. Now she has come in this country and she has forgotten everything. She doesn't like Islam Ya Allah. And she lies to me and refuses to help me or my father out in any way. She is bad Ya Allah. I call upon You Mudhill. Please, HUMILOATE HER AND SHAME HER IN THIS DUNYA. Don't make her ever find happiness. Curse her Ya Allah, CURSE HER COMPLETELY. Unless she becomes guided to Islam. If she becomes guided to this Religion then bless her in whatever she may do. If not then please curse her.

    Make Salamatu Tunkara catch chlamydia Ya Allah, make her fall down the steps and become paralysed from the neck down. She physically assaulted me and drove me out of my home at midnight in the middle of the rain Ya Allah. I took care of her children, I taught them Your eternal attributes. I was teaching her daughter like ALLAH DOES NOT POOP and I was taking them to the playground and the library, and after all that she assaulted me and drove me out of my own house at midnight in the middle of the rain. Please Ya Rabb. I call upon You O Ad Daar. MAKE HER CATCH BREAST CANCER. Please make something really bad happen to her. Just don't take her life Ya Rabb. And don't let her children suffer.

    Ya Allah, You have placed me in a world which is predominately filled with homosexuals. I'm not able to worship You properly Ya Rabb, these homos are everywhere. I'm not gay Ya Rabb. And the worst part about it is that they think it's okay. They think that being gay is normal. They have fallen astray Ya Rabb. Please kill them all Ya Rabb, kill all the ones who openly come out and publicize their homosexuality, and don't let them come near me. Protect me from these homos Ya Rabb, You are Al Muhaymin.Ya Allah if You don't kill these homos they just gonna go to kindergarten classes and make all them. Little 5 & 6 year olds thinking that it's okay to be gay. Ya Allah they are adamant on their homosexuality and they will not stop until everybody's gay. You have to kill them Ya Rabb. Every single one of them.

    I wish to get married Ya Rabb. Please help me find a spouse with long hair and a large backside AAMEN!

    Ya Allah please help me get an 'A+' in this class. I really want to do well and learn a lot.

    Ya Rabb, please help me find a job, I'm tired of being broke and I don't want to ask my sister for anything else because she be lying. She's a pathological liar Ya Allah. Please shame her in this world

    Ya Allah, I want some soft shell tacos Ya Rabb. Please give it to me Allah, you are Able!

    My knees hurt Ya Allah. I fell in the bathroom while going to make Wudu for the sake of You Ya Rabb. Please heal it, make it better Ya Rabb. You are Able!

  9. Dua
  10. Hajj Amin is a pious Muslim Ya Allah. He sat down for the Khutbag and Jummah and he shook my hand. HE SHOOK MY HAND YA RABB! He has attained Taqwa, he is very pious. Now you have taken hos life Ya Rabb. Forgive him for all his sins and grant him Jannah. Bless his entire family!

    Bless my brother Shakur Ya Rabb. My brother Shakur was outside of the store selling oil bottles, he saw me and he said "As Sallamu Alaikum" and while I was leaving he ran to catch up to me, he stood on top of that hill and he called me, he said "HEY!" and then he ran towards me and handed me a bottle of oil, and then I said "oh no brother, I can't take it, I don't have any money" and then he said "it a free, take it" and then he handed it to me and walked away. And while he was walking away what did he say? He said: "For the sake of Allah"

    Bless Shaykh Sayf and Shaykh Ahmad Ya Rabb. They hive me SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE. And I don't pay them or anythibg. They just give me knowledge. Please bless them both Ya Rabb, grant them long life and make them die as perfect Muslims.

    Bless Hajj Anwar Ya Rabb. Every time I go to Jummuah he is the first one I see there. He is a very pious Muslim. Please bless him and protect him from every evil and grant him prosperity

    Bless Muhammad Ya Allah. Every time I go to that food truck he's always greeting me. He's always making Dua for me. Please bless him and grant him happiness. Bless everybody in that food truck Ya Allah. Bless Shaykh Muhammad Ya Allah. Bless his father. Bless everybody at that Masjid at 4431 Walnut St, Philadelphia PA

  11. Allah

  12. I start with Your name and i end with Your name Ya Allah. I am Your slave Ya Allah. Please believe me when I say: I am sure that You exist and I do not have a speck of doubt. Ya Allah I have complete Yaqeen! I have certitude. You Exist Ya Allah, You are real, and I worship You with no partners