Ya Rabb I call upon You. Ya Rabb, I wish to go to Jummuah today and worship You. Please make it possible Ya Rabb. I don't have money to catch the bus to go to Jummuah but You can do anything. Ya Rabb, I helped this lady named Caroline put some supplies in her church for the sake of You Ya Rabb. Ya Rabb I pushed that chair in on 04-19-2017 for the sake of You. Ya Rabb I don't fornicate or do Zina even though I am tempted to, for the sake of You. Ya Rabb, this morning at 5am l got up from my bed and went to the bathroom and took a shower and did Wudu for the sake of You. Ya Rabb, please allow me to go to Jummah today, You are the All-Hearer.

Ya Allah I intend to go to Your House today and Beseech You and humbly ask for Your forgiveness. Because my sins are like Uhud and Everest put together. But Ya Allah, I WILL NEVER DESPAIR OF YOUR MERCY. You are the Most Forgiving, You love to forgive, so forgive me Ya Rabb. Erase all my sins and convert them all to good deeds. What are my sins? Ya Rabb I smoked weed and got high and I watched porn a couple times and masturbated and I ejaculated. Those are all sins Ya Rabb. Those are all heinous and disgusting sins and I am so ashamed of myself. Ya Rabb, You have my word. I promise You Ya Rabb. I WILL NEVER DO THOSE SINS AGAIN FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE

Forgive me and accept me back Ya Rabb.