1. Allah

  2. I praise You. I worship only You. I bear witness that You are the Only God and I bear witness that Muhammad is your slave and Messenger. The only reason why I exist is to worship solely You with no partners. You are God, so why would I not worship You? I worship because of Who You are. You're my Lord and I love You, and You are one. I will never associate a speck of partnership with You!

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know for a fact that You are attributed with 1.Eternal Knowledge. Your Knowledge encompasses all Ya Rabb. You Know all. Only You know all. Right now Ya Rabb I'm having issues with homosexuals. They keep pursuing me and they don't want to let up. They are adamant upon their homosexuality, they will not change Ya Rabb. Now You have ordered me to look at the good in everything, so when I see a dude I don't think "he's gay", no that's not the first thing that comes to my mind, I think that he's straight and he's a descent human being. Most of the time I'm wrong Ya Rabb. But not You. You are never wrong. You know who's gay and who isn't. And You Eternally Knew. You have known before You even created the Arsh, You knew that this guy is gay. Only You have that knowledge of distinguishing between a homosexual and a straight person, I don't know anything Ya Rabb. What do I know? Umm... Let's see. Well I know that 2+2=4, I know that you spell the word cat like "C-A-T". I know that my birth date is on April 1st. But is that really knowledge Ya Rabb? No it isn't. Because I had to gain that knowledge. At one point I didn't know that "2+2=4", I had to go to school and I had to gain that knowledge from a teacher. This is not like Yourm attribute of Knowledge Ya Rabb, You eternally knew everything and how it will be from day one, from before You created the first creation. And it is even blasphemy for one to say or believe that there is something that You do not know. Yes, it is a sin worse than killing a pregnant lady for one to believe that there is something that You do not know. It is a sin worse than killing your own wife or child or grandmother for one to believe that there is something that You do not know. For that will be cursing You. Attributing something with You that You are not attributed with is cursing You. Some people, and may You protect us from such blasphemy, some people they believe and say that You have a son or partner, this is Shirk. This is like saying "F_ck God" but they know not what they say or what they believe in. They tread the path of blind faith. They don't know their Lord and they blatantly curse You without even realizing it, forgive them Ya Rabb. And Your attribute of knowledge is not related to the mental impossibility in any way

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You have 2.No-similarity with the creation. You do not resemble anything Ya Rabb. You are different from anything that crosses my mind or anything in reality. You're different Ya Rabb. I wanted to teach my baby sister about Your attributes, but I did not know how I could explain it to her in a way that she could understand, she was only about three years old at the time. So I'm thinking: "How in heaven's name can I inform a three year old that God does not resemble the creation in any way?" And then You placed it in my head, I knew exactly how I could tell her. I told her: ALLAH DOESN'T POOP! Because that's all she does Ya Rabb, so I wanted to explain it to her in terms that she could understand. So I was able to explain to her that "God is not capable of pooping" because the One Who defecates is weak. And Your attribute of no similarity to the creation is not related to the mental impossibility in any way. It is even blasphemy for one to say that You resemble something. Yes, it is a sin worse than killing a pregnant old lady, for one to say or believe "God is like something", because that will be cursing You. Likening You to anythinh is cursing You. And Your attribute of no similarity with the creation is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah, I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 3.Oneness. The fundamental message of Islam is Tawheed/monotheism. We only believe in One God, You. You are the only one that we believe in. You have no partners Ya Rabb. You are not distinguishable Ya Rabb. And it would not be permissible for one to say "God is a whole like a pizza" because even though a whole pizza may be one, but it is still a creation. So that would be likening You to the creation thus it will be a sin worse than killing an old lady. And Your attribute of Oneness is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 4.Will, everything occurs according to Your Will, good or bad. One of the pillars of faith is to believe in Al-Qadr, that is Your Divine predestination. You have already willed for everything to be. If a new baby gets born, that is your will, you willed for that to happen. Similarly if an old lady gets shot and killed, that is a tragedy yes, but You willed for it to be. It is You who willed for that old lady to be shot and killed. To further elaborate Ya Allah, let's say that a brother wishes to get married we say: "Insha'llah you will get married and Allah will give you many offsprings". Now it is not a fact that the person might get married, no one knows but You. That person might end up never getting married and be lonely for the rest of his life, or he might get married. The knowledge is only with You Ya Rabb. But we hope for the best. We say "Insha'llah" because even though we don't know, we hope for the best. And Your attribute of will is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 5.Hearing. You are As-Sami, the All-Hearer. Right now there are thoughts in my head that I'm thinking of, and nobody can hear these thoughts but You. What do I need to hear Ya Rabb? I need my ears, which are organs, and what do I need to hear even more clear? I need my headphones, which are instruments. This is not like Your Hearing, you hear all without any instrument or organ needed.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 6.Everlasting. You are Al-Baqee(Everlasting). You have no beginning and You have no ending. You are the only One Who is everlasting. You keep going on and on and You never end, it is impossible for You to die or not be around, it is utterly impossible Ya Rabb. You exist and You will exist forever! And Your attribute of Everlasting is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 7.Non-neediness. There is absolutely nothing that You need. You are free Ya Rabb, You are independent. There is absolutely nothing in existence that You need. You need none and all needs You. Everything that is in existence needs You. This whole universe needs You. I need You! I need You to keep me alive. I DON'T WANNA DIE YA RABB! And Your attribute of non-neediness is not related to the mental impossibility in any way

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 8.Speech. Your Speech is not a language, it is not a language, nor is it a letter or a sound. Your speech does not consist of letters or words. You have Speech, we do not deny that. We affirm that You definitely have Speech, but we reject the beiief that Your Speech is similar to ours, that will be likening You to the creation, and like I already said Ya Rabb that is a sin worse than killing a pregnant old lady. And Your attribute of Speech is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 9.Sight. You see all Ya Rabb. There is nothing that is hidden from You. Ya Rabb what do I need to see? I need my eyes, which are organs, and what do I need to see even more clear, I need my glasses, which are instruments. Ya Rabb, this is not like Your attribute of Sight. You are able to see the future, past, present, You see it all and You exist out of time. Sometimes Ya Rabb, I have these thoughts. I have these nasty dirty thoughts that cross my mind about different sexual positions that I would do with females, I dare not speak on these thoughts because they are far too attrocious and nasty, so I keep quiet. But You see exactly what goes on in my mind.YOU SEE ALL! And Your attribute of Sight is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 10.Life. You are Al-Hayy(The Ever-Living). You have Life Ya Rabb. In order for one to exist they do not need life, but if you do have life than you in fact exist. You have both Ya Rabb, You have life and you have existence. And Your Life is not similar to my life. What do I need for life? I need a soul, body, organs, etc... This is not like you. It will be a sin worse than killing a pregnant old lady for one to say that You have a soul or that You have a body. Because that will be likening You to the creation. And Your attribute of Life is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 11.Existence. You exist Ya Rabb! I know this for a fact, wanna know how I know that You exist? Because I exist. So who brought me into existence? There are only three possibilities Ya Rabb? Either I created myself, I was created from something else that was created, or there's an All-Powerful All-Mighty Creator Who made me. It is You! You're the one Who created me. You were the one to bring me into existence. You created me and I love You, and You are One! And Your attribute of Existence is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 12.Eternity. You are eternal Ya Rabb! Everything about You is eternal, Your Life is eternal. You have no end. All of Your 13 attributes are eternal and have no end. Your Knowledge is eternal, Your Will is eternal. My weak human mind is not able to conceive the concept of eternity, I'm not able to fathom Ya Rabb because I'm far too weak. Please bring me to understanding Ya Rabb. And Your attribute of Eternity is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

    Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are attributed with 13.Power. You are Al-Muqtadir(Powerful) Ya Rabb, You are the only One Who has the attribute of power. Only You have power Ya Rabb. Your attribute of power means that if You want something to happen than You have the Power to make it happen, or bring it into reality. You are Al-Qaadir (The Omnipotent, the Able). Only You have the power to make anything happen. Donald Trump Ya Rabb, He is currently the president of the United States and he is very very wealthy. But would it be permissible for one to say that he has power? No. He is only in "a position of power", but he doesn't truly have power. Only You have that attribute. Only You have Power, and Your attribute of power is not related to the mental impossibility in any way.

  3. Prophet Muhammad SAWS

  4. Please raise the rank of my master Muhammad SAWS Ya Rabb. Bless him and all of his kind Al and Companions. You chose him to be the best and You have made a wise choice Ya Rabb, he truly is the best. Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the best of the creation. HE IS THE BEST! Sallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam. You tested him and tried him throughout his entire life and You allowed him to pass, he passed every One of Your tests Ya Rabb. The Prophet Muhammad SAWS was an orphan, his father died before he was born and in Islamic terminology that's what an orphan is: before the age of adolescence, he is an orphan if his father has passed away or not around. The limit at which one remains an orphan finishes once he becomes an adult. The Prophet SAWS was a born orphan. His mother had to watch him and take care of him until he was six, then she passed away as well. So now he has lost both his father and mother before the age of seven. Then his grand-father Abdul Mutalib took care of him, and then he also died when he was eight. So now he has lost his father, mother, and grand-father, all before he reaches the age of 10. When the Prophet PBUH was 25 he married Khadijah, who he was married to for 25 years. Then when he was 50, she passed away. She passed away in the same year as his uncle and protector Abu Talib passed away, he called that whole year "The Year of Sorrow". He had seven children, and they all died in his lifetime, except for one, Fatima, who passed away six months after he passed away. And he passed away at the young age of 63 in Medina. Bless him and raise his rank Ya Rabb. Bless me to be able to emulate his characteristics so I can also be accepted and loved by You, that's all I want really. I love You and You are One.

    Bless my father Ibrahim and raise his rank. My father Ibrahim has taught me so much. He is among the best, the best are: Prophet Musa, Prophet Eesa, Prophet Nuh, Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them all. Raise all their ranks and bless all of them Ya Rabb.

    You have blessed my father since he was very young. When he was only a teenager, him and his nephew Prophet Lut(AS) decided to make Hijrah because they could not worship You properly where they was at, they were at the place of what is known today as Iraq. So they wanted to go elsewhere because they were being prosecuted in Iraq and they could not do what You ordered them to do. Because they were both Prophets, and every Prophet is ordered to call their people to the Religion of Islam and enjoin what is good and forbid evil. But the people there was botheing them and threatening to take their lives, so they had to leave Iraq. They decided to go to As-Sham. At that time As-Sham was Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan. Today it is only Syria. While they were going towards the area of Ash-Sham they decided to stop at this place called Haran, they decided to stop there and call the people to Allah, because so far only two people have accepted the message, Him and Lut(AS). When they stoppd there they found it to be very peculiar, the people there they were worshipping the stars Ya Rabb. My father found this to be very strange, because normally he was used to people worshipping idols, statues, sticks and stones, and the like, but the people of Haran were worshipping stars, my father found this to be very strange. So he thought to himself "Mhmm... Let me talk to these people correctly and let me call them to Allah." So as night fell a star appeared in the sky, so my father looked up at it and he said "THIS IS MY RABB!" But that is not really what he meant. He was only using it as a way to get to You Ya Rabb. To call anybody God when they are not You is blasphemy, and every one of Your Prophets are protected from committing blasphemy. They are unable to do blasphemy, major sins, or the small mean sins, like stealing one grap, or lustluf looking at the opposite sex. So what he was doing was not blasphemy, but You knew which is why You permitted it. So the people began to say "yes yes, he is one of us." Then when the star vanished from the night sky he would say "hey, where is that star that I was just worshipping? I don't like those things that vanishes, because if it vanishes then what am I to do? It's weak. If I have a problem now I have to wait until the following night to call out to it?" So the people began to go back to themselves and started thinking "yes, yes, this young man is speaking sense". But what came in the way of their better judgement? Pride Ya Allah, because their forefathers had been worshipping the stars for so long and that is all that they knew. Then later on the moon appeared and my father said: "Look, I found something bigger than the stars. Ok, this one is much bigger then the one we had just now, I think this might be my Rabb." Then as the moon set my father said "Unless my Lord guides me then I will surely be among those who have gone astray. Because I cannot worship this, it is now gone." Then later on the sun appeared, and when it appeared it was gleaming, it was bright, it was shining, it illuminated the entire sky. My father looked at it and says, "this is my Lord, this is greater. This thing is more deserving of being a Rabb than those two things that just went by." What my father was trying to show these people was that the stars are great yes, but the moon is greater, the moon is great yes, but the sun is greater, but there is nothing greater than You. And then when Maghrib came the sun set and my father said "Now the sun is gone. What if you have a problem at night? Who do you call out to? You've got to wait 12 hours for that thing to come back up before you can say "hey I've gotta problem!" Then my father says "O my people! I am free, I dissociate myself completely from that which you are associating partners. With the one who made the sky, the moon, the sun, myself and yourself. Whoever made me, you, and all these creatures in existence. Whoever He is I owe my entire worship solely and only to Him. And I will never associate a speck of partnership with that maker of mine."

  5. Tawbah and Ask

  6. I call upon You O Ghaffar(Constantly-Forgiving), I call upon You O Afuuw (Pardoner), I call upon You O At-Tawaab(The Acceptor of Repentance)

    Ya Rabb, I do not know much. I know very little, but what I do know is enough. I know that Your Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) told me that You are a Forgiving Lord. You forgive sins. You are Able. A man came to Your Messenger SAWS and he said "O Messenger of Allah, I have committed a sin, in which there is a prescribed punishment for?" The Messenger of Allah he said nothing. It was close to the prayer time and he went and made Wudu and he prayed in congregration with him. After the prayer the man came to Your Messenger SAWS again and he said "O Messenger of Allah, I have committed a sin." The Messenger of Allah SAWS looked at the man and said "did you just make Wudu, and did you just pray with us" and the man said "of course Rasullullah" and then the Messenger of Allah SAWS said "Go, you have been forgiven"

    Your Prophet SAWS also told me that You are a Forgiving Lord, and he is truthful, he is not one to lie. We all tell lies, except for the Messenger SAWS. If someone was to ask The Prophet PBUH: "Hey Messenger of Allah, what did you eat for breakfast today?" If he ate cornflakes he will look you in the eyes and tell you straight up "I ate cornflakes this morning for breakfast." But if someone was to ask me "Hey Abdul, what did you eat for breakfast today?" If I ate cornflakes for breakfast I would look you in the eyes with a straight face and tell you "I ate a roasted calf 😐."

    But that is just an example Ya Rabb, You Know best if Corn Flakes were invented during the time of the Messenger SAWS.

    You are very MercifulAr-Raheem and You are very Clement and Kind Ar-Raoof. You Know that You have created me to be very sinful, and You are willing to forgive me on and on again.

    Every one of your Nabi/Prophets was granted one Dua in which you answered. All of the Anbiya used the supplication in this world except for one, my master Muhammad SAWS. He saved that Dua for people like me amongst his ummah, because he knows that there were going to be heavy sinners in his Ummah. Ya Rabb I know that my face is extremely dark and it's not easy to look at me because of all the fornication and Zina that I've done in the past, but please, look at me on the Day that I am brought back to You for judgment, don't forsake me Ya Rabb. Who else can I turn back to but You? Nobody wants me but You. To You I belong and unto You I shall return. Yes I smoke weed and be getting high, yes I be lying, yes I be watching porn, yes I be fornicating, yes i be hanging around bad company, but I AM STILL YOUR CREATION! Please, accept me back, I'm sorry 😢

    What are my sins Ya Rabb:

    1. I kept company with my Non-Muslim friend and I kept company with him and we smoked weed together and we got high Ya Rabb

    2. Me and my Non-Muslim friend looked at girls together in a lustful manner and we starred at their backsides Ya Rabb

    3. I confided to my Non-Muslim friend about how I lost my virginity at the tender age of seven and I told him how I urinated inside the girl after shd asked me to ejaculate inside of her, and I made a joke about it and laughed together with him like it was funny Ya Rabb

    4. My Non-Muslim friend confided to me about a Haram matter and I laughed about it with him Ya Rabb

    5. I made my Muslim father worry about me and I rejected his phone calls because I was busy smoking weed and getting high with my Non-Muslim friend Ya Rabb

    6. I lied to a Muslim drug dealer and told him that I was going to meet him somewhere but I never showed up, and he told me that he waited for me for over two hours. And I laughed about it in my head talking about some: "I ran out on the plug!"

    7. I watched porn and masterbated Ya Rabb

    THESE ARE ALL SINS! But the Lord that I worship is Able to forgive all these sins. I feel terrible Ya Rabb, I feel disgusting. Please could you ever find it within You to forgive me and have mercy on me? I'm so ashamed of myself! Ya Rabb, pleass believe me when I tell You this: "I'm done doing sins and I will never do them again for as long as I live!"

    • There's nothing that I need to ask from You, I just need Your Forgiveness and allow me to die in a state of submission to You

    • It's just one thing Ya Allah. Please help me Ya Rabb. I'm getting weak, my strength is diminishing Ya Rabb. My sexual desires are growing. I fear that I may end up doing that heinous disgusting sin. I do not want to commit that sin Ya Rabb. I'ma end up getting one of these little Non-Muslim girls pregnant, and I'ma end up leaving the country because I wouldn't want to handle my responsibilities as a father. And the girl she's going to make Dua to You like "please kill this nxxa for me God, cuz he ain't sh_t" and You're going to answer her Dua because You answer the Dua of the one who is being oppressed, Muslim or Non-Muslim, and You are the All-Hearer. And Ima end up dying Ya Rabb. It's a domino effect Ya Allah, please allow me to control my sexual desires so I won't sin. Or please just kill me in my sleep. Because d.ying is better than disobeying You.

    • It's just one more thing that I really need from You. Please take me out of this environment. All that it does is it makes me want to sin and hang around Non-Muslims, I don't want to live this life anymore. I'm not about it Ya Rabb. I GIVE UP!

    • Not saying that there's anything wrong with the place that I'm in right now. It's mad clean and the people here are really nice. Especially the police, they are all nice and caring. Plus this place has a really beautiful view of the ocean, in the morning after Fajr I be watching the sunrise like 😯. It's really quite splendid Ya Rabb.

    • Bless my mother and father Ya Rabb, forgive them for their sins and grant them long life. My mother and father took care of me while I was young and they brought me up, I love them Ya Rabb. You only gave me one mother and father, please bless them and let nothing bad ever happen to them

    • It's just another thing that I really need from You Ya Rabb. I really wish to get a wife and cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population for the sake of You. I've been thinking about this a lot, this is something that I really want Ya Rabb. You know well all the sins that I do on a daily basis. I committ a lot of sins Ya Rabb. I wish to be Forgiven by You, and You are the most merciful of those who show mercy. Now imagine Ya Rabb, if I get married, and I have children. I have many many children, like a hundred or more. Now imagine if all them kids grow to be pious Muslims, and all of them pray to You so you can bless me and forgive me Ya Rabb. Imagine Ya Rabb, 100 pious Muslims praying to You for me. Imagine the type of rewards that I will get from You, it'll be amazing Ya Rabb!

    • These homosexuals are beginning to work together, they are forming a legion against me Ya Rabb. They are adamant on their homosexuality, they don't wanna give up. They plot and plan but You are the best of those who plot and plan.

    • Please help me get a haircut Ya Rabb, my head wolfing! You are Able. I wish to get a haircut because I want to look good while I stand in front of you for all my prayers

    • Please help me get some blistex for my lips. I need to get blistex because umm.. Well Allah because... You see Allah because... If my lips are not chapped or cracked then it will enable me to read my five daily Salahs better. You are Able. I love You and You are one

    • Make my sister Fatmata Mansaray suffer Ya Rabb, humiliate her and disgrace her in this world. She hates Your Religion. She's proud and pompous. She has developed a characteristic in which the accursed Shaytan was the first to manifest, punish her Ya Rabb, she is bad. If she chooses to follow your Religion then bless her and grant her success in this world. But if she refuses and she continues to cling onto her sinful ways then please disgrace her, I call upon You O Mudhill(The Humiliator)

    • Punish Salamatu Tunkara Ya Rabb. Destroy her completely. But please, don't take her life, and don't let her children suffer as a result of her iniquities

  7. Dua

  8. Bless 1. Hajj Amin Ya Rabb, forgive him for all of his sins and admit him unto gardens with rivers flowing underneath. Hajj Amin is a pious Muslim, and he has attained Taqwa. You have taken the life of Hajj Amin Ya Rabb. Hajj Amin came to Jummah and he sat down to listen to the sermon, he sat down next to me and he shook my hands, with both hands, and he smiled at me, and he said "As Sallamu Alaykum" to me Ya Rabb! He said that to me. His piety is extreme. Bless him and forgive him for all his sins and grant him access into Jannah, and bless his entire family Ya Rabb.

    Bless my brother 2. Shakur Ya Rabb. He is a pious Muslim and he has attained Taqwa. I was walking to the store and I saw Shakur, he greeted me and shook my hand and said "As Sallamu Alaikum" and I greeted him back. While I was leaving the store and walking back home Shakur followed me, he ran to me and he stood on top of the hill and called me and said "HEY!" and then he came down to me and he gave me a bottle of oil. I said "oh no brother I can't take this I don't have any money" and then Shakur said to me "no, take it, it's for you" and then he gave it to me and what did he say as he was walking back? He said: "for the sake of Allah." He did not do that to be nice, nor did he do it because he wanted me to give him something. The only reason he did that is because he knows that You are Baseer and that is a deed that he has done and You will accept and reward him for. Bless him Ya Rabb! Give him long life, bless his family, let good things happen to him, please I beg of You, BLESS THAT MAN YA RABB!

    Bless 3. Shaykh Sayf and Shaykh Ahmad Ya Rabb. They give me so much knowledge, such beneficial knowledge, and I don't pay them. I never give them any money for the knowledge that they give me, and what they give to me is worth way more than money. Bless them both Ya Rabb, let good things happen to them and make them die as perfect Muslims. Give them both long life and protect them and forgive them for all their sins Ya Rabb. Please I beg of You. BLESS THEM YA RABB!

    Bless 4. Hajj Anwar Ya Rabb. Hajj Anwar really loves You and he wishes to earn Your acceptance, every time that I go to the Mosque at 4431 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA he is always the first one that I see. He has attained Taqwa. Hajj Anwar is a really pious Muslim and he loves You. Bless him, give him long life, and protect him from all types of evil Ya Rabb.

    Bless 5. Muhammad Ya Rabb. Bless him and give him long life. Let nothing bad ever happen to him. Protect him Ya Rabb. Bless Muhammad from that food truck Ya Rabb, bless Shaykh Muhammad, bless Amir Muhammad, bless any one who's name is Muhammad. Bless him and give him long life/

  9. Allah

  10. I start with Your name and I end with Your name Ya Rabb. You are Al-Awwal(The First) and You are Al-Akhir(The Last). I worship solely You and I will never ever associate partnership with You. I bear witness that You are the Only God and I bear witness that Muhammad is Your slave and Messenger. I love You and You are one.