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This is a very crucial and important topic. It’s so important because once a girl sees your outer appearance that’s going to always be the way that she sees you.

So if you emit a bad body odor she’s going to always know you as the guy who stinks or has a bad smell. First impressions are always important to girls. The way that the female mind works is that it’s very seldom for them to forget.

Your outer appearance extends far beyond the type of clothes or shoes that you wear, that’s just a part of it.

Your outer appearance also consists of the way you walk, talk, laugh etc… Those are all included in your outer appearance. Because they outwardly show the type of person that you are to other people.

Girls love a guy who can be nasty and filthy, but cleans up nicely. This is a contradictory matter because girls want a fresh, clean guy. Yet, they want to have a son. And what are sons? DIRTY!

But that’s all that they know how to do. Playing in mud and being dirty. This is because they are toddlers and don’t know any better. You are not a toddler, you’re a grown man. So you have to find a middle point and strike it, it’s all about striking a balance.

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