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These are all things that you would think many girls look down upon, but quite the contrary. Girls love a guy who is loud, abrasive, aggressive. And most importantly girls love a guy who can handle any situation and be in control always. You have to take charge and maintain your composure. You have to examine yourself and know who you are.

Let’s take me for example: I’m very introspective and like to be by myself and secluded. I like to be a protector and I don’t like when others tell me what to do. It would seem that I have the perfect characteristics and personality that females like.

I don’t like to be controlled, girls LOVE to be controlled. They may say that they don’t or try to convince others but trust me, they like it. It’s innate in their soul, that’s just how God created them.

They are not weak in the least, but men are stronger than females by a longshot. Males, females, orangutans, we’re all the same. The best way to be attractive to the female gender is to be soft, be more like a girl. But don’t be gay, that’s a sin. Remember I previously stated how every guy has a bit of girl in them and vice versa? Well, girls love to see that side come out of you, they are attracted by that and find it very adorable.

I’m not saying to be a female vagina, no. In the same way girls love a guy who is in touch with his female side, they love a guy more who is a man! Why do you think that every football and basketball team has cheerleaders? Because those are manly sports and that’s what females like. Have you ever seen a cheerleader for golf? No, because it’s not a manly sport.

You have to be in the middle, not too much of a girl because than you risk being gay. Not too much of a guy because than you can hurt her and be abusive. You can’t hurt females, you have to be gentle, caring, loving. This is a fact.

It’s the little things that matte to girls the most. Those good morning kisses before she brushes her teeth. Breakfast in bed, romantic dates. Now, a romantic date doesn’t have to be at a five star restaurant, although that is preferable. But if you’re like me, not having a dollar to your name than you might not be able to afford to go on fancy dates like that. No worries, God gave you a brain right? Use it to improvise.

A romantic date can just be picnic at a park. Or Chinese takeout at home while watching a movie. That can be a romantic date. It’s the thought that matters to girls.

I like to listen to a lot of female singers and chick music. Why? Not because I’m homosexual or anything, but because I want to learn what goes on in the mind of a girl. Once you get a firm understanding you can than use what you know to your advantage in order to complete the mission.

Now let’s talk about the second step, your outer appearance...

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