Wallahi I'll treat her good. I'm a good pious Muslim, we know how to treat our women. Don't you want grand-children? Wallahi I'll give you many grand-children! You will not even be able to remember all of their names, Wallahi. I do not really have much, I'm broke right now, but Allah is Mughnee!

I'll make her happy, I will not ever make her sad Wallahi. I'll protect her and treat her good. Do you want corruption to spread on the land? Well that's what's going to happen if you do not let me marry her. You love your daughter yes? You have been taking care of her ever since she was born and you will never want anything bad to happen to her right? I feel you, this is what I'm saying. If you let me marry her I will protect her, love her, and honor her Wallahi! And I will give you many grand-children. Your entire household will be filled with little Abduls crawling and running around.

Keep it a bean, you not going to be alive for much longer, YOU BOUTA DIE!(may Allah give you long life and good health AAMEN) But this is what I am saying, Allah did not create you to be eternal like Him, the life in this Dunya is short! You will not be able to stick around for much longer, but your daughter will. You will not be able to watch over her and protect her but I CAN! On condition that you give her hand to me in marriage. I want to make your daughter my wife and the mother of my children, INSHA'LLAH!