HTML Notes


HTML Notes 01-30-2019

Wen developers use CSS all the time to style something

< img > is not a parent element

It's a child

an < img > tag is known as an inline element

block level elements afford spaces

an < img > does not take the entire block

all attributes are followed by an equal sign

text align is the property in CSS

the default for HTML is left alignment

src is an attribute

all of the attributes appear in red in CSS

padding is the amount of space around block level elements

it's invincible to the huaman eye

< img > is not a block level element

The default for an image is inline

All block level elements take up the entire line

they drop downn a line when they end

< em > is an inline element

It doesn't take up the whole line

in line elements are generally found within a block level element

So therefore they take on the property of their parents

< em > is known as emphasized text, it does this by italicizing it

Centered text has been proven to be more difficult to read when there's a lot of it

As a designer you're going for what's easier to read

People skim stuff

There are 15 phrase elements, they are inline elements

You want the end user to notice that text, so you use < em > rather than < i >

< h1 > represents a heading

< h2 > represents a subheading

most block level elements drop down a line, they give you that spacing

Use notes for yourself, it's good for maintenance purposes

There's an array of reasons to use comments

< h1 > is by default bold, size 2em

< h2 > is 1.5em bold

They're all bold, they just get smaller

For mobile I will use "em"

the reason for that is because it's scalable

we'll get to that when we get to CSS