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I woke up at 11:55am that night. I yawned and stretched out, then I scratched the back of my head. I looked over at Cindy. She was peacefully sleeping as she laid sprawled out on the bed. Both of her eyes were closed and she was breathing in and out in a rhythmic pattern. Her long white hair splashed over the side of her face. Her cheeks were red and her face was covered with dried up tears. Maybe I was to blame for that.

Perhaps I maybe might have choked and smacked her a few times while we were making love earlier.

I began to get up from the bed, I had to make up my missed fard prayers: Maghrib and Isha. I looked over at Cindy laying down sleeping on the bed one more time. While looking at her I became... stimulated. So I did what any rational boy would do.

I pulled my draws down and took out my erected penis and subtly inserted it into her mouth as she slept.

You’re such a good girl.” I gently rubbed her hair and said.

This was something that I did frequently with her in college. We don’t do it now as often. I wanted to bring that old thing back.

That’s it bae, Suck it just like that. You’re so beautiful.” I said to her as I positioned my cock in her mouth.

It only took a couple of seconds for me to ejaculate. I smeared my semen all over her front lip.

Did you make daddy nut? You made daddy nut didn’t you? I’m so proud of you!”

Afterwards, I got in the shower and got dressed to pray. I prayed Maghrib first, then Isha. Then I prayed my regular 25 rak”ahs of Tahajjud. I prayed and prayed, making long prostrations. I prayed and weeped. I weeped for myself, my future daughter, and for Coretta.

I wanted Allah to forgive Coretta for all of her sins and admit her into Paradise. But I know that would be impossible. If she died as a non-Muslim than the fire would be her abode.

Afterwards I went back to bed, I laid down and closed my eyes. I did not drift. Thoughts of my sins and Al’Ahna kept me up.

A few hours later I got up and prayed Fajr, without making Wudu. Afterwards I laid down on the bed and went back to sleep.

About two hours later I woke back up. Cindy was sitting by the mirror next to the TV, brushing her hair and chewing a piece of gum. She had her nurse clothes on. She’s a CNA and a RN. She works as a nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). And she also takes care of senior citizens at a nursing home.

Where are you going?” I asked her.

Umm... to work.” She replied while continuing to brush her hair.

But you can’t!” I said out loud.

She scoffed and blew a bubble. “Please! I can do whatever I want.”

But...but... who’s going to watch the kids and take care of the house?” I asked her.

She stopped chewing and looked at me. “I’m not pregnant yet Vague.”

And when I do become pregnant I can just get maternity leave. Your mother can watch the house” She said.

Fine, LEAVE THEN!” I said.

But before you leave can you give me some head?” I opened my legs and said.

NO!” She exclaimed.

And I know what you did last night. Don’t do that again. I’m your wife now, show me some respect.” Cindy said and walked out the door.

I closed my legs back up and remained in the same position that she left me in. Only stepping out to smoke a cigarette, eat, drink some beer, and smoke some weed with my two close friends, Winston and Othman.

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