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Keep it a bean bro, NONE OF YOU NGGAS GET MORE BTCHES THAN ME!” I said.

Immediately my friends began to detest.

You tripping!” Winston said.

Yeah you tripping cousin.” Othman added as he took a swig of his beer.

We were all in Ahna’s red Nissan. Smoking some weed and cigarettes and drinking a few bottles of beer.

You on cousin?” Othman asked me.

Bro, I’m not even on!” I said.

Yes you are bro, you’re high as shit!” Winston said.

My eyes were red and my vision was blurred, but I was still denying the plain fact.

Being on” is a terminology frequently used in the urban area of Delaware County in which I was at. It refers to one’s high level of intoxication.

I slouched in the backseat and scratched my beard.

Take me home bruh. My wife bouta get off work soon.” I said.

Othman slowly put the car in reverse, he was in the driver’s seat, and Winston in the passenger.

Cousin, I still can’t believe you married her n shyt.” O said.

What you mean? That’s my girl dawg. She been there with me from the rip. I love her bro.”

About ten minutes later we pulled into my driveway. All three of us got out of the car, Othman and Winston went in their own vehicles and drove away. I stumbled at the door and went in the house. I was highly intoxicated.

I’m not even on.” I said while struggling to find the doorknob and almost falling.

Ahna was seated on the couch in the living room, her legs was up folded and she was reading a book.

Sup ma!” I said to her as I got in and headed towards the kitchen.

Ahna could smell the marijuana stench and booze all over me as I came in. I had to go in the kithcn and cook something for Cindy and cook something for Cindy so that she could eat when she comes home from work.

I was going to make her beef stew and some garlic bread. I had to be very meticulous as I used the stove, for I was on as shit.

When I was finished I went to the living room to lay my head down on Ahna’s lap.

Mommy?” I quietly said.


I’m high as shit.” I said to her as I massaged my temple.

She shook her head from side to side. The Adhan for Maghrib then came on in my phone. I got off Ahna’s lap and ran up the stairs into the bathroom to make Wudu. Then I successfully offered the prayer.

Afterwards, I went outside to wait for Cindy till she got home.

When she finally arrived I ran up to her to give her a big hug and kiss her. I went with her inside and made for her a plate and listened attentively to her as she told me about her day at work. I then helped her to take off her clothes and got in the shower with her. After, I gave her a back massage with baby oil. Then I tucked her in bed and put that ass to sleep!

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