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I stroked and pounded, stroked and pounded, stroked and pounded her butthole. Her flesh was red and ripe. I held on top of her backside and pushed all my weight down with my hands. She moaned and cried out, begging for me to push my dck in deeper and stroke harder. I intended to do so, I didn’t even need for her to plead.

I pulled her hair and whispered in her ear as I stroked and grinded.

Tell me you love me you big booty freak!” I said in her ear as I pounded.

It was hard for her to speak, all that she was doing was breathing heavily and moaning. I was choking on her hard and puling on her hair/

YES YES YES!” She cried out.

I continued to stroke and grind, then I turned her around. I was about to shove my dck into her coochie. Me and her was looking at each other directly face to face. I spat on my hand then rubbbed the saliva on my erect penis.

She bit her bottom lip as she looked at me without blinking.

You love me?” I asked her and rubbed my dck on the surface of her pussy.

She nodded her head up and down. “I love you Vague.”

I extended my hand and wrapped it around her neck, I choked lightly.

Say my name louder or I will choke you to death, I promise you!”

She moaned. “VAGUE!” She yelled out.

As soon as she said that I slammed my long, hard, black dck into her vagina. She screamed out in pain. My dck was stagnant in her hole. I grabbed her cheek and said to her.

You’re a stripper and your name is Penelope.”

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