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Then you have to make a choice... him or me.” Vague said, while staring into her eyes.

She stared back. She saw a twinkle in his eye and knew that he was serious.

But... he’s my husband.” Bianca said quietly.

Vague removed his hand from her lap and turned his face away from her.

Then remove yourself from my premises. Chicken head.” Vague said.

Look, if I have to choose between you and God, then I choose God.”

God doesn’t want for us to keep doing this, He wants for this to be done only in wedlock.” Vague abruptly said.

You are haraam for me, unless we get married.”

But Vague, what are you saying?” She asked while almost crying.

I’m saying, go home and be with your husband. I want nothing more to do with you.”

Tears started welling in Bianca’s eyes and her voice started cackling.

Vague, but I love you. You made me love you.” She said with her cackled voice.

If you really love me than you would marry me, that’s why I asked you if you really loved me. And you said ‘yes, you do.’ Now you’re saying you don’t, because you don’t want to marry me.”

But... my husband.” She said.

LEAVE!” Vague hollered at her.

Tears were now falling down from her eyes freely.

I do love you.” She said.

You say you love me, than marry me.”

Tears and black mascara were on her face and was streaming down.


Do you love me?” Vague asked.

Yes.” Cindy said.

Then marry me.”

There was a brief pause, Bianca didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what to say.

Oh... oh... kay.” She finally said.

Fine. Then get your stuff and let’s be out.”

Vague rode to the same Masjid in West Philly on his Yamaha motorcycle. When he arrived, Shaykh Gilles was the only one there. The entire marriage process went fairly fast.

After they were finished at the Masjid, Vague kept his promise and took her to IHOP. They sat down at a table and began to eat.

What did you just make me do?” She asked Vague.

I didn’t make you do anything. No compulsion was involved, you did it out of your own free will.” Vague said. Bianca slowly shook her head.

Why do you do this?” She asked.

Do what?” Vague replied.

You know...”

There was a short pause as Vague thought for a minute.

I only do what is commanded to me from my Lord.” He simply said.

Bianca slowly shook her head from side to side, then she continued eating. Vagie’s phone then began to ring. He picked it up.

Hello.” He said. Ahna was on the other line.

Hey sweetheart, where are you?”

I just came to IHOP to grab a bite.”

Oh okay. Well I’m getting off work now, I’m going to the hospital to pick up Cindy.” She said.

Vague cared, but he didn’t care. He knew that she was in good hands. Allah was taking care of her so he did not worry.

Oh okay, cool.”

I’ll call you later when we leave the hospital okay?” Said Ahna.

Okay.” Then he hung up.

He looked directly at Bianca. She was eating some pancakes silently and modestly.

What do you wanna do now?” He asked while taking a sip of orange juice.

Bianca poured syrup on her pancakes and took another bite, then she shrugged her shoulders.

I don’t know, whatever you wanna do I guess.” She said.

Bianca was up for anything. She wasn’t really in a rush to go home to her 85 year old husband.

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