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Vague parked his car next to a stop sign. Then he got up and lifted Bianca off.

Are you going in with me?” She asked.

I don’t know. Can I trust you?”

You can trust me Vague.” She replied.

Okay, you’re gonna go in by yourself and tell him.”

What am I gonna tell him?”


You’re gonna tell him everything.”

Bianca nodded her head. Vague stayed behind by the bike as Bianca walked to the front porch and knocked on the door. She had a key and could’ve easily used it to open but she wanted to get Jonathan’s attention.

A few seconds later an elderly man came and opened the door. He smiled slyly when he saw Bianca. The man was dressed very respectably. He had on a relaxed pair of navy-blue jeans with a brown leather belt tied around his waist, with a short-sleeve white polo Ralph Lauren shirt, and Dockers boots. His hair and mustache was completely white, it was Jonathan. He was holding a white small white car.

Bianca!” He exclaimed as he opened the screen door.

He then opened the front door and allowed her to step inside, he gave her a big hug. She hugged back.

I missed you.” He said.

I missed you too.” Bianca replied while putting on a fake smile.

She walked to the brown living room couch so she could sit down, Jonathan followed behind her, he set the cat down on the couch. The cat’s name was Slippers.

Then he rushed back to the kitchen so that he could continue monitoring the cake that he had baking in the oven.

You’re just in time. Dinner is almost ready.” Jonathan bellowed from the kitchen.

I can’t stay. That’s what I came to talk to you about.”

Jonathan stuck his head out from the kitchen. “Why? What’s wrong?”

Uhh... It’s my mom. She’s sick in the hospital.”

What’s wrong with her?”

Bianca thought for a quick minute. “She’s in a coma.”

Oh my God! Is she okay? What happened?” Jonathan asked.

Hopefully.” She said.

You have to go to her now!”

I know that’s what I’m about to do, I just wanted to come and tell you first.”

Well that’s nice, but you didn’t have to do that. Your mother needs you now more than ever.” Jonathan said.

Bianca nodded her head, she got up from the couch and walked out the door. She walked to Vague who was standing next to his bike by the stop sign.

Did you tell him?” He asked.


They both then hopped on the bike and sped off.

Where are we going now?” She asked.

The hotel, we’re going to ratify this marriage.”

Vague parked his car by the side of the street and got off, he pulled out his phone to call Cindy.

Bae, I’m not gonna make it home today.” He said.

How come?”

I’m with Winston and Othman, we’re going up to Maryland to catch a Meek Mill show.”


Be careful.” She said.

Okay bae. I love you.”

I love you too.”

They both then hung up. Vague climbed back on the bike and continued to ride.

What did she say?” She asked.

She was cool.” He replied.

Did you tell her about us?”

There was a short pause. “Yeah.”

He increased his speed on the motorbike and continued riding to the hotel.

After the marriage was consummated, Vague closed his eyes and laid there on the bed. The consummation was done after the obligatory Isha prayer, so he didn’t have any making up to do. So he laid there and reminisced.

After the young Cindy Stone had given him oral sex, her mom came and picked her up so that they could head back to Someredale, New Jersey. After she left Vague went back to the bathroom in his room so that he could finish smoking his blunt. He heard his phone ringing when he started climbing the stairs headed to his room, Vague rushed to quickly to his room so that he could answer it. His friend Othman was the one calling him.

Wassup bruh.” Vague said.

What up cousin, you good?” Othman said.


Yo you tried it?” Othman said, referring to the marijuana that he gave him in school.

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