I choose: MY FATHER!

My Father: Abu Bakarr


My father had four children, from the same woman, he had four

Me, my older brother, my older sister, and my younger brother Ibrahim, he died when he was only three

Do you know how hard it is to lose a child??

I still remember the cries that my father bellowed in the hospital when Ibrahim died

He loved him soo much! Still, Allah took him away from him

So he was left with only three children, me, my older brother, and my older sister

All of us were living in Africa, Sierra Leone, which is a fourth world country, the poorest of the poor

We had nothing! Our whole family had nothing, we was poor and had absolutely nothing

I remember having to use "a bar of soap" as toothpaste because our family could not afford to buy actual toothpaste

While we were in Africa, my father worked tirelessly to take care of us

He only had one job which was not paying him enough but he used that one job to take care of us and provide for us

Then my father played some lottery and he managed to come to America

When he came here, he worked and worked hard just so that he could bring his children to America so that they can have a better life, that was his main objective

He had to get a job at a laundromat, and he didn't even have a place to live when he got here, it was only him and God

Still, he managed to work hard and he bought me and my older brother to this country first and he took care of us

He would go to work, from 7am to 7am (24 hour shift)

And then when he came home he would sit down at the stove so that he could cook for me and my older brother

A few years ago, he managed to bring my older sister Fatmata Mansaray to this country also

When she first came, the first couple months or years she was good and obedient to my father

But immediately as she started getting new friends and a little bit of money in her pocket she completely changed!

Now she has the FUCKING NERVE to curse at my father and belittle him after all that he did for her

When she came to this country she was the one who enticed my older brother to move away from the state and completely forget about my father, SHE WAS THE ONE

Why?? Because my father has anger isaues? Because he's hard to live with? Because he curses at us?

We are his kids! He suffered for us! He did everything for us!!

Let him curse at us!! Let him be hard to live with

He can have a million bad habits but as long as he's our father and he suffered for us then it don't mean a damn thing!

My father don't like my sister? FUCK MY SISTER FATMATA MANSARAY!

My father don't like my older brither? FUCK MY OLDER BROTHER!

I don't give a damn! My father is the one who brought us up, he took care of us and was there when we had nothing!

Whoever my father don't like then I don't like that person

It's all clear to me now, my father is the one that I owe my life to, he is the one that I should obey and honor, him him him!

Fuck everybody else!

My father may has his bad habits, he may have anger issues, he may sin, but he LOVES ALL OF HIS CHILDREN!

You can have hundreds and thousands of siblings, it's possible. But you can NEVER have more than one mother or father

Anybody who goes against my father I go against them, and God will go against you!

God is the Knower of all things, if my father did not suffer and struggle to bring us up, then none of his prayers will be answered. But if he did... Then surely he will be triumphant and all of his prayers will be answered

My stupid ass sister is always saying like "Apa don't know how to talk to me. He's always disrespecting me and rude to me


If it wasn't for him you'd still be in Africa living off 50 cents a day and living in the village. Now that you're in America you think that you can disrespect him like that? FUCK YOU! Fucking ungrateful piece of shit.

My sister: Fatmata Mansaray

This is my sister. MY OWN BLOOD SISTER , one mom and one dad. I was living with her a few weeks ago and we got into an argument. She gon tell me "GET ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES AND GET OUT THIS HOUSE, MY NAME IS ON THE LEASE" How can your own sister say that to you? And I'm her little brother. Yesterday I asked her to give me soap to wash and to give me money for transportation to catch the bus to go to school she told me "I can't do it today I'll do it tomorrow" so tomorrow came and I ask her and she tells me "I can't do it I have school and work"

Also a few weeks ago when I asked her to give me a ride to Jummuah at 4431 Walnut St. philadelphia PA she agreed and on the way over there she asked me "why do you always go to this Mosque? Is it really the Mosque that you go to or is it somewhere else?" I'm thinking like "what kinda stupid ass fuckin question is that" so i tell her: "no it's not a Mosque it's a strip club" and then she gon say "wtf gives you right to talk to me like that, get df out my car" so I got out and she drove off

Smoking weed is a sin. Smoking anything is a sin. It is something that God has condemned, it is not permissible, EVER! And if you do it than your soul is destined to go into hellfire and earn the punishment of Allah, unless you repent. This is something that is clear and obvious. There is no ambiguity in it, it is a sin and will destroy you if you consume it I KNOW THIS! I still choose to smoke it though, ME, IT'S MY DECISION. It's between me and God. NOT YOU You can tell me a million times to stop smoking it but I WILL NEVER LISTEN. I'm not no little ass kid, I'm man enough to make my own decisions in life. She needs to realize that AND GET DF OFF MY CASE AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT ME. One day Insha'llah I will wake up one day and just come into realization like "I've had enough, smoking weed is not good I need to stop". Who does she think she is though? She did the same thing to my dad, cuz he smoke cigarettes, so a while back when we was all living together my dad asked her to give him some money and she was like ok. So me and her drove to the bank to get some money and while we was driving back she told me like: "Abdulai I don't think I'm going to give him money because I don't want him to buy cigarretes"

Df, THAT'S YOUR FATHER! OBEY HIM! If he chooses to buy crack cocaine with it it doesn't matter because yeah he might buy a pack of cigarettes with it but he's also going to put gas in his car and buy coffee with that money. There's a big difference between caring for somebody and not giving a fuck about somebody

Realize this please, YOU CANNOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO NOR CAN YOU CONTROL ME, IF I CHOOSE TO SMOKE WEED AND GET HIGH That's my decision! I call upon You O Ad Darr, I call upon You O Mudhill, I call upon You Hakam. You are the Judge of all, You are the Knower of all. This is my own sister, same mother and same father, she's my own sister Ya Rabb. I ask of You, please punish her and make all the bad of this world happen to her. Ya Rabb, she has the nerve, she has the mind, to curse my own father, her own father, she cursed at him, many times, after my father suffered for her and bought her to this country so that she can have a better life. When she was living in Freetown, Sierra Leone, she did not even have money to buy draws for herself or to put clothes on her back. It was my father, out of sympathy and shame who was sending her money on a weekly basis so that she can buy clothes and pay for her school fees. My father even slept in the bushes for her, he did everything for her. And he worked tirelessly to give her a good life, he worked hard to bring her to this country so that she won't have to suffer. And when he bought her here she has the mind to curse at my father and disrespect him many times in many ways. I am her own brother, I asked her to give me money to buy soap and to pay for transportation to go to school and to go to the Mosque, she told me "yes I got you tomorrow" and when tomorrow came and I asked her she told me "I already gave you money last week I'm not going to give you anything." She has the nerve to threaten me, to physically attack me, a few weeks ago I was living with her and we got into an argument and she told me to gather all my clothes and leave her apartment or else she will call the cops on me, ME, HER OWN BROTHER! She hates Your Religion. I asked her to come with me to the Masjid for Jummah and she told me no, she said "I can't come, I have some very important stuff to do." What could be more important than coming to Your House to worship You. She told me to lie for her, and when I refused she cursed at me and began yelling at me, because I didn't lie for her. She does not care about You at all, all that she cares about is Beyonce and Kim Khardashian, she looks down on people and feels that she is better because she has more money in her bank account or more friends in facebook. She refuses to call me or my father and apologize because she's too proud and she feels that she is right about everything and no rectification is to be done. She has fallen astray, please bring her back, let all the bad of this world happen to her, make her suffer, punish her, make her never do it again.

These are her sins Ya Rabb:
  • She's not Muslim, she hates Your Religion

  • She curses her father and disrespects him in many ways, after he suffered for her

  • She has pride, she looks down on people

  • She lies to me her own brother, she does not uphold her ties of kinship

  • Please punish her and make all the bad in this world happen to her, make her never do it again!

    I love my mom, but i will NEVER EVER in my life talk to my sister! Idcc if that btchh dies!!

    She's too proud and pompous and talking to her will mean disobeying my Lord

    And she's not even my sister, because she's non-Muslim

    Fuck her!!

    I only care about my Muslim relatives. Like my father, FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE

    I hope my sister never embraces Islam and she earns the punishment of Allah

    Fuck her!!

    Not gonna call my mom anymore cuz I don't want her to talk about "call your sister"

    Because I fuckin hate my sister and she's a fat dirty btch