Ignorance breeds


By Alpha Bakarr Mansaray

Poor child, so oblivious to the obvious.

The World is a temple that preys on hate. It feeds off anger, make no mistake.

For the light shall bend in the eyes of the wicked.

The devil sings the anthem of hope as we are forced to listen.

How could u think you could make it through determination? The projection of hard work is soaked in the sweat of the naive.

No amount of determination can push you through the tunnel of success, you must crawl through, bruised and bitten, to the point of near death.

When soaked in tears, body oozing with the putrid stench of a dead man's mentality, only then can you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Run after it, chase those beaming specs of photons. Run until your feet bleed.

Ignore all those beside you that are screaming for help, the women and children. They are here to hold you back, no good can come from them.

Hahahahaha Poor Child, so oblivious to the obvious. Don't you know the light moves further away the closer you get?

Your are a fool to hope, go ahead, lively dance to the tune of the devil.

But Beware...