Nietszche, that great moral philosopher said that "we replicate ourselves"

So the disfunctionalities of this generation are passed on to the next generation

💡Shaykh Hamza Yusuf is very smart

"Friedrich Nietszche" was a German philosopher in the 19th century

He was also a poet, a composer, and many other things

I learned about him like two years ago when I was taking Moral Philosophy

My final project was on him, he is most likely my favorite philosopher, he is very wise and he liked to think

But he... was an atheist

He wrote a book called "God is dead"

Even though I completely disagree with his religious beliefs, I still think that he was an awesome guy and very smart

We don't have to agree on EVERYTHING in order for me to like you

I'm all about my Religion, a pious Muslim, whereas HE is an atheist, that's the worse sin in my Religion

But... I still choose him to be my favorite philosopher and I learn a lot from him

I listen to Beyonce, K Michelle, and Frank Ocean, but I'm not gay

You feel me?

Just because you are into something does not mean that you HAVE to agree with that person

That's ignorance, that's stupidity