IMM 110 Notes 09-24-2018

IMM 110 Notes 09-24-2018

The Power of Meaning

"Even a single word may be cloaked in many meanings, so as you begin working with text it is important to cultivate accuracy and conciseness in the specific words you choose. In multimedia, these are the words that will appear in your titles, menus, and navigation aids as well as in your narrative or content." - Tay Vaughan

Guidelines for Creating Text

Text often forms the foundation of instructional multimedia applications. For your product to be effective, the text has to be written well. To create effective text:

1. Make text understandable

2. Minimize reading

3. Develop a good writing style

4.- Follow basic rules of writing

5.- Use a word processor

1. Make text understandable

  • Ensure message clarity

  • Use simple words

  • -Keep a dictionary/thesaurus handy (online resources available)

    2. Minimize reading

  • Ensure message clarity

  • Use simple words

  • Ensure a smooth flow in written language by reading the text out loud

  • Be consistent

  • 3. Develop a Good Writing Style

  • Write in the active voice

  • -Subject performs the action expressed in the verb
    -"Readers don't have to jump through as many congnitive hoops when trying to understand what's going on." -Jakob Nielsen

  • Adopt a conversational tone

  • Address the reader personally

  • Maintain unbiased language

  • 4. Follow basic Rules of Writing

  • Ensure correct writing mechanic

  • Avoid hyphenating words at the end of lines

  • Avoid hyphenating words at the ends of lines

  • Define all acronyms before using them

  • Minimize punctuation

  • Write in both upper case and lower case

  • Include symbols only when every reader understands them

  • 5. Use a Word Processor

  • Easily make changes

  • Saves time

  • Be mindful of problems encountered using text across computer platforms and in different languages

  • -Not all fonts are available on each platforms
    -Different languages use different techniques to represent words

    Characteristics of a Block Text

  • Typeface

  • -Family of graphic characters that usually includes many type sizes and styles
    -Helvetica, Times and Courier are typefaces

  • Color

  • Alignment

  • -Left, right, centered, or justifies

  • Leading

  • -Space between lines

    Text and Your Multimedia Product

  • Spacing

  • -Surround with lots of white space(roomy blank areas)- especially headlines

  • Justification

  • -Left justify text paragraphs

  • Fonts

  • -Collection of characters of a single size and style belongings to a particular typeface family
    -Usually expressed in points (one point is 0.0138 inch or 1/72 of an inch)
    -Times 12 point italic is a font
    -In the computer world, the term font is commonly used when typefaces or face would be more correct

  • Consider legibility