IMM 110 Notes 08-29-2018

IMM 110 Notes 08-29-2018

Any combination is considered multimedia

Text, Graphics, Audio, Animation, Video

Tay Vaughn- famous renowned author of multimedia when it was relatively new

Digitizing different media elements translates them into a format the computer can understand

Hypermedia provides a structure of linked elements through which the user can navigate(interactive multimedia becomes hypermedia)

"It is a richly presented sensation." - Tay Vaughan

Multimedia is not new

People accustomed to viewing text combined with graphics

Even silent movies combined video with text captions

Web-based multimedia exploded due to increased computer processing power and technology

Multimedia means more than one media

Integration of text, graphics, animation, sound, and video

Digitizing different media elements translates them into a format the computer can understand

Linerar multimedia sites: Users start at beginning and progress through a set series of even until they reach the end

Nonlinear multimedia sites: No established or predefined order. Users have more control over what tehy want to pursue. Given navigational control over and can wabder through the content at will

active participation: Enables users to directly respond and control media elements

The benefits of multimedia: Different learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic

    Benefits of Web-based Multimedia

-Addresses multiple learning styles
-Excellent way to convey content
-Uses a variety of media elements to reinforce one idea
-Activates multiple senses creating rich experiences
-Gives life to flat information
-Enhances user enjoyment
-Improves retention
-Enables users to control Web experience
    Web-based Multimedia Categories

-Web-based Training and Distance learning
-Research andn Reference
-Entertainment and Games

-Uses the Web to serve clients and customers
-Provides solutions for companies, small or large, to sell products or services online
-Visual catalogs
-At time of checkout, information is securely transmitted
    Web-based Training and Distance Learning

-Many options for delivering and receiving education over a distance
-Prepare workers effectively and efficently via training and retraining
-Delivered over Internet via Web Browser
Freedom of location
Open entry/open exit
Self-paced instruction
Immediate feedback/assessment
Simulated experiences and varied learning environments

    Multimedia examples:

Club Penguin
Sesame Street
Julie Gratz Art and Design
Games Jury
Play Canvas