Chapter 3

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The rest of the day went by pretty smoothly, I only had two more periods to attend before I finish with school for the day, and I was ready.  

            My next class was gym. Most likely my favorite period to attend, after lunch that is. I had to quickly run over to the Academic Building on the other side of the school. The school was broken off into three parts which were at different locations at the school. The three parts were the Academic Building, which consisted of all the classrooms and principal office and all the administration offices. The second part was the Break Building, which was mostly like the two other big gyms and the cafeteria where I was at. The Break Building was basically the place completely opposite of the Academic Building that was the place in which people can relax, eat, and have freedom and not worry about any studying or school work. Which was why the cafeteria and the bigger gyms were there, people could go to the gym at any leisure time they may have to work out or play basketball, the other bigger gym was only for when the principal had to talk to the entire school and all the students would attend there and listen to him speak. The third place was the Library. It was a really huge library which was the size of about 4 or 5 classrooms, and had about ten private conference rooms in which students and teachers could go inside to have a private chat or do some studying. It was really big, so huge that it actually became another branch of the school, so as the other two branches. 

            By the time I got to the academic building gym class I was dripping with sweat. I was really sweaty, for some reason I sweated a lot, I don’t know why, it was just something that happened to me. I wasn’t really tired from running from the Break Room to the Academic Building, exertion was not really an issue for me. It was just that because I sweated so much it made it look like I was tired then I actually was. Inside of my body it felt like I merely took a light jog in the park, but outside I looked like I just ran twelve miles around a soccer field, yeah, it was that bad. 


            ‘JASON- - JASON!’ 

            “HERE! I’M HERE!” I said as I quickly to the line of my group, we were all seated on the gym floor as we waited for instructions from the gym teacher. The gym teacher’s name was Mr. Bulk. He was a tall Chinese-American man with black hair and a long black scar that ran down his face close to his nostril, he said he had gotten it from a motorcycle accident when he was younger, I would always joke out loud that he got into a fight and somebody beat him up really bad and gave him that cut. Even though myself and others would laugh when I made that statement Mr. Bulk’s face would stay straight as a priest, he was not amused, he was rarely ever amused. Though he was in his mid-30’s, possibly 35, still a very young man, he never really smiled much. Often nonchalant he was. The only time I seen him smile was when the principal dropped him off some coffee during class. A big smile went over his face, “THANK YOU JOHN. Wow, I didn’t really think you was gonna do it.” He said as he grabbed the coffee from the principal’s hand. 

            “Why are you sweating?” Mr. Bulk asked me in his regular monotone voice. 

            “I had to go back to class I forgot a paper.” Clearly I was lying, I just didn’t want to say that I was talking to somebody for too long after lunch. 

            “Whatever.” Said Mr. Bulk. He quickly brushed it off and finished calling names, “BRITTANY, MIKE, JASON…” 


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