Ya Allah, I call upon You. You are the Helper and You are the Healer. I don't know the technical Arabic names for them but I know You have those names. And plus I know that You are Al-Qaadir(Omnipotent, The Able). You can do all Ya Rabb, You have absolute power and You are not deficient or flawed in any way. I worship only You because You are the only One Who is worthy of being worshipped. It is You and solely You Who can create, You create all, whether that be good or bad. I beg of You Rabb, I have been thinking about this all night, I couldn't even get sleep last night because of this. Bilaal is disabled Ya Rabb. He is not able to walk properly or go to work or earn the proper finance to provide for his family because he is disabled and unable to work. Who else could've made him disabled? Who else put him in that position? It can only be You. Because You are Al-Khaaliq(The Creator of All) This is you! You put him in that position and it is only You who is Able to take him out of it, for You can do all. I do not doubt Your power at all. I will never ask You for anything, please I beg of You this is the only thing. Heal that man and make him be able to walk so he can earn sufficient finance for himself and his family, he wishes to give Zakath for the sake of You but how is he going to be able to do that if he is not able to work and earn enough? Bless that man Ya Rabb. Heal him and bring him back on his feet, YOU ARE ABLE! PLEASE HELP BILAAL!!