Friday mornings are always the best. Most people who love early mornings tend to wake up around sunrise at 5:30-6:00am. But not me, I love Fridays too much. I always look forward to it beginning from sunset on Thursday, it's hard for me to go to sleep, so I'm up by like 2am. Not just on Fridays, but every single day. I've never really liked sleep, only when I have a strong need for it. The way I see it is like "why should I go to sleep when there are so many beneficial things I could be doing"? Beneficial things like what? Like not sleeping. Like watching Islamic lectures on YouTube. I love getting new knowledge of my Religion, even if it is something that I already know. I also watch porn videos on my mobile device late at night but that is not really a beneficial thing, nor do I enjoy doing it. The devil, in the Islamic terminology we call him Iblis. Iblis is a strange character indeed, and he is very smart. Iblis wishes for me to disobey my Lord Allah. Now Iblis knows I will never just outright disobey Allah like that so he goes for the next best thing. He whispers in my ears and makes me sin. He knows me very well too, he knows the exact tine when he should attack me, late at night, because he knows that's when I'm weak.

The same routine every morning. Workout first, then I hop in the shower and perform Wudu to fulfill my Fajr morning prayer. The workout is the hardest part of the morning, everything else is easy, especially the Fajr prayer, that's very easy. But I do 235 sets of push ups every Friday morning. Even though it's very difficult I still manage to do it. After I do my pushups and shower then pray I usually eat a little breakfast. In Islamic terminology it is called "Suhoor" the pre-dawn meal. And afterwards I usually lay back in bed and watch more Islamic lectures on YouTube until it's time to get dressed and start walking to the trolley stop to go to the Mosque at 4431 Walnut St. Philadelphia PA

I decide to go early today, the Jummah prayer does not start until about 1:00pm but I like to go there a few hours early so that the Angels can write down my name upon the first arrival. So I put on my long black robe and apply a lot of deodorant and a lot of perfume oil, Friday is the best of the days, I have to look my best and be on my best on that day.

I walked out my door at 10:15am, and I began to head for the trolley stop to go to the Mosque. Omw there I saw Ashley. Ashley was a Non-Muslim girl who went to tge same high school as me. I dont know if she followed another religion but I highly doubted it, maybe she was agnostic or something. I had her in a few of my classes and I observed her to be the type of girl who just likes to live it up, she liked to be on the wildside. Get drunk, party, smoke weed, premarital sex, all the things that my Religion forbids. Though she was very attractive, I knew I had to stay away from her before she causes me to delve deep into transgression and go beyond my limits. I quickly looked both ways and tried to cross the street before she could...

"HEYYY!" Ashley's voice bellowed in my direction. "SHITT!" I thought to myself. I knew what was going to happen next. Ashley walked towards me, she approached me wearing a tight black T-Shirt that had her name "Ashley" printed on it in large bold letters. And she was wearing some form of see through sweatpants which were very loose and I could see her panties underneath. Immediately I was stimulated, I didn't want her to know though, so I kept a straight face the entire time 😐

"What you doing?" Ashley said as she approached me with her hands by her waist. She smelled nice. She had some type of perfume on, I didn't really know the name of it but whatever it was it smelled good! Ashley couldnt be an inch over 4'10. She was no Lisa Leslie. She looked very strange standing next to me.

"Finna go to Jummuah, wbu?" I said to Ashley.

"Nothing, I m hella bored, I wanna do something but idk what." Replied Ashley.

"Oh ok, well I have to be on my way now, I don't wanna be late." I quickly said, I had to hurry up and get away from her. Because the longer that I stay in conversation with her the more tempted I will be to sinning

"Wait" she said. Ashley grabbed my hand as I turned and began to leave. "What time you gotta be there?" Ashley asked me while still holding my hands. "Uh..1-1:30" I said in reply to her. She jokingly nudged me on the head with her finger, "So why are you going so early? It's not even 10:30 yet. Do you smoke?" Asked Ashley

I knew what she was trying to do, but I wasn't for it, but my Religion forbids me from lying so I told her "Occasionally."

"Well why don't you come take a few puffs with me, ik you ain't trying be on that long trolley ride sober n shyt" Ashley said. "And I can ask my mom to give you a ride when you ready to leave"

I started thinking to myself: "well I guess it couldn t hurt to maybe have one or two puffs. And she said that she was going to ask her mom to give me a ride when I'm ready"

"Ok yeah, but just a few puffs, and then you going to ask your mom to give me a ride when I'm ready?" I said to her. "Yeah I gotchu" replied Ashley. So we turned around and started walking to her house...

"Why's it so dark in here? Where your mom at?"


"I love you so much baby you mean the world to me"

"I wanna marry you baby, you gon have my children bae I swear

"Lemme nut inside you bae it's only gon be a little bit"

-"no you lying!"