Ya Allah. I call upon You Ya Rabb. I was going to go outside and smoke weed and get high but You have made it rain. It's raining outside so I'm just going to do this. Plus I'm finna go to school tomorrow and ik ima be seeing all them nonmuslim girls dressed innapropriately showing  ass and titties all crazy, and I need to ask You to protect my eyesight as I embark on that perilous journey Ya Rabb

  1. ALLAH

  2. Ya Allah I just want You to know that I know that You are one. YOU HAVE NO PARTNERS! Why would You have a partner? You're God for goddsake, You have to be one! It's a mental necessity. It is necessary for You to exist and it is necessary for You to have no partners. You are my Lord. I am confident that You exist, with no partners and I do not have a speck of doubt. I have complete Yaqeen Ya Rabb.

  3. Prophet Muhammad

  4. Raise the rank of my master Ya Rabb. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the son of Abd-Allah, the son of Abdul Mutallib, the son of Hashem, the son of Abdi Manef, the son of Qusai, from the tribe of Quraysh, the head of the Arab tribe in the sixth century

  5. Tawbah and Ask

  6. Forgive me for my sins Ya Rabb. Last night I watched porn and masterbated Ya Rabb. That is a sin. That is a sin that I have done in which I regret doing because I have disobeyed my Creator. I intend to NEVER DO THAT SIN AGAIN. Forgive me Ya Rabb, You are the Most Forgiving, you love to forgive, so forgive me please.

    Bless me Ya Rabb. Allow me to die in a state of submission to You. Grant me Jannah. I know that I don't deserve it but please, have mercy on me. Protect me in this Dunya. Grant me long life. Grant me shade on the Day of Judgment. Bless me Ya Rabb. Grant me prosperity in this life and in the Akhira. I love You Ya Allah, like I really do. I am your slave. Bless me Allah

    Bless my mother Ya Rabb. She's all alone in that country suffering, she has nothing and she's struggling Ya Rabb. Bless her, give her long life, make it easy for her. Allow me to see her again please Ya Rabb

    Bless my father Ya Rabb. Give him long life and forgive his sins. My father is a believer. He believes in You Ya Allah. Please give him a chance. He has sinned but we all sin Ya Rabb, forgive him for all his sins, past and future and give him long life

    Give me a wife with long hair and a large backside Ya Rabb. I really want this. I wanna love her and give her all of me, and I don't want to sin. I wish to complete half of my Deen. I wish to cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population. It will be a vast increase Ya Rabb. I want to love her and treat her good, I promise I won't treat her like all the girls in my past relationships. I'ma treat her good and rub her feet, even if they stink. I will do it for the sake of You Ya Rabb

    Bless my eyesight tomorrow when I go to school Ya Rabb. I'm tired of looking at girls like they're a piece of meat, I'm tired of smoking weed, I'm tired of watching porn. I wanna be a perfect Muslim like Prophet Muhammad SAWS. HELP ME!! PLEASE😣

    Please help my father and me find a place to live. Please Ya Rabb. You know my condition.

    Please bless that man I saw in the wheelchair Ya Rabb. Please bless all those worldwide who are in a wheelchair and cure them all

    Please bless my brother Sam Ya Rabb

    Please bless my brother Judah Ya Rabb