Salamatu Tunkara

Her name is Salamatu Tunkara, she is from one of the most primitive and poor villages in Sierra Leone, Manjoro. My father married her in Africa, and then when he came to the states he worked tirelessly to bring her to this country. And when he did, through the help of my sister. She came and not even four months later she physically abused my sister and then she drove her out of the house. And then when she was finished with my sister, and I had an AVM brain aneurysm and I came home my father asked me to select her to do a job in which she does home care for me and she takes care of all my needs. She started getting paid, and when the money got to her she became haughty and began her tyranny, she began to argue with my father and it even reached to the point where she slapped my father, and then she called the police on my father and told him that he was the one to hit her, so the police believed her and thus resulting in them making my father leave the house, so she made my father leave the house. Afterwards it was only me and her, and her two kids Alusine and Assanatu. She began accusing me of things in which I had no knowledge of and on 06-20-2018 at about 2:30am she came to my room and physically assaulted me and slapped me across my face. I did not put my hands on this woman, I called the police. The police recommended to me that I find somewhere in which I can stay for the time being so I called my father who was sleeping and I went to his one bedroom apartment and I stayed there. I refuse to go back to that house where she's living in so long as she stays there. So she drove me out of my own home. My sister first, my father next, and now me. None of us did nothing to her. Her name is Salamatu Tunkara.

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