⚠ Monday

After I pray Dhuhr I'm going to the library

Eagle twat mode ACTIVATED!

The general rule is: "any solid or liquid materials that enters the open cavities"

"SMOKE" is not solid or liquid

Actually idk... there's a difference of opinion among the scholars

But this is only a voluntary fast, maybe the same rules don't apply

Allah knows best

All ik is I'm HIGH AS SHYT!!



I'm always high

Keep it a bean

It's you that's humiliating himself, it's not somebody else

Today, people get depressed when they cannot marry whom they want to marry

At a certain stage you had control over the child. What did you do with that control? Did you guide the child?

My brothers and sisters, don't blame Allah for our failures

My sister you have the right. It is forbidden in Islam to force your daughter to marry who she doesn't want, totally forbidden

In fact it is a major sin

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After I pray the sunrise prayer today I gotta go to the library


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

Finna go to the library

Today feel like Sunday

I'm done smoking weed

I quit!!

When you go for a #2 that's everything that your body did not need

That's the excess, it's getting rid of the excess

Build that habit of having long hours of hunger

The best speech is quick and to the point

The only reason why a person would want to try something on the other side is because they are not finding pleasure with Allah

Allah is good, and He only accepts what is good

Fear is a powerful thing

Things to buy: student loan, phone bill, haircut

Idk how df It's possible to buy any of those

You can't go to Walmart and say to the guy like "yeah I would like to buy a phone bill please"

"I would like to purchase a haircut good fellow"


Tomorrow u gotta go to school and work on a page for Call it luck, and I gotta work on something that Shaykh Gilles sent me, I definitely gotta do that!

Shaykh Gilles is knowledgeable af!

And I gotta do the compilation thoughts for the month of December

This Surah funny as shit thinking that I ain't gon memorize it

That he finna get memorized just now!

Today's Tuesday night, I smoked this morning, I'm not going to smoke again until Saturday after Maghrib

Because I'm going to be fasting on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

I gotta lay off on smoking fr

That shyt not cool 😞

We have to think like this, it does not require millions and billions of dollars to start, all it requires is a mentality

I'm hungry as shit, I be forgetting to eat

Cuz idk if I be fasting

So I be like 🤔"should I or should I not eat??"

Decisions... decisions...

I just ate...

Now I'm ready to see some ass and titties

I farted

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I'ma fuck you okay...

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Domestic violence is not something that is new in our community

What needs to be addressed is the justification of domestic violence in the name of Islam

Women are a trust from Allah SWT and we need to fulfill our trust by taking care of them

The best of us are those who are best to their spouses

We do not harm others and we do not let others harm us

The Prophet SAWS says: "do not strike the female servants of God, do not hit them"

"None hits women, except the worst of you"


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

I'm so glad that I smoked here

My school right here, I can smoke and get high and go to school and do some work

Yup! That's me! Get high and go to school, YUP!


💂how long bro

How long what??

💂how long r you going to keep doing this to yourself?

💡 😞Sdfup! Btch AS LONG AS I WANT!

my dick stink

I gotta dirty dick

Lemme delete that, trippin on some high shyt

Fasting tomorrow, this is the fourth consecutive week

Def not smoking tomorrow, or on Friday

We don't have a balance in how we raise our children

Sometimes it's very easy, especially with the love and mercy that the mother has tor the child, to put the child at the center

A mother is expected to put aside everything else

It even takes the place for her role as a wife sometimes

What's the problem with this?

Only Allah should be at the center

Another problem is that we're raising narcissists

We're raising children who then expect that the world is supposed to revolve around them

Within a family, the foundation should not be the children it should be the marriage

When you invest in the marriage you're making the family stronger

💡may Allah bless Yasmin for her knowledge and may He hive her long life

💡 May Allah give her all type of goodness

💡 May Allah bless our 42 children

If the marriage is not strong than the family structure won't be strong

"Now that I'm really Religious I'm going to be mean to everybody"

That's not what it means to be Religious

It's very easy to take family for granted

If we have problems in our family we should seek help so that we can rectify it early on

Another problem is that we sit too long in bad situations

"Look, sister, this is the point where you have to get out of this bad situation

This habit to be passive is very harmful

We have to be able to take action, when action is needed

We don't turn the other cheek when we see abuse or when we see something wrong, we have to be more active

As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your chidren, it is your responsibility to set an example for your children

This type of judgment and looking down on others is something that we really have to stop

"Hope" is a command of Allah

"Hope" is a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

"Hope" is our main vehicle for delivering the primary message of Islam

Losing hope is the death of the heart

When we start giving up on people they start giving up on themselves

Hopelessness is an infectious attitude

You never know what somebody is capable of, you never know what they have to offer

I gotta get my act together

Right after I go to the library this morning

I'm fasting today, so I gotta go there before sunrise

I gotta catch up on my NBA games

Is Bron Bron back yet?

💡 prolly not, that ngga still prolly btchin


I'ma horny little fucker

This is what I want you to do baby

I want you to suck this dck

I love you so much

Suck it just like that

You skank slut btch

Finna eat Suhoor, I'm fasting today!

This is the fourth consecutive week... LEETTSSSS GOOOO!!

Gonna fast on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday


💂 say Insha'llah bro


💂 say it again


Of the most fundamental principles in our Religion of Islam

The fundamental upon what all other fundamentals are based:

Is that we have been created by Allah SWT for a very noble purpose

And that purpose is the worship of Allah

There is no deity that is worthy of my veneration, my prostration, except for Allah SWT

Why do you worship Allah?

"Because He did this for me"

Worship becomes a transaction with this frame of mind

The fundamental reason as to why we worship Allah has nothing to do with us

We worship Allah primarily because of Who Allah is

A part of being imperfect is to recognize perfection when it exists

"We worship Allah because He is worthy of the worship"

To acknowledge His perfection is part and parcel of worship

The most perfect worshipper of Allah SWT is the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

Allah is worshipped by a specific set of beliefs, and by a number of statements, and by a specific number of actions

Beliefs, statements, and actions


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

Fasting today

This is the fourth consecutive week

The default of fear is that it is a paralyzing emotion

Live as much as you want, you shall die, death will come to you

Love whoever you want, but you will depart with them, you will leave them

Do whatever you want, you choose your actions

Whatever you feel like doing, but the point is you will be held accountable by means of that

You will leave the people that you love and that you feel connected to

You're setting yourself up for the Day of Judgment based on what you do, so choose wisely

The dignity of the Believer is that he is not in need of other people

Let your heart only be attached to Allah

You do not attach your heart to people, you attach your heart to the Lord of people, and that's the way to go

Gotta go to the library today before sunrise, cuz I'm fasting

For the sake of Allah Azzawajal

648 is "!-!-!-!-!"

"Time for a tip to keep you mindful"

"Say one nice thing to a friend, family member, or acquaintance"

💡 Hey Sandy?


💡 nice ass

Ohh naw your name Stacey

Idk where df I got "Sandy" from

Eagle twat mode ACTIVATED

He said "summin... summin... when I get my car reactivated I'm back to Vegas"

That song haraam af tho