⚠ Thursday

Fasting for today COMPLETE

Just finished eating, now I'm ready to see some ASS AND TITTIES!!

Ass and titties all day!!!!

Bring your little pussy over here you skank slut btch

Your little itty-bitty teeny weenie pussy

This shyt gon nut inside you

I promise you

All you gon get is nut

This btch lala Ivey finna get all this nut

She's wifey material

Your eyes are so pretty baby

I love you

I want you to have my son okay

Okay baby?

I love everything about you

You're my rock

This shyt gon nut in your mouth in a little bit okay

Just keep sucking it okay?

You're doing such a good job baby I'm so proud of you

I feel terrible



God set those boundaries and he's outside of my happiness, He's something greater than it

It's dangerous to criticize the human ability to create art

Forgiveness is part of healing

Today's Friday so you know what that means

💡I gotta change my stinky boxer briefs

I gotta replace them jawns

The stench that it produces is too amazing

I can't breathe

💡you finna get fucked btch

I want both of you to suck this dck okay, you suck the head while she sucks the balls okay

You gotta distribute evenly

Sharing is caring

Choke on that fukkin dck you slut

You skank slut btch

I love you


⚠ Friday



I'm fasting today

And I'm going to Jummuah!

I gotta go there early today

Cuz last week I didn't go there early and I didn't get a chance to sit in the front and take notes and record

But today... Insha'llah

Fasting today, this is the fourth consecutive week!

Thinking about last week when that btch Google maps gon tell me "TURN RIGHT ON 2ND STREET"


Btch... FUCK YOU!

I hate when people try to tell me what to do

How df did the Raptors lose to the Spurs???

This ngga DeMar Derozen had a mfn TRIPLE DOUBLE

21 pts, 14 boards, 11 assists, that's good shyt

Kewai Leonard is a beast yo

He could be a potential Jinn

Yes , he's a Jinn

The best in the Raptors are: 1. Kawai Leonard 2. DeMar Derozen, 3. Lamarcus Aldridge

Yesss Oklahoma is leading Golden State in the west!

I want them nggas to surpass Golden State in everything!

This ngga Westbrook gon show that ngga Durant that you should have never left! 😂

#15 for Sacremento nice!

White boy, what's his name?

Ohh naw, he play for Denver


He nice!

He should start

Islam is a Religion for all people at all times

I'm at Jummuah 😆

I love it here

I love being Muslim

I love MY LIFE!

May Allah bless Muhammad, may He help him

Whatever is troubling him may He alleviate it

Df, you think ima be scared to walk this shyt cuz there's cars passing by and the graveyard right here?


I was walking this same shyt to go fuck Mercy and I will walk back home

So I was walking that same shyt to go fornicate, now that I'm walking it to go to the Masjid and back you think ima be scared?

That weed sticky as shit

That's how you know it's good

I don't got my grinder, a cop took that shyt

As soon as Maghrib come ima go pray and go smoke

I gotta wait till sunset cuz im fasting

Fasting for today COMPLETE!

Eagle twat mode ACTIVATED!

I bought all this shyt with MY MONEY so ima smoke it all df, it's not good to waste bruh

Df u think ima save this shyt for later? FAAACCKK NOOO!

I'm happy as shyt! 😃

Four consecutive weeks now!

Cum get this dck you skank slut btch

I'm ready to put this dck inside you