⚠ Saturday

Time is something so essential my brothers and sisters

Allah swears by time itself in the Qur'an

Give importance to your health and your time

"No one dies except that it is upon regret" - Abu Hurayrah (ra)

Regret that he did not give precedence to his prayer

If the man was righteous then his regret will be that he cannot increase in his righteous actions

You have been given a huge blessing that you have time

You only have this ability now

Once you die this ability will be taken from you

If your mindset is that you're going to do something than your mindset is extremely flawed

Because you don't know

You don't know if you'll have the ability tomorrow

The strength of an action is that the action is to be performed on the day that it comes to your mind

Don't delay your actions for tomorrow

Busy yourself with goodness

Busy yourself with righteousness

Because if you don't busy yourself with righteousness than most certainly you will busy yourself with evil

Wasting your time is worse than death

Because when you waste your time it separates you from Allah SWT, whereas when you die it separates you from this Dunya

On that day they shall see the promise of Allah SWT

Today, you have time

Two blessings that people give no heed to: Health & free time

Benefit from your youth, before your old age

The five prayers each day indicates the state of the Ummah

We are living in very interesting times

Until you admit to making a mistake you are not repenting to Allah SWT

The food that you eat can have a lot of effect on the way that you feel

Sufficient for you is Allah as a Protector

My Waliyy is Allah SWT

This sort of mindset is very important

We should not have any sort of despair in Allah SWT

Don't look for their validation, because Allah knows you, He knows that you're on the straight path already

A lot of us want to be heard

We want to share the details of our situations

It lets you know Who Allah SWT is, it conditions you

When you talk to Allah SWT it helps you

What has happened is by the choice of Allah SWT

It has already happened, there is no injustice in Allah SWT

What people do is that they continue this chain of reactions

Every action of Allah SWT is based on His Wisdom

Nothing can happen except by the Will of Allah SWT

Allah rewards you for efforts

Allah gives a reward for those who are patient without any reckoning

A lot of things we take for granted as if we have some sort of right for it

Appreciate the little things, a fruit that you enjoy

There is so much that you can learn from your children

In order to even make this a reality, that you're able to produce computers with such processing power, you have to go further into technology

Basic computing knowledge is binary

The transfer of the most simple of information is in ones and zeroes

Our bodies cannot handle that much radiation, to such a degree that even the CPU of a computer needs to be encapsulated within a certain container, such that it doesn't interfere with other computers

Human beings we're not used to receiving that much radiation, and if you look at now 5G's

Of course you don't care, that's why we need ethical filters for our programs

You see this a lot now in political discourse

Progress is not a virtue in itself

"Progress" is an instrument

It's a means to an end

Many human beings are moral realists

China is also one of the leaders in quantum computing

Contextualize- to place (something, such as a word or activity) in a context

💡Sentence example- I contextualized my large penis into Jason's mom vagina.

DNA computing is using your DNA to store information

1 cm of DNA can store up to 1 trillion CD's

In 2002 an Israeli scientist by the name of Ehud Shepero he developed a DNA based computer which is 100,000x faster than a regular PC

Bread and butter be popping!

With this technology you can use it for good or bad, just like a knife

That's what cancer is, it's self replicating cells

Governments don't like population growth

What does it mean to be a human?

That's important, because from an Islamic spiritual point of view a human being is someone who acknowledges Allah, has an affinity to worship Allah, and has the correct ethical framework

We already have robots that take care of our kids

Give your kid an iPad for a few hours

That takes away the human touch, if the human touch is not there then that is proven to lead to depression and many other psychological illnesses

No matter how healthy you're gonna be you're gonna die

I'm bouta start working on call it luck

It's better that I do that shyt late at night, cuz that's when I'm able to do more thinking

According to many experts pornography has become one of the most dangerous drug of our time

Start studying the science behind pornography addiction and how we can offer the necessary help to our brothers and sisters who are addicted to it

Why pornography is so addictive number one is the accessibility

It's so easy to access pornography nowadays

It starts by a trigger, you watch something and you did not protect your gaze

💡I'm not even gonna watch the rest, I already know what I have to do. I'm never watching porn again, I QUIT!!

Cum get this dck right now you skank slut btch

I'm ready to fuck you

Suck this fuckin dck you slut

I love you

You're my rock

That shyt nutted quick

I'm never doing that shyt again

I feel terrible

You know... there comes a time when you just have to let go, and let God


⚠ Sunday

This ngga Marvin Williams funny as shyt, how df you kick that shit outta bounds? 😂

Saawdy as shit dh!! 😂

That ngga Malik Monk a fukkin problem

He slammed tha shyt out that jawn

💡 Here's today mindfulness tip:

💡Think about your head: how does it feel? Think about your hands: how do they feel? Think about your breath: how smooth is it?

Congratulations, you just practiced mindfulness

😑 Ok... so let's analyze:

Think about your head how does it feel?

I'm sober! I wanna fill my head up with weed smoke

Think about your hands: How do they feel?

Uhh... okay I guess

Think about your breath: How smooth is it?

🤔 I never knew that your breath could be "smooth" but OKAY!👌

Think about her ass

Think about her chest

Think more about her ass



I really fuk with Jokic, he my favorite in Nuggets

39 pts, 12 boards

Oh yeah, that ngga nice!

And I think he play center

Big man out here shooting threes and making fast break buckets 👏

For the Piston it's either Andre Drummond or Blake, they the best in the team

Ohh man, Luka had a bad game against Sixers, it's cool bruh


This ngga Ben Simmons was fukkin ballin!!

He had a mfn TRIPLE DOUBLE!

Ben Simmons is a Jinn

These are all the Jinns in the league: Stephen Curry, he's the head of the Jinns

James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic, Ben Simmons

There's plenty other more, I just can't remember their names, but all them nggas is Jinns

That ngga Kyrie Irving also a Jinn

LeBron not a Jinn, he would be, if he had MORE RINGS

Kobe is a retired Jinn

Steve Nash used to be a Jinn

The Pelicans destroyed the Cavs!! 😂


How is that even possible??

This ngga Anthony Davis nice

I never knew that Dru Holiday went to the Pelicans

Last time I was watching him he was on the Sixers

The Raptors beat the Bucks!!!


I want them nggas to win yo, Raptors is nice as shit

That ngga Kawai Leonard be balling!

He's a Jinn

Damn, them nggas is still leading in the East

This ngga Kewai averaging 27 a game smhh

That ngga should win MVP

Look at his stats!

Not only is that ngga a good player, but he's also in a good ass team

Why does Danny Green shoot like that

He shoot high as shit!

That shyt be wet tho

That pigeon was fukkin they attention up 😂

Portland played good ass defense

That's right, lock that ngga Harden down!

Damian Lillard is a Jinn!

He fukked bul up! Cdfupp

😂 😂Steph Curry fukked Justin Jackson's ankles up

Smhh... commentator was like "RIP Justin Jackson" 😂

I'm eagle twated

I been eagle twated since mfn fourth grade

Oldhead really gave me that light that's a GOOOOD LOOOK

I was gon have to walk all the way to the gas station to purchase a mechanical lighter

Preferably Bic

I like Bic

Everything in this world it either leaves you or you leave it, except for Allah Azzawajal

You see from an Islamic perspective Riba or interest is the essence of economic injustice


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

I only pray for my mother and father, everybody else is second

This ngga... my father, he funny as shit

I'm fasting today, so I wake up early to eat Suhoor (pre-dawn meal)

I'm in the kitchen making eggs this ngga come in like "hey I'm sleeping you're making too much noise"

I'm like "but I have to eat, what do you expect me to do?"

He gon tell me: "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT"


Sooo... I should not eat and fast today because you have to get your beauty sleep?

How about this: You don't ever disturb me again while I'm doing my act of worship and if you do then I punch you in the back of your throat ok dumb btch?

Damn her ass was fat

I was def looking

I was trying not to though

Allah knows best