⚠ Monday

Paid that fukkin student loan, got that shyt out the way

I was going to just wait until after Maghrib and I break my fast and go to the library, but fuck this shyt I gotta go NOWW

I'm not even high like that

I'm a little bit high

I'm semi-high


Keep it a bean, I'm hungry 😕

I'm fasting AND I got munchies!

🎧🎵"btch I move through the London with the euro step"

Fasting for today COMPLETE

I'm high out my mind

Finna eat

I gotta get my haircut tomorrow

My brothers Allah created us for a reason Wallahi

Allah didn't create us so we can eat, or sleep with women, or have mates, or buy houses

💡But..... that's what I want 🙁

We are not animals, we have a purpose in this world Wallahi we do

My brothers and sisters I have news for you, you only get one shot at life, there's no coming back

Be someone that makes a difference

Be someone that contributes something in humanity

💡This is what I have to do. So I have to find a girl to marry and shove my penis all the way in her and give her all my hyperspermia and increase the Muslim population for the sake of Allah Azzawajal

💡My reward is with Allah in Jannah Tul Firdos Insha'llah


⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

I gotta get my haircut today

That's the only thing on my mind

I'm ready

This dck finna go in you u freak skank slut btch

This btch is a slut, she want this dck

She want it!!

You gon get it. I PUT THAT ON MY LIFE

Not going to school today, I gotta go straight to the barbershop, my head WOLFING!

I gotta go to the library after I get my haircut today

Happy as shyt I'm not fasting today, gonna start back up on Thursday

This is going to be the FIFTH CONSECUTIVE WEEK

I just took a crazy dookie

He said "that jawn spread like butter" 😂😂

Adrien Broner funny as shit

I'm at the library high as shit!

I'm eagle twated

I been eagle twated since mfn fourth grade

I'm at the library eagle twated like shit


Got my haircut yesterday, now the only thing that's left to do is put money on my key card, which I will do this morning!

I'm going to school today

But first I gotta go to the library

And I'm not fasting! 😆

So I can DRINK!

Cuz my mouth be dry as shyt whilst I'm fasting, and I can't drink


⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

Going to the library this morning

And then I'm going to school


I'm gonna buy my SEPTA key card today, and that's going to be the last thing on my list

Glad I'm not fasting today, finna go to the library

Yo he really be looking out!


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

Fasting today

This is the fifth consecutiveweek!

-pats myself on the back

Finna get ready to go to the library

I'm high as shyt!

I'm eagle twated

I'm stirr fried rice with four pieces of fried chicken



A drug addict!


💂 congratulations bro, you've completed the first step which is to admit

💡I do admit. I admit that your mom is a whore!

Finna go to school and make sure everything for my classes is all good. School is very important