⚠ Thursday

Don't look at me I'm ugly!!

No matter what the situation is the Prophet SAWS was always smiling

Islam challenges you to become a better person

We don't understand the jurisprudence of Du'a

From the Wisdom of Allah, Allah gives you what you ask for when you need it not when you ask for it

Du'a is a win win situation for the Believer

Allah loves to give, but Allah loves to hear your voice more

All you have to do: raise your hand in supplication

When you supplicate to Allah, mean it

May Allah reward every single one of you

And may Allah accept you

When you make Du'a, sit up straight and ask Allah sincerely from your heart

Whatever Allah makes halaal or haraam there's great benefit in that

Men has a covetus love for women

So Islam channels this feeling to a matrimonial relationship

That's the only way that one channels their lusts and desires, it's through wedlock

My favorite prayer is Maghrib, but THE best is Fajr

My favorite month is April, but THE BEST is the month of Ramadan

My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream or oreos, but THE BEST is..... well idk, it's up for debate, but this is what I'm saying.....

There are others, whatever it may be, there has to be more than one of it, so because we have a lot of choices to choose from this leads us.... to have options

We have.... choices

If you want to go to China to build a spaceship and stop world hunger that's YOUR CHOICE!

You don't want to wear that shirt because it has a lot of polkadots on it and it makes you look gay? HEY... THAT'S YOUR CHOICE!

So we have choices, we can choose what we want to do, we have a choice in everything, except..... Religion

Islam is the only Religion accepted by God

Yes, He created Judaism and Christianity and all those other Religions, but "HE DOESN'T ACCEPT THEM"

You can't say "I'm going to be Christian and be good to people and do a lot of community service so when I die I'll go to heaven"

Umm... no!

It doesn't work like that

And frankly I think Christianity and all these other main religions are an annexation of "Islam"

Meaning, these other Religions they emulate Islam, in many of its characteristics

So for example, in Christianity they be like "do good deeds in the name of Jesus"

So it urges you to "do good"

Islam was the first

It was the first one to start promoting good behavior and high moral ethics

Not just religiously based, if you look at the world around you, a lot of it started off by an Islamic central point

Even the judiciary system, worldwide

Police officers worldwide, they never initiate physical harm or aggression

But they damn sure ain't no punk btches. If you try to harm them in any way then they have a right to shoot you in the ass, as self defense

Where did that start? ISLAM!

In Islam you do not have a right to oppress but if somebody tries to harm you then you can fight back

The Messenger of Allaah SAWS got into many wars, and he killed many people

Because they were hypocrites and they tried to oppress the Muslims

😂 that movie funny as shit!

"Training Day" with Denzel Washington

That's that shit!! Cdfffuupppp

Earlier when I was talking like "police officers ain't no punk btches, they'll shoot you in the ass if you start with them"

That movie "Training Day" came in my mind

After the white dude shot Denzel Washington he was like: "😱YOU SHOT ME IN THE ASS!"


Don't be deceptive inside your speech, don't allure your speech

And say words which are correct and straightforward, straight to the point

That's how the advice has been given to the wives of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

Free mixing leads to intimacy, intimacy leads to being alone

A man and a woman all on their own, the third individual is the Shaytaan

Free mixing of individuals, creates corruption

Once you lose that shame, than you've lost your Eeman

These are the effects of our sins

They harm ourselves, they harm our communities, they harm our congregations, they harm our brothers and sisters

This is something that we have to be cogniscent of

The Rizq of Allah SWT will suspend coming down to a community if the community does not hold itself accountable, in turning back to Allah SWT and seeking His forgiveness

Fasting for today COMPLETE

You have other different types of Messengers of Allah like Moses PBUH, Abraham PBUH, Noah PBUH

But our Prophet and Messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is "The Messenger"

He is the best of the creations sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

💡 I'm ready to fuck u you freak dirty btch

That shyt nutted quick

It was a quick nut

... I feel terrible 😔

How could I?

What is wrong with me???

Allah Knows best...

How He created me

Because I don't fukkin know

Also, Musa, or Moses PBUH. He is the Prophet and Messenger who is most frequently mentioned in the entire Qur'an

When I found out I was like 😵"noooo waay"

Cuz I was thinking it was gon be Muhammad SAWS, but naw, it's Moses

Peace Be Upon Him


⚠ Friday



Can't wait to go to Jummuah today

All the damn porn I been watching and weed I been smoking


May Allah forgive me

He is Affuuw!

Hope in God and hope in the truth, that leads to apathy is by itself contrary to hope itself

We're so complacent, we think everybody loves us, we think everything is fine

Al Ghazalli (ra) said: "Hope in Allah that causes someone to become apathetic is problematic"

I was walking home, after I purchased my illegal marijuana

I was walking home, and out of nowhere I just became pressed and i had to pee!

I tried to hold that shyt in until I got to the crib, but I failed

I came home and took a shower and changed my clothes

Then I made Wudu and prayed to Allah SWT, and asked Him for forgiveness

Forgiveness for... ?

Not for peeing on myself. That's not a sin, it's just very disgusting, but NO SIN

I had to pray and ask Allah Azzawajal to forgive me for purchasing marijuana

Which is a drug, and a major sin

Making an excessive move also invalidates the prayer

This means if a person praying makes a big jump for example and the like, the prayer becomes invalid

💡Soo if you're praying and u start thinking that you're a ninja while praying and u start doing Jackie Chan moves n shyt

Your prayer becomes INVALID

But I'm thinking like "who is going to be dumb enough to actually do that??"


Kids would have the mind to jump while praying

That's why Allah put that rule there

He be thinking of everything. Idk it's like He's God or something.

I'm here at Jummuah!

I love it here... I love being Muslim... I love my life!!!!

All the damn porn I been watching and weed I been smoking Smhh

May Allah forgive me

May Allah bless my brother Muhammad and give him every type of goodness


He doesn't accept NO OTHER RELIGION


So what does this mean?


It means.... umm...

Ok, Mahatma Ghandi, awesome guy

He believed in and promoted peace world wide

Martin Luther King Jr, awesome guy!

Look at all the good that he's done

Rosa Parks...

There's all these good people in the world that do so much good, but they follow the wrong Religion 😯

Don't do that

Just be a devout Muslim and sdfup

You can live your life brooo!

You don't have to be a perfect Muslim, or the best, that's why The Messenger of Allaah SAWS was created

He's already the best, that's it! It's over, he won already,

But he is dead, and we are alive

We can still follow his footsteps, we just have to BE MUSLIMS

But yeah... back to what I was talking

All these good people that live in the world, my 3rd grade teacher Ms. Thurmond, the mailman, the librarian, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Donal... never mind

But the point is this, "you can be the best person, donate your organs, give millions of dollars to charity"

But... if you die without being in a state of Islam

You will inevitably fall into hellfire

Not just for a day, a week, a month, no


God orders us all to be pious Muslims and do all the obligations and refrain from every sin

So we can't do NO SINS!

That is what God wants from us

The sins are many!

So how df can we be pious Muslims if there are so many sins? 🤔


It's this little thing called "R-E-P-E-N-T-A-N-C-E"

The one who repents is like the one who did not do the sin

Repentance is EASY

it consists of three simple steps: Stop doing the sin!

So what does this mean?

If you're smoking weed, and you got the blunt in your hands and smoking, you can't just take a hit and put the blunt down, and then repent and pick up the blunt again 😂

That's what I used to be doing!

Also, before I found Islam, this is what I used to do:

I would be having sex with a girl and after every stroke I would take my dck out and be like "I repent to my Creator"


The second stop for a proper repentance is to regret having done the sin

No, no, that's not true

You have to "regret having disobeyed your Creator"

Because God was the one Who told you not to the sin, and you still disobeyed Him and did it, you have to feel remorseful

The final step is to make an intention never to do it again

But if the Shaytaan catches you off guard and causes you to do the sin

You have to repent all over again

Repentance is an obligation


Even if you do not sin, still repent

The Messenger of Allaah SAWS, he never sinned. NEVER!

And he repented between 70-100 times daily

Because "repentance elevates your status"

Things change as you grow older

"I'm no longer the little teenager that I used to be"

Subhanallah, may Allah SWT grant us the ability to thank Him for His gifts

You're not allowed to spend on haraam, alcohol or whatever else is haraam, the list is endless

💡damn it, so I can't buy alcohol and get drunk and go home and beat my wife

Scientists have found that bees use ultraviolet ray for vision, this enables the bee to see faster than humans

When it watch a video it can only see constant photos because it's vision speed is more than humans, it distinguishes the photo in a film one by one

💡it's COLD AS SHIT!!!

Fasting for today COMPLETE


Tomorrow it's the same thing again

This is the fifth consecutive week

I can't wait to go to Jummuah again on Friday next week

I love that Mosque! 😊

"Not one of you should say that you are better than Yunus AS, because Yunus AS was a righteous man"

💡I'ma eat and go df to sleep btch it's cold as shyt!

It basically teaches us how the Prophet SAWS modeled acknowledgement validation of difficult emotion

What he did for that child is connected in him saying "I understand you're feeling sad right now, I know it's not easy"

Allah SWT created us with an emotional component to our existence

The way we are as human beings our emotions are part of who we are

A lot of people who becomes educated and make a lot of money, they leave our communities and they don't come back

They don't come back to help, they don't come back to bring other people up

If you build someone up to have a certain mindset, to think that they're worthless, to think that they're nothing. To tell them "things are never going to change for you because I'm better than you and this is your place in society"

That person has children, and they. raise their children to think the same

It's a generation effect

It's still happening but in a subtle way

Morality changes very quickly over time

Every single person plays a role in this world

Hindsight is for you to be aware of something after it has happened

Your perception of something after it has already taken place

By definition you cannot go back and change it

We use our past to learn lessons

We use the past so that we do not repeat our mistakes

But as Muslims we accept the decree of Allah SWT

To study the history of other nations so that we do not repeat their mistakes

Allah SWT wants us to learn lessons from history, those who were evil, did certain things

We don't have excuses when it comes to repeating the same mistakes of previous generations

But that requires us to study our history, it requires us to study our Religion


⚠ Saturday

I'm fasting

I'm high