⚠ Saturday

That btch Roxanne gon eat Violet out

She gon try to eat Christy out too but she gon be like naawww

Roxanne a freak, Violet a freak, Christy a freak, her mom is definitely a freak. That btch a whole freak!

She been hoeing all her life busting that pussy open left and right for every ngga she comes across, now that she's old and dried out her life is boring and she want for Christy to stay with her and keep her company n shyt. Btch... HOWW??

Foh, old ass crusty btch

💡I'm finna go in on you u skank slut btch

I'm finna put this dck inside you and stroke vigorously

Put my dck in your mouth and suck it just like that

I'ma just fuck you, plain as that


Allah created us for his worship my brothers and sisters, nothing else

These things are not, they're not the most important thing in Islam

We need to stay focused on what's most important instead of getting into arguments and trying to force our beliefs on another person

The reality is we're all human beings and we all committ sins

💡I can't get this girl out my fukkin head

And this child grows, and their assumptions about Allah is that Allah's default position is to punish humanity

Allah even says in the Qur'an: "What's Allah going to get out of punishing you?"

That impression about Allah that we have that He's angry all the time, He wants to punish all the time, the laws of Islam are extremely harsh and rigid, and if you can't follow them you're gonna be in serious serious trouble


💡May Allah bless my brother Nouman Ali Khan and may He give him long life and bless his children

"Islam is just illogical, it doesn't make any sense to me"

When The Prophet SAWS asked the Companions to give in the path of Allah

Umar gave half of his wealth, and Abu Bakr As Siddiq gave all of his wealth

Umar gave half, Abu Bakr gave all, what are you gonna give?

And you're like "umm $10"


💡I'm not able to hear shit!

This ngga got the AC on blast n shyt

It's not even hot!

How you got the AC on and you gotta blanket on at the same time?

Be friendly, be respectful, be mature, that's what the youth really needs

The Masjid is for people to go pray

Even if you are the most unfriendly person in the world, go in the Masjid and pray, do it for the sake of Allah

Show love and compassion

68% of marriages that have come through the dating scene end in divorce

We may live free but internally we are shackled

In any given moment there are always blessings and challenges, and they will always come at the same time

This is the reality of Dunya

It's never all bad and it's never all good

Dunya is a combination of good and bad

💡my hyperspermia is on a fritz this morning

You skank slut btch ima fuck you

I gotta nut quick cuz my battery low

I'm on GO!


⚠ Sunday

What fukkin snow??

Btch it's 43 degrees outside and clear as shit

These nggas be lying!!

I'm glad tho 😆

Cuz now I can go to school tomorrow and ask Ann Marie for her daughter's hand in marriage

My baby Annabelle 😘

I love her so much

Vic Mensa look like a young J Cole

Psychologists say that the most productive emotion is the emotion of gratitude

Thank God my eyes work, my body is working, Alhamdulillah I am alive, omg I have a bed, there's a roof over my head

As you go through this it sets the tone for your day, and it is a tone of gratitude which builds success

💡Just a few more hours and then she will be mine

💡This day needs to hurry df up and finish already

To be at the top of your game, to be a more successful version of yourself, you need to be grateful

The Deen was made to give you the best of this life and the best of next

If we're kind to others, if we're respectful to others they definitely notice

It's very important, being open to other people, no matter what their Religion is

"Muslims aren't what the media portrays them to be"

Islam is something that any person with any logical sense will accept

Islam knows no particular race

There is no one culture that is superior to another culture

We need to be less prejudice to people of other orientations

If you think that you're better than another person just because of the color of your skin you are being arrogant towards them

In terms of getting rid of racism education is going to be the key

They need to be educated about the beauty of other cultures

There's only one race, the human race, there are no other races

This is not good Dawah, we can bring people to Islam by being accepting

If you know what that feels like how could you go and do that to someone else?

Whether they be Jewish, whether they be Buhhdist, whether they be Hindu

💡I completely agree!!

💡 this girl is speaking sense

Not even to other people of different Religions, sometimes inside the Religion of Islam

People push us away and they don't even realize. Who? The scholars of Islam

The main scholars, the ones who make up these laws and set up these Madhabs thinking that it's going to bring more people into Islam, rather it's pushing us away

Where did Allah say in the Qur'an that "ignorance is not an excuse" ?

Well that's what they used to be telling me in the Mosque that I used to be going to

They told me like: "Everybody has to be Muslim and if you're not than God will punish you and send you to hellfire forever"


That is "fear"

And what is fear?


And there is no compulsion in Religion

💡Also... these Madhabs

When I would ask one of the guys in the Mosque that I used to go to

I used to be like: Ya Shaykh what's the judgement of so and so??

He would be like: Well according to the school of...

According to the school of...

According to the school of...


What about according to Prophet Muhammad SAWS

These Madhabs, they separate and distinguish us

There's only one Religion... Islam

But yet there are "four major schools"


"I was never young I'm mad old, I became a man when I realized my dad's broke" -Token

Thinking about my baby Annabelle

I wonder what she's doing right now

She's prolly somewhere in heaven



💡your mom

💂my mom what?

💡Your mom look like a fatass Majin Buu

Just a few more hours, as soon as Maghrib comes it's the next day

Tomorrow morning ima wake up early and go to school

She's going to be ALL MINES!

I'm soo excited!!

Everything's going to be great

Ann Marie's going to give her daughter's hand to me in marriage, I'll marry her, make her happy, make her the mother of my children! 😃

There is a difference between what people like and don't like, and what is Islamically permissible

Don't bring Islam into it, because then you make Islam seem restrictive

There are guidelines in Islam without a doubt

The Day of Judgment will not be established except as the Prophet SAWS says on the worst of people

Because of their corruption Allah allowed destruction to come upon them

His name did not become "Ibliss" until he disobeyed Allah SWT

💡Ya Allah... please let tomorrow hurry up and come


"nggas smile in real life but act petty in mentions"

"deception is like infection"

"If you don't fuk with me don't fuk with me I'm sick of pretend love"

"If you don't respect the game than there's no more obligation"

"This fake democracy is nothing more than a distraction"

"How is it superficial if they serve you a subpoena?"

-Locksmith 🔥 🔥

This ngga hot as shyt

The news is constantly using fallacies

💡I definitely gotta change my stinky boxer briefs tomorrow, these jawns STINK!!!!

I can't breathe!

"Baee remind me to change my boxer briefs tomorrow morning k?"

She gon be like "ok bae!"

That's how Annabelle gon be

She gon be like "OKAY BAEE"

Once I marry her I'ma be taking a shower and changing my boxer briefs every other morning, and not every winter solstice

Cuz I gotta be clean for my wife

The vast majority of Islamic history had relatively secular states

"Only way you multiply is when you divide the power, grind for hours" - J.I.D

"You nggas killing me thinking you ill as me, I'm the epitome" - J.I.D

Every single day Allah SWT sends us signs after signs

The Prophet of Allah SAWS said that "if you see someone frequent in the Masjid then bear witness that this man has Eeman"

💡 I don't wanna close my eyes and go to sleep cuz I'm scared I might not wake back up and get a chance to marry Annabelle and impregnate her with 27 children

💂You's a bitch

💡first ima impregnate her, than I can die

Or... why do I even have to die at all? 🤔


And leave my wife behind to raise those 27 children by herself

I'ma just walk, fuk it

I have to go talk to Ann Marie about marrying her daughter, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you think ima let this shyt pass me by? FAAACCKK NOOO!!

Gotta wake up early tomorrow morning

Prolly not gonna get a chance to pray Fajr

Ohhh that jawn gon be closed tomorrow nevermind

It's MLK day

The Jews can worship, the Hindus can worship how they want

Don't insult their gods

It's a basic human characteristic, we should not be insulting others

The Day of Arafah is a few months before The Prophet SAWS passed away

We have to understand that our Religion comes from people with knowledge

Let you be that example for the people around you

💡I was really gonna walk all the way to school, that shyt like a 3 hours walk

💡smh, that's that Philly habit I've developed

Philly nggas is the ONLY PEOPLE, in the entirety of the globe

I was once down southwest Philly once, it was like at 2:15am in the morning, I saw this ngga riding a muthafukkin skateboard, butt ass naked, this ngga only had his boxers on

I didn't ask him where he was going or coming from but I already knew, I used my deductive reasoning techniques

At 2:15am in the morning, where else could that ngga be going to?

To a girl crib to get some pussy!!


I wouldn't mind taking that walk all the way to school tho

Cuz this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I really love this girl and I want to marry her... so... I have to do whatever it takes

"It is incumbent upon every single Muslim that you will go and kiss his forehead for what he did for all the Muslims"

He said "and I will be the first to do so"

He then stood up and kissed him on his forehead and he told the Muslims to follow his lead

He found out about Islam and he embraced Islam, and now his kids are Muslims and his great grand-kids are Muslims

💡when I emailed Ann Marie yesterday and told her that I had to talk to her, she def told me that the college was going to be closed on Monday today and that she'll talk to me on Wednesday

I thought the college was going to be closed because of the snow storm that they said was going to happen

But naw, it's because of MLK day

The weatherman def bullshitted us about the snow tho

But still... that does not discredit them tho, you're still gonna watch the weather if they're wrong a million times

My Earth Science professor told me that, I forgot his name, but he was cool af tho

😂he loved Earth Science sooo much

We was in class once doing an open lab, about the weather and climate change, and he was showing us something and was like: ISN'T THAT COOL!!?😃

He was so excited!

I'm thinking like: This guy definitely chose the right job

Choose a job... that you like

Because mind you... that might be the job that you're going to be doing for the rest of your life

If you're a kindergarten teacher, but you hate kids! Then... why do you have that job??

Choose a job that you like even if the pay is lousy, at least you like it, and who knows, you might get a raise!

Then you'll be really happy, and have a lot of enthusiasm, like my Earth Science professor. "ISN'T THAT COOL!!!? 😃"

"love for your brother what you love for yourself"

💡 I love... women!

So... what does this mean? "Love for your brother what you love for yourself"

I'ma show my brother a picture of a couple girls in my phone, *scrolls to the left*

"Choose one bro, my btches is your btches. I love you for the sake of Allah"

💂bro... that's not what it means

Once I marry Ann Marie's daughter ima stay faithful only to her!

She will be my first and my only

It's easier to stay pure and chaste when you're in a comitted relationship

And by committed relationship I mean "husband and wife"

Because that boyfriend and girlfriend shyt never works, you can have a girlfriend and still be out cheating and messing around

But if she's your wife! You will be more likely to stay committed

Allah Knows best!

68% of marriages that start from the dating scene end up in divorce

Nggas be like: "But I wanna get to know the person first before I marry them"

Ok... you wanna get to know the person? Get to know them through THEIR PARENTS!

They'll tell you all about them

You don't wanna get to know the person, you just wanna be alone with her so u can rub her titties

💡I wanted to marry that other girl that my father selected for me, in order to make him happy, but I thought about it... I did some heavy contemplation

My father, is a nice guy, and he means well, but... he's not really the best at choosing women

I mean... he chose to marry Salamatu

And she put him in court and under child support and kicked him out of his own house

And he married HER!

marriage is a really big step, you have to really do a lot of deliberation and choose carefully, cuz that's the woman that you might spend the rest of your life with

And even tho I don't know Annabelle, and I've never seen her before

I know that she's perfect and beautiful and amazing!

Because, I know her mother!

And her mother was the one who gave birth to her, the apple don't fall far from the tree!

It's so windy outside, and it's raining hard af!

I wonder what Annabelle's doing? She's prolly under the covers trying not to hear the sound of the rain and heavy wind

Bae ima protect you okay! You can lay in my arms, don't let the rain scare you okay, you got me, ima hold you down boo! 😘

💡sike!! I'm scared just like you are... I'ma be like, SCOOT OVER!! -gets under the sheets with you

The first Prophet that was mentioned to the Prophet SAWS was Yunus AS

He calls upon Allah SWT

"I am not even going to have the audacity to ask you to get me out of the stomach of this whale"

"I am just calling upon You, Ya Allah there is no God but You"

"How perfect are You? I am the one with the imperfections, I am the one who wronged himself"

"I know that I deserve to be in this desperate situation"

Allah does not care about your circumstances, it's not about that

It's about you making a covenant with Allah, and Allah making a covenant with you

Allah told you He will test you

Yunus AS came back and found 100,000 Believers

They were all now embracing him and accepting his message

💡My hyperspermia is not on a fritz this morning, it's just regular

Cum suck this dck right now you big booty btch

You sucking this dck so good baby I love you

You're my rock!

You slut btch ima fuck you, that's all ima do

💡I saw that pornographic video already, NEXT!

-Swipes down

🎤"i need something different, you know it, oh oh you know it"

Drake- Doing it wrong

Shyt hot

I wanna see your eyes while you sucking this dck btch I need your undivided attention

I wanna put this dck between your titties, I love you okay

-rubs her hair

You're my everything baby

Sdfup! While I fuck you btch

This shyt gon nut right inside you

I put that on everything!

Oh naw this ngga fuckin that btch in the ass, that shyt haraam!

Lemme see ur pretty ass eyes while you sucking this dck baby

Go underneath that desk and suck this dck btch

You're my rock!

This shyt finna nut right now!


That shyt... nutted

I feel terrible 😔


Finna get up and do my workouts and hop in the shower, I'm fasting today

Today is Monday!

I looovvee Mondays!

The Messenger of Allaah SAWS was born on a Monday

It's 11 degrees outside!

It's cold as shyt!!


⚠ Monday

Good Morning

A baby cockroach is called a "nymph"

Never knew that!

I wonder if that has anything to do with the term "nympho"