You will feel good when you are connected to Allah SWT

This shyt bouta nut btch fuck what you heard

I'm finna take my dck out and shove it in your little itty-bitty teeny weenie pussy


May Allah bless my master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

He was born today

I'm fasting today also

But not because of Muhammad, no

I'm fasting today solely for the sake of Allah

Because I want my sins to be forgiven

Going to school today also

I think... idk what time my pop coming home

Qur'an is a very pragmatic book

In order to incorporate CSS in a document you need to use the style attribute, followed by an equal sign

opening tag p style = " text - align : center ; " >Ann Marie Smith closing tag

Question: Can you incorporate CSS in a HTML document by just using the style attribute? Or do you have to put "p" or "span" before it?

"Those facts are not theorems" -Max

Fasting for today COMPLETE 😆

24!!!!! 😂😂

"Hey Patrick, do you know what's even funnier than 24?"

💡 25!! 😂😂

The story of Iblees is gonna repeat itself

Subservient- prepared to obey others unquestioningly.

💡 Sentence example: Jason's mom is my subservient

I gotta go to Ann Marie's office on Wednesday and ask her this following question:

Can you incorporate CSS in a HTML document by just using the style attribute? Or do you have to put "p" or "span" before it?

I wanted to ask her today in class, but I didn't really know how to word the question. Now that I've come up with it in my head

Always make sure you know what you're asking... before you ask it

I mean it's good to ask, and there are no such thing as "dumb questions"

But, just think about what you ask, BEFORE you ask it

There are no such thing as dumb questions, except in Islam

Islam is the only Religion that has dumb questions

Well... at least that's how they was making it seem, at that Mosque I used to go to

I once asked a question and one of the guys over there looked at me like 😞

And then he told me: "of course not, what kinda question is that?"

Umm... it's a FUKKIN QUESTION that's wtf it is

Have you always known about Islam? Were you always on the right path??

It may seem dumb and insignificant to you, because you have been Muslim longer

But as for ME who just came into the Religion, idk shit

And I'm scared to ask questions and learn, cuz I don't want you to look at me like "😞"

So I guess I'll just stay ignorant about the subject forever

Thinking about today, in Ann Marie's class

She went hard af!!

I should've recorded that shyt, I should've pulled out my laptop and start writing it down

But you know when you're so focused in on something that you can't do anything except for just stare 👀

That's how I was, I was just starring, I regret not having taken down more notes, I regret it SOO FUKKIN MUCH!!

next time tho... Insha'llah

The semester is still early, we have many more classes

Also an attribute is followed by an equal sign

Like < style =" " >

And the attributes are red, in notepa+

I think...

This is why it's good to take notes, fuuuckkkk!

I can't remember all that she taught, I only remember a little bit


Ima stupid fucking asshole shitfucker fuck face!!

Sometimes when I take notes, I'm not able to focus in 100%

But when I don't take notes, my retention skills is on a bean!

So... what's the solution? Take notes or don't take notes?

You do BOTH

You take notes and you don't take notes

Moderation is the answer

The < p > attribute skips a line, it creates a new paragraph

You don't have to close the < p > attribute

It is a singular tag, just like < br >

Also... in HTML you can center text like this < center >Abdulai Mansaray < / center >

But in CSS you have to do it like this

< p style="text-align:center;">Ann Marie Smith < / p >

But which is better to use? And what's the difference??

All that shyt I should've asked today in class, the questions only come to me at night when I'm laying down

Fuck fuck FUUUCKKKK!

I hate... not knowing!

The best part of Salah is the Sujood

We don't pray because of all these benefits, we pray to thank Allah SWT

These benefits are side dishes

These medical benefits may inspire a Non-Muslim

But it doesn't mean that you have to be 100% perfect, and we should keep advising that

We're not perfect, but as we keep going we will improve

It is a recommended thing to have Wudu to have Wudu to touch Qur'an

I don't know of any clear authentic evidence that states that you need to have Wudu to touch the Qur’an

💡🤔but that's what they was telling me tho, "If you touch the book of the Qur'an and you are not in a state of Wudu Allah will send you to hellfire forever"

That's funny

You might delay, but time wouldn't

💡So when I go to school on Wednesday, I gotta go extra early to talk to Ann Marie

I'm going to ask her these two questions:

1: Can you incorporate CSS in a HTML document by just using the style attribute? Or do you have to put "p" or "span" before it?

And there was another question that I wanted to ask her about CSS, but I can't remember!!

Fuck fuck FUUUCKKKK!!!!

Ima stupid fucking asshole shitfucker fuck face

And I also gotta ask her to tell me more about her daughter

Because I'm gonna marry her, but I can't just now tho, because she's still 17, her birthday is in March, then she will be 18 and she will be MINESS!!

I'm soooo excited!!! 😄

I gotta ask her stuff like what's your daughter's favorite food, her favorite hobby, sport, color, animal

Things of that nature

😈and you gotta ask her what's her daughter's favorite...


DIEEE BTCCCHHH ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '🔫

I would NEVER!

This ngga Iblees... smhh

In my opinion that's a very wrong way of approaching Islamic studies

That's not what education is, education is to make the person understand

As a teacher, you're a story teller

There are all of these dynamics that can create unnecessary tension between Muslims

I don't have time to learn about what's wrong, I rather learn about what's right

She was cute as shit, the lady at Amelia's

I was trying bag... I told her that I love her hair

Girls like it when you compliment they hair

Even if she bald headed

💂bro you dumb as shit, how df is you gonna compliment a girl's head if she bald headed? 💇


"Bae I like the shinyness of your head"

"I like the little strands of hair that stick out of your scalp"

"I like how I can see my reflection on it"

That's what Wiz Khalifa be saying to Amber Rose

I always used to wonder like... if you're having sex with a girl, and you hitting it from the back right...

Normally I like to pull her hair while I'm hitting it from the back, that's just my preference

But wtf am I supposed to hold on to if she's bald and she ain't got no damn hair on her head?

💂her ears 👂 bro, you grab on to her ears


I registered and able to use the myMathLabPlus!!!

Now I can do my homework n shyt

I'ma just start tomorrow , it's not due until Friday


Yeah, ima do it tomorrow

And I'm not procrastinating it

Because "procrastination" is defined as: the action of delaying or postponing something.

I'm not delaying it, nor am I postponing it

It's not due until Friday, today's only Tuesday

So I still got three whole days to do it, ima just do it in school tomorrow, where I can focus better

💂why can't you do it now tho?

BTCH!! Cuz I don't feel like it that's df why

Plus, why should I exert effort to do it when your mom can just do it for me?

All I gotta do is give that hoe some dck and a twinky

Still thinking bout that little girl...


The Prophet SAWS used to name all of his belongings

He had a mule named Duldul

"🎤btch I move through London with the euro step 💃"

"Everybody has an addiction; mine happens to be you,
And those who say they don't
Souls will later on say to them "that ain't true"

Andre 3000 hot

So tomorrow I gotta go to school early and ask Ann Marie the following question:

"Can you incorporate CSS in a HTML document by just using the style attribute? Or do you have to put "p" or "span" before it?"

That's wtf I'm gonna ask her

Nobody sees light, you can only see what light reflects off

Ibliss used to worship Allah exactly when the sun comes up, when it's straight overhead, and when the sun is sinking down

Allah does not accept any partners, no associates

That's why when we go through life there's always somebody there trying to mess up the good things that we are doing

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Yusuf Estes and I'll have more knowledge than him

"And the flowers bloom again and the birds return to sing, and Allah can bring life to any heart, turn it's winter into Spring"

-Ammar Alshukry

This ngga got barz!

"She's the most inspirational human being that I've ever met, and she's my mother, may Allah SWT have mercy on her"

She lost her ability to walk freely, she started feeling like her muscles were weak, she wasn't as mobile as other people

Then she developed another blood disorder, she had to go through 17 blood transfusions in two years

Whenever she sat with a doctor the doctor will tell her that you will never be able to have kids again

She looked at the doctor then laughed and said "you're not God"

Allah SWT allowed her to get pregnant a month later

"No one understands me except for Allah"

She never complained and she understood that whatever came to her was a means of elevation

Whatever Allah SWT gives to us is a means of elevation, it's a means of us drawing closer to Him

Remember your parents in your Du'a and do not ever forget them

💡May Allah bless Imam Omar Suleiman and may He allow him to be with his mother one day in Jannah Tul Firdos

💡I'm on GO!!

I'm finna insert my weiner in your sensuous mouth btch

Ima put all this weiner in you btch

Nietszche, that great moral philosopher said that "we replicate ourselves"

So the disfunctionalities of this generation are passed on to the next generation

💡Shaykh Hamza Yusuf is very smart

"Friedrich Nietszche" was a German philosopher in the 19th century

He was also a poet, a composer, and many other things

I learned about him like two years ago when I was taking Moral Philosophy

My final project was on him, he is most likely my favorite philosopher, he is very wise and he liked to think

But he... was an atheist

He wrote a book called "God is dead"

Even though I completely disagree with his religious beliefs, I still think that he was an awesome guy and very smart

We don't have to agree on EVERYTHING in order for me to like you

I'm all about my Religion, a pious Muslim, whereas HE is an atheist, that's the worse sin in my Religion

But... I still choose him to be my favorite philosopher and I learn a lot from him

I listen to Beyonce, K Michelle, and Frank Ocean, but I'm not gay

You feel me?

Just because you are into something does not mean that you HAVE to agree with that person

That's ignorance, that's stupidity


So what am I going to ask Ann Marie today when I go to school?

💡 Can you incorporate CSS in a HTML document by just using the style attribute? Or do you have to put "p" or "span" before it?

The books of Seerah mentioned there were Sahaba who had alcohol in their mouths, there were Sahabas that raised the cup to drink, when they heard the verse from the Masjid, they threw that alcohol outside their windows

The streets of Medina were flowing with alcohol because no one dared come close to it

Truth is not subject to majority vote

Our job is to preach the truth even if people don't like it

💡Insha'llah one day I'll be a better Muslim than Yahya Ibrahim and I'll have more knowledge than him

The Prophet SAWS was a person who's heart was alive even when he was sleep

1214, 256, 517, 635

I'm gonna take notes today

How df you go to work at 2pm and come back at 4:30pm! Wtf kinda work is that??

This ngga lying

He lying on his dick


I don't like getting handouts


"🎤tell me what I gotta do to please you, baby anything you say I'll do, cuz I only wanna make you happy, from the bottom of my heart it's true"

💡 this ngga Joe ugly as shit tho

He look like my dad n shyt

And I intend to fast tomorrow!

8th consecutive week, LETTSSS GOO!

Ok so this is what I gotta spend my money on, in order of relevance, or importance whatever

Ok... so...

1. Zakath/Sadaqah, for the sake of Allah. I'ma give $5

2. SEPTA monthly transpass- so I can get to school, I don't like... depending on people to give me rides n shyt

3. myMathLabPlus- for the one class I'm taking

4. Soap/shampoo- cuz I be stinking

I sweat a lot 😟

5. Haircut

6. Phone bill

7. Student loan

8. Library books 📚

I like to read

It's permissible to delay the Isha prayer

But it has to be done before midnight

But it's better to do it early, as soon as the Adhan comes in

Right now it's mid-Winter, and the Isha time is like at 6:30, so you got like six hours to fulfill it

This means, you can take a nap, watch a movie, have sex with your girl... I mean WIFE

bust a nut on that btch scalp if your soul desires

Eat her butt too...

Do whatever you wanna do

Put your dck in between her armpits and tell her to make fart sounds

If that's what you into my G... do that!

I never judge... cuz I'm into some pretty fucked up shit too, so who df would I be to judge you?

Do whatever you wanna do

You got ample time bro

When Isha prayer time come in, just make sure to take a shower first before you pray

During winter Isha Salah time be at like 6:30pm

But what you gon do during Ramadan?

When Isha time be at like 9:45pm

The hours be long af during Ramadan

Fajr be at like 4am, and Isha be at like 10pm n shyt

Them btches be long af, all extended n shyt

Hoping that my money come in today so I can get my haircut and buy some weed and get high and go to the train tracks

Damn sure not gonna be looking all ugly with my head all WOLFING when I die

I gotta look sexy, I gotta look good

Shit, you only die once

It's not "Yolo" it's "Yodo"

"You only die once"

Because the assumption that you only live once, is a false assumption

Because you was alive and living before this life, and you will live again in your grave and in the Akhira

I be thinking... So... all the Prophets are still alive in their grave praying

Like... that's all they do, they just pray pray pray, in their graves

I mean, i pray too... but my feet be getting tired, and my arms n shyt

Don't that happen to the Prophets when they're in their graves?

The answer is... NOPE!

Allah has made it so that the Prophets in their graves do not get tired of worshipping Allah, nor do the Angels

That's all they do every day

But... we have more reward in this Dunya, why? Because it's harder on us

Do you know how hard it is for some people to wake up at 5am in the morning and make Wudu and pray?

It's hard AF!! So the reward is more for us So, no, you don't live only once, you live many lives

But... you only die once!

Might as well make it look good

You die... how you lived

So if you die a horrible death, like a motorcycle accident or some shyt

Like you fall off a cliff or something like that, that's a pretty fucked up way to die

So it can only mean... that you lived a life as a fucked up person 😣

6 degrees outside


You think that's gonna stop me from going outside and do what I have to?

Cdfupp this ngga...

He like: "Why are you using my toothbrush, you have no reason to use it"

I'm like: oh ok I'm sorry

But now I'm thinking 🤔

This ngga lying, that ain't your damn toothbrush

In order to own a toothbrush you need to possess teeth, to brush them

That's the only purpose for having a toothbrush, to brush your teeth

But... you ain't got no damn teeth!

That's another thing that you don't have

Oreos taste better with milk

It's not even a complimentary item, it's not like something that you eat with the Oreos


Also... "Oreos" rhymes with "horny hoes"

Just a thought...

Ima use that, I'ma put that in a poem or a rap

It's gon be really romantic, I'ma say it to a girl and be like "bae... I wanna eat you up like milk with some Oreos

She gon be like "awwww that's so sweet"

Then Ima be like... "bae... I wanna eat u up like a fat mexican horny hoe"

She gon be like 😰

Oreos without milk is... it's not even "Oreos" fr

It's just Ore

You NEED the milk to eat it with the Oreos...

So that will make the milk... a "SUPPLEMENTARY" item

I think...

Complementary items are condoments, like hot dog with ketchup, pretzel with water ice...

I think...

Things of that nature... things that ARE NOT necessary, but they go great together with it

The SUPPLEMENTARY items are things that "are needed"

I.e. hot dog with a bun

Cuz how df you gon eat the hot dog with no bun?

I mean, I suppose you COULD

but... eew! 😣

Another example is a car and petroleum gas

Cuz how df is you gon drive the car if you ain't got no damn gas in it?

You can't!

Similarly, you cannot eat Oreos without milk, you just can't

Trust me... I have factual evidence to back up my thesis

So... Oreos and milk is wajjib

Whereas, pretzel with water ice is just Sunnah

I'm finna go to the store and buy milk now, it's cold af outside but I don't mind taking that walk

I would do the same to purchase some illegal marijuana, so why df shouldn't I do it to buy some milk?

Which one is more important to me... smoking weed... or eating milk with Oreos?

Df... that's a rhetorical question


My money didn't come in today but Insha'llah tomorrow

But I still have enough to purchase some milk

And the best part about it is... it's actually HALAAL



Unlike illegal marijuana, every step that I take to go to the location where I purchase my illegal marijuana is a sinful step

So my feet is sinning, and they will testify against me on Judgment Day

They'll be like this to Allah, they'll be like "He used to walk to go buy weed and smoke it and get high"

Then ima be like "😟"

"Damn feet, you gon dime me out like that?

That's the scariest part about Judgement Day, your own limbs, your feet, hands, head, all those will testify against you

All these things that you think are yours, they all gon rat you out

So for example... my eyes, I use it to see and watch right?

What do I see and watch... checkers game... TV... people walking in the street, all of these things are Halaal

But... I also use my eyes to watch porn.. which is haraam

So on Judgment Day my eyes gon testify against me and tell Allah that I used to use it to watch porn

Another example... my head!

What do I use it for?... Things like remembering school work, memorizing Surahs, thinking up of story ideas and the like, things of that nature, all of those are Halaal! But... I also fill my head up with a lot of weed smoke! I be getting HIGH!

So on Judgement Day my head gon be like "Ya Allah he used to smoke weed and fill his head up with intoxicants"

And ima be like: "Damn head 😟, I thought we were cool"

My brother Nouman Ali Khan taught me that

Also... all of these sins that you do with your organs, like your hands, your head, your feet

Peep... when you make Wudu, all of these organs have to be washed, and when you wash them, the sins go away, so it's like you never did it, IT'S GONE

It's like this... it's so easy to earn forgiveness from Allah, soo... why df do you sin and not repent

What I'm trying say is this... don't sin!

Don't ever sin, if you sin you're gay and Allah will send you to hellfire forever

But... you are only human, and you are bound to sin, all of us are sinners

BUT! If and WHEN you do sin, rush to repentance!


And hurry df up, cuz the Angel of Death is right behind you, and when he catches you, it's a wrap, it's over, no repentance for you!

Just bought the milk, after Maghrib today ima go in on them jawns

The only thing that I love more than milk is water, and the only thing I love more than water is...

Idk... I love water!

Oh yeah, being Muslim

I love that more than water, that's my most favoritest thing in the world